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The “Klentong” man is the most interesting hawker one can ever see. He ride a bicycle to which is attached a three-wheeled

e.g: rides

cart with a covered top.

In the cart are loaded all kinds of

1. ____On______

Hanging on the top, one can see brooms,

2. ____from_____

household things.

feather dusters and rows of brushs.

Over the cart itself, his

3. ___brushes___

customers can get pins, clips and needles, tread and laces. He also

4. ___thread_____

sells knifes, handkerchief and aluminium pots and pans. In fact,

5. ____knives____


time he stop at a house, a housewife is able to find

6. ___stops_____

something that she needs. He was called the “Klentong” man

7. ___is________

because he carry a rattle which makes a noise, to let people know

8. ___carries____

that he is coming.

It is sad that such a interesting sight is

9. ______an_____

becoming rare in our country. Furthermore, we have to change

10. _Nevertheless_

with time.

SECTION B: QUESTION 2 (a) long neck (b) long, flexible tongue (c) plant-eating animal (d) the tallest animal on Earth (e) grasslands (f) reach high into the trees to get bountiful supply of leaves and twigs (g) can see for long distances using its long neck (h) has to work harder than some other animals as to take a drink (i) an easy target for enemies (j) the acacia leaves


SECTION B: QUESTION 3 (a) True (b) False (c) True (d) False (e) Lake Chini (f) Because of its cool mountain and it’s a non – polluted area (g) i) flora and fauna ii) luxuriant vegetation (h) Because the temperature in Cameron Highlands is suitable for growing vegetables, fruits and flowers (i) The villagers in Beserah might be working as fishermen or fishmongers (j) Accept any suitable answer








SECTION C: QUESTION 4 (a) Plugs of kitchen appliances should have 3 point grounded connection. (b) Before touching the blades of a blender, we should make sure the blender is unplugged and switched off. (c) We should keep matches and lighters in high places so children cannot reach it easily. (d) Dish towels / pot holders / oven mitts (e)

i – frayed ii – avoid iii – childproof lock iv – fire extinguisher

(f) We should keep the fire extinguisher near the kitchen / not too close to the stove (g) We should not try to catch a falling knife because it could cut our hand. (h) make sure all wires, cords and plugs on your appliances are not frayed / make sure that the blender is unplugged and switched off before touching the blade / do not leave pots and pans cooking on the stove unattended / Make sure to keep dish towels, pot holders and oven mitts away from the stove / Keep matches and lighters in places where children cannot reach easily / cut facing away from your body / do not try to catch the knife if it falls / keep the kitchen floor clear of toys and other items (accept any two) (i) (Accept any suitable answer)

SECTION C: QUESTION 5 (a) (b) (c) (d)

Grandchild speaks to the grandparents in the first stanza The old generation respect the nature and God Money is God to the new generation Yes/No. (Any suitable reason to the response)



annual Teacher’s Day Concert started at 9.30 a.m. the principal gave a speech he praised all the teachers and students audience were first treated to two songs by the school choir sang beautifully and really captured the audience attention final song really showcased their talent with everyone hitting the really high notes in harmony medley of traditional dances by the Dance Club of the school started off with a Malay dance, went on to a Chinese fan dance and finished off with an Indian dance last item on the programme was a play by the students students showed respect to the teachers by presenting them with gifts and flowers students also took photographs with the teachers and handed to them some self-made appreciation cards concert ended at about 12.30p.m. everyone had a good time

SECTION D: QUESTION 7 A character whom admire in the novel ‘The Railway Children’ written by Edith Nesbit is Bobbie. This is because she has many admirable qualities. She is the eldest of the children and if her mother had a favourite it would be her. Bobbie wants to make other people happy. When she senses that her mother is unhappy, she tries to keep her happy by doing little kind things for her. Bobbie wants to comfort her. She believes in giving more love to a person when she knows that they are unhappy. Bobbie also stops asking questions about her father because she knows that the questions make bher mother sad. Bobbie can keep a secret too. Later, when she finds out that her father is in prison, she does not tell Phyllis and Peter. Bobbie is also kind and helpful. She wants to help people. She and her siblings stop a train to avoid a terrible accident and rescues a boy


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