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CHORLA BLOCK 16 BLOCK EXAM 4 (August 4, 2014) Group 6 51.Alonsabe, Argee: Which of the following adiposity hormones are responsible for weight gain: a. Ghrelin*** b. Leptin c. Insulin d. Growth hormone 52.De Jesus, Brian Vale: Hormone involved in the promotion of satiety right after a meal: a. Insulin b. Ghrelin c. Cholecystokinin d. Leptin*** 53.Magbanua, Cyril Franz: 54.Rapuso, Reginald: Function of neuropeptide Y: a. Stimulate leptin b. Stimulate sympathetic response c. Satiety d. Promote weight loss 55.Atotubo, Jennilyn: Obese patient have difficulty losing weight due to: a. Decrease leptin b. Decrease inhibition of neuropeptide y due to resistance to leptin c. Decrease sensitivity to ghrelin and insulin d. Decrease sensitivity to neuropeptide y 56.Co, Maria Dolores: How does secondary aldosteronism cause hypotension: a. Decrease mineralocorticoids b. Increase renin substrate*** c. Increase sensitivity to angiotensin d. Decrease response to prostacyclin 57.Gonzaga, Kenny Rose: 58.Maputol, Ana Isabel: The most appropriate maneuver to do in patient in number 57 (3 hours post total thyroidectomy patient developed enlarging neck mass and breathing difficulty) is/are: a. Observe only because symptoms are only temporary b. Open operative wound site to release the pressure*** c. Request for ultrasound d. Wait for the resident to finish ongoing surgery then refer 59.Parreno, Domeng: Glucocorticoid replacement during major illness or surgery: a. During major illness or surgery, high doses of glucocorticoid up to 10 times the production are required to avoid adrenal crisis (Domeng’s Answer) 60.Salvador Khrisella: 61.Toralballa, Paulyn:

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