8 Healing Sounds of Yin Style Bagua

October 26, 2018 | Author: AutoMath | Category: Qi, Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medicine, Philosophical Science
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The Eight Healing Sounds of Yin-Style Bagua By David Parker,


The Eight Healing Sounds are one of  and earth’s qi.They are practiced standing, the sets of Dao Yin health building exer-  walking, sitting, or lying down depending depend ing cises of Yin Style Bagua ( YSB), a large sys- on your condition and needs. Each repetitem of martial, medical and qi cultivation tion contains one complete breath cycle. arts originally developed by Dong Inhaling is entering, bringing qi into the orHaichuan in the mid 1800’s.These “healing “healing gans and dantian, and sealing the apertures without medicines” exercises are based on closing in and guarding qi. Exhaling is exitthe principles of the Yi Jing, or book of  ing and opening the gates, flowing qi changes, and allowed people without medi- throughout the body as you make the cal knowledge or access to doctors to sound. Each exercise has its characteristi c strengthen and heal themselves. posture or movement. The qi that is develSound is all around us, and affects us oped and moved is precious and is kept in different dif ferent ways.The ancient Chinese un- contained in the system by a quiet inward derstood this and endeavored to distinguish  listening listenin g mind, and by closing in areas area s such  between sounds that were beneficial and as the yongquan points and the perineum. disruptive to people’s pe ople’s well being. Everyone Everyo ne The  Ah   Ah sound, for the lung, is first. has experienced feeling uplifted or calmed Make it quietly with or without a tone. It by the sound of moving water, birdsong or  helps the lung “take in the new and expel pleasant music. On the other hand, who the turbid”, as well as smoothing qi in its hasn’t been irritated by mechanical noise- meridian. There is a simple upward and a screeching subway, or a jackhammer? downward, opening and closing, circling The 8HS are all motion with the arms that accompanies in the beneficial this sound. It is important to realize that category, and their  the organs are affected on the physical, theory rests on two energetic, and emotional levels with this main points. The  work, so the sound can be used to clear  first is that sound/  phlegm in the lung, tonify its qi, or help  vib ratio rat ion n actua ac tually  lly  process grief. enters into the orThe Ha sound is next, for the heart, it gans, and second, is quiet and untoned. This sound regulates that sound helps to the yin and yang of the heart and clears move qi. So, while heat. Its motion brings water energy up the sounds physi- through the body to balance the heart’s hear t’s fire cally vibrate the or- and then expels heat out through the gans and cavities mouth with the exhale. It’s very useful to (cranial/nasal, ab- combine the Ha H a with the next sound, Heng dominal, etc.), they  (kidneys), to balance these two most imalso open and flow  portant systems. The Heng sound is short qi in the associated and sharp. It creates a strong downward meridians and ves- movement of qi, to fill the kidneys and sels, strengthening lower dantian, dantia n, building buildin g the essences. essence s. Inhaland regulating ing from the beginning posture, the arms them.A practical application of this is sing- fold up, palms covering their opposite coling or chanting while performing hard la- larbones.The body is sealed sea led and you“Heng” bor. This not only passes the time more forcefully, dropping droppi ng in your stance and an d arcpleasantly, pleasantly, but the coordination of certain ing the arms down and outward.There is a exclamations with strenuous movements slight recoil at the end of the movement, reduces the risk of o f injury injur y.The sounds sound s make as the qi enters the dantian. Me our system more integrated and powerful. The Hu and Mer  Merr  r sounds belong to the  Approached and refined from a medical stomach and spleen respectively. respectively.These orperspective, specific sounds can be added gans work together to transform food into to Qigong to amplify and direct the move- acquired (post-natal) qi and make it availment and action of qi. able to the other organs. The Hu sound is The 8HS include forms for the five yin toned or silent and involves a stretching organs, the the stomach, and to connect connec t heaven open of the middle dantian and then a fold-

 Dr.  Dr. Xie Peiqi, Yin-Style Bagua Bagua Lineage holder  ing down motion to descend qi to the stomach. The spleen dislikes moisture, and the mer sound should be strong, deep,and resonant (it sounds like a cow!) to literally  “shake the dampness from the spleen ” and ascend and spread its qi. The liver sound is Xu is Xu (shhh). It is fine, smooth and soft, lowering and clearing heat. Liver qi tends to rise, become stagnant and disrupt the body’s free flowing when it is unbalanced. The hands first carry energy  up the front, separate and pass under the armpits and descend along the spine as you sound, spreading across the buttocks and returning to the dantian. This leaves the Y  the Y i and Hong sounds. Inhaling, raise your arms ar ms up over your head, palms back to back while sinking the shoulders and pelvis. This creates both upward and downward qi movement. Holding this posture as you make a clear tone (yeee, a long e sound) you create a vibration that reaches head to toe, opening the spinal passes and entering the brain and kidneys. Lower the hands and pause before repeating.The Hong sound creates a strong shaking and vibration through the whole body, body, opening and flowing all the meridians and connecting wi th earth’s qi. The sound is a low guttural rumbling, and the movement is a rotating/shaking around the vertical centerline of the torso, extending from the center to the extremities. It is very ver y invigorating, and the hardest sound to make correctly. I hope this brief introduction to sound in Qigong gets you interested in investigating this fascinating and useful practice further.

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