2nd Periodical Test for Grade 4

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SECOND PERIODICAL TEST IN ENGLISH IV Name:____________________________________ Date:________________ Score:_______ I. Multiple Choice. LANGUAGE Direction: Read each question carefully. Then write the letter of the correct answer on the blank provided for. ____1. I lost the ____ of the cabinet. a. keys b. key c. keis ____2. The teacher gives _______ everyday. a. Quiz b. quizes c. quizzes ____3. The _____ helped their parents. a. Children b. child c. childrens ____4. Mother needs __ sugar for her coffee. a. many b. much c. a little ____5. Eating ______ candies causes toothache. a. a lot of b. many c. much ____6. Mila buys ______ vegetables to cook with the fish. a. many b. much c. some ____7. Which of the following is a declarative sentence? a. The children enjoyed watching the game. b. How happy the children are! c. What are children doing? ____8. Which of the following is an interrogative sentence? a. How does an elephant look? b. What a big animal! c. Ana wants to know how an elephant looks like. ____9. Which of the following is an exclamatory sentence? a. How did you do that? b. It’s terrible! c. May I see your project. ____10. Which is a command sentence? a. Drive those goose away. b. Please make your line straight. c. How dizzy I feel! ____11. Which is a request sentence? a. Clear this place b. Kindly occupy this seat. c. Come back immediately. ____12. The three white birds fly above the trees. What are the descriptive words used in the sentence? a. Three, white b. fly above c. the trees ____13. The black dog barks loudly at the stranger. What are the modifiers and complement used in the sentence? a. Dog barks b. black, loudly c. the stranger ____14. Mang June is a firefighter. He sat at his desk all day. What is used as a subject pronoun? a. He b. his c. Mang June ____15. She is my mother. My teacher wrote her a letter. The underlined word is used as a _____ a. Subject b. object c. noun ____16. Mother has a newborn baby. The baby slept beside ___________. a. Her b. him c. me ____17. I and my brother are playing guitar. Mother called ___________.

a. Me b. them c. us ____18. I received a new letter. Mother gave _______ to me. a. Him b. her c. it ____19. Select an appropriate title for all the phrases from the given choices. Reading stories, reciting poems, singing and dancing, drawing pictures a. At the Market b. In School c. In the Church ____20. blouse, pants, shoes, skirt and socks a. clothing b. industries c. food ____21. Which of the following compound word is written as one? a. Motorcycle b. mother – in – law c. security guard ____22. The compound word written as tow word. a. Waterlily b. background c. one -way ____23. The compound word written as hyphenated word. a. Classroom b. son – in – law c. spring time ____24. Give a title for the subtopic read. desks, books, ballpen, papers and tables a. School b. market c. office ____25. Noel got jealous of his brother because he has a new bag. Choose the correct meaning of the underlined word. a. envious b. nervous c. courteous ____26. The people worship God in different ways. a. Adore b. sing c. visit ____27. Two men pushed the huge stone at the gate. a. Small b. large c. black ____28. Which part of the letter tells when it was written? a. Greeting b. heading c. closing ____29. What do we place after the greetings? a. Period b. comma c. question mark ____30. What are the parts of a letter? a. Heading, closing, signature b. Body of the letter, greetings c. Both a and b II. Matching Type. Match column A with Column B A. Give the synonyms of the following words A B ____31. Peace a. noisy c. quiet ____32. Hazard b. danger d. safe B. Give the antonyms A B ____33. Winner a. gain c. proud ____34. Humble b. loses d. pride C. Underline the correct word to use in order to complete the phrase. ____35. A ________ to stay in (plays, place) ____36. ____37. III. READING. Read the story on page 102. Then arrange the following sentences in the proper order. Number it from 1 to 7. ____a. Then he discovered fire. ____b. He invented work tools out of sticks and stones. ____c. The needs of the first people on earth were few. ____d. Roasted and boiled food took the place of raw meat and vegetables. ____e. The spaceship is man’s latest invention.

____f. The invention of new things like ships, cars, railways, trains and airplanes followed. ____g. Then he invented other tools made of iron and steel. IV. Read the story of the Crow and the Pitcher. Then identify the setting, suspense and the climax.

SECOND PERIODICAL TEST IN SCIENCE AND HEALTH IV Name:____________________________________ Date:________________ Score:_______ I. Multiple Choice. Direction: Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank provided for. ____1. Which of these animals hatches from an egg? a. Bird b. dog c. cat ____2. Which of these groups of animals hatches from egg? a. Fish, bird, duck b. monkey, carabao, goat c. lizard, cat, dog ____3. Which of these animals are born as baby animal? a. Snake b. turtle c. rabbit ____4. Which of these animals is born alive? a. Whale b. duck c. bird ____5. What is the process by which animals produce their own kind? a. Metamorphosis b. reproduction b. respiration ____6. What happens when a sperm cell and an egg cell unite? a. The egg is fertilized b. The egg disappears c. The sperms is fertilized ____7. What is the larva of a mosquito called? a. Maggots b. pupa c. wriggler ____8. The larva of a butterfly is _____. a. Caterpillar b. maggot c. nymph ____9. The larva of a frog is ______. a. Eggs b. tadpole c. pupa ____10. What does it show when a snake sheds its skin? a. A dying b. growing bigger c. getting smaller ____11. Which shows the correct order in the life cycle of a fly? a. Egg – maggot – pupa – adult b. Egg – pupa – adult – maggot c. Egg – pupa – maggot – adult ____12. Why can a tadpole breath in water? a. It has gills b. it has mouth c. it has a tail ____13. What is a baby horse called? a. Pony b. fawn c. kid ____14. All these animals can take care of themselves after birth except ____________. a. Tadpole b. caterpillar c. chick ____15. Which of these animals follow incomplete metamorphosis? a. Fly b. butterfly c. mosquito ____16. Which of these animals are carriers of diseases? a. Earthworms b. cockroach c. flies ____17. Why do some birds build their nests on top of trees? a. They can easily get their foods. b. Tall trees are a safe place to keep their young. c. Tall trees have big leaves. ____18. How do you handle a dog safely? a. Pull the tail b. give a bone c. provide a leash for dog ____19. Which of the following should you not do to pet cat? a. Pull its ears and tail b. caressing its gently c. letting it sleep ____20. Which of these animals are useful to the community? a. Carabao b. earthworms c. both a and b

____21. What is the reproductive organ of a flower? a. Leaf b. flower c. petal ____22. Which of these animals grow from cuttings? a. Rose b. santol c. atis ____23. What part of the flower attracts insects? a. Pollen grains b. sepal c. ovary ____24. What are the food parts of the seeds ? a. Testa b. radicle c. cotyledon ____25. Which part of the seed grows into a new plant? a. Seed coat b. embryo c. cotyledon ____26. How many cotyledons does a dicot seed have? a. One b. two c. three ____27. What is the other covering of the seed called? a. Pollen grains b. testa c. cotyledon ____28. Why are flowers important to plants? a. They make the plants attractive. b. They become fruits c. Both a and b ____29. The male reproductive organ of the flower is ___________. a. Pistil b. stamen c. ovary ____30. The female reproductive organ of the flower is _________. a. Stamen b. ovary c. pistil ____31. Ginger and potato are examples of ____. a. Tuber b. seed c. bulb ____32. Which of these plants grow from spores? a. Mosses b. onions c. potato ____33. What is the process by which pollen grains are transferred from the anther to the stigma of the flower? ________________________. ____34. Which of these plants grow from seed? a. Oranges b. banana c. potato ____35. How are some seeds carried from the place to place? a. By wind b. by water c. by man and animals ____36. Which of these is an artificial way of propagation? a. Grafting b. bulb c. tuber ____37. Which of these is an example of a mixture? a. Soil b. cement c. juice ____38. One way of separating mixtures is _________. a. Evaporation b. pollination c. germination ____39. The process by which the rice grains are separated from the chaff. a. Winrowing b. straining c. sifting ____40. What do we call the universal solvent? a. Water b. vinegar c. paint b.

SECOND PERIODICAL TEST IN MATHEMATICS IV Name:____________________________________ Date:________________ Score:_______ I. Multiple Choice. Direction: Choose the best answer. Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank provided for. ____1. Emmy bought sacks of corn that costs P 15, 940. If she had P 32, 075 in her wallet, how much more was left? a. b. c. ____2. During the local election for barangay captains, Atty. Ramos received 32, 078 votes while Mr. Reyes received 21, 926 votes. How many more votes did Atty. Ramos received than Mr. Reyes? a. b. c. ____3. Arturo has 1879 rubber bands. He lost 728 in the game. How many rubber bands were left with him? a. b. c. ____4. Mrs. Cruz bought canned good s worth P 375 and garments worth O 950. She gave the cashier P 1, 500. How much change did she get? a. b. c. ____5. Rose bought 4 ribbons at P 86.50 each. She gave a P 500 pesos bill. How much change did she get? What are given? a. 4 ribbons , P 86.50 , P 500.00 b. P 200.00, P 90.00 c. 4 ribbons ____6. What is the number sentence? a. 4 + 86.50 = N b. 86.50 x 4 = N and 500 – N c. 500 – N ____7. If the factors are 34 416 and 145, what is the product? a. b. c. ____8. What is the product of 2876 and 489? a. b. c. ____9. Multiply 46 935 and 2 564. What is the product? a. b. c. ____10. If the factors are 4, 500 and 90, what is the product? a. b. c. ____11. What is 7600 and 200. What is the product? a. b. c. ____12. If the factors are 20, 710 and 40, what is the product? a. b. c. ____13. Find the product of 32 561 and 80. a. b. c. ____14. If the factors are 85 432 and 50, what is the product? a. b. c. ____15. Find the product of 21 421 and 5000. a. b. c. ____16. Changing the order of the factors does not change the product. What kind of property of multiplication? a. Zero b. commutative c. identity ____17. (4x2) x5 or 4 x(2x5) is an example of a. Commutative b. zero c. associative ____18. 9 x 4 = 36 or 4 x 9 = 36 is an example of a. Associative b. identity c. commutative ____19. Which is an example of zero property?

a. 9x2 = 18 b. 9x0 = 0 ____20. Which is an example of identity property? a. 7x6 = 42 b. 15 x1 = 15 II. Give what is being ask for. Write the answer on the blank.

c. 12 x 1 = 12 c. 12x2 = 24

A. 21. 3x(7+4) = (___x7) + (3x4) = 33 22. 9x(3+6) = (9x3) + (9x ______) = 63 23. 5x (10+3) = ( _____ x10) + (5x3)= 65

B. Rename the second factor as two addends and find the products. 24. 6 x 12 25. 8 x 25 C. Estimate the products 26. x

34 231 62


D. Write in standard form. 28.

24 = _____________


74 = _____________


94 = _____________

E. Write in exponential form 31. 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = _______________ 32.

9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 = _______________

3 3 . 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = _______________ F. Write in scientific notation 34. 800 000 = _______________ 35. 6 700

= _______________

36. 3 120 000 = _______________ 37. 80 000 000 = _______________ G. Write in standard form 38. 8 x 104 = _______________

48 960 x 65

39. 8.1 x 104 = _______________ 40. 4x 103 = _______________

FILIPINO IV Pangalan :___________________________________ Petsa:_____________________ Iskor:_______ I. Panuto. Basahing mabuti ang bawat tanong. Isulat ang titik ng tamang sagot sa patlang. ____1. ____________ ka dadalaw sa Lola mo? a. Kailan b. Kanino c. Saan ____2. _________ ang hinahanap kong damit. Pakiabot mo nga sa akin. a. Ito b. iyon c. Doon ____3. Sama –sama na ____ pumunta sa palengke. a. Tayo b. kita c. kami ____4. _________ ay isang mahusay na artista. a. Ito b. iyon c. iyan ____5. __________ at ________ ay magsamang tumutulong sa nasunugan. a. Siya at sila b. Ako at kami c. Ako at ikaw ____6. Batid _____ ang kahalagahan ng pagtutulungan. a. natin b. mo c. ako ____7. Sa _____ iniatas ang mga gawaing iyan. a. akin b. iyo c. atin ____8. ____ ay nakahandang tumanaw ng utang na loob. a. Akin b. Natin c. Kami ____9. _____ ang napili mo? a. Magkano b. Alin c. Kailan ____10. ________ ba katagal ang biyahe papunta probinsiya ninyo? a. Kanino b. Gaano c. Saan ____11. Alin ang panlaping bumubuo sa pandiwang lumuko? a. um b. ko c. in ____12. Alin ang panlaping bumubuo sa pandiwang naglalaro? a. Laro b. nag c. in ____13. Alin ang salitang – ugat sa pandiwang sinusunod? a. Sunod b. in c. sundan ____14. Alin ang salitang – ugat sa pandiwang hinabol? a. in b. um c. habol ____15. Magluluto ng pansit ang aking ina. Alin ang pandiwa? a. Magluluto b. pansit c. akin ____16. Iinom kami ng gatas mamaya. Alin ang pandiwa? a. Gatas b. kami c. iinom ____17. Anong aspekto ng pandiwa ang salitang tumutulong? a. Ginawa na b. ginagawa pa c. gagawin pa ____18. Nasa anong aspekto ang pandiwang ipinanganak? a. Ginawa na b. ginagawa pa c. gagawin pa ____19. Kami ay pupunta sa Banaue Resort sa makalawa. Alin ang pandiwa? a. Kami b. makalawa c. pupunta ____20. Alin sa sumusunod na mga salita ang pang- uri? a. Mabait b. nagsikap c. tumulong ____21. Maganda si Katrina Halili. Aling ang pang – uri? a. Si b. Katrina c. maganda ____22. Alin sa mga salita ang kasalungat ng bansot? a. Maliit b. malaki c. maluwang ____23. Malungkot si Jay. Alin ang kasalungat nito? a. Maligaya b. Masaya c. masamyo

____24. Mabango ang bulaklak. Ano ang kasingkahulugan nito? a. Mabaho b. masamyo c. malansa ____25. Ano ang kasingkahulugan ng pang – uring maluwang? a. Malaki b. maliit c. malawak ____26. ______ si Mike sa limang magkakapatid. a. Matalino b. mas matalino c. pinakamatalino ____27. Alin ang pang- uring nasa lantay na paghahambing? a. Masarap b. mas masarap c. pinakamasarap ____28. Alin ang pang – uring nasa pahambing? a. Higit na malinamnam b. malinamnam c. ubod ng linamnam ____29. Anong bantas ang dapat ilagay sa bating panimula? a. , b. : c. ! ____30. Aling bantas ang nararapat gamitin? “Uy, ang ganda ng damit mo” a. ? b. ! c. . II. Panuto: ayusin ang liham paumanhin sa tamang ayos nito. Lagyan ng bantas Mahal kong Bb. Reyes Asaclat, Nagtipunan, Quirino Oktubre 20, 2009 Lourdes Ruiz Ikinalulungkot kong sabihin sa inyo na hindi ako makadadalo sa pulong sa Linggo ng hapon. Ang inyong mag-aaral III. Pagtugmain ang nasa Hanay A at B. Isulat sa patlang ang sagot. A B ____1. Mag – ingat: Ginagawa ang Daan

A. Babala

____2. Bawal Pumarada

B. Patalastas

____3. Bawal magtapon ng ng basura dito. ____4. Mga Magulang Ano: Pulong Kailan: Biyernes, 4:00 n.h. Saan: Paaralan ____5.

Huwag tumapak sa Damo

IKALAWANG MARKAHANG PAGSUSULIT SA HEKASI IV Pangalan :___________________________________ Petsa:_____________________ Iskor:_______ I. Panuto. Basahing mabuti ang bawat tanong. Isulat ang titik ng tamang sagot sa patlang. ____1. Ilang oras ang kumpletong pag – ikot ng mundo sa sarili niyang aksis? a. 24 b. 12 c. 2 ____2. Ano ang tawag sa pagligid ng mundo sa araw? a. Rebolusyon b. rotasyon c. temperatura ____3. Gaano katagal ang isang rebolusyon ng mundo? a. 24 na araw b. 365 ¼ na araw c. 365 ½ na araw ____4. Ano ang dahilan ng pagkakaroon ng araw at buwan? a. Ang pagligid ng mundo sa araw b. Ang pagkakaroon ng araw at buwan c. Ang pag- ikot ng mundo sa sariling aksis. ____5. Ano ang direksyon ng rotasyon? a. Pasilangan b. Pakanluran c. Pahilaga ____6. Ano ang tawag sa kahalagahan ng panahon sa isang lugar? a. Panahon b. klima c. temperatura ____7. Ano ang tawag sa pangkalahatang uri ng klima sa Pilipinas? a. Tag- init at tag – ulan b. tagsibol c. taglagas ____8. Karamihan ng mga bagyo sa Pilipinas ay nagbubuhat sa _______. a. Karagatang Pasipiko b. Dagat Celebes c. Dagat Tsina ____9. Ano ang pangunahing tanim sa malaking bahagi ng Pilipinas? a. Palay b. mani c. bawang ____10. Alin ang mainam na itanim sa malamig na lugar? a. Strawberry b. talong c. patatas II. Tama o Mali: Isulat ang T kung tama at M kung mali. ____11. Ang mga orkidya ay di – pangkaraniwang halaman . ____12. May tatlong natatanging ibon sa Pilipinas. ____13. May mga halaman at hayop sa isang lugar na hindi makikita sa iba. ____14. May epekto ang klima sa mga uri ng hayop at halaman sa isang lugar. ____15. Isang halamang pantropiko ang niyog. III. Isulat sa patlang ang pangalan ng hayop o halaman na tinutukoy. Piliin ang sagot sa kahon.

Sampaguita Tubo

tamaraw tarsier

haribon kalabaw

______________16. Katulad ng kalabaw ang itsura nito. Matatagpuan sa Mindanao. ______________17. Ginagamit ang bulaklak na ito bilang palamuti. ______________18. Ito ay matatagpuan sa kagubatan ng Bohol. ______________19. Tumubo sa mga pook na di – maulan ______________20. Makikita sa kagubatan ng Sierra Madre . B. Isulat kung saang Rehiyon makikita ang mga lugar na ito. Pumili sa kahon. Isulat sa patlang.

Rehiyon I, II, III, IV A, IV B, NCR, CAR, Rehiyon V, VI, VII ______________21. ______________22. ______________23. ______________24. ______________25. ______________26. ______________27. ______________28. ______________29. ______________30.

Ifugao Quirino Nueva Ecija Calabarzon Bicol Mimaropa Ilocos Kanlurang Visayas Gitnang Visayas Maynila

IV. Hanapin ang sagot sa Hanay B. isulat sa patlang ang sagot. A B. ______________31. Kamalig ng bigas A. Aurora ______________32. Saan makikita ang Sierra Madre B. Rehiyon IV – A ______________33. Makikita ang Bulkang Taal C. Rehiyon II D. Nueva Ecija

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