A das gupta's problems plus in iit mathematics

July 21, 2017 | Author: Amit Pratap Singh | Category: Integral, Trigonometric Functions, Vector Space, Equations, Line (Geometry)
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(Paperback) by A Das Gupta 18 Ratings | 3 Reviews Publisher: Bharati Bhawan (publishers & Distributors) (2011)

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Book Summary of Problems Plus In IIT Mathematics Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics contains a large number of problems which test the student's ability to apply fundamental concepts in new situations. This is type of problems asked at the JEE (IIT). The purpose of this book is to show students how to handle such problems and give them sufficient practice in solving problems of this type, thus building their confidence. The main features of this book are: Each chapter begins with a summary of facts, formulate and working techniques. Trick, tips and techniques have been clearly marked with the icon. A large number of problems have been solved and explained in each chapter. The exercises contain short-answer, long-answer and objective type questions. Multiple-choice questions in which more than one option may be correct have also been given. Time-bound tests at the end of each chapter will help students practise answering questions in a given time. The book also includes integrated tests, bases on all the chapters. A chapter containing miscellaneous problems has been given at the end of the book. This will help students gain confidence in solving problems without prior knowledge of the chapter(s) to which the problems belong. Table of Contents

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Algebra Progressions, Related Inequalities and Series Determinants and Cramer's Rule Equations, Inequations and Expressions Complex Numbers Permutation and Combination

                                               

Binomial Theorem for Positive Integral Index Principle of Mathematical Induction (PMI) Infinite Series Matrices Trigonometry Circular Functions, Identities Solution of Equations Inverse Circular Functions Trigonometrical Inequalities and Inequations Logarithm Properties of Triangle Heights and Distances Coordinate Geometry Coordinates and Straight Lines Pairs of Straight Lines and Transformation of Axes Circles Parabola Ellipse and Hyperbola Calculus Function Differentiation Limit, Indeterminate Form Continuity, Differentiability and Graph of Function Application of dy/dx Maxima and Minima Monotonic Function and Lagrange's Theorem Indefinite Integration of Elementary Function Indefinite Integration of Rational and Irrational Functions Definite Integration Properties and Application Definite Integrals Area Differential Equation of the First Order Vector Vectors and Addition of Vector Product of two Vector Product of three or more Vectors Application of Vectors Probability Elementary Probability Total Conditional Probability and Bayes' Theorem Coordinate Geometry of Three Dimensions Points, Direction cosines and Direction ratios Equations of a Straight lines Space Planes Practice Tests (Integrated tests, Objective tests, Screening tests, Main tests) Miscellaneous Exercises Some New Pattern Problems top

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Most Helpful Sort by: Ankit Gaur 06 December 11

Excellent Coverage.. Good for revision This book covers all the theory (over and above standard 12th class knowledge) required for cracking the engineering competit ive exams. The questions are of really high quality. You first need to have solid grasp of basics before attempting this book, as this book takes up the student from the basics to the advanced knowledge, rigor and practice required for engineering exams. This makes a worthy companion to other high quality books published Bharathi Bhawan (HC Verma's Concept of Pysics book, Physics/Chem/Maths MCQ). Was this review helpful? Yes / No 1 of 2 users found this review helpful.

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Nihar Gregory 14 May 12

Very nice.....but doesnt help if you new to the topic this is a very nice book! gr8 questions and love the time management test!! But,this book can be used only if u have a sound BASIC knowledge of the topics as it takes them to a whole new level. But good for revision!!:D Was this review helpful? Yes / No 1 of 1 users found this review helpful.

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Hardik Katyarmal 16 April 12

Nice book This book contains nice problems and also the chapter tests and practice tests , main tests help us know about our time management once we have completed one full topic there are 9 - 10 prblms after every topic to b solved in 75 min.. It is nice ! Was this review helpful? Yes / No 0 of 0 users found this review helpful.

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