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Three Second Sexual Attraction "The Automation Report" By Mehow

So what is automation. To explain, I have to first explain how the 3 Second Sexual Attraction System (3SSA)TM, which is mid-game, relates to to what's commonly known as Attraction Phase. Attraction Phase is the first 3 minutes of the pickup - where you are building curiosity and interest in her such that she starts to put work into the interaction. Mid-game starts when when she begins putting actual effort into the interaction between you two. Typically it begins when she answers a qualification question like, "What do you do for fun?" - positively. First off all, the only thing that matters in pickup is *your performance* There is no magic internal inner game energy that's bringing you guys together. There is no such thing as romantic feng shuei. The only thing that matters is how you come off. Period. I love how inner game types insist that if you have a certain attitude, mind set or for you to just be in the moment then the girl will automatically come to you. That's only true if those mind sets that affect how you externally come off, that's your body language, vocal tonality, eye contact, what you're saying, and what you're wearing. Now that we got the whole notion of - "it's the performance, duh" out there we can talk about how the performance differs from HER point of view between attraction phase and mid game. There are only two big differences: - in attraction phase there is way more self amusing "evil clown" frame then in mid game - in attraction phase you do most of the talking and her input is largely "illusionary" meaning brief whereas in mid game she should be contributing a lot. This phenomenon is also known as the 90/10 rule. We typically have to do 90/10 to get her into you. The reason we have to do 90/10 rule most of the time is that we still have to get the girl into us and that can't

happen unless someone is talking and typically that won't be her, until she decides she likes you at least a little bit. We do 90/10 "evil clown" style such that we're not the dancing monkey, thats just giving her a lot of emotional value. When you do 90% of the talking and you're doing it evil clown style your giving yourself emotional value while also giving it to her. This keeps the value exchange equal preventing you from being a dancing clown.

An example of "evil clown" frame is any type of teasing that's at least somewhat self amusing. If you say to a girl, "Things are soooo complicated between us ... like ... facebook complicated." (credit MCI candidate "InBloom") that's so fun to say for you that she gets that and understands that your interacting is not just to please her but more so to please yourself. Attraction Phase should always be about you you you and only a little bit her. The only exception to that is if she contributes a lot (in which case you still have to be the dominant one, but thats a topic for a different report). Being self amusing lets us reliably do most of the talking, which reliably attracts her, and also lets us lead and be dominant at the same time. In mid game we keep the value exchange equal more so by keeping the conversational ratio 50/50, even though we still use evil clown frame (3SSA Edge and Sexual Elements tend to be particularly self amusing). Other than that mid game and attraction phase are IDENTICAL. In fact, ALL TIGHT ROUTINES and STACKS are just prefabricated 3SSA. If you look at any PureKino routine or past/present/future projection, or any piece of material that people think is TIGHT its just 3SSA. For example, the "VIP PureKino Routine" starts off with: You: "Did you know this club has a secret vip?" (3SSA Attraction Element using suspense with a built in Directive) Her: "Where?" You: "Give me your hand." (you pull her in close to you - 3SSA touch element with directive) Her: giggles usually

You: "It's within 2 feet of me at all times." (3SSA Attraction Element, assumptive framing) Her: laughs etc. This not only applies to my stuff but also to other people's stuff. For example the "Dress opener" - credit PU101 goes like this: You: "You know what's amazing?" (3SSA Attraction Element using suspense with a built in Directive) Her: "What?" You: "I almost wore that exact same dress tonight." (3SSA Attraction Element, assumptive framing) Her: laughter You (now addressing her friends): "Wouldn't you guys ... feel embarrassed ... if she walked in here wearing the exact same thing as me?" (3SSA Attraction Element, emotional talk with Directive) Group: laughs etc. In fact, 3SSA is the system you use to construct tight routines. So, if the Attraction and Mid-Game Phases are so identical - why is it that in attraction game we can stack where as in mid game we can't? The answer to that lies in "Automation." In a tight attraction stack, where you are implementing the 90/10 rule ... Her reactions will always be predictable: You: "Did you know this club has a secret vip?" (3SSA Attraction Element using suspense with a built in Directive) Her: "Where?"
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