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I liked the movie. It is quite funny. I would recommend you to watch it if you haven't already. Time and again, I've seen people believing in messages movies deliver. If you aren't able to properly judge the message you're at a loss. Just don't believe in what you would like to believe. In my view, the sole responsibility of a movie is to entertain people and not to deliver any messages. The concept of the movie might try to push some idea to the masses. Such messages shouldn't be blindly believed If you think, our education system must drastically change, I would like to bring to your notice a lot of other things that needs to be drastically changed. Our political system, work culture, society and so many other things require a drastic change. You name it. Nothing is perfect. Then again, there's no point simply bitching about broken systems. As far as I know, people who topped the charts didn't just mug up things. They understood the concepts. They knew what they were doing. Here and there you could notice some students getting good grades just by mugging up certain things. There are of course certain thing that needs to be changed in a typical engineering course. For instance, in programming exam, the computer science students are asked to write, compile and run one of the thirty programs they studied the whole semester. What's the point if the programs don't change in the exams? I don't see a huge problem in the college shown in the movie. The students that suffered were those that didn't like what they are doing. "And all of a sudden, here comes a movie, which completely ridicules our education system and paints a rather incorrect and drastically over exaggerated picture, and the so called educated young crowd, are adoring it and playing along with the theme, as if to ascertain the facts." It depends how you see it. If you ask me, the movie doesn't ridicule the Indian education system. The movie is about an ideal student who is supposed to be smarter than everyone else including his professors. Certain facts shown in the movie are true. There are a lot of parents that think engineering is the only safe way for their sons and daughters to pursue a good career. Especially software engineering. Forcing children to study what don't like is nothing new. The extreme concern for son/daughter's career prospects is a problem related to parental psychology. It will not help, if you try to change the education system.

I defend Winston Churchill's statement - "A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do". If you try to pursue a career in what you do best, opportunities are abundant. But there's no guarantee. The argument holds good for engineering too. If you pass out and get an engineering degree, there's no guarantee you will get a lucrative job. Let's leave the edge cases out of equation for now. Getting suicide ideas from movies isn't new, is it? If you try to blame movies for showing suicides and crimes there can't be any entertainment. The engineering students are supposed be adults and have the ability to judge a movie. "Whatever the problem in life is... just say to yourself 'Aal Izz Well'.. This won’t solve your problems but it will give the courage to face it...” "Chase Excellence and success will follow"... “Life is not about getting marks, grades but chasing your dreams".. These are the golden rules which 3 IDIOTS teaches you in a very light and entertaining way.. The movie makes you laugh and in the process you learn many golden rules which can alter your life in a big manner... The following are the lessons of 3 Idiots Movie that I want to share to all students. 1. Never try to be successful, pursue excellence  Success is the bye product and the result.  Excellence always creates success and it is a process of continual improvement.  Never run after success.  Let it happen automatically in life. 2. Freedom to Life – Life is beautiful.  Don’t die before the actual death.  Live every moment to the fullest as if today is the last day.  Life is the gifted to humankind to live.  Live and live happily towards happiness. 3. Passion leads to Excellence  When your hobby becomes your profession, the passion becomes your profession.  You will be able to lead up to excellence in life.  Satisfaction, joy, pleasure and love will be the outcome of the passion.  Following your passion for years, you will surely become somebody one day.

4. Learning is very simple – Never stop  Be humble.  Teachers do fail, learners never fail.  Learning is never complicate or difficult.  Learning is always possible whatever rule you apply. 5. Pressure at head  Current education system is developing pressure on students head.  University intelligence is useful and making some impact in the life, but it cannot be at the cost of life. 6. Life is management of emotions and not optimization of intelligence  Memory and regular study have definite value and it always helps you in leading a life.  You are able to survive even if you can make some mark in the path of the life.  With artificial intelligence, you can survive and win but you cannot prove yourself genius.  Therefore, in this process genius dies in you. 7. Necessity is mother of invention  Necessity creates pressure and forces you to invent something or to make it happen or to use your potentiality.  Aamir Khan in this film, 3 Idiots, is able to prove in the film by using vacuum pump at the last moment. 8. Simplicity in life  Life is need base never want base. Desires have no end.  Simplicity is way of life and Indian culture highly stresses on simple living and high thinking, and this is the way of life: “Legs down to earth and eyes looking beyond the sky”. 9. Industrial Leadership  Dean of the institute in 3 Idiots is showing very typical leadership. He has his own principles, values and ideology and he leads the whole institute accordingly.  This is an example of current institutional leadership. In the present scenario, most of the institutes are fixed in a block or Squarish thinking. 10.

Love is time and space free  Trust your partner.

 Love is not time bound and space bound.  It is very well demonstrated in this movie same love was demonstrated by Krishna and Meera.  Love is border free, time free, unconditional and space free. 11.

Importance of word in communication  If communication dies, everything dies.  Each word has impact and value in communication.  One word if used wrongly or emphasized wrongly or pause at a wrong place in communication what effect it creates and how is it affected is demonstrated very well in this movie.


Mediocrity is penalized  Middle class family or average talent or average institute is going to suffer and has to pay maximum price in the life if they do not upgrade their living standards.  To be born poor or as an average person is not a crime but to die as an average person with middle class talent is miserable and if you are unable to optimize your potentiality and die with unused potentiality then that is your shameful truth.  One should not die as a mediocre. He/she has to bring out genius inside him/her and has to use his/her potentiality to the optimum level.

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