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Electrical Cable ""

Disconnect battery cables before servicing electrical sys-

ill tems. Failure to do so could result in injury from ignition

sources (sparks) or from contact with moving parts if accidental cranking or starting occurs. Provide sufficient slack at motor end to permit steering and tilting of motor without binding. 1. Remove cable clamp from front of lower engine cover. ""

2. Route the positive (red) battery lead to starter solenoid

ill using the decal on starter motor as your guide. Secure lead to starter solenoid. Cover terminal with rubber boot. r;'] r:;] 3. Apply OMC Triple-Guard grease to shaped area @ shown in figure. Align arrows ® and push connectors firmly together. Secure the connection with spring clip ® and snap the clip into retainers on exhaust cover. Secure cable in clamps on exhaust cover.




4. fゥセュャケ@

i l l terminal.

connect negative (black) battery lead to ground



171 - - - - - - I DR2130

Isl Manual

Tilt Models - install grommet on battery cables, @セ electrical cable and VRO Low Oil Warning wire where they enter front of lower engine cover.

Igl Trim/Tilt

Models - bundle the electrical cable, the TrimlTilt @セ cable, battery cables and the VRO Low Oil Warning wire, and wrap the cables using the piece of rubber wrap ® supplied with the battery cables. Install tie strap @ around rubber wrap. Twist tie strap around so the connection is facing down to fit in lower engine cover. Tighten and cut tie strap.

181 _________MZ[N]セ@

1101 Place grommet or rubber wrap in opening in front of lower engine cover. Install clamp and secure with two screws.


After installation, verify that there is sufficient clearance for

ill all cables to avoid binding or chafing through all engine steering and tilting angles.








セ@ 45C


Safety Related



::: .r:.




セ@ )(










1988 Johnson/Evinrude "CC" 40 thru 55 Models Service Manual Complete original OMC Service Manual used by Johnson/Evinrude Dealers.

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P/N 507661 High-resolution manual is indexed, searchable and printable. Manual includes very descriptive diagrams, detailed repair and diagnostic procedures with appropriate part numbers and all required references. Manual covers the following Johnson/Evinrude outboards: 35 Models E35ARLCC J35ARLCC E35AELCC J35AELCC 40 Models E40RCC J40RCC E40RLCC J40RLCC E40BACC J40BACC E40BALCC J40BALCC E40ECC J40ECC E40ELCC J40ELCC E40TECC J40TECC E40TELCC J40TELCC E40TLCC J40TLCC 45 Models 45RWLE 45RWYE 45RSE 45RSLE 45RSYE 45RCR 45RCLR 48 Models E48ESLCC J48ESLCC 50 Models E50BECC J50BECC E50BELCC J50BELCC E50TELCC J50TELCC E50TLCC 55 Models 55RWLR 55RSH 55RSLH

55RSYH Manual Chapters: - Safety Section - General Information - Fuel System - Ignition System - Powerhead - Midsection - Gearcase - Manual Starter - Electrical System - Remote Control - Power Trim/Tilt - COLOR DIAGRAMS

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