47 Covert Texts to Make Her Wett

July 28, 2017 | Author: [email protected] | Category: Text Messaging
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Copyright 2014 by Socialkenny Joseph

"47 Covert Texts To Make Her Wett" "Covert is the operative word here...and also wherein lies the magic. Texting is an art...well at least it should be. Too many men fuck this art up out of ignorance more than anything else. The greatest weapon in your arsenal when trying to hook up with girls through text, will have been your ability to get a girl thinking sex without explicitly causing this in any way that is super obvious. This is where the art of "Sexual Undertones and Sexual Insinuations" comes to the forefront. This document is exactly about those 2 arts: Undertones and Insinuations.

"Vagueness" is also a huge part of what I will show you guys via text. "Vagueness" ties into Insinuations. A vague statement can also be misinterpreted for something else. That is the point of this document. To teach you guys about the power of sending vague texts in order to get a girl's mind on sex...preferably with you. On a more complex level, this is all rooted in the science of NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming]. You're essentially leading (or misleading) a girl's mind towards something [sex]. The object is to get her thinking sex! I also want to point out to you the magic of typos, errors and misspellings within your text messages. Guys are under the impression that they must construct their messages without any spelling errors whatsoever in order to impress the girl via their intelligence. Bullshit! This is all fine and dandy. But when trying to turn a girl on (without her knowing), intelligence should be the last thing on your mind. You'll see how errors in your texts can have a huge effect on the girl...in the right way. You'll also see how I structure my texts in a way which communicates to the recipient [the girl] that I'd inadvertently made some innocent typos and errors my texts. Remember you can also apologize and walk back a sexualized comment if taken the wrong way by the girl. That is a plus! Also, notice that I'm not asking any question but rather making statements and volunteering info. Doing so will take the pressure off of her by not expecting to force a reply with a question Now, before proceeding, I just want to ensure that you get the overally keys of my 47 messages. You don't have to use them verbatim with the girls you would've texted. They are only templates and examples just to give you a pertinent idea of what you should look to communicate.

However, I do utilize almost all of the following 47 texts in order to get a girl thinking sex. With you on the other hand, there will have been particular tweaks and stuff to suit your situation. So regard the 47 texts as mere templates you can play around with to tweak to your specific situation and the girl. Here we go!

1. "It is so HARD to figure you out" 2. "I want to SLIDE through your part of town to see you"

3. "I know you can handle a lot" 4. "You're gonna take it real hard when I tell you what I want"

5. "I wanted to cum by you yesterday to hang out"

6. "I want to COME"

7. "Cum for me so we can hang out"

8. "Is it wet...by you"

9. "I just CAME...at home from work. How are you"? 10. "How HARD is it to cum by you to see you"

11. "It's very wett on my side of town...rainy day"

12. "How LONG do you take it to get to work in the mornings"?

13. "I had a VERY VERY LONG day"

14. "It takes so so LONG to get it into you on Facebook. Must be a glitch in the system"

15. "I'm HARD press to believe what happened"

16. "Take it or leave it...but I prefer you take it because I know you're a strong girl"

17. "Let's take turn...on this texting thing"

18. "It's REAL hard to imagine what happened to me last night" 19. "Trying to guess real HARD how to penetrate you thoughts"

20. "I want to penetrate you thoughts to get to know you better"

21. "Penetrating deep into thoughts right now" [If and when she asks you "what's up"]

22. "It's very DEEP how you say that"

23. "Let's penetrate this idea together"

24. "I want to get deep into what you think about..."

25. "I can't get deep inside of you the way I want to"

26. "Even though it's cold, it's kinda warm inside"

27. "I can bet it's warm inside by you"

28. "Lemme come inside of you to talk for a little bit"

29. "It's HARD on me to say what I really want to say"

30. "I have a hard on time trying to find your # earlier".

31. "Every inch of this conversation is HARD to break down"

32. "Let's go inside of your head to see what's there to talk about"

33. "Cum for me...since you drive"

34. "You're HARD on me at times and I'm not even so HARD on you"

35. "My thoughts are deep inside of you right now"


"My dick head boss got on my nerve today"

37. "I played with the idea of being hard on myself over you"

38. "This slide thing on my phone is messing around every time I try to slide it open to text you"

39. "My tongue got wet thinking about eating a pizza later"

40. "Today is so rainy and wet I don't know how I'm going to start to penetrate into my day"

41. "It's 1 of those hair-pulling days for me"

42. "Can you imagine how much I suck"!

43. "I like being ontop of things to work the situation the right way"

44. "Get ontop of it when you get some time"

45. "My head is real hard when it comes to Maths" The remaining 2 Texts Illustrate 'Deliberate Typos and mispellings', which work just as powerfully to create 'sex' in the girl's mind. After you would have realized your error in spelling (or she points it out), you simply act as though it was done mistakenly...though it was deliberately planned.

46. "I'm trying to orgynize my plans for the weekend"

47. "I'm trying to get sex numbers correct in this game I'm playing" Ok guys, hope you see the significance of those 47 text messages and how powerful they are...in spite of the innocent nature of them. What you must realize is that girls are very attunes to subtleties which play on their subconscious brain. You must also take into account the reality that overt-sexual text messages have the potential to turn a girl off.

Women don't operate like we men do. Men are obvious and we love everything to be overt and transparent. Women are total opposites. They operate on an indirect paradigm until their psyche is able to handle full-blown messages. This is totally true with Sexting and phone sex. You have to start subtly and work up to something heavy. Same with sex with a new girl. You don't just jump right into it. You warm her up to to task firstly through insinuations before going heavy. This isn't only the smart approach, but it shows that you have social intelligence. Granted there are times and cases where and when overt statements are pluses. For crying out loud: I am as overt as it gets when it comes to sexualization. However, that is primarily done when interacting face to face with women. Over text messages however, you have to be more careful in using the sexual-ladder approach until the girl would've been more receptive to full-on sex talk. You overall objective of using such texts, are: 1.) To get the girl horny and thinking sex 2.) To make that transition to actually hooking up at the later time or date As for myself, I enjoy screwing with women in that way, so I would get them turned on and all hot and bothered (subtly) without strings attached by trying to take them to bed. For you however, you may want to try it out then work it up towards sex. You will have realized how powerful this text-game technique is in achieving its goal. Also, you must realize how powerful typos are. For instance, numerous times, I would send the following message to a girl- then walk it back by saying it was a typo and blame it on predictive text or something. ;)

Me: "I was thinking about fucking you while at the lake yesterday". Girl: "Huh"!? Me: "Oh sorry! This friggin' predictive text crap! I meant "FISHING" while at the lake! The fact that you walked it back and clarified the comment, doesn't take away from the initial message at all, which is that you want to fuck her at the lake. She cannot accuse you of being perverted because after all- you said it was a typo due to the phone's text setting. However, the magic would've already been done. The idea of "sex on the lake" would've been festering inside of her subconsious mind. Later on or during the same text sequence, you can drop another 1 of those vague statements packed with sexual innuendos. Before wrapping up, I want to make this crystal clear that my text-game method is NOT a trail run, but have been tested and tried time after time over the course of 5 years. This isn't wishful-thinking but actual real-world examples of how to get a girl wett without her realizing what had happened and who was the cause [you]. Also, this texting technique can be utilized across any medium where texting is available: *Facebook chat *Whatsapp Messenger *Messenger apps *iMessage *BBM (Blackberry Messenger) Even through e-mails...if you get the picture. ;) As long as you're able to text, and the girl is able to receive texts messages: then this document, inclusive of the text patterns, can be utilized fully! I've slept with many random girls through Whatsapp Messenger by implementing my text strategy. Hence, this is no pie in the sky method.

It is a format and method you can utilize time after time, again and again because it never gets old and there's no end-game to texting women...besides sex. Thanks for purchasing this document and reading. Remember to subscribe to my seduction blog for daily updates and articles on the topic of seducing women. PUA Sex Adventures 2014

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