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Framework Dr. Maria Irma Bustamante

Definitions •  A framework is the abstract, logical structure of meaning that guides the development of the stud and enables the researcher to link the findings to nursing!s bod of knowledge. • It is the conceptual underpinnings "foundation or support# of a stud

Definitions •  Theoretical framework is based on theories. •  Conceptual framework is rooted on specific concepts or conceptual model • Both provides the structure for e$amining a problem and serves as a guide to e$amine relationships between   variables.

Theoretical Framework

Conceptual Framework

Definitions •  Model – pattern, plan, representation, or description designed to show the main ob%ect or working of an ob%ect, sstem, or concept. • Models ma be graphic or representational or mathematical or logical.

Mathematical Model of the &ramid of 'hufu

(raphic model of a building

)epresentational models

Definitions •   Law * a theor that has accrued such persuasive empirical support that it is accepted as true.

+he need for a framework • +he use of a framework opens up other possibilities. ther was of e$plaining ma result in a different or a more comprehensive light on the research problem. • Implicit or e$plicit assumptions about the wa things are or how the work remain unchallenged. • )esearch is not research unless it is attached to a bod of knowledge.

+he purposes of a framework •  Allows researchers to build upon one another-s work. • It helps accumulate deeper understanding over time thus moving a discipline forward. • &rovides clear links from the literature to the research goals and uestions. • It informs the research design.

+he purposes of a framework • It provides reference points for discussion of the methodolog and analsis of the data. • It contributes to the trustworthiness of the stud.

+he use of a framework •  Quantitative research * theor testing/ written at the beginning/ guides the stud •  Qualitative research * theor development/ starts with a worldview or philosoph/ outcome of the stud

Terminologies •  A concept is a term that abstractl describes and names an ob%ect, a phenomenon, or an idea, thus providing it with a separate identit or meaning. •  Constructs are concepts at ver high level of abstraction and have general meaning •   Variables are more concrete and are narrow in their definition.

Terminologies 0onstruct  


)esponses 0oncept




&almar 3weating


Terminologies •  A conceptual map is a strateg for e$pressing a framework. It diagrams the interrelationships of the concepts and statements.

4inear conceptual map

0ircular conceptual map

0onceptual map with figures

5ith a framework, ou have6 (uidance and support6sail on6

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