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January 20, 2019 | Author: mohnish | Category: Salt (Chemistry), Ammonium, Hydroxide, Transition Metals, Atoms
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Experiment 8 Aim: To analyze the given salt and identify the anion and cation present in it.





Preliminary Test 1.







White %O&O'R  The Colour of given salt is noted. Crystalline APPEARAN%E The appearance of the given salt is noted SO&'"&T( N )ATER  A little of the given salt is dissolved in distilled "oluble !ater in a test tube  $o characteristic O*O'R  odour  ANON ANA& ANA&(SS (SS A%TON O$ *&.S'&P+'R% A%* To a little of the substance  $o characteristic taken in a test tube a fe! reaction drops of dil. "ulphuric acid is added . 'eddish bro!n A%TON O$ vapors are evolved. %ON%.S'&P+'R% A%* To a little of the substance taken in a test tube a fe! drops of conc. "ulphuric acid is added and !armed. Add Cu turnings to the above -ense and heat again. 'eddish bro!n

Absence of copper, cobalt, iron, nickel, manganese. Absence of carbonate.

Absence of Carbonate. Absence of acetate and ammonium salts.

Absence of Carbonate,sulphite,ni trite and sulphide. (ay be nitrate or  bromide.  $)**, +r *

 $itrate is present.  $)**







apours are evolved and the solution turns blue. To the salt solution add e0ual A bro!n ring is volumes of freshly prepared formed at the ferrous sulphate solution and  unction of t!o a fe! drops of layers. conc.sulphuric acid on the sides of the test tube in drops. %ATON ANA&(SS )riginal solution is prepared  by dissolving the salt in !ater  ,ERO -RO'PA!!ON'!/  $o characteristic To a little of the salt sodium reaction hydro3ide solution is added and heated  -RO'P &EA*/ To a little of the original  $o characteristic solution dil. 4C7 is added. reaction  -RO'P %OPPER/ To a little of the original  $o characteristic solution dil. 4C7 and reaction 4ydrogen sulphide is added.  -RO'P A&'!N'!0 RON/ To a little of the original  $o characteristic solution ammonium chloride reaction and ammonium hydro3ide are added. # -RO'P ,N%0 !AN-ANESE0 N%1E&0 %O"A&T/

Presence of nitrate is confirmed.  $)**

Absence of ammonium "alts.  $4#5 Absence of 7 group Pb25 Absence of 77 group Cu25

Absence of 777 group Al5, 8e5



To a little of the original solution ammonium chloride, ammonium hydro3ide and hydrogen sulphide solution are added %ON$R!ATOR( TEST To a little of the original "olution add $a)4 solution.

To a little of the original "olution add potassium ferrocyanide:; #= solution.

-irty !hite ppt. is obtained.

Presence of 7 group 9n25,(n25,Co25,$i25

White precipitate is formed !hich is soluble in e3cess  $a)4 solution. +luish green ppt.is formed.

Presence of 9inc is confirmed 9n25 Presence of 9inc is confirmed. 9n25

Res2lt: The anion present in the given salt is $itrate :$) **= and cation is 9n 52.

The salt is 9inc $itrate 9n:$) =2. Please note 3elo4 e52ations for cations and anion to 3e 4ritten on the 3lan6 page of the 7o2rnal 4ith pencil./

[email protected] Zn2+ 1 . 2 .

Zn2+ + H2S


 + 2H+

Zn2+ + 2 NaOH

Zn(OH)2 + 2Na+

Zn(OH)2 + NaOH



 + 2H2O

Sodium Zincate 3 .

Zn2+ + K 4[Fe(CN)6]



NO3-- + H2SO4


2HNO3 + SO42--

+ 4K +

. 4HNO3 + Cu


Cu(NO3)2 + 2NO2

  2 .

NO3-- + FeSO4 + 3H2SO4 FeSO4 + NO

 + 2H2O

!o"n 2NO


 + 3Fe2(SO4)3 + 4H2O

FeSO4.NO Nit!o#o $e!!ou# #u%&'ate

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