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ABOUT-NORWAY • Unitary parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy • Population- 4.99million • Extensive reserves- petroleum, natural gas, minerals, lumber, hydropower • Largest producer(per capita basis)- oil and natural gas • Highest HDI • GDP- $479 billion, Per capita- $53,738 • Currency- Norwegian Krone • Major Industries- Petroleum and gas, food processing, shipbuilding, refinery products, fertilizers, petrochemicals, textiles, transport equipment,

PESTEL ANALYSIS- POLITICAL •  Norway is a Unitary Constitutional Monarchy. • King of Norway is the head of state and PM the head of Government. • Role of Monarch has been representative and ceremonial. • Government is formed for a period of 4years and is stable. • Legislation is formed by simple parliamentary majority.

ECONOMICAL GDP by activity

EXPORTS -2010- -$178 billion

IMPORTS-2010--$122 billion

U.K. 27%,

Sweden 14%,

Netherlands 12%,

Germany 12.3%,

Germany 11%,

China 8.4%,

Sweden 7%

Denmark 6.1%,

France 6%,

U.K. 5.9%,

U.S. 5%.

U.S. 5.2%.

Oil and gas Government 22%


Mnftg, mining, building VAT Commodities


Comm and Transp

4% 16%


7% 11%

• • •

• • •

 Agriculture, forestry


Oil and gas sector lead to investment in social welfare system and increased wages. Unemployment rate- 3.4% in April 2011, Inflation- 2.7% Voted twice against joining EU, other than agricultural and fisheries section, Monetary policy- aimed at maintaining a stable exchange rate for the krone against European currencies, of which the euro is a key operating parameter. Flexible exchange rates. Standard of living- 90% higher than USA Mixed economy and capitalist welfare state with free activity

Labor %  Agriculture Industry Services

SOCIO-CULTURAL •  Nationality-Norwegian(s) • Population-49,37,000(Jan 2011) • Annual population growth rate-1.3%(2009) • Ethnic group-Norwegian, Sami, Nordic • Registered religions-Church of Norway (Lutheran) 78%, Roman Catholic 1.3%; Pentecostal Christian 0.8%, Other Christian 3.5%,Muslim 2.0%,other or unknown 14.4%, including a Jewish community of approximately 818 peopl e.

• Languages-Bokmal Norwegian (official), Nynorsk  Norwegian (official), small Sami- and Finnishspeaking minorities. English is widely spoken. • Literacy-100% • Workforce-3.6 millions • Independent identity in the areas of literature, art and music. • Early adopters of women rights, minority rights.

TECHNOLOGICAL •  Norway had immense technological expertise in  petroleum exploration and production. • 3% of GNP spent on R&D • Shell Technology Norway (STN) • STN manages a portfolio of R&D projects within the Subsea & Deepwater, Cleaner Production, Well Technology and Arctic Technology themes

LEGAL • Norway’s Labour Law • Labor policies • Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights • Obtaining a business license requires less than the world average of 16 procedures. • The judicial system is sound and efficient, providing secure protection of private property rights and good enforcement of commercial contracts.


 Act relating to Biobanks 2003 Greenhouse gas emission trading act 2004  Among top five countries as per EPI

Norwegian petroleum directorate

PRESENTED BY- GROUP 6 Rohan Patel-74 Rushina Vakharia-78 Sanjay Sharma-80 Saptami Banerjee-81 Shweta Joshi-84

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