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Post Production is leading and fastest growing animation institute in delhi, we are offering animation courses at afford...


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About Post Production Institute Post Production institute is group venture of ADMEC Multimedia Institute ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute, and an Adobe Testing Center. It is one of the pioneer institutes in Delhi for animation training. We offer you best of skills and knowledge as per your requirements and budget strategy. Our Mission at Post Production institute is to train a new breed of artists who go on to become leaders in the industry. We also organize Special Classes, Events, Debates, Industrial Visits, Quizzes, Competitions and many more for students to develop their skills.

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Unlimited Practice hours batch system (5:1 student : faculty) Fully equipped labs, Hostel Facility. High Quality Course Materials includes Books, Tutorial Cd. Friendly, Supportive, Patient & Qualified Faculty Classroom and Online training Facility


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What is Animation Types of Animation 2D Animation 3D Animation Career in Animation Animation Software

What is Animation Animation is a process of presenting unmoving pictures in a rapid sequence to create the illusion of movement. These pictures can be hand made, computer generated, or pictures of 3D objects.

Types of Animation Cel Animation

Stop Motion

Computer Generated

Cel Animation Cel animation is also known as traditional way of animation in a set of hand drawn drawings. In this process, various images are created which are different but progressive in nature, to depict certain actions. It is an effective technique and it helps you to save time by combining characters and backgrounds.. Today, cel animations are made more attractive by using the drawings together with music, matching sound effects and association of timing for every single effect.

Examples of Cel Animation

Mickey Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character created by Walt Disney and Ud Iwerks 1928.

Donald is an anthropomorphic white duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet created in1934

Stop Motion Animation Stop Motion animation or motion graphic capture, or performance animation, unlike any other type of animation is simply a way to animate puppets.

Example of Stop Motion animation

Stop Motion technique is commonly used in clay animation and puppet-based animation.

2D Animation

The development process of moving pictures in a twodimensional environment, such as through "traditional" cell animation or in computerized animation software.

3D Animation 3D animation develops a third dimension so that your cartoons don't just look like drawings. 3D animation is a process of giving the illusion of movements. Adding this dimension is a great way to brings the life.

Examples Of 3D Animation

3D Animation. 3D software uses computer-generated lines, surfaces, or solids to create 3 dimensional models. It is also a more difficult technique to perfect.

Computer Animation Computer Animation or CGI Animation is a art of creating moving images with the use of computer.

Idea, Brief, Treatment, Script


Final Backgrounds and Colouring

Concept Design

Layouts and Animatics

Lighting and Compositing


Building the Models, Rigging

Post Production

Production Design and Visual Development

Recording the Dialogue

Final Animation

Career in Animation Rigging Artist

Content Developer


Texture Artist

Story Board Artist

Character Animator

Image Editor


Layout Artist


2D Animator Scanner Operator

3D Animator

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Adobe After Effects Autodesk 3Ds Max Autodesk Maya Motion Adobe Flash Blender Bryce Anim8or

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Swift 3D Lightwave3D 10 Zooburst Toufee Wings 3D Magics FormZ


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