20 Days of AutoCAD Exercises

August 3, 2017 | Author: levi'c | Category: Circle, Angle, Line (Geometry), Rectangle, Geometry
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20 Days of AutoCAD Exercises...


2D AutoCAD exercises #1 To begin, we will start by trying to draw this simple figure below. Too simple right? The objective here is to learn how to use the command window in AutoCAD in order to draw without using the mouse. This will help us have a first glimpse on how this window works.

We have 4 points and we have the coordinate of each of them. So, basically we have each starting point of our lines and each ending point. AutoCAD draws lines using coordinates. To better explain, we put our figure in a system of coordinates in the image below in order to improve our understanding. If we consider a coordinate system formed by X, Y, this is how our exercise will fit in the system.

To draw this, open a new file in AutoCAD 1.

Type “LINE”


Specify first point: 5,0


Specify next point or [Undo]: 10,0


Specify next point or [Undo]: 10,7

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Specify next point or [Close/Undo]: 5,5


Specify next point or [Close/Undo]: 5,0


Hit the ENTER once more


Click on 8 (look at the figure below)

(The part in bold is what AutoCAD is asking you to enter. You will see those same words displayed in the command windows. You should enter are those coordinates, e.g. 5,0 -> 10,0 -> 10,7 and so on. However, remember after each step you need to validate your action by pressing the ENTER key on your keyboard)

There you go! We are done with creating the figure. You noticed how we are able to draw without using a mouse. It may be difficult for a newcomer but not impossible. AutoCAD draws lines from one point to the other and starts the next line where the previous one ended. In step 7, we disabled the LINE command and at that step you can also press the ESC key instead of the ENTER key, it will serve the same purpose. Step 8 is just to zoom out completely so you may see what you have just drawn.

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2D AutoCAD exercises #2 Welcome to Day 2 of our 20 Days of 2D Exercises in AutoCAD. Today we have the exercise below where we are given a basic figure to draw. Our figure has 6 points: A, B, C, D, E and F, and we know the distance of each segment as AB=5, BC= 7, DC= 2.5, DE= 3, EF= 2.5, FA=4. The coordinate of the starting point is given but is not that important for this exercise. Check 2D AutoCAD exercise #1 to see its importance. To draw

this figure.




Specify first point: 5,0


Make sure ORTHO is activated, give a right orientation to your line using your mouse, and type 5


Orientate your line upward using your mouse and type 7


Give the left direction to your line using your mouse and type 2.5


Orientate your line downward and type 3


Give the left direction to your line and type 2.5


Orientate your line downward and type 4


Press ESC

If you do not know how to activate the ORTHO mode, you should read the 9 tips on AutoCAD for beginners. As an example, below is a typical exercise you should be able to perform after following the steps above.

Page | 3

Page | 4

2D AutoCAD exercises #3 Welcome to Day #3 of this series of learning AutoCAD with exercises. Today, we have a but more complex exercise compared to the two previous ones.

On Day #2, you learned how to draw lines with specific distances. In this exercise, all distances are given but remember that while drawing a circle in AutoCAD that by default, the software will ask you to enter the radius of the circle. In this exercise, however, we are given diameters. Make sure to learn and understand the Day 1 exercise so you will be able to stick your line on the circle at A and A’ the proper way.

Page | 5

The TANGENT should be activated. Start from the bottom, meaning start the line at the point W’ and end it at A’. While approaching the circle, AutoCAD will help you snap the end of the line on a right tangentially to the circle. 9 tips you should know on your Day 1 of Using AutoCAD You should notice the green circle in AutoCAD, as shown below.

Using this technique, you should be able to draw the complete figure below.

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2D AutoCAD exercises #4 Welcome to Day #4 of this series of 2D AutoCAD exercises. We have a simple image to replicate using AutoCAD. All dimensions are given.

If the drawing above is confusing, use the following one, where the image to draw is the one in the red color.

If you followed since Day #1, You should have no problem drawing this. However, the new part in this excercises consists of the place where you need to draw a line knowing its inclination and itsdistance. This is shown below:

Page | 7

In this figure, we have a line of length 4.6 and this same line is at an angle of 49 degrees with the another line of length 2. To achieve this drawing with AutoCAD, you should first draw the line of length 2, which you should know how to do. Afterwards, start a new line at point A, type @4.6
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