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1st round: It started with Box test. the question are as follows. 1) Box1 box2 box3 13 11 7 using ony addition and subtraction bring 19 in box1 and 30 in box3. 2) box1 contains Son's current age is 13 and box2 contains fathers current age is 58 box3 contain sum of father and son six yrs back. bring father's age 13yrs before son was born in box 1 and sum of father and son after 7yrs. 3) box1-2 box2-12 box3-350 using multiplication and division only bring 74 in box 3 in 3steps 4) box 1 cotain odd value X or Y the box 2 =X i.e 7 or 12 box 3= Y has value 19 if X is 7 or 31 if x is 12 get even value X or Y Use any operator steps allowed 3 5)69,70 or 71 in box-1 ; 18,19, or 20 in box-2 ; 60,61, or 62 in box-3 get 3 , -4 , or -5 in box-2 in 3 steps.Use all operations i.e. ( +,-,*,/ ). 6)box1-a box2-b box3- get 3a-2b-c in box3 using only subtract 3steps 7)box1-a box2--a box3-a-1 in 3steps using any operation get a*(a-1)-(a-1)*a in box2 8) t is the total number of sun glass sold which has c number of cartons and l l oose glasses. Each cartons contains 27 glasses. If each sale of carton, 3rs disc ount is awarded on each glass. Each glass cost rs9. Box1- total number of glass sold box2- Cost of each glass box3-discount on each glass using any operation in 6 steps, bring total discount and total selling price in box2 and box3 respectivily 9) box1: p=cost of a dozen bag box2: 84(duty on 12bags) box3: 7(num of bag purchased by customer) bring cost + duty of 7 bags in box 1 2nd round: it was again an apti round. it had 5 pprs A,B,C,D,E. Paper A was 20 marks, 20 mins, 20 question, no -ve marking. It was filled with s eries. Paper B had 10 mins, 20question, contains -ve marking. I forgot wht it had Paper C had 20 mins 10question, Has -ve marking. It was filled with tables and m anupulation Paper D had 6questions 20mins. No -ve marks. It was tooo too tough. i remeber fe w question 1) 1 1/1 = ? 2) ATOM + BOMB = BINGO A=7, G=9 find ATOM, BINGO, BOMB 3) PORK/CHOP=C, If C=2, Find PORK and CHOP 4) xx7 and xxx are two numbers and we have to mulitply them

xx7 xxx ______ xxxx xxxxxx ______ 3xxx17 find all x's Paper A,b,c,d are continous theres 10mins break for paper e paper E was 90mins and 90question. it has very little quant, very little logical reasoning.

10. What is essential for man to survive? (food) 11. What is the first letter of the direction that is to the left of direction i n which sun rises? 12. If 35 people play hockey and 10 people play both football and hockey and if 10 people play hockey and cricket and 5 people play all three games then the num ber of people playing hockey alone is? 13. How many number of weights do u need to weigh 31 kg of rice if u have only o ne 1kg weights stone ? a. 30

b. 31



14. an article whose initial cost is Rs 400 is subjected for discounts of 25%, 1 5%, and 40% what is the amount the customer have to pay? 15. two trains are coming in the opposite direction each at a speed of 60 kmph, now a fly on one train moves towards the other with a speed of 80kmph, how much distance will it cover before it is crushed.? 16. a man walks at 40kmph and reaches the distance in 10 min less than that of u sual . by walking at 60 kmph he reaches 10 minutes earlier. the distance covered by him is.? 17. The ratio of two numbers is 2/3, and if a 1 is subtracted from the numerator

and a 1 is added to the remainder the ratio becomes 1/2, then the numbers are.? 18. a pizza which is thin is cut into 'x' pieces by 4 straight lines then the lo west possible value of x is? 19. The number 50 is divided into two equal parts, the ratio of the largest part to the smallest is 2/3, then the largest part is? 20. If x and y are multiples of 2 then which are all the multiples of 2 a. x*y b.x^y Completly diff....

c. x+y

d. x-Y

e. x/y

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