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Access Bars Guide...



(Person’s own color)

Cover the Base of Skull---Size of person’s Hand. (To find it on your own

head, put the joint of your thumb on the occipital lobe of your head and wrap your hand around the back of your head.)

ENERGY PULL: Hold one hand on

Power Band and place 2 fingers of other hand in the middle of the person’s forehead just above the eyebrows with 1 finger resting on the ridge between the eyes. If you do not feel energy, ask for their favorite (soul) color and visualize the color passing through the body. Place your middle finger on bottoms of their feet in the indentation just below the ball of the foot. Visualize color moving back down and out of the body. Lastly, place your 3rd finger onto the center of the person’s palm with their 3rd finger on the center of your palm. When the energy is moving equally go on to the Implant Band. NOTE: Make certain the person is not touching or crossing his or her hands. Use the size/width of the recipient’s fingers to accurately determine the spacing and placement of each point on the head. Individuals vary greatly in their sensitivity to touch on each point and from session to session. Each person is in charge of how much pressure is appropriate.

IMPLANT BAND (Iridescent Rainbow)

First 3 fingers directly behind the Ear Ridge. The Implant Band is plastered at the ends of the Power Band. If you have time you can hold this 15-30 minutes or more.

MONEY (Gold) 3 fingers up from top of ear CONTROL (Clear) one finger back from Money, half a finger down CREATIVITY (Clear) 3 fingers back from Money You can easily rest your thumbs on the Body & Sexuality bars (at top of head in line with the middle of each eye) at the same time and give the bars recepient more clearing at a time, if you wish.

CREATIVITY (Clear) 3 fingers back from Money CREATING CONNECTION (Clear) 45 degrees down and back from Creativity CREATING LIFE FORMS (Clear) In the same 45 degree angle as Creating Connection


AGING TOASTER (Yellow) Two bars on top of head about 1/23/4 of an inch apart at the top of the skull in a line from the inside corners of the eyes and over the middle of the ear. For your ease and comfort, you may place your nail beds instead of your finger tips on the Aging Toaster, if you wish. The Aging Toaster can also be run with other bars for additional

HOPES & DREAMS (Clear) Below Healing on backside of temple in little indentation, angled slightly toward ear FORM & STRUCTURE (Clear) Little indentation at top of temple near the corner of the eyebrow AWARENESS (Clear) 2nd fingers up toward Money, half a finger back CONTROL (Clear) 1 finger back from Money, half a finger down BRIDGING BAR (Clear) On top of Head touching Aging Toaster and Body & Sexuality PAGE

HEALING (Pale Turquoise) Center of each temple SADNESS (Deep Purple) Just above Right Eye O O



JOY (Lavender) Just above Left Eye BODY (Pink) In line with center of Right Eye, 1/2 inch from Aging Toaster, about 3 inches long---size of a finger SEXUALITY (Blue) In line with center of Left Eye, 1/2 inch from Aging Toaster, about 3 inches long---size of a finger

KINDNESS, GRATITUDE, PEACE & CALM (Clear) Line up four fingers starting at the middle top of the ear. The third and fourth fingers will be on Kindness and Gratitude. Peace & Calm is just below those, creating a triangle. It’s easier to use your pointer finger for Kindness and your fourth finger for Gratitude and use the middle finger for Peace & Calm. PAGE

COMMUNICATION (Clear) 2 1/2 fingers forward from ear --at about a 23 degree angle TIME & SPACE (Green) On hair line--4 fingers up from ear in line with Communication

LEAVE YOUR INDEX FINGER WHERE IT IS ON TIME & SPACE for the Restucturing of Bodies. Put your thumbs on Reactivation & Re-Creation bars (in line with the outside edge of each eye). Reach one finger backward and touch anyplace on the power band. You only have to touch the power band with one finger.

RESTRUCTURING of BODIES Index fingers on Time & Space, thumbs touching the Reactivation & Re-Creation bars, little fingers touching top end of Power Band POWER BAND (Person’s own color) Base of skull, size of person’s hand TIME & SPACE (Green) On the hair line,---1-1/2 fingers up from Communication. Place 4 fingers up from soft spot in front of ear at about a 23 degree angle REACTIVATION & RE-CREATION (Clear) Bars are in line with the outside corner of each eye. PAGE



Back of head about the size and location of a yarmulke (skullcap)[-- approximately 6 inches in diameter The points of the Circle of Manifestation touch and Body & Sexuality, Again Toaster, Creativity, and the Power Band. These points should be touched with the fingertips even though this means that you be touching only parts of the circle and not the whole circle.

25.4(%45..%,3OF4)-%30!#%7)4(/544/5#().'4(%(%!$ TUNNELS of TIME & SPACE



These four points are towards the hairline above Sadness & Joy. With two fingers above each eyebrow, pull slowly straight upwards in a line perpendicular to the plane of the forehead. Only hold these points for 30-60 seconds.

25.4(%#2/7.OF-934!27)4(/544/5#().'4(%(%!$ THE CROWN MYSTAR The Crown of Mystar is a circle at the top of the head. With your thumbs and forefingers forming a circle (the whole top of the cranium). Start off the head and move your hands away from the head until you find a distance that feels “right.” There will be a slight difference in density in the energy closer to the head and away from the head when you are in the right spot. PAGE

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