Adamjee Insurance Company Presentation

May 26, 2016 | Author: Waseem Hanif | Category: Types, School Work
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Adamjee Insurance Company Waseem Hanif Muhammad Inam Ahsan Javed Kashaf Noor

Core Competencies Under Mian Mansha (synergies within businesses) New Workforce (with double productivity) Only Insurance Company Dealing with crop insurance Low Cost Referral Sales Teams. Changes in external environment Increase in cars / increase in trade

Issues • General Insurance Sales Teams Handling life insurance as well • Natural Calamities cannot be dealt with (hedge themselves with more companies) • Failure of Premia software • Lahore Region only 60 employees (includes other cities) • Reward benchmarks not set according to territories

Core Problem

Outside the Box Solutions Punjab Population Is approximately 8.9 Crore “benefit sought is more in life insurance "assign territories accordingly” Go With Emotional advertisements (case of India). You Cannot Convince a 60 year old for insurance.

More emphasis on auto insurance / get companies like Ctrack still to insure for a reasonable price Premium in more installments

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