Aaron Alexis and FFCHS

October 15, 2017 | Author: Anthony Forwood | Category: Alien Abduction, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Crimes, Armed Conflict
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Descripción: How FFCHS involved themselves in the Washington Navy Yard shooting False Flag event...


Aaron Alexis/FFCHS Timeline and Analysis This is a compilation of information I’ve gathered about FFCHS (Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance), its board members and affiliates, and their involvement with Aaron Alexis. Some of this information I’ve already detailed in previous blogs as it came to my attention, but other new information has been added here as well (please see my last four blogs if you haven’t already). By putting into chronological order all of the known pieces of information I’ve gleaned from different sources, a clearer picture emerges about the real purpose of FFCHS, which I and many others believe is a government front organization. Please excuse the inclusion of information that may not be significant, as well as the occasional tangential discussions, since these are necessary for understanding the bigger picture. *** I should begin by giving a little bit of history of what came before all this, in order to put the agenda of FFCHS into proper perspective. When MKULTRA was in full swing (1950s – 1970s), mind-control experimentees were routinely led to believe (mainly through hypnosis) that they were being abducted by aliens, and the US government used the UFO phenomenon as a cover for their mindcontrol projects. These experimentees were given screen memories that overlaid the real memories of what they had been involved in. Government agents were placed within the UFO community, acting as investigators, whistleblowers, etc., and they were used to identify any experimentees whose screen memories started breaking down, directing them to other planted government agents like Dr. John Mack and Budd Hopkins, who saw to it that these screen memories were re-established through regressive hypnosis while the more deeply buried reality of their experiences remained hidden away. Many of these experimentees whose screen memories were well established, such as Betty and Barney Hill, Betty Andreasson-Lucas, and Whitley Strieber, were then encouraged to publish their experiences, even being given special promotion through hard-to-get book deals, and their stories became part of the popular folklore among the UFO community, adding to the illusion among its members that these hypnotically induced screen memories that covered up the real experiences of mind-control experimentation were evidence of the UFO phenomenon. As part of the programming, these experimentees were manipulated into attaching great personal meaningfulness to these remembered experiences so that they would reject any other reasonable explanation – particularly that of mind-control experimentation by their own government. The belief in these false memories and the heavy promotion of them served to discredit the entire UFO community among mainstreamers as a bunch of nut cases.

From all of this, a great deal of confusion and a lot of false understandings were accepted as the truth among the UFO community, so that even today there’s a large group of people who believe that these UFO/alien abduction stories are true and that a nefarious alien presence is operating on our planet. More importantly, the purposeful creation of a UFO community allowed the government, through its planted agents, to draw in, identify, and manage those mind-control experimentees out there whose screen memories might begin to break down. Many of the leading figures in this community were actually government agents or assets, pretending to be sympathetic to the ‘alien abductees’ while really acting as their handlers and containing the situation so that the truth about what was really going on would never come out. The same basic control system that was established for handling these mindcontrol experimentees has since been applied to the TI community, at the very same time that government mind-control targeting was expanded among the general population, so that today we see the TI community in a very similar setting to that of the UFO community. For this control system to work, there must be key players who pose as TI sympathizers – high-profile spokespeople, advocacy groups, self-professed whistleblowers, writers, investigators, purported TIs making wild claims, etc. – but who really act as target identifiers, handlers, disinformation agents, etc. This is the essential purpose of FFCHS. All of the same elements are present. All of the key players involved in the TI community work together behind the scenes while often appearing to act independently and sometimes at odds with each other, but in the end, their goal is the same. *** Now let’s look at what evidence there is that FFCHS is part of a control system for TIs, and at the same time we’ll focus on the question of whether Aaron Alexis may have been handled by that organization and ultimately led to do what he did. We’ll see that only one of two conclusions can be drawn regarding the latter: 1) That FFCHS was intricately involved in a larger conspiracy surrounding the Washington Navy Yard shooting and had some part in handling Alexis; or 2) That FFCHS had absolutely no involvement with Aaron Alexis and was taking advantage of the situation in order to promote themselves. Either way, it doesn’t look good for FFCHS.

*** - According to his book, ‘The Silent Massacre’, FFCHS board member Max Williams claims that he was first targeted no later than the mid-1970s while working for the US government in South America. He also mentions that he once served in the US Armed Forces Reserves. He clearly admits in the book that he is a victim of government mind-control. [29] This means that Williams may have been selected for a long-term mind-control program that started while he was serving in the military or employed by the US government, thereby putting him completely under their control, and later being placed with FFCHS under their direction. - From 1975 to 1982, FFCHS's president, Derrick Robinson, served in the US Navy. [2] At some point, he was assigned to the National Security Agency's linguistics communications division. [12] He holds a BA in Speech and Theater from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Certificate from the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland. [39] Years later, he will claim to have been targeted for his choice in lifestyle (homosexuality). [12] It should be noted that the NSA and CIA routinely plant their agents in other government agencies (including the Navy) early on as cover positions and/or to operate covertly under the originating agency’s direction within that second agency and often without its knowledge of their true loyalties. These agents continue to work for the originating spy agency even after leaving their cover position, which is sometimes used to explain their background and hide their deeper connection to their originating agency. It should also be noted that homosexuality is often used to blackmail people, where an openly homosexual person blackmails a closet homosexual or straight person who gets caught in a compromising position. The blackmail is then used to force the person into other activities that they normally wouldn’t engage in. Finally, it should be pointed out that speech (linguistics) and theatre are very useful skills for hypnotic mind control, generating and/or presenting disinformation, as well as other forms of psychological manipulation. - In December of 1992, Julianne McKinney, an NSA alumni (now working with FFCHS) and director of the ‘Electronic Surveillance Project’, released a report on the internet (mostly among conspiracy groups) that described organized stalking and electronic harassment. Within it, she detailed many of the tactics that were yet to become familiar to TIs as targeting events. She also claimed, in a suspiciously predictive way and based on only a very small number of reports, that the targeting was meant to pervert TIs in their loyalties, redirect their frustrations towards selected targets, and to coerce them to act violently. [25] Looking back, it can be seen that this report, released when and where it was, helped to set the stage for the still-developing TI community, which

would predictably evolve online as government targeting programs increased at the same time that the internet opened up to the public as an outlet for freedom of speech and offered a means for mass communication and organization. McKinney’s report was based on a mere 25 interviews she had conducted with people who claimed to be targets. However, many of the targeting experiences that she describes in the report don’t necessarily qualify as ongoing harassment, and from the details she provides, could just as easily be explained as isolated circumstantial incidents or provoked by something other than ongoing government targeting. But for anyone reading the report who is in a suggestible state of mind and has had similar experiences to those she describes, they would be more inclined to accept the idea that they were being targeted. Anyone who is even temporarily suggestible (such as those who are merely confused, distressed, paranoid, or exercising poor judgment skills) and happens to read McKinney’s report will be likely to consider their own situation in the light of her targeting descriptions, and will more easily begin to believe that certain past experiences were targeting incidents even without any other clear evidence of that possibility. All of this would effectively increase the number of questionable targeting claims (everything from typical mundane events to the more outrageous beliefs and imaginings), which would serve to distort the perceived extent of the threat among the still-developing online TI community. This was influenced by a large ‘lunatic fringe’ conspiratorial community that already existed online at this time, filled with all manner of people who were quick to believe the most outrageous claims involving such things as extraterrestrials, nanotechnology, time travel, psychic attacks, and all manner of scientifically impossible or unproven technological capabilities. Many of these online fringe groups were already filled with victims of government mind-control programs that centered around UFOs and New Age beliefs, and so they promised to adulterate the online TI community as it established itself in the years ahead. McKinney’s report clearly suggested that many people who were classed as mentally ill were actually targets of electronic harassment, which, although certainly true in many cases, would serve to mislead many truly mentally ill or unstable people into thinking that they are TIs when they aren’t. This would have the effect of adulterating the TI community with these false targets and discrediting the community as a whole, making it harder for real TIs to get proper recognition or to expose the truth of the situation. Also already operating within these fringe groups at this time were many handlers, infiltrators, and disinformation agents who were there to covertly perform their various duties in identifying, monitoring, and manipulating both

targets and potential targets. Part of the long-term goal of all this appears to have been to cause real TIs who are initially drawn into these groups for the purposes of finding support and sharing information to become portrayed as delusional, thereby discrediting the entire TI community in the eyes of the public. Another part seems to have been intended to use these online groups to identify, monitor, and target those people who were more easily manipulated by the various psychological techniques that are commonly employed in mind-control. It should be noted that only three years earlier in 1989, the USSR had dissolved and the Cold War was no longer perceived as a threat, and so a new one had to be created as an excuse for western spy agencies to continue to exist and pursue their secret activities unabated. McKinney’s report served this purpose by planting seeds of thought that would help to form an online TI community that would come to be adulterated with the large ‘lunatic fringe’ that was already thriving online. As I’ve indicated in a previous article, prior to her report, the number of ‘lone nut’ shooters who were hearing voices could be counted on one hand, but the number would steadily rise in the years ahead. Was McKinney really so prescient, or was she in on the fascist government’s secret agenda for the coming years and was conditioning a new ‘human resource’ group for later targeting? - In 1992, a man named John St. Clair Akwei filed a lawsuit against the NSA for alleged electronic targeting. Akwei claimed to have worked for the NSA and described being targeted by that agency using remote mind-reading technologies. Akwei provided absolutely no supporting evidence for his claims, and his lawsuit was thrown out for being frivolous, yet in spite of this, it served to influence many in the developing TI community to believe that the advanced technology he described was real. [26] Like McKinney’s report, Akwei’s testimony was soon circulating among internet conspiracy groups, further influencing the more easily suggestible people among them and adding to the distorted perceptions that surrounded said technologies and methods of targeting. Like McKinney’s report, Akwei’s testimony appears to have been purposely intended to set the stage for the false beliefs that would circulate among the developing TI community. - According to his book, ‘The Silent Massacre’, Max Williams claims that in the early 1990s the FBI took over his alleged targeting. He also claims that the mind-control assault on him probably started at this time, and would continue up to the time of his book’s release. [29] Given this information, we should ask ourselves who he was serving when he later became involved with FFCHS, and what the real reasons were for the FBI talking to him before they talked to anyone else at FFCHS after the Washington Navy Yard shooting.

- In 2004, Aaron Alexis was arrested in Seattle for shooting the tires of a vehicle. No charges were filed. [1] - In 2004, Derrick Robinson took control of a TI group on Yahoo that had previously been run by a woman named Sylvia, who mysteriously disappeared from the group after two months. It was alleged that her disappearance was due to targeting. This online group eventually led to the formation of FFCHS. [21] Did this woman get targeted so that Derrick Robinson could take over the group? What had Derrick Robinson been doing between the time he left the Navy in 1982 and 2004? - In 2005, the organization Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) was established by Derrick Robinson. - According to his book, ‘The Silent Massacre’, on December 7, 2005, Max Williams began receiving electronic torture, which he came to believe was the precursor to full-blown mind-control. Four days later, he began hearing voices in his head. At this point, he began to record everything in a journal. [29] This begs the question: Is Max Williams now fully mind-controlled? It should be noted that keeping diaries or journals is very common among mind-control victims, and seems to be a routine part of the program, serving to help the handlers keep track of their target’s progress, thoughts, and mental state. It should be pointed out that FFCHS also encourages its members to keep journals on their targeting experiences and even offers a ‘daily log’ for doing this on their website. This would certainly provide them with a great deal of useful information as TI handlers. - In 2006, Derrick Robinson was interviewed by the Washington Post. [39] Most TIs know how hard it is to get any recognition from the mainstream media, so we should wonder how Derrick Robinson was able to pull it off. - On June 30, 2006, an attorney named Bob S. sent an email to a number of TI advocates, including Derrick Robinson and Ted Gunderson, pleading against the legal strategies that FFCHS and other TI advocates intended to follow and pointing out how they were flawed and certain to hurt TIs rather than help them. He pointed out that the law that they sought to repeal actually served to protect TIs, and that to remove it would actually allow wider testing of ‘nonlethal’ technologies on involuntary subjects. [31] This gives the first indication that FFCHS has been intentionally seeking to hurt TIs rather than help them, and suggests that even Ted Gunderson was involved in this. (‘Ex’-FBI agent Gunderson, who was highly skilled in counter-intelligence and a proponent of COINTELPRO tactics, appears to have been a double agent working at the behest of the upper levels of the mind-control network while taking part in

investigations of any lower-level activities that came to the public’s attention, effectively managing the situation in order to contain it and keep the upper levels safe from any serious exposure that might threaten to reveal the deeper extent of the situation.) - According to an email published by Bob S., in 2007, Derrick Robinson and other FFCHS board members usurped control of the International Coalition and the second Annual World Day to End the Silent Holocaust. The published email was from Debra Dupré, a human rights activist and the founder of the Coalition, and in it she described the underhanded tactics that FFCHS board members had used in “attempting to take control of the Coalition and of World Day,” and “trying to exercise control in ways that were harmful to all TI’s.” Dupré expressed the concerns that Bob S., herself, and many others had that FFCHS was intentionally attempting to destroy the credibility of TIs by changing the wording of a press release without authorization and removing statements regarding government culpability and replacing them with delusional-sounding ones instead. [31] A more detailed email from Debra Dupré to Derrick Robinson regarding this issue was published by Dupré as well. [37] - In May of 2007, Aaron Alexis joined the Navy Reserves. [19] - In 2008 or sometime later, Max Williams released a digital version of his book, ‘The Silent Massacre’, on the internet. Within it, he claims that he was the target of electronic stalking and mind control at the time of its writing, and that he believes his targeting started in the mid-1970s. He tellingly points out within the book that “Only governments can train in secrecy the cadre of handlers who administer the electronic assault and mind control activities, using deception and psychology.” Further on, he asks the important questions: “Who empowers them? In other words, who gives handlers the permission or the orders to apply the ESMC. Who identifies the targets that they harass? Who provides them the devices and the know-how to carry out the ESMC?” [29] To answer these questions, all we need to do is ask ourselves why he and the rest of the ‘ex’-government board members of FFCHS who claim to be past targets have been allowed to operate unfettered by their government persecutors, unless FFCHS is indeed owned and operated by those persecutors? Still further on in the book, Williams goes so far as to outline how a government agency like the FBI will identify targets and then turn them over to a second group who handles the actual targeting. He also states that, “as the handlers work under the FBI and intelligence umbrella, they must have security clearances and be sworn to secrecy. That almost certainly limits those handlers to ex-, retired, and perhaps even current law enforcement officers, ex-military, and ex- and retired Federal employees.” Still further on, he breaks down the organizational structure of such a targeting group into three parts:

“(1) go-betweens, representing the powerbrokers, who make the equipment available, supply names of targets, and recruit, train, and pay the handlers. The go-betweens will probably be intelligence agents, and they will doubtlessly work with several handler teams in various locations. (2) handlers, who actually carry out the electronic and mind control activities, and (3) their accomplices, who play only support roles and do not operate, and in many cases do not know about, the equipment that performs the electronic and mind control.” He also states that “It is highly possible that conspirators may include legally constituted and outwardly respectable groups. If that is correct, the FBI, DIA, DOD, CIA, and other American intelligence units would have to train those selected groups, provide them the equipment and know-how to use it, and advise them.” He also provides another possible activity that such a group might engage in, “by selecting targets who lead comfortable life styles, torturing them with their electronic and mind control techniques, and then making deals with the targets to stop the ESMC. They will also make money by offering their services to people who want to harm somebody whom they do not like. For a price, the pervs will ‘hook’ that person, torture him, and provide the payer with videos to prove it. Moreover, they can later approach the victim and ask for a large sum of money to ‘release’ him. Thus, the assailants will make money playing both sides.” He even offers an answer to why someone might do this when he states near the end of his book that anyone working with the government perpetrators of this targeting “probably fear they will also become victims of fatal ‘accidents’ and other mysterious deaths” if they don’t go along with it. In my opinion, these many statements describe FFCHS perfectly, with the FBI apparently being the go-betweens, while its board members and chapter leaders are the handlers of its many mind-controlled members, who act as their accomplices. Throughout his book, Williams specifically refers to the FBI time and again, even stating that he had approached them several times over the years about his targeting. Was he effectively recruited by them and placed with FFCHS, where he could be both monitored and directed? Had he been handling Aaron Alexis? This would better explain why the FBI spoke to him first after the Washington Navy Yard shooting, rather than to Derrick Robinson, and why the emails he exchanged with Aaron Alexis have ever been released, and instead seem to have been conveniently forgotten about. Readers who might still be doubtful about all of this should ask themselves where else these handlers he describes (and particularly Aaron Alexis’ handler) would likely operate from, if not an organized TI ‘advocacy’ group like FFCHS. Readers who think that FFCHS is run by good people who only want to help TIs should ask themselves how these handlers would most likely represent themselves to their targets and potential targets. Would it be in the image of anything other than sympathetic ‘good guys’, even ones who claimed to be a target themselves?

Williams suggests in his book that many of the effects of mind-control are hypnotically induced, often subliminally through V2K technology, which I also suspect is the case in most situations where a person describes otherwise impossible or unlikely experiences. Williams’ book reveals that he fully understands the mind-control capabilities that can be accomplished with just V2K and hypnosis or subliminal conditioning and how these can be used on targets, which might reflect his usefulness to FFCHS. If Alexis was under V2Kinduced hypnotic mind-control, which appears to be the case, was it being managed by Max Williams or someone else at FFCHS? Like Julianne McKinney’s report, Williams’ book is also filled with a great deal of suggestive descriptions that could easily serve to influence easily suggestible readers into imagining that coincidental experiences are caused by targeting, which could then lead them to seek out FFCHS and get caught up in their ‘programs’. If you read between the lines, you’ll see that Williams’ book is nothing less than a textbook on how to condition and mind-control a target. - In July of 2009, a man named John Turner in Florida reported that covert attacks on him became more severe after speaking with FFCHS board member Timothy White and a man named Howard Thompson. Soon after this, he bought a gun and killed his girlfriend and a neighbor before killing himself. [7] A search on the internet for any media reports on this story resulted in only a few short articles that provided minimal details. [28] Because the tragedy appeared to be related to a domestic dispute, little was made of it and it was quickly forgotten about. Was it a ‘test run’ of sorts? - On January 23, 2010, FFCHS published a newsletter announcing the murder/suicide of John Turner in Florida and stated that he had been in contact with FFCHS for about a year. Two links to news reports about the shooting were provided (now defunct), which members were encouraged to read. [16] - In 2010, an FFCHS member in New York named Denise met Alexis twice in Queens. [15] If this is true, then so is the possibility that Alexis was involved with FFCHS that far back. I have no information at this time regarding what the details of those meetings were. - In 2010, Aaron Alexis was living in Fort Worth, Texas, where he was working at the nearby Naval Air Station. At the time, he was deeply interested in Buddhism and spent much of his free time at a local Buddhist temple, studying and meditating. [17] It should be noted that the practice of meditation increases the ability to easily go into a hypnotic state, which makes a person a good candidate for hypnotic mind-control.

- A man named Nutpisit Suthamtewakul met Alexis in Fort Worth in 2010 and became his roommate for the next three years. He stated after the shootings that Alexis always thought someone was trying to hurt him, and that he was afraid of people. [10] [17] - In 2010, Alexis was arrested in Fort Worth, Texas, for allegedly firing a gun into a neighbor's apartment. Like his arrest in 2004, no charges were filed. [1] According to other media reports, this was an accidental firearm discharge that occurred in his own apartment. [18] [20] The various accounts of this incident show by their differences in the purported facts that in certain cases they had been distorted or exaggerated to make him look violent. The accounts that I consider more reliable came from those people who knew Alexis personally and were actually there during this incident, as opposed to those accounts that came from police and reporters who had their own slant on the story to promote. - In November of 2010, Robert Duncan, a close affiliate of FFCHS, released his book, ‘The Matrix Deciphered’. He introduces himself in the opening pages by claiming, “I am the all American - prep school, Harvard College graduating with honors in computer science and a minor in premedical studies, and advanced degrees from Harvard and Dartmouth in business and science. […] Before graduate school I worked for the Department of Defense, Navy, NATO, and various intelligence agencies' computer science projects. I have done business consulting and computer consulting for the largest companies in the world. […] My projects have included algorithms for Echelon and CIA natural language parsing and classification of document content, IRS formula for red flagging audits, writing the artificial intelligence code to automate tracking of the Soviet Nuclear Submarine Fleet and all water vessels, work integrating HAARP with SIGINT SIGCOM and SPAWAR. I have worked on projects for the Justice Department connecting local, state, and federal databases for the tracking of terrorists. I developed a system for the FBI to track license plates past toll booths and other locations. I worked on the soldier 2000 program to create body networks for reading vital signs and other information. A system I worked on called Snyper is operational in Iraq which triangulates on intercity conflict gun shots. I have been to a couple secret bases in the so called free world. I have developed telemedicine robotic surgery and virtual reality applications for the Army. For DARPA, I have worked on satellite computer vision target tracking applications and tank simulation as well as integration of the land, sea, and air surveillance systems like SOSSUS, towed arrays, and others. Projects that I have worked on outside of government contracts include my thesis on computer generated holography, a project making paralyzed people walk again using choreographed stimulated muscles movements, face recognition, voice identification and recognition, finger print recognition, and

neural network robotic controller. My research interests moved to enhanced reality heads up displays and wearable computing systems. My current research involves finding a cure for the mind control directed energy weapons fiasco.” [34] This is quite a long and impressive list of accomplishments, and although none of them have ever been validated by any sort of documentation, it doesn’t matter as long as those people who are easily suggestible are impressed enough by it to believe everything he says throughout the rest of the book. But even if any of it is true, it would support the possibility that Robert Duncan is a government agent or asset and is disseminating purposefully distorted information at their behest, as outlined below. In his book, he promotes the idea that members of the public are being hooked into a computerized ‘bee-hive mind’ using remote mind-reading technologies that he claims can completely map their brains and control virtually every aspect of their thoughts and experiences. Although he relies primarily on the 1976 Robert G. Malech patent to base his claims regarding how the technology works, I’ve shown elsewhere that this particular patent and the technology it describes was based on a concept that could never actually work. [40] Nonetheless, this claim provides an alternative explanation for the effects of hypnotic mind-control that can be induced using V2K, subliminals, and various other more realistic techniques, and serves to distract people from ever properly considering these alternative approaches. The fact is, scientific research has shown long ago that hypnosis enhances psychic ability tremendously, and under the right conditions, it can even be used to develop a ‘bee-hive’ telepathic connection between a group of people. [35] However, this information seems to have fallen into the category of suppressed knowledge and is little known about any more outside of certain occult circles. But whatever the case, there is strong evidence to show that this particular hypnotic phenomenon was already being thoroughly explored several years before the official start of MKULTRA and continued all throughout those programs until they officially ended, at which point the research was incorporated into the US government’s classified remote-viewing programs, which continued to explore this phenomenon for twenty more years (readers should research Andrija Puharich for more about this). These remote-viewing programs officially ended in 1993, only a year after Julianne McKinney published her suspiciously predictive report and John St. Clair Akwei filed his suspiciously bizarre lawsuit. Since there is no reliable evidence that the ‘EEG heterodyning’ technology that Robert Duncan describes in his book has ever been successfully developed to the point that he claims, and since the science behind it is faulty and would never actually work, then there must be another means for inducing the effects that so many people describe, and it will probably be something that is closely related to what MKULTRA was continually researching for all those years and even afterwards – hypnosis. Add to all of

this the fact that the western world was rapidly becoming electronically connected by the time the remote-viewing programs ended (with a great deal of assistance and influence from the US government), and that this computer/cell phone/wireless connectivity provided the perfect platform for hypnotic mind-control applications (both electronic and psychological), and that we have since become completely immersed and dependent on this electronic connectivity, and we can begin to understand that claims like Robert Duncan makes about the technology are meant to mislead those who become aware of the targeting and seek to discover its source and protect themselves from it. His material is intended to exaggerate the capabilities and make the means of attack appear other than what they really are. Although Robert Duncan refers to various FOIA documents as sources for some of his information, he provides none of them, nor any other supporting evidence whatsoever. He refers to the appendix of his book numerous times for further documentation, but the appendix is entirely missing from every copy of the book that I can find. (He later uses a similar tactic with his second book, ‘Project Soul Catcher’, by releasing it as Volume II and claiming at the beginning of it that all of the supporting technical information is in Volume I, even though Volume I doesn’t exist and never has.) In his book he states, “Several other US Navy and UK Navy scientists have been knocked-off and that is why I have come forward. I know my time may be near.” A little further on he says, “I understand the extreme risk to my own welfare that publishing this material will have. […] I am willing to risk divulging so called national secrets.” We should ask ourselves why he’s still around, if this is the case. It makes more sense that he’s a government disinformation agent, since he’s never been stopped from publishing his books or giving lectures and interviews, and doesn’t seem to be targeted at all. The fact that he never actually reveals anything substantial in his book and relies on faulty science makes his claim of being someone in the know an empty one that doesn’t serve any other purpose than to gain the gullible reader’s confidence in order to purposely mislead them. In spite of this, he reveals a certain level of knowledge about the psychology of hypnotic mindcontrol, and this should be carefully noted. Also important to note is the fact that throughout his book he discusses the use of disinformation and memes to affect people’s perceptions and understandings, and thereby their thoughts and actions, and this is the key to his material and what its real purpose seems to be. The main misconception he causes suggestible readers to make is that he’s associating hypnotic techniques and memetic mind-control with the remote ‘EEG heterodyning’ mind-mapping technology he describes, when it’s actually being applied through the material itself, by conveying certain ideas and beliefs that the reader will adopt on trust and faulty logic. This is the first

stage in drawing in easily suggestible (and therefore easily hypnotizable) people who can then be manipulated further through the continued inundation of similar material and techniques in order to condition their thoughts and beliefs and gain control of them. These people, once identified, can then be targeted with more realistic technologies like V2K and subliminals, which can be used to hypnotically induce all manner of hallucinatory and psychosomatic effects. This would make Robert Duncan and his written material useful to a government front organization whose mandate was to locate and manage potential targets for mind-control. Throughout his book, Robert Duncan also promotes the idea that anyone who has been labeled as mentally ill is really just a target of mind-control. This is an incredibly dangerous and irresponsible claim to make, and would certainly lead many mentally ill people to start claiming that they’re targets, thereby adulterating the TI community with a large proportion of mentally unstable individuals who are prone to believe anything and voice those beliefs publicly. Interestingly, Robert Duncan also states, “These rogue government agencies are using a third party, sometimes unbeknownst to them, to commit the self attacks. This indirection is enough for most Americans not to believe it is occurring. It is the age old method of misdirecting anger at the wrong groups.” Regarding government agents (which he himself might be and which the FFCHS board of directors is filled with), he also states, “As we all know, you never leave ‘the company’.” Further on he states, “You will find that nearly all x-military connected researchers in this area are misinformation agents.” If you’re easily fooled, you’ll assume that a real government agent would never point that out so blatantly, and so Robert Duncan couldn’t possibly be one. Think again, suggestible reader. Disinformation is meant to be so out in the open that the truth will be overlooked. At another point in his book, he explains the purpose of targeting by such a third party, and he reflects exactly what Julianne McKinney predicted in her 1992 report and what appears to have happened with both John Turner, Pam Anderson (see below), and Aaron Alexis after being involved with FFCHS: “During the severe torture and psychic directed energy assignation attempts, the victim is encouraged to commit acts of violence against anybody the attackers can make the victim believe is doing it to them, usually neighbors, ex-lovers, or ex-bosses. The directed energy weapons test victim will easily be discredited as a violent loony in the news. The police and FBI will not ask any further questions about the incident either because of trained ignorance or orders.” He adds further on that “Redirecting the anger and frustration while pushing them to the brink of violence is the strategy in creating a mind controlled assassin or Manchurian candidate.” In still another interesting quote he states, “For example, they attempted to turn me into a Unibomber like assassin through extreme torture and planting the idea to get revenge on the most outspoken scientists and colonels in the field.

Now, had they succeeded, they would have sent a strong message to all those who work on directed energy, EEG cloning weapons to keep quiet and never work on neuroscience again if you leave a government project.” This reflects a possible motivational factor in the Washington Navy Yard shooting. Even more significantly, Robert Duncan makes the following comment, which I feel comes closest to the truth of how the mind-control is implemented (apart from the EEG cloning), and how it has been used on Aaron Alexis and other FFCHS members: “The strategies for creating delusional thinking are also cleverly complex but the simplest method is for the EEG cloned handlers to implant an idea hypnotically, overtly, or subliminally in such a way as to make the target believe they came up with the idea. Then the handlers reinforce that path of thinking. With no other sources of reality to error correct, the project can be lead into extreme beliefs and actions in order to seek revenge, to save the country or human race, or to alleviate the constant psychological and perceived physical torture.” Robert Duncan’s book reveals that he certainly knows a thing or two about hypnotic mind-control techniques, even if his information about the technologies used is entirely false. - In January of 2011, Aaron Alexis was honorably discharged from the Navy Reserves. [19] - In January of 2011, Derrick Robinson was a featured guest of the Canadian TV show ‘The Conspiracy Show’, hosted by Richard Syrett. [39] Again, it seems strange that Derrick Robinson can get promoted on TV while TIs continue to be ignored by every media outlet. It is even stranger when you consider that Derrick Robinson claims to be targeted by the very government he is purportedly blowing the whistle on. - According to Aaron Alexis’ medical records, in February of 2011, almost immediately after he received an honorable discharge from the Navy Reserves, he began complaining about tinnitus. He said it began in 2009 when he was still serving in the Navy. [1] According to many TIs, tinnitus appears to be an indication of the onset of V2K targeting. Could Alexis have been unwittingly selected and placed in a covert mind-control program once he was discharged? The V2K would be used to deliver subliminal programming, which would slowly condition his thoughts without him being aware of more than subtle indications that something wasn’t normal. - In April of 2011, after five years of trying to work with FFCHS to create a legal strategy for TIs, attorney Bob S. wrote an email that expressed his displeasure and frustration at Derrick Robinson’s constant refusal to even consider his advice, and accused him of intentionally choosing only strategies that were bound to fail so that TIs would never get the help they sought, and pointed out that this was a violation of Robinson’s legal responsibilities to

FFCHS members. He also stated that he had evidence to prove that FFCHS was really an anti-TI organization and that Derrick Robinson was a COINTELPRO infiltrator, and questioned whether FFCHS might be an online cult. [31] Apparently, I wasn’t the first to suspect the cultic nature of this organization. - On September 8 of 2011, a woman named Pam Anderson committed suicide only a few months after joining the board of FFCHS. In an announcement of her suicide made by FFCHS, they associated her death to her claim that she had been a victim of MKULTRA for 53 years and came from a military background. They also described MKULTRA as having been predominantly interested in experimenting with drugs and “electromagnetic frequency research”, but failed to mention hypnosis, even though it was at least as predominant in the years of experimentation as were these two other research areas. The announcement also stated: “During her last days there had been a noticeable change in Pam. She called one activist late one night and interrogated him endlessly, desperately searching, probing for answers that she knew already were not there.” The announcement ended with this strangely suggestive question: “How many more victims will have to resort to self-inflicted violence before the world pays attention to a growing network of covert technological crime?” [36] - An October 26, 2011 article at the Targeted Individuals Canada website describes Derrick Robinson as a janitor in Cincinnati. [21] This is the typical sort of cover that a government agent would use in order to appear as anything other than what they really are. - In 2012, Derrick Robinson was consulted extensively for Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ TV show, in an episode entitled ‘Brain Invaders’. [39] Again, here is Derrick Robinson getting more publicity than any TI could ever hope to. - In 2012, after starting a job with a subcontractor of Hewlett Packard, Alexis began to change for the worse and became moody and brooding, according to friends. [17] [19] As part of his work, he was constantly traveling to different naval installations around the country to service their systems. [22] The given facts suggest that Alexis became a target of mind-control at the time of his discharge from the Naval Reserves. He would have been fully profiled while in the military, and this profiling would have revealed whether or not he was a good candidate for mind-control. Since he reported getting tinnitus almost immediately after his discharge, we can assume that V2K was just starting to be applied on him at this point. It makes sense from a security standpoint – and conforms to what Max Williams outlined in his book – that Alexis would have been farmed out to a government contractor in the private sector for his handling while mind-control programming was applied. Alexis’ job-related

isolation from friends and family would have kept him in a much better position for applying the mind-control unnoticed and uninterrupted. Using V2K, subliminal voices and sounds would be used to induce hypnotic states, insert programming, and/or trigger preprogrammed states. The programming would extend over a period of time and the effects would be progressive. Aggressive or suicidal tendencies would increase if the target was being prepared as a ‘lone nut’ shooter. - In November of 2012, Derrick Robinson appeared on KMIR-TV in Palm Springs, California, for a news story about electronic harassment. [39] Again, here’s Derrick Robinson getting mainstream media publicity that’s otherwise unheard of in the TI community. - Sometime around March of 2013, Alexis confessed to a friend that he was not happy with his life. According to the friend, he seemed to have something heavy weighing on his mind and was “trying to keep it all in his head.” Soon after, he left town. [17] His friendship with Nutpisit Suthamtewakul had also become strained. [22] Around this same time, he was reportedly spending a lot of time playing violent video games. [18] If Alexis was undergoing mindcontrol via subliminal V2K as I’ve described above, then we see the telltale progression taking place in his worsening mental state, but there are still no signs that he’s consciously hearing voices. - On April 15, Alexis reportedly created a facebook page. [9] - In May of 2013, Derrick Robinson was representing FFCHS as a guest speaker at a ‘Super Soldier Summit’, which was also promoting such things as aliens/UFOs, etc. This association of FFCHS with these sorts of unfounded beliefs serves no other purpose than to discredit real TIs through association. Only the first 200 people who could afford the $100 fee were able to attend this conference, leaving most TIs out of the loop. Robert Duncan was another guest speaker, apparently promoting his disinformation about the technology. Very little information about this conference has been published online, so its real purpose is in question. - On July 5, Aaron Alexis’ longtime friend and roommate Nutpisit Suthamtewakul filed a police report claiming that Alexis had poured sugar into the gas tank of his car. This is when Alexis moved out after having lived with him for three years. [22] Alexis had been forced to move out after Suthamtewakul got married and his wife moved in. He was apparently upset about this. It should be noted that his moving out increased his isolation, and as we’ll see, things began to escalate soon after he did.

- On August 4, Alexis aggressively confronted a family at Norfolk (Va.) International Airport. [1] He had approached a woman who was laughing and talking with family members, and accused her 78-year-old aunt of laughing at him. The woman assured him that her aunt wasn’t laughing at him and began moving away, at which point Alexis began shouting and becoming belligerent. When a security guard arrived, he eventually calmed down. Later that day, he checked into the Residence Inn. [22] - Starting on August 4, while at the Residence Inn, Alexis reportedly began hearing what he thought were people in other rooms talking about him. He began disturbing the other hotel guests, knocking on doors in search of whoever was causing the voices he was hearing. Hotel logs show that at some point during his stay Alexis’ employers contacted the hotel and informed them that he was unstable and that they were bringing him home. He only stayed at this hotel for two nights before suddenly checking out and moving to a room at the Navy base, but he only stayed for a few hours before leaving again and getting a room at the Marriott Hotel on Aug. 6. [22] This is the first time Alexis reportedly heard audible voices, which he had first assumed were coming from the rooms surrounding his own. He didn’t appear to think that the voices were in his head at this point. If he was being targeted with V2K technology, the audible voices may have been intended to send him over the edge once he had shown signs of aggression at the airport. - On August 7, Alexis was on a Department of Defense assignment as a computer consultant in Newport, RI, [3] at which time he called the police and told them that disembodied voices were harassing him at his hotel using a microwave machine to prevent him from sleeping. [1] He also told them that he had been stalked by three people after his altercation at the Norfolk airport. [11] He also told the police that he had changed his hotel three times because he believed unseen people were talking to him via microwave signals. He will later tell FFCHS board members via email that this was when he was first electronically attacked, but that at the time, he wasn’t aware that he was. [3] His family had concerns about his mental health during this period. [1] This is the first time that Alexis mentions electronic weapons. Where did he get this idea? Had he already been in contact with FFCHS at this point? The lack of sleep may have been caused by V2K, and would have made hypnotically induced programming far easier to insert or activate. - After Newport police reported the Aug. 7 incident with Alexis to the Navy, his employer, a defense contracting company (Hewlett Packard), pulled his access to classified material for two days, but then restored it and never told Navy officials it had done so. [1]

- According to the LA Times, around August 17, Alexis began warning friends and coworkers that he was the victim of a secret government mind-control program. [7] Where did he get this idea? Was it from FFCHS? It appears from his later email exchange with FFCHS board members, and from comments made by Max Williams and Timothy White (see below), that this organization was indeed the source of this information. - On August 18, Alexis informed the head monk at a Buddhist Temple in Raynham, Mass., that he had a pain in his head. [22] - On August 23, Alexis went to the VA emergency room in Providence, RI because he couldn't sleep. He was suffering from fatigue after sleeping only two or three hours every night over the past three weeks (since the airport incident on Aug. 4). The doctor wrote in his report that Alexis’ speech and thoughts were clear and focused and that he denied having flashbacks or recent stress. He also wrote that Alexis denied having suicidal and homicidal thoughts. He was prescribed 50 milligrams of trazodone and sent home. Alexis privately wrote during this same period that he was being afflicted by ultra-low frequency radio waves for months. [1] What made him think that it had been going on for months? He apparently didn’t associate the tinnitus with his targeting, and therefore didn’t realize that the targeting could have started much earlier. - On August 25, Alexis arrived in Washington, DC. [24] - On Aug. 28, Alexis visited a VA medical facility in Washington DC, again complaining of sleeplessness. He said he was awakening each morning about 4 a.m. like clockwork and couldn’t understand why. He answered “no” when asked whether he was having feelings of hopelessness for the present and the future. He was given ten more tablets of trazodone. [1] This suggests that Alexis may have been targeted via a computer-automated system, rather than manually. His consistent denials of emotional problems may have been instilled through hypnotic programming to assure that a more extensive medical examination didn’t occur and interfere with the targeting schedule. - According to an interview with FFCHS board member Max Williams, Alexis sent an email to FFCHS sometime in August. [13] This apparently refers to the mysterious email exchange that Max Williams had with Alexis prior to Alexis’ exchange with Derrick Robinson on Sept 1, which has been all but forgotten and which the FBI won’t disclose any information about. This would also have to be the email exchange in which Max Williams sent Alexis a copy of his book, ‘The Silent Massacre’. How early in August were they in contact? Was it before or after the incident at the Norfolk airport?

- Also according to media interviews that were made after the shooting [13], Max Williams made the following statement: “Information Alexis had about ELF was from White's research, he said. According to White, the only individual with evidence about that and the only one providing that information and Alexis got his information from him.” This is an interesting statement to make, when you think about it. First, it tells us that Alexis said whatever he said about ELF technology during his August email exchange with Williams. But more significantly, Williams is saying that Alexis got his information from Timothy White. Why did he say this? Was he implying that White had been involved with Alexis? Or was this an attempt to make White’s information appear to have been validated by Alexis? What was this information, exactly? Out of curiosity, I did an internet search for any sort of information on ELF by White, but came up empty. In fact, there appears to be very little information available on White at all. However, I did discover that a number of years ago a man named Tim White had been involved in doing damage control against a number of people who were claiming that Ted Gunderson was a double agent, but whether this is the same person is unknown. - On September 1, Alexis contacted FFCHS by email, seeking help with what he believed was electronic harassment with ELF weapons. Copies of the email exchange show that Derrick Robinson responded within fifteen minutes of receiving the first email, and gave Alexis a simple form-letter type of response that invited him to get involved with his organization. A total of six emails were exchanged between them within a period of just over an hour. News outlets were later told by FFCHS that they never heard from Alexis again after this. [6] A review of these emails reveals that Derrick Robinson had shown no real concern over Alexis’ plea for help and was more interested in gleaning information and/or using Alexis as part of his “team”. [32] [33] It appears that Alexis didn’t even know that Max Williams was with FFCHS, since he made no mention of his earlier exchange with him. If this is the case, as it appears to be, then how did he come into contact with Williams? - “Only days before the Navy Yard tragedy, Alexis again emailed the group, still begging for their help.” [7] “Derrick Robinson, president of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, divulges for the first time, the shocking new revelation that Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, contacted FFCHS just three days before the attack in an attempt to find relief from the bombardment of ELF attacks he was experiencing.” [38] This last email would have been sent on Sept. 13. It has only ever been mentioned once by FFCHS

board members and never again. What did it say? Who was it to? Why is it not being disclosed? - On September 14, Alexis purchased the shotgun he would use in the shooting from a gun shop in Virginia. [1] - On September 15, The Daily Courier, a Canadian online news outlet, had reportedly released the story of the shooting a day early. The date stamp for the story was later changed to accurately reflect the shooting date. [9] - On September 16 at 8:20 am, Alexis went on a shooting spree and allegedly shot 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard before being killed in a shootout with police. He had only been working there for a few days. The Naval Sea Systems Command, which Alexis targeted in his attack, is the command that oversees the nation's largest directed energy weapons research and development program in Dahlgren, Virginia. The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, has been involved in the development of directed energy weapons for over 40 years. [2] This happens to cover the time of Derrick Robinson’s service in the Navy. - The shotgun that Alexis used in the shooting was marked with a message that said in part, “My ELF weapon!” [6] It needs to be pointed out that there is no way to prove that Alexis was the one who put that message on the gun, and if this was a staged shooting, then someone who was involved in the staging and was at the scene could have put that message there. - During the shooting, the first SWAT team to arrive on the scene was ordered to stand down. This team was specially trained for active shooter situations and the members were expert marksmen. [23] The team had heard early reports of the shooting and had taken it upon themselves to respond. [27] The unexpected arrival of this team and the order to stand down suggests that the shooting was a staged event that was orchestrated from within the government. - According to one source, when the story first broke, the Washington Navy Yard shooter was identified as Navy Chief Petty Officer Rollie Chance, and there was no mention of Alexis. CBS and NBC both reported that Chance was the suspect and that he was booked at 1:00 pm EDT on Sept. 16. Chance’s identification had been found at the scene. Later, NBC News political director Chuck Todd tweeted: “NBC News: we are now NOT reporting name of shooter; retracting the original report and deleting all tweets that mentioned Rollie Chance.” [9]

- Early reports stated that there was at least one other possible suspect still at large. Several reports will mention two other suspects. Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier stated: “The big concern for us right now is that we potentially have two other shooters that we have not located at this point.” [41] - After the shooting, FBI agents reportedly recovered a note from Alexis saying he had been targeted by ultra-low frequency radio waves for the previous three months - the period that covered his visits to the VA medical facilities when he denied he was experiencing any stress or violent thoughts. [1] - Nine hours after the shooting, a cryptic poem was posted on Alexis’ facebook page that seemed to allude to the Heaven’s Gate mass suicides and space travelers. [9] This may have been posted by someone as a hoax in order to lead the public to believe that Alexis was a conspiracy theorist or involved in a UFO cult. There is also the possibility that someone was suggesting that, like the Heaven’s Gate cult, Alexis was led to willingly commit suicide by someone who had control over his mind. It should be noted that, like Alexis, the Heaven’s Gate cult members were computer experts, and several of them had been under contract with the military. - On the day of the shooting, after Alexis’ identity as the shooter had been announced, a number of FFCHS members contacted that organization and informed its board members that they had seen Alexis attending FFCHS activities. [13] These reports were later confirmed by FFCHS board member Timothy White. [7] This clearly indicates that Aaron Alexis had been more involved with FFCHS than just sending a few emails seeking help in the last few weeks before he snapped. - A Capital Police Board investigation was started after the shooting, looking into reports that commanders of that agency ordered a heavily armed tactical response team to stand down and leave the scene of the Navy Yard massacre. [2] Investigators claimed that the team was told to stand down because they had been held up in traffic due to gridlock. This contradicted the official timeline of events, which placed the team at the scene 14 minutes before any other tactical unit arrived. The team had heard the initial reports and had taken it upon themselves to respond. It was later suspected by many that their unexpected arrival had threatened to interfere with a staged shooting, and the internal investigation was a coverup. [27] This lends weight to the idea that the shooting was a staged event that and Alexis had been coerced into acting out. - On September 25, the FBI’s Washington DC Field Office issued a statement summarizing their investigation into the shooting, dismissing the writings they found in Alexis’ electronic media which said, “Ultra low frequency attack is

what I've been subject to for the last 3 months, and to be perfectly honest that is what has driven me to this.” [12] These alleged writings indicate that Alexis had consciously preplanned the shootings. His email exchange with Derrick Robinson on Sept. 1 also hinted that he was contemplating doing something. - On October 9, Max Williams was contacted by FBI agents, who were inquiring about the emails from Alexis. [6] After the visit, Derrick Robinson sent an email to a list of FFCHS contacts, saying that he had just realized that Alexis had been in communication with him and the other FFCHS board members before the shooting. [13] Williams later wrote in his journal that “[the FBI agent] explained that because of the notoriety of the Aaron incident, the FBI was checking out every possible angle of the shooting.” [27] This begs a number of questions. Did they bother to question those FFCHS members who later reported that they had seen Alexis at FFCHS events? Why haven’t these people been identified? Is it because there is more to this story than is being told? - On October 19, FFCHS circulated a newsletter to its members announcing a special meeting the next day in New Jersey, where a major news outlet would be interviewing Timothy White and listening to TI’s stories. He then went on to inform them that Aaron Alexis had contacted FFCHS “just prior to” the shootings, and that “several emails were exchanged”, but he only reproduced the first of them in the newsletter, and made no indication of exactly how many there were. He also interpreted Alexis’ suspicions of being electronically targeted as fact, in spite of having no real proof of this. As I’ve said before, FFCHS will promote any targeting claim as fact without question. Most significantly, Robinson stated that Alexis’ emails established a motive for the shootings. [5] This last statement may have been part of a staging, intended to promote the idea among FFCHS members that Alexis acted of his own free will against his perceived attackers. At the very least, it could serve to increase the belief among FFCHS member’s that their suspicions about their own targeting with such weapons was true and that no other possibilities need to be considered. - According to another post I found online by someone named Robert O. Butner, who’s apparently a member of FFCHS but is quite upset with that group, Derrick Robinson “bailed out of the picture” after making his rather gleeful announcement that he had been in contact with Alexis prior to the shootings. [15] When asked, Derrick Robinson angrily refused to provide the names of the FBI agents he was visited by or even the case file number. [30] This leaves us no way of checking if his claims are true, as he surely knows, even though there is absolutely NO reason to withhold that information other than to cover something up. Butner’s post also gives a glimpse of the sort of

strange and callous things that FFCHS members will say to intimidate other TIs, and apparently to keep their members in line. The threats are subtle but come across well enough to have their impact on a TI who is already scared or suffering. - On October 20, Max Williams reported in an interview that he had brought the Alexis emails to the attention of the other FFCHS board members after the FBI contacted him on Oct.9. According to Williams, when the FBI visited him, they produced an email from Alexis to him, as well as his response. [7] The first email from Alexis to FFCHS was from sometime in August. [13] This email from Williams to Alexis is obviously NOT one of the six emails that Derrick Robinson claimed were exchanged on Sept. 1. It appears from these statements that Williams was already in touch with Alexis before then. - On October 20, attorney Bob S. raised concerns in an email about Derrick Robinson’s handling of the Aaron Alexis matter, questioning why Robinson had never checked through his past emails immediately after hearing about the Washington shooting to see if there had been any from Alexis. He pointed out that the exchange of emails was too recent for Robinson to have forgotten about. [31] A look at the content of those emails and what Alexis had said in them [32] [33] shows that the connection should have been very easy for Robinson to make, since Alexis had provided four significant pieces of information that should have immediately triggered the memory of Derrick Robinson or any of the other FFCHS board members: 1) his name, 2) that he claimed to be in Washington, DC, 3) that he talked about the Navy, and 4) that he talked about ELF waves. These four pieces of information were key elements of the media story and they should have been enough to trigger immediate recall of the hour-long exchange that took place only two weeks before the shooting occurred. Instead, we’re expected to believe that it wasn’t until the FBI visited Max Williams on Oct. 9 (more than three weeks after the shooting) and asked about the emails that anyone at FFCHS supposedly made the connection, or even bothered to check their logs. - Although he apparently doesn’t have any legal restrictions hanging over him about discussing the Aaron Alexis affair, Derrick Robinson has refused to reveal any information that would legitimize the claim that he was in contact with Alexis at all, such as by providing the names of the FBI agents who allegedly talked to him, or the case number for the investigation. [30] This can only mean one of two things: that he’s far more involved in this than he’s letting on, or that he’s making it all up and using the shooting to promote FFCHS among the TI community. The latter actually seems more likely. - Sometime before October 22, the FBI was contacted by Washington Times Communities and were “declined on-the-record comment”, but a law

enforcement official “speaking on condition of anonymity” confirmed that the FBI had the emails and that their contents were consistent with other evidence gathered during the investigation showing Alexis' paranoia about ELF technology and government monitoring. [6] A problem with anonymous sources, if you haven’t learned by now, is that they provide the means to put out false information from a seemingly reliable source which can’t be checked, and this is a common method of covering up the real facts in a government conspiracy. - On October 30, Derrick Robinson published another statement regarding the emails FFCHS received from Alexis. In it, he says, “You all would not believe all the careful checking and re-checking that some of the major outlets did and all I had to do for them to make sure the emails were legitimate and the story was accurate.” [4] What assured these news outlets that the emails weren’t bogus? Unless it can be shown that Alexis had copies of them on his own computer and that they were sent/received by him (by tracing them all), there is still the possibility that someone else (FBI? Navy? DoD?) placed them there, or that they were faked by FFCHS by creating an email account using his name and sending them to FFCHS through that account. The above quote by Derrick Robinson suggests that a thorough check was done, based on his word only. If a coverup was taking place, he would want to lead people to believe that the emails were legitimate, and such a statement would seemingly give that some weight. The same thing goes if he was simply taking advantage of the shooting and Alexis never actually had any contact with FFCHS. In his statement, Robinson lists all of the media publicity that he and FFCHS have received, and reflects his happiness about this. On the other hand, he expresses absolutely NO remorse for the tragedy that allegedly occurred. [4] - On December 4, a Freedom of Information request was sent to the FBI by Cathleen Weissenberg of MuckRock.com, asking for any files “referencing the Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) organization in regards to the well publicized shooting investigation of deceased Washington, DC Navy Yard Department of Defense contractor Aaron Alexis”. [8] - On December 17, Derrick Robinson was interviewed by two FBI agents regarding the Aaron Alexis case. [8] - On December 30, Cathleen Weissenberg’s FOI request to the FBI regarding FFCHS’s involvement in the Alexis case was responded to, stating that the request had been rejected and the information sought was “exempt from disclosure pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(7)(A) exempts from disclosure: records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes, but only to the extent that the production of such law enforcement records or information could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement.” [8]

This is normal procedure when information is requested regarding an investigation that is still open. It is a blanket rejection and doesn’t mean that the particular information requested actually exists. - On January 8, 2014, Cathleen Weissenberg appealed the decision on her FOI request, on the grounds that the exemption from disclosure did not apply due to the fact that FFCHS had already released significant details, and the records sought could not reasonably be expected to produce any additional interference with law enforcement proceedings. She states: “In the event that (FFCHS) is misleading the general public about their involvement in the investigation for the purpose of increasing their donations and/or notoriety I respectfully request that this fact be clarified as a matter of public record and safety.” [8] *** References: [1] “Navy Yard Shooting: Gunman Aaron Alexis Convincingly Lied To Doctors At Veterans Affairs” [2] “What are the EMF weapons Alexis and other Americans fear” – Washington Times Communities [3] “Navy Yard killer eyed revenge” – New York Post [4] “'My ELF Weapon': More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons” [5] “Major News Announcement re: Aaron Alexis and the New Jersey Meeting :: Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance” [6] “In his words: Emails Alexis sent raise questions on government surveillance” – Washington Times Communities [7] “Exclusive: Aaron Alexis Pre-Navy Yard Tragedy Letter Released” – Conspiracy Theories [8] “DC Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis investigation – Muckrock [9] “Away Team: The Cosmic Suicide Trope” – Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis [10] “Alexis May Have Sought to Confront ELF Attackers Inside Navy Yard” – Memory Hole

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[30] “Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document” [31] “The Most Harmful Infiltrator Among Us” – COINTELPROContinuesToday.com [32] “Washington shooter Aaron Alexis bad White TV” [33] “Was Washington Shooter Aaron Alexis an FFCHS ‘Success’?” [34] “The Matrix Deciphered” – Robert Duncan [35] “The Law of Psychic Phenomena” – Thompson J. Hudson [36] “FFCHS Press Release: The Suicide of a Secret Government Program Victim” [37] “World Day Debacle” – www.COINTELPRO Continues Today.org [38] “ELF Attacks: Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, Contacted FFCHS Three Days Before Attack To Find Relief From ELF Attacks” – The Freedom Report [39] Sourced from supersoldiersummit.com [40] “A Primer on V2K vs. Mind-Reading Technologies” [41] “Navy Yard Shooting: Gunman Aaron Alexis Convincingly Lied To Doctors At Veterans Affairs” ------------------------------------------------------------------A Review of Some of My Earlier Notes From: More on Derrick Robinson and Aaron Alexis - When Derrick Robinson so unconcernedly blew Alexis off in his first email response with a rather cold form-letter response that merely invited him to get involved with their activities, Alexis made absolutely no mention of any earlier involvement with them, which you would expect he would have, considering he was now going to the board members for help. Was he really involved with FFCHS earlier on, or was that just an added piece of disinfo to embellish a false scenario with seeming facts? Who exactly are these members who recall seeing Alexis at FFCHS events? Have they been questioned by the FBI as well?

If not, why not? What do they have to reveal about this man? Who talked to him at these FFCHS events? - Aaron Alexis stated that he had been getting voices for a few months. We don’t know at this point whether it started before or after he got involved with FFCHS, but it seems that it would have been what led him to them. So, given the likelihood that he was already being targeted with electronic weapons before he got involved, how did this belief affect his perceptions of what was going on? If you read his published emails, you can see that he already had the ideas in his mind by then that he was being beamed with V2K by people nearby, that he was being followed, etc. But he fails to elucidate on HOW he knew this, which is very common with FFCHS members. In my view, I see this as him having been influenced to believe these things early on without ever really analyzing the situations that led him to believe it, as many purported TIs fail to do. I don’t mean to suggest that he wasn’t being targeted or that he didn’t hear voices… I mean to say that the initial altercation at the Virginia airport may have made him paranoid, leading him to information about gangstalking and electronic harassment, which in turn led him to seek out FFCHS and get involved in their events, which led to him being targeted by FFCHS and ultimately used in a media event that he just happened to become the ideal recruit for. It’s not at all inconceivable that FFCHS would take someone who is already being targeted and lead them to react violently while all blame goes to the ‘delusional’ TI community. *** From: Still More Interesting Facts Surrounding Aaron Alexis and FFCHS - Although it appears that a total of six emails were exchanged between FFCHS board members and Alexis, this doesn’t account for those that Williams admitted to FBI agents having sent him, nor the most recent one that they received only a few days before the shooting. So where does Williams’ email exchange fit in? And what about the most recent one? Obviously, something is totally amiss here, and there were apparently more exchanges going on than are being admitted to. Since only those emails that were exchanged between Derrick Robinson and Aaron Alexis have been released, and because a Freedom of Information request to the FBI for any information relating to FFCHS and Aaron Alexis resulted in the response that that information was exempt from FOI requests, we can be fairly certain that whatever was said between Aaron Alexis and Max Williams, and whatever was in that last email, is being covered up. The FBI wouldn’t bother to withhold all information while allowing FFCHS to release some of it.

- If we consider the fact that Derrick Robinson, Julianne McKinney, Max Williams, and Robert Duncan ALL have deep ties to the government (or claim to), that they ALL claim to be TIs, and yet they ALL operate without any apparent repercussions from the government that they claim to be blowing the whistle on (although I have yet to hear any whistling), then we must seriously wonder how that can possibly be, when so many others are being targeted heavily for no apparent reason. After all, FFCHS admits that it’s ultimately the government that’s targeting people, and they claim to have insider information about the technology and to have even worked on it (in Robert Duncan’s case), and yet they consistently fail to utilize that knowledge in any way whatsoever to expose it or even help others find a way to defend themselves against it, except where it profits them personally (and even there, they provide nothing but highly questionable information that doesn’t reveal anything and only leads to false beliefs about the government’s technological capabilities). When was the last time any of them were stalked or harassed by the government, or by anyone else for that matter? They might say that they are, but like Robert Duncan, who interprets my public exposé on him and my challenge to discuss his claims in public as ‘stalking’, all the while continually sending me taunting emails, you can be sure that the others in that group will twist facts and lie just the same if they feel it’s necessary to make themselves look legitimate. But as far as I know, Derrick Robinson only ever alludes to some vague past targeting that seems to have ended long ago, Julianne McKinney has NEVER claimed to be targeted, Robert Duncan says he was targeted and forced by his attackers to write his books (making them that much more likely to be disinformation) but doesn’t ever speak about any current targeting and acts exactly like any perp would act. Max Williams and Timothy White I know very little about at this point, but time will definitely tell. - Not one FFCHS board member has shown any remorse for the tragedy that occurred in Washington on Sept. 16, 2013. They have not shown any concern about the matter other than how much publicity it gives them. Think about that, if you still think they’re a legitimate organization that truly has TI’s concerns at heart. Think about how Derrick Robinson dealt with Aaron Alexis, and how YOU would react if you needed immediate help and turned to them, only to be blown off so coldly. Think about that one last email that Alexis sent to them only a few days prior to the shooting, and ask yourself why it was downplayed to the point of being forgotten about and never mentioned again. Think about what it might have said, given the frustration that Alexis was already having in getting help from that organization. Think about why it might have been exempted from release by the FBI. Don’t take things at face value. FFCHS is one arm of a major psyop campaign, and nothing that’s going on in the TI community is as simple or obvious as it might appear. Look at the little details that are first overlooked regarding the

Alexis affair, which I have covered in my last three blogs. Think critically about these details, and how they DON’T add up to the ‘official’ story, but DO add up to an intentional deception and coverup on the part of FFCHS board members and their fascist government masters.

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