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LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) SCIENCE


COMPETENCIES: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE (GENERAL BOILOGY) PHYSICAL SCIENCE (EARTH SCIENCE) 1. Identify scientific traits and attitudes exhibited in varius situation 2. Use scientific inquiry to investigate materials, events and phenomena in the natutal world (designing experiments, collecting, organizing, analizing and interpreting data, making conclusions and communicating results) 3. Use scientific knowledge to explain natural phenomena and protect earth’s resources 4. Analyze advantages and disadvantages of different solutions to particular problems 5. Analyze the impact of technology on living and non living things



5% 4% 3%

PRACTICE TEST: Test your mastery of the competencies. Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer. 1. Identify scientific traits and attitudes exhibited in various situations Read the text below then answer items 1 – 3. The students were arguing about the results of their experiment.following were their commnts: Student A : “Our conclusion is wrong. It is the opposite of what we learned in the lecture.” Students B and C: That’s what came out. After we designed the experiment and observed for two weeks we should not change the result. Student D: Maybe, it’s good to find out why our findings differ from what was given in the lecture. Why not repeat the same experiment? 1. Which trait of a scientist does Student A seem NOT have? A. Open-mindedness C. Blind obedience B. Truthfulness D. Ojectivity 2. Student B and C display which trait of a scientist? A. Odjectivity C. Truthfulness B. Authoritativeness D. Critical attitude 3. Why can Student D be said to have the bearing of a scientist. A. He/She can relate to people. C. He/She has a critical mind. B. He/She is objective. D. He/She is open-minded. 4. Marco is always interested in asking questions. He is also very eager to find the answers to his questions. What scientific attitude is he displaying? A. Curiosity C. Absence of prejudice B. Rationality D. Wonder




5. Monica respects the ideas of her colleagues even if they are very much contrary to her own beliefs. What important scientific altitude is seen in her actions? A. Honesty C. Open-mindedness B. Absence of prejudice D. Acceptance 6. Carlito weighs evidences dutifully before making any conclusions or decisions. He dissects the information individually before coming to a final conclusion. What scientific attitude is he displaying? A. Carefulness C. Precision B. Rationality D. Accuracy 7. While performing an experiment, Mico expresses his opinions and tries new ideas even at the risk of failure or criticism. What scientific trait is displayed in this situation? A. Curiosity C. Diligence B. Risk-taking D. Absence of ambiguity 8. Paul admits that he is not free from committing errors. He recognizes that there may be better ideas and reliazes that there are individuals whom he may have to consult to arrive at correct observations and conclusions. What scientific trait is he displaying? A. Open-mindedness C. Rationality B. Objectivity D. Humility 9. While performing research for a pharmaceutical company, Melanie gave a truthful report of observations. She did not withhold important information just to please herself or her company. What scientific attitude did she display? A. Absence of bias C. Intellectual honesty B. Faith in God D. Critical mindness 10. Chona actively participates in a task and also dutifully performs tasks assigned to her. What scientific attitude is displayed in this situation? A. Camaraderie C. Being a team playe B. Responsibility D. Unity 11. Fernan always seeks to think outside the box. He always aims to generate new and original ideas. What scientific attitude is he displaying? A. Inventiveness C. Indiffernce B. Nobility D. Absence of prejudice 12. Adolfo does not allow his fellings and biases of influence his recording, of observations, interpretation of data, and formulation of conclusions.What scientific attitudes reflected in his action? A. Absence of bias B. Concern for the environment

C. Rationality D.Objectivity

13. Dennis bases suggestions and conclusions on evidences. When in doubt, he questions the veracity of a statement in relation to the evidences presented. What scientific attitude is seen in his actions? A. firm set of beliefs C.Critical-mindedness B. Absence of bias D. Intellectual honesty 14. Jose believes that everything that happens in this world has cause or reason. What scientific attitude is seen in his actions? A. Curiosity C. Honesty B. Firm set of beliefs D. Critical mindedness


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 15. Pepita believes that God is the ultimate source of all scientific wisdom. She also upholds that it is through God’s grace the she is able to discover the mysteries of God’s creations. What scientific attitude is seen in his actions? A. Faith in god C. Honesty B. Fatalisim D. Concern 16. Alice does not allow her judgment to be influence by her likes or dislikes. What scientific attitude is seen in her actions? A. Prejudice C. Honesty B Crritical thinking D. Absence of bias 17. Miguel only creates inventions that respect and help conserve natural resources. He is advocate against pollution and illegal logging. What scientific attitude is seen in his actions? A. Concern for the invironment C. Belief in evolution B. Love of nature D. Conservatism 18. Nicaulus Copernicus Believed That the church was wrong about the Sun revolving around the Earth. Advancing his theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun eventually cost him his life. What scientific attitude is seen in his actions? A. Egotism C. Revolutionary B. Selflessness D. Positivism 2. Use scienticfic inquiry to investigate materials 19. If two variables X and Y are directly related, which of these is NOT true? A. As X increases, Y also increases. B. A high Y is associated with a high X. C. When X increases, Y increases. D. When X is low, Y also is low.

Situation: Read the following then answer questions # 20-22. Beda wants to find out if different types of wood soak up the same amount of water when wet. She plans to do the following: I. Weigh a dry block each type of wood. II. Put each block into a container full of water. III. Leave the wood in the water. IV. Take the wood out, dry the outside of each block and reweigh. V. Calculate the amount of water soaked up. 20. To be a fair test, what variables should she control? I. Size of each block II Time left in water III. Type of wood IV. Amount of water A. I and III C. I and II B. III and IV D. II and IV

21. In this experiment, what is the dependent variable? A. Type of wood used C. Time left in water



B. The amount of water soaked up 22. What is the independent variable? A. Type of wood used B. Dry weigh of each block


D. Dry weigh of each block

C. Amount of water soaked up D. Time left in water

Read the following, then answer questions # 23-27. The class was asked to design an experiment to test the effect of detergent on fish. One group came up with this experimental design. For detergent they got Tide, Surf, and Champion. For fish, Tilapia, Fingerling, goldfish and baby janitor fish contained in different sizes and shapes of battles. To the tilapia fingerling, they put 1 tbsp of Tide. To the goldfish, they put 1 tbsp of surf and to the baby janitor fish, 1 tsbp of champion. 23. What is the control group? A. The tilapia with 1 tbsp of Tide B. The baby janitor fish with 1 tsbp of champion C. The goldfish with 1 tbsp os surf D Cannot be determined 24. What is the experimental group? A. Cannot be determined B. The baby janitor fish with 1 tsbp of champion C. The goldfish with 1 tbsp os surf D. The tilapia with 1 tbsp of Tide 25. What is the dependent variable? A. The brand of detergent B. The effect of detergent on fish C. The amount of detergent D. The amount of water 26. Is there any defect of the experimental design? A. None, it is a simple yet perfect design. B. Yes, not only one but several. C. Yes, there is, but was remedied by the fact that 3 kinds of detergent were used. D. Yes, there is but was compensated by the use of not ony one type of fish but 3. 27. If you were to improve the experimental design what should you do? I. Just focus on one independent variable at a time, e.g. brand of detergent II. Make use of the same type of fish. III. Increase the number of fish and reduce the number of detergent brand involved. A. I and II C. I and III B. II only D. I only 28. Printed on the label of the bottle of cough medicine is the following instructions: “Store away from light, below 30 degrees C.” What can you infer about the cough medicine? A. It should be hidden away from children. B. It should be stored at the refrigerator. C. It is in the dark, light-proof bottle. D. It is affected by heat and light.


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 29. It is commonly observed that the most respondents to survey questionnaire checklists just check answers without really reading them. What conclusion can be derived from the common observation? A. Data gathered by way of questionnaire checklists are not very reliable. B. Respondents need to be convinced of the importance of tre research data. C. Researchers resort to questionnaire checklists for data-gathering because it is the easiest method. D. Good survey questionnaires are not easy to make. 30.

Teacher M showed the class the pottd plants placed on the window sill. She asked them to observe the direction of their growth. The pupils observed that the plants tended to grow outward. Then teacher asked the class this question: “Why do you think they tended to grow outward?” What was teacher M engaging to do? A. Formulate hypothesis B. Draw conclusion

C. Design an experiment D. Observe

31. The existence of extraterrestal life may never be proben, but this idea will become more scientifically acceptable over time if_____________. A. hyphotheses are made related to the idea B. no one disputes this idea in a scientific forum C. alternative hyphotheses are proposed and confirmed D. increasing scientific evidence supportd the idea 32. Which comes ahead in the scientific method-observation or defining the problem? A. Observation so that you can come up with a scientific problem. B. Defining a problem so that your observation becomes focused. C. No defined answer. What you observe makes you think of a problem and a problem makes you observe. D. They happen at the same time. Both are steps of the scientific method. 33. You like to know how many of your pupils have mothers and/ mothers who are presently employed as OCWs. What is/are the most rialable way to gather data? I. Intrview the pupils. II. Give questionnaire checklist to selected pupils. III. Study the grades of the pupils because those performing poorly usually have parents who work as OCWs. A. I only C. II only B. I and II D. I, II and III 34. Which of the following has the smallest mass when measured in an equal arm balance? A. 1/8 sheet of pad paper C. 1/4 sheet of pad paper B. 1/3 sheet of pad paper D. 1/2 sheet of pad paper 35. In computing data, Student F computes up to the second decimal place. As a researcher or scientist, what trait/s do/es Student F posses? I. Accuracy III. Objectivity II. Critical-mindedness IV. Truthfulness A. I and IV C. I and II B. II and III D. III and IV


36. Which does not belong? A. Conclusion B. Surmise



C. Hyphothesis D. Conjecture

For numbers 37 – 41, refer to the scientific case described below. Choose the best answer to the questions that follow. Nancy wanted to find out if virgin coconut oil can be used as a preservative for peanuts. She placed 10 peanuts each in 2 glasses. In one glass, she added enough virgin coconut oil to cover the peanuts completely. She did not put any liquid on the other glass. She then kept the two glasses on a shelf and observed them for two weeks. 37. Which among the following statements is the best problem statement in Nancy’s expirement? A. Is virgin coconut oil useful as a preservative for peanuts? B. How many peanuts can be preserved using virgin coconut oil? C. How long can virgin coconut oil act as a preservstive? 38. Which among the following is NOT a controlled variable in this experiment? A. Number of peanuts C. Amount of virgin coconut oil B. Type of glass used D. Two week observation period 39. Which among the following is an observation that may be derived from this experiment? I. Only four peanuts dried up in the glass without virgin coconut oil because of room temperature. II. Six peanut did not dry up in the glass with virgin coconut oil. III. The duration of two weeks for this experiment is too long. IV. Peanuts did not wither in virgin coconut oil beause of the presence of stearic acid. A. I only C. II and IV B. I and II D. IV 40. How many manipulated variables are present in this experiment? A. one C. Three B. Two D. Four 41. What is suitable null hypothesis for this experiment? A. If virgin coconut oil is used, peanuts will be well-preserved. B. Virgin coconut oil is equally effective as commercial nuts preservatives. C. The threshold for preservatives effect is 10peanuts only. D. Virgin coconut oil Has no significant preservative effect on peanuts. 3. Use scientific knowledge to explain natural phenomena and protects earth’s recources 42. During periods of increased global temperaturs, which of the following is likely to occur? A. An increase in atmospheric CO2 B. A decrease in atmospheric CO2 C. A decrease in in earthquakes D. A increase in in earthquakes


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 43. Why is the Philippines much hotter than Canada? The Philippines ________. A. receives sun rays closer to vertical position B. has more vegetation to absorb sunlight C. has days with more hours of light D. has a denser population than Canada 44. Geothermal energy, an energy resource in the country, is based on what phenomenon? A. Earth’s internal energy heats its surface more than the sun does. B. There are concentrations of heat in some places of Earth’s crust. C. Heat energy from the sun penetrates deep into the earth. D. human activity is the largest source energy on earth. 45. Which of these effects generally occurs as a result of warm air mass and a cooler air mass converging at earth’s surface? A. Stormy weather patterns develop. C. Winds die down B. The sky becomes clear D. Cloud formation decreases 46. Why do fisherfolks catch more fish during the new moon than during the full moon? A. Fishes are more active during the new moon because the salt content of water is just right. B. Fished look for mates during the new moon. C. Fishes go near the surface during the new moon because the water is warmer. D. Fishes attached to the light from the fishing boat which fisherman makes use of during the new moon. 47. Bagoong smells because ______________. A.air and volatile particles from bagoong mix and get spoiled further B. that is the natural scent of bagoong C.molecules from bagoong spread in air D.it uses spoiled fish ingredients 48. Every morning when the sun shines through the glass jalousie of Maria’s window, she sees a rainbow on her wall. Which could explain this? A.The glass jalousies break up the beam of sunlight into the colors of the rainbow. B. The glass jalousies cast colored shadows. C. In the morning, sunlight shines on the wall painted with rainbow colors. D. There are water droplets on the glass that act like a prism 49. Which of the following is TRUE about light and seeing? A. light hits an object, bounces, and then enters the eyes. B.Light goes out from eyes, hits an object, and then returns to the eyes. C. Light rays coming from an object meets light coming from a light source, and then enters the eyes. D. Light enters the eyes enabling people to see objects. 50. Why do leaves with green color look green in the sunlight? A. The blue and yellow bounces off from the leaves. B. They absorb the blue and yellow object and yellow light. C. They absorb the green light. D. they reflect green light.




51. Why does the level of water in a beaker rise after a stone is placed in it? A. The stone takes the place occupied by water. B.The stone has more mass than water. C. The water weighs less than the stone. 52. Why do people feel their ears pop or crack when they are up in the air? A. There are less air particles. C. Air is cooler. B. There are more air particles. D. Air is cleaner. 53. Which of the following activities help reduce water pollution? A. Cleaning of soap instead of detergent. B. Treating wastewater before it is discharged. C. Throwing only liquid wastes. D. Using organic fertilizers in farms. 54. The manager of textile factory considers it too expensive to treat liquid wastes so he suggested digging a hole near the factory where the wastes can be stored is this environmentally safe? A. No, the liquid can be recycled. B. No, the liquid wastes will seep to the groundwater. C. Yes, the liquid will pass to the layers of soil and becomes clean. D. Yes, the liquid can be recycled. 55. Why are nights cooler when the sky is clear than when it is overcast? A. Rain falls when water vapor condenses above freezing point. B. Cooler air holds less vapor. C. The sun is hidden during the night. D. There is no cloud cover to prevent heat from escaping. 56. Water covers about 75% of the Earth’s surface and yet some people still do not have enough water to drink. Why? I.Most of world’s water is salty. II. Most of our bodies of water are polluted by chemicals. III. Most freshwater are frozen in ice caps. A. I and II C. II and III B. I, II and III D. I and II 57. Children born with a deficiency of thyroxin _________ if deficiency is not checked. A. lose their hair C. grow too rapidly B. have weak bones D.become mentally retarded 58. The correct way of eating fruits is when eaten ____________. A. with an empty stomach C. before sleeping at night B. after meals D. during snacks 59. An eclipse of the sun throws the shadow of the _______. A. moon on the earth C. earth on the sun B. moon on the sun D. earth on the moon


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 60. The following are effects of global warming EXCEPT ___________. A. thinning of the ozone layer B. extreme weather events C. changes in the aiming of seasonal patterns in ecosystem D. expansion of tropical diseases. 61. John experienced a lack of growth hormone (GH) as a child. Now that John is an adult, it is likely that he _________. A. has cognitive and emotional problems as a result of his hormone deficiency B. has normal adult body proportions, but an extremely short stature C. is of normal height, but has child-like body proportions D. has develop a physique similar to that typically seen in females 62. Which among the following represents the smallest unit of life? A. Embryo C. Cell B. Organelle D. Atom 63. Which of the following statements about living things is FALSE? A. All living things use energy to function. B. All living things are composed of cells. C. All living things have a nervous system. D. All living things are capable of reproduction. 64. Which of the following best describes a group of cells that work together to perform a function? A. Tissue C. Organ B. Organ system D. Organism 65. Which among the following are duplicated during the process of mitosis? A. Centromeres C. Chloroplasts B. Chromosomes D. Centrosomes 66. Plants create their own food by absorbing and processing sunlight. The ability to produce one’s own food source is a metabolic process known as ___________. A. Heterotrophy C. Homotrophy B. Autotrophy D. Ditrophy 67. Fungi absorb the nutrients from dead organisms. In an ecosystem what roles do they play? A. Producers C. Saprophytes B. Carnivore D. Epiphytes 68. Which among the following cell organelles does NOT participate in cellular division? A. Ribosomes C. Mitotic spindle B. Chromosomes D. Cytoplasm 69. Which of the following is an example of a symbiotic relationship? A. Wolves working together to hunt in a pack B. Plants growing in the same rolling meadow C. Humans and their pets living in the same home D. Weeds clinging to the roots of trees in your backyard




70. Which of the following is NOT an example of a naturall-occurring sugar? A. Sucrose C. Glucose B. Mitose D. Galactose 71. Which of the following is a proper example of natural selection? A. Human beings continue to get taller because of thousands of years of proper nutrition. B. A community of lady bugs begins having offspring with darker shells, in order to hide from their predators. C. Albino rodents die off quickly in a community, being more vulnerable to certain pancreatic diseases. D. Seagulls begin to eat so many fish so that only those with dark blue scale color survive. 72. What is the main difference between prokaryotes and the eukaryotes? A. The eukaryote has a nucleus, but the prokaryote does not have. B. The prokaryote has a nucleus, but the eukaryote does not have. C. The eukaryote is always larger than the prokaryote. D. The eukaryote is the only type of cell than is capable of photosynthesis. 73. Which of the following statements is TRUE about parasites and their relationships with their hosts? A. The parasite and the host enjoy a mutual relationship, where both organisms benefit. B. The parasite enjoys the benefits of a relationship in which the host is harmed or killed. C. The host enjoys the benefits of a relationship in which the parasite is harmed or killed. D. Neither the parasites nor host is really harmed in their symbiotic relationship. 74. Vascular tissue that transports water and leaves connects directly to which of the following? A. Meristems in the root tip C. Root hairs in the epidermis B. Pistils in the flower D. Xylem in the stem 75. One immediate cause of a decrease in the rate of photosynthesis is the reduction in the availability of which of the following substances? A. Carbon Dioxide C. Hydrogen B. Carbon monoxide D. Oxygen 76. Which type of digestion occurs in the mouth when an individual chews a piece of bread? A. Mechanical digestion only B. Chemical digestion only C. Both mechanical chemical digestion D. Neither mechanical nor chemical digestion 77. Which among the following gases is green in color? A. krypton C. Radon B. Neon D. chlorine 78. What does a pH below 7 indicate? A. Presence of ions B. Purity of the sample

C. Alkalinity D. Acidity

79. Which of the following best describe the amount of energy required to remove an electron from a gaseous atom? A. Activation energy C. Ionization energy B. Free energy D. Lattice energy


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 80. Which of the following has the most pollar bond? A. N2 C. F2 B. HF d. HCI 81. A molecule or an ion is classified as a lewis base if it has of the following properties? A. Donates a proton to water C. Has a resonance structure B. Accepts a pair of electrons D. Accepts a proton from water 82. Which among the following elements can be drawn into thin wires and hammered intop thin sheets? A. Ag C. Cu B. Na D. Sn 83. Alchemists in ancient Egypt tested gold for purity by remelting it and heating it. if the gold became whiter, it contained ___________. A. copper C. silver B. lead D. tin 84. Salts of water of the following metals are added to fireworks to make them brilliant red? A. Copper C. Potassium B. Barium D. Strontium 85. What inter molecular forces do geckos and other lizards use to stick to walls and ceilings? A. Van der waals forces C. Hydrogen bonding B. Static ionic attractions D. dipole-dipole attractions 86. If no more solute can be dissolve in a solvent at a given temperature, then that solution is called ________. A. saturated C. saturable B. unstable d. dispersed 87. A horizontal row of elements on the periodic table is known as a(n) ________. A. group or family C. size B. atomic number D. period or series 88. According to the modern periodic law, the chemical property of the elements are periodic functions of their ___________? A. atomic weight C. atomic number B. isotopic weight D. atomic mass 89. The amount of substance having 6.02 x 1023 of any kind of chemical unit is called a(n) _____. A. mass number C. formula B. mole D. atomic weight 90. Breaking up solid speeds dissolving in a liquid by _________. A. raising the temperature C. increasing surface area B. decreasing the pressure D. slowing hydration 91. Fats do not dissolve in water because fats ___________. A. are polar and wateris nonpolar C. are nonpolar and water is polar B. and water are both nonpolar D. and water are both polar



92. What is the location on the Earth’s surface that is directly above the place where an earthquakes originates? A. focus C. Hypocenter B. Epicenter D. Fault 93. If there are several earthquakes in a row, what is the name of these earthquakes? A. Tertiary shock C. Mainshock B. Foreshock D. Aftershock 94. What is the partially molten layer of the earth called? A. Asthenosphere C. Hydrosphere B. Biosphere D. Lithosphere 95. What part of earth is thought to be composed of iron and nickel? A. Hydrosphere C. Lithosphere B. Asthenosphere D. Core 96. What is the numerical value for the hardest mineral on the Mohs hardness scale? A. 10 C. 20 B. 11 D. 100 97. Which among the following properties is a measure of how easily a mineral can be scratched? A. Streak C. Luster B. Specific gravity D. Hardness 98. Rock fragments thrown into the air during a volcanic eruption are called ________. A. Tephra C. Granite B. Extrusive D. Lava 99. What is a pyroclastic flow? A. When lava comes out of the volcanic vent B. A mixture of volcanic gas, ash, and other tephra C. Poisonous gas of a volcano D. Lava that is harden into a batholiths 100.

What type of clouds produce thunderstorm? A. Cirrus C. Cumulus B. cumulonimbus D. Stratus


What is an example of natural air pollution? A. Smoke from forest fires B. Carbon monoxide from engine exhaust C. Dust from desertification D. Acid precipitation


How is oxygen released into the Earth’s atmosphere? A. Burning forests C. Burning fossil fuels B. Photosynthetic plants D. Volcanic eruptions



LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 103.

Which is TRUE of the earth throughout geologic time? A. Always colder than the present C. Only warmer than the present B. Warmer and colder than the present D. A steady temperature


Where are most asteroids located? A. Orbiting all planets B. Outside of plotu’s orbit

C. Between Earth and Venus D. Between Mars and Jupiter


Before metamorphism, marble was what type of rock? A. Schist C. Silstone B. Rock salt D. Limestone


What type of lens is a magnifying glass? A. Convex B. Concave

C. Plane-concave D. Plane glass


What is the name of the point where light rays from infinity converge after passing through a lens? A. Parabola C. Focus B. Center D. Infinity


Which of the following is NOT a good heat insulator? A. Wood C. Feathers B. Wool D. Iron


Bending of light rays when they enter a different medium is known as ________. A. reflection C. convection B. refraction D. radiation


When a spring is released, its potential energy is converted to ________ energy. A. magnetic C. light B. mlectrical D. kinetic


A car is travelling in a circle with a constant speed. Which statement is TRUE? A. The car has a constant velocity but changing acceleration. B. The car has a changing velocity but constant acceleration. C. The car has a changing velocity but changingacceleration. D. The car has a constant velocity but constant acceleration.


A rock is dropped out of the window of a moving car. At the same time a ball is dropped from rest from the same height. Neglecting air resistance, which will reach the ground first? A. Rock will hit the ground first. C. Both will hit t the same time. B. Ball will hit the ground first. D. Neither will hit the ground.


A boy and a girl riding on a merry-go-round which is turning at a constant rate. The boy is near the outer rim and the girl is closer to the centre of rotation. Hoe do magnitudes of their accelerations compare? A. The girl’s acceleration is greater. B. The boy’s acceleration is greater. C. The boy and the girl both have zero acceleration. D. They both the same non-zero magnitude acceleration.





A piece of mud flies off the rim of a bicycle wheel. In what direction will it be going immediately after leaving the wheel? A. On a line directly away from the center of the wheel. B. On a line at at a tangent to the edge of the wheel. C. On a curved path moving around the wheel. D. On a straight line directed somewhere between the center and the edge.


A golf ball is fired at a bowling ball initially at rest and bounces back elastically. Compared to the bowling ball, the golf ball after the collision has __________. A. lower magnitude momentum and less kinetic energy. B. lower magnitude momentum but more kinetic energy. C. greater magnitude momentum but less kinetic energy. D. greater magnitude momentum but more kinetic energy.


A boy and a girl riding on a merry-go-round that is turning. The boy is twice as far as the girlfrom the merry go round’s center. If the boy and the girlare of equal mass, which statement is true about the boy’s moment of inertia with respect to the axis of rotation? A. It is four times the girl’s. B. It is twice the girl’s. C. It is the same for both. D. The boy has a greater moment of inertia but it is hard to determine how much more than the girl’s it is.


Some children are riding on the outside edge of a merry-go-round. At the same time, the children all move towards the center of the merry-go-round. When they do this, which among the following happens? A. The angular momentum of the system stays constant. B. The moment of inertia of the system stays constant. C. The angular velocity of the system stays constant. D. The merry-go-round slows down.


A convex mirror has a focal length f. An opbject is placed between f and 2f from the mirror. The image form is _______. A. vrtual and enlarged C. real and enlarged B. virtual and reduced in size D. real and reduced in size


Rays that pass through a lens very close to the principle axis are more sharly focused than those that are very far from the axis. This spherical aberration helps us understand which of the following phenomena? A. We become more far-sighted as we become older. B. We become more near-sighted as we become older. C. We can only see in the black and white in dim light. D. It is easier to read in bright light than it is in dim light.


If you lower a frequency of a wave in a string you will ___________. A. shorten its period C. increase its wavelength B. lower its speed D. lower its amptitude


Which is the method that uses organisms to clean up toxic waste? A. Bioremediation C. Deforestation B. Carrying capacity D. Monoculture


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 122.

The process of restoring mined land to its original contours and vegetation is called __________. A. bioremediation C. reclamation B. recycling D. reforestation


Which is NOT an effect of increase urbanization? A. Increase of flooding C. Decrease of wetlands B. Increasing volume of solid waste. D. Preservation of antural habitats


Why are ecosystems with high biodiversity more stable than those with fewer species? A. They have a higher carrying capacity. B. They have a higher number of species. C. They recover from negative events more quickly. D. They have a higher groth rate.


What combine with atmospheric moisture to create acid precipitation? A. Carbon dioxide and sulfur oxide B. sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide C. Carbon dioxide and ozone D. nitrogen oxides and methane


Which one CORRECTLY explains global warming? A. An increase in the concentration in ozone B. A decrease in the amount of deforestation C. A decrease in Earth’s average surface temperature D. An increase in Earth’s average surface temperature


Which is an example of a way to improve efficiency in transportation? I. se of fuel-efficient, hybrid, or electric cars II. Carpooling III. Use of public transportation A. I, II and III C. II and III B. I and II D. I and III


What is the production of two usable forms of energy at the same time from the same process? A. Sustainable energy C. Conservation B. Energy efficiency D. Cogeneration


How is biogas produced? A. Conversion of plant and animal waste in a digester B. By mixing methane and oxygen C. Using fertilizer in a digester container D. Conversion of anaerobic bacteria to carbon dioxide gas


What is the process in which a heavy nucleus divides to form smaller nuclei, one or two nucleus, and a large amount of energy? A. Radioactive decay C. Nuclear fission B. Nuclear reaction D. Nuclear fussion





Iodine is the mineral found in seafood and iodized salt. Which gland in the human body needs iodine for the regulation of growth? A. Pancreas C. Kidneys B. Pituitary Gland D. Thyroid gland


Scurvey is caused by the lack of _______. A. Vitamin B C. Vitamin C B. Vitamin E D. Vitramin A


Which of the following parts of the digestive system is CORRECTLY paired with its function? A. Esophagus – Digests carbohydrates C. Small intestine – absorbs water B. Stomach – digests fats D. Liver – produces bile


A food label on a cereal box gives you the following information: a serving size equals one cup and there are 110 Calories per serving. You measure the amount of cereal you plan to eat and find that it measures 1 1/2 cups. How many calories will you consume? A. 110 Calories C. 220 Calories B. 165 Calories D. 1,100 Calories


Which blood type is universal donor? A. Type AB B. Type A

C. Type O D. Type


What is the largest organ in the human body? A. Skin C. Heart B. Liver D. Fish


Osteoporosis is a disease that results in weak bones. What food s would you need to eat to help prevent tyhis disease? A. Vegetables C. Root crops B. Dairy products D. Fish


What do you call the device used to measure the blood pressure of a person? A. Seismograph C. Stethoscope B. Thermometer D. Sphygmomanometer


The process that most living organisms perform to obtain energyfrom suger and oxygen is called __________. A. breathing C. digestion B. respiration D. glycolysis


Breathing is controlled by the part of the brain called __________. A. cerebrum C. medulla oblongata B. pons D. spinal cord


Why do seasons occur on Earth? A. The sun rotates on its axis. B. Earth revolves on its axis

C. Earth’s axis tlted. D. Earth rotates on its axis.


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 142.

Which part of the flower develops into fruits? A. Ovule C. Petal `B. Ovary D. Anther


Trace the energy transformation when a flashlight is on. A. chemical light electrical B. electrical chemical light C. chemical electrical light D. electrical light chemical


Which of the following is unit of structure in all living things? A. Tissue C. Cell B. Organ D. Musle


Which is the correct sequenceof the stages of mitosis A.Telophase, Anaphase, Metaphase, Prophase B. Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, Prophase C. Anaphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Telophase D. Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase


The propulsion of jets and rockets is based on newton’s law of __________. A. Acceleration C. Inertia B. Interaction D. Gravitation


Why are shadows formed? A. Light travels through opague objects. B. Light is reflected. C. Light is refracted. D. Light travels in a straight line.


What produces tremendous energy from the sun? A. Nuclear disintegration C. Nuclear Fusion B. Nuclear fission D. Nuclear decomposition


Which has a higher specific heat? A. Sand B. Water

C. Soil D. wood

Sounds travel fastest in __________. A. gas B. liquid

C. solid D. air



Which explains the absence of weather on the moon? A. Moon rotates on itrs axis fast . C. Moon’s gravity is high. B. Moon revolves very fast. D. Moon has no atmosphere.


Which law states that heat flows from the bodies at high temperature to one at low temperature? A. Thermodynamics C. Transformantion of renergy B. Energy change D. Retention of energy




Which atomic particle determines the isotope of an element? A. Positron C. Electron B. Proton D. Neutron


Who proposed the theory of evolution that is based on natural selection? A. Watson C. Lamarck B. Darwin D. Mendel


What gas is released during photosynthesis? A. Carbon dioxide C. Nitrogen B. Oxygen D. Hydrogen


Which instrument is used to detect earthquake intensity? A. Anenometer C. Seismograph B. Barograph D. Clinometer


Which of the following radioactive emissions are arranged in the order of increasing penetrating power? A. Alpha, Gamma, Alpha C. Gamma, Beta, Alpha B. Alpha, Beta, Gamma D. Beta, Gamma, Alpha


When light falls on a soap bubbles, the band of seven colors seen is due to _________. A. Difraction C. Scaattering B. Reflection D. Interference


Why can mirrors form clear images? A. Light is regularly refracted. B. Light is irregularly refracted. C. The angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection. D. The angle of reflection is equal to the angle of refraction.


Why do we see the sun rising the east? A. Earth rotates from west to east. C. Earth rotates from east to west B. Earth revolves from east to west. D. Earth’s axis is tilted.


A community of living organisms interacting with their nonliving environment constitutes a/an __________. A. population C. species B. ecosystem D. biosphere


Choose a possible food chain. A. Corn rat cat B. Corn man cat

C. Rice D. Rice

rat cat

man rat


In the energy pyramid which is the ighest point? A. Second order produces C. Firat order consumers B. Produces D. Third order consumers


Which of the following pairs demonstrates symbiosis? A. Man and lice C. Chick and corn plant B. Monkey and banana D. Butterfly and bean flower



LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 165.

The zigzag to Baguio represents which kind of simple machine? A. Lever C. Wedge B. Wheel and axle D. Inclined plane


Why does mercury in the thermometer rise when in contact with hot water? A. Heat increases number of molecules. B. Heat makes molecules become bigger and farther apart. C. Heat makes molecules move faster and farther apart. D. Heat makes the molecules move slower.


Which blood type is a universal donor? A. A C. AB B. O D. B


Which nerve transmit message receive to the center of hearing of the brain? A. Sensory C. Olfactory B. Optic D. Auditory


Whcich affects theair sacs of the lungs and is common among cigarette smokers? A.Asthma C. Emphysema B. Tuberculosis D. Tracheal disorder


What tyoe of joint is responsible for bending our arms and legs? A. Hinge C. Ball and socket B. Pivot D. Sliding


Which protein found in plasma is responsible for blood clotting? A. Globulin C. Serum B. Albumin D. Fibrinogen


Which part of the brain is responsible for memory and intelligence? A. Cerebellum D. Medulla B. Cerebrum C. Thalamus


The Philippines belong to a biome called _________. A. decidous forest C. tropical rainforest B. taiga D. grassland


The factors that significantly contribute to an increase in human population are __________________. A. immigration and natality C. immigration and mortality B. emigration and natality D. emigration and mortality


What is the common cause of the temporary wilting of plants at noon? A. Increased condensation C. Rapid transpiration B. Rapid respiration D. Increased oxidation


How can we identify a dicot leaf from a monocot leaf? A. A dicot leaf has a smooth surface. C. A dicot leaf has parallel venation. B. A dicot leaf has netted venation. D. A dicot leaf has a wide margin.




When the stems of vines grow around poles of fences, what kind of response is exhibited? A.Geotropism C. HYdrotopism B. Thigmotropism D. phototropism


Which of the following is the greatest contributor to our “greenhouse effect”? A. Increase of Oxygen C. Increase of herbivores B. Leaching of the soil D. Cutting forest trees


Why does a tree slowly die when its bark all around it is removed? A. The cambium is injured. B. The phloem vessels are cut. C. The tree cannot manufacture food. D. Its protective layer is cut.


Which is the growing vegetables and low plants in a nutrient-packed, aerated solution with no soil at all? A. Vegetative cultivation C. Hydroponics B. Natural farming D. Aerial cultivation


When you carry a heavy load with one arm, you tend to hold your freehand away from your body in order to ____________. A. change the weight of your body and load B. change the mass of your body C. be ready to grab something in case you fall D. change the center of gravityof your body and load


Why are door knobs placed at the edge of a door rather than in the center? A. To increase the lever arm B. To increase the force on the door C. To help give momentum to the door D. Closer to the edge of the doorway


Why is a dam built wider at the bottom than at the top? A. To withstand the greater pressure at the bottom B. To balance the pressure at the top C. It holds up the dam better than at the center. D. It anchors the dam better.


Archemedes’ principle states that an object is buoyed up by a force that is equal to the _____________________. A. volume of the fluid B. weight of the fluid displaced C. mass of the fluid displaced D. mass of the object


When an ice cubein a glass of water melts, the water level _____________. A. falss C. rises and spills B. remains the same D. varies


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 186.

Two pots of the same size are filled with boiling water. One pot is colored white and the other is black. In which pot will water cool faster? A. Will cool at the same rate C. In black pot B. In white pot D. In both pots


You inherited tallness from your father. Pysical trait are transmitted from parents to offspring through __________. A. gametes C. alleles B. chromosomes D. genes


The handle of a spoon is dippedin a cup of hot water becomes warm. what is the method of hot transfer? A. Condensation C. convention B. Radiation D. Conduction


The force required an object at a constant speed in free space is equal to ____________. A. the weight of the object C. zero B. the mass of the object d. the force required to stop it


Two people pull on a rope in a tug-of-war, each pull with a 400 N force. What is the tension of the rope? A. 800 N C. 400 N B. 600 N D. 200 N


Why does a pressure cooker cook food faster? I. Water boils faster. II. It raises the boiling point of water. III. It raises the cooking temperature of food. IV. It is tightly closed. A. II and III B. I, II and IV

C. I, II and III D. II and IV


You noticed that big industries have tower-like tall stacks. What is the structure for? A. To control emission of hazardous gases B. To induce rain and air pressure C. To get enough air from the atmosphere D. To make the interior cool


Stems burn are more damaging than burns caused by boiling water because steam _____________. A. has a higher temperature than boiling water B. has more energy pe kilogram than boiling water C. is vapor of water molecules during boiling D. occupies more spaces that water during boiling


The removal of broken pieces of rocks from the parent rock by the action of wind or water is termed ____________. A. erosion C. weathering B. deposition D. silting




The voltage across a transformer primary coil that has 100 turns is 10 V. What is the voltage across the secondary coil which has 20 V turns? A. 100 V C. 2 V B. 10 V D. 20 V


Trace the conversion of energy that occurs when plants manufacture food. A. Radiant energy to chemical energy B. Radiant energy to kinetic energy C. Mechanical energy to potential energy D. Light energy to kinetic energy


Riders in a bus are pushed forward during a sudden stop. Which law of motion provides an explanation? A. Law of Inertia C. Law of Universal Gravitation B. Law of Interaction D. Hook’ Law


What type of eclipse occurs when the moon is directly between the sun and the earth? A. Partial Lunar C. Stellar B. Lunar D. Solar


In our daily weather forecast, the region where two tropical wing systems converge, characterized by showers and widespread thunderstorm is called? A. warm and cold fronts C. Stellar B. Intertropical convergent zone D. local disturbance zone


While travelling at a night, you lost direction. Which star would you look for and in what constellation? I. Polaris III. Ursa Minor II. Rigel IV. Ursa Major A. I and IV C. II and III B. I and III D. II and IV


At present, a patient figth cancer by surgery or by drug treatment called _____________. A. irradiation C. chemotherapy B. viral treatment D. immune therapy


The U.S. was able to produce a test-tube baby through a process called __________. A. gne pairing C. protoplast fusion B. internal fertilization D. in vitro fertilization


Patients suffering from malfunction of the kidney are now assisted by a machine that serves as artificial kidney called _____________. A. hemoscope C. hemodializer B. pacemaker D. homeostatic machine


The sun appears more reddish at sunset than at noon. Which of the following phenomena is responsible for this effect? A. Dispersion C. Scattering B. Reflection D. Interference


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 205.

Why do we hear thunder some seconds after seeing lightning? A. Light travels faster than sound. C. Sound is released later actually B. Sounds travel at 1,331 m/s. D. Light appears brighter in the sky.

4. Analyze advantages and disadvantages of different solutions to particular problems 206.

Which is/are (an) advantage/s of the coming of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)? I. Improved resistance of plants to disease, pests and herbicides II. Increase maturation time of fruits III. Enhanced taste and quality A. II and III C. I and II B. I and III D. I only


Which is disadvantage of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)? A. Potential human health impact like allergens B. Reduce maturation time C. Fast food production D. High cost of GMO food items


In the desire of governments to control population growth, which one is highly promoted? A.The use of natural birth control methods C.Early marriage B.The use of artificial birth control methods D. “Balik probinsya program


How many the establishment of housing subdivisions to address housing problem contribute to decreased food production A. Men get occupied with construction and leave their farms untilled. B. Ariable lands are reduced for these are converted into housing subdivisions. C. Housing divisions become overcrowded. D. People who flocked to the center where most subdivisions are located have no skills.


The use of plastic bags, disposable cups, plates, spoons, diapers, etc. makes life more convenient. However, as a result what problems has/have come about? I. Heaps on solid garbage II. Floods III. Epidemic A. I and IV C.I, II and III B. II and III D. I and II


The use of pesticides may increase crop yield but __________. I. contributes to air pollution II. cause water pollution III. brings about pest resistance A. I, II and III C. I and II B. II and III D. II and III



5. Analyze the impact of technology on living and non-living things. 212.

A nuclear power plant may solve perennial brown outs but may bring about problems like _________. I. thermal pollution II. water pollution III. release of pollution A. I only C. I and II B. II and III D. I and III


Endangered species are species which are threatened due to _________. A.habitat destruction C.mutation B. extinction of the species D. domestication


If we experience greenhouse effect, we shall have________. I. warmer climate II. increase in level of CO2 in the atmosphere III. cooler climate IV. increase in the level of O2 in the atmosphere A.I C. III and IV B. I and II D. II


One consequence of global warming is coastal flooding because of the ___ which is in turn caused by _______________________. A. el niño phenomenon - Changed precipitation pattern B. melting of the ice caps – the rising of the sea level C. rising of the sea level - melting of the ice caps D. La niña phenomenon - Changed precipitation pattern


The contributory factors to acid rain are the use of ___________. A. fossil fuels C. nuclear energy B. pesticides D. refrigerants


The thinning down of the ozone layer is believed to cause ____________. A. Heat stroke C. ulcer B. baldness D. skin cancer

For numbers 218-222, refer to the vignette that follows. Choose the letter of the best answer from the choices that follow. At Malaya Farms, a swarm of locusts and insects has been infesting the rice fields. This has forced some local farmers to stop the Farming process until a solution has been done. Meanwhile, in the adjacent barrio, an outbreak of malaria is ongoing. With all this insect-borne problems happening in his locale, the mayor has decided to initiate a pesticide intervention to solve his town’s problems. Considering their town budget, the city council is contemplating on the use of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) to eradicate the insects plaguing their municipality.


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 218.

Which among the following is an expected effect of DDT on the insects plaguing the town? A. DDT will act as a contact poison on the swarming insects. B. DDT will increase fertility of the soil so that plants can grow. C. DDT will cause the insects to develop cancer and die. D. DDT will make the insects infertile and prevent their multiplication.


Which among the following is an expected effect of DDT on the natural ecosystem of the town? A. DDT has no effect on natural wildlife. B. DDT will cause increased fertility among chickens. C. DDT is a productive toxicant causing ecosystem disruption. D. DDT will cause pronounced carcinogenicity amog the farmers.


Which among the following are expected effects of DDT on the health of the people living in the town? I. Severe kidney damage II. Diabetes mellitus III. Breast cancer A. I, II and III C. III only B. I and II D. I only


Which alternatives to pesticides may be suggested to eradicate the insects causing malaria in this region? A. Cultivation of snails B. Eradicating insect breeding pools C. Use of insecticide-treated bednets D. Vaccination against malaria


Which alternatives to DDT may be suggested to control the swarm of insects ravaging the rice fields? A. Cultivation of frogs C. Relocation of rice plantation sites B. Fumigation D. Use of malathion or palathion

For numbers 223-227, refer to the vignette that follows. Choose the letter of the best answer from the choices that follow. The town of Pulang Bato is experiencing a surge in population growth. Epidemiologic has revealed that the rate of teenage pregnancies in their locality is increasing at an alarming rate. City health officials have expressed concern over this matter. They intend to launch a safe sex campaign advocating the use of artificial methods of contraception like condoms and pills. The local church is vehemently opposing this move by the city government, advocating only the use of natural contraception like the rhythm method. 223.

Which among the following methods of contraception has the least success rate? A. Birth control pills B. Condoms C. Rhythm method D. Intrauterine device




Base on cost-benefit analysis, which of the following methods of populationcontrol would be most appropriate if the town only had limited funds? A. Oral contraceptive pills B. Barrier contraception C. Intrauterine device D. Injectable contraceptives


Which intervention should be advocate to address the problem among teenagers? A. Forums on safe sex and population education in school B. Conducting a population education seminar for the parents C. Offering abortion to interested parties D. Accepting that there is no way to control teenage pregnancies


Which among the following is an expected long term complication on women’s health in the town if safe sex practices are not initiated? A. Incresedincidence of ectopic pregnancies B. Incresedincidence of suicide among females C. Incresedincidence of diabetes mellitus and hypertension D. Incresedincidence of cervical cancer


Which among the following is the only method of contraception that has 100% success rate? A. Injectable contraceptives B. Withdrawal method C. Abstinence D. Daily oral contrseptive pills

For numbers 228-232, refer to the vignette that follows. Choose the letter of the best answer from the choices that follow. The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant based in MOrong, Bataan, Philippines. It was commissioned by President Ferdinand Marcus and building commence in 1976. The plant’s construction was completed in 1984. When Marcos was overthrown and replaced by Corazon Aquino, the powerplant project was crapped. A major concern is that the nuclear plant is located in an area where aerthquakes are likely to occur. To this day, th Bataan Power Plant has remained unused. I+UP until April 2007, the Philippine government had to pay 155,000 dollars every day to pay for the loan that funded the power plant’s construction. 228.

The following are known advantages of the use of nuclear power EXCEPT _____________. A. decreased release of greenhouse gases B. increased reliance on fossil fuels C. astronomical amounts of energy generation D. decreased cost of energy expenditure


Which among the following represents the single most important deterrent for the use of nuclear power? A. Disposal of radioactive wastes B. Possibility of radioactive elements C. Time frame needed for formalities, planning and buildingof a new nuclear plant


LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on NCBTS and Table of Specifications (TOS) 230.

Nuclear power relies on which of the following chemical reactions? A. Nuclear fusion C. chemiosomosis B. Binary fusion D. Nuclear fission


Which among the following world events sparked international debate against nuclear power? A. Chernobyl accident C. Haiti incident B. Minamata accident D. Ormoc tragedy Which among the following is the single most important effect of radiation exposure on human health? A. Hypertension C. Heart disease B. Cancer D. Skin, muscle and bone problems


For numbers 233-237, refer to the scientific case described below. Choose the best answer to the questions that follow. Wast disposal is a huge challenge for the urban municipally of Metropolis. it’s expensive and time consuming to collect millons of tons of trash every year, and there are risks to the invironment no matter how waste disposal is done. The city government is presently determining which method of waste disposal is best suited for their municipality. 233.

Which among the following is NOT a suitable option for wate disposal in this city? A. Vaporization C. Incineration B. Landfills D. Recycling


The following are possible adverse effects of the use of sanitary landfills, EXCEPT ________. A. pollution of local government B. fatal accidents (scavengers buried under waste piles) C. decrease amount of disease vectors D. dust, odor and noise pollution


Which is the single most important deterrent on the use of incinerators for garbage disposal? A. Heavy metal toxicity B. Dioxin and furan emission C. Highly toxic ashes flying around incinerator site D. Cost of operation


The following are solid waste products which can be recycled, EXCEPT ___________. A. leftover food C. beverage cans B. pet bottles D. pvc materials


At the level of people’s homes, which among the following interventions can best help in solid waste management? A. Backyard burning of trash B. Composting C. Four o’clock habit D. Trash sorting prior to disposal



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