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June 2, 2016 | Author: 2d Marine Logistics Group | Category: Types, Government & Politics
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Headquarters and Service Company 2d MLG (Forward) Family Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3

MAY 2011

From the Company Commander Major John P. Flynn

As yard sale season is currently underway in the states, many families back home are conducting Spring cleaning and thinning out the garage. Having received several requests from Marines and Sailors over here to please remind their spouses not to discard certain items in the garage, I am simply going to pass the message to please keep some things! Across the ocean, it is getting warmer here as the temperature climbs daily. I would like to emphasize three Marine Corps Family Team Building workshops highly recommended by Marine Corps Family Readiness Program for families of deployed Marines and Sailors: Beyond the Brief, Kids and Deployment, Continued on Page 2




May 5 May: LINKS for Spouses (0900-1530) 8 May: Mother’s Day 9 May: Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours (0800-1500) 10 May: Family Readiness Volunteer Training (0830-1530) 12 May: 2d MLG Spring Festival 21 May: Resort Day for Spouses of 2d MLG Deployed Marines and Sailors (Retreat is at Shell Island Resort, Wrightsville Beach) 21 May: Armed Forces Day 23 May: Active Parenting for Step Families (0800-1500) 24 May: Kids-N-Deployment Workshop (1830-2000) 25 May: Beyond the Brief Workshop, Summer Series, Week One (1830-2030) 30 May: Memorial Day


From the Company Commander / Calendar of Events


From the Family Readiness Officer / From the Chaplain


From the Company First Sergeant


Opportunities and Resources


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

For Full Calendar of 2011 Events and Description of Programs Visit Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) at (type / copy & paste into web browser): http://www.mccslejeune.com/mcftb/2011%20MCFTB%20C ALENDAR.pdf Register for any of the above Classes or Workshops by calling: 910.451.0176 RESERVATIONS FOR THE ABOVE CLASSES: GENERAL INQUIRIES & REGISTRATION: (910) 451-0176 L.I.N.K.S. CONTACT: (910) 451-1299 MCFTB CONTACT: (910) 451-0176 HEALTH PROMOTIONS: (910) 451-2865

Family Readiness Officer Mr. José L. Padilla, Jr, 910-451-1284, Cell 910-352-0919, or email [email protected], 2d MLG (Fwd) website http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/default.aspx

and In the Midst. Children are wrapping up their final weeks of the school year, and the pools are about to open. Remember to wear sunscreen! I encourage you to take advantage of at least one opportunity in this newsletter, whether it is family, financial or physical fitness. Semper Fi! John P. Flynn Major, USMC

little boy. I’m sure there are some know-it-alls out there who would be flabbergasted at this idea, but it worked magic. As her Marine family sang ‘Happy Birthday’ tears were shed, memories of a precious little boy who brought so much joy into the world were shared and everyone present went away a little richer for being there. I know I did. If you shed a little tear at the thought of this or smiled your life was made richer too by the 2d MLG (Fwd) family of Marines and Sailors. Semper Fi Chaps


From the Family Readiness Officer (FRO) Mr. José L. Padilla

Greetings! My office is in the CLR-27 headquarters, Building 327 on the ground floor.   HQSVC Company (Forward) Family Readiness Team (Pictured, Left to Right): Major John Flynn (CO), 1stSgt Jerry Lopez, LCDR Michael Tomlinson (Chaps), Capt Gregory “Ryan” Scott (XO). (Photo by SSgt Jeffery L. Kaus)

Band of Brothers and Sisters Chaplain Michael Tomlinson

I am privileged to serve with some great men and women. Men and women who do what ordinary Americans are incapable of doing. But what really impresses me is the care and concern they have for one another. A year ago a young Marine mother lost her baby boy after only a few months of having this bundle of joy in her life. It was a devastating loss, but she put on her game face and soldiered on. As the baby’s first birthday neared it was not an easy time for his Mom. But then her Marine family stepped in. One soon to be father of twins organized a birthday party for her

On April 27th, a free luncheon was held for all spouses of deployed HQSVC Company (Forward) service members on April 27th at the Follow Me Bar, Officers Club, Camp Lejeune. 10 spouses attended. The CLR-27 Family Readiness Command Team hosted the event. MCX Store Manager (Catherine Bruggeman) and her assistant (Ralph) provided a brief on MCX renovation efforts and MCX business approach: "treat what we do as a community and family effort, listen to and fulfill the customer's needs, make it fun to come to the exchange, provide world-class customer service.” They also gifted two large goodie bags to those who attended. MCFTB Readiness and Deployment Support Trainer, Jessica Stevenson-Ross, provided a “During the Deployment" brief mentioning available workshops. Chaplain Johns, LCDR, USN, then addressed the group. Looking forward to seeing you at upcoming Spring events, and if I can

be of assistance, please contact me at 451-1284 or email me at [email protected]. José

Family Readiness Officer Mr. José L. Padilla, Jr, 910-451-1284, Cell 910-352-0919, or email [email protected], 2d MLG (Fwd) website http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/default.aspx

From the First Sergeant 1stSgt Jerry Lopez

From the start to the end of April; it’s been a great month for the Marines and Sailors from 2d MLG (Fwd). From the beginning; with ten Marines and one Sailor being selected and getting promoted; to our Boards with Cpl Lugo (G-6 Marine) and LCpl Joya (S-3 Marine) winning Headquarters and Service Company NCO and Marine of the Quarter boards and also Cpl Wolford (G-3 Marine) representing Headquarters and Service Company in the Meritorious Sergeant board at the Group Level. I would like to welcome are newest member to the 2d MLG family. Newborn Gunner Joseph Malec, son of Corporal Joseph and Rachel Malec who was born on 7 April 2011. The warriors of 2d MLG (Fwd) continue to keep the momentum going and constantly improving in their Military Occupation Specialties while maintain that high level of professionalism. I would like to say Happy Mother’s Day and thank the families for their support.

Resort Day for Spouses of Deployed 2d MLG Marines and Sailors 21 May 2d MLG and CREDO are sponsoring a Deployed Spouses Day Away at the Shell Island Resort at Wrightsville Beach, NC. Limited to 40! Flyer with additional information and RSVP guidance via the link. Sign up now! http://www.scribd.com/doc/52951874  

Free Personal Financial Management Classes 5 May 19 May

Taking Control of Your Finances Investment Basics

http://www.mccslejeune.com/finance/index.html Bldg 302, Holcomb Blvd. To register, please call 910-451-2865. Individual appointments are also available. Call 451-2865 or email at [email protected] or [email protected].

Semper Fi! Jerry E. Lopez 1stSgt Lopez, USMC

Opportunities and Resources 2d MLG Facebook: www.facebook.com/2ndmlg CLR-27 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CombatLogistics-Regiment-27/156696314382964 EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It! Photos, Videos & Articles of Your 2d MLG Marines and Sailors in Afghanistan. See our Warrior’s Log: http://www.dvidshub.net/publication/346/thewarriors-log

Baby Budget Workshop The Budget for Baby workshop will teach budgeting techniques & the impact a baby has on a family's finances. A FREE layette is available to all USMC/USN families who attend that class and are expecting a baby. The layettes contain brand name infant items and a handmade blanket. Call 451-5346/5584 to register for the next class. Baby and Me at the MCX MCX issues a $10 gift card when a parent brings birth certificate to the Customer Service desk within 30 days of the birth.

Family Readiness Officer Mr. José L. Padilla, Jr, 910-451-1284, Cell 910-352-0919, or email [email protected], 2d MLG (Fwd) website http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/default.aspx

Pregnancy (Prenatal & Postnatal Up to 6 Months) Exercise Class

In the Midst Workshop 13 May: 1830-2130

Prenatal and Postnatal (up to 6 months), exercise includes Resistance training and Yoga. Open to all eligible TRICARE Beneficiaries, Childcare Available at TT2 Fitness Center only. Register for Childcare in the TT2 Fitness Center Playroom at TT2 Childcare Development Center 450-1681. Mondays & Wednesdays at TT2 Fitness Center 1030-1130. Thursdays at French Creek Fitness Center 1530-1630. To register call: Naval Hospital Health Promotion & Wellness.

Designed for spouses in the midst of military life. Created to empower participants with knowledge, including topics such as Relaxation, Networking, Having Fun, Learning Something New, and Communication. Kids-N-Deployment Workshop 24 May: 1830-2000 This is 2 workshops in 1, both a parents and children’s workshop. Parents on one side, children on the other. Offers both parents and children coping skills needed to sustain them during the deployment; the parent’s side focuses on children’s emotional and behavioral challenges as well as coping strategies and resources to utilize during the deployment.

RECOMMENDED FOR SPOUSES, FIANCÉS & EXTENDED FAMILIES OF DEPLOYED MARINES AND SAILORS Beyond the Brief: 6-week Summer Series of Resiliency Workshops This is a 6 week series that provides information in a relaxed, interactive, informal atmosphere. If you are unable to attend one or more sessions, then simply attend any that you can. 25 May - When Coping is More Difficult Than I Thought / Separation – The Stress, The Anxiety, The Fear 1 Jun Safe and Sound at Home 8 Jun Understanding the Money 15 Jun Casualty Assistance – The Process 22 Jun Effects of Combat Operational Stress on Marines & Families 29 Jun Mastering the Juggling Act – Quick & Easy Stress-Relieving Ideas

Contact: (910) 451-0176 Hours: 0730-1600 Monday-Friday LC4012A Butler Drive, Midway Park Free childcare is available for attending workshops. You MUST contact Brewster CDC to register, 450-8467. The FOCUS Project This project intends to assist family members by alleviating deployment-induced stress. It intends to enhance family communication and support by developing a shared family narrative about the deployment experiences. It provides individual and community level consultations, workshops, and skill-building groups designed to support family resilience. Family-friendly hours. 798 Brewster Blvd, Bldg 40, Russell Ctr, Camp Lejeune Call: 910.450.5631/2/3/5 http://www.mccslejeune.com/focus/index.html www.focusproject.org

Family Readiness Officer Mr. José L. Padilla, Jr, 910-451-1284, Cell 910-352-0919, or email [email protected], 2d MLG (Fwd) website http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/default.aspx

Marine and Family Services Center Russell Marine & Family Services Center is in Bldg 40, Brewster Blvd, and has a website: http://www.mccslejeune.com/marinefamily.html Military Connection: Job Resources Woman-owned business located in Simi Valley, CA. Since 1999, mission is to serve active duty and reserve military, veterans, retirees, DOD civil servants, and spouses and dependents. Offers many job resources. http://www.militaryconnection.com FREE stuff…checkout Military One Source. https://www.militaryonesource.com Military One Source includes FREE TAX filing assistance. Also, free books, to include best sellers, playaways (books on MP3s) and notification of free/special discounts for places such as Disney Parks. Visit the website and utilize the FREE services provided.

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Spring Cleaning? Have a yard sale or advertise on-line! www.lejeuneyardsales.com Health Promotion Classes Free for both service members & family members. Drug & Alcohol abuse, Public Health (Stress Management, Anger Management, Healthy Communication, Nutrition, etc.) Bldg 302, Holcomb Blvd. To register, call 910.451.2865. http:www.mccslejeune.com/health/index.html

2d MLG Websites 2d MLG Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/2ndMLG 2d MLG Public Affairs Officer YouTube page: www.youtube.com/2dmlgpao 2d MLG: http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/defaul t.aspx CLR-27’s website is: http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/clr27/Pages/defau lt.aspx

2d MLG Phone Numbers 2d MLG Family Readiness Information Hotline: 1-800-664-7193 or local at (910) 451-3201 Company Leadership Commanding Officer Major John Flynn Email: [email protected] Executive Officer Captain Gregory “Ryan” Scott Email: [email protected] First Sergeant First Sergeant Jerry Lopez Email: [email protected] FREE Workshops for all military family members at Career Management Resource Center (CMRC)! Workshops include topics such as Skills Assessment, Resumé Writing tips, and Federal Employment Guidelines. For more information, call 451-3212, email [email protected], visit Bldg 40, or the CMRC’s website at: .http://www.mccslejeune.com/readiness/crmc.html

Family Readiness Officer Mr. José L. Padilla, Jr, 910-451-1284, Cell 910-352-0919, or email [email protected], 2d MLG (Fwd) website http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/default.aspx

MCFTB Location: Midway Park Marine Corps Family Team Building has moved to Building LC-4102A, Butler Drive, in the Midway Park Marine and Family Services Annex. Hours are Monday to Friday from 0730-1600. 451-0176. Also, moved are the New Parent Support Group and Children Youth and Teen Programs, which are also located here.

USO & Rocket Life Productions Free Photo Book Free photo book for military from USO and Rocket Life Productions.

FREE Child Care for MCFTB events If you have not done so, please register your children in order to take advantage of the FREE childcare. To utilize the FREE childcare services provided by the Brewster Childcare Development Center (CDC) during MCFTB training or CDC-supported unit functions, you must register your children at the CDC & Youth Pavilion located at Midway Park. The CDC provides childcare for registered children between the ages of six weeks old and up to 12 years old. Prior to events, parents must call 450-8467 to make their reservations as soon as possible but at least 72 hours in advance. All children must be registered with Children, Youth, and Teen Programs (have a white card).

Military ID Cards for 10th Birthday Camp Lejeune Reception Center, Bldg 59, is open 0630 - 1800 Monday through Thursday and 0630 1600 on Fridays. The Courthouse Bay ID Card Center is the satellite ID card center, located in Bldg BB-12. Hours of operation 0730 - 1600, Monday through Friday. Super Star Student Reward, MCX Students in grades 6– 12 and home schooled students who attain an overall B average for the grading period are eligible to bring their report cards to the MCX within 30 days of the grading period. They will receive a scratch-off card with a guaranteed prize.

Registration may be completed at the Resource & Referral Office, Bldg LCH 4012, Butler Drive, Midway Park (next to the Midway Park Chapel), (910) 449-9552 or 449-9563 Mon-Fri, 0800-1600. Please bring child's shot records to register and a copy of the most recent medical physical, if available. Operation Noble Heart: Volunteers Wanted A new program designed to encourage active duty service members, family members, and the civilian employees to perform volunteer work for charitable organizations in the local community. Point of contact is Ms. Robin Karratti at (910) 451-4642 / email kar[email protected]. http://www.mccslejeune.com/ONH/index.html

Family Readiness Officer Mr. José L. Padilla, Jr, 910-451-1284, Cell 910-352-0919, or email [email protected], 2d MLG (Fwd) website http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/default.aspx

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is the composition of 2d MLG(Fwd)? A: It is comprised of Headquarters and Service Company [HQSVC Company (Forward)], two Combat Logistics Battalions, an Engineer Support Battalion, Maintenance Bn (-) (Reinf), and an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Company. Each battalion has its own FRO. HQSVC Company (Forward)'s FRO is not only our company FRO, but he is also dual-hatted as CLR-27's FRO. Q: What is the relationship between HQSVC Company (Forward) and Headquarters Company, CLR-27? A: Headquarters Company, CLR-27 (not deployed, in Camp Lejeune) supports HQSVC Company (Forward). HQSVC Company (Forward) is the deployed headquarters for 2d MLG(Forward), and it serves as both the HQ and provides a variety of services. Although many Marines and Sailors were sourced from CLR-27 for this deployment, HQSVC Company (Forward) has additional capabilities that Headquarters Company, CLR-27 (not deployed) due to our combat mission, such as Personnel Retrieval Processing Detachment. Although many Marines and Sailors assigned to our company were sourced from HQ Company, CLR-27 for this deployment, many were globally-sourced, including reservists. Q: I would like to receive email updates from HQSVC Company, 2d MLG(Fwd) FRO while my Marine or Sailor is deployed. How can I get added to the distribution list? A: Contact the FRO, Jose Padilla at (910) 451-1284 or via email at [email protected]. Q: Who should I contact if I have any additional questions, needs or concerns? A: The FRO, You should contact the FRO, Mr. José Padilla. Q: Prior to the deployment, Marines and Sailors briefed that Wi Fi would be available, but I have heard that Wi Fi is not. When should Wi Fi become available? A: Although Wi Fi is available, it is only available at a few places. Due to the large camp population, the Wi Fi bandwidth is over-stressed. Coming mid-May will be additional Wi Fi capabilities which should alleviate the current problem. Q: What is my Marine’s / Sailor’s mailing address? A: (RANK) (FIRST NAME, MIDDLE INITIAL, LAST NAME), 2D MLG FWD, S-1, HQSVC CO, UNIT 73951, FPO AE 09510-3951 Q: My deployed Marine or Sailor has not contacted me for over a week, and I'm worried that he or she is not doing well. How can I receive an update on my deployed Marine or Sailor? A: Call or email the FRO, or email the Company Commander. Their information is contained in this newsletter. Q: How can I get an urgent message about a death in the family to my Marine or Sailor? A: American Red Cross. (877) 272-7337 (toll-free). Provide as much of the following information as is known: Full name, Rank/rating, Branch of service (Navy/ Marines), Social Security Account number or date of birth, Military address, Information about the deployed unit and home base unit (for deployed service members only). Q: My deployed Marine / Sailor is serving a 12-month assignment, and we have just decided to meet in Europe for Rest and Recuperation (R&R). However, we don’t have passports. How can we have passports made quickly? A: As soon as possible, visit the passport website; specifically, “How to Get Your Passport in a Hurry” section: http://travel.state.gov/passport/hurry/hurry_831.html. If you are having difficulty contacting your spouse, notify FRO. Q: How can I find out when my Marine or Sailor is returning? A: The FRO will notify you based on the information that he is provided from his authorized HQSVC points of contact from Afghanistan. Since military international flight schedules can change, the FRO will notify you ASAP as itineraries change. Your patience will be appreciated during this time.

Q: How can I view previous editions of the HQSVC, 2d MLG(Forward) family newsletters? A: Please visit the following URLs: Volume 1, Issue 1: http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/2nd%20MLG%20FWD/2nd%20MLG%20FWD.pdf Volume 1, Issue 2: http://www.scribd.com/doc/52818765/2d-MLG-Fwd-Headquarters-April-Newsletter Family Readiness Officer Mr. José L. Padilla, Jr, 910-451-1284, Cell 910-352-0919, or email [email protected], 2d MLG (Fwd) website http://www.marines.mil/unit/2ndmlg/Pages/default.aspx

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