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Through the years calisthenics or natural body weight training has been getting more and more popular especially with the existence of fitness “greats” who, with much passion and dedication, have helped promote the discipline. Now we see so many people and groups doing what is popularly known now as “street workout.” In this post we’re featuring 49 of these fitness greats. Here are 49 of the best calisthenic masters in the world.

Hannibal For King (yes, that’s really what he calls himself) is best known as one of the most intense body weight calisthenics experts in existence. He has been known to do hanging ab flutters, straight arm flagpoles off a fence or gate, and other unbelievable body weight calisthenic moves. Learn more about him on Facebook and YouTube.

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Hit Richards is the founder and president of The Calisthenics Kingz, an organization of professional performance-based fitness training experts whose mission is to promote fitness through calisthenics. This organization aims to let people know of the benefits of natural body weight exercises. You can check out Hit Richards on Facebook. Learn more about The Calisthenics Kingz on their website, Facebook and YouTube.

Al Kavadlo is a successful personal trainer who favors progressive calisthenics as opposed to traditional weight training. He is known throughout the world for his feat of strengths and has been appointed lead instructor for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification. He is the author of Raising The Bar: The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenicsand will soon release his latest book Pushing The Limits! Total Body Strength With No Equipment. Visit Al Kavadlo’s blog and YouTube and Facebook pages. You can also check out the official Facebook page of his blog. Page 3 of 26

Meckanimal, also known as Godfrey Ali, was inspired by Hannibal For King to pursue a life with calisthenics. He is a personal trainer and avid believer of calisthenics based workouts. Find out more from his website, on YouTube and Facebook.

Juice, a personal trainer from New York, is another true disciple of calisthenics or as they call it, the Beastmode workout. Check him out on YouTube and Facebook.

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Adam Raw is an amazing calisthenics expert from the Czech Republic. Find Adam on YouTube and Facebook.

The Bar Brothers is a calisthenics workout team who uses effective body weight exercises for strength. Look these guys up on their website, Facebook andYouTube.

Denis Minin is the Ukrainian “Michael Jordan” and is very much into body weight calisthenics. He has an organization called Street-Workouts.org which aims to keep kids off the streets by inspiring and motivating them to do something with their lives. You can find Denis on Facebook and YouTube. Page 5 of 26

Lad’a Pridal is another body weight calisthenics enthusiast from the Czech Republic. He started his training in 2009 and has since then changed his way of life with calisthenics. Check out his amazing workouts on his YouTube channel.

Ido Portal is an internationally renowned fitness instructor who specializes in body weight fitness training and gymnastics oriented strength and conditioning training. He studied martial arts as a kid, discovered capoeira, and went on to train in various disciplines such as gymnastics, boxing, yoga, dance and lots more. Taking everything he learned from these and his studies of the human body and sports, he developed a system of movement more commonly known now as the Ido Portal Movement. Ido Portal is also known as a great speaker, motivator and coach. You can read more about the movement on Facebook and YouTube.

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Frank Medrano is an extreme calisthenics athlete and personal trainer. He was a track athlete in high school and became interested in bodybuilding soon after. In 2010 he started doing calisthenics from watching YouTube videos and being inspired by the likes of Hit Richards and Kalosthenos. Frank also changed his diet and became a full vegan. He encourages others to tap into their body’s potential and develop a better physique through free weights and calisthenics. Learn more about Frank on his website and Facebook. Check out his incredible moves on YouTube.

Mike Fitch is an experienced fitness professional who decided to seek out new ways to workout when his daily routine no longer challenged him. He created the Global Bodyweight Training or GBT system. The GBT system incorporates elements of several fitness programs including strength training, parkour, gymnastics, capoeira, breakdancing, and other body weight disciplines.

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Read more about Mike and Global Bodyweight Training on theirwebsite, on Facebook and YouTube.

Jim Bathurst is an award winning trainer, athlete, and certified specialist in strength and conditioning. He created his website Beast Skills to help others with their own body weight training, gymnastics and acrobatic skills through tutorials. Check out more from Jim on the Beast Skills site, on Facebook andYouTube.

Pavle Djurdjevic is from Bosnia and is well known for street workout, which is a mix of gymnastics and acrobatics done out in the open (thus, the term “street”) and in freestyle mode, meaning the one doing the workout can incorporate anything he feels like doing. This keeps the workout fun and fresh and continuously challenging. Find out more on his Facebook and YouTube pages. Page 8 of 26

Pavel Rudometkin is one of the youngest in this list. He started doing calisthenics as a young teen. He currently runs The Fortress, a website which features workouts and training programs that folks can try on their own. You can read more about Pavel and The Fortress on his website, Facebook and YouTube.

Willy Weldens is a French body weight strength athlete and performer. He is known for his amazing acrobatic performances and feats of body weight strength during his shows. Visit Willy Weldens’s website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

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Terroll Lewis is from the UK and is the man behind Block Workout. He founded Block Workout in 2009 and he started giving classes based on his training style. Block Workout uses natural body movements and weight exercises to improve one’s fitness. Block Workout is now one of the fastest growing movements in the UK. Read more about Terroll and Block Workout on their website,Facebook and YouTube pages.

Edward Checo is the man behind Barstarzz, an international team of bodyweight experts who aim to inspire people to work out. Of course, this group trains using creative calisthenics or freestyle calisthenics. You can find Barstarzz on their website, on Tumblr, Facebook, andYouTube.

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Daniel Vadnal is well known as a gymnastics and bodyweight expert. He runs FitnessFAQs.tv which features tutorials and information on how to do body weight training and gymnastics strength training. It aims to show people that they can Check out Daniel’s amazing moves and workouts on Facebookand YouTube.

Obsidian from Manchester is a parkour athlete who uses incredible body weight exercises for strength training. For more of Obsidian’s amazing street workouts, check out his YouTube page.

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Jerome Fitness is focused on giving educational information and tutorials related to fitness, flexibility, and nutrition. It is hosted by Jerome, a Dutch fitness enthusiast, who wanted to inspire others to work out and better themselves. Find out more on the website, Facebook and YouTube.

Sonny Lupica founded the Bar Master Crew of Sicily, Italy. Sonny began his training in calisthenics in 2012 and some of his friends started joining him during his workouts. His goal is to promote calisthenics in his country. Check out this guy and his crew on YouTube.

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Tee Major is a personal trainer and strength coach. He is also currently serving as military group fitness instructor in the United States Army. He was an athlete in his teens and went on to become one of the best trainers in the world. Tee Major Fitness aims to help people improve and change for the better through small attainable goals–in line with the Japanese “Kaizen” philosophy. Check him out on his website, YouTube, and Facebook.

Danya Che from Moscow happens to be a clinical psychologist by profession but chose to devote his life to his workout or vorkaut, a combination of gymnastics and body weight training. The workout is associated to street workout. Check out his Youtube page here.

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Danny Kavadlo is a nutrition consultant and personal trainer who’s been doing strength training and calisthenics for over 25 years. He is also well known for being one of the key players in making street workout as popular as it is now. He also happens to be Al Kavadlo’s brother. Learn more about Danny on his website and YouTube page.

Sam Tribble is a champion gymnast and he founded Tribb Sports, Giants Gymnastics, and Team Spinnovation. He is also one of the members of the original Strength Project team. Strength Project is an all-around fitness team that doesn’t solely focus on acrobatics only or calisthenics, but promotes any type of movement as long as it is an efficient, practical, and safe way to reach your goal. Check them out on YouTube, Facebook, and on their website.

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Naka Athletics, created by gymnast and strength and conditioning coach Carl Paoli, is a training program that caters to all action sports athletes. The program focuses on strength and conditioning, nutrition, physical therapy, and trampoline or freestyle work. It aims to help athletes build a solid foundation to take their passion to a higher level. Naka Athletics also design the Gymnastics WOD program to help athletes build their gymnastics foundation. Read more about Naka Athletics on their website and on YouTube.

KRAP Style is an Italian Freestyle Sports Association. It also happens to be a popular clothing brand and the owner of one of the biggest indoor parkour facility in Europe. KRAP promotes all types of freestyle sports such as parkour, freerunning, capoeira, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, juggling, and any other freestyle sport you can think of. The group aims to promote a life philosophy that incorporates the values of sports, creativity, socialization, determination, mental and physical well being, and love and respect. Find out more on their website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. Page 15 of 26

The Body Practice promotes a complete body workout system with no training equipment required. The workout consists of intervals of various exercises incorporating calisthenics, yoga, martial arts, static and dynamic exercises. The group offers workshops, DVDs of their workout programs, and even a training program for those who want to teach the system. Find out more on the official website, Facebook and YouTube.

Ugis Rozenbahs is well known for calisthenics and ghetto workout or street workout. His passion is to inspire other to workout and live a fitter and healthier lifestyle. He believes in working out without the use of weights or equipment, just your own body weight. He founded Street Workout Valmiera. Check him out on Facebook and YouTube.

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World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (formerly World Street Workout Federation) is a non-profit worldwide organization that brings together street workout enthusiasts and organizations on a global level. The federation organizations international events such as the Street Workout World Championship. The WSWCF works to develop street workout as a professional sport and social movement and for it to be recognized as such. Find them on their website and on Facebook.

The mission of Street Workout Worldwide is to bring together street workout athletes from all over the world and inspire others to go for their dream or their passion. Check out their Facebook page for more information. Page 17 of 26

BarStarzz is a group of calisthenics experts who strive to inspire people all around the world to workout. This international team train using what they call creative calisthenics which is unlike what most people are familiar with. Find them on their website and on Facebook.

MadBarz (formerly Bar-Community) is basically a community of all the bodyweight and street workout enthusiasts in the world. In Bar community, they can share experiences, street workouts, training styles, and programs. Find these guys on Facebook and on their website.

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Gold Medal Bodies provides complete body movement program that incorporates bodyweight training and gymnastic rings exercises to develop one’s fundamentals– strength, agility, balance, and control. Learn more on their website and Facebook page.

Strength & Conditioning is run by Nick Fazio who’s all about bodyweight training, calisthenics and explosive plyometrics. Fazio’s YouTube channel features home exercises and workouts for anyone who wants to get fit Find out more on Facebook and YouTube.

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Bar-Risan is a calisthenics or street workout team from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These guys consider themselves amateur but they can already do some pretty amazing feats. Their goal is to simply do their best to inspire others to workout the way they do and live a healthier lifestyle. Find out more on Facebook and YouTube.

Bar-Monsterz is a group from Amsterdam. It was founded by Aviator and Johnny Cake. They started with calisthenics in 2010 and created a group with a few other athletes. Check out Bar-Monsterz on their website, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Svetice Workout is an organization in Croatia and its main purpose is to promote street workout or calisthenics and personal development. It’s about extreme street workout and going beyond your boundaries. Learn more from their Facebook and YouTube pages.

Pull Up Portugal is a community of street workout athletes and enthusiasts. Learn more from their online forum and Facebookpage.

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Ranjit Bhachu is one of the most well known street workout athletes in the UK. He’s known for his incredible strength. He’s a part of Street Strength UK team. Check him out on Facebook.

Luis Rodrigues is a bar athlete and is a member of Pull Up Portugal. Check him out on Facebook.

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Kevin Soler is a member of France’s Street Workout 83, an organization which aims to spread awareness about street workout and encourage more people to get in shape. He is very well known in the international street workout competition circuit. Find out more about Kevin and Street Workout 83 on theirwebsite, YouTube and Facebook.

Jordan Hill is a member of Bar Brothers Florida, a bodyweight training group who likes to call their workout “baristhenics.” Jordan considers himself a “fitness freak” and a great motivator. He only wants to see others progress in their development. Check out Jordan’s YouTube channel and check out Bar Brothers Florida on Facebook.

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Corey Hall is also of Bar Brothers Florida. Like Jordan he also calls himself a fitness freak and loves helping other people achieve a healthy lifestyle Check out Core’s workouts and tips on YouTube.

Team Physix is a bar/street workout team from Norway. They focus on bodyweight training to be successful not in only their fitness goals but in other aspects as well. They also strive to motivate others live a healthier lifestyle. Find them on YouTube and Facebook.

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Calisthenic Movement is a team from Germany. Like most of the individuals and groups on this list, they also aspire to inspire people to take charge, get fit, and choose a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about them from their website and Facebook page.

Bar-Maniacs is a calisthenics crew from Serbia. They began training in 2012 and are dedicated to helping others and motivating others to do pursue a fit life. Check Bar-Maniacs on Facebook and visit team member Dejan Stipic’s YouTube channel for some crazy workouts.

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Bar Angelz is the only group in this list that is an allwomen’s group. These Angelz strive to promote, encourage, inspire, and motivate women to become stronger through calisthenics. Find out more on their Facebook and YouTube pages.


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