(27) Dynamic Builders v. Presbitero

July 11, 2019 | Author: Charles Laminato | Category: Writ Of Prohibition, Injunction, Writ, Lawsuit, Jurisdiction
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Dynamic Builders v. Presbitero G.R. No. 174202  April 7, 2015 Topic: Prohibition Facts: The Mnici Mnicipal palit! it! o" #alla$o alla$oli$ li$,, Ne%ros Ne%ros &cci$e &cci$ental ntal,, thro%h thro%h its 'i$s an$ A(ar$s )o**ittee, )o**ittee, pblishe$ pblishe$ an in+itation to bi$ "or the constrction o" a 1,050lineal *eter rbble concrete sea(all alon% the *nicipalit!-s shoreline. o This This in"ras in"rastr trct ctre re +entr +entre e is no(n no(n as the /)onstrction horeline Protection Proect./ The 'i$s an$ A(ar$s A(ar$s )o**ittee )o**ittee con$cte$ a prebi$ prebi$ con"er con"erenc ence e atten$ atten$e$ e$ b!  prospe prospecti+ cti+e e contra contracto ctors rs incl$in% 3!na*ic 'il$ers. o &nl! the re*ainin% 4 bi$$ers /(ere consi$ere$ $rin% the openin% o" the bi$s./ The 'i$s an$ A(ar$s A(ar$s )o**ittee )o**ittee isse$ Resoltion Resoltion reco**en$in% the a(ar$ in "a+or o" 6 )onstrction an$ nterprise. The The Mni Mnici cipa pali lit! t! o" #alla alla$o $oli li$ $ rece recei+ i+e$ e$ its its /N& /N& &'6)T8&N/. o a$+is( a$+is(s s the 'i$s an$ A(ar$s A(ar$s )o**itt )o**ittee ee to proc procee ee$ $ (ith (ith the the iss issan ance ce o" the the noti notice ce o"  a(ar$, letter o" acceptance, si%nin% o" contract, an$ notice to procee$. The 'i$s an$ A(ar$s A(ar$s )o**ittee )o**ittee isse$ Resoltion Resoltion a""ir*in% the a(ar$ o" contract to 6 )onstrction an$ nterprise. The 'i$s an$ A(ar$s A(ar$s )o**ittee )o**ittee )hairperso )hairperson n (rote the the n%r n%r.. o" 3!na 3!na*i *ic c 'il il$ers $ers an$ an$ the the othe other  r  participatin% losin% bi$$ers, A3P )onstrction an$ Mi% 

   

9ells )onstrction )orporation, to in"or* the* o" the 'i$s an$ A(ar$s )o**ittee-s "in$in%s an$ $ecision. o 3!na*i 3!na*ic c 'il$e 'il$ers rs (as in"or* in"or*e$ e$ that that /its /its bi$ proposal ha$ been "on$ to be -not sbstantiall! respon responsi+e si+e.. 3!na*i 3!na*ic c 'il$e 'il$ers rs recei+ recei+e$ e$ this this $ecision on Ma! 11, 200. 3!na*i 3!na*ic c 'il$e 'il$ers rs alle%e alle%e$ $ that that on Ma! 5, 200, 200, it sb*itte$ the letter $ate$ April 7, 200 containin% a reest "or the 'i$s an$ A(ar$s )o**ittee to "rnish it (ith all sb*itte$ bi$ $oc*ents an$ rele+ant 'i$s an$  A(ar$s )o**ittee resoltions, bt this (as $enie$ b! the letter $ate$ Ma! 5, 200 in+oin% con"i$entialit! n$er ection 2.4 o" the &G&F8N3 %i$elines. The 'i$s an$ A(ar$s )o**ittee recei+e$ the letter  "ro* 3!na*ic 'il$ers seein% reconsi$eration o" the  April 25, 200 $ecision $eclarin% 3!na*ic 'il$ers- bi$ as not sbstantiall! responsi+e. The Bids and Awards Committee Decision:  Decision:  $enie$ the reest "or reconsi$eration. o the poste+alation e;a*ination reslts sho(e$ 3!na 3!na*i *ic c 'il 'il$e $ersrs- "ail "ailr re e in its its Fina Financ ncia iall )ontractin% )apabilit!. 3!na*ic 'il$ers "ile$ a "or*al protest (ith the hea$ o"  the procrin% entit!, Ma!or Presbitero, to set asi$e the 'i$s an$ A(ar$s )o**ittee $ecision Mayor Presbitero Decision: $is*isse$ Decision: $is*isse$ the protest 3!ana*ic 'il$ers "ile$ a *otion "or reconsi$eration. Mayor Presbitero: $enie$ Presbitero: $enie$ the MR. On Sept. 4, 2006, Dynamic Builders filed the Petition for Certio Certiorar rarii before before the !C of Ba"o Ba"o City City, #e"ros #e"ros Occidental, assailin" $ayor Presbitero%s Decision and  esolut es olut ion. ion .

Simultaneously, Dynamic Builders filed this Petition&2'(  dated September 4, 2006 for prohibition )ith application for temporary restrainin" order and*or )rit  of preliminary in+unction before this court. !his )as receied by this court on September 6, 2006 Petitioner
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