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Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

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Overview Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

Safety Reminders

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Information


Alarm Description

•Building: •Municipal:

• Evacuate • Take cover • All clear

Medical •Building: •Municipal:

First Responders •Room •Building

Unique Hazards •Room •Floor/Building

Emergency Procedures •Equipment locations •Evacuation routes


Meeting Agenda

• • • • • • • • •

History Product Development Manufacturing & Distribution Specifications Features & Benefits Safety Health & Environment Equipping Your Truck Productivity Serviceability Product Support


Mining Truck Evolution

Caterpillar’s mining truck experience dates back over 40 years and includes the world’s largest truck Cat Model

Year Introuced

770 772 773 775 777 785 789 793 795 797

2004 1971 1970 1992 1975 1984 1986 1991 2008 1998

• Over 50,000 construction and mining trucks (769-797) delivered since 1963 • Over 18,000 large mining trucks (777-797) delivered since 1980

Update Yearly


Field Population

Truck Model

Total Units

Fleet Hours

Highest Hour Unit

777 785 789 793 797

10000+ 2900+ 2200+ 2700+ 350+

350 million 108 million 91 million 100 million 6.6 million

116,000 139,700 116,703 106,891 74,000

(As of Decem ber 2008)

Update Bi-Yearly


Large Mining Truck Worldwide Fleet

Over 18,900 Shipments* (as of Feb. 31st 2009)

38% North America


20% Latin America

*Shipments leaving factory


Asia Pacific, Indonesia & Australia

Europe, Africa & Middle East

(Percentages reflect 777,785, 789, 793,797, distribution)

Update Bi-Yearly


777 Worldwide Fleet

Over 10,000 Shipments

34% North America


10% Latin America

Update Bi-Yearly


Asia Pacific, Indonesia & Australia

Europe, Africa & Middle East

(Percentages reflect 777 distribution since 1980)


Future Mining Truck Market Segmentation 100mt – 390mt









HD 1500-7

EH4500-2 (AC)

730E (DC)


830E (DC)




860E (AC)


930E-4 (AC)

960E (AC)

930E-4SE (AC)




Unit Rig TI274 (AC)

7530 Series (DC)

7513 Series (DC)

7514 Electric (DC)

SF31904 (DC)

Short Tons Metric Tons

T282B (AC)

75600 (AC)

75171 (DC)

SF32601 (DC)

SF33900 (AC)

110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 290 300 310 320 330 340 350 360 370 380 390 400 410 420 100 109 118 127 136 145 154 163 172 181 191 200 209 218 227 236 245 254 263 272 281 290 299 308 318 327 336 345 354 363 372 381


Future Mining Truck Market Segmentation 90mt Segment










BH100 DP905

BH85-1 BH90



Short Tons



Metric Tons









* Pre Production









** Japan Only


777 History

The 777 has continuously evolved to remain the leader in its class •


Cat 777 – 1974 – 1985 – Over 1,750 sold B-Series – 1985 – 1992 – Over 1,800 sold C-Series – 1992 – 1996 – Over 1,040 sold D-Series – 1996 – 2006 – Over 3,800 sold F-Series – 2006 – Present – Over 1,500 sold


Product Development, Manufacturing & Distribution Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

6 Sigma & CPS A methodology that improves product quality, processes throughout the company, and customer satisfaction 6 Sigma CPI • Changes processes to enhance product quality • Maintains quality during production and when product is in the field • Keeps all accountable to deliver a superior product at all levels Caterpillar Production System (CPS) • 6 Sigma based method for relentless improvement • Focuses on 3 processes: – Core – Governing – Enabling


Design & Engineering

The 777F was developed by the truck engineering group in Decatur, Illinois using the latest design technologies and methodologies •

• • •

New Product Introduction (NPI) process Concurrent Product and Process Design (CPPD) 6 Sigma methodology improves processes and product quality Collaborates with Cat design and manufacturing resources worldwide


Research & Testing

Innovation begins at the Caterpillar Technical Center in Mossville, Illinois •

• •

Largest and most sophisticated research and development facility in the industry State-of-the-art laboratories, testing facilities, and simulators Interacts with design teams at each product facility

… and hits the ground at the Tucson Proving Grounds • • • • • •

Complete machine cooling evaluations On-machine structural evaluations Complete machine sound evaluations Brake, steering, visibility & government standards Performance & machine productivity comparisons Machine endurance & reliability evaluations 15

Manufacturing & Assembly From machine shop to assembly line, the 777F and its components are produced using the latest machining technology and a highly skilled workforce • • • • •

Close tolerance machining centers Automated material handling systems Extensive welder training Nondestructive weld testing Highly trained, experienced assemblers


Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Quality control practices have long been built into the Caterpillar manufacturing process, from machining to assembly • • • • • • •

Engineered using computergenerated stress modeling Steel castings used in high stress locations Rollover fixtures ensure all welding is done horizontally, not overhead Ultrasonic weld inspection of all frames Caterpillar build cell quality certification Precise coordinate measuring Contamination control, for the entire process Laser hardened wheel spindles


Distribution & Support

When Cat products reach the field, they are supported by an advanced network of parts distribution facilities, dealer service centers, and technical training facilities •

Caterpillar’s Global Distribution network maintains over 20 parts centers worldwide Dealer branch facilities, service trucks, trained technicians, and operator training programs provide customers with full-scale customer support Cat Product Support Center offers global training for dealer service technicians Global Mining’s Field Assembly Group commissions 793s around the world 18

777F Component Sources

Caterpillar designs and manufactures all major components of the 777F

C32 Manufactured in Griffin, GA Bodies also manufactured in Australia & South Africa 19

Completely Caterpillar

Design and manufacturing control ensures that the 777F operates as a complete and balanced unit • • •

• •

Complete design control over entire truck Single-point accountability Enables Cat to optimize the truck as a whole rather than by individual component Ensures compliance with the high quality standards expected Reduces confusion for warranty issues March 2009 – Decatur Plant


Specifications Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

777F Dimensions 6494 mm 21.3 ft

9830 mm 32.3 ft

10 364 mm 34.0 ft

6391 mm 20.9 ft

936 mm 3.1 ft 4050 mm 13.3 ft

4697 mm 15.4 ft

6081 mm 19.9 ft 5423 mm 17.8 ft 5170 mm 17.0 ft

4428 mm 14.5 ft 912 mm 3.0 ft 4564 mm 15.0 ft 10 528 mm 34.5 ft

1066 mm 3.5 ft 3031 mm 10.0 ft 5185 mm 17.0 ft

Shown with standard, dual-slope body 912 mm 3.0 ft 3576 mm 11.7 ft 5223 mm 17.1 ft


777 Specifications

Nominal payload: 90.9 tonnes (100 tons)



777C (77.1 tonnes / 85 tons)

Maximum GMW – kg (lb)

163 293 (360,000)

163 293 (360,000)

146 966 (324,000)

Chassis weight1 – kg (lb)

48 870 (107,740)

49 380 (108,860)

45 850 (101,090)


3508B EUI

3508B EUI




Displacement – L (in3)

32.1 (1,959)

34.5 (2,105)

34.5 (2,105)

Gross power – kW (hp)

758 (1,016)

746 (1,000)

686 (920)

700 (938)

699 (937)

649 (870)




3658 (12,000)

2288 (7,500)

2 288 (7,500)




64.5 (40.1)

64.2 (39.9)

64.2 (39.9)

Engine model Number of cylinders

Flywheel power – kW (hp) Rated speed – rpm Engine derates above altitude2 – m (ft)

Transmission speeds Top speed, loaded – km/h (mph) 1

Approximate clean chassis with full fuel, hoist, body mounting group and tires. Excludes body weight. Dependent on optional 23 attachments. 2 Approximate altitude only. Changes with barometric pressure variations. Derate above this altitude is 1% per 1kPa

777 Specifications




Fuel tank capacity – L (gal)

1137 (300)

1137 (300)

946 (250)

Optional fuel tank – L (gal)

1325 (350)

1325 (350)





40 225 (6,235)

40 225 (6,235)

40 225 (6,235)




102 116 (15,828)

102 116 (15,828)

80 400 (12,462)

540 (21.5)

540 (21.5)

540 (21.5)

715 (28.2)

715 (28.2)

715 (28.2)

142 341 (22,063)

142 341 (22,063)

120 625 (18,697)

Brake discs per side1 – front Brake surface, front – cm2 (in2) Brake discs per side – rear Brake surface, rear – cm2 (in2) Front brake disc outside diameter– mm (in) Rear brake disc outside diameter– mm (in) Total brake area – cm2 (in2)

Oil cooled brakes optional on 777C.


Features & Benefits Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

Features & Benefits

The 777F is the premier machine in its class, designed and built by Caterpillar using components and systems that have evolved through years of rugged mining applications • • • • • • • • •

Frame & structures Steering & suspension Power train Cooling system Brakes & retarding Operator station System integration Body & liners Tires & rims


777F Frame

Caterpillar ® frames are designed to deliver long service life in rugged mining applications • • •

• •

Engineered using computer-generated stress modeling Forgings and castings used in high stress locations Rollover fixtures ensure all welding is done horizontally, not overhead All critical welds are ultrasonically tested High strength low alloy (mild) steel is highly durable, easy to weld



Fabrications Castings

777F frame

Integral 4-post ROPS


Integrated Steering & Suspension

Designed by Cat for excellent maneuverability, safe operation, lower operating costs, and a comfortable ride •

• • •

Four-corner independent, nitrogenover-oil cylinders offer superior performance and ease of service Front & rear struts have built-in rebound control to improve ride Front cylinders act as axle mounting group Turning radius designed to minimize tire wear

Nitrogen Rebound Chamber Cylinder Housing Piston


Front Axle Steering Components

The 777F front suspension is a field proven design with dual tierods for optimum steering geometry to help extend tire life • • • • • •

Separate steering hydraulic system prevents cross contamination Secondary steering meets ISO 5010 up to 120% of target payload Twin double-acting cylinders Steering arm pin retention plate provides redundant pin retention Front suspension cylinders serve as kingpins Serviceable bracket assembly on steering box casting saves time at rebuild Two tie-rods allow optimum steering geometry


Cat C32 ACERT ™ Technology Engine

The new C32 is a highly responsive, fuel efficient, and environmentally friendly engine that uses proven ACERT™ Technology •

• • • •

• •

V12 with 700 kW (938 hp) flywheel output and displacement of 32.1 L (1,959 in 3 ) Compliant with U.S. EPA Tier 2 / EU Stage II emissions regulations. Fuel consumption improved over 3508B. 25% less expensive to rebuild than the Cat 3508B it replaces Mechanical Electronic Unit Injection (MEUI) with a record of high reliability in the field Overhead cam, crossflow head design Twin turbochargers with air to air after cooling (ATAAC) for higher operating efficiency in all conditions Enhanced diagnostics with Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET)


Oil Renewal System (ORS)

ORS meters used crankcase oil into the fuel system to be burned, replaced by new oil as the system is regularly topped off • • • • •

Eliminates regular oil changes and oil disposal costs Improves average engine oil quality Lessens environmental impact Decreases service downtime Exclusive integrated Caterpillar controls

Oil supply from crankcase

Oil sent to tank via fuel return line Oil metered via electronic controls


Superior Engine Oil Quality with ORS Because ORS constantly replaces old oil with new, the quality level remains consistent and free of the quality degradation experienced in oil during a typical 500-hour life cycle

Oil Degradation

Oil Degradation vs Time




1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 Hours


ACERT ™ Technology

Cat engines with ACERT Technology are field proven with millions of on-highway and off-road hours, providing lower emissions and optimum performance without using EGR •

Advanced electronic control includes fuel mapping to optimize performance based on work parameters Precision microburst fuel delivery from mechanically actuated, electronic unit injectors (MEUI) Refined air management uses twin turbochargers and air-to-air after-cooling (ATAAC) ACERT ™ Technology serves as the platform for meeting future emissions standards 500-hour engine service intervals reduce service downtime and operating costs


Engine Comparisons: C32 ACERT™ Technology vs. 3508B

Engine Gross power Flywheel power Displacement Cylinder configuration




3508B EUI

758 kW (1,016 hp)

746 kW (1,000 hp)

700 kW (938 hp)

699 kW (937 hp)

32.1 L (1,959 in3 )

34.5 L (2,105 in3)




Power Train Integration

Cat Data Link electronically connects the engine and transmission controls to optimize overall power train performance, reliability and component life 1. 2. 3. 4.

Engine Control Module Sensors Electronic Unit Injector (EUI) Automatic Retarder Control (ARC) and Traction Control System (TCS) 5. Transmission Chassis Control (TCC) 3 6. Transmission 7. Wheel Sensor 2 8. Brakes 9. Cat Data Link 10. Cat Messenger

10 4 5 9 1

7 8



Lock-up Torque Converter

Combines the advantages of direct drive and converter drive to achieve high component reliability and maximum output performance • • • • •

Multiplies torque for high rimpull. Lock-up reduces fluid power losses and increased power train efficiency High reliability from proven design components High converter performance over broad range of speeds. Lock-up clutch engages at 6.4 km/h (4.0 mph)

Lock-up clutch

Torque converter output Input

Flow of power Flow of oil

Torque converter drive mode


Controlled Throttle Shift

• • • • •

Regulates engine rpm during shifts Reduces torque spikes and extends transmission life Smoother ride and less spillage Lowers operator fatigue Possible only through electronic integration of components

Clutch PowerTransmission Output Torque

Reduces driveline torque stress for smoother shifts, extended component life and improved operator comfort

Controlled Throttle Shift (CTS) Shift without CTS

Shift with CTS

Shift without CTS

Shift with CTS

Time 38

Precise Transmission Control

Electronically controlled individual clutch modulation reduces driveline torque stress for smoother shifts, extended component life and improved operator comfort • • • •

Microprocessor controls hydraulics for smoother clutch transition during shifts Reduces torque spikes and extends transmission life Possible only through electronic integration of components Together with Controlled Throttle Shifting provides: – Smoother ride and less spillage – Lower operator fatigue


Seven-Speed Planetary Transmission

Large diameter clutch packs are controlled to provide smooth shifting and to limit clutch energy input for extended component life • •

• • •

Torque converter lock-up in first gear Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) system provides smoother speed and directional shifts than 777D Downshift inhibitor prevents engine overspeed Clutch packs mounted outside of gear sets for ease of service Directional shift management automatically reduces engine throttle before shifting


Rear Wheel Group

Heavy duty components and ease of service combine to deliver long life and reduced downtime in the most rugged conditions •

• •

• •

Spindle now splined for rear brakes, reducing rebuild time over previous bolted design Laser-hardened spindle in the wheel bearing journal area Integrated wheel and hub reduces removal and installation time More bolts at the spindle to rear axle housing joint for increased strength Wheel groups are interchangeable side to side


Next Generation Modular Radiator (NGMR)

NGMR offers higher heat rejection than previous model; modular design permits easy removal of single core without removing entire radiator

• • • •

Square wave fin design provides greater surface area and higher heat rejection than the previous folded core radiator Efficient, single-pass parallel flow design Brazed construction offers stronger joints and improved leak prevention Poly-V accessory drive self-adjusts belt tension Larger fin spacing permits easier cleaning. NGMR – copper square wave fin

Conventional steel flat fin 42

Rockford Fan

Optional variable speed Rockford Fan prevents overcooling and provides more efficient operation. •

• • •

Replaces direct drive fan arrangement with on-demand Rockford clutch fan arrangement. Provides cooling airflow only when necessary. Reduces chance of overcooling in low ambient conditions. Provides more efficient operation by reducing fan speed when full fan speed is not required.


Brakes and Retarding

Oil-cooled multiple disc brakes on all four wheels provide exceptional braking and retarding • • •

• • •

Full hydraulic actuation Forced oil cooling for fade resistance and low wear Spring applied, hydraulic released secondary/parking brake for added safety Braking & retarding on all four wheels Redundant systems Sealed from contaminants


Engine Compression Brake

Optional Caterpillar Compression Brake is increases downhill travel speeds and reduces demands on braking system • • •

Increases retarding capability - up to 35% higher downhill travel speeds. Automatically actuated with Automatic Retarder Control (ARC). Reduced wear on braking components used in retarding applications.


Operator Station

All-new 777F operator workstation is designed for maximum operator comfort, control, convenience, and safety • • • • •

• • • •

Resiliently mounted cab with ROPS/FOPS Twice the glass area of the 777D Operator sound level reduced to 76 dB(A). Lighted stairway replaces previous ladder Messenger LCD display provides real-time machine operation, service and diagnostic data Optional VIMS™ System display monitors over 250 machine functions and payload data Tilt and telescoping steering wheel Improved heat and A/C circulation Trainer seat Optional WAVS rear vision camera with 178 mm (7 in) LCD color monitor in cab 46

Cat Comfort Seat

The Caterpillar Comfort Seat with three-point operator restraint is the most durable and supportive seat available for Cat Mining Trucks • • • • • •

High-back seat supports head and neck Ride zone indicator adjusts seat suspension to operator’s weight Adjustable rake lower cushion Washable seat cover Dual retractor lap and shoulder belt system Adjustable shoulder belt has six vertical height settings for optimum fit

Three-point restraint

Ride zone indicator 47

Information Systems

The Cat Messenger system and optional VIMS ™ System Advisor provide various levels of real-time performance and operating data Cat Messenger (standard) • Machine totals – service hours, fuel usage • System pressures and temperatures • Service modes – limits and ranges VIMS System Advisor (optional) • Expanded level of information • Monitors over 250 machine functions and health data • Acting on VIMS System data has proven to extend component life, reduce downtime and costs

Cat Messenger display

VIMS System Advisor display 48

Road Analysis Control (RAC)

RAC monitors and logs haul road severity to increase truck life and reduce cost per ton •

• •

Existing suspension cylinder pressure sensors measure pitch & bias of truck, and frame rack (twist) System identifies haul road problem areas to avoid and correct Transmits real time data and GPS locations to haul road maintenance via radio, if equipped Improved haul roads help optimize truck component life, fuel consumption, and safety


MineStar™ System – Integrated Mine Information

GPS Infrastructure: Satellites, Repeaters, Base Station

Radio Network MineStar…



Production Monitoring


KPIs/ Graphing

Business Intelligence

Machine Tracking

Material Tracking

Machine Guidance

Data Flow Engineering and Geology

Administration/ Management







777F Bodies

Available in 3 sizes: • Dual Slope – 60-80 m 3 (78-105 yd 3 ) • X Body – 64-81 m 3 (83-105 yd 3 ) • Coal Body – 89-126 m 3 (116-165 yd 3 ) Highlights • Load retention • Liner options • Durability • Low maintenance


Dual Slope Body

The 777 dual slope truck body has proven itself at some of the toughest sites in the world for its performance, durability, and low maintenance • • • •

Excellent load retention Interior surfaces made of 400 BHN steel for superior wear and impact resistance Stringer rails and box section ribs provide exceptional body strength and rigidity Optional 16 mm steel floor liner includes front wall, sidewall, and canopy transition liners Optional 102 mm impact absorbing rubber liner dissipates energy in hard rock applications


X Body The 777 X body maintains durability while offering the following advantages over the dual slope • • •

• • •

• •

Excellent load retention Body surfaces made of 400 BHN and 450 BHN steel for superior wear and impact resistance Multiple volume and liner options to match application needs. Mine-site specific recommendations available. Less tail wear compared to dual slope. Increased base body volume for better payload capability in typical applications. Control metering when dumping into crushers. Increased head clearance for easier ingress and egress. 53

Gateless Coal Body Coal or High Volume Applications • • • • • •

Attain target payload in coal Maintain proper center of gravity Maximize payload (less weight than other modified body options – i.e. tailgates) Minimize maintenance (eliminates cost & downtime associated with tailgates) Covers combined applications with the addition of mine specific liner options Available: 777, 785, 789, 793, & 795



Mine Specific Design (F.A.C.LT) Impact & wear protection that maximizes body life & performance



brasion ohesion oading ool


FACLT & Body Liner Segmentation

L 2

L 8

L 9 L 10

L 7 L 6

L 15

L 1

L 1

L 4

L 3

L 5

L 3

L 11

L 12

L 1

L 2 L 4 L 5

L 13

L 11

L 14

L 12

L 15

L 8

L 7 L 6

L 15

L 9 L 10 56

Caterpillar Body Liner Options - Types

Smooth Plate for cohesive materials Zipper Grid For semi-cohesive materials

Rock Box for dry and non-cohesive materials Mechanically Attached Wear Plate System (MAWPS) semi-cohesive to noncohesive materials 57

777F Rims

Cat center mount rim offers reduced stress and longer life than offset flange designs; stud mounted rim stays torqued while wedge mounted design requires constant attention

Caterpillar rim center mount with studs

Competitive rim offset flange with wedges


Extended Tire Life

The Cat 777F is designed specifically to extend tire life and reduce costs • • •

Gross weight distribution is ideally 33/67 front-to-rear axle Traction Control System attachment reduces tire slippage and wear Steering geometry and turning radius are designed to minimize tire scrub


Sustainability Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

Sustainable Development at Caterpillar • Our vision is a world in which all people’s basic requirements – for shelter, clean water, effective sanitation and reliable power – are not only met but provided in a way that sustains our environment. • Our mission is to enable economic growth through infrastructure and energy development and to provide solutions that protect people and preserve the planet. • Our strategy is to provide work environments, products, services and solutions that make wise use of the world's natural resources and reduce harmful impacts on people and nature. This means we leverage assets including technology and innovation to:

– – – – –

Promote and protect individual safety Provide employment, education, and training Minimize the use of energy, materials, and water Maximize recycling (remanufacturing) Minimize harmful emissions (e.g. air, noise, etc), water discharges, waste and use of hazardous substances – Optimize the use of renewable resources


Executive Summary

“Our commitment to being a leader in sustainable development will keep us focused on what really matters—making the intelligent choices that will drive the growth of our business and help create a more sustainable world.” 62

Caterpillar Goals Sustainable Development & Strategic Areas of Improvement > Enterprise SD Goals…


Customer Goals Sustainable Development & Strategic Areas of Improvement > Enterprise SD “Customer” Goals…


Standard Safety Features

The 777F offers the latest safety features for the protection of the operator and mine employees Standard Features • 4-post ROPS • Oil-cooled brakes for fade-resistant operation • Ground level engine shutdown switch and machine lockouts for added safety • Three-point operator restraint • Lighted stairway and wider railed cab access • Heated mirrors • Toe boards help prevent objects from accidentally being kicked off the deck • Window cleaning platforms around the cab 10/10/20 Overload Policy applies 65

Optional Safety Features

The 777F offers optional features to enhance safety in specific operating environments • •

• •

Payload Monitoring (TPMS or VIMS) to help manage payloads. High intensity discharge (HID) lighting in high beams improves night time visibility Extended life disc brakes provide longer service life and increased heat resistance than standard brakes WAVS rear vision camera and 178 mm (7 in) color LCD monitor in cab Perimeter Visibility Package provides perimeter visibility around the machine. Wheel Chocks for chocking machine when parked.


Ecology Drains

Easily accessible drain plugs are installed in components to provide an environmentally safe and effective method to drain fluids •

Ecology drains are standard equipment and located throughout the 777F – Engine – Transmission – Torque converter – Hydraulic tank – Fuel tank – Radiator On-board QuickEVAC™ system simplifies the engine oil change process by evacuating the engine sump and purging the oil filters to minimize oil spills


AST- Advanced Surface Technology Increasing availability, reliability, and durability AST lowers operating costs on the machine

• • • • • • • • •

No Risk to Environment Resurfacing Method Thermal Spray Gases combined with fine metal powder and sprayed three times the speed of sound onto rod surface. Ground to like new polish. Extends life 3 times longer Better Wear Resistance Reduces Repair time Increases quality with life Reduced Seal Leakage


Customer Testament • Bunbury Boring Co. (Brian Linaker) : “…achieving 400% greater life [than chrome] in harsh abrasive application….” •DrillCorp (Arron Tink): “….in extremely salty conditions…the chrome will lift Overall Machine Value and peel, and• rams leak after2-3 6 months…HVOF is still running after 30 HVOF Eliminates Rebuilds (Life of the Truck) months….” – $$ = 32(hrs) x 2.5 x Customer Profit/Hr •Barloworld: “1.5”–more chrome Time than to Change all Struts & Hoist Cylinder • 32 hrs

•Empire: “3 times–+”Customer more than chrome Profit/Hr= $2,000 – $80,000 Customer Gain (Life of the Truck) •Trakindo: “200%”– more thanProfit chrome •

$160,000 to $6.4 million

•WesTrac: “50% +” more than chrome


Equipping Your Truck Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

777F Standard Equipment ELECTRICAL


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Alarm, backup

Alternator, 95 ampere


Auxiliary jump start receptacle Batteries, maintenance-free, 12V (4),

190 amp-hour

• • •

Product Link Ready (Level 1)

Lighting system: Backup light (halogen)

-Exhaust, body heat -Fuel filter/water separator

Engine crankcase



-Turbocharger (2)

Fan and A/C

Electrical system, 25 AMP, 24V to 12V converter


Braking system: -Automatic Retarder Control (ARC)


Caterpillar C32 engine with ACERT

Technology :

(utilizes oil-cooled, multiple disc brakes) -Brake release motor (towing)

-Manual retarder (utilizes

Directional signals/hazard warning,

-12 cylinder diesel

oilcooled,multiple disc brakes)

(front & rear LED)

-Air-To-Air Aftercooler (ATAAC)

-Oil-cooled, multiple disc (front/rear)

Headlights, (halogen) with dimmer

-Air cleaner with precleaner (2)


Operator access courtesy lights

-Automatic cold mode idle control


Side profile lights

-Electric priming pump


Stop/tail lights (LED)

-Electric cold weather start (two


starters and four batteries) -Ether starting aid 71

777F Standard Equipment POWERTRAIN (continued)


• • • • • • • • • • • •

Transmission: -7 speed automatic powershift with

electronic clutch pressure control -Body Up Shift Inhibitor -Controlled throttle shifting -Directional shift management -Downshift inhibitor -Neutral start switch -Neutral coast inhibitor


Suspension, rear (EU Compliant)

Body mounting group Body safety pin (secures body in up position) Body down indicator CD ROM parts book Center mounted rims Direct drive fan

• • • • •

Supplemental steering (automatic) Tie down eyes Tow hooks(front)/Tow pin (rear) Vandalism protection locks Wiggins fast fuel


Extended Life Coolant to -35C(-30F)

Fuel tank (1136 liter / 300 gallons) Ground level battery disconnect

Ground level engine shutdown Ground level grease fittings Reservoirs (separate): -Brake/converter/hoist -Steering -Transmission/torque converter

• •

Rims 19.5 x 49 Rock ejectors 72

Productivity Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

10/10/20 Overload Policy

90% of loads should fall into this range

• • •

No more than 10% of loads above 110% No loads above 120% The average payload shall not exceed the target

No more than 10% of loads should exceed 110% of the target payload No loads should be above 120% of the target payload

90 74

777F Performance The 777F with C32 ACERT™ Technology provides improved performance and fuel economy over the previous 777D with 3508B engine • •

• • •

2 - 4% increase in fuel economy All hydraulic, oil-cooled brakes and Automatic Retarder Control enable faster downhill hauls Optional compression brake provides up to up to 35% higher downhill travel speed. Improved high altitude operation – zero derate to 3658 m (12,000 ft) compared to 2288 m (7,500 ft) Meets U.S. EPA Tier 2/Stage II emissions regulations 500-hour service interval keeps the 777F on the job longer New cab improves operator comfort and efficiency 75

Serviceability Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

Preventive Maintenance Savings

Eight fewer grease fittings and 500-hour oil change and filter intervals lower the 777F PM costs by 20% over the previous 777D ITEM





Savings per 2000 hours

% Savings 777F



















Preventive maintenance cost









PM cost per hour


Right Side Inspection

1. Front and rear tires – Check inflation; inspect inside of tire for damage or wear; remove large rocks from treads; check front wheel cover for bolts that are loose or missing 2. Right steering cylinder, tie rod, and front suspension cylinder 3. Power train – Check oil level sight gauge for transmission, look for leaks or damage 4. Fuel tank – Check that filler cap is properly installed; check fuel level sight gauge; look for leaks or damage 5. Right hoist cylinder – Look for leaks, cracking, or marks on chrome 6. Frame and body – Inspect for cracks or damage




3 4




Front Inspection

1. Ground level controls – Make sure switch covers are secure 2. Front operating lights – Check for damage 3. Radiator – Check for leaks; remove any debris 4. Engine – Check for oil and coolant leaks; check oil sump dipstick 5. Ladders and platform – Make sure that the ladders and hand rails are secure

9 8 9





6. Check the coolant level

3 5

7. Check steering system hydraulic oil level sight gauge 8. Make sure that all of the windows are clean; make sure that the operator's vision is not impaired by dust, mud, or other foreign materials

1 2



9. Adjust the mirrors for proper vision


Left Side Inspection

1. Front and rear tires – Check inflation; inspect inside of tire for damage or wear; remove large rocks from treads; check front wheel cover for bolts that are loose or missing 2. Left steering cylinder, tie rod, and front suspension cylinder 3. Power train – Check oil level sight gauge in torque converter sump (see Note below); check for leaks at torque converter and transmission 4. Hydraulic tank, hoist and brake oil – Check that filler cap is properly installed; check oil level sight gauge; look for leaks or damage 5. Left hoist cylinder – Look for leaks, cracking, or marks on chrome 6. Frame and body – Inspect for cracks or damage

6 3 2

5 4 1


Note: The torque converter sump oil level is checked with the body down and the engine off. There are two sight gauges. Use the lower gauge if the oil is cold. Use the upper gauge if the oil is at operating temperature.


Rear Inspection

1. Inspect lights for damage 2. Check suspension cylinders 3. Clean WAVS camera lens (if equipped)

3 1 2



Product Support

Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

Dealer Support We offer a dealer network and support system that is unparalleled by any competitor Cat dealers continue to support the customer through the entire life of the machine on every angle

Repair and Maintenance Process Engineering

Equipment Management Services

Parts and Component Support


Caterpillar Global Factory Support

• 23 parts distribution centers • 13 training centers • 107 manufacturing facilities


Caterpillar Global Dealer Network

180 locally owned businesses 1,916 dealer branch stores 93,000 employees supporting you $7.8 billion in assets 50+ years average tenure

More than our top 3 competitors combined 85

Parts & Service Support Worldwide

Cat dealers offer a wide range of parts and service plans that will maximize uptime and return on your investment • • • • •

Preventive maintenance programs Diagnostic programs, such as Scheduled Oil Sampling and Technical Analysis Rebuild and Reman options Operator training Customer support agreements


Caterpillar Certified Rebuild (CCR)

The CCR program offers a like-new machine with a renewed warranty and serial number, all at a much lower cost than a comparable new machine • • • • • • • • • •

Inspection Disassembly Reconditioning Engineering updates Power train testing Reassembly Performance testing Repainting New serial number/warranty Customer evaluation


Off Highway Truck Reman Components

We offer the following Reman components from 777-797 to decrease down time, reduce cost, and increase quality. • • • • • • •

• •

Engines Engine Components Final Drives Torque Converter Transmission Electric Drive Components Drivetrain Components – Wheel assemblies, Spindles, Carriers, Clutch Plates Hydraulics – Piston Motors, Gear Pumps, Rods / Cylinders Electronic Components – Starters, Alternators, ECU’s Price 40 – 70% below new parts

More information at catreman.cat.com 88

Percentage Commonality in Parts Numbers

Update As Models Release


777F Reduces Cost per Ton Safety • Key safety features you are used to on Cat trucks (oil cooled brakes, ROPS/FOPS, 10/10/20) • Plus new enhanced safety features contribute to further lowering your costs Production • Improved operator efficiency and comfort • Higher down hill speeds Utilization • Traction control allows continued operation in poor underfoot conditions Owning Cost • Long economic life • Higher resale value than competition. Even though a customer may not resell their truck, the high resale is indicative of the remaining value in older Cat trucks • 25% lower engine rebuild cost

Maintenance Cost Per Hour • Improvements throughout the truck (Engine, Transmission, Wheel groups, brakes, frame, electrics and electronics) • VIMS System capability allows diagnostics and prognostics to extend service life of components • 500 hr service intervals • 20% lower maintenance cost per hour based on grease, filters, oil/coolant and labor Tire Cost Per Hour • Weight distribution and low Empty Machine Weight (EMW) • Steering geometry Operator Efficiency • Operator station comfort and ergonomics • Operator confidence in braking and retarding optimizes downhill speed Fuel Cost Per Ton • Engine fuel efficiency improved by 2-4%


Questions Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

Caterpillar® 777F Mining Truck

Media Support

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