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A Powerful Manifestation Technique Using Qi Gong Written by Stephen O'Connor January 19, 2013 in Manifestation, Spirituality with 5 Comments The art of manifesting what we want in our lives dates back to the beginning of time. Our universe was brought into existence by the power of thought. Everything we perceive including ourselves, is the result of the thoughts that have emanated from the Great Mind, God or whatever name you have chosen to call It. Within our lifetime there have been many proponents of diverse techniques that taught us how to bring about our dreams and desires, how to manifest into our personal realities positive opportunities and events. Napoleon Hill, with his ground breaking book Think and Grow Rich, sold over 20 million copies to a knowledge hungry populace beginning in the 1930s. After that, an intensely curious man, Harold Percival, wrote Thinking and Destiny, clarifying and outlining the process that thought has had in the creation of our perceived reality. Recently, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, had found a willing audience with its message that “whatever you can dream of can be yours, when you use The Secret.” So, we have been looking for – and we have been discovering – ways to apply the knowledge and techniques passed down to us by former seekers of Light. I’m a practitioner of Qi Gong, the eastern art of energy work. Within this system we perceive our reality as being based on an energy matrix, an almost invisible grid of positive and negative Qi which acts to create this holographic theatre we call reality. By manipulating this energy we can greatly align our bodies – physical, emotional and subtle – with the perfect patterning of the Mind that created it, thus bring us back into optimum health and ideal functioning. By combining thought manifestation with Qi Gong we can gain access to the essential creative forces upon which everything depends. Qi Gong allows us to combine the cosmic energy from above with the energy emitting from the earth below and hold within our hands the basic building blocks of creation. The only thing we must do from there is fill that energy ball with our visual intention, confidently release it into the atmosphere and then wait for its return in our reality. I have developed a very powerful technique that has worked wonders in my life and I would like to share that technique with you. Perhaps you will consider giving it a try, at least long enough to gain the power it holds, and see for yourself the benefits it brings to your life. 1. Stand, feet shoulder width apart, pointing forward, shoulders and face relaxed, spine straight. Tuck in your pelvis to straighten the lower part of the spine. Now, touch your upper palate with the tip of your tongue. This completes the circular flow of energy that rises up the back and travels over the head to continue down the front of the body.


2. Bring your palms in front of your body, facing up but slightly away from the body. Do not let them touch each other or the body. Elbows away from the body, allowing the free movement of energy through the meridians. 3. This is a good time to give thanks to your guides and guardians for their help and protection you receive daily. A thank you to your Higher Self for being so forgiving and patient with your everyday slips in consciousness may also be valuable. 4. While in this stance begin to clearly see, in your minds eye, what you would like to manifest in your life. Perhaps it’s a health issue, more money, a new love. 5. Now, leave your left hand facing up and in front of your Dan Tien, the area just below the navel – the vital center of your Qi, and bring your right hand up just above the heart area, palm facing down toward the left palm. Again, do not allow the hands to touch the body. See yourself holding an imaginary ball in front of your body. 6. Hold in your mind the vision of the sun between your palms. Feel its male, positive heat, the creative force of the universe tingling between your palms. 7. Starting with your upper hand begin to rotate the ball out and away from the body and to the right while rotating the bottom of the ball to the left and out with your lower hand. You should feel that you are massaging the sun and condensing the energy into a more compact and powerful field. Rotate the Qi ball 26 times while keeping the vision of the sun and its creative energies. 8. Then slowly raise the lower hand up the body while lowering the upper hand down and in front, reversing the palms so that you are again holding the Qi ball. This time see the moon between your palms. Feel the receptive, mothering creative forces that the moon represents. 9. Rotate the Qi ball again, this time starting with the left hand moving out and to the left with the right hand moving to the right. Massage this creative feminine energy, condensing its powerful force into the Qi ball. Rotate 26 times and stop. 10. Now, bring both palms to face each other in front of the navel area. While holding the Qi Ball visualize both the sun and the moon between your hands. Begin to rotate the ball, palms always facing each other, 26 times. See the masculine energy being combined and condensed with the feminine energy. You are creating the raw ingredients of life, the positive and negative polarities of manifestation which wait for you to use. 11. Return to step 3 and repeat the routine two more times. At first, keep in mind your manifestation goal. Then, when you begin to rotate the Qi ball, hold the vision of the sun or moon in your mind. 12. After the third time slowly draw your hands out to the sides in front to the body, parallel to the ground, palms facing each other. Slowly bring your hands back to within 6 inches of each other, feeling the Qi being condensed as though squeezing a plastic ball. Do this 2 more times. Each time you reach out to the sides see yourself gathering all the energy from as far as you can imagine and bringing it into the center of your being. 13. Then, bring your hands up to under the chin, wrists touching, palms apart and to the sides of the face. Stay here for several seconds while you feel the Qi buzzing around your third eye area. 14. Lower your hands and know that your manifestation has been projected into the positive and negative Qi Ball you created. It has now gone out to return as a tangible part of your reality. Wait for it, expect it!


If you would enjoy reading my personal experiences with this technique I encourage you to read my book Counterpoint to Reality, available on amazon.com – in both paperback and Kindle version. Along with this Qi Gong technique I share stories of my work with Ayahuasca in Mexico and my years of discovery in the Mystery Tradition of Western Esotericism. Enjoy!

Advanced Manifestation Technique: Seeding “Tithing and seeding — done with the right attitude of giving — can open your Spirit and bring you to an inner peace inside, by balancing some of the karmic blocks that have stood in your way. And if, on top of that, you get the material things, you're getting your cake and eating it, too.” John Roger, MSIA Seeding is an advanced spiritual practice by which we give in advance of receiving the income or material things that we would like to have. This takes courage and daring, and is an example of the law of flow combined with the law of faith. We understand that the law of flow says that we have to give before we receive, but often we wait until we have received until we give. This results in tithing. The seeding approach is to give in advance, and as the quote above so elegantly puts it, this has the effect of destroying any karmic blocks we may have to that which we want to manifest, and enables a flow of energy (money is after all only energy) so that we can live abundantly. We would like to open the door to seeding on festival days at the Harmony Centre. Mission day this coming Thursday 28th October is a day of great down pouring of spiritual energy, and so seeding on this day is likely to create even greater karmic grace. All proceeds of seeding on Mission day will go towards the building fit-outs at the farm in Canyonleigh, which are now to be funded from our brand new tax office approved building fund. Thus all seeding will also result in a tax deductible receipt: God bless the Tax Office! One can seed for anything. It is not limited to a desire for material or financial gain. One can seed for the good health or wellbeing of ones family, ones Guru, for the spread of Shanti Mission and the anchoring of Peace on Earth. One can seed for spiritual knowledge, insight, greater love and so on. The steps in seeding are: 1. Visualize what you want, see it clearly, in detail. 2. While you can seed for as many things as you like, at first it is good to focus on one thing so that you can hold your focus and see it working. 3. Check your thought forms to make sure that you are not holding negative thoughts about your plans, and that you are able to hold a clear and safe place to park your brain about your objective.


4. Decide upon the correct level of financial investment in your spiritual project, an amount that signifies to the Universe that you are serious about your desire, and give thanks before you receive whatever it is that you are seeding for. 5. Give that amount with joy and gladness of heart, greatful for the opportunity to give and for the tremendous flow of abundance that we are able to access. 6. Surrender the result. Attachment causes delay. Be prepared to flow in a way that allows what you desire to come to you in the optimal form, usually far better than you could ever imagine.

Develop Success Consciousness in All you Do Posted by Enoch Tan

The reason for many failures is that people did not start of with a success consciousness. Most people start off in doing something and hoping that they will get what they want. But the successful ones started by knowing they would make it. A success consciousness is a state of mind in which you cannot see yourself as anything else but a success. When you have a genuine success consciousness, it does not mean you might succeed, it is a definite guarantee of success. Success comes from knowing that you can instead of wondering if you could or wishing that you could. When you desire to accomplish something, start thinking that you can achieve it, even though at the present it might not be exactly true for you. When you think that you can, you will find that instead of your mind closing to the task and feeling that it is beyond you, it will begin to open up to understanding how simple it is for you to accomplish it. When you start anything with success consciousness, you will be guided to think the thoughts and do the actions that will bring success. Besides knowing that you can, you must also decide that you will. You can do anything, but when you decide that you will do it, that is when you will start working to make what is possible a reality. Many people fail to get anything done because they can’t even get started. The reason for procrastination is when a person does not yet feel totally ready to work on a task by having everything else already dealt with or set aside.

Gravity is Mind Attracting Mind Gravity is the result of energy attracting energy. All matter is energy. Energy is consciousness. All consciousness seeks to unite and become one. The oneness nature of the universe is what causes everything to be held together as a single whole. A body of mass seeks to join a greater body of mass. The largest body of mass will have the


highest attracting force. Everything gravitates to something bigger than itself. The greater body of mass is not greater is size but in amount. One body of mass would have more attracting power than another of equal size if it has greater density. All energy is consciousness and consciousness is mind. To understand the attractive force of consciousness is to understand gravity. Gravity is mind attracting mind. A person with a stronger mind and more powerful thought waves will attract other minds to his own. Other people will gravitate towards his ideas and follow his thoughts. Gravity is the Law of Attraction at work in all dimensions of reality. Energy of the same vibration attract other. Energy of different vibrations repel each other. The more similar in vibration, the more they attract. The more different in vibration, the further they repel.

How To Manifest What You Want So what is manifestation, and how can you use it in life? Basically, manifestation is the art of making things that you desire materialize. Much connected to the Law of Abundance, manifestation occurs when you place a desire, goal or wish and focus on it on a daily basis, until it eventually becomes real – or manifests itself. What Can You Use Manifestation For?

You can use manifestation for basically anything! Because manifestation involves thinking of and materializing your intentions, you can indeed manifest or make material anything that you desire – be it internal such as physical or emotional health or external such as health, wealth family, relationships, school and work success. You can practice techniques that you can use in order to enhance your life and achieve your intentions, whether it be for yourself or even for others. Using Qi Gong for Manifestation One way to manifest things is to make use of Qi Gong, which you can use for yourself, or with the presence of someone else. As a form of energy manipulation, Qi Gong is an excellent way to thrust energy to those who need it (or for yourself). Aside from thrusting energy to yourself or to someone else who is the recipient of your intention, you can also make use of a easy-to-do water technique which you can use to heal or manifest other things in your life. All you need to do is take a


glass of water and hold it and think of your intention. As you hold the glass of water, you continue to think of your intention and channel it into the water. After that, you can either drink the water, or sprinkle it around you or on the person or thing which is the object of your intention. Other Methods For Manifestation Qi gong is not just the only method to manifest things. Since manifestation is not a practice itself, but is just the act of making the things that you desire materialize – there are indeed other practices that you can use to make other things manifest. Some people meditate regularly, some people do other exercise such as affirmations and follow the Law of Attraction. There are different techniques that you can choose from for this. Does It Really Work? It’s important to note that techniques for manifestation are not “magic tricks” which are expected to work right away. It may work for some other people – and it may not work for others. For some, it may take more time or more effort for their intentions to manifest. Of course, it is also important that you continue with your efforts because if you do not see any changes during your first try – it does not mean that it won’t work eventually. What is important is that you learn to believe and erase your doubts first – because good things will never manifest if you continuously doubt yourself and if you doubt your ability to be able to make things manifest.

Increase Positive Energy for Easier Manifesting The amount of energy you focus on your chosen goals makes a difference in how quickly and easily you achieve them. It is easier to achieve a goal when your energy is strong and focused. Feeling happy, excited, joyful, proud and enthusiastic sets up a positive energy field, which brings you more of the same feelings. Positive feelings increase your stamina, and result in a feeling of wellbeing. To make your manifesting as easy as possible, you’d want to increase the amount of positive energy you have. You can increase positive energy by avoiding negative energy. Just as it is harder to push a car when you have only one or two people pushing it, it is harder to achieve a goal when your energy is weak and scattered. Feeling fearful, angry, resentful, sad, or depressed sets up a negative energy field which brings you more of the same feelings. Negativity depletes your energy level leaving you with very little to go on. It’s just like leaving your car lights on overnight cause your car battery to drain to empty. Therefore, it is important to do whatever you can to decrease the number of negative experiences in your life. Ask yourself does anyone put you down? Does anyone cut off your joy by changing the subject when you’re excited about something? Do any of your friends or business associates not follow through on agreements with you? Are you angry with anyone?


For each question ask yourself if so, who and about what? Eliminating these negative factors increase your stamina and physical energy for work.

Polarizing Your Mental Levels to the Positive The Principle of Polarity empowers you to transmute an undesirable situation to the other end of the pole and manifest a desirable situation. If something undesirable is present in your life, it means its “opposite” is also present. A fearful man through the process of raising his mental vibrations along the line of fear and courage can be filled with the highest degree of courage and fearlessness. A slothful person may change himself into an active, energetic person by polarizing along the lines of desired quality. This Principle works by lifting your mental vibrations to a higher level to banish the undesirable and attract the desirable. Let’s use the example of money. One end of the money pole is “prosperity,” where you have as much money as you could possibly desire. “Poor” is the other end, where there isn’t enough money to meet your needs. In between these two extremes are countless financial situations in between poverty and prosperity. You can use the principle of polarity to influence your financial situation.

Use the Law Of Abundance and start Quantum Jumping In 10 Easy Steps Think the Law of Abundance is powerful? Wait till you see what Quantum Jumping can do. Here’ the 10 tips on how to use the law of abundance to experience Quantum Jumping 1. Commit to making meditation part of your daily ritual and save time each day (at least 10 minutes) for it. I recommend doing it first thing in the morning when you wake up. 2. Choose your perfect meditation place. To begin with, I recommend meditating in a quiet, distraction-free place. You can meditate anywhere you want and if you choose to meditate in your bedroom one day and outside the next day, that’s perfectly fine. The choice is all yours when it comes to your personal meditation practice. 3. Play a Quantum Jumping meditation audio on your computer, CD player or mp3 player. 4. Sit in a comfortable position and be aware of your posture. Sit straight and upright but make sure that you don’t tense up. It’s important to be in a relaxed position. You should try to sit on a firm surface like the floor, bench or grass and do not lean back on anything. This will ensure you don’t get TOO comfortable and dose off. 5. Take 5 deep belly breaths. When you inhale through your nose, feel your belly expand (rather than your body stretching upwards) and as you exhale through your mouth feel pull your belly button inwards towards your spine.


6. Relax your entire body. As you listen to the mediation audio, focus on relaxing your body. Start at the top of your head (and work your way down to your toes) and visualize each part of your body relaxing more and more with every breath you take. The goal here is to achieve a peaceful, thought-free mind. This is challenging at times, but it will get easier as your meditation practice progresses. 7. Set your intention. I start every Quantum Jump by guiding you into the alpha state of mind, and have you totally concentrating on one subject–your intention for the jump. If other thoughts enter your mind or you experience outside distractions, don’t give up! Simply acknowledge the distractions but don’t continue to focus on them. Bring your attention to your breath. Notice how your body feels as you deeply inhale and visualize all of the toxins and worries leaving your body with each exhale. 8. Start your Quantum Jump. With my alpha meditations, I guide you to what I call the Quantum Door or your “jumping off place”. This is the point where you mentally leave this universe and jump into another. You then visualize a door that leads to another universe. When you step through the door, allow your mind to do as it may and remember to keep your intention in mind. 9. Keep an open mind. Allow your subconscious mind to do the work. Don’t dismiss any thoughts or visions as “strange” or “made-up”. Remember, those thoughts are coming from somewhere. Accept them and pay attention to them. 10. Take notes. Once the meditation stops. Make sure to take notes and document what you experienced. Do this after each Quantum Jump. This will further help you understand and remember the insights and wisdom you pick up during your meditations. There you have it– Quantum Jumping. Now, you can call this technique anything you want – visualization, an OBE, tapping into our higher selves, intuition, whatever! That’s not the point. The point is it WORKS. Imagine getting the chance to talk to your alternate selves—versions of you who’ve made different sets of choices and decisions in life. Think of how you could benefit from all their experiences, lelarn their skills and make better decisions. I see it as discovering your true potential. A potential you could never possibly have achieved, had you not got in touch with the Universal You—the You that you were always meant to be.

Using Your Psychic Center for Manifestation Your subconscious mind will always work in alignment with your self identity. You can use all manifestation techniques but if your self identity is one where you are not a good manifestor, those techniques will lose their effectiveness. All reality creation begins from a place of being. Self affirm that you are a master of manifestation. From the space of being a master, your manifestation powers will be many times greater. You are what you see you are. See yourself as the master and you will manifest like one.


Godliness with contentment is great gain. The main state you want to be in order to be in vibrational harmony with your desires is the state of contentment. It is the state of peace and quietness where you are not in want of anything as though you already have what you desire. Be in the frequency of appreciation. Vibrate gratitude instead of ingratitude. Be happy and feel the joy whatever good you are experiencing in life right now. Godly desires with a state of contentment bring those desires into manifesting.

Reiki and The Power of Manifestation By Dr. Lourdes Gray Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be born under a lucky star, enabling them to easily obtain everything they desire? Have you ever noticed the opposite … people who never get what they want, no matter how hard they try? If your answer is “yes” to both of these questions, then I ask you, do you know what makes the difference between the two kinds of people? Do you believe some people are just naturally lucky? The answer to these questions is simpler than you think. There is a power so simple to access and operate, and so automatic, that it is active at all times … just outside of your conscious awareness. This is the power of manifestation, which is created by your mind. This power can be greatly enhanced thru Reiki. Your mind's power of manifestation is in constant communication with the Universe. It is telling the Universe what to manifest in your life at all times. Most people are not aware of this power of manifestation generated by their mind. They do not pay attention to the quality of their thoughts or to their inner dialogue. Prophets and other spiritually advanced souls have been telling people of this power for ages. In recent years, the book and the movie based on the book titled The Secret have brought lots of media attention to this amazing power. Yet, in spite of all these reminders, both from past and recent years, most people fail to recognize the power of manifestation generated by their mind as being the cause of their failure or success. Consider the following situations: the case of Jane, the school teacher, who while passing by a store window, sees a beautiful dress, and says to herself, “Gee, I wish that were mine;” the case of Carl, the newspaper delivery boy, who says, “Boy! I’d love to have a bike like that!” as he watches a neighborhood boy riding his new bike; the story of Mary, the salesperson, who worries about not having enough money to pay next month’s mortgage as she balances her checkbook; and the story of Bob, the executive, who has been unemployed for more than two years, and constantly dwells on his inability to find work in his field. These four people have not yet learned how to harness the power of manifestation generated by their individual minds. They either express occasional half-hearted wishing, which does not generate sufficient energy for manifestation, or focus on the problem instead of the goal, which is even worse.


If you are one of the millions of people with similar problems, you can change your life starting today, but you must first learn how to clarify your goals. Once you do this, and you learn to discipline your mind appropriately, then Reiki can help bring your goals into physical reality. This all happens via the path of manifestation. This is how the path of manifestation works. The path begins the very moment you conceive an idea. At that moment, the idea exists in the Causal Plane. The Causal Plane is the plane of existence where the newly conceived idea acts as a spark to ignite the path of manifestation. As you first start thinking about the idea, it begins to manifest in the Mental Plane. The idea is now becoming a thought form. Now you must give the idea structure by developing it in greater detail. Always do this in writing. Create plans and drawings … the more detailed the better. The final written product is called the “convincer.” It must be written as if the goal has just been achieved. This is very important. After your idea forms in the Mental Plane, it needs to receive energy … lots of good positive energy. Reiki and powerful positive emotions are best for this. Remember, emotions serve as catalysts for manifestation. As your idea receives Reiki and lots of positive emotions, it will begin to manifest as an astral form in the Astral Plane. This Plane of existence is also known as the Emotional Plane. Once your idea has received sufficient positive energy in the Astral Plane, then it will manifest in the Physical Plane. This is the path of manifestation, not just for goals, but for everything, including health and disease. Everything starts in the energy field before it manifests in the physical body. Therefore, before any goal can manifest in the Physical Plane, it must first manifest as an idea in the Causal Plane, then as a thought form in the Mental Plane, and then as an astral or emotional form in the Astral Plane. For the latter, both positive emotional energy generated by your mind and lots of Reiki act as the catalysts for manifestation in the Physical Plane. Here is an example of how the path of manifestation works. Say that Johnny decides to get a new car. The very moment Johnny thinks of getting the car, the car starts to exist in the Causal Plane. Now, as Johnny writes out all the details about this car, i.e., make, year, model, color, accessories … and most importantly, includes the convincer … the car then begins to manifest as a thought form in the Mental Plane. Again, Johnny needs to write out the convincer as if his goal of getting a new car already had been achieved. The convincer is the event that would need to take place in order to let Johnny know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he had already received the car. In Johnny’s case, the convincer could be an event where he would see himself receiving the car keys, or he would see himself driving the car, or would see the car parked in his garage. Never worry about how your goal is going to manifest. You do not ever want to try to figure out the chain of events that would lead to the realization of your goal. Leave this up to the Universe. Otherwise, you would limit many of the ways by which the Universe could bring our goal into manifestation. The Universe is endlessly abundant and endlessly creative. Leave the “how” up to the Universe. Your job is to clarify your goal in as much detail as possible and then give it positive energy, including Reiki energy.


As you clarify your goal, pay attention as to whether you are focusing on the problem (from which you are trying to move away) or on the goal itself. Be careful what you ask for. Never ask for a goal that would bring harm to anyone in any way or that would violate one’s rights. For example, if Johnny were to focus on wanting the car because of a problem that he were trying to eliminate, say the problem was lack of transportation, and if Johnny were to place emotional emphasis on “lack of transportation” instead of on receiving the car, then “lack of transportation” would be the message the Universe would receive from Johnny. The Universe does not judge whether or not the message received is in Johnny’s best interest. The Universe only acts as a mirror to reflect back what it receives — in this case it would reflect “lack of transportation” back to Johnny. At best, the energy created by this situation would hinder Johnny’s effort to reach his goal. Think of this situation as an energetic mismatch between Johnny’s emotional energy and the energy that must be generated in order to propel the goal down the path of manifestation. Once your emotional energy is in alignment with the energy of the goal, all you have to do is maintain a relaxed focus on your goal. This is accomplished by trusting that the Universe and your Higher Self will always bring you that which is for your highest and most loving good if you allow your ego to get out of the way. Remember to continue giving Reiki to your goal on a consistent basis. For Reiki I practitioners, give 10 to 15 minutes of Reiki daily to the convincer written down on paper, (place your hands directly on the paper)as you visualize, with great emotional power, the convincer event having taken place. For those who are Reiki II or more advanced practitioners, many other Reiki options are available. You can call the goal’s thought form via the absent treatment symbol and then energize it using some of the mental/emotional techniques available via the communication channel. In this manner you will be able to accelerate its manifestation in the Physical Plane. We teach all of these techniques and many others in our classes. After you finish giving Reiki to your goal, let it go. Release it. Send it back to the Universe. For the rest of the day, don’t think about the goal. Most people find this step to be very difficult … yet it is absolutely necessary. If you do not release your goal, then the Universe will not be able to work with it. Letting go of our attachments … including our attachments to our goals … is one of the important lessons you must learn in order to advance as Reiki healers. Most importantly, always remember to give thanks. Once your goal has manifested, always give thanks to the Universe, your Higher Self, Christ Consciousness, God/Goddess, your spirit guides and to any other manifestation of Divinity you believe in. Takata always said that having gratitude is essential in order for Reiki to work. Namaste

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