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Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases

Mridula Trivedi T.P. Trivedi

Sukriti Nikunj Lucknow

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~ ql~qlC:~ A student gains a quarter portion of knowledge from /tis teacher, a quarter of it from one's own intelligence, a quarter from fellow students, and a quarter from time (experience).

Preface We have recently penned our dream book 'Astrology for Overcoming Cancer'. A thorough research was carried out in respect of variou s kinds of cancer by us during last three year s. A su rvey of various cancer hospitals was also conducted to procure correct birth particulars of cancer patient. It was amazing to observe that cancer patients were having similar afflictions of planets in their birth chart for same type of cancer. Most of the astrologer friends who have seen the manuscript of 'Astrology for Overcoming Cancer' were astonished. They s uggested a similar work with regard to heart trou ble and other fatal diseases may also be done as heart attacks, & other cardiac troubles are m ost common besides brain haemorrhage, drug abuse, liver ce ro sis, hepatitis B, eye and ear trouble, paralysis etc. We have made sincere and honest efforts to cover a few important fatal ailments keeping in view the scope of a small book. In fact, cancer and heart troubles are life threatening, fatal and chronic ailments. They need serious and practical research oriented treatment. We humbly state that we have tried our level best to find out the exact astrological reasons and planetary positions responsible for giving rise to cancer and heart problems. There are innumerable books available in . the market on medical astrology but we have not come across even a single book that has dealt the subject with adequate depth. This was troubling us for a long time and most of our rea ders requested us to write separate books on these issues. In both o f these works we have therefore, tried to confirm our research on various types of cancer and heart problems.




In this book, examination of birth charts of about 250 natives who suffered from a combination of various heart diseases. We have explained the combination of various heart diseases in as many as 45 horoscopes. The study of these cases covers almost all general & complex problems of heart. In fact the chief significator of heart, the Sun should be unaffiicted and strong. However, subsequently Mars, Moon, the 4th house & 5th house, Cancer & Leo sign, playa role in creating heart problems of different kinds. If the 4th house is occupied by the Sun in association with malifics like nodes, Mars and Saturn, it may cause heart problems. The problem will be more severe if the concerning planets own the 6th, 8th and 12th house or 4th lord occupies trikas with affliction. However, if Rahu or Ketu occupy 4th house with the Sun, under close association and the 4th lord is posited in 6th, 8th or 12th house the heart attack is almost certain. If the lord of the maraka houses i.e. 2nd & 7th house are posited in the 4th house and fall in the constellation of malefic or nodes, one will certainly suffer from pain in the heart. There are various planetary configurations which give rise to massive heart attack. other heart problems like coronary thrombosis, Engina, Trachocardia. Malfunctioning of left ventricle, hole in heart. Myocardial infarction , and swelling of heart. valve & electrical impulse problems. Saturn & Rahu mostly create blockage in the blood vessel and if Ketu plays a negative role and afflicts Sun diseases like trachocardia & SAN (Sino Atrial Node) may be evident. There is no other way except astrology to find out the probability of heart problem which may be predicted immediately after the birth of the child. If such planetary combinations for heart diseases are present in a birth chart, the native or the parents of the native may observe precaution in day to day life and follow remedial measures. This book contains a separate chapter on remedial measures. These remedies have been tested on 100's of heart patient and amazing results have come out. Those who recite Aditya Hridaya $totra and do Surya Namaskar cannot suffer from heart trouble. The patients who have already suffered heart



attack, will be free from its recurrence if they keep on reciting Aditya Hridaya $totra and Surya Atharoa Shesh and wear a ruby of good quality. Recitation of vedic mantras of those planets who have harmed the Sun must also be done in addition to donation and vrata etc.

'Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases' is divided in 15 chapters entitled as• • • • • • • • •

Medical Science and Cardiac Problems Rendezvous with Medical astrology Kaal Purusha and the Human Body Cardiac Trou hIes and Planets Preventing Cardiac Troubles Planetary Afflictions for Diseases of the Eye Rectificational Spritual Measures for problems of the Eye Planetary Positions for various Liver Diseases Determinants of Diseases of the Ear

Astrocalculus for Surgical Success

• •

Drug Addiction: Case Studies Planets and Paralysis

Length of Life

• •

Easy Method for.Judgement of Life Span Longevity at a Glance: Guidelines

This study of the basics of Medical Astrology is most essential before understanding the complications of heart diseases by examination of planetary positions in birth chart. We have given most useful and practically tested theories, rules and principles of medical astrology in the second chapter entitled as 'Rendezvous with Medical Astrology'. We humbly opine that all students and scholars of Astrology must read this chapter repeatedly and learn by heart, so that their predictions and observation may be precise and accurate. Our article 'Planets and Cardiac trouble' was published in 1984. This research oriented work was appreciated by most of the scholars of astrology includig Dr.B.V.Raman, Mr.R.Santhanam, Dr.Nimai Banerjee and Dr.P.S.Sastri etc.



they suggested us to write a separate book on cardiac troubles. We decided to write a book on heart troubles only

after successful predictions on heart troubles in more than 25 dozen cases. During last 2 years we have examined innumerable birth charts and made precise and accurate observations with regard to future heart troubles. These predictions proved amazingly correct. OUf readers and well wishers also requested us from time to time to pen a book on heart complaints and planetary positions. The outcome of our research oriented study on various types of cardiac troubles is extremely useful for r esearch oriented readers. tn addition to cardiac problems, we have discussed more than 50 cases of the patients who suffered from various types of cancer in a separate book entitled 'Astrology for Overcoming Cancer'. In fact cancer and heart problems are very much prevalent now-a-days. We have also given the spiritual remedial measures and preventions of cancer and heart problems as and where needed. Apart from these two major ailments related to Cancer and the heart, we have added a few chapters on major diseases related to Eye, Ear, Liver problems, Drug abuse, Paralysis etc. The planetary combinations explained for such ailments are of immen se benefit to the readers. Planetary afflictions for eye diseases, Planetary positions for various liver diseases, Determinants of ear diseases, Astrocalculus for surgical success, Drug Abuse: case studies, Planets and paralysis, Length of Life, Easy method for judgement of Life Span and Longevity at a glance: Guidelines are the additional important chapters of this small book covering only a few illustrations. In fact, we have decided to write a voluminous book on all kinds of diseases in Hindi captioned as 'Vyaadhi Vibhavari'. This work will be based on the research with regard to all kinds of physical ailments, carried out during last 35 years and the research will be based on all classical works, practical experience, various illustrations and thought provoking points. However, chapter no. 14 covers the authentic and simple method of working au t span of life. The methods for calculation of longevity h ave been found preciously accurate while


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applying in practice horoscopes. These methods have been tested and examined again and again . We accept with open mind that research should never halt. Those who are interested in Medical astrology must try to make further research on the issue of Cardiac problems. We will be greatful to those who will let us know their repercussions and feed backs after application of these principles on practical cases. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Rohit Misra, who has assisted us in writing and presenting 'Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases' in the present shape. He worked day and night to complete this work within the prescribed period. Mr. Mukul Raj is a though gentleman as well as a highly qualified, real intellectual and comes from a family of beaurucrates. He started a publication house in early 80's due to certain unavoidable reasons and sudden demise of his uncle who was associated with him in publications he had to stop further expansion of the publications Mr. Mukul confined himself to printing business only. During the year 1984 we approached to Mr. Mukul Raj for the publication of our first and foremost book 'Predicting Marriage'. This book contained about 1000 typed pages. Mr. Mukul could not undertake this work owing to the above mentioned reasons. Father of Mr. Mukul Raj expired suddenly on 11-11°-2005. He was quite healthy and active at the time of his demise . He was writing a book on philosophy of Gita which has been published entitled 'Gita Sanjivani'. This year, in 2008 Mr. Mukul Raj decided finnly to restart the publication work with a new name 'Sukriti Nikunj'. He approached us for the publication of our new book on Mantras entitled 'Mantra Mandakini' we happily agreed for the same. Thus 'Mantra Mandakini' was the 1st publication of 'Sukriti Nikunj'. Undeniable success in sale of the book inspired Mr. Mukul Raj to undertake the . pu blication of so many other thought provoking works on astrology. As a result of this 'Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases' has been published by 'Sukriti Nikunj' with a impressive get up, revealing cover page in a short period of one month. We thank Mr. Mukul Raj for sincere pains taken by him in bringing out 'Natal

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Planets and Fatal Diseases' so beautifully with decent overall get up. 'Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases' h as been d edicated to Mr. Su r esh Kumar Srivastava, h onourable father of Mr. Mukul Raj b ecau se Anuj Printers and the publication house was first of all established by him . Later on, h ard, sincere and hon es t e fforts of Mr. Mukul Raj resulted into its expansion and foundation of 'Sukriti Nikunj'. We are indebted to Dr. Chandra Sh ekhar Vyas, Professor, Institute of Environment and Management, Lucknow for his unflinching editorial support in vettin g the language and s u ggesting m atters in regard to style and presentation in the book 'Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases'. H~ h ad also provided his editorial support in the publica tion of ou r earlier book 'Astrology For Overcoming Cancer'. Mr. Prem Shanna who has prepared the du st jacket design of 'Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases' is a born artist. He prepared no. of designs for the du s t jacket and finally the approved one h as b~en used in this book. We a r e also thankful to Mr. Sad a Shiv Tiwari, who is a talented CRC maker. He h as p repared an impressive and attractive flawless CRC of 'Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases' within a period of 3 or 4 d ays. So far, by the blessings of Mata Jagdamba, we have p e nned 42 thou ght provoking, resear c h o ri e nted , voluminous and exh austive books on various subjects of Astrology which a re taught and r efe rred the classes o f astrology everywh er e in the country. All these cooks have been published by extremely reputed , and worldwide famous publi s h ers e.g. VBS Publishers', Motil a l Banarasi Dass Publications, Chowkhamba Sanskrit Pra tis th an and the like . We are confident that our rea ders, students and scholars will appreciate our sincere en~eavours in the s h a pe of 'Natal Planets and Fatal Diseases'. 24, Mahanagar Ext., Opp. E-40, Pilli Colony, Lucknow-226006 Ph . 0522-2326625

Mri4u1a Trivedi T . P. Trivedi

Contents I.

Medical Science and Cardiac Problems



Rendezvous. with Medical Astrology



Kaalpususha and the Human Body



Cardiac Troubles and Planets



Predicting Troubles






Planetary Afflictions for Diseases of 155

the Eye 7.



Measures for


Problems of the Eye


Planetary Positions Diseases


various Liver



Determinants of Diseases of the Ear



Astrocalcu lus for Surgical Success



Drug Addiction: Case Studies



Planets and Paralysis



Length of Life



Easy Method for Judgement of Life Span



Longevity at a Glance: Guidelines


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