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Match the term on the left to its corresponding definition on the right

agreed on benchmarks so devices can be used on all hardware

Answer 1

sends/receives one bit at a time

Answer 2

used to plug a monitor into the video board

Answer 3

a USB device can work on a PC or a Mac

Answer 4

sends/receives bits in a group

Answer 5

has a data transfer rate of more than 3 Gbps

Answer 6

a connection standard developed by Apple

Answer 7

play movies, and so forth, play music, record, and erase data Answer 1 DVD/CD-RW

play music, rewritable Answer 2 CD-RW

play a movie, and so forth, rewritable Answer 3 DVD-RW

record to disc Answer 4 Burn

play music, cannot write to it Answer 5 CD-ROM

play music, only readable Answer 6 CD-R

play a movie, and so forth, not recordable Answer 7 DVD-ROM

interface standards

serial port

video port

platform independent

parallel port

USB 3.0


A CD-ROM drive is the oldest type of optical drive. Select one: True False Laser and inkjet printers typically produce documents that have high-resolution output—usually 600 or more dots per inch. Select one: True False

One way to describe resolution is by indicating the number of columns and rows of pixels, such as 1,024 x 76::8. Select one: True False Colors on a monitor are formed by adding different amounts of red, yellow, and blue. Select one: True False Most sound cards have synthesizers on them. Select one: True False The problem with disk drives and their moving parts is that they will eventually fail. Select one: True

False Unlike optical storage, magnetic tape can store massive amounts of information in a small space at a relatively low cost. Select one: True False A Blu-ray uses a blue-violet laser to pack almost six times as many bits on a disc as a DVD. Select one: True False

Magnetic devices such as the Answer

diskette have all but disappeared due to the

advances in optical disc and flash memory storage technology. The technology that recognizes individual characters on a printed page, so they can be stored and eventually edited, is known by the acronym Answer . OCR

Carpal Answer

syndrome is a painful affliction of the wrist and hand that results from


repeating the same movements over long periods. Drum Answer


are high-end devices that are used by museums and high-end

publishing where image quality is critical. Today, many people say DVD stands for Answer


versatile disc because these high-

capacity discs are used to store and distribute all kinds of data. A(n)Answer


modem translates documents into signals that can be sent over phone

wires and decoded by a receiving fax machine.

When an instructor writes on a(n)Answer


whiteboard, all information can be sent to a

PC, simplifying and streamlining the note-taking process for meetings and classes. inkjet

printers are popular with home users and others whose printing needs are light to

medium The Answer


ratio is the fractional relationship between the width and height of a

display. Videoconferencing requires the communicating computers to have Answer

so the

participants can see each other. If a computer user wishes to play music, the computer must include a(n::Answer



and speakers. Next

Data Answer



rate is the major difference between USB 1.0 and USB 3.0.

recognition software is invaluable for people with disabilities who are unable to use

their hands In relation to a computer's monitor, DPI stands for Answer



per inch.

ink character readers can read those odd-shaped numbers printed with magnetic ink

on checks. The hard plastic antitheft cards attached to clothes at department stores are called Answer tags. RFID

A magnetic disk, hard disk, or a floppy disk, uses Answer




memory is a type of erasable memory chip that is low energy, quiet, and portable.

Computer professionals sometimes use the acronym Answer The Answer



for input and output.

of a computer monitor refers to the total number of pixels displayed on

the screen. The type of monitor used on laptop computers is a liquid Answer



Many output devices take bit patterns and turn them into nondigital movements or Answer . measurem



printer, also known as an MFP, combines a scanner, a laser or inkjet

printer, and a fax modem into one device. An inkjet printer used to print high-quality photographs is called a(n::Answer Controllers with force feedback, also known as Answer




feedback, can receive signals

from a computer and give tactile feedback jolts, scrapes, and bumps that matches the visual output of the game or simulation. A(n)Answer


scanner can capture and digitize images from photographic negatives

and slides. ________ is a type of erasable, reliable, and compact memory that is a viable alternative to disk storage. Select one: a. RAM chip b. Flash memory c. CD-RW

d. DVD ________ translates the user's handwritten forms into computer-readable characters. Select one: a. Scanners b. Digitizers c. Optical mark readers d. Handwriting recognition software ________ is the early operating system developed by Microsoft. Select one: a. Serial-ATA b. MS-DOS c. Linux d. Windows 7 A smart phone is a(n) handheld ________ input device. Select one: a. detachable b. analog c. tablet d. multi-touch ________ can interpret voice data into words that can be understood by the computer. Select one: a. Speech recognition software b. Speech input hardware

c. Word recognition software d. Talking software

A touchpad responds to Select one: a. clicking. b. light. c. the sense of heat from fingertips. d. pressure. The following are tips for computer users to protect your health EXCEPT: Select one: a. rest your eyes 15 minutes for every 2 hours at your computer. b. stretch during breaks. c. if you type a lot of text consider using voice recognition software. d. choose equipment based on its color. The typical hard disk consists of several Select one: a. tapes. b. fragments. c. platters. d. layers. Bar-code readers use light to read Select one: a. UPCs.

b. optical marks. c. UPSs. d. POSs. A pixel is a Select one: a. light beam used as an input device. b. point of ink on a laser-printed page. c. picture element or dot on a screen. d. point of ink on an inkjet printed page. This relatively new interface standard for connecting computers to most external peripherals is a Select one: a. Serial-ATA. b. SCSI port. c. parallel port. d. FireWire.

A common storage device on mainframe computers, but not common on PCs, is a Select one: a. CD. b. DVD. c. hard drive. d. tape drive. This type of pointing device requires batteries and uses tiny radio transmitters to send signals: Select one:

a. wireless mouse. b. scrolling mouse. c. touch screen. d. game controller. This type of drive is popular for storing data files created on publicly used computers (such as at a school): Select one: a. PC card. b. CD. c. USB flash drive. d. hub. Optical disc drives use ________ rather than magnets to read and write bits of data on a reflective aluminum layer of a disc. Select one: a. electrical currents b. laser beams c. ultrasound d. black light The ________ is the most common input device. Select one: a. keyboard b. printer c. mouse d. monitor

The most common color printers are Select one: a. inkjet. b. lasers. c. line printers. d. dot-matrix. This device, a tiny handle, located in the middle of a keyboard (usually on laptop computers) is called a Select one: a. trackpad. b. mouse. c. trackball. d. trackpoint. The process of creating colors by combining colored lights is called ________ color synthesis. Select one: a. RGB b. Monochrome c. additive d. Hexadecimal codes CD-RW stands for Select one: a. compact disc-rewritable. b. compact diskette, read, write. c. compact disc, read-only then write.

d. compact diskette with random write capability. ________ is a high-speed connection developed by Apple. Select one: a. FireWire b. Hot swap c. LAN d. USB The three additive primary colors in a computer display include Select one: a. yellow, blue, white. b. red, green, blue. c. green, brown, yellow. d. red, green, black. For a computer to recognize and understand analog data, it first must be Select one: a. sent to a mainframe for interpretation. b. analyzed by the ALU of the CPU. c. digitized. d. analyzed for viruses. In a laser printer, what creates electrical charges on the drum that then attracts ink to those areas? Select one: a. digitized beam b. magnetic beam

c. pixels d. laser beam Connectivity for a new computer means Select one: a. connecting the software to the hardware of the system. b. allowing a printer to be connected to it. c. having a modem and/or network connection to communicate with other computers. These systems are helpful to people who cannot use their hands while they work: Select one: a. OCR readers. b. videoconferencing. c. speech recognition. d. analog-to-digital converter. A ________ uses pressure as a user presses it with a stylus to send signals. Select one: a. trackball b. touchpad c. graphics tablet d. trackpoint The typical mouse uses ________ to detect movement. Select one: a. reflected light b. digital signals

c. microwave signals d. coaxial cable Microsoft's Surface, a computer embedded in a table with a large touch-sensitive tabletop that serves as the monitor, is based on this type of technology Select one: a. futuristic. b. multi-touch. c. historical. d. laser-touch. These are designed to monitor physical conditions, such as temperature and humidity: Select one: a. lock boxes. b. punch cards. c. microphones. d. sensors. If a user with an older tower system wants their computer to accept microphone input, they must install removable Select one: a. audio software. b. speakers. c. sound cards. d. synthesizers. This type of memory card is used in MP3 players, smart phones, and many other electronic devices: Select one:

a. jump. b. CMOS. c. thumb. d. flash memory. Digital cameras store bit patterns on ________. Select one: a. film b. negatives c. audio files d. flash memory cards or other digital storage media The two main types of nonimpact printers are Select one: a. dot matrix and photo. b. laser and inkjet. c. dot matrix and plotters. d. laser and photo. Input and output secondary storage devices include all of the following EXCEPT: Select one: a. USB b. magnetic tape drives. c. RAM. d. CD-ROM. The following are all examples of game controllers:

Select one: a. touchpad, track point, console, and joystick. b. touchpad, joystick, and stylus. c. joystick, gamepad, and Nintendo Wii remote. d. joystick, cartridge, and remote control. Lately Microsoft's digital domain has been threatened by this Web-based company: Select one: a. Facebook. b. YouTube. c. Google. d. Yahoo!. Most monitors fall into these two categories: Select one: a. video projectors and desktop. b. cathode-ray tube and liquid crystal display. c. video and analog. d. video projectors and non-gas plasma. A ________ is used to create a digital representation of typed text, handwritten text, graphics, and objects. Select one: a. scanner b. videoconferencing device c. video digitizer d. bar-code reader

Three technological trends are already changing the way people think about and use computer peripherals: Select one: a. wireless technology, SATA and the Internet "cloud." b. computer networks, FireWire and the Internet "cloud." c. wireless technology, computer networks, and the Internet "cloud." d. wireless technology, computer networks, and tablets. An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) converts electrical charges into Select one: a. discrete values. b. midi files. c. .wav files. d. analog clusters. Unlike optical storage, magnetic tape is Select one: a. sequential. b. written with a laser beam. c. random. d. laser read. Engineering blueprints are typically printed on a Select one: a. digitized tablet. b. plotter. c. laser printer.

d. scanner. OCR is Select one: a. an output device. b. software. c. hardware. d. firmware.


For a faxed document with text to be edited, it must be processed by ________ software. Select one: a. modem b. Word c. fax modem d. OCR What is it called when you can remove and replace devices without turning off your computer? Select one: a. USB swapping b. Bay swap c. Plug-N-Play d. Hot swapping OCR stands for Select one: a. ostensibly characterized reader.

b. optical character recognition. c. original character reader. d. optical coding recognizer.


The display screen is also called a Select one: a. pointing stick. b. monitor. c. resolution. d. DVD. This is a tool that you would use to enter your handwriting into a tablet PC: Select one: a. stylus. b. pointer. c. track stick. d. pen. on a reflective aluminum layer of the disc. Select one: a. USB drive b. optical disc drive c. magnetic tape drive d. floppy drive


Most mice have two or more buttons; the right mouse button is usually used for Select one: a. opening applications. b. issuing other commands. c. clicking and dragging. d. dragging. The display size of a monitor is measured Select one: a. from center to the furthest corner. b. vertically. c. horizontally. d. diagonally. The main difference between DVD and CD technology is Select one: a. the pits are packed much closer on a DVD. b. information is written on both sides of a CD. c. DVDs spin much faster than CDs. d. DVDs are larger than CDs. A limitation of software that digitizes voice data is that it Select one: a. cannot be used on laptop computers. b. is not very reliable. c. must be trained to recognize individual voices.

d. can only be used on high-end computers. other codes created from patterns of variable-width bars. Select one: a. light b. lasers c. dark d. OCR Compatibility, with regard to computers, refers to Select one: a. the software doing the right job for the user. b. software that is likely to cause problems. c. the software being able to run on the computer. d. being versatile enough to handle the job. This device captures an analog video signal and converts it to a digital signal that can be stored in memory and displayed on a computer screen: Select one: a. video transducer. b. synthesizer. c. midi port. d. video digitizer. An advantage that impact printers have over nonimpact printers is that impact printers Select one: a. are quieter than nonimpact printers. b. are much less expensive.

c. are smaller than nonimpact printers. d. can print multipart forms.

________ replaced MS-DOS. Select one: a. Microsoft Windows b. Linux c. Serial ATA d. Mouse The traditional QWERTY keyboard has been shown to cause Select one: a. repetitive-related sores. b. relaxation-caused injuries. c. repetitive-stress injuries. d. ergonomic vein problems.


Employees who reside in different parts of the country and need to meet regularly, can use computer technology known as Select one: a. videoconferencing. b. video scanning. c. video digitizing. d. video-display software.

________ technology allows users to use multifinger or multihand gestures to accomplish complex tasks quickly. Select one: a. Multi-touch input device b. Think pad c. Laser d. Wireless mouse Magnetic disks are divided into Select one: a. rays and cones. b. heads and fragments. c. tracks and sectors. d. semi-reflective layers. The acronym WORM stands for Select one: a. work overtime, reap money. b. write-once, read-many. c. write-office, read-most. d. write only recordable memories. A USB port allows a user to Select one: a. connect up to 126 devices. b. add an additional monitor and printer simultaneously. c. install software in a matter of seconds.

d. add hardware through more advanced expansion slots. The wheel located between the two standard buttons on a mouse is used to Select one: a. click and select items. b. click in Web pages. c. scroll. d. jump to different Web pages. The pointing device that comes built-in on a laptop computer can be any device EXCEPT a Select one: a. trackball. b. touchpad. c. mouse. d. trackpoint. Which input device resembles an upside-down mouse? Select one: a. touchpad b. trackball c. trackpoint d. trackpad A key on your keyboard can be used in combination with another key to modify meanings of keystrokes. For example, holding the Shift key while pressing the "S" key types a capital S, while Ctrl+S tell a Windows application to Select one: a. scroll.

b. shift. c. save the current document. d. search the current document. Most wireless keyboards use this technology to send signals to the rest of the system: Select one: a. Bluetooth. b. LAN. c. Blu-ray. d. USB. This variation on keyboard design displays keys that react to touch or movement: Select one: a. laser projections. b. wireless keyboards. c. one handed keyboards. d. QWERTY keyboards.


This type of drive is popular for storing data files created on publicly used computers (such as at a school): Select one: a. CD. b. USB flash drive. c. PC card. d. hub.

The science of creating work environments that are safe and efficient for workers is known as Select one: a. environmental. b. ergonomics. c. ectonomics. d. ergocentric. A standardized test that you may have taken in school could have been scored by a(n) ________. Select one: a. magnetic ink character reader b. scanner c. bar code reader d. optical mark reader


FireWire allows Select one: a. only one device to be connected. b. multiple devices to be connected to the same port. c. power to be provided to iLinks. d. the cloud to function. This device, when dragged across a line of printed text acts as an OCR and recognizes and stores the text to be transferred to your computer: Select one: a. pen scanner. b. highlighter.

c. POS terminal. d. yellow sticky pen.

An advantage that LCD monitors have over CRT monitors is that LCDs are Select one: a. more difficult to steal because they are considerably larger. b. use less energy. c. less expensive. d. used only on laptops. Which of the following is an example of a legacy port? Select one: a. parallel port b. interface port c. Ethernet port d. USB port The higher the resolution of a monitor, the Select one: a. larger the pixels. b. closer together the pixels. c. less clear the screen is. d. further apart the pixels. Most new computers do not come with Select one: a. DVD drives.

b. internal hard drives. c. floppy drives. d. CD-ROM drives. Before a computer can recognize handwriting, an input device must Select one: a. show the information on a screen. b. optimize the information. c. be programmed. d. digitize the information. ________ allow(s) drives to be built into a computer system. Select one: a. Ports b. Bays c. The Motherboard d. Expansion slots

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