A Study on Consumer Preference Towards the Hindu

September 7, 2017 | Author: raguvaran12 | Category: Newspapers, News, Questionnaire, Null Hypothesis, Hypothesis
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BIBLIOGRAPHY a) Books Encyclopedia, The world book, volume 14 Encyclopedia, Britannica, Napoleon Ozonolysis, volume 16 Gupta, s.p., “ Statistical methods”, s.chand & sons, New Delhi Kothari, C.R, Research methodology, methods and Techniques Pillai & Bhagavathi R. S.N. „Modern marketing‟ New Delhi, RamNager, S.Chand & Company pvt.ltd,2001. b) Websites WWW. Presscounsil.nic.in WWW. Worldpressinstitute.org WWW. Google.com

A Study on Consumer preference towards „‟THE HINDU NEWSPAPER‟‟ QUESTIONNAIRE 1) Name : 2) Age : 3) Gender: 4) Education: 5) You are? A) Student B) Employee C) Business Man D) Others 6) Which newspaper do you read? A) The Hindu B) Indian Express C) Times of india D) India today E) others 7) What do you think about the quality of information of “The Hindu” as compared to other English newspapers? A) v.good B) Good C) Fair D) Poor E) v.poor 8) You are subscribing a newspaper, an expert ask you to purchase “The Hindu”, then the extra cost for you will be_______ A) Very Important B) Fairly Important C) Neutral D) Not so Important E) Not at all 9) If somebody provides you “The Hindu” at free of cost, then what will be your frequency of reading? A) All of the time B) Very often C) Often D) Sometimes E) Hardly ever 10) How much reliable is the information of “The Hindu”? A) Very Much B) Neutral C) Not Much D) Not at all 11) Which supplementary copy of “The Hindu” you like the most? A) Young World B) Magazine C) Friday Review D) Opportunities E) Others (Specify) __________ 12)Do you think “The Hindu” has relevant information for all age groups? A) Yes B) No 13) Tick on relevant options A) Time constraint to read newspapers (English or Tamil). B) More time consumption to read “The Hindu”. C) Non availability of “The Hindu” in your area. D) Prefer to read Tamil newspaper. E) To read other newspapers.

Rate “The Hindu” on these 5 scales. Strongly Questions agree Problem with understanding the 14 language of „‟The Hindu‟‟ Lacking in covering local news or any other information than 15 other 0-20% newspapers? How much % of that “The Hindu” covers Do you think 16 “The Hindu” adds value to your life Is “The Hindu” 17 information effective to you? Are T.V. Radio giving more 18 knowledge than“The Hindu”





Strongly disagree





Newspapers play an important role in our day-to-day life. They have contributed not only for the growth of democracy in a country but also for development of the economy. Indian newspapers enjoy large circulations. It is an influential organ shouldering great responsibilities and should furnish uncoloured news without suppressing the facts and also care should be taken to satisfy the needs of consumers


 Maximum of the respondents are 31-40 years to read the Hindunews paper  Maximum of the respondents are prefer belong to male category.  Maximum (35%) of the respondents who prefer to the Hindu newspaper, are at the Post graduate level.  Maximum (34%) of the respondents are employees.  37% of the respondents are chosen and prefer the news paper forthe Hindu.  Maximum of the respondent‟s opinion of quality information isgood.  34% of them Fairly Important.  Maximum of the respondents are read Hindu news paper in Often.  Maximum (46%) of the respondents are getting information to usethis news paper in neutral average.  62% of the respondents are like most Magazine.72% of therespondents are get considered to using the Hindu news paper isvery use to get relevant information.  36% of the respondents are Time constraint to read newspapersmore time Non availability "The Hindu".  60% of respondents are facing the problems.  36% of the respondents are dis agree to lacing of local area newscoverage.  38% of the respondents are strongly agreed that the Hindu newspaper add value of our life.  40% of respondents are agreeing to prefer to Hindu news papergiving more knowledge.  43% of the respondents are strongly agreed to prefer to Hindunews paper giving more effective information.


The following are the suggestion offered to increase the satisfaction level of The Hindu news paper based on the reader‟s opinion and analysis of the data. Most of the consumers expressed dissatisfaction over the number of advertisement both commercial and cinema should be taken by the publishers to reduce the advertisement coverage and add more sports news, IT news, job opportunities etc. As regards availability of newspapers the highest number ofrespondents is satisfied, but a few respondents in rural areasdissatisfied because of non-availability of English newspaperslike the Hindu and the Indian Express. Hence newspapersshould reach rural areas also. A few respondents are dissatisfied about reliability of news. Soreporters must verify the news before they are published


INTRODUCTION AND DESIGN OF THE STUDY 1.1 INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY The newspaper is defined as “Any printed periodical work, containingpublic news or comments on public events” Press and Registration Book Act1987.Media in India, experience newspaper media, are undergoing significantchanges in the current liberalized environment. Newspaper a publication thatappears regularly and frequently carries news about a wide variety of currentevents. The newspaper publishes have a over all control by its business andnews operations.“The press is the Guardian Angel of Democracy”. A forceful andprosperous press is the guarantor of popular rights. The press flight by itselfalone, but not for itself by alone. To most people “The press” means the dailynewspaper, but although re-eminent in influence and importance, dailynewspapers are only a small part of the press the farm “newspaper” is usuallyapplied to the publications devoted mainly for recording current events and theterm “periodicals” to magazines, reviews to journals.In reality the press is a private industry and a public service. No otherforce in public life operates so persistently and so extensively in its range ofappeal. The scope of this subject of appeal and matter as so does the press.Newspapers have a unique dimension of social responsibility, which means thenewspaper industry different from every other industry. But business success isas vital to this industry as to any other According to the recorded facts the first newspaper of the world waspublished in China around 1000 years ago. It meant “News of the Capital”. Thesecond newspaper of the world was the “Acto Divra” which meant, “Dailyhappening” in Greek. There are the oldest two newspapers in the pre-recordedhistory.The first newspaper of the world was the “Morning Post” which wasstarted in London in the year 1772 followed by this another newspaper “TheLondon Times” started in publications. The Origin of the Indian Newspaper The first newspaper in Indian appeared on 29 th January 1780, which JamesAugustris Hicky started the “Bengal Gazette” or “Calcutta General Advertises”This was a weekly political and commercial paper open to all parties butinfluenced by none. Journalism started in India as a mission to expose themalpractices of East India Company Rule and Administration for his criticismsHicky was fined a large amount and later on imprisoned. Simultaneously anumber of Journals emerged under the sponsorship of company officials fordefending themselves against the criticism made by Hicky and his followers.The second one came up in November 1780. The third one up in February1784. The Calcutta Gazette this was followed by “Bengat Chronicle” in 1785from them onwards the news and newspaper have flooded throughout India,Indian press the present Scenario.The Indian press consists of more than 20000 newspaper magazines andperiodicals published in 20 different languages with a combined circulation ofmore than 55 million. The number of the major newspaper, „magazines withmembership in Indian Newspaper Society (INS) is given 53.4%. It has acombined circulation of 34 millions out of these there and 150 English with STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Knowledge is power “In today‟s world there is an increasing demand ofknowledge, especially after the economy has opened up the world is becomingone small village newspaper is one effective media which producers relevantinformation”.Newspaper now a days has become one of the most important sourcesof information for reduce to know things in depth no doubt other mediavehicles live television, radio and other sources provided information but theycrack inner course of action that is really wanted by the reduce.The print media becoming very competitive throughout the country. Thereduce by and large are modernizing their preference and there are variousnewspapers are circulated everyday. The need of the study areas to know thepreference towards The Hindu Newspaper will also help to know the attributeswhich made the reduce to preference of Hindu


 To study the consumer preference towards The Hindu Newspaper.2.  To know the consumer preference towards supplement issued bythe Hindu.3.  To study the preference of the reader with the present distributionsystem of newspaper with special reference to agent newspapervendors.4.  To offer suitable suggestions for enrich the consumer preference ofThe Hindu news paper.


The study is conducted to know the consumer preference of The Hindunewspaper. This may help the company to decide upon their new ventured.The research focuses on the several features of the Hindu and inawareness, suggestion in the market, which may help the company in furtherdevelopment of the newspaper.The research provides a complete feedback on The Hindu which maysincere a backup for their future plans with respect to design area

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Design Research Design is descriptive as well as analytical, because the researcherhas used facts or information already available and analyzed these to make aevaluation of the material. Primary data collection Primary data was collected with the help of a structured questionnaire.The questionnaires were administered to the selected 150 respondents of TheHindu news paper. Technique of data collection The questionnaire has been designed and used to collect the neededprimary data. Both open ended and close ended questions were used. Area of the study The study on consumer preference towards has been limited to consumerslocated in Erode Town. Period of the study The period of the study covers one year during 2008-2009. Sources of Data The validity of any research is based on the data collected for the study.The present research is based on both primary as well as secondary data. Theprimary data were collected from the selected sample respondents in the studyarea. Simple satisfied random sampling method was used to selecting therespondents

Questionnaire was the main tool used for collecting the first handinformation from the respondents. Hence, great attention was given to constructthe questionnaire. The questionnaire was prepared with the help of the researchguide and experts. The questions were framed in a sample manner, capable ofbeing answered easily and quickly by the respondents.The possible answer to every question and to put a tick mark by therespondent whenever was applicable.The study also consists of secondary data, which are collected frommagazines, newspapers and journals and also website. Sample Size The sample size selected for the study is 150 respondents.The respondents are selected by simple random sampling method. Sampling Techniques Data on the various aspects directly and indirectly related to theinvestigation were gathered through questionnaires to the respondents.The questions were necessary to ensure the reliability of the information.The questions were simple to understand and to contain the choice of questionsmeans simple alternative choice, etc., so that information should be collectedfrom various respondents. It should be seen that parties are not biased orprejudiced and are mentally sound. Tools for analysis: In order to analyze the consumer preference of respondents, the followingtables of analysis were used to obtain the various objectives of the study Percentage analysis Percentage refers to a special kind of ratio percentages are used in makingcomparing between preferences, awareness and satisfaction with various otherfactors. Observed dataPercentage = --------------------- x 100Sample size Chi – square Test: A family of probability distribution, differentiated by this degree offreedom is used to test a member of different hypothesis about variances,proportions, and distributional goodness of fit.Chi-square test () 2 χ = () ∑ − E EO 2 Degree of freedom = (R -1) (C -1)Wherein,O = Refers to the observed frequencyE = Refers to the expected frequencyR = Refers to the number of rowsC = Refers to the number of column

HYPOTHEISIS :In order to realize that objective of the study the following hypothesis hasbeen formulated.There exists significant relationship between level of preference of age,gender, educational qualification, income, occupation, and family size.The probabilities indicate the extent of reliance that can be placed onconclusion drawn. The same technique is used incase of chi- square test and thetable value chi- square are available at various probabilities level. These levelsare called level of significance. Usually the value of chi- square is at 5% level ofsignificance. Null hypothesis (Ho)“Null hypothesis is one that would be true if the alternative hypothesiswere false”. It is a very useful tool in testing the significance of difference. Itasserts that the there is no real difference in the sample and the population in theparticular matter under consideration. It is usually denoted by the symbol H o .The level of significance is always same percentage (usually 5%) whichshould be chosen with great care, thought and reason. H o will be rejected whenthe sampling result is less than 0.05 probability of occurring it H o is true and viceversa in case of 5% level of significance

LIMITATION OF THE STUDY 1.  The sample size is only 150  The period of study is limited  There is no comparative study made.  Under the study illiterate people excluded  The result of analysis made in the study depends fully on theaccuracy; reliability of information‟s given by respondents.

REVIEW OF LITERATURE  Rebekah (2006) Wade has remarked that the newspaper success would probably depend more on free CD‟s and DVD‟s than on it journalists. Newspaper particularly hope that CD‟s and DVD‟s will appeal to the young who are increasingly getting their news online. Narasimha Rao P.V.L.  National consumership survey (2005) press continue to grow from time to time. Press adds 34 million consumers in the last 2years over the last 3 years the number of consumers of dailies and magazines put together among those aged 15 years and above has grown from 179mn to 200mna growth of 4% every years.  John O Shaughnessy (1987) marketing strategic is a broad conception of how resource to be Delhi to achieve market success. The content for a marketing strategy shows how the proposed key features of the films offering (products, price, promotion and distribution) are intended to achieve the firm objectives.

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