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Kukishinden Ryu Yarijutsu The origins of Sojutsu (spear technique), like those of Bojutsu, are described in the 'Sekirenkiseiden' of China's T'ang Dynasty. Types of spears (Yari), categorized by such things as handle length, hardness or softness of materials used for the handle, and shape of the blade, include Teyari(, hand spear); Nagayari(long spear); Tanso (, short spear); Takeyari (~~. bamboo spear); Tetsuyari (, iron spear); Kamayari(, sickle or hook spear); Juso( flexible spear); Kudayari(. tube spear); Jumonjiyari ( cross-shaped s~ear). and others. A kamayari which can be hooked on branches for leaping up into a tree is the main spear used in the Togakure Ryu. Its length is about nine shaku (nine feet). The difference between boiutsu and soiutsu is that the bo is mainly gripped with both palms down, but with a spear, the left hand is palm-up and the right is palm-down. The reason for this is that in bojutsu when you face an opponent henka, meaning constantly changing movement, is taken very seriously. Thus the grip is with both hands down so that the bo can be used in every possible way. The spear is also used freely, but it is important to be flexible with techniques using the Hosaki (blade or point) and Ishizuki (butt) for thrusting, striking, cutting, lifting up; sweeping, and pressing and flinging away, without varying its position as much as with the bo. The sojutsu we practice is kukishinden-ryu Soiutsu, and the techniques passed down to us include nine sabaki-('handling') kata, eight gokui-('secret principles') kata, and ten menkyo-kaiden hencho-kata ('butterfly-change total-proficiency" techniques). The weakness of the spear, as with the rokushaku-bo, appears when an opponent jumps in to very close range. If you practice the kata you will understand, but in handling the spear, it is important to thrust in and pull all the ray back while overpowering, hitting, or flinging away the opponent’s sword. Just as in bojutsu, it is vital to slide the spear through your hands without gripping tightly. Using Taihenjutsu (body movement) to prevent an opponent from gauging distance is essential. Also, in the use of a kamayari or jumonjiyari, there was the technique of feigning a missed thrust and then cutting the arms or neck with the sickle-blade by pulling back. I think this method is a very fearsome kind of Kyoiutsu (deception). Various lengths of spears, with handle lengths from the three-shaku teyari to the nine-shaku kamayari all the may up to a 12-shaku nagayari mere employed according to the situation. A certain battle tactic used by Oda Nobunaga (one of the unifiers of Japan in the late sixteenth century) is an interesting piece of history. had his foot soldiers carry long-handled spears at waist level and used a tight single-line formation. The soldiers mere made to march straight ahead no matter that occurred. This formation is called 'Yaribusuma' (a fusuma is a sliding door, so 'yaribusuma means a sliding wall of spears). His opponents with their shorter spears, unable to get close enough, mere forced to retreat or were defeated all at once, and Nobunaga engineered for the first time ever a battle where spears decided the outcome. This showed the world that long spear handles mere more effective than skill. Thereafter, all the Daimyo (warlords) took a liking to long-handled spears and had their foot soldiers carry them.

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Kukishinden Ryu Yarijutsu KAMAE 1. SEIGAN NO KAMAE

With the same footwork as Ichimonji no Kamae ,with the Yari blade pointing towards the face. 2. RYUSUI KAMAE

This is similar to Jodan,except the Yari is held out to the side of the head.

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Kukishinden Ryu Yarijutsu

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Kukishinden Ryu Yarijutsu 3. CHUDAN NO KAMAE

he Yari is held horizontal with the blade forwards.It is held at the same level as the belt.(it is a form of Ihen no Kamae).

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Kukishinden Ryu Yarijutsu 4. JODAN NO KAMAE

The Yari must be held horizontal above the head, with the body side on to Uke.

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Kukishinden Ryu Yarijutsu 5. TAIHEN NO KAMAE

This is the same as Bojutsu Ihen, but the body leans slightly forwards. The Yari is across the chest.

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Kukishinden Ryu Yarijutsu 6. YARI GEDAN NO KAMAE

This is the same as jodan,except the Yari is at a sharp angle down in front of the body.The shaft is next to the right eye.It is almost vertical.

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Kukishinden Ryu Yarijutsu 1. KANPO Warding method Seigan no kamae.Chudan Tsuki.Pull the Yari back up to Ihen no kamae. Tsuki so that the Yari slides through the hands, so that the right hand comes to the left hand. Pull back again to Ihen no kamae and repeat the Tsuki. Uke steps forward to Daijodan no kamae, as Tori does a Switch step striking with Ashi Barai to Uke's ankle.

2. SHIHO WAZAFour directional technique Jodan no kamae.Tsuki.Step to the right a little with a short Tsuki.Step forwards with the right foot, striking with the Ishizuki to Kasumi ( with a low posture ).Drop the Ishizuki down rotating it over on the left side turning this into Tsuki.Step forwards with the left foot , striking with Hane Age to Suzu ( low posture ). 3. HICHO KAKU Flying bird hurl. Ihen no kamae.Tsuki.Hicho tobi 45' back to the right, rotating the Yari back over so that the blade comes to the rear.Right step forwards and strike to Kasumi with the blade.Drop the blade down and back rotating it so that it is on the right side, step back accross with the right foot to the left side to ihen.The right foot comes across the back of the left with Yoko Aruki.Step forward with the left foot and Tsuki. Hicho Tobi 45' back to the right rotating the Yari, right step forwards Kasumi Uchi with the blade,drop the Yari down and Tsuki to Do (This is Jujiro Tsuki (cross cut)-Cut the neck and another part of the body start after that). 4. HITOTSUKIAI Single thrust press (Ittotso Ai Ho) Jodan no kamae.Rotate the Yari over head with a right step forward with a Kasumi uchi.Drop down to the left knee, and Tsuki to Hara.Stand rotating the Yari in front of you over to the right side dropping down to the right knee, and a Tsuki to hara.Stand and switch step to hit his thigh/calf with the Ishizuki.Step back with the right foot and Tsuki while he is down.

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Kukishinden Ryu Yarijutsu 5. ITTO SANTO One lunge three hits Start in shizen Tai with the Yari vertical in the right hand.Step back with the right foot pulling the Yari to chudan no kamae and tsuki sliding it through the hands (all in one movement).Right step forwards and Do/Kasumi uchi.Slide the feet back a little to the left rotating the Yari to the left side and Tsuki.Switch step, andmoving a little across to the left, rotate the Yari across to the right and Tsuki. Then push Uke back pushing the Yari in. 6. HASSAI Snatch up and crush. Jodan no kamae or Ihen.Tsuki.Switch step and rotate the Yari for Ashi Barai, with the left hand by the Ishizuki.Switch step and drop the blade rotating it down and back and Tsuki with the Yari on the right side.Switch step,stepping across to the right rotating the Yari to hit Kasumi.Switch step, dropping the Yari down and back to rotate and Tsuki (left foot forwards).

7. HISO Secret spear. Chudan no kamae.Tsuki.As you bring the Yari back, switch step moving the right foot 45' to the front with Ashi Barai.Step straight back with the right foot to Chudan no Kamae and Tsuki.Right step forwrads with Ashi Barai (he blocks the Ishizuki).Knock his sword to your right as you step back 45' to the rear left dropping down to the right knee (he cuts Kesa Giri),Block the cut rotating clockwise and Tsuki to Hara.

8. TENCHI KAKU Heaven,Earth drop. Seigan no kamae,Tsuki.Switch step and Hane Age. As you move bring the blade from the rear, over the head to strike Kasumi.Step back rotating the Yari as you move, so that you hold the Yari in the middle. Raise the Yari to shoulder height and throw it at Uke.

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Kukishinden Ryu Yarijutsu 9. HAPPO YAKU Snatch,Catch,Cram. Start in Yoko Shizen Tai.The Yari is in the right hand pointing diagonally down.The left arm is striaght out in the general direction of Uke's knee.The left hand comes across to the Yari, and Tsuki three times. Each time the left arm stays straight, and the Yari slides through the hands.With the Yari on the left side of Uke's sword, rotate it clockwise until his sword is high, then drop the Yari blade down low, sink the posture and Tsuki to Hara, pushing it in until he drops back down to the ground.

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