26_People vs Montejo

May 2, 2018 | Author: Vincent Ong | Category: Prosecutor, Common Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Crime & Justice
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CRIMPRO (offense related to public office)...


CRIMPRO Title : People vs Montejo

GR No. L- 14595 Date: May 1! 19"# Ponente: CONCEPCION, J. People of the Philippines– Petitioners HON. Gregorio Montejo, Judge, CFI, !"#o!ng! Cit$ !nd %!sil!n Cit$, M!$or &ero$ '. %ro(n, )ete*ti+e Jo!uin -. Pollis*o, p!trol"!n Gr!*i!no &!*ern! !li!s )odong, P!trol"!n Moh!"!d H!s#i, 'pe*i!l Poli*e"!n )ionisio )ingl!s!, 'pe*i!l Poli*e"!n H!dj!r!til, 'pe*i!l Poli*e"!n &o, !nd John )oes– -espondents N!ture N!ture of the *!se: 'pe*i!l 'pe*i!l *i+il !*tion for certiorari , (ith mandamus !nd preli"in!r$ injun*tion, !g!inst Hon. Gregorio Montejo, !s Judge of the Court of First Inst!n*e of the *ities of !"#o!ng! !nd %!sil!n, !nd the defend!nts in Cri"in!l C!se No. /01 of s!id *ourt $%CT& - In the petition herein *onte"pl!ted , 2led #$ the prose*utor, pr!$s to enjoin the respondent  judge fro" pro*eeding through tri!l of s!id *!se for reje*ting so"e e+iden*e for the prose prose*ut *ution ion there therein in !nd not per"it per"itting ting the s!"e to propou propound nd *ert!in *ert!in uestio uestions. ns. 3his petition !lso pr!$s th!t respondent judge #e ordered to !d"it the !fore"entioned e+iden*e !nd per"it s!id uestions. -  M!$or &ero$ %ro(n of %!sil!n Cit$, )et. Jo!uin Pollis*o, P!trol"!n Gr!*i!no &!*e"!, !nd other *o4!**used (here *h!rged (ith "urder. "urder. - )uring M!$ !nd June of 5678, M!$or !nd his 9org!nied groups of poli*e p!trol !nd *i+ili!n *o""!ndoes9 (ho" he 9!r"ed (ith pistols !nd high po(er guns9 est!#lished ! *!"p (hi*h the$ *!lled !s their ;su#4poli*e he!du!rters; !t 3ipo43ipo, &!"it!n (here the "!$or h!d dire*t super+ision !nd order o+er the s!id he!du!rter. Pollis*o !*ted !s 9in+estig!ting o!n (!lin 3e#!g (!s !rrested #$ order of M!$or %ro(n, (ithout !n$ (!rr!nt or *o"pl!int 2led in *ourt, det!ined in, the !fore"entioned su#[email protected] th!t (hile on the (!$ thereto, s!id (!lin 3e#!g (!s "!ltre!ted, pursu!nt to instru*tions of M!$or %ro(n, *on*urred in #$ Pollis*o, to the eBe*t th!t 3e#!g #e "!uled until su*h ti"e !s he sh!ll surrender his [email protected] th!t, on*e in the su#4st!tion, 3e#!g, (hose h!nds (ere se*urel$ tied, (!s su#je*ted, #$ defend!nts &!*ern!, H!s#i, Pollis*o, )ingl!s!, !nd other spe*i!l spe*i!l poli*e"en, poli*e"en, to further further !nd "ore "ore se+ere se+ere torture, torture, in *onseuen* *onseuen*e e of (hi*h  3e#!g  3e#!g [email protected] th!t, in order to si"ul!te th!t 3e#!g h!d #een >illed #$ pe!*e o
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