5 Steps Healing Model John Wimber

January 21, 2019 | Author: Ermar Luna | Category: Faith Healing, Prayer, Forgiveness, Jesus, Faith
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5 steps healing model john wimber 

Posted by admin admin on  on Apr 23, 2012 in  Uncategorized  | 0  | 0 comments Why pray for the sick? Because God wants to heal them! Matt 6:10 ‘e a"e the disciples authority to dri"e out e"il spirits and to heal e"ery disease and sickness# $ and he wants us to do the same% Mark 16:1&'1( ‘ )nd these sins will accompany all who *elie"e+they will place their hands on sick people and they will et well# ,he - step healin model $ and it is only one model' not a preset formula. was de"eloped *y /ohn Wim*er to teach people to pray and to take away some of the mysteries surroundin prayin for people and the misconception that only leaders or really holy people can pray% t parallels the way /esus tauht his disciples to pray and how he prayed himself% earnin to pray for the sick can *e frihtenin and it#s important to try it out in a place where you feel safe and you know that it#s 23 to et it wron' make mistakes and feel foolish% )s lon as the person you are prayin for feels lo"ed and cared for' they#ll *e 23% /ust *ecause someone else has always done it and you#"e sat *ack and watched doesn#t mean you can#t take risks $ remem*er the more we i"e away whether it#s ifts' skills' material possessions or time' the more we recei"e from God! uke 6:4( +Gi"e and it will *e i"en to you' a ood measure pressed down and runnin o"er will *e poured into your lap%# 52ur o* is to o*ey' God#s o* is to heal' so we can#t fail!!7 /ohn Wim*er  Before you start' if you don#t know the person' introduce yourself and find out their name 8 and try to remem*er it!9

,he purpose of the inter"iew is to answer the uestion ‘Where does it hurt# or ‘What would you like me to pray for?# When /esus prayed for Blind Bartimaeus he asked what seemed like an o*"ious uestion ‘What do you want me to do for you# Mk 10:;6.-ead up on the su*ect' *ut if you meet and you#re unsure either dial down and tell them to come *ack at another time or seek help% When you in"ite the oly =pirit to come' it#s likely that there will *e physical sins of his presence% ,hese sins do not need to *e present for God to work and to heal' and e"en if they are present it doesn#t mean that God will heal' *ut it does mean that the person is "ery aware of and often reassured *y God#s presence% FEamples: . =hakin $ sometimes "iolent' may *e ust one part of the *ody . runkennesseuphoria often followin new appreciation of God#s racelo"ewonder at his pardon . /umpin up and down . auhter $ new sense of God#s race' healin of the spirit after some traumatic eEperience . =o**in $ new depths of appreciation of God#s holiness' or healin of terri*le hurts . =liht trem*lin

. Hlutterin of eyelids . eep *reathin . Haint perspirin . Weiht on chest . ea"iness in the air  . Deaceful calm look on their face . a"in said all that' the oly =pirit is more interested in the internal that the eEternal% 2ften nothin happens and people et healed% o ask people what is happenin $ you won#t distur* what God is doin and it may lead to further prayer% 2r' you may *e really encouraed *y what they say% f you are *ein prayed for' do tell the person prayin for you if anythin that they ha"e said or done has helped $ we all need encouraement% When do you stop? When they indicate that it#s o"er  When you *elie"e that God has told you to When you run out of thins to pray when nothin is happenin f you are stoppin' you can indicate this to the person *y remo"in your hand' speakin to them% t#s not always wise to mo"e away if they#re enaed with God' check with them% What should they do to keep their healin? /ohn -:1; ,o a man that he had ust healed /esus said ‘ stop sinnin or somethin worse may happen to you# or ‘Go and sin no more#

Fncourae them to spend time with God' stay in"ol"ed with their church' or et in"ol"ed with small roups etc f physical healin to check with their doctor and certainly not to discontinue medication no matter how well they feel $ it needs to *e confirmed What if they#re not healed? /ust reassure them that God lo"es them and encourae them to keep on askin and assure them that God doesn#t react with ‘2h no' not you aain!# e encouraes us to ask and keep on askin Matt% &:&  )nd finally: ,reat people as you would like to *e treated% Drotect their dinity% We can#t heal' only God can% We are only his instruments' if e doesn#t do' it#s his responsi*ility and he#s *i enouh to carry it% >emem*er: ‘)fter all' God can i"e you e"erythin that you need so that you may always ha"e sufficient *oth for yoursel"es and for i"in away to other people#%  @or I:( /BD >emem*er this is a model' not a formula% Jse it as a uide when you#re not sure what to do! Where does it hurt or what would you like me to pray for? ntroduce yourself  Aatural le"el $ what can you see? =upernatural $ ask God for Words of 3nowlede' discernment' "isions' words t#s not a medical inter"iew. et the facts Mo"e to the neEt stae when ready $ you know the cause' God tells you do

Why do they ha"e this condition? Aatural causes $ disease' accident =in $ committed *y them or aainst them Fmotional hurts causin physical or other pain >elationship pro*lems $ lack of fori"eness =upernatural $ may *e demonic 3eep askin for God#s help $ useful to pray in tonues  )sk them uestions if appropriate% What kind of prayer shall  pray to help this person?  )sk the oly =pirit to come and minister to the person Body $ lay on hands and ask for God to heal 3eep prayin in the =pirit @ommand of faith )cts 4:6 Dronouncement $ of faith /ohn ;:-0 emonic $ re*uke8*reak their power9 *ind them8contain9 eEpel 8et rid9 ow are you doin? Watch for the effects $ keep your eyes open! Dhenomenoloical sins 8warmth' tinlin' shakin etc9  )sk uestions $ find out what God is doin =top when $ they think it#s all o"er' the =pirit tells you it#s o"er' you#"e

run out of thins to pray' when it#s oin nowhere >emo"e your hands' talk to them to indicate you are stoppin What should they do to keep their healin? ‘=top sinnin# /ohn -:1; >ead their Bi*les' spend time with God Get in"ol"ed or keep in"ol"ed in the local church @heck with their doctor   )nd if they#re not healed+ >eassure them that God lo"es them and encourae them to keep on askin and et more prayer!

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