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April 10, 2019 | Author: Jeff Williams | Category: Sword, Bow And Arrow, Tools, Military Equipment, Blade Weapons
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 Acid (flask)  Alchemist's Fire (flask)  Axe, Hand  Axe, Battle  Axe, Great  Axe, Dwarven Dwarven War  Bow, Short Bow, Long Bow, Short Composite Bow, Long Composite Bow, Daikyu  Arrows- Flight (20)  Arrows- Sheaf (20)  Arrow- Alchemist's (1)





W eight

thrown thrown Martial Martial Martial Exotic Simple Martial Simple Martial Exotic ammo ammo ammo

25 gp 50 gp 5 gp 10 gp 30 gp 50 gp 25 gp 50 gp 75 gp 100 gp 180 gp 2 gp 10 gp 8 gp

2d6 d4 d6 d8 d12 d10 d6 d8 d6 d8 d10

20/60 ft. 20/60 ft. 20/60 ft. 80/320 ft. 150/600 ft. 80/320 ft. 150/600 ft. 150/600 ft.

+d6 fire

half half

1 lb. 1 lb. 5 lb. 4 lb. 7 lb. 10 lb. 2 lb. 2 lb. 2 lb. 3 lb. 5 lb. 3 lb. 5 lb. .2 lb.

Great Axe

Properties thrown thrown, d4/round or take an action: DEX sv DC:10 to extinguish light, thrown versatile (d10) heavy, two-handed, Brutal: 1 heavy, versatile (d12), Brutal: 1 (dwarf can use as a martial weapon) two-handed heavy, two-handed two-handed; DEX to hit, STR for damage heavy, two-handed; DEX to hit, STR for damage heavy, two-handed, Brutal: 1 standard arrows Brutal: 1


Long Bows

Battle Axe

Hand Axe

Short Bows Dwarven War Axe

 Arrows and Quiver  Quiver 

Chakram Club Club, Great Crossbow, Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Hand Crossbow, Repeating Crossbow, Great Bolts (10)

Exotic Simple Simple Simple Simple Martial Exotic Exotic ammo

15 gp 1 sp 2 sp 25 gp 50 gp 75 gp 250 gp 100 gp 2 gp

d4 d4 d8 d8 d10 d6 d8 d12

30/120 ft. 80/320 ft. 100/400 ft. 30/120 ft. 80/320 ft. 150/500 ft.

2 lb. 2 lb. 10 lb. 5 lb. 18 lb. 3 lb. 16 lb. 15 lb. 1 lb.

Brutal: 1; metal disk made for throwing light; improvised weapons, weapons, chair leg, t orch, etc. two-handed loading, two-handed loading, heavy, two-handed light, loading two-handed, holds 5 shots heavy, two-handed, loading, Brutal: 1 10 shots, used for any crossbow


Hand Crossbow Bolts Light Crossbow

Dagger  Dagger, Punching Dagger, Stiletto Dart Firearm, Arquebus Firearm, Musket Firearm, Pistol Firearm, Starwheel Powder & Shot (20) Flail Flail, Heavy Gauntlet, Spiked Gauntlet, Bladed Glaive Gisarme

Simple Simple Martial Simple Exotic Exotic Exotic Exotic ammo Martial Martial Simple Exotic Martial Martial

2 gp 5 gp 8 gp 5 cp 500 gp 800 gp 1200 gp 2400 gp 40 gp 10 gp 25 gp 5 gp 30 gp 20 gp 9 gp

Heavy Crossbow

d4 d4 d4 d4 d10 d12 d8 d8

20/60 ft. 20/60 ft. 100/400 ft. 150/500 ft. 30/120 ft. 30/120 ft.

d8 d10 d4 d6 d10 2d4


1 lb. 2 lb. 1 lb. .25 lb. 10 lb. 12 lb. 4 lb. 6 lb. 5 lb. 2 lb. 20 lb. 2 lb. 4 lb. 6 lb. 12 lb.

finesse, light, thrown Brutal: 1 finesse, light; +1 to hit vs. chain armors finesse, thrown loading, two-handed; two-handed; Progressive Damage: 9-10 loading, heavy, two-handed; Progressive Damage: 11-12 loading, light; Progressive Damage: 7-8 light; Progressive Damage: 7-8; holds 5 shorts

heavy, two-handed, Brutal: 1 light finesses, light heavy, reach, two-handed trip attacks, heavy, reach, 2hand

Gisarme Flails Glaive


Halberd Hammer  Hammer, War  Hammer, Maul Harpoon Holy Water (flask) Javelin Javelin, Spinning Kama Knife Kukri Lance, Light Lance, Heavy Mace Mace, Heavy Morningstar 




Martial Simple Martial Martial Exotic thrown Simple Exotic Exotic Simple Exotic Martial Martial Simple Simple Simple

20 gp 1 gp 15 gp 15 gp 15 gp 25 gp 5 sp 2 gp 2 gp 5 sp 12 gp 6 gp 10 gp 5 gp 12 gp 15 gp

d10 d4 d8 d12 d10 2d6 d6 d8 d4 d4 d4 d8 d12 d6 d8 d8



6 lb. 20/60 ft. 2 lb. 8 lb. 20 lb. 20/60 ft. 10 lb. 20/60 ft. 1 lb. 30/120 ft. 2 lb. 30/120 ft. 2 lb. 1 lb. 20/60 ft. 1 lb. 3 lb. 5 lb. 6 lb. 4 lb. 6 lb. 4 lb.

Properties heavy, reach, two-handed, Brutal: 1 light, thrown versatile (d10) heavy, two-handed, Brutal: 1 thrown, Brutal: 1 thrown, vs. undead or fiends only thrown Halberd thrown, Brutal: 1 light, finesse, Brutal: 1 light, finesses; Buck knife, steak knife, etc. light, finesse, Brutal: 1 heavy, reach, two-handed; x2 dmg when charging on mount heavy, reach, two-handed, Brutal: 1; x2 dmg when charging

bashing and piercing damage




Light Mace

Kama Heavy Mace

Net Nunchaku Pick, Light Pick, War  Quarterstaff  Quarterstaff, Iron Shod Ranseur  Sap or Blackjack Scythe Shot-put, Orc Shuriken Siangham Sickle Skip-rock, Halfling Sling Sling, Staff   Sling, Stones (20)  Sling, Bullets (20) Sai Spear  Spear, Long

Exotic Exotic Martial Martial Simple Martial Martial Martial Martial Exotic Exotic Exotic Simple Exotic Simple Simple ammo ammo Exotic Simple Simple

20 gp 2 gp 4 gp 5 gp 2 sp 14 gp 10 gp 1 gp 18 gp 10 gp 1 gp 8 gp 1 gp 3 gp 1 sp 5 gp 5 sp 6 gp 35 gp 1 gp 5 gp

d6 d4 d8 d6 d8 2d4 d6* d8 d12 d4 d6 d4 d4 d4 d4/d6

20/60 ft. 20/60 ft. 30/120 ft. 30/120 ft. 30/120 ft.

d4 d6 d8

20/60 ft. -


10 lb. 2 lb. 1 lb. 2 lb. 4 lb. 8 lb. 12 lb. 3 lb. 8 lb. 15 lb. .1 lb. 1 lb. 2 lb. .1 lb. .5 lb. 5 lb. 5 lb. 5 lb. 1 lb. 3 lb. 9 lb.

reach; foe DEX sv DC:12 or grabbled light, finesses, Brutal: 1 light versatile (d8) versatile (d10) trip attacks, heavy, reach, two-handed light; deals only subdual damage two-handed, Brutal: 1 heavy, Brutal: 1 (half-orc can use as a martial weapon) no STR bonus to dmg Brutal: 1 light light, thrown; can hit two nearby foes (halfling use as martial) Staff & Sling combo Brutal: 1 light, finesse; +1 to AC versatile (d8) heavy, two-handed, versatile (d10); includes Pike


Nunchaku Sickle Scythe Net

Trident Lance

Sword, Short Sword, Broad Sword, Scimitar  Sword, Rapier  Sword, Long Sword, Two Handed Sword, Falchion Sword, Great Sword, Bastard Sword, Wakizashi Sword, Katana Sword, Mercurial Long Sword, Mercurial Great Tanglefoot bag Thunder Stone Trident Whip Whip, Scourge






Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Martial Exotic Exotic Exotic Exotic Exotic thrown thrown Martial Exotic Exotic

10 gp 12 gp 25 gp 25 gp 15 gp 25 gp 75 gp 50 gp 35 gp 100 gp 200 gp 400 gp 1200 gp 15 gp 30 gp 15 gp 2 gp 20 gp

d6 d8 d6 d8 d8 d12 d8 2d6 d10 d8 d10 d10 3d6

20/60 ft. 20/60 ft. 20/60 ft. -

2 lb. 5 lb. 3 lb. 2 lb. 3 lb. 10 lb. 12 lb. 6 lb. 10 lb. 4 lb. 8 lb. 6 lb. 17 lb. 2 lb. 2 lb. 5 lb. 2 lb. 2 lb.


2d8 d6 d4 d8*

Properties finesse, light; includes Gladius versatile (d10) finesse, light; includes Cutlass finesse; includes Saber  versatile (d10); common heavy, two-handed, Brutal: 1; includes Claymore, Flamberge, etc. heavy, two-handed, versatile (d10), Brutal: 1 heavy, two-handed, Brutal: 3 heavy, versatile (d12), Brutal: 1, also called a Hand & Half sword finesse, light, Brutal: 1 finesse, versatile (d12), Brutal: 2 versatile (d12), Brutal: 2, mercury flows inside the blade heavy, two-hand, Brutal: 4, mercury flows inside the blade thrown; 10' radius, foe STR sv DC:12 or stuck thrown, 10' radius, sonic CON sv DC:12 or knocked prone (save for half damage) versatile (d8), Brutal: 1 finesse, light, reach; foe DEX sv DC:12 grabbled or tripped (no dmg) deals only subdual damage; includes cat-o-nine-tails



Bastard Sword





you may choose STR or DEX for the attack roll and damage rolls (you must use the same for both rolls)


small characters use these large weapons with a Disadvantage


these small weapons maybe used when fighting with two-weapons


you may only fire these weapons one time per round (regardless of any extra bonus attacks you may have)


you may attack foes that are 2 squares away


these weapons maybe thrown (the first number is normal range, the second number is Disadvantage)


these weapons require two hands


these weapons maybe be used with one or two hands, the number in (_) is the two-handed damage


you may roll your damage again if the result is equal to, or less than, the amount listed


Exotic Weapons Feat - You may use all Exotic Weapons, plus you do an extra +1 to damage with ALL weapons Special Materials: Cost Bronze Brittle Steel Steel / Iron (normal) Masterwork Darkwood Silver  Cold Iron Grey Steel Low Steel High Steel  Armor Piercing  Adamantine Mithral *Enchanted

Weapon Effect


Armor Effect


-1 to Hit


-1 to AC


normal (may break on Fumble)


normal (may break if take a Critical Hit)




+300 gp

+1 to Hit

+150 gp

normal weighs 25% less


+1 to Hit, half weight


Shield: half weight


(vs. Devils & Lycanthropes)




(vs. Demons & Fey)




half weight


half weight

+500 gp

+1 dmg

+300 gp

+1 AC (weights 25% more)

+1200 gp

+1 to Hit and dmg

+800 gp

+1 AC (+1 max DEX)

+1000 gp

+2 to Hit (if foe has armor)


+1200 gp

+1 to Hit & dmg (x2 weight)

+5000 gp

some Crits are negated

+1800 gp +2000 gp

+1 to Hit, half weight +1 to Hit and dmg (magic)

+3000 gp +1000 gp

+2 max DEX, no Stealth disadvantage, half weight +1 to AC (magical)


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