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LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS)



COMPETIENCES 1. PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT NEW CONSTITUTION WITH HUMAN RIGHTS 1.1 Demonstrate understanding of the various forms of government from the barangay to the present system 1.2 Explain the nature and provisions of the present Constitution, its advantages and disadvantages over the others in the past and its fuction as fundamental low of the state 2. PHILIPPINE HISTORY 2.1 Trace the history of the Philippines from pre-colonial to contemporary periods 2.2 Draw the implications of the historical evolution of the Philippines to its present socio-political condition 3. ECONOMICS, TAXATION, LAND REFORM AND COOPERATIVE 3.1 Manifest understanding of the Philippines economic condition with respect to taxation, land reform and cooperative as well as to the growth of its Gross national product 3.2 Apply the fundamental economic principles to the current economic condition of the Philippines 4. SOCIETY AND CULTURE WITH FAMILY PLANNING 4.1 Apply basic concepts, theories and perspectives which relate to society, culture and family planning in life 4.2 Recognize cultural elements that are distinctly Filipino 5. RIZAL AND OTHER HEROES 5.1 Analyze how Rizal’s life and works have contributed to the country’s development 5.2 Evaluate the contribution of other Philippine heroes and heroines to the development of the country 6. PHILOSOPHY 6.1 Analyze the nature of the Filipino, the Filipino society and the emerging Filipino philosophy 6.2 Manifest a critical and analytical attitude toward specific issues and problems in daily life



2% 4% 2% 2% 3% 2%

1% 2% 1% 1% 2% 1% 1% 2% 1% 1%

7. ART APPRECIATION/ HUMANITIES 7.1 Demonstrate understanding of the totality of human experience by formulating a human perspective that integrates all areas of knowledge 7.2 Manifest appreciation of art as a result of an integrative and wholistic view of life

2% 1% 1%

8. PSYCHOLOGY 8.1 Apply the basic concepts and theories of human behavior






PRACTICE TEST: Test your mastery of the competencies. Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. 1. PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT NEW CONSTITUTION WITH HUMAN RIGHTS 1.1 Demonstrate understanding of the various forms of government from barangay to the present system 1. Which statement is TRUE of the pre-Spanish Filipino government? A.The datu exercised all powers of government. B. Laws were formulated by a law making body elected by the datu. C. Laws were formulated by a law making body elected by the community. D. There was a court created by the datu to hear complaints. 2. What characteristic/s of government is istablished by the 1987 Constitution? I. Presidential system of government with three branches II. Parliamentary system of government III. The three branches of government are separate and independent of one another. IV. The three branches of government have a check and balance over one another. A. I only B. II only C. II, III, and IV D. I, III, and IV 3. If four present government is a democracy, where does power reside? A. IN the Filipino People B. In congress C. In the President D. In the Supreme Court 4. In President’s Quezon time, the coutry had the Philippine Commonwealth. What is TRUE about Philippine Commonwealth? A. were fully independent B. were partially independent C. were granted total freedom to course their destiny only in matters of education D. were citizensof the United States 5. In the decade of 70s, one clamor of the activists who steged street demonstration on the streets was “Down with the oligarchs!” What did they accuse the governmentof as suggested by the underlined word? A. a rule of the few rich C. anti-poor B. a form of dictatorship D. elitist 6. With the Batasang Pambansa performing legislative and executive powers in the Marcos regime, which form of government implemented? A. Parliamentary C. Monarchial B. Dictatorial D. Presidential 7. What form of government is characterized by the separation of powers? A. Parliamentary C. Aristocracy B. Presidential D. Monarchial


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 8. To which type of political system do we belong? A. Colonialism C. Democracy B. Totalitarianism D. Capitalism 9. In which form of government does power and authority reside in a few persons who govern for their own interest? A. Oligarchy C. Democracy B. Monarchy D. Parliamentary 10. Which of the following represents the smallest subunit of government in the Philippines at present> A. Purok C. Sitio B. Barangay D. Zone 11. The Pilippine Government is divided into three branches: Exacutive, Legislative and judiciary. Wich among the following best describes this division of the legislative body of the country? A.Tricameralism C. Emancipation of state B. Separation of powers D. Division of labor 12. The Pilippine Legislature is divided into two major bodies, the Senate and the House of Representative. Which among the following best describes this division of the legislative body of the country? A. Bipartisanism C. Unicameralism B. Co-legislative power D. Bicameralism 13. Which type of governance is characterized by a union of partially self-government states or regions united by a central government? A. Federalism C. Democracy B. Socialism D. Totalitarianism 14. In England, Queen Elizabeth acts as head of state. This country has a parliament and a Prime Minister. Which among the following best describes the form of government in this country? A. Absolute monarchy C. Oligarchy B. Constitutional monarchy D. Aristocracy 15. In which form of governmentare all citizens treated as equals on certain dimensions such as religion, politics, economics, social status and culture? A. Totalitarianism C. Socialism B. Democracy D. Egalitarianism 1.2

Explain the nature and provisions of the present Constitution, its advantages and disadvantages over the others and the past and its functionas fundamental law of the state

16. What human right is violated when one opens a letter without permission from the addressee? A. Right to privacy of communication and correspondence B. Right to read the letter C. Right to open the envelope without permission D. Right to private affairs




17. When an individual is imprisoned without proper investigation what right is violated? A. Right to process of law C. Right to process paper B. Right to secure persons D. Right to protection 18. What law was passed by Philippine Congress in 1995 which affirms the total integration of persons with disabilities into the mainstream of society? A. Republic act No. 7277 C. Republic act No. 7722 B. Republic act No. 7784 D. Republic act No. 7776 19. Which is the best definition of inclusive education endorsed by DepEd? A. It is a flexible and individualized support system for children and youth with special education needs B. It is a mandate to include all children and youth in community activities. C. It is a system to support children and youth in exclusive schools. D. It is a special support for children and youth who cannot attend school. Read the text below then answer item # 20.

Inclusion is a basic right of every Filipino child with special needs to education, rehabilitation, sup services, work training and employment opportunities, community participation and independent living. 20. To prepare teachers to handle inclusive education what specialization is offered in teacher educational institution? A. Special Education C. Kindergarten courses B. Special Course D. Pre school education Read the text below then answer items 21-22

Article XIV Section of the 1987 Philippine Constitution mandates that the “State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make s educational accessible to all. 21. Which of the gaols of EFA 2015 aims to achieve the above mentioned constitutional mandate? A. Universal completion of full cycle of basic eduation schooling with satisfactory achievement levels by all at every grade or year B. Universal completion of primary education with satisfactory achievement levels at every grade level C. Universal completion of secondary education with satisfactory achievement levels at every grade level D. Universal elimination of drop outs and repetition by all at every grade or year including satisfactory achievement levels 22. What is the best indicator of “quality education” as invoked in the constitution? A. Generation of reliable measurements on dropout rate B. Generation of reliable measurements on cohort survival rate C. Generation of reliable measurements of educational outcomes D. Generation of reliable measurements on participation rate


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 23. An individual has the right to file writ of amparo before the investigation of an administrative cased against him/her. What fundamental right is invoked by the individual? A. Rigth to lif, liberty and security B. Right to due process C. Right to be defended by a public attorney. D. right to self-defence 24. What is the writ of habeas data? A. Right to information privacy B. Right to accumulate data

C. Right to transmit data D. Right to search private information

25. The code of ethics of Professional Teachers provides that a teacher has the right and duty to determine the academic marks and the promotion of learners. What the obligation of the teacher in relation to the aforementioned right is as mandated in the Education Act of 1982? A. Refrain from making deductions in students’ scholastic rating for acts not of poor scholarship B. Refrain from discriminating high and low achievers in the classes he/she handles. C. Refrain from inflecting corporal punishment and make it a basic for deductions in scholastic ratings. D. Refrain from segrating the fast and slow learners for convenience in rating them. 26. When a teacher is charged with an administrative case commited in the lawful discharge of professional duties, what right may the teacher invoke for her defense? A. Right to receive compensation in the duration of the case B. Right to be given the due process of law C. Right to be defended by the organization of teachers to which he/she is a member D. Right to be provided with free legal service by the appropriate office 27. What is the teacher’s accountability in the achievement of quality education? A. Be accountabl for the grading performance of learners B. Be accountable for the effective attainment of specified learning objectives and outcomes C. Be accountable for reporting the performance of learners to parents D. Be accountable for reporting the performance of learners to the school head and stakeholders. 28. Which is the overriding aim of the constitutional mandate on social justice? A. To bridge the gap between the rich and the poor B. To protect the squatter in the possession of the premises occupied by him because he is poor C. To authorize the taking of what is in excess of one’s personal needs and the giving it to another D. To work for social equality 29. Which principle states that no man in this country is above the law and that law must be obeyed by all and applied to everyone – rich or poor, lowly or powerful – without fear or favor? A. Rule or law C. Separation of church and State B. Rule of the majority D. Social justice




30. In connection with government transactions involving public interest, which policy is adopted in the Constitution to assure the public of accountability and transparency? A. Full public disclosure B. Balanced healthful ecology C. Private enterprises and incentives to needed investments D. Rural development and agrarian reform 31. Filpino citezens have the power to participate in the establishment or administration of government such as right to vote and be voted upon as an exercise of ________________. A. political rights C. social rights B. civil rights D. economic rights 32. Can the accused waive his right to remain silent and to have competent and independent councel? A. NO, except in writing andin the present of the councel. B. Yes, if there is no counsel offering his service. C. No, it cannot be waived. D. Yes, if he voluntarily does so. 33. Which is right violated wiretapping A. Freedom of expression B. The right to private property C. The right to privacy of communication D. The right to information on matters of public concern 34. Which act is deprivation of life without due process? A. Killingin self-defense C. Imposition of the death penalty B. Salvaging D. Death resulting from illness. 35. Is land grabbing an act of deprivation of property without due process? A. Yes. C. Yes, if the land grabber is rich. B. No. D. No, if the land grabber is landless. 36. Can you be arrested without warrant of arrest? A. No, if you are a minor. B. No, if you are more than 60 years old. C. Yes, if you were reported to have committed a crime. D. Yes, if you are in the act of committing a crime. 37. Can religious instruction be taught to schools? I. Yes, if given free. II. Yes, if given outside class hours. III. Yes, only to those children whose parents give their consent in writing. A. I and III C. I, II, and III B. II and III D. III only 38. Can an accused avail of free legal assistance? A. No, there is no such thing as free lunch. B. Yes, provided he is classified as poor litigant by the court. C. Yes, if the act committed is a minor offense. D. No, if the offense is grave.


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 39. My right is another man’s duty. Which one CORRECTLY illustrates this? A. My right to my private property requires my neighbor’s duty not to trespass the same. B. I have freedom of speech but see to it that I speak only what is true. C. Suffrage is both a right and a duty. D. I exercise my right in such a way that it does not violateanother person’s right. 40. Every right has abuilt-in duty. Which of the following illustrates CORRECTLY? A. I have the right to vote, and it is the duty of the COMELEC to allow me to vote. B. My right to privacy requires my neighbor to respect it. C. I have the right to sell you my cellphone but it is your duty to pay for it. D. I have the right to my car but I must see to it that I obey traffic rules. 41. Can a person be imprisoned for debt? A. No, if he can’t he pay the interst of his debt. B. Yes, if he has no property with which to pay his debt. C. No. D. Yes, if he stubbornly refuses to pay. 42. What does “presumption of innocence” mean in so far as human right is concerned? A. A suspect is considered guilty until proven otherwise. B. A suspect has the right to remain silent. C. A suspect has the right to a legal counsel. D. A suspect remains innocent until proven guilty. 43. No person may be elected as a President of the Philippines unless he? She a ___________. A. natural born citizen B. resident for Philippines for atleast 2 years C. At least 21 years old D. professional 44. Who does the canvassing of votes for President and Vice President in every election? A. Comelec and Chief Justice C. Supreme Court and Congress B. Senate and Congress D. Joint committee of Congress 45. All appropriations, revenue or tariff bills shall originate exclusively from the ____________. A. Senate C. House of Representatives B. Sangguniang Panlalawigan D. Department of budget 46. Which department has the authority to make laws and to alter them when needed? A. Executive C. Judicial B. Legislative D. Administrative 47. A bill becomes a law even if not signed by the President after _______ days. A. 60 C. 20 B. 40 D. 30 48. Which refers to the act of the President to stay the execution of a convict? A. Commutation C. Pardon B. Amnesty D. Reprieve




49. Who has the power to declare the existence of a state of war? A. Chief Justice C. Senate President B. Electoral Tribunal D. Congress 50. A losing senatorial candidate may file a protest against the winner. What body will assume jurisdiction over the case? A. Supreme Court C. COMELEC B. Electoral Tribunal D. Regional Trial Court 51. How is the crime of rape classified? A. Heinous B. Homicide

C. Slander D. Malicious Mischief

52. All Filipino citizens have the right to vote and to be voted upon as a governmental official. What is the constitutional right called? A. Passive right to vote C. Suffrage B. Political franchise D. Electoral right 53. Any individual has the right to question why he is being arrested, and to summon his accusers to court so that due process may be performed. This right is embodied in which of the following? A. Reclusion perpetua C. Prison mayor B. Res ipsa loquitur D. Habeas corpus 54. Which among the following represents political process involved in amending or revising the Philippine constitution to adapt the present Philippine situation? A. Constitutional conversion C. Charter change B. Citizens’ assembly D. Constitutional correction 2. PHILIPPINE HISTORY 2.1 2.2

Trace the history of the Philippines from pre-colonial to contemporary periods. Draw the implications of the historical evolution of the Philippines to its present socio-political condition.

55. Which is TRUE of the historical development of the Philippines? A. It has never been an independent nation. B. It ahs been an independent nation ever since. C. It has evolved from a colony to a fully ndependent nation. D. It has not achieved full independence from the very beginning. 56. Which problem is common from the Presidency os Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, MacapagalArroyo and Benigno Aquino III. A. Social Justice C. Poor governance B. Peace and security D. Moral degeneration 57. Basically, the Philippine agrarian problem is a question of ____________. A. land distribution C. graft and corruption B. nepotism and corruption D. environmental degration


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 58. Every elected PResident of the Philippines delivers SONA. What does SONA mean? A. Speech of the Nation Assembly B. Speech of the Nation Address C. State of the Nation Address D. State of the Nation Advocacy 59. Rizal founded the La Liga Filipina ______________. I. unite the whole country. II fight violence and in justice III. revolt against the Spaniards A. I and III C. I and II B. II only D. IIand III 60. Which is TRUE of the Philippines? A. It was colonized by Spai, Portugal, Anerica, and Japan. B. It has been part of the world’s economy since the Spanish colonial rule. C. It is one of the least populated countries in the world. D. It has teo autonomous regions – ARMM and NCR. 61. Which is TRUE of the Philippines? A. It has been colonized by two European colonial powers. B. It has never been united as nation. C. There have been attempts to change its government to a parliamentary form. D. It is the only Christian country in Asia. 62. As a result of EDSA 1, The Philippines ________. A. became known worldwide for its People Power Revolution B. changed its form of government to parliamentary C. saw the impeachment of Joseph Estrada as president D. intensified its participation in international affairs 63. Which is true of a former President Corazon Aquino? I. The first female president of the Philippines. II. The first female president in Asia. III. Described as the “icon of Democracy”. A. I, II and III C. I and III B. I an II D. I only 64. A year ago “Cha-cha” and “con ass” were popular words oin the Philippines. With which the words “Cha-cha” and “con ass” associated? A. Imposition of martial law B. Return to a dictatorial form of government C. Amendment of the present Constitution D. Division between Senate and Huose of Representatived 65. The Philippine revolts against Spain, the Philippine-American war, the Muslim rebellion, the NPA, the MILF and Abu sayyaf movement point to the reality of ________ in the Philippines. A. multi-ethnicity C. poor quality of education B. poverty D. insurgency




66. Which of the following was the first to happen? A. Aguinaldo was captured. B. Aguinaldo declared Philippine independence. C. Guerilla warfare against the US was initiated. D. The Philippines was ceded to the US by the treaty of Paris. 67. With whom is the “Strong Republic” associated? A. Fidel V. Ramos C. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo B. Joseph Estrada D. Corazon Aquino 68. Which of th four pillars of education for the 21st century is crucial in the light of conflicts between Isreal and Palestine? A. Learning to do C. Learning to live together B. Learning to be D. Learning to know 69. Who is the General who said “I shall return” A monument in his honor stands in corridor by the bay. A. William H. Taft C. John Dewey B. Douglas Mcarthur D. Schurmann 70. In 1565 Legaspi concluded a blood compact with the chief os Bohol. Who is referred to? A. Raja Sulayman C. Lakandula B. Sikatuna D. Rajah Tupas 71. The Japanese successful invasion was climaxed by the surrender of joint Filipino-American forces on May 6, 1942. Where did theis happen? A.Bataan C. Capas B. Corridor D. Manila 72. The Phlilippines objectad to the advisory of travels to Mindanao by the Australian government. What should the government do? A. Declare war against the country C. Recall the Nationals B. Fiule diplomatic protest D. Arrest their nationals 73. Foreign investors are discouraged in doing business in our country. To what condition/s to this be attributed? I. Deteriorating peace and order II. High teriffs III. Poor technology III. Poor standards A. I and II C. II only B. I, II and III D. IV only 74. Who is the President who is known for his “Filipino First Policy” and Austerity program? A. Diosdado Macapagal C. Manuel Roxas B. Carlos P. Garcia D. Ramon Magsaysay 75. Pre-colonial trade in the Philippines was prosperous. What system did they usefor their business transaction? A. Money C. Credit B.Barter D. Banking


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 76. After Negritos, What was the second group of people who migrated by sea to the Philippines? A. Indonesians C. Indians B. Arabs D. Malays 77. Forsign influences are evident on most aspects of Filipino culture including Philippine languages. From which Asian languge do these words come: alam, hukom, salamt? A. Malayo-Polenesian C. Arabic B. Sanskrit D. Mandarin 78. What is considere the earliest form of writing in the Philippines? A. Abakada C. Alibat B. Roman alphabet D. Balitaw 79. Who was the American president who proclaimed the Benevolent Assimilation policy during the American colonial years of the Philippines? A. William Mckinley C. Woodrow Wilson B. Franklin Roosevelt D. Theodore Roosevelt 80. Who first introduce the Islamic religion in the Philippines? A. Rajah Baguinda C. Mukdum B. Idi Amin D. Abu Bakr 81. The following are among th five ships involved Ferdinand Magellan’s Voyage EXCEPT ____________. A. Conception C. Trinidad B. Cartagena D. Victoria 82. Who was among the last Filipino Generals who fought the Americans and established the so-called “Tagalog Republic”? A. Gregorio Del Pillar C. Macario Sakay B. Miguel Malvar D. Manuel Tinio 83. In the Philippine history, who was known as “the Great Dissenter” A. Camilo Osias C. Claro M. Recto B. Manuel Roxas D. Eulogio Rodriguez 84. During the Spanish era, who was the revolutionary leader who waged a long war against the government because it did not allow proper burial for his brother? A. Macario Sakay C. Diego Silang B. Andres Bonifacio D. Francisco Dagohoy 85. The late president Ferdinand Marcos placed the Phillippines under Martial Law through which of the following laws? A. Article 6 Section 14 of the 1973 Constitution B. R.A. 274 C. Prclamation 1081 D. Kautusang Tagapagpaganap blg. 25 S. 1974




86. What building was the only one left intact after the distraction of Intramurus during the battle of Manila? A. Manila Post Office C. Manila Cathedral B. San Agustin Church D. Quiapo Church 87. What was the first book published in the Philippines? A. Del Superior Govierno C. Pasion Mahal B. Doctrina Cristina D. Barlaame Josphat 3. ECONOMICS, TAXATION, LAND REFORM AND COOPERATIVE 3.1 Manifest understanding of the Philippine economic condition with respect to taxation, land reform and cooperative as well as to the growth of its Gross Nation Product 3.1 Apply the fundamental economic principles to the current economic condition of the Philippines PRACTICE TEST: Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. 88. The world of nations is suffering from recession and so nations are experiencing th following EXCEPT ____________. A. people are loosing their jobs B. businesses are raking bigger profits C. there is a drop in total spending D. production is slowing down 89. When one company controls the supply of sugar, which term applies? A. Monopoly C. Economic stability B. Inflation D. Law of supply and demand 90. Tomatoes are off season and so price of tomatoes is up. Which law/principle economics explains it? A.Substitution effect C. Principle of marginal utility B. Law of cause and effect D. Law of supply and demand 91. Which explains GNP? A. The total value in pesos of goods and services produced during the year B. The total value in pesos of goods produced during the year C. The total value in pesos of services produced during the year D. The total value in pesos of goods and services produced for 2 quarters 92. How can the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program bring about social equityand economic prosperity in the country? I. By distributing the agricultural lands to landless farmers free of change II. By transferring the ownership of land to farmers for a value III. By helping the affected land owners to use their land comprehension in viable business activities IV. By providing support services to farmer-benefeciaries A. II, III, and IV C. I, II, and III C. I, II, and IV D. I, III, and IV


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 93. While in the capitalist system, “to the strongest goes the spoil”, what happens in the cooperative system? A. All benefits are shared to the members proportionate to the shared capitals. B. Goods are distributed among the members but benefiting mostly the policy-making body. C. Goods are distributed among the members. D. Goods are distributed among the members but elected and appointed officials get more to compensate their services. 94. The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform and cooperatives are meant to ___________. A. eradicate poverty in the country B. bridge the gap between the rich and the poor C. to make all citizens equal D. to improve on the country’s literacy rate 95. When parents decide to send their children to private school and pay their tuition fee instead of sending them to the public school, they don’t get their share in the benefit derived from the taxes they pay. This is a case of ________________. A. social justice C. double taxation B. double jeopardy D. social inequity 96. Which one CORECTLY applies to Philippine foreign trade? A. Philippine expenditure exports and earning from imports fluctuate. B. The Philippine spends less on imports than it earns from exports. C. The Philippine expenditure on imports is balanced with its earnings from exports. D. The Philippine spends more on imports than it earns from exports. 97. The ultimate objective of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform is to _________. A. ensure the cultivation of all idle lands B. abolish share tenancy in favor of lease tenancy C. distribute arable lands to the landless D. establish owner–cultivated farms 98. What is TRUE of a progressive syste m of taxation? A. The rate of tax increases as the income tax basse or income bracket increases. B. the tax is equal regardless of class and place. C. The rate of tax decreases as the income tax base decreases. D. The rate of tax increases as the income tax base decreases. 99. I rent out of P 10,000 per month my only building and a lot to the Jesus is Lord group which uses it excluysively for religious purposes. I am exempt from payment of _________. A. property tax C. income tax B. professional tax D. community tax 100.

You are a member of a cooperative which operates taxis tricycle buses. Of which type of cooperative are you a member of? A. Service cooperative C. Marketing cooperative B. Multipurpose cooperative D. Producers cooperative





You have a property of P500, 000. The tax is 1% he pays P5000. If his property is worth P1, 000,000 he pays P10, 000. Which does this illustrate? A. Progressive taxation C. Equity in taxation B. Uniformity of taxation D. Equality in taxation


Which in an unlawful act of escapingfrom payments of taxes? A. evasion C. Exemption B. avoidance D. Shifting


Which is required of cooperative members for the operation of their cooperative? A. Share capital C. Net surplus B. Interest on share capital D. Patronage refund


The primary purpose of taxation is to _______. A. Raise revenue for the support of government B. reduce inequlities in wealth and incomes C. sortify the government against invaders D. make the country leading industrialized country in the world


Which is/are essential for the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program to truly succeed? I. Granting the benefeciaries the right to sell the piece of land awarded to them II. Change of heart the landlords and lawmakers III. Education of the benefeciaries A. II and III C. II only B. I, II and III D. III only


Which is/are TRUE of cooperatives and the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform? I. Intended to eliminate poverty in Philippine society II. Mean to alleviate poverty III. Are programs for people empowerment A. II and III C. II only B. III only D. I and III


Which assumption underlies the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program? A. People are more productive if they own what they cultivate. B. Our country has very very few landed people and very many landless. C. The wealth of the country is concentrated in the lands of a few. D. There is so much poverty in the country because of overpopulation.


What does “capital” in economics refer to? A. Investments and loss computed B. Outcome of a business transaction C. Money/ machines invested to transact business D. profit and labor spent for the business


What result when the government spends more than what it collects in the form of taxes? A. Excessive allotment C. Fiscal deficit B. Fixcal overspending D. erroneous appropriations


What is the type of cooperative which promote thrift among members and creates funds in order to be able to grant loans? A. Service C. Consumers B. Producers D. credit


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 111.

One of the major functions of taxes is to finance real govenrmnet expenditures. This function can simply be stated as to ____________. A. promote development C. raise rvenues B. secure price stability D. raise national security


Which term refers to the measures undertaken by the government which would remove anything that hinders the entry of foreign products, services and capital between countries? A.Liberalization C. Privatization B. Globalization D. Internationalization


What do we call the sum of money collected for our use of a road, bridge and highwy? A. Tax C. Penalty B. Assessment D. Toll


Which term refers to duties payable on goods, whether imported or exported? A. Assessment C. Subsidiary B. Tariff D. Revenue


Which term refers to the social aspects of sex or to socially defined roles expectations that are associated with sex? A. Social differentiation C. Gender B. Social class D. Cultural context


Among the developing Asian nations, which of the following is widely promoted to be the better solution to poverty and unemployment? A. Privatization C. Industrialization B. Urbanization D. Importation


Stagflation occurs when the economy experiences __________________. A. rising prices and rising output B. rising prices and falling output C. fallig prices and falling output D. fallig prices and rising output


Which among the following is an example of a transfer payment? A. Profit C. Unemployment benefit B. Rent D. Government purchases


Which among the following best describes a recession? A. A fall in real GNP over two consecutive time periods B. An increased in real GNP from one period to the next C. Nominal GNP declines from one period to the next D. No change I real GNP from one period to the next


Gross Domestic Product is the sum of the market value of the ______________________. A. Intermediate goods C. manufacture goods B. final goods and services D. inferior goods and services





Which of the following statements is TRUE about a market economy? A. With a large enough computer, central planners could give production more efficiently than markets. B. Market participantsact as if guided by an invisible hand to produce outcomes that maximize social welfare. C. The strength of a market system is that it tends to distribute resources evenly across consumers. D. Taxes help prices communicate costs and benefits to producers and consumers.


In a free-market economy the allocation of resources is determined by _________. A. votes taken by consumers C. Consumer preferences B. central planning authority D. the level of profits of firms


Trade-offs are required because wants are unlimited and resources are ___________. A. economical C. scarce B. unlimited D. marginal


Raising taxes and increasing welfare payments ____________. A. reduce market power B. prove that there is such a thing as a free lunch C. improve efficiency at the expense of equity D. improve equityat the expnse of efficiency


The burden of a tax falls more heavily on the sellers in a market when ____________. A. both supply and demand are elastic. B. both supply and demand are inelastic C. demand is inelastic and supply is elastic D. demand is elastic and supply is inelastic

4. SCOCIETY AND CULTURE WITH FAMIKY PLANNING 4.1 Apply basic concepts, theories and perspectives which relate to society, culture and family planning in life 4.2 Recognize cultural elements that are distinctly Filipino. PRACITCE TEST: Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. 126.

Which situation is the BEST example of a culture shock? A. A native from New Zealandis so afraid of the big crowd in malls and along the roads during rush hours that he remarked “so many people!” B. The Hippies’ rejected “The Establishment” in the 1960s and sported long hair. C. The Canadians use folks while the Filipinos use spoon and fork and sometimes their hands on eating. D. The Aetas don’t like sardines but like sweet potatoes.


Under which group do the Sunday churchgoers in a cathedral fall? A. Secondary group C. Tertiary group B. Primary group D. Elementary group


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 128.

Which does one portray when he thinks that what is foreign is best and that what is local is inferior? A. Xenocentrism C. Ethnocentricm B. Relativism D. favoritism


Upon which is based the claim that there is no single universal standard to be used to judge any culture-based? A. cultural relativism C. Cultural diversity B. Culture shock D. Ethical relativism


You will be in good hands when your host is a Filipino because one outstanding trait of Filipinos is __________. A. hospitality C. industry B. thrift D. cleanliness


The Philippine is dominantly a Christian country in the Orient, yet according to survey it is on the top 5 as the most corrupt in Asia. what this point to in Philippine Society? A. Lack of cultural integration C. Prevalence of ethnocentrism B. Presence of cultural differences D. Prevalence of xenocentrism


You have to take extra care when you critiquethe work of a Filipino. Your negative comment may be mistaken to be an attack against his/her person. Upon which Filipino trait is this advice based? A. Extreme personalism C. “Sakop” mentality B. Adaptibility D. “Bayanihan” spirit


The expression promdi connotes _________. A. ethnocentrism C. favoritism B. tenocentrism D. racial desriminition


Children learn to how to open a coconut and other common chores in a coconut farm. In this instance culture is transmitted by ___________. A. immersion C. enculturation B. assimilation D. acculturation


When a person shows the ability to understand and appreciate the similarities and differences in the costumes, values and beliefs of one’s culture, he/she is said to _______. A. possess multicultural literacy C. possess global awareness B. sosciocultural aware D. possess social literacy


Which of the following statements accurately reflects a strong “school culture”? A. Has definite organizational core values B. Has a network of communications C. Has a informal rules of behavior D. Has high standards of performance


What are considered major goals of multicultural education? I. Catering to diversity of learners II. Considering social class and ethnic groups III. Providing equal opportunities to education IV. Helping individuals and groups survive despite differences in culture and beliefs



A. I, II, III, and IV B. I, II, and IV


C. II and III D. III and IV


World history recoerded that art became emotional and dramatic during the renaissance. What popular painting is part of the “idyllic golde age” of Art? A. Mona Lisa by Da Vinci B. Last Suffer by Tintoretto C. Saint Teresa by Bernini D. The calling of St. Mathew by Caravaggio


The cultural heritage os Southeast Asia has been designated by UNESCO as __________. A. World Heritage Site C. World Cultural Heritage B. World Tourist spots D. World International Center


Teachers should be encouraged to teah folk knowledge because ____________. A. it is crucial in facing the basics of daily living. B. it is included in National Achievement Test. C. it is a mandate of Dep Ed. D. it is in keeping with curriculum change.


What does a professional code of ethics prescribe for all? A. Moral standards and ethical behavior B. Rules and regulations in practicing the profession C. Strict implementation of laws of the land D. Civic- mindedness and social consciousness


“Man is to be hailed as a social being.” What does this line mean? A. He necessarily attends social events B. He must introduce himself in social gatherings. C. He does not live only for himself. D. He does not need other people.


Which is at the base of a triangle that shapes us into what we are? A. Environmnet C. Training B. Heredity D. School attended


How do you describe a typical social structure which describes a pattern through which relationships at work are ordered? A. Technological C. Capitalistic B. Communistic D. Bureaucratic


A society cannot exist without a government. Which word is synonymous with government. A. Domination C. Retraint B. Authority D. Check-and-balance


What does a “nuclear family” consist of? A. Granfathers and grandmothers B. Father, mother, sons and daughters C. Sons, daughters and cousins D. Sons, daughters and in-laws


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 147.

What is the principal means through which culture is transmitted from generation to generation? A. Community action C. Family B. Church D. Language


Material culture refers to the tangible and concrete objects produce by man. Which are example of material culture? A. Stone walls of Tasadays C. Sinulog celebrations B. Ceremonies of ivtans D. Moriones festival


Which human need is considered basic? A. Pleasure C. Wealth B. Security D. Order


Which among the following represents a detrimental aspect of Philippine Culture Society? A. Palabra de honor C. Amor propio B. Delicadeza D. Ningas cogon


Which among the following pertains to the passionate Filipino dance that makes use of a fan or handkerchief to illustrate a couple in romance? A. Itik-itik C. El Bimbo B. Pandango D. Carinosa


Which of the following best describes the concept of society? A. A political entity B. The same as culture or antion C. Limited by geographical boundaries D. Organized interaction of people sharing land and culture


The primary biological limitation of natural family planning is that it is __________. A. expansive and very reliable B. only suitable for females with regular period C. cannot satisfy people’s urges D. Goes against the teets of the Catholic Church


Which of the following types of societies came first during societal evolution? A. Horticultural C. Agricultural B. Industrial D. Mass


In a sociological sense, earning a 1.0 Grae Weighted Average (GWA) makes you a deviant because ___________________. A. you only could have gotten that GWA by cheating B. a GWA of 1.0 is not the norm C. it alienates you from your peer group D. it improves your status


What is the underlying theory of the belief that the DepEd and other stakeholders should exert deliberate efforts to construct a satisfying cuture for education? A. Cultural revitsalization Theory C. Anarchestic theory B. Utopian theory D. Revival theory





What committee was founded in 1978 promote effective cooperation and enhance solidarity among the peoples of ASEAN? A. Committee on Culture and Information B. Committee on Regional Cooperation C. Committee on Cultural heritage


Teachers should be encourage to teach folk knowledge because ____________. A. it is a mandate of DepEd. B. it is concludedin national Achievement Test. C. it is crucial in facing the the basics of daily living. D. it is in keeping of curriculum change.

5. RIZAL AND OTHER HEROES 5.1 Analzye how Rizal’s life and works have contributed to the counry’s development. 5.2 Evaluate the contribution of other Philippine heroes and heroines to the development of the country. PRACTICE TEST: Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. 159.

If one agrees with Rizal on the best way to redeem our country, what would he do? A. Work for quality education for all. B. Campaign for more foreign investors. C. Attract tourists to come to the country.


Based on his work “Sa Aking Mga Kababat”, would Rizal Favor the use of mother tongue in the early grades? A. Yes. C. He did not express it clearly. B. No. D. Yes, but mixed with English.


How did Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere contribute to the development of his countrymen? A. It awakened them to the oppressive rule of Spain. B. It exposed to them the scandals of the friars. C. It tught them to love their local language. D. It pictured for them the ideal Filipina.


If they were to come back to life, who among the following would be the most vocal to speak against the country’s foreign policy of close association with America? A. Claro M. Recto, Leon Ma. Guerrero B. Claro M. Recto, Jose P. Laurel C. Leon Ma. Guerrero, jr., Jose P. Laurel D. Jose P. Laurel, Elpidio Quirino


Why was Melchora Aquino arrested and exile to Guam? Because she _____________. A. supplied the katipuneros with food and clothing B. fought side by side with Katipuneros] C. openly disagreed with the encomenderos 1. published an article against Spaniards


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 164.

To stimulate nation’s economy and increase employment, former President Diosdado Macapagal __________. A. abolished government repressive control B. borrowed money from the World Bank C. standardized the salaries of government employees D. gave incentives to whome cottage industries


In his “la Indolencia Del Filipino”, Rizal’s thinking was the rich natural resources of the Philippines and the favorable climate were not a blessing after all the Filipino. Which explains this? The rich natural resources and the favorable climate of the country __________. A. encouraged the “get-by” mentality B. led to disunity C. made the Filipino complete against one another D. enable the Filipinos to earn college degrees


“There are no tyrants where there are no slaves.” Which logically explains this? I. If the Filipinos were treated as slaves by the Spaniards it was because they lowed themselves tyo be treaed as such. II. It was equally the fault of the Filipnos Why the Spaniards treated them as slaves. III. The Spaniards were tyrants and so they treated the Filipnios as slaves. A. I and II C. III B. I D. II


In what sense is the Filipino likened to a bamboo? A. He is Flexible. C. He is ambitious. B. He is sturday. D. He is versatile.


The Filipino’s indomitable spirit is shown in his ________. A. ability to survive C. freindlessness B. utang-na loob D. self-reliance


On which Filipino trait does not Gawad kalinga build on? A. Bayanihan spirit C. Adaptability B. Joy and Humor D. Extreme personalism


Out of used illustration boards, students came up with cute and functional bagsfor school children. Which Filipino trait is exhibited? A. Creativity C. Pagkabayani B. Adaptability D. Family-orientedness


To which trait are the organization and success of cooperatives in the country attributed? A. Pagsasamahan C. Pakikisama B. Creativity D. Adaptability


Noli Me Tanghere was Jose Rizal’s first novel. Experts consider this work historically significant because it was instrumental in establishing which of the following? A. National identity C. Inciting the seeds of revolution B. fight against graft and corruption D. Love for education





Which among the following is NOT a Filipino quality emphasized in the Noli Me Tanghere of Dr. Jose Rizal? A. Devotion of a Filipina C. Common sense of Filipinos B. Deep sense of gratitude D. Inmate subversiveness


In Rizal’s time which among the following were pressing issues in Philippine society that were presented in the El Filibusterismo? I. Education reform II. Superstition masquerading as religion III. Abuses of friars A. II and III C.I and II B. I II and III D. I and II


Which among the following is the main theme of the El Filibusterismo? A. Ideal means of achieving social reform B. Rizal’s hope for a revolution C. Curing the social cancer D. Abuses and indecency of friars


Apolinario Mabini was known as the “sublime paralytic.” Which among the following represents his most significant contribution to the development of the Filipino nation? A. Peaceful social reform C. Revolutionarism B. Resilience D. freemasonry


Marcelo H. Del pilar demonstrated a militant and progressive outlook derived from the classic Enlightenment tradition of the French philosophesand the scientific empiricism of the Europian bourgeoisie. Which of the following represents the tenets of his ideology? I.Truth II. Fairness III. Impartialy A. II and III C. I and II B. I, II and III D. I and II

6. PHILOSOPY 6.2 Manifest a critical and analytical attitude toward specific issues and problems in daily life PRACTICE TEST: Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. 178.

Read the following then answer the question : “Your honor, ho can the persecution dare try to send this poor, defenseless child to jail for the murder of his father and mother? Have a heart! The boy is an orphan. In his argument valid? A. No, this is a fallacy, an appeal to pity.” B. No, this is a faulty reasoning. C. Yes, nobody can disagree. D. No, this violates the rules of logic.


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 179.

“All the laws are the product of legislative activity.” “Newton discovered several products of legislative activity.” In this argument logical? A.No, the error is due to the equivocal use of the world “law” B. Yes, they are logical. C. No, unless “laws” in the first premise is changed with “some laws”. D. Patially logical.


Let’s assume that universities will be required tro offer education programs at the graduate rather than at the undergraduate level. Based on this information, how should you respond? A. Improbable C. Disagree B. Agree D. Neutral


One reason why the NCEE was abolished was because it was anti-poor.Which explanation logically supports this reasoning? A. Most of those who did not pass the NCEE were graduates of deprived schools. B. It’s good that the NCEE was abolished because that would mean only those fit for college would go to college. C. The NCEE served as a measured to counteract the “diploma mill” mentality of the Filipinos. D. College education liberates the poor from the bondage of poverty.


Which philosophical premise does NOT support scientific inquiry? A. Reality is objective. B. Group awareness is an integral part of knowledge. C. Human perceptual systems correctly perceive reality. D. Rational explanations exist for real- world phenomena.

7. ART APPRECIATIION/HUMANITIES 7.1 Demonstrate understanding of the totality of human experience by formulating a human perspective that integrates all areas of knowledge 7.2 Manifest appreciation of arts as a result of an integrative and holistic view of life


The expressionist painters at the turn of the century tried to depict state of mind rather than to make a realistic copy of some object. In other worlds, expressionist paintings _______. A.give the felling rather than the appearance of things B. resemble camera snapshots C. are all about people D. are all done in oils.


Those who have a deep appreciation of the beautiful tend to _______ the good and the beautiful. A.preserve C. spoil B.discard D. hide





Art and music are necessary ingredients to a child’s education. Which statement/s supports the idea of this sentence? I.Music and art intensify a child’s imagination II. Music teachers discipline, taem work, math and poetry through rhythem. III. Painting helps a kinesthetic learner express abstract concepts in concreate forms. A. I, II, III C. I and II B. III only D. I only


Art and music are essential ingredients to a child’s education, yet ironically both subjects are the first disciplines to be eliminated when budget is inadequate. In an effort to streamline school budget and teach only the basics, we usually reduce curriculum to a lifeless routine of issues that lack colors, shapes, sounds and rhythm. What does the paragraph confirm? I. The importance of the arts in the education to children II. The meaninglessness of the school curriculum III.The insignificance of the arts in the school curriculum A. I C. II B. III D. I and II


Is it mortal to suppress workers’ rights to form unions in times of national emergency and why? I. No. Suppression of rights will always be a violation of human rights. II. Yes. The nation’s security takes precedence over the rights of any private association. III. Yes. Public safety must be thought of before private gain. A. II and III C. I B. II D. III


Intimes of war, soldiers must be ready to give up their lives indefense of the nation. Which normative relationship applies in this case? A. Greater urgency – saving the living before burying the dead B. Wide social order – the family before the individual C. More common good - public safety before private gain D. Higher law – inalienable rights vs. alienable


Your classmate had been sick and so had been absent from class. To help him pass, you allow him to copy your answer. Was allowing him to copy your answer morally justified? A. Yes. The end justifies the means. B. No. The end does not justify the means. C. It depends on how sincere you were. D. It depends on how much assistance to your classmate.


A wife who loves her husband dearly becomes so jealous that in a moment of savage rage, kills him. Is the wife morally responsible and why? A. No, Antecedent passion may completely destroy freedom and consequently moral responsibility. B. Yes, She killed her husband simply because of jealousy. C. It depends on the mental health of the wife. D. It depends on the cause of the wife’s jealousy



LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 191.

You failed the LET twice. You heard of someone processing fake professional teachers’ license for failed LET examinees for a fee of P50, 000. You approached her and get a fake license for a fee. Are you morally responsible? A. No, while I know it is wrong, it is my only way to redeem myself. B. Yes, but my desperate need for a license will lessen my moral responsibility. C. No, I’m not the only one doing it. D. Yes, I acted with full knowledge and consent.


Who has a greater responsibility and why? The lazy master teacher who doesnot teach well or the beginning teacher who is grouping whileshe teaches and so does not teach well either. A. The master teacher, who is older and more experienced. B. The master teacher, who is expected to have more knowledge and freedom. C. Cannot be determined; age and experience do not necessarily make one more knowledgeable and free. D. Both are morally responsible; theyu are both professional teachers.


I happen among to have unknowingly received counterfeit money from someone. At the earliest opportunity. I pass it on to someone who is not aware. Am I morally responsible? A. No, you are only passing on to another the burden that you unknowingly received. B. No, the counterfeit money did not originally come for you. C. Yes, your act is a perfect voluntary one. D. Yes, you commit another wrong.


Can children who have not reached the age of reason and have acquired foul language be held responsible? A. No, the bad habit has been contracted involuntarily and unintentionally. B. Yes, while they have not reached the age of reason, they already have a sense of what is good and bad. C. Yes, from their parents they have come to know that it is bad habit. D. We cannot say yes or no; we don’t know what is inside the children’s mind and heart.


A boy scout leaps into the sea to save a companion in danger of being drowned, though he may lose his life. Is he morally justified to risk his life? A. No. B. It depends on whether the Boy Scout can swim or not. C. Yes. D. No, if the boy being drowned did it to commit suicide.


Which oe goes with this principle: “The end does not justify the means”. A. An objective evil act can never become good inspite of the good motive. B. An objectively good act may become morally evil because of a bad motive. C. An indifferent act may become morally good or evil depending on the motive. D. Both are morally responsible: They are both professional teachers.


I get P5, 000 from the funds raised during Valentine’s Day without the knowledge of the committee and donate it to the foundation serving a group of handicap. Is my act of getting P5, 000 from the funds justify? A. Yes, the means justify the end. B. Yes, the end justifies the means. C. No, the end does not justify the means. D. Yes, if you intend to tell the committee afterwards.





While illustrates the principle: “Circumstances may change a good or an different act into a punishable one”. A. You, the teacher, insulting a student is worse than a student belittling the classmate. B. To steal money from a poor classmate is worse than to steal from a rich classmate. C. Slapping someone at a moment of rage is not as worse as slapping someone for thrill. D. You sleep seated on a chair at the back while you make your class copy notes from the board.


I don’t like to read the bulletin board, for I suspect the deadline for grades is posted there. Which type of ignorance do I possess? A. Affected ignorance C. Invincuble ignorance B. Vincible ignorance D. Crass ignorance


I pretend not to be able to play several musical instruments. I may get tied as an instrumentalist of the church choir. Which type of ignorance do I have? A. Invincuble ignorance C. Affected ignorance B. Supine ignorance D. Vincible ignorance


Which illustrate/s this principle: “Antecedent passion may completely destroy freedom and consequently moral responsibility.” A. A teacher harbors a grudge against a colleague and builds himself up to a state of frenzy and strikes his colleague. B. A man broods over an insult received from an enemy, goes drinking and finally attacks his enemy. C. A person in danger of being drowned goes into panic and holds on to a companion who also drowns. D. B and C


When can we say that a person has values? A. Lives a life of integrity, sincerity and commitment B. Enjoys life of leisure and pleasure C. Works towards self-aggrandizement D. Lives a life of merriment in the company of others


What does the term “chiaroscuro” refer to? A. An exaggerately dark background and light foreground creating the effect of space. B. Exaggerated shadows making colours more intense. C. A dark-shaded pigment created from a mixture of water and egg yolk. D. A style of brush work which creates shading.


What is the purpose of an underpainting? A. It prevents the paint from seeping through the canvas. B. It helps the date painting. C. To create a rough sketch directly on the work surface. D. It avoids over painting.


What is a glaze? A. Paint diluted with water B. A color diluted with white

C. Paint diluted with olive oil D. Paint diluted with linseed oil


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 206.

What a student can do differs from what he will do. What does this prove? A. Motivation and ability always go together, B. Students of today are hardly motivated. C. Ability is the opposite of motivation. D. Motivation differs from ability.


You are often called: “Pverty is not a haindrance to success”. What does this imply? A. The “promdi” student does not succeed because of his/her origin. B. What a person becomes in life is a product of his/her environment. C. A person is totally conditioned by his/her environment. D. It is other people that hinder people succeed.


Pedro easily carried the television by himself when his neighbor’s house was on fire. But when the fire was over, he could not bring it back to the house alone. This is on account of the hormone __________. A. pancreatic C. adrenalin B. insulin D. ptyalin


Stimulation is good for the brain. Which action is a logical application for this? A. Train your child to obey orders blindly. B. Retire early so youy will be spared of the challenge of work. C. Avoid giving challenging tasks to teenagers for they easily discouraged. D. Give top children toys that they can manipulate.


A biology teacher asked each one in the class to introduce himself/herself using biological concepts. Foru students introduced themselves as follows: I have XX chromosomes I have XY chromosomes I have so much testosterone in my blood stream. I have much estrogen circulating within me. What is true of the four students? A. Two are girls. C. Two are effeminate B. Two are “tomboys”. D. The four have identity problems.


A biology teacher describe herself biologically: “My estrogen level is decreasing and I have sign of osteoporosis.” What is the TRUE of the biology teacher? A. She is a spinster. B. She is in her latwe adolescence. C. She is in her post-menopausal period. D. she is a chain smoker.


Which statement on human intelligence is CORRECT? A. It consists of multiple intelligences. B. It is reliably measured by a verbal test. C. It is verbal ability and abstract reasoning. D. It is fixed at birth.


Which idea contradictsthe concept of free will? A. Evolutionary theory C. Memetics B. Creationism D. Biological determinism





A behavioural psychologist would probably say that ____________. A. introspection is a useful way to study mental processes. B. the mind is most important when analyzing behaviour. C. we act based on rewards and punishments received. D. the unconscious stimulates our behavior.


Which among the following are qualities of an authoritarian parent? A. High level of both control and warmth. B. High level of control, and a low level of warmth. C. low level of both control control and warmth. D. low level of control, and a high level of warmth.


An individual who can find minute differences between small objects possesses which of the following? A. A good long-term memory C. A low difference threshold B. A high difference threshold D. A good short-term memory


The method of classical conditioning begins with ______________. A. the conditioned stimulus and response B. the unconditioned stimulus and conditioned response C. the unconditioned stimulus and response


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS)

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