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1800 FilmMaking E-Books List ( Including 100 Thesis/Research Papers List ) Updated:8 Feb 2013 PLEASE ...


$30 Film School: How to Write, Direct, Produce, Shoot, Edit, Distribute, Tour With, and Sell Your Own 0001 No-Budget DIGITAL Movie 0002 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen 0003 100 Years of European Cinema: Entertainment or Ideology? 0004 1000 Best Movies on Video 0005 1000 Quick Writing Ideas 0006 1001 Brilliant Writing Ideas: Teaching Inspirational Story-Writing for All Ages

Michael W. Dean Richard Crouse Diana Holmes, Alison Smith Peter Waymark Stevan Krajnjan Ron Shaw

101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived: How Characters of Fiction, Myth, Legends, Television, and 0007 Movies Have Shaped Our Society, Changed Our Behavior, and Set the Course of History 0008 12 Step Guerrilla Filmmaking Checklist and Guide And Similar Articles 37 page-article 0009 12 Stories They Wouldn't Let Me Do on TV 0010 15 Soviet Montage (12 Page article) 0011 150 Movies You Should Die Before You See 0012 151 Quick Ideas to Manage Your Time 0013 2 Column Shooting Script 0014 20 Master Plots and How to Build Them 0015 200 Documentaries You Must See Before You Die 0016 2012 Filmmaking Survival Guide 0017 21st Century Superhero: Essays on Gender, Genre and Globalization in Film 0018 24p: Make Your Digital Movies Look Like Hollywood 0019 25 Great French Films 0020 30 Movies to Get You Through the Holidays 0021 30-Second Storyteller: The Art and Business of Directing Commercials 0022 3D Lighting: History, Concepts, and Techniques 0023 43 Ways to Finance Your Feature Film: A Comprehensive Analysis of Film Finance 0024 50 Years of Bond Plus The Untold Story of 007 (Including Over 250 Amazing Photos) 2012 0025 5001 Nights at the Movies 0026 9 Frame Analysis 0027 A Brief Guide to Star Trek 0028 A Cinema of Loneliness 0029 A Clockwork Orange 0030 A Companion to Alfred Hitchcock 0031 A Companion to Early Cinema 0032 A Companion to Film Theory 0033 A Companion to Latin American Film

Dan Karlan, Allan Lazar, Jeremy Salter Tressa Sanders Alfred Hitchcock Internet Miller Steve Robert E. Dittmer http://chs.smuhsd.org Ronald Tobias Kevin Kelly WeMakeMovies.org Richard J. Gray Ii, Betty Kaklamanidou Pete Shaner, Gerald Everett Jones Roger Ebert Roger Ebert Thomas Richter Arnold Gallardo John W. Cones Internet Pauline Kael Internet Brian J Robb Robert Kolker Stanley Kubrick Thomas Leitch, Leland Poague André Gaudreault, Nicolas Dulac, Santiago Hidalgo Toby Miller, Robert Stam Stephen M. Hart

0034 A Companion to Literature and Film 0035 A Companion to Luis Buñuel 0036 A Companion to Michael Haneke 0037 A Conversation & Jean Luc Godard [Film Quarterly] 0038 A Critical Cinema 2: Interviews With Independent Filmmakers 0039 A Critical Cinema 5: Interviews With Independent Filmmakers 0040 A Culture of Light: Cinema and Technology in 1920s Germany 0041 A Feminine Cinematics: Luce Irigaray, Women and Film 0042 A Free Replay (Notes on Vertigo) 0043 A Guide for Indie Filmmakers 0044 A History of American Movies: A Film-By-Film Look at the Art, Craft, and Business of Cinema 0045 A History of Greek Cinema 0046 A History of Horrors: The Rise and Fall of the House of Hammer 0047 A Hundred Years of Japanese Cinema 0048 A New Guide to Italian Cinema 0049 A Philosophy of Cinematic Art 0050 A Pictorial History of Horror Movies 0051 A Poetics for Screenwriters 0052 A Practical Guide to Video and Audio Compression: From Sprockets and Rasters to Macro Blocks 0053 A Sci-Fi Swarm and Horror Horde: Interviews With 62 Filmmakers 0054 A Second Life: German Cinema's First Decades 0055 A Short History of Film 0056 A Shot in the Dark: A Creative DIY Guide to Digital Video Lighting On 0057 A Social History of Iranian Cinema, Volume 4: The Globalizing Era, 1984–2010 0058 A Storied Career 0059 A Taste for Indian Films: Negotiating Cultural Boundaries in Post-Stalinist Soviet Society 0060 A to Z of Australian and New Zealand Cinema 0061 A to Z of Italian Cinema 0062 A World History of Film 0063 A Year of Hitchcock: 52 Weeks With the Master of Suspense 0064 Abbas Kiarostami 0065 About to Die: How News Images Move the Public 0066 Abstract Film and Beyond 0067 Acting for Film 0068 Acting Lessons for Teachers: Using Performance Skills in the Classroom

Robert Stam, Alessandra Raengo Gwynne Edwards Roy Grundmann James Roy MacBean Scott Macdonald Scott Macdonald Frances Guerin Caroline Bainbridge Chris Marker Adam Rench Paul Monaco Vrasidas Karalis Denis Meikle Donald Richie Carlo Celli, Marga Cottino-Jones Berys Gaut Denis Gifford Lance Lee Cliff Wootton Tom Weaver Thomas Elsaesser Wheeler Winston Dixon, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster Jay Holben Hamid Naficy Katharine Hansen Sudha Rajagopalan Albert Moran, Errol Vieth Gino Moliterno Robert Sklar Jim McDevitt, Eric San Juan Mehrnaz Saeed-Vafa, Jonathan Rosenbaum Barbie Zelizer Malcolm Legrice Cathy Haase Robert T. Tauber, Cathy S. Mester

0069 Acting Reconsidered 0070 Acting Teachers of America: A Vital Tradition 0071 Action Figures: Men, Action Films, and Contemporary Adventure Narratives 0072 Action Speaks Louder: Violence, Spectacle, and the American Action Movie 0073 Adventures In The Screen Trade 0074 Aesthetic Theory 0075 Aesthetics and Film

0076 Aesthetics and Politics 0077 African Cinema: Postcolonial and Feminist Readings 0078 African Film: Re-Imagining a Continent 0079 African Filmmaking: North and South of the Sahara 0080 After Hitchcock: Influence, Imitation, and Intertextuality 0081 Afterimages of Gilles Deleuze's Film Philosophy 0082 Afterthoughts on Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema (6 Page article) 0083 Agitator: The Cinema of Takashi Miike 0084 Aim for the Heart: The Films of Clint Eastwood 0085 Aiming for a Rashomon Storyteller 0086 Alanis Obomsawin: The Vision of a Native Filmmaker 0087 Alchemies Of Thought In Godard's Cinema: Deleuze And Merleau-Ponty (18 page Article) 0088 Alexander Kluge: Raw Materials for the Imagination 0089 Alexander Medvedkin: The Filmmaker's Companion 2 0090 Alfred Hitchcock - a Definitive Study 0091 Alfred Hitchcock - a Definitive Study -AUDIO 0092 Alfred Hitchcock (On Directors Series) 0093 Alfred Hitchcock (The Pocket Essential) 0094 Alfred Hitchcock and the British Cinema: Second Edition 0095 Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho 0096 Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light 0097 Alfred Hitchcock: Filming Our Fears 0098 Alfred Hitchcock: The Icon Years 0099 Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho: A Casebook 0100 Alfred Hitchcock and François Truffaut 0101 All Quiet on the Western Front: The Story of a Film 0102 Allegorical Images: Tableau, Time and Gesture in the Cinema of Werner Schroeter

Phillip B Zarilli Ronald Rand, Luigi Scorcia, J. Michael Miller Mark Gallagher Eric Lichtenfeld William Goldman Theodor W. Adorno, Robert Hullot-Kentor Katherine Thomson-Jones Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Bloch, Bertolt Brecht, Georg Lukács, Fredric Jameson Kenneth W. Harrow Josef Gugler Roy Armes David Boyd, R. Barton Palmer D. N. Rodowick Laura Mulvey Tom Mes, Paul Posse, Makoto Shinozaki Howard Hughes Alejandro Ramírez, Josep Blat Randolph Lewis Elena Del Rio Tara Forrest Emma Widdis Francois Truffaut, Helen G. Scott Francois Truffaut, Helen G. Scott Nicholas Haeffner Paul Duncan Tom Ryall Stephen Rebello Patrick McGilligan Gene Adair John William Law Robert Kolker Course description Andrew Kelly Michelle Langford

0103 Allied Artists Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Films

0109 American Cinema of the 1930s: Themes and Variations

Michael R. Pitts M. Keith Booker Ken Dancyger, Jeff Rush James Walters André Gaudreault Charlie Keil, Ben Singer Ina R. Hark

0110 American Cinema of the 1960s: Themes and Variations

Barry Keith Grant, Murray Pomerance, Prof. James Morrison, Prof. Anna Everett, Prof. Joe McElhaney, Prof. Leslie Abramson, Prof. David Desser, Prof. Harry Benshoff, Prof. Christopher Sharrett, Prof. Eric Schaefer, Prof. Christie Milliken

0104 Alternate Americas: Science Fiction Film and American Culture 0105 Alternative Scriptwriting: Successfully Breaking the Rules 0106 Alternative Worlds in Hollywood Cinema 0107 American Cinema 1890-1909: Themes and Variations 0108 American Cinema of the 1910s: Themes and Variations

0111 American Cinema of the 1970s: Themes and Variations 0112 American Cinema of the 1980s: Themes and Variations 0113 American Cinema of the 1990s: Themes and Variations 0114 American Cinematographer Manual 0115 American Drama in the Age of Film 0116 American Film and Society Since 1945 0117 American Film in the Digital Age 0118 American Films of the 70s: Conflicting Visions 0119 American Gangster Cinema: From 'Little Caesar' to 'Pulp Fiction' 0120 American Independent Cinema: An Introduction 0121 American Science Fiction Film and Television 0122 American Science Fiction TV: Star Trek, Stargate, and Beyond 0123 American Silent Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Feature Films, 1913-1929 0124 An Accented Cinema : Exilic and Diasporic Filmmaking 0125 An Actor's Revenge 0126 An Eye for Hitchcock 0127 An Introduction To Popular Genres 0128 An Introduction to the American Underground Film 0129 Analysing the Screenplay 0130 Analyzing Literature-To-Film Adaptations: A Novelist's Exploration and Guide

Lester Friedman, Paula J. Massood, Michael Deangelis, Mimi White, David Cook, Mia Mask, Frances Gateward, Glenn Man, Frank Tomasulo, Charles Maland Stephen Prince, Prof. Douglas Kellner Christine Holmlund Roderick T. Ryan Zander Brietzke Leonard Quart, Albert Auster Robert C. Sickels Peter Lev Fran Mason Yannis Tzioumakis Lincoln Geraghty Jan Johnson-Smith John T. Soister, Henry Nicolella, Steve Joyce, William F. Chase, Harry Long Hamid Naficy Ian Breakwell Murray Pomerance FilmEducation Sheldon Renan Jill Nelmes Mary H. Snyder

0131 Anatomy of a Guerrilla Film: The Making of RADIUS 0132 Anatomy of an Adult Film 0133 André Bazin and Italian Neorealism

Helmut Kobler R. Richard, Sunset Thomas, Kyle Torke Bert Cardullo, Andr Bazin

Andre Bazin on automatically made images, on Automatically Made Images [Journal of Aesthetics & Art 0134 Criticism 51-1 Winter 1993] Article 0135 André Bazin: A Brief Biography

Andre Bazin Internet

André Bazin’s Ontology of Photographic and Film 0136 Imagery , 14 Page Part 0137 Andrei Rublev 0138 Andrei Tarkovsky 0139 Andrei Tarkovsky: Elements of Cinema 0140 Andrei Tarkovsky: Interviews 0141 Andrei Tarkovsky: The Winding Quest 0142 Angelina Jolie: A Biography 0143 Animal Farm 0144 Animated Realism: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Animated Documentary Genre 0145 Animation - the Art of Layout and Storyboarding 0146 Animators of Film and Television: Nineteen Artists, Writers, Producers and Others 0147 Anime and Its Roots in Early Japanese Monster Art

Jonathan Friday Robert Bird Sean Martin, Andreĭ Arsenʹevich Tarkovskiĭ Robert Bird John Gianvito Peter Green Kathleen A. Tracy Ian Wooldridge, George Orwell Judith Kriger Mark Byrne Noell K. Wolfgram Evans Hosei University, Tokyo Zília Papp

Anime From Akira to Howl's Moving Castle, Updated Edition: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese 0148 Animation 0149 Anime: From Akira to Princess Mononoke 0150 Anthology Of Individualist & Egoist Thought 0151 ApProppriations & ImProppieties ~ Problems in the Morpholgy of Film Narrative 0152 Arab Filmmakers of the Middle East: A Dictionary 0153 Archival Storytelling: A Filmmaker's Guide to Finding, Using, and Licensing Third-Party Visuals and Music

Susan J. Napier Susan J. Napier Ardent Press David Bordwell Roy Armes Sheila Curran Bernard, Kenn Rabin

Aristo-Poetika 0154 Şiir Sanatı Üzerine 0155 Aristotle in Hollywood, Anatomy of Successful Storytelling 0156 Art by Film Directors 0157 Art in Cinema: Documents Toward a History of the Film Society 0158 Art in the Cinematic Imagination 0159 Art of Watching Films

Internet Ari Hiltunen Karl French Scott Macdonald Susan Felleman Joseph M. Boggs, Dennis W. Petrie

Artists in Exile: How Refugees From Twentieth-Century War and Revolution Transformed the American 0160 Performing Arts 0161 Artists in the Audience: Cults, Camp, and American Film Criticism.

Joseph Horowitz Greg Taylor

0162 As Film Studies: The Essential Introduction 0163 Atonement 0164 Attractive Empire: Transnational Film Culture in Imperial Japan 0165 Audiences 0166 Audio Postproduction for Film and Video 0167 Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen 0168 Audiovisions: Cinema and Television as Entr'actes in History 0169 Australian Cinema After Mabo 0170 Australian Film 0171 Australian National Cinema 0172 Australian Post-War Documentary Film: An Arc of Mirrors

Sarah Casey Benyahia, Freddie Gaffney, John White Ian McEwan, Tba Michael Baskett Ian Christie Jay Rose Michel Chion, Claudia Gorbman, Walter Murch Siegfried Zielinski Felicity Collins, Therese Davis Saskia Vanderbent Tom O'Regan Deane Williams

Automated Lighting, Second Edition: The Art and Science of Moving Light in Theatre, Live Performance, and 0173 Entertainment 0174 Avid Editing, Fourth Edition: A Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Users 0175 Avoiding the Subject: Media, Culture and the Object 0176 Awake in the Dark: The Best of Roger Ebert 0177 Backstory 3: Interviews With Screenwriters of the 60s 0178 Bad: Infamy, Darkness, Evil, and Slime on Screen 0179 Barbra: The Way She Is 0180 Barton Fink (Screenplay) 0181 Basic Elements of Filmmaking II Handbook 0182 Basic Tool Kit & Resource Guide For Young Filmmakers 0183 Basics Film-Making 04: The Language of Film 0184 Basics Film-Making: Producing 0185 Basics of Screenwriting 0186 Bastard Culture! How User Participation Transforms Cultural Production 0187 Bazin on Post-Neorealistic Rossellini, De Sica and Visconti: Three original Reviews 0188 Beauty and the Beast: Italianness in British Cinema 0189 Becoming Film Literate: The Art and Craft of Motion Pictures 0190 Being Hal Ashby: Life of a Hollywood Rebel

Richard Cadena Sam Kauffmann Justin Clemens, Dominic Pettman Roger Ebert, David Bordwell Patrick McGilligan Murray Pomerance Christopher Andersen Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Rob Danielson AFI John Marland, Robert Edgar-Hunt, Steven Rawle Charlotte Worthington AFI Mirko Tobias Schafer Andre Bazin Elisabetta Girelli Vincent Lobrutto Nick Dawson

Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: The Expanded Story of a Haunting Collaboration, With a Complete 0191 Filmography of Their Films Together 0192 Beowulf 0193 Beowulf

Gregory William Mank Caitlin R. Kiernan, Neil Gaiman Internet

0194 Best of British: Cinema and Society From 1930 to Present 0195 Better Location Shooting: Techniques for Video Production 0196 Between Stage and Screen: Ingmar Bergman Directs 0197 Between Stillness and Motion: Film, Photography, Algorithms 0198 Between the Sheets, in the Streets: Queer, Lesbian, Gay Documentary 0199 Beyond Bollywood: The Cultural Politics of South Asian Diasporic Film 0200 Beyond Dolby 0201 Beyond the Epic: The Life and Films of David Lean 0202 Beyond the Subtitle: Remapping European Art Cinema 0203 Bicycle Thieves 0204 Big Screen Rome 0205 Black Directors in Hollywood 0206 Black Narcissus: Turner Classic Movies British Film Guide 0207 Blade Runner 0208 Blade Runner Sketchbook 0209 Blood Money: A History of the First Teen Slasher Film Cycle 0210 Blood, Guns, and Testosterone: Action Films, Audiences, and a Thirst for Violence 0211 Bluebeard's Legacy: Death and Secrets From Bartók to Hitchcock 0212 Blue-Collar Hollywood: Liberalism, Democracy, and Working People in American Film 0213 Blueprint for Screenwriting: A Complete Writer's Guide to Story Structure and Character Development 0214 Body Shots: Early Cinema's Incarnations 0215 Bold! Daring! Shocking! True: A History of Exploitation Films, 1919-1959 0216 Bollywood: A Guidebook to Popular Hindi Cinema 0217 Bollywood: A History 0218 Bombay Cinema: An Archive of the City 0219 Book Review: To The Distant Observe: Form and Menaing In The Japanese Cinema 0220 Books in Motion: Adaptation, Intertextuality, Authorship 0221 Border Bandits: Hollywood on the Southern Frontier 0222 Brand Bollywood: A New Global Entertainment Order 0223 Brazil on Screen: Cinema Novo, New Cinema, Utopia 0224 Brazilian Cinema 0225 Bright Boulevards, Bold Dreams: The Story of Black Hollywood 0226 Brigitte Bardot and the Lolita Syndrome 0227 British Cinema in the Fifties: Gender, Genre and the 'New Look' 0228 British Cinema of the 1950s: A Celebration 0229 British Crime Cinema

Anthony Aldgate, Jeffrey Richards Paul Martingell Egil Tornqvist Eivind Rossaak Chris Holmlund, Cynthia Fuchs Jigna Desai Mark Kerins Gene D. Phillips Mark Betz Robert Gordon Monica Silveira Cyrino Melvin Donalson Sarah Street Scott Bukatman Syd Mead, David Scroggy Richard Nowell Barna William Donovan Griselda Pollock, Victoria Anderson John Bodnar Rachel Ballon Jonathan Auerbach Eric Schaefer Tejaswini Ganti Mihir Bose Ranjani Mazumdar David Bordwell Mireia Aragay Camilla Fojas Derek Bose Lúcia Nagib Randal Johnson, Robert Stam Donald Bogle Simone de Beauvoir Christine Geraghty Ian Duncan MacKillop, Neil Sinyard Steve Chibnall, Robert Murphy

0230 British Film Directors: A Critical Guide 0231 British Horror Cinema 0232 British National Cinema 0233 British Silent Cinema and the Great War 0234 Broken Screen: Expanding the Image, Breaking the Narrative 0235 Brutal Intimacy: Analyzing Contemporary French Cinema 0236 Building Interactive Worlds in 3D: Virtual Sets and Pre-Visualization for Games, Film & the Web 0237 Building Tension 0238 Buñuel and Mexico: The Crisis of National Cinema 0239 Burning Darkness: A Half Century of Spanish Cinema 0240 Cahiers Du Cinéma, 1969-1972: The Politics of Representation 0241 Cahiers Du Cinéma: Cahiers Du Cinema - Volume 4: 1973-1978: History, Ideology, Cultural Struggle 0242 Cahiers Du Cinéma: The 1950s: Neo-Realism, Hollywood, New Wave 0243 Calibre Quick Start Guide 0244 Camera Angles: Close-Ups and Long Shots 0245 Camera Obscura, Camera Lucida: Essays in Honor of Annette Michelson 0246 Camera Shot Types Camera Angles Editing Techniques, How Sound Is Used In Film (7 page pictorial) 0247 Camera Work Shot Language 0248 Cameras Into the Wild: A History of Early Wildlife and Expedition Filmmaking, 1895-1928 0249 Cannibal Holocaust: The Savage Cinema of Ruggero Deodato 0250 Careers for Film Buffs & Other Hollywood Types 0251 Carry on Films (Pocket Essentials) 0252 Case for Cognitivism - Further Relections 0253 Case for Cognitivism, Cinema and Cognitive Psychology 0254 Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity 0255 Cecil B. DeMille and American Culture: The Silent Era 0256 Celluloid Mushroom Clouds: Hollywood and Atomic Bomb 0257 Celluloid Vampires: Life After Death in the Modern World 0258 Censoring Hollywood: Sex and Violence in Film and on the Cutting Room Floor 0259 Changing Direction: A Practical Approach to Directing Actors in Film and Theatre: Foreword by Ang Lee 0260 Chapaev: Kinofile Filmmakers' Companion, 11 0261 Characters in Fictional Worlds: Understanding Imaginary Beings in Literature, Film, and Other Media 0262 Charles Burnett: Interviews 0263 Charlie Chaplin 0264 Charlie Kaufman: Confessions of an Original Mind

Robert Shail Steve Chibnall, Julian Petley Sarah Street Michael Williams, Michael Hammond Doug Aitken, Noel Daniel Tim Palmer Jean-Marc Gauthier Wen Spencer Ernesto R. Acevedo-Muñoz Joan Ramon Resina Nick Browne, Jim Hillier David Wilson Jim Hillier John Schember AnnenbergMedia Richard Allen, Malcolm Turvey Internet videomaker.com Palle Bogelund Petterson Julian Grainger, Harvey Fenton, Gian Luca Castoldi Jaq Greenspon Mark Campbell David Bordwell David Bordwell David Lynch Sumiko Higashi Joyce A. Evans Stacey Abbott Aubrey Malone Lenore Dekoven, Ang Lee Julian Graffy Jens Eder Robert E. Kapsis Andre Bazin Doreen Alexander Child

0265 Childhood and Cinema 0266 Children of Marx and Coca-Cola: Chinese Avant-Garde Art and Independent Cinema 0267 Children, Cinema and Censorship: From Dracula to Dead End 0268 China on Screen: Cinema and Nation 0269 Chinatown 0270 Chinese Martial Arts Cinema: The Wuxia Tradition 0271 Chris Marker - Alexandre Ivanovitch Medvedkine 0272 Christmas at the Movies: Images of Christmas in American, British and European Cinema 0273 Chromatic Cinema: A History of Screen Color 0274 Cinema 1: The Movement Image 0275 Cinema 2: The Time-Image 0276 Cinema And I 0277 Cinema and Nation 0278 Cinema and Painting: How Art Is Used in Film 0279 Cinema and Sensation: French Film and the Art of Transgression 0280 Cinema and Spectatorship 0281 Cinema and the Sandinistas: Filmmaking in Revolutionary Nicaragua 0282 Cinema and the Swastika: The International Expansion of Third Reich Cinema 0283 Cinema Anime: Critical Engagements With Japanese Animation 0284 Cinema as a Graphic Art 0285 Cinema Genre 0286 Cinema Houston: From Nickelodeon to Megaplex 0287 Cinema in Finland 0288 Cinema Inferno: Celluloid Explosions From the Cultural Margins 0289 Cinema Italiano: The Complete Guide From Classics to Cult 0290 Cinema of Mamoru Oshii: Fantasy, Technology and Politics 0291 Cinema of the Psychic Realm: A Critical Survey 0292 Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts 0293 Cinema Wars: Hollywood Film and Politics in the Bush-Cheney Era 0294 Cinema Yesterday and Today 0295 Cinema, Philosophy, Bergman: On Film as Philosophy 0296 Cinema, Space and Polylocality in Globalizing China 0297 Cinema: A Visual Anthropology 0298 Cinema: The Archaeology of Film and the Memory of a Century 0299 Cinemachismo: Masculinities and Sexuality in Mexican Film

Vicky Lebeau Xiaoping Lin Sarah Smith Christopher J. Berry, Mary Ann Farquhar Michael Eaton Stephen Teo Bernard Eisenschitz Mark Connelly Richard Misek Gilles Deleuze Gilles Deleuze Ritwik Ghatak Mette Hjort, Scott Mackenzie Angela Dalle Vacche Martine Beugnet Judith Mayne Jonathan Buchsbaum David Welch, Roel Vande Winkel Steven T Brown Vladimir Nilsen Raphaelle Moine, Hilary Radner, Alistair Fox David Welling, Jack Valenti Sakari Toiviainen Robert G. Weiner, John Cline Howard Hughes Dani Cavallaro Paul Meehan Susan Hayward Douglas M. Kellner René Clair Paisley Livingston Yingjin Zhang Gordon Gray Jean-Luc Godard, Youssef Ishaghpour, John Howe Sergio de La Mora

0300 Cinemas of the Other: A Personal Journey With Film-Makers From the Middle East and Central Asia 0301 0302 0303 0304 0305 0306 0307 0308 0309 0310 0311 0312 0313 0314 0315 0316

Gonul Donmez-Colin Cinemas of the World: Film and Society From 1895 to the Present James Chapman Cinematic Body Steven Shaviro Cinematic Game Secrets for Creative Directors and Producers: Inspired Techniques From Industry Legends Rich Newman Cinematic Geopolitics Michael J. Shapiro Cinematic Identity: Anatomy of a Problem Film Cindy Patton Cinematic Mythmaking: Philosophy in Film Irving Singer Cinematic Thinking: Philosophical Approaches to the New Cinema James Phillips Cinematographers Field Guide Judy Hensley Cinematography : Capturing Images on Film Roberta Nusim Cinematography: Theory and Practice: Image Making for Cinematographers and Directors Blain Brown Cinepaternity: Fathers and Sons in Soviet and Post-Soviet Film Helena Goscilo, Yana Hashamova Cinephilia and History, or the Wind in the Trees Christian Keathley Cinephilia: Movies, Love and Memory Marijke de Valck, Malte Hagener Circles of Confusion: Film Photography Video Texts 1968 1980 Hollis Frampton Cities and Cinema Barbara Mennel City of Darkness, City of Light: Emigre Filmmakers in Paris, 1929-1939 Alastair Phillips

0317 City That Never Sleeps: New York and the Filmic Imagination 0318 Clark Gable, in Pictures: Candid Images of the Actor's Life 0319 Class, Language, and American Film Comedy 0320 Classic American Films: Conversations With the Screenwriters 0321 Classic Books, Classic Films 0322 Classic Hollywood, Classic Whiteness 0323 Classical Film Violence: Designing and Regulating Brutality in Hollywood Cinema, 1930-1968 0324 Classics in Film and Fiction 0325 Classroom Classics 0326 Claude Chabrol

Murray Pomerance, Wheeler Winston Dixon, Barry Keith Grant, Aaron Baker, Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, Professor Paula J. Massood, Professor Steven Alan Carr, Professor Joe McElhaney, Professor William Rothman, David Sterritt, Professor David Gerstner, Professor Randy Thom, Professor Elizabeth Weis, Professor Scott Bukatman, Professor Pamela Grace, Professor David Desser, William Luhr, Peter Lehman Chrystopher J. Spicer Christopher Beach William Baer Film Education Daniel Bernardi Stephen Prince Deborah Cartmell, I. Q. Hunter, Heidi Kaye, Imelda Whelehan Film Education Guy Austin

0327 Clint Eastwood: Evolution of a Filmmaker 0328 Closely Watched Films: An Introduction to the Art of Narrative Film Technique

0329 Collected Interviews: Voices From Twentieth-Century Cinema 0330 Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema 0331 Color Correction Handbook: Professional Techniques for Video and Cinema 0332 Combat Films: American Realism, 19452010, 2D Ed. 0333 Comedy Writing Secrets 0334 Comedy-Horror Films: A Chronological History, 1914-2008 0335 Coming Soon: A Technological History of the Film Trailer 0336 Commentaires Vol 1 0337 Commerce in Culture: States and Markets in the World Film Trade 0338 Committed Cinema: The Films of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne: Essays and Interviews 0339 Companion Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and North African Film 0340 Complete Online Filmmaking Reference 0341 Composers in the Movies: Studies in Musical Biography 0342 Compositing Visual Effects: Essentials for the Aspiring Artist 0343 Compression for Great Video and Audio: Master Tips and Common Sense 0344 Concepts in Film Theory 0345 Conflicts of Memories 0346 Conquest of the Useless: Reflections From the Making of Fitzcarraldo 0347 Conspiracy Theory in Film, Television, and Politics 0348 Constructing the Image of the Mexican Revolution: Cinema and the Archive 0349 Contemporary American Cinema 0350 Contemporary Hollywood Stardom 0351 Contemporary Indonesian Film: Spirits of Reform and Ghosts From the Past 0352 Contemporary New Zealand Cinema: From New Wave to Blockbuster 0353 Contemporary World Cinema: Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and South Asia 0354 Conversation with Laura Mulvey (Article) 0355 Conversations With Cinematographers 0356 Conversations With Mohsen Makhmalbaf 0357 Conversations With Scorsese

John H. Foote Marilyn Fabe Wheeler Winston Dixon, Gerard Malanga, Alex Nicol, Brian Clemens, Bryan Forbes, Freddie Francis, John Kricfalusi, Jonathan Miller, Ralph Thomas, Roger Corman, Roy Ward Baker, Wendy Toye, Terence Davies, Vincent Price, Sally Cruikshank, John O'Shea Glenn Kennel Alexis van Hurkman Steven Jay Rubin Mel Helitzer, Mark Shatz Bruce G. Hallenbeck Keith M. Johnston Chris Marker Andrew J. Flibbert Bert Cardullo Oliver Leaman Freefilmschool.org John C. Tibbetts Steve Wright Ben Waggoner Dudley Andrew Emiliano Perra Werner Herzog Gordon B. Arnold Zuzana M. Pick Linda Ruth Williams, Michael Hammond Thomas Austin, Martin Barker Katinka van Heeren Ian Conrich, Stuart Murray Shohini Chaudhuri Annie van den Oever David Ellis Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Hamid Dabashi Richard Schickel

0358 Conversations With the Great Moviemakers of Hollywood's Golden Age: At the American Film Institute 0359 Cool And Crazy: Modern Norwegian Cinema 1990-2005 0360 Corporate Video Production: Beyond the Board Room 0361 Course Syllabus - Intro to Film 0362 Crash 0363 Crash Course in Screenwriting 0364 Creating Digital Content : Video Production for Web, Broadcast, and Cinema 0365 Creating DSLR Video: From Snapshots to Great Shots 0366 Creating Motion Graphics With After Effects: Advanced Techniques 0367 Creative Careers in Hollywood 0368 Creative Motion Graphic Titling for Film, Video, and the Web: Dynamic Motion Graphic Title Design 0369 Crime Culture: Figuring Criminality in Fiction and Film 0370 Crime Fiction New Critical Idiom 0371 Crime Films 0372 Crime Wave: The Filmgoers' Guide to the Great Crime Movies 0373 Criminology Goes to the Movies: Crime Theory and Popular Culture 0374 Critical Dictionary of Film and Television Theory 0375 Criticisms of Laura Mulvey Focus The Piano by Jane Campion 0376 Csi ( (Wiley-Blackwell Series in Film and Television) 0377 Cuban Cinema 0378 Cult Cinema 0379 Cult Movies in Sixty Seconds: The Best Movies in the World in Less Than a Minute

George Stevens Jr. Peter Cowie Stuart Sweetow Kelly Clement Iain Sinclair David Griffith Brian McKernan, John R. Rice Richard Harrington Trish Meyer, Chris Meyer Laurie Scheer Yael Braha, Bill Byrne Bran Nicol, Eugene McNulty, Patricia Pulham John Scaggs Thomas M. Leitch Howard Hughes Nicole Rafter, Michelle Brown Roberta Pearson, Philip Simpson Internet Derek Kompare Michael Chanan Ernest Mathijs, Jamie Sexton Soren McCarthy

Cut by Cut (Syllabus - How to Read Cuts and Understand Editing 0380 A Course on Film Editing Theory, Practice, and History) 0381 Cut the Unseen Cinema 0382 Cutting Edge: Art-Horror and the Horrific Avant-Garde 0383 Cutting Rhythms: Shaping the Film Edit

Gael Chandler Baxter Phillips Joan Hawkins Karen Pearlman

Cutting the Body: Representing Woman in Baudelaire's Poetry, Truffaut's Cinema, and Freud's 0384 Psychoanalysis 0385 Cyborg Cinema and Contemporary Subjectivity 0386 Czech and Slovak Cinema: Theme and Tradition 0387 Dancefilm: Choreography and the Moving Image 0388 Dances With Wolves 0389 Dark Dreams 2.0: A Psychological History of the Modern Horror Film From the 1950s to the 21st Century 0390 Dark Places: The Haunted House in Film 0391 David Bordwell Blows the Whistle on Film Studies

Eliane Dalmolin Sue Short Peter A. Hames Erin Brannigan Michael Blake Charles Derry Barry Curtis David Bordwell

0392 David Cronenberg: Author or Filmmaker? 0393 David Lynch: Beautiful Dark 0394 David Mamet in Conversation 0395 Dead Poets Society: The Screenplay 0396 Death 24x a Second: Stillness and the Moving Image 0397 Death on the Cheap: The Lost B Movies of Film Noir 0398 Decolonizing the Lens of Power: Indigenous Films in North America 0399 Deleuze and Cinema: The Aesthetics of Sensation 0400 Deleuze and Cinema: The Film Concepts 0401 Deleuze and the Cinemas of Performance: Powers of Affection 0402 Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Cinema 0403 Deleuze and World Cinemas 0404 Deleuze on Cinema 0405 Deleuze, Altered States and Film 0406 Deleuze, Cinema and National Identity: Narrative Time in National Contexts 0407 Deleuze, Cinematographic Consciousness 0408 Deleuzian Encounters: Studies in Contemporary Social Issues 0409 Deleuzian Fabulation and the Scars of History 0410 Delirium Guide to Italian Exploitation Cinema 1970-1974 Part 1 0411 Delirium Guide to Italian Exploitation Cinema 1975-1979 Part 2 0412 Derek Jarman's Angelic Conversations 0413 Designing With Video: Focusing the User-Centred Design Process 0414 Destroy All Movies!!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film 0415 Deterritorializing the New German Cinema 0416 Developing Story Ideas 0417 Devotional Cinema 0418 Dialectic Approach to Film Form (Essay) 0419 Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures: A Guide to the Invisible Art 0420 Diasporas of Australian Cinema 0421 Dictionary of Media Studies 0422 Dictionary of Video & Television Technology 0423 Digital (Photo) Restoration From Start to Finish: How to Repair Old and Damaged Photographs 0424 Digital Audio and Video Techniques 0425 Digital Cinematography 0426 Digital Cinematography & Directing

Mark Browning Greg Olson Leslie Kane Tom Schulman Laura Mulvey Arthur Lyons Kerstin Knopf Barbara Kennedy Felicity Colman Elena Del Rio Patricia MacCormack, Ian Buchanan David Martin-Jones Ronald Bogue Anna Powell David Martin-Jones Deleuze Anna Hickey-Moody, Peta Malins Ronald Bogue Adrian Luther-Smith Adrian Luther-Smith Jim Ellis Salu Pekka Ylirisku, Jacob Buur Zack Carlson, Bryan Connolly John E. Davidson Michael Rabiger Nathaniel Dorsky Sergei Eisenstein John Purcell Catherine Simpson, Renata Murawska, Anthony Lambert Jane Russell Keith Jack, Vladimir Tsatsoulin Ctein Pearson Custom Publishing Paul Wheeler Dan Ablan

0427 Digital Compositing for Film and Video 0428 Digital Compositing for Film and Video, Third Edition

Steve Wright Steve Wright

Digital Dilemma 2 Perspectives from Independent Filmmakers, Documentarians and Nonprofit Audiovisual 0429 Archives 0430 Digital Filmmaking for Teens 0431 Digital Filmmaking Secrets 0432 Digital Image Processing With Application to Digital Cinema 0433 Digital Intermediates for Film and Video 0434 Digital Lighting and Rendering

0435 Digital Material: Tracing New Media in Everyday Life and Technology 0436 Digital Moviemaking: All the Skills, Techniques and Moxie You'll Need to Turn Your Passion Into a Career 0437 Digital Storytelling Cookbook february 2007 0438 Digital Storytelling: A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment 0439 Direct Your Own Damn Movie! 0440 Directing and Producing for Television, Fourth Edition: A Format Approach 0441 Directing for Stage and Screen 0442 Directing the Documentary 0443 Directing the Story: Professional Storytelling and Storyboarding Techniques for Live Action and Animation 0444 Directing, Fourth Edition: Film Techniques and Aesthetics 0445 Directing-Assessment Forms 0446 Directing-Audition form 0447 Directing-Budget Estimate form 0448 Directing-Checklist Part 1 0449 Directing-Checklist Part 2 0450 Directing-Checklist Part 3 0451 Directing-Checklist Part 4 0452 Directing-Checklist Part 5 0453 Directing-Checklist Part 6 0454 Directing-Checklist Part 7 0455 Directing-Checklist Part 8 0456 Directing-Earlier Technology Notes 0457 Directing-Form and Aesthetics Questionnaire 0458 Directing-Teacher's Notes 0459 Directing-Vocational Aptitude Test

Academy of Motion Picture Arts, Sciences Pete Shaner, Gerald E. Jones FilmSchoolOnline Ks Thyagarajan Jack James Jeremy Birn Marianne van Den Boomen, Sybille Lammes, Ann-Sophie Lehmann, Joost Raessens, Mirko Tobias Schafer Scott Billups Joe Lambert Carolyn Handler Miller Lloyd Kaufman, Sara Antill, Kurly Tlapoyawa Ivan Cury Marian F. Monta, Jack R. Stanley Michael Rabiger Francis Glebas Michael Rabiger Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists Forms, Checklists

0460 Directory of World Cinema: Australia and New Zealand 0461 Directory of World Cinema: Japan 0462 Directory of World Cinema: Spain 0463 Dirty and Dangerous Jobs: Movie Stunt Worker 2011

Ben Goldsmith, Geoff Lealand John Berra Lorenzo J. Torres Hortelano William David Thomas, Susan Nations

Disaster Movies: A Loud, Long, Explosive, Star-Studded Guide to Avalanches, Earthquakes, Floods, 0464 Meteors, Sinking Ships, Twisters, Viruses, Killer ... Fallout, and Alien Attacks in the Cinema!!!! 0465 Disney, Pixar, and the Hidden Messages of Children's Films 0466 Displaced Allegories: Post-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema 0467 Diva: Defiance and Passion in Early Italian Cinema 0468 Dmitri Shostakovich: A Life in Film: The Filmmaker's Companion 3 0469 Documentary Film: A Very Short Introduction 0470 Documentary Filmmakers Speak 0471 Documentary in the Digital Age 0472 Documentary Screens: Non-Fiction Film and Television 0473 Documentary Storytelling: Creative Nonfiction on Screen 0474 Documentary Superstars 0475 Documentary Time: Film and Phenomenology 0476 Documentary: The Margins of Reality 0477 Documenting D-Day 0478 Doing Philosophy at the Movies 0479 Don Bluth's Art of Storyboard 0480 Doubting Vision: Film and the Revelationist Tradition 0481 Dramatica: A New Theory Of Story 0482 Dreams and Dead Ends: The American Gangster Film 0483 Dreams of Darkness: Fantasy and the Films of Val Lewton 0484 Drive-In Dream Girls: A Galaxy of B-Movie Starlets of the Sixties 0485 Driven to Darkness: Jewish Emigre Directors and the Rise of Film Noir 0486 Driving Visions: Exploring the Road Movie 0487 DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look With Video 0488 DSLR Cinematography Guide 0489 Dudley Murphy, Hollywood Wild Card 0490 DV Filmmaking: From Start to Finish 0491 Dziga Vertov: Defining Documentary Film 0492 Early Cinema in Russia and Its Cultural Reception 0493 Early Film Criticism of Francois Truffaut 0494 Early Soviet Cinema- Innovation, Ideology and Propaganda

Glenn Kay, Michael Rose, Mike Nelson M. Keith Booker Negar Mottahedeh Angela Dalle Vacche, Guy Maddin John Riley Patricia Aufderheide Liz Stubbs Maxine Baker Keith Beattie Sheila Curran Bernard Marsha Mccreadie Malin Wahlberg Paul Ward Film Education Richard A. Gilmore Don Bluth, Gary Goldman Malcolm Turvey Melanie Anne Phillips, Chris Huntley Jack Shadoian J. P. Telotte Tom Lisanti Vincent Brook David Laderman Kurt Lancaster nofilmschool.com Susan B Delson Ian David Aronson Jeremy Hicks Yuri Tsivian, Richard Taylor Wheeler Winston Dixon David Gillespie

0495 East Asian Cinemas: Exploring Transnational Connections on Film

0501 Eisenstein on the Audiovisual: The Montage of Music, Image and Sound in Cinema

Leon Hunt, Leung Wing-Fai Internet Amy Lawrence Milica Bookman, Aleksandra Bookman Film Education Dana B. Polan Robert Robertson

0502 Eisenstein Rediscovered

Ian Christie, Professor Richard Taylor, Richard Taylor

0496 E-Books Suggestions 0497 Echo and Narcissus: Women's Voices in Classical Hollywood Cinema 0498 Economics in Film and Fiction 0499 Eisenstein 0500 Eisenstein as Theorist

0503 El Topo: A Book of the Film 0504 Elements of Fiction Writing - Characters & Viewpoint 0505 Elia Kazan: The Cinema of an American Outsider 0506 Elizabeth Taylor: A Shining Legacy on Film 0507 Eloquent Gestures: The Transformation of Performance Style in the Griffith Biograph Films 0508 E-Motion Picture Magic: A Movie Lover's Guide to Healing and Transformation 0509 Enactive Cinema: Simulatorium Eisensteinense 0510 Encyclopedia of African American Actresses in Film and Television 0511 Encyclopedia of Chinese Film 0512 Encyclopedia of Early Cinema 0513 Encyclopedia of Film Noir 0514 Encyclopedia of Movie Special Effects 0515 Encyclopedia of Orson Welles 0516 Encyclopedia of Religion and Film 0517 Encyclopedia of Television Film Directors 0518 Encyclopedia of Television Shows, 1925 Through 2007 0519 Engaging the Moving Image 0520 Entertainment Industrialised: The Emergence of the International Film Industry, 1890-1940 0521 Ernst Lubitsch: American Comedy 0522 Ernst Lubitsch: Laughter in Paradise 0523 Escape Artist: The Life and Films of John Sturges 0524 Essential Cinema: On the Necessity of Film Canons 0525 Essential Film Themes, 10 Years Of The Very Best Film Themes 0526 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 0527 Ethnographic Film

Alexandro Jodorowsky, Ross Firestone, Bob Cato, Janne Pottlitzer Orson Scott Card Brian Neve Cindy de La Hoz Roberta E. Pearson Birgit Wolz Pia Tikka Bob McCann Zhiwei Xiao, Yingjin Zhang Richard Abel Geoff Mayer, Brian McDonnell Patricia D. Netzley Chuck Berg, Thomas L. Erskine, John C. Tibbetts, James M. Welsh Eric Michael Mazur Jerry Roberts Vincent Terrace Noel Carroll Gerben Bakker William Paul Scott Eyman Glenn Lovell Jonathan Rosenbaum Jack Long Christopher Grau Karl G. Heider

0528 European Cinema After 1989: Cultural Identity and Transnational Production 0529 European Cinema in Motion: Migrant and Diasporic Film in Contemporary Europe 0530 European Cinema: Face to Face With Hollywood 0531 European Cinemas in the Television Age 0532 European Film Theory & Cinema Cinema, A Critical Introduction 0533 Every Frame a Rembrandt: Art and Practice of Cinematography 0534 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lacan 0535 Evil Arabs in American Popular Film: Orientalist Fear 0536 Examining Camera Techniques in Hitchcock 0537 Exile Cinema: Filmmakers at Work Beyond Hollywood 0538 Existentialist Cinema 0539 Expanded Cinema 0540 Experimental Cinema in America 0541 Expressionist Film--New Perspectives 0542 Eyeball: Compendium 1989-2000 Sex Horror art and exploitation 0543 Eyes Upside Down: Visionary Filmmakers and the Heritage of Emerson 0544 Eyewitness Companions: Film 0545 F Is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing 0546 Fabricating the Absolute Fake: 'America' in Contemporary Pop Culture 0547 Falling in Love Again: Romantic Comedy in Contemporary Cinema 0548 Fantastic Voyages of the Cinematic Imagination: Georges Melies's Trip to the Moon 0549 Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema: Interviews With 20 Actresses From Biker, Beach, and Elvis Movies 0550 Fantasy Film: A Critical Introduction 0551 Fassbinder Film Maker 0552 Fatal Women: Lesbian Sexuality and the Mark of Aggression 0553 Feminist Film Studies: Writing the Woman Into Cinema 0554 Field Audio Fall 2006 0555 Fields of Vision: Essays in Film Studies, Visual Anthropology, and Photography 0556 Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases 0557 Fifty Contemporary Filmmakers 0558 Fight Choreography: The Art of Non-Verbal Dialogue 0559 Figures Traced in Light: On Cinematic Staging 0560 Figuring the Past: Period Film and the Mannerist Aesthetic 0561 Film 0562 Film & Audience

Luisa Rivi Daniela Berghahn, Claudia Sternberg Thomas Elsaesser Dorota Ostrowska, Graham Roberts Ian Aitken Andrew Laszlo, Andrew Quicke Slavoj Zizek Tim Jon Semmerling Internet Michael Atkinson William C. Pamerleau Gene Youngblood Lewis Jacobs Dietrich Scheunemann Stephen Thrower P. Adams Sitney Anita Ganeri, Ronald Bergan Alexandra Juhasz, Alexandra Juhasz Jesse Lerner Jaap Kooijman Stacey Abbott, Deborah Jermyn Matthew Solomon Tom Lisanti James Walters Ronald Hayman Lynda Hart Janet McCabe Rob Danielson Leslie Devereaux, Roger Hillman Grenville Kleiser Yvonne Tasker John Kreng Internet Belen Vidal Susan Stempleski, Barry Tomalin Film Education

0563 Film Adaptation and Its Discontents: From Gone With the Wind to the Passion of the Christ 0564 Film and Community in Britain and France: From La Règle Du Jeu to Room at the Top 0565 Film and Ethics: Foreclosed Encounters 0566 Film and Female Consciousness: Irigaray, Cinema and Thinking Women 0567 Film and Other Magazines Front Cover Analysis 0568 Film and Phenomenology: Towards a Realist Theory of Cinematic Representation 0569 Film and Television Makeup 0570 Film Architecture and the Transnational Imagination: Set Design in 1930s European Cinema 0571 Film Art - an Introduction 8th 0572 Film Art: An Introduction, 9th Ed 0573 Film as a Subversive Art 0574 Film as Art: 50th Anniversary Printing 0575 Film as Philosophy: Essays on Cinema After Wittgenstein and Cavell 0576 Film as Religion: Myths, Morals, Rituals 0577 Film as Social Practice Third Ed. 0578 Film Comment Magazine Jan-Feb 1975 Hollywood Cartoon Special 0579 Film Consciousness: From Phenomenology to Deleuze 0580 Film Dictionary 0581 Film Directing Fundamentals, Third Edition: See Your Film Before Shooting 0582 Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing From Concept to Screen 0583 Film Directing, Tips & Tricks 0584 Film Editing (PPT) 0585 Film Fables 0586 Film Festival Secrets: A Handbook for Independent Filmmakers 0587 Film Festivals: From European Geopolitics to Global Cinephilia

Thomas Leitch Margaret Butler Lisa Downing, Libby Saxton Lucy Bolton Internet Allan Casebier Herman Buchman Tim Bergfelder, Sue Harris, Sarah Street Kristin Thompson; David Bordwell David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson Amos Vogel, Scott Macdonald Rudolf Arnheim Rupert Read, Jerry Goodenough John Lyden Graeme Turner The Film Society Of Lincoln Center Spencer Shaw misteridigital.com Nicholas Proferes Steven D. Katz Karl Boyard Arav Preeti, Anusha Bitul, Monisha Harshodaya, Jaineet Megha Arun Jacques Ranciere, Emiliano Battista Christopher Holland Marijke de Valck

Film Front Weimar: Representations of the First World War in German Films of the Weimar Period 0588 (1919-1933) 0589 Film Genre Reader 3 0590 Film Genre: From Iconography to Ideology 0591 Film Genre: Hollywood and Beyond 0592 Film Histories: An Introduction and Reader 0593 Film History: An Introduction 2nd Ed. 0594 Film in the Aura of Art 0595 Film Interpretation Revisited

Bernadette Kester Barry Keith Grant Barry Keith Grant Barry Langford Paul Grainge, Mark Jancovich, Sharon Monteith Kristin Thompson, David Bordwell James Dudley Andrew David Bordwell

0596 Film Is Not Dead: A Digital Photographer's Guide to Shooting Film

Jonathan Canlas, Kristen Kalp

Film Making 0597 Learn Basics to Becoming a Film Maker 0598 Film Music 0599 Film Music: A History 0600 Film Music: A Very Short Introduction 0601 Film Noir and the Cinema of Paranoia 0602 Film Noir: From Berlin to Sin City

0603 Film Piracy, Organized Crime, and Terrorism 0604 Film Posters Exploitation 0605 Film Production Checklist 0606 Film Production Management, Third Edition 0607 Film Production Technique: Creating the Accomplished Image 0608 Film Production Theory 0609 Film Quarterly: Forty Years--A Selection 0610 Film Remakes 0611 Film Remakes as Ritual and Disguise: From Carmen to Ripley 0612 Film Sequels: Theory and Practice From Hollywood to Bollywood 0613 Film Soleil 0614 Film Structure and the Emotion System 0615 Film Studies 0616 Film Studies: The Basics 0617 Film Study lecture on the film Psycho (1960) 0618 Film Style and Technology: History and Analysis 0619 Film Technique and Film Acting - the Cinema Writings of V.I. Pudovkin 0620 Film Techniques Lesson 3 0621 Film Techniques of Alfred Hitchcock - suspense, camera angles, style, editing, basics 0622 Film Technology in Post Production, Second Edition 0623 Film Theory 0624 Film Theory and Contemporary Hollywood Movies 0625 Film Theory and Criticism 0626 Film Theory: An Introduction 0627 Film Theory: An Introduction Through the Senses 0628 Film Till Now A Survey Of World Cinema

master-resale-rights.com Paul Tonks James Wierzbicki Kathryn Kalinak Professor Wheeler Winston Dixon Mark Bould Gregory F. Treverton, Carl Matthies, Karla J. Cunningham, Jeremiah Goulka, Greg Ridgeway, Anny Wong Tony Nourmand, Graham Marsh, Dave Kehr Daren Okafo Bastian Cleve Bruce Mamer Jean Pierre Geuens Brian Henderson, Ann Martin Constantine Verevis Anat Zanger Carolyn Jess-Cooke D. K. Holm Greg M. Smith Andrew M. Butler Amy Villarejo Jay Seller Barry Salt V. I. Pudovkin Internet Chris Edwards Dominic Case Alan Papprill Warren Buckland Leo Braudy, Marshall Cohen Robert Stam Thomas Elsaesser, Malte Hagener Notes

0629 Film Trilogies: New Critical Approaches 0630 Film Voices: Interviews From Post Script 0631 Film, Folklore and Urban Legends 0632 Film, Theory, and Philosophy: The Key Thinkers 0633 Film: A Critical Introduction Value Package 0634 Film: An Introduction 0635 Film: The Essential Study Guide 0636 FilmCraft: Editing 0637 Film-Induced Tourism 0638 Filming Difference: Actors, Directors, Producers, and Writers on Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Film

Claire Perkins, Constantine Verevis Gerald Duchovnay Mikel J. Koven Felicity Colman Maria T. Pramaggiore, Tom Wallis William H. Phillips Ruth Doughty, Deborah Shaw Justin Chang Sue Beeton Daniel Bernardi

Filming Politics: Communism and the Portrayal of the Working Class at the National Film Board of Canada, 0639 1939-46 0640 Filming the Fantastic: A Guide to Visual Effects Cinematography 0641 Filming the Fantastic: A Guide to Visual Effects Cinematography Second edition 0642 Filming the Modern Middle East: Politics in the Cinemas of Hollywood and the Arab World 0643 Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents 0644 Filmmaking for Dummies 0645 Filmmaking for Dummies (With Readers Notes) 0646 Film-Marketing (PPTX) 0647 Films and Dreams: Tarkovsky, Bergman, Sokurov, Kubrick, and Wong Kar-Wai 0648 Film's Musical Moments 0649 Films of the World 1888-1900 ((Including color tinted and experimental sound films) 0650 Films of Vincent Price 0651 Films That Work: Industrial Film and the Productivity of Media 0652 Filmy Nerd Prelims (Quiz) 0653 Final Cut Pro 4 and the Art of Filmmaking 0654 Fine Cuts: The Art of European Film Editing 0655 First-Time Filmmaker F*#^-Ups: Navigating the Pitfalls to Making a Great Movie 0656 Five Films by Frederick Wiseman: Titicut Follies, High School, Welfare, High School II, Public Housing 0657 Fix It in Post: Solutions for Postproduction Problems 0658 Flash Cinematic Techniques: Enhancing Animated Shorts and Interactive Storytelling 0659 Folklore/Cinema: Popular Film as Vernacular Culture 0660 For a Few Days More (Screenplay) 0661 For and Against the views of Laura Mulvay Re: Feminist Film Theory and Male Gaze 0662 Forbidden Fruit: The Golden Age of the Exploitation Film

Malek Khouri Mark Sawicki Mark Sawicki Lina Khatib Louise Levison Bryan Michael Stoller Bryan Michael Stoller Agata Wesek Thorsten Botz-Bornstein Ian Conrich, Estella Ticknell John Winner Iain F. McAsh Vinzenz Hediger, Patrick Vonderau Anmol Garg, Rohan Desai David Teague, Jason Teague, Jason Cranford Teague, Sybex Roger Crittenden Daryl Goldberg Frederick Wiseman, Barry Keith Grant Jack James Chris Jackson Sharon R. Sherman, Mikel J. Koven April Rider Internet Brett Wood

0663 Forest of Pressure: Ogawa Shinsuke and Postwar Japanese Documentary

0695 Genre, Myth, and Convention in the French Cinema, 1929-1939

Abe Mark Nornes Garrett Stewart Cynthia Lucia Joseph McBride Laura Wittern-Keller Phil Powrie, Keith Reader Rémi Fournier Lanzoni Sarah French Susan Hayward Chris Wiegand Nick Rees-Roberts Helen Constantine Teresa de Lauretis Myra Mendible Mark Bould M. Keith Booker Siegfried Kracauer, Leonardo Quaresima Giovanna Fossati Murray Pomerance Ewa Mazierska, Laura Rascaroli Ian Scott WIPO David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson John Cline, Robert G. Weiner Cambridge Community TV Daniel Goldmark, Charlie Keil Michael Deangelis Helen Clarke Renata Salecl, Slavoj Zizek Alex Hughes, James S. Williams Timothy Shary Felicia Chan, Angelina Karpovich, Xin Zhang Colin Crisp

Georg Wilhelm Pabst. Présentation Par Barthélémy Amengual. Choix De Textes Et Propos De Pabst. Extraits De Scénarios. Panorama Critique. Témoignages. Filmographie. Bibliographie. Documents 0696 Iconographiques

Barthélemy Amengual

0664 Framed Time: Toward a Postfilmic Cinema 0665 Framing Female Lawyers: Women on Trial in Film 0666 Frank Capra: The Catastrophe of Success 0667 Freedom of the Screen: Legal Challenges to State Film Censorship, 1915-1981 0668 French Cinema: A Student's Guide 0669 French Cinema: From Its Beginnings to the Present 0670 French Hiroshima 0671 French National Cinema 0672 French New Wave 0673 French Queer Cinema 0674 French Tales 0675 Freud's Drive: Psychoanalysis, Literature and Film 0676 From Bananas to Buttocks: The Latina Body in Popular Film and Culture 0677 From Berlin to Sin City 0678 From Box Office to Ballot Box: The American Political Film 0679 From Caligari to Hitler: A Psychological History of the German Film 0680 From Grain to Pixel: The Archival Life of Film in Transition 0681 From Hobbits to Hollywood: Essays on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings 0682 From Moscow to Madrid: European Cities, Postmodern Cinema 0683 From Pinewood to Hollywood: British Filmmakers in American Cinema, 1910-1969 0684 From Script To Screen, Importance Of Copyright In The Distribution Of Films 0685 From Sennett to Stevens, Interview & William Hornbeck 0686 From the Arthouse to the Grindhouse: Highbrow and Lowbrow Transgression in Cinema's First Century 0687 Fundamentals of Camerawork and Shot Composition 0688 Funny Pictures: Animation and Comedy in Studio-Era Hollywood 0689 Gay Fandom and Crossover Stardom: James Dean, Mel Gibson, and Keanu Reeves 0690 Gaze and The Media 0691 Gaze and Voice as Love Objects 0692 Gender and French Cinema 0693 Generation Multiplex: The Image of Youth in Contemporary American Cinema 0694 Genre in Asian Film and Television: New Approaches

0697 George A. Romero: Interviews

Tony Williams

George Lucas's Blockbusting: A Decade-By-Decade Survey of Timeless Movies Including Untold Secrets of 0698 Their Financial and Cultural Success 0699 German Lieutenant 0700 German Postwar Films: Life and Love in the Ruins 0701 Get Carter: A British Film Guide 0702 Getting Into Films and Television: How to Spot the Opportunities and Find the Best Way In 0703 Ghouls, Gimmicks, and Gold: Horror Films and the American Movie Business, 1953–1968 0704 Giant: George Stevens, a Life on Film 0705 Gilles Deleuze 0706 Gilles Deleuze: Cinema and Philosophy 0707 Gilles Deleuze: Vitalism and Multiplicity 0708 Girl Show: Into the Canvas World of Bump and Grind 0709 Global Art Cinema: New Theories and Histories 0710 Global Neorealism: The Transnational History of a Film Style 0711 Godard on Godard 0712 Godard: Images, Sounds, Politics 0713 Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, 1978-1986

Alex Ben Block, Lucy Autrey Wilson Stanley Kubrick, Richard Adams Wilfried Wilms, William Rasch Steve Chibnall Robert Angell Kevin Heffernan Marilyn Ann Moss Claire Colebrook Paola Marrati, Alisa Hartz John Marks A. W. Stencell Rosalind Galt, Karl Schoonover Saverio Giovacchini, Robert Sklar Jean-Luc Godard Colin MacCabe, Mick Eaton, Laura Mulvey, Jean-Luc Godard Adam Rockoff

Good Scripts, Bad Scripts: Learning the Craft of Screenwriting Through the 25 Best and Worst Films in 0714 History 0715 Goodbye Cinema, Hello Cinephilia: Film Culture in Transition 0716 Gossip, Letters, Phones: The Scandal of Female Networks in Film and Literature 0717 Graham Greene and the Politics of Popular Fiction and Film 0718 Grammar of the Edit, Second Edition 0719 Grammar of the Shot, Second Edition 0720 Guide To Feature Film Writing, A Screenwriter’s Workbook 0721 Guide to Postproduction for TV and Film: Managing the Process 0722 Guide to the Silent Years of American Cinema 0723 Guidelines for Better Photographic Composition. 0724 Gus Van Sant: His Own Private Cinema 0725 Gwyneth Paltrow 0726 H.G. Wells, Modernity and the Movies 0727 Happily Ever After, Part Two 0728 Hard Core: Power, Pleasure, and the "Frenzy of the Visible", Expanded Edition 0729 Hard Hats, Rednecks, and Macho Men: Class in 1970s American Cinema

Tom Pope Jonathan Rosenbaum Ned Schantz Brian Lindsay Thomson Roy Thompson, Christopher J. Bowen Christopher J. Bowen, Roy Thompson J T Velikovsky Barbara Clark, Susan Spohr Christophe P. Jacobs, Donald McCaffrey photoinf.com Vincent Lobrutto Valerie Milano Keith Williams David Bordwell Linda Williams Derek Nystrom

0730 Harmony and Dissent: Film and Avant-Garde Art Movements in the Early Twentieth Century 0731 Harun Farocki: Working the Sight-Lines 0732 Hearst Over Hollywood 0733 Hearths of Darkness: The Family in the American Horror Film 0734 Herr Lubitsch Goes to Hollywood: German and American Film After World War I 0735 Herzog on Herzog 0736 Hide in Plain Sight: The Hollywood Blacklistees in Film and Television, 1950-2002 0737 High Definition Cinematography, Third Edition 0738 High Definition Postproduction: Editing and Delivering HD Video 0739 Hindi Cinema and Half-Forgotten Dialects: An Interview with Ashis Nandy 0740 Historical Dictionary of Film Noir 0741 Historical Dictionary of French Cinema 0742 Historical Dictionary of German Cinema 0743 Historical Dictionary of Horror Cinema 0744 Historical Dictionary of Italian Cinema 0745 Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction Cinema 0746 Historical Dictionary of Spanish Cinema 0747 Historical Dictionary of Surrealism 0748 Historical Dictionary of Westerns in Cinema 0749 History in the Media: Film and Television 0750 History of the American Cinema 01 - The Emergence of Cinema: The American Screen to 1907 0751 History of the American Cinema 02 - The Transformation of Cinema, 1907-1915

R. Bruce Elder Thomas Elsaesser Louis Pizzitola Tony Williams Kristin Thompson Paul Cronin, Werner Herzog Paul Buhle, Dave Wagner Paul Wheeler Steven E. Browne Christopher Pinney Andrew Spicer Dayna Oscherwitz, Mary Ellen Higgins Robert C. Reimer, Carol J. Reimer Peter Hutchings Gino Moliterno Keith M. Booker Alberto Mira Keith Aspley Paul Varner Robert Niemi Charles Musser Eileen Bowser

History of the American Cinema 03 - An Evening's Entertainment: The Age of the Silent Feature Picture, 0752 1915-1928 0753 History of the American Cinema 04 0754 History of the American Cinema 05 0755 History of the American Cinema 07 0756 History of the American Cinema 08 -

History of the American Cinema 09 0757 Vietnam, 1970-1979

Richard Koszarski Talkies: American Cinema's Transition to Sound, 1926-1931 Donald Crafton Grand Design: Hollywood as a Modern Business Enterprise 1930-1939 Tino Balio The Fifties: Transforming the Screen, 1950-1959 Peter Lev The Sixties: 1960-1969 Paul Monaco Lost Illusions: American Cinema in the Shadow of Watergate and David A. Cook

History of the American Cinema 10 - A New Pot of Gold: Hollywood Under the Electronic Rainbow, 0758 1980-1989 0759 History of the American Cinema: Boom and Bust: The American Cinema in the 1940s 0760 History on Film/film and History 0761 Hitchcock - the First Forty-Four Films 0762 Hitchcock and Philosophy (13 page article)

Stephen Prince Thomas Schatz Robert A. Rosenstone Eric Rohmer, Claude Chabrol Richard Gilmore

0763 Hitchcock on Film 0764 Hitchcock on Hitchcock: Selected Writings and Interviews 0765 Hitchcock on Hitchcock: Selected Writings and Interviews, Book Review 0766 Hitchcock Pathfinder 2010 0767 Hitchcock: Past and Future 0768 Hitchcock's America 0769 Hitchcock's Cryptonymies: 1 Secret Agents 0770 Hitchcocks Cryptonymies: Volume 2: War Machines 0771 Hitchcock's Motifs 0772 Hitchcock's Music 0773 Hitler's Heroines: Stardom and Womanhood in Nazi Cinema 0774 Hollywood Asian: Philip Ahn and the Politics of Cross-Ethnic Performance 0775 Hollywood Beyond the Screen: Design and Material Culture 0776 Hollywood Bloodshed: Violence in 1980s American Cinema 0777 Hollywood Camera Work Blocking Template 0778 Hollywood Catwalk: Exploring Costume and Transformation in American Film 0779 Hollywood Drive: What It Takes to Break In, Hang in & Make It in the Entertainment Industry 0780 Hollywood Economics: How Extreme Uncertainty Shapes the Film Industry 0781 Hollywood Films About Schools: Where Race, Politics, and Education Intersect 0782 Hollywood From Vietnam to Reagan 0783 Hollywood Game Plan: How to Land a Job in Film, TV and Digital Entertainment 0784 Hollywood Genres and Post-War America: Masculinity, Family and Nation in Popular Movies and Film Noir 0785 Hollywood Genres: Formulas, Filmmaking, and the Studio System 0786 Hollywood Heroines: Women in Film Noir and the Female Gothic Film 0787 Hollywood in Berlin: American Cinema and Weimar Germany 0788 Hollywood Musicals, the Film Reader 0789 Hollywood Portraits 0790 Hollywood Portraits: Classic Shots and How to Take Them 0791 Hollywood Quarterly: Film Culture in Postwar America, 1945-1957 0792 Hollywood Script Writing: How To Birth Your Idea Into A Bankable Screenplay 0793 Hollywood Utopia: Ecology in Contemporary American Cinema 0794 Hollywood v. Hard Core: How the Struggle Over Censorship Created the Modern Film Industry 0795 Hollywood's New Radicalism: War, Globalisation and the Movies From Reagan to George W. Bush 0796 Hollywood's Tennessee: The Williams Films and Postwar America 0797 Hollywood's West: The American Frontier in Film, Television, and History 0798 Home/Land/Security: What We Learn About Arab Communities From Action-Adventure Films

FilmEducation Alfred Hitchcock, Sidney Gottlieb Sidney Gottlieb Brian Stambaugh Richard Allen, Sam Ishii-Gonzales Jonathan Freedman, Richard Millington Tom Cohen Tom Cohen Michael Walker Jack Sullivan Antje Ascheid Hye Seung Chung Anne Massey James Kendrick Internet Tamar Jeffers McDonald Eve Light Honthaner Arthur de Vany Ronald E. Chennault Robin Wood Carole M. Kirschner Mike Chopra-Gant Thomas Schatz Helen Hanson Thomas J. Saunders Steven Cohan Roger Hicks, Christopher Nisperos Roger Hicks, Christopher Nisperos Eric Smoodin, Ann Martin Sandy Eiges Pat Brereton Jon Lewis Ben Dickenson R. Barton Palmer, William Robert Bray Peter C. Rollins, John E. O'Connor Karin Gwinn Wilkins

0799 Home: A Memoir of My Early Years 0800 Hong Kong Action Cinema 0801 Hong Kong Cinema: The Extra Dimensions 0802 Hong Kong Film, Hollywood and New Global Cinema: No Film Is an Island 0803 Horror 0804 Horror Film and Psychoanalysis: Freud's Worst Nightmare 0805 Horror Films of the 1990s 0806 Horror Of Dracula Script 0807 Horror Zone: The Cultural Experience of Contemporary Horror Cinema 0808 Horror, the Film Reader 0809 How I Broke Into Hollywood

Julie Andrews Bey Logan Stephen Teo Gina Marchetti, Tan See Kam Brigid Cherry Steven Jay Schneider John Kenneth Muir Internet Ian Conrich Mark Jancovich Pablo F. Fenjves, Rocky Lang

How I Filmed the War; A Record of the Extraordinary Experiences of the Man Who Filmed the Great 0810 Somme Battles, Etc. 0811 How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime 0812 How Not to Make a Short Film: Secrets From a Sundance Programmer 0813 How to Be a Comedy Writer 0814 How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood 0815 How to Become a Porn Director: Making Amateur Adult Films 0816 How To Begin Writing A Screenplay 0817 How to Do Everything With Your Digital Camera 0818 How to Format a Script the Absolute 100% Correct Way 0819 How to Format Your Screenplay Like a Pro 0820 How to Make Your Own Video or Short Film: All You Need to Know to Make Your Own Ideas Shine 0821 How to Read a Film 0822 How to Read a Film: Movies, Media, and Beyond 0823 How to Shoot a Feature Film for Under $10,000 0824 How to Survive a Horror Movie 0825 How To Turn Your Boring Movie Into a Hitchcock Thriller 0826 How to Write about the Middle East 0827 How to Write Great Screenplays: And Get Them Into Production 0828 How to Write High Structure, High Concept Movies

Geoffrey H Malins, Low Warren Roger Corman Roberta Marie Munroe Marc Blake William J. Mann Nick Ryder Hailey Dave Johnson Notes John P. Leppla Bob Harvey Michael Goldberg James Monaco Bret Stern Seth Grahame-Smith Internet Internet Linda M. James Rob Tobin

Human Comedy of Antoine Doinel, From Honor‚ de Balzac to Fran‡ois Truffaut [The European Legacy, Vol. 0829 9, No 2, 2004] 0830 Human Figure in Motion 0831 Humphrey Jennings and British Documentary Film: A Re-Assessment 0832 Hyper-Narrative Interactive Cinema: Problems and Solutions.

Aner Preminger Eadweard Muybridge, B. L. Masterson Philip C. Logan Nitzan Ben Shaul

0833 I Talked With a Zombie: Interviews With 23 Veterans of Horror and Sci-Fi Films and Television

0834 Idols of Modernity: Movie Stars of the 1920s 0835 If It's Purple, Someone's Gonna Die: The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling 0836 Ifp/Los Angeles Independent Filmmaker's Manual 0837 I'm So-So 0838 Imag(in)ing Otherness, Filmic Visions of Living Together 0839 Image and Territory: Essays on Atom Egoyan 0840 Image Ethics: The Moral Rights of Subjects in Photographs, Film, and Television 0841 Image-Music-Text 0842 Images: A Reader 0843 Immoral Tales: European Sex & Horror Movies, 1956-1984

Tom Weaver Patrice Petro, Professor Scott Curtis, Professor Mary Desjardins, Lucy Fischer, Krin Gabbard, Professor Gerd Gemunden, Professor Lea Jacobs, Professor Amy Lawrence, Professor Paula J. Massood, Professor Joanna Rapf, Professor Yiman Wang, Charles Wolfe Patti Bellantoni Eden H. Wurmfeld, Nicole Shay Laloggia Krzysztof Kieslowski S. Brent Plate, David Jasper Monique Tschofen, Jennifer Burwell Larry P. Gross, John Stuart Katz, Jay Ruby Roland Barthes, Stephen Heath Sunil Manghani, Arthur Piper, Jon Simons Cathal Tohill, Pete Tombs

In A New, Never Before Published Translation, Legendary Film Critic Andre Bazin Heralds The Cinema Of 0844 The Future 0845 In Excess: Sergei Eisenstein's Mexico 0846 In Godzilla's Footsteps: Japanese Pop Culture Icons on the Global Stage 0847 In Search of Cinema: Writings on International Film Art 0848 In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing 0849 In the Mind's Eye: Julian Hochberg on the Perception of Pictures, Films, and the World 0850 Ingmar Bergman: The Life and Films of the Last Great European Director 0851 Ingmar Bergman: The Magic Lantern : An Autobiography 0852 Ingmar Bergman's Persona 0853 Inside the Film Factory: New Approaches to Russian and Soviet Cinema 0854 Inside the Gaze: The Fiction Film and Its Spectator 0855 Inside the Hollywood Fan Magazine: A History of Star Makers, Fabricators, and Gossip Mongers 0856 Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy

Inside the Worlds of Star Wars, Episode I - the Phantom Menace: The Complete Guide to the Incredible 0857 Locations

Chris Marker Masha Salazkina William M. Tsutsui, Michiko Ito Bert Cardullo, Richard Gilman Walter Murch, Francis Ford Coppola Mary A. Peterson, Barbara Gillam, H. A. Sedgwick Geoffrey Macnab Ingmar Bergman Lloyd Michaels Ian Christie, Professor Richard Taylor, Richard Taylor Francesco Casetti Anthony Slide Curtis Saxton Kristen Lund, Cynthia O'Neill, Hans Jenssen, Richard Chasemore, Kristin Lund

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics: Hollywood's Best Mistakes, Goofs and Flat-Out Destructions of the Basic 0858 Laws of the Universe

Tom Rogers

0859 International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers 1 Films 0860 0861 0862 0863 0864 0865 0866 0867 0868 0869 0870 0871 0872 0873 0874 0875 0876 0877 0878 0879 0880 0881 0882 0883 0884 0885

Tom Pendergast, Sara Pendergast International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers 2 Directors Sara Pendergast, Tom Pendergast International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers 3 Actors and Actresses Tom Pendergast Ed. International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers 4 Writers and Production Artists Tom Pendergast, Sara Pendergast Introduction to Documentary Bill Nichols Introduction to Japanese Horror Film Colette Balmain Introduction to Media Production: The Path to Digital Media Production Gorham Kindem, Robert B. Musburger Phd Investigation - Treatment Paul Schrader Invisible Ink: A Practical Guide to Building Stories That Resonate Brian McDonald Iranian Cinema: A Political History Hamid Reza Sadr Iron Man: The Cinema of Shinya Tsukamoto Tom Mes Israeli Cinema: East/West and the Politics of Representation Ella Shohat Israeli Cinema: Identities in Motion Miri Talmon, Yaron Peleg It Was the Best of Sentences, It Was the Worst of Sentences: A Writer's Guide to Crafting Killer Sentences June Casagrande Italian Cinema Maggie Gunsberg Italian Cinema and Modern European Literatures: 1945-2000 Carlo Testa Italian National Cinema 1896-1996 Pierre Sorlin It's Only a Movie: Alfred Hitchcock, a Personal Biography Charlotte Chandler Ivan the Terrible Sergei Eisenstein Ivan the Terrible Joan Neuberger I've Got A Great Idea For A Film ScreenAustralia Jack Hill: The Exploitation and Blaxploitation Master, Film by Film Calum Waddell Jacques Ledoux - 1921-88 David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson James Bond Bedside Companion Raymond Benson James Cameron: Interviews Brent Dunham Jane Austen on Film and Television: A Critical Study of the Adaptations Sue Parrill Jane Campion's the Piano Jane Campion, Harriet Margolis

0886 Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films 0887 Japanese Cinema: Film Style and National Character 0888 Japanese Cinema: Texts and Contexts 0889 Japanese Classical Theater in Films 0890 Japanese Documentary Film: The Meiji Era Through Hiroshima 0891 Japanese Visual Culture: Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime 0892 Japan's Favorite Mon-Star: The Unauthorized Biography of "The Big G"

Thomas Weisser, Yuko Mihara Weisser, Naomi Tani Donald Richie Alastair Phillips, Julian Stringer, Alastair Phillips Keiko I. McDonald Abe Mark Nornes Mark Wheeler MacWilliams Steve Ryfle

0893 Jean Cocteau Diary Of A Film (1950) 0894 Jean Desmet and the Early Dutch Film Trade 0895 Jean Epstein: Critical Essays and New Translations 0896 Jean Renoir 0897 Jesus of Hollywood 0898 Jew Suss: Life, Legend, Fiction, Film 0899 Joel and Ethan Coen 0900 John Ford Made Westerns: Filming the Legend in the Sound Era 0901 John Ford: The Man and His Films 0902 John Ford's Stagecoach 0903 John Huston's Filmmaking 0904 John Sayles, Filmmaker: A Critical Study and Filmography, 2d Ed. 0905 Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance, Volume 1 Issue 2 0906 Journal of Chinese Cinemas, Volume 2 Number 1 2008 0907 Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema, Volume 1 Number 1 2009 0908 Joyless Streets: Women and Melodramatic Representation in Weimar, Germany 0909 Jump Cuts & Blind Spots 0910 Jumpstart Your Awesome Film Production Company 0911 Key Film Texts 0912 Kiarostami Abbas: The Evidence of Film 0913 Kieslowski on Kieslowski

Ronald Duncan Ivo Blom, Ivo Leopold Blom Sarah Keller, Jason N. Paul Andre Bazin Adele Reinhartz Susan Tegel R. Barton Palmer Gaylyn Studlar, Matthew Bernstein Tag Gallagher Barry Keith Grant Lesley Brill Jack Ryan Richard J. Hand Song Hwee Lim David Desser Patrice Petro David Bordwell Sara Caldwell Graham Roberts, Heather Wallis Jean-Luc Nancy Krzysztof Kieslowski, Danusia Stok, Krzystof Kieslowski

Killer Camera Rigs That You Can Build: How to Build Your Own Camera Cranes, Car Mounts, Stabilizers, 0914 Dollies, and More! 0915 Killing for Culture: Death Film From Mondo to Snuff 0916 Killing the Indian Maiden: Images of Native American Women in Film 0917 King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine 0918 Kira Muratova: The Filmmaker's Companion 4 0919 Knockout: The Boxer and Boxing in American Cinema 0920 Korean Film Directors - 'Lee Chang-Dong' 0921 KUBRICK The Rarity Archive 0922 Kuleshov on Film: Writings by Lev Kuleshov 0923 La Dolce Morte: Vernacular Cinema and the Italian Giallo Film 0924 La Grande Illusion: French Film Guide 0925 La Nouvelle Mission de Feuillade; or, What Was Mise-en-Scene 0926 La Regle Du Jeu: French Film Guide

Dan Selakovich David Kerekes, David Slater M. Elise Marubbio Robert Moore, Douglas Gillette Jane Taubman Leger Grindon Kim Young-Jin Internet Lev Vladimirovich Kuleshov, Ronald Levaco Mikel J. Koven Martin O'Shaughnessy David Bordwell Keith Reader

0927 Lab Coats in Hollywood: Science, Scientists, and Cinema

0934 Latsploitation, Exploitation Cinemas, and Latin America

David A. Kirby Todd McGowan, Sheila Kunkle Martin Lefebvre Naomi Greene Barton Byg Kent Jones Alain Robbe-Grillet Victoria Ruétalo, Dolores Tierney

0935 Law on the Screen

Austin Sarat, Lawrence Douglas, Martha Merrill Umphrey

0928 Lacan and Contemporary Film 0929 Landscape and Film 0930 Landscapes of Loss - The National Past in French Cinema 0931 Landscapes of Resistance: The German Films of Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub 0932 L'Argent 0933 Last Year in Marienbad

0936 Laws of the Night: Mind's Eye Theatre Storytellers Guide 0937 Lebanese Cinema: Imagining the Civil War and Beyond 0938 Left of Hollywood: Cinema, Modernism, and the Emergence of U.S. Radical Film Culture 0939 Legacies of Plague in Literature, Theory and Film 0940 Lesbianism, Cinema, Space: The Sexual Life of Apartments 0941 Life Beyond Measure: Letters to My Great-Granddaughter 0942 Life: The Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality 0943 Light Moving in Time: Studies in the Visual Aesthetics of Avant-Garde Film 0944 Lighting by Design, Second Edition 0945 Lighting for Digital Video and Television, Third Edition 0946 Like a Film: Ideological Fantasy on Screen, Camera and Canvas 0947 List of film festivals 0948 Literature and Film as Modern Mythology 0949 Little Vera: The Film Companion 0950 Live Cinema: Language and Elements 0951 Lives Together/Worlds Apart: Mothers and Daughters in Popular Culture 0952 Living Dangerously: A Biography of Joris Ivens 0953 Long Ago and Far Away: Hollywood and the Second World War 0954 Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film 0955 Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jacques Lacan Through Popular Culture 0956 Lou Scheimer: Creating the Filmation Generation 0957 Louis Malle 0958 Love Actually 0959 Madness and Cinema: Psychoanalysis, Spectatorship and Culture

Kieran Dewhurst, Matthew Hooper, Mikko Rautalahti Lina Khatib Chris Robé Jennifer Cooke Lee Wallace Sidney Poitier Neal Gabler William C. Wees Christopher Cuttle Ma Fcibse Fiesanz Fiesna Lc John Jackman (author) Timothy Murray filmanchor.com William K. Ferrell Frank Beardow Mia Makela Suzanna Danuta Walters Hans Schoots Robert Fyne Richard Meran Barsam, Dave Monahan Slavoj Zizek Lou Scheimer, Andy Mangels, Alex Ross, Frank Cho, Eric Nolen-Weathington Hugo Frey Richard Curtis Patrick Fuery

0960 Make Believe in Film and Fiction: Visual vs. Verbal Storytelling 0961 Make Movies That Make Money!: The Low-Budget Filmmaker's Guide to Commercial Success 0962 Make the Cut: A Guide to Becoming a Successful Assistant Editor in Film and TV 0963 Makhmalbaf at Large: The Making of a Rebel Filmmaker 0964 Making Meaning: Inference and Rhetoric in the Interpretation of Cinema 0965 Making Movies 0966 Making Movies Black: The Hollywood Message Movie From World War II to the Civil Rights Era 0967 Making Your Film for Less Outside the U. S. 0968 Malaysian Cinema, Asian Film: Border Crossings and National Cultures 0969 Manifesto of Surrealism (1924) Article 0970 Mapping the Moving Image: Gesture, Thought and Cinema Circa 1900 0971 Marilyn Monroe and the Camera 0972 Mark Griffin 0973 Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook of Strategies and Tactics, Second Edition 0974 Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull 0975 Masculinity and Film Performance: Male Angst in Contemporary American Cinema 0976 Mass Mediations - New Approaches to Popular Culture in the Middle East & Beyond

Karl Kroeber Philip R. Cable Lori Coleman, Diana Friedberg Hamid Dabashi David Bordwell Sidney Lumet Thomas Cripps Mark Dewayne William van Der Heide Andre Breton Pasi Valiaho Georges Belmont, Jane Russell A Hundred or More Hidden Things: The Life;Films of Vincente Minnelli Mr. Robert Marich Kevin J. Hayes Donna Peberdy Walter Armburst

Master Shots Vol 1, 1st Ed : 100 Advanced Camera Techniques to Get an Expensive Look on Your 0977 Low-Budget Movie

Christopher Kenworthy

Master Shots Vol 1, 2nd Edition: 100 Advanced Camera Techniques to Get an Expensive Look on Your 0978 Low-Budget Movie 0979 Mastering MultiCamera Techniques: From Preproduction to Editing and Deliverables 0980 Masters & Masterpieces of Iranian Cinema 0981 Masters of Lens and Light 0982 Matchmoving: The Invisible Art of Camera Tracking 0983 Mathieu Kassovitz 0984 McKee Story Structure 0985 Mel Gibson's Passion: The Film, the Controversy, and It's Implications 0986 Memo from the Story Department (Article) 0987 Memory and Popular Film 0988 Metropolis 0989 Miami Vice 0990 Michael Haneke 0991 Michael Haneke’s Cache´/ Hidden (2005) Dossier 0992 Michael Winterbottom: Interviews

Christopher Kenworthy Mitch Jacobson Hamid Dabashi William Darby Tim Dobbert Will Higbee Kenny Kemp Zev Garber Christopher Vogler Paul Grainge Thomas Elsaesser James Lyons Peter Brunette Elizabeth Ezra, Jane Sillars Damon Smith

0993 Milarepa: Magician, Murderer, Saint | Film Review 0994 Mimesis and Alterity: A Particular History of the Senses 0995 Mind the Screen: Media Concepts According to Thomas Elsaesser 0996 Mirror: The Film Companion 0997 Misogyny Misandry & Misa 0998 Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices and Tools 0999 MoCap for Artists: Workflow and Techniques for Motion Capture 1000 Montage and Architecture (CA.1938) 1001 Montage of Attractions: For "Enough Stupidity in Every Wiseman" 1002 More Gore Score: Brave New Horrors 1003 Morning Glory 1004 Motion Picture and Video Lighting 1005 Motion Picture Color Theory 1006 Movement as Meaning: In Experimental Film 1007 Movie Greats: A Critical Study of Classic Cinema 1008 Movie History: A Survey: Second Edition 1009 Movie Songs: 76 Songs From 73 Films Budget Books 1010 Movie Speak

SlantMagazine Michael T. Taussig Jaap Kooijman, Patricia Pisters, Wanda Strauven Natasha Synessios R. Howard Bloch, Frances Ferguson Roey Izhaki Midori Kitagawa, Brian Windsor Sergei Eisenstein Sergei Eisenstein, Daniel Gerould Chas Balun, Charles Balun Lavyrle Spencer Blain Brown Kodak Daniel Barnett Philip Gillett Douglas Gomery, Clara Pafort-Overduin Hal Leonard Corp. Tony Bill

Movie Storyboard and What is a 1011 Storyboard Artist 1012 Movie Wars: How Hollywood and the Media Limit What Movies We Can See 1013 Movies as Politics 1014 Movies in American History 1015 Movies Made for Television: 1964-2004 1016 Movies That Move Us: Screenwriting and the Power of the Protagonist's Journey 1017 Moving Forward, Looking Back: The European Avant-Garde and the Invention of Film Culture, 1919-1939 1018 Moving Images: Making Movies, Understanding Media 1019 Moving Lips - Cinema as Ventriloquism 1020 Moving Pictures, How They Are Made and Worked 1021 Moving Places: A Life at the Movies 1022 Mrs. Ziegfeld: The Public and Private Lives of Billie Burke 1023 Multicultural Films: A Reference Guide 1024 Musicals: Hollywood and Beyond 1025 Muslim Cinema: An Introduction, Plus the Top 101 Muslim Theme Films 1026 My Beautiful Laundrette

Matthew Taylor Jonathan Rosenbaum Jonathan Rosenbaum Philip C. Dimare Alvin H. Marill, Leonard Maltin Craig Batty Malte Hagener Carl Casinghino Rick Altman Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot Jonathan Rosenbaum Grant Hayter-Menzies, Eric Myers Janice R. Welsch, J. Q. Adams Bill Marshall, Robynn Stilwell Javed Mohammed Christine Geraghty

1027 My First Movie: Take Two: Ten Celebrated Directors Talk About Their First Film 1028 1029 1030 1031 1032 1033 1034 1035 1036 1037 1038 1039 1040 1041 1042

Stephen Lowenstein My Last Breath Luis Buñuel My Life as a Mankiewicz: An Insider's Journey Through Hollywood Tom Mankiewicz, Robert Crane My Wonderful World of Slapstick Dwight Macdonald Mysterious Skin: Male Bodies in Contemporary Cinema Santiago Fouz-Hernández Mystical Gaze of the Cinema Richard Leonard Myth, Mind and the Screen: Understanding the Heroes of Our Time John Izod Naked Lens: Beat Cinema Jack Sargeant Narrating Violence in Post-9/11 Action Cinema: Terrorist Narratives, Cinematic Narration, and Referentiality Berenike Jung Narration in the Fiction Film David Bordwell Narrative Comprehension and Film Edward Branigan Narrative Mortality: Death, Closure, and New Wave Cinemas Catherine Russell Natalie Portman: Queen of Hearts James L. Dickerson National Identity in Global Cinema: How Movies Explain the World Carlo Celli Nazi Cinema as Enchantment: The Politics of Entertainment in the Third Reich Mary-Elizabeth O'Brien Nazis and the Cinema Susan Tegel

1043 Neoliberalism and Global Cinema: Capital, Culture, and Marxist Critique 1044 New Argentine Film: Other Worlds 1045 New Brutality Film: Race and Affect in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema 1046 New Cinemas Journal of Contemporary Film, Volume 6 Issue 1 1047 New Directions in German Cinema 1048 New Hollywood Cinema: An Introduction 1049 New Irish Storytellers: Narrative Strategies in Film 1050 New Latin American Cinema, Volume 1 1051 New Mythological Figures in Spanish Cinema: Dissident Bodies Under Franco 1052 New Philosophies of Film: Thinking Images 1053 New Philosophy for New Media 1054 New Takes in Film-Philosophy 1055 New Turkish Cinema: Belonging, Identity and Memory 1056 New Vocabularies in Film Semiotics 1057 Nightmare Japan: Contemporary Japanese Horror Cinema. 1058 Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents 1059 Nikita Mikhalkov: The Filmmaker's Companion 1 1060 Nineteenth-Century American Fiction on Screen 1061 Nippon Modern: Japanese Cinema of the 1920s and 1930s

Jyotsna Kapur, Keith B. Wagner, Keith B. Wagner Gonzalo Aguilar Paul Gormley Thea Pitman, Catherine O’Rawe Paul Cooke, Chris Homewood Geoff King Diog O'Connell Michael T. Martin Pietsie Feenstra Robert Sinnerbrink Mark B. N. Hansen Greg Tuck, Havi Carel Asuman Suner Robert Stam Jay McRoy Stephen Thrower Birgit Beumers R. Barton Palmer Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano

1064 Nonlinear Editing: Storytelling, Aesthetics, & Craft

Lynnea Chapman King, Rick Wallach, Jim Welsh Kelly Oliver, Benigno Trigo Bryce Button

1065 Nordic National Cinemas

Gunnar Iverson, Astrid Soderbergh Widding, Tytti Soila

1062 No Country for Old Men: From Novel to Film 1063 Noir Anxiety

1066 Notes for a Film of "Capital" 1067 Notes on Cinematography 1068 Notes on the Cinematographer 1069 Nuts and Bolts Filmmaking: Practical Techniques for the Guerilla Filmmaker 1070 Of Gods and Grizzlies 1071 Of Muscles and Men: Essays on the Sword and Sandal Film 1072 Off Key: When Film and Music Won't Work Together 1073 On Camera: How to Report, Anchor & Interview 1074 On Colour 1075 On Film 1076 On Film Editing: An Introduction to the Art of Film Construction 1077 On Location in Cuba: Street Filmmaking During Times of Transition 1078 On the Art of the Cinema 1079 On the History of Film Style 1080 On the Waterfront 1081 Once Upon a Time in the Italian West: The Filmgoers' Guide to Spaghetti Westerns 1082 Opening and Operating a Motion Picture Theatre, How It Is Done Successfully 1083 Out of the Shadows: Expanding the Canon of Classic Film Noir 1084 Outlaw Masters of Japanese Film 1085 Overhearing Film Dialogue 1086 Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema 1087 Ozu's Tokyo Story 1088 Painting With Light 1089 Palestinian Cinema: Landscape, Trauma, and Memory 1090 Pandora's Digital Box, Pandora's Digital Box 1091 Past and Present: National Identity and the British Historical Film 1092 Past Forward: French Cinema and the Post-Colonial Heritage 1093 Perverse Spectators: The Practices of Film Reception 1094 Philosophy Goes to the Movies, An Introduction to Philosophy

Sergei Eisenstein, Maciej Sliwowski, Jay Leyda, Annette Michelson Robert Bresson Robert Bresson Dan Rahmel Karl-Rainer Blumenthal Michael G. Cornelius Kay Dickinson Nancy Reardon, Tom Flynn Sergei Eisenstein Stephen Mulhall Edward Dmytryk Ann Marie Stock Kim Jong-Il David Bordwell Leo Braudy Howard Hughes James Floyd Hodges Gene D. Phillips Chris Desjardins Sarah Kozloff David Bordwell David Desser John Alton Nurith Gertz, George Khleifi David Bordwell James Chapman Dayna Oscherwitz Janet Staiger Christopher Falzon

1095 Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures: An Anthology 1096 Philosophy of the Film: Epistemology, Ontology, Aesthetics 1097 Philosophy, Black Film, Film Noir 1098 Photographic Composition: A Visual Guide 1099 Photographically Speaking: A Deeper Look at Creating Stronger Images EPUB 1100 Photographically Speaking: A Deeper Look at Creating Stronger Images PDF 1101 Photography and Cinema 1102 Photography, Cinema, Memory: The Crystal Image of Time 1103 Pictorial History of Science Fiction Films 1104 Picture Composition for Film and Television 1105 Picturing the Self: Changing Views of the Subject in Visual Culture 1106 Pierre Batcheff and Stardom in 1920s French Cinema 1107 Placing Shadows: Lighting Techniques for Video Production, Third Ed 1108 Planet Hong Kong: Popular Cinema and the Art of Entertainment 1109 Play It Again, Sam: Retakes on Remakes 1110 Playing the Waves: Lars Von Trier's Game Cinema

Noell Carroll, Jinhee Choi Ian Jarvie Dan Flory Richard D. Zakia, David Page David Duchemin David Duchemin David Campany Damian Sutton Jeff Rovin Peter Ward Gen Doy Phil Powrie, Eric Rebillard Chuck Gloman David Bordwell Andrew Horton, Stuart Y. McDougal, Leo Braudy Jan Simons

Playing With Power in Movies, Television, and Video Games: From Muppet Babies to Teenage Mutant Ninja 1111 Turtles 1112 Poetics 1113 Poetics 1114 Poetics 1115 Poetics of Cinema 1116 Poetics of Cinema 1117 Police Aesthetics: Literature, Film, and the Secret Police in Soviet Times 1118 Policing Cinema: Movies and Censorship in Early-Twentieth-Century America 1119 Political Film: The Dialectics of Third Cinema 1120 Politics of Insects: David Cronenberg's Cinema of Confrontation 1121 Pop Culture India!: Media, Arts, and Lifestyle 1122 Pop Fiction: The Song in Cinema 1123 Popular Cinema of the Third Reich 1124 Popular Egyptian Cinema: Gender, Class, and Nation 1125 Porn Studies 1126 Portable Video: News and Field Production 1127 Possessed Child Narratives in Literature and Film: Contrary States 1128 Possessed: The Life of Joan Crawford

Marsha Kinder Aristotle Aristotle Aristotle David Bordwell Raúl Ruiz Cristina Vatulescu Lee Grieveson Mike Wayne Scott Wilson Asha Kasbekar Richards Matthew Caley, Steve Lannin Sabine Hake Viola Shafik Linda Williams Norman Medoff, Edward J. Fink Adrian Schober Donald Spoto

1129 Possessions: Essays in French Literature, Cinema, and Theory 1130 Post Production Sound 1131 Post-9/11 Cinema: Through a Lens Darkly 1132 Postcards From the Cinema 1133 Postmodern Chick Flicks: The Return of the Woman's Film 1134 Postmodern Hollywood: What's New in Film and Why It Makes Us Feel So Strange 1135 Postmodern Media Culture 1136 Post-Pop Cinema: The Search for Meaning in New American Film 1137 Postscripts the Journal of Sacred Texts & Contemporary Worlds Volume 4 Number 2 2008 1138 Postsocialist Cinema in Post-Mao China: The Cultural Revolution After the Cultural Revolution 1139 Power Filmmaking Kit 1140 Practical Cinematography 1141 Practical Cinematography and Its Applications 1142 Practical DV Filmmaking 1143 Pre-Code Hollywood: Sex, Immorality, and Insurrection in American Cinema; 1930-1934 1144 Pre-Production Planning for Video, Film, and Multimedia 1145 Presenting on TV and Radio: An Insider's Guide 1146 Pretend We're Dead: Capitalist Monsters in American Pop Culture 1147 Pride and Panic: Russian Imagination of the West in Post-Soviet Film 1148 Pro Tools for Film and Video 1149 Pro Tools for Video, Film and Multimedia Second Edition 1150 Probert Encyclopaedia Of Films And Characters Of The Cinema 1151 Problems of Film Direction 1152 Produce Your Own Damn Movie! 1153 Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video Fourth Edition 1154 Producing for TV and Video: A Real-World Approach 1155 Production Safety for Film, Television and Video 1156 Professional Web Video: Plan, Produce, Distribute, Promote, and Monetize Quality Video 1157 Projected Cities: Cinema and Urban Space 1158 Projected Shadows: Psychoanaltic Reflections on the Representation of Loss in European Cinema 1159 Projecting a Camera: Language-Games in Film Theory 1160 Projecting America, 1958: Film and Cultural Diplomacy at the Brussels World's Fair 1161 Projections: A Forum for Film Makers; Issue No. 1 1162 Propaganda and the German Cinema, 1933-1945 1163 Psychoanalysis and Cinema, Imaginary Discourse

Julia Horn, Lynsey Russell-Watts Rob Danielson John Markert Serge Daney, Paul Grant Roberta Garrett M. Keith Booker Jonathan Bignell Jesse Fox Mayshark Elizabeth; Stolow, Jeremy; Gitelman, Lisa Castelli Chris Berry Jason Tomaric Paul Wheeler Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot Russell Evans Thomas Doherty Steve Cartwright Janet Trewin Annalee Newitz Yana Hashamova Dale Angell Ashley Shepherd Matt, Leela Probert Sergei Eisenstein Lloyd Kaufman, Ashley Wren Collins David K. Irving, Peter W. Rea Cathrine Kellison Robin Small Richard Harrington, Mark Weiser Stephen Barber Andrea Sabbadini Edward Branigan Sarah Nilsen John, Donohue, Walter -Editors Boorman David Welch Charles F. Altman

1164 Psychology of Composition 1165 Puzzle Films: Complex Storytelling in Contemporary Cinema 1166 Queer Cinema in Europe 1167 Queer Italia: Same-Sex Desire in Italian Literature and Film 1168 Queer Popular Culture: Literature, Media, Film, and Television 1169 Queering Buñuel: Sexual Dissidence and Psychoanalysis in His Mexican and Spanish Cinema 1170 Quentin Tarantino and Philosophy 1171 Questioning African Cinema: Conversations With Filmmakers 1172 Questions for the Movie Answer Man 1173 Quick Filmmaking Guide 1174 Quicker Than the Eye -Sample Only 1175 Racial Stigma on the Hollywood Screen From World War II to the Present: The Orientalist Buddy Film 1176 Raindance Producers' Lab Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking 1177 Raindance Writer's Lab: Write + Sell the Hot Screenplay 1178 Re Framing Violence: Hollywood Cinema and Late Capitalism, 1967--2001 1179 Reading the Visual 1180 Real Emotional Logic: Film and Television Docudrama as Persuasive Practice 1181 Reality & Effect: A Cultural History of Visual Effects 1182 Real-Time Cinematography for Games 1183 Rebecca 1184 Rebel Without a Crew: Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player 1185 Rebels on the Backlot: Six Maverick Directors and How They Conquered the Hollywood Studio System 1186 Recommended Film Books Reading List, 2007 1187 Reconstructing American Historical Cinema: From Cimarron to Citizen Kane 1188 Recording Studio Design 1189 Red River (BFI Film Classics) 1190 Red Star Over Hollywood: The Film Colony's Long Romance With the Left 1191 Reel Food: Essays on Food and Film 1192 Reel Knockouts: Violent Women in the Movies 1193 Reflections: Twenty-One Cinematographers at Work 1194 Refried Elvis: The Rise of the Mexican Counterculture 1195 Regarding Film: Criticism and Comment 1196 Reinventing Cinema: Movies in the Age of Media Convergence 1197 Religion and Film: An Introduction 1198 Religion in Literature and Film in South Asia 1199 Remaking Kurosawa: Translations and Permutations in Global Cinema

Sergei Eisenstein Warren Buckland Robin Griffiths Gary P. Cestaro Thomas Peele Julian Daniel Gutierrez-Albilla Richard Greene, K. Silem Mohammad Nwachukwu Frank Ukadike Roger Ebert Filmmaking.com Ray Bradbury Brian Locke Elliot Grove Elliot Grove Kjel Wayne Johnson, University Of Minnesota Tony Schirato, Tony Schirato Jen Webb Steven N Lipkin Jae Hyung Ryu Brian M. Hawkins Daphne du Maurier Robert Rodriguez Sharon Waxman Internet J. E. Smyth Philip Richard Newell Suzanne Liandrat-Guigues Ronald Radosh, Allis Radosh Anne L. Bower Martha McCaughey, Neal King Benjamin Bergery Eric Zolov Stanley Kauffmann Professor Chuck Tryon Melanie J. Wright Diana Dimitrova Dolores Martinez

1200 Remaking the Frankenstein Myth on Film 1201 Responses to Oliver Stone's Alexander: Film, History, and Cultural Studies 1202 Rethinking Documentary 1203 Rethinking the Femme Fatale in Film Noir: Ready for Her Close-Up 1204 Rethinking Time In The Cinematic Epistemology, Gilles Deleuze & The Cinema Of Time (Thesis) 1205 Retrovisions: Reinventing the Past in Film and Fiction 1206 Re-Viewing Fascism: Italian Cinema, 1922-1943 1207 Re-Vision Essays in Feminist Film Criticism 1208 Revolution Televised: Prime Time and the Struggle for Black Power 1209 Ricohflex Manual 1210 Ridley Scott: A Critical Filmography 1211 RKO Radio Pictures: A Titan Is Born 1212 Robert Bresson: A Passion for Film 1213 Roberto Rossellini 1214 Roberto Rossellini's Rome Open City 1215 Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams: Japanese Science Fiction From Origins to Anime 1216 Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2009 1217 Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2010 1218 Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2011 1219 Roman Polanski: A Life in Exile 1220 Romantic Comedy 1221 Rungs on a Ladder: Hammer Films Seen Through a Soft Gauze 1222 Running rings around Hollywood Christopher Vogler 1223 Russell Crowe: A Life in Stories 1224 Russia and Its Other 1225 Russian and Soviet Film Adaptations of Literature, 1900-2001: Screening the Word 1226 Russian Cinema 1227 Russian Critics on the Cinema of Glasnost 1228 Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom 1229 Sam Peckinpah: Hermano Perro 1230 Sam Peckinpah's the Wild Bunch 1231 Sample - Documentary Fundraising Guide

Caroline Joan S. Picart Paul Cartledge, Fiona Rose Greenland, Oliver Stone Thomas Austin, Wilma de Jong Julie Grossman Youngjeen Choe Deborah Cartmell, I. Q. Hunter, Imelda Whelehan Jacqueline Reich, Piero Garofalo Mary Ann Doane Christine Acham M. Butkus William B. Parrill Richard B. Jewell Tony Pipolo Peter Brunette Sidney Gottlieb Christopher Bolton, Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr., Takayuki Tatsumi Roger Ebert Roger Ebert Roger Ebert Julia Ain-Krupa Claire Mortimer Christopher Neame Christopher Vogler Gabor H. Wylie Stephen Hutchings Stephen Hutchings David C. Gillespie Michael Brashinsky, Andrew Horton Gary Indiana Rubén Lardín Stephen Prince Faith Fuller

Sample: Master Shots Vol 1, 2nd Edition: 100 Advanced Camera Techniques to Get an Expensive Look on 1232 Your Low-Budget Movie

Christopher Kenworthy

1233 Sample: Something Startling Happens: The 120 Story Beats Every Writer Needs to Know 1234 Sample: Bankroll, 2nd Edition: A New Approach to Financing Feature Films 1235 Sample: Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know 1236 Sample: Cut by Cut, 2nd Edition: Editing Your Film or Video 1237 Sample: Letters to Young Filmmakers: Creativity and Getting Your Films Made 1238 Sample: Making the Transformational Moment in Film: Unleashing the Power of the Image 1239 Sample: Master Shots Volume 2: Shooting Great Dialogue Scenes 1240 Sample: Memo From the Story Department: Secrets of Structure and Character 1241 Sample: Reality TV: An Insider's Guide to Tv's Hottest Market 1242 Sample: Screenplay : 7 Moments Will Capture Your Audience 1243 Sample: The Cinema of Tarkovsky: Labyrinths of Space and Time 1244 Sample: The Inner Game of Screenwriting: 20 Winning Story Forms 1245 Sample: The Location Sound Bible: How to Record Professional Dialog for Film and TV 1246 Sample: The Story Solution: 23 Actions All Great Heroes Must Take 1247 Sample: The Storyboard Artist: A Guide to Freelancing in Film, TV, and Advertising 1248 Sample: Writing the Comedy Blockbuster: The Inappropriate Goal 1249 Samuel Fuller 1250 Samuel Fuller 1251 Sapphism on Screen: Lesbian Desire in French and Francophone Cinema 1252 Satyajit Ray: The Inner Eye 1253 Saucer Movies - UFOlogical History of the Cinema 1254 Savage Cinema: Sam Peckinpah and the Rise of Ultraviolent Movies 1255 Savage Junctures: Sergei Eisenstein and the Shape of Thinking 1256 Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need 1257 Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film 1-4 1258 Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists of the Twentieth Century: A Biographical Dictionary 1259 Science Fiction Film 1260 Science Is Fiction: The Films of Jean Painlevé 1261 Scorsese by Ebert 1262 Screen Acting 1263 Screen Education: From Film Appreciation to Media Studies 1264 Screen Media: Analysing Film and Television 1265 Screening Modernism: European Art Cinema, 1950-1980 1266 Screening the Past: Film and the Representation of History 1267 Screening the Past: Memory and Nostalgia in Cinema

Todd Klick Tom Malloy Jennifer van Sijll Gael Chandler Howard Suber Dan Fleming Christopher Kenworthy Christopher Vogler, David McKenna Troy Devolld Christian Blake Nariman Skakov Sandy Frank Ric Viers Eric Edson Giuseppe Cristiano Keith Giglio Nicholas Garnham Phil Hardy Lucille Cairns Andrew Robinson Paul Meehan Stephen Prince Anne Nesbet Blake Snyder Barry Keith Grant Jane Frank J. P. Telotte Andy Masaki Bellows, Marina McDougall, Brigitte Berg Roger Ebert, Martin Scorsese Mae Marsh Terry Bolas Jane Stadler, Kelly McWilliam Andras Balint Kovacs Tony Barta Pam Cook

1268 Screenplay Checklist A-Z 1269 Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting 1270 Screens Fade to Black: Contemporary African American Cinema 1271 Screenwriting for Dummies 1272 Screenwriting: Writer's Journey 2nd Edition 1273 Screenwriting: The Language of Film 1274 Script Analysis for Actors, Directors, and Designers 1275 Sculpting in Time: Tarkovsky the Great Russian Filmaker Discusses His Art 1276 Second Take: Australian Film-Makers Talk 1277 Second Takes: Critical Approaches to the Film Sequel 1278 Seeing the Light 1279 Sell Your Own Damn Movie!

Karel Segers Syd Field David J. Leonard Laura Schellhardt, John Logan Christopher Vogler Roberta Nusim James Thomas Andrey Tarkovsky, Kitty Hunter-Blair Raffaele Caputo, Geoff Burton, Anthony Buckley Carolyn Jess-Cooke, Constantine Verevis James Broughton Lloyd Kaufman, Sara Antill

Selling Shakespeare to Hollywood: The Marketing of Filmed Shakespeare Adaptations From 1989 Into the 1280 New Millennium 1281 Sensor size list 1282 Seoul Searching: Culture and Identity in Contemporary Korean Cinema 1283 Serge Daney, Introduction: The History Of An Absence 1284 Sergei Eisenstein (Critical Lives) 1285 Sergei Eisenstein: Critical Notes 1286 Set Lighting Technician's Handbook: Film Lighting Equipment, Practice, and Electrical Distribution 1287 Setting Up Your Shots: Great Camera Moves Every Filmmaker Should Know 1288 Sex and the Cinema 1289 Shadows, Specters, Shards: Making History in Avant-Garde Film 1290 Shakespeare Films in the Making: Vision, Production and Reception 1291 Shakespeare in Love. A Screenplay. 1292 Shame and Desire 1293 Sheep and the Australian Cinema 1294 Shell Shock Cinema: Weimar Culture and the Wounds of War 1295 Shocking Cinema of the Seventies 1296 Shoot Me: Independent Filmmaking From Creative Concept to Rousing Release 1297 Shooting Action Sports: The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Filmmaking 1298 Shooting Digital: Pro Tips for Taking Great Pictures With Your Digital Camera 1299 Shooting in Sh*tty Light: The Top Ten Worst Photography Lighting Situations and How to Conquer Them 1300 Shooting Movies Without Shooting Yourself in the Foot: Becoming a Cinematographer

Emma French Margaret E Brown Frances Gateward Paul Douglas Grant Mike O'Mahony Peter Thompson Harry Box Jeremy Vineyard, Jose Cruz Tanya Krzywinska Jeffrey Skoller Russell Jackson Marc Norman, Tom Stoppard, Barbara Puschmann-Nalenz Tarja Laine Deb Verhoeven Anton Kaes Xavier Mendik Rocco Simonelli, Roy Frumkes Todd Grossman Mikkel Aaland Lindsay Adler, Erik Valind Jack Anderson

1301 Shooting the Family: Transnational Media and Intercultural Values

Patricia Pisters, Wim Staat

Shot Composition and Camera Movement for 1302 Narrative Film: Lecture Notes 1303 Shots in the Mirror: Crime Films and Society 1304 Show Business Homicides: An Encyclopedia, 1908-2009 1305 Silent Film & the Triumph of the American Myth 1306 Silent Mystery and Detective Movies: A Comprehensive Filmography 1307 Single-Camera Video Production 1308 Sir Roger Moore 1309 Skyscraper Cinema: Architecture and Gender in American Film 1310 Slimetime: A Guide to Sleazy, Mindless Movies 1311 Slow Fade to Black, The Negro in American Film, 1900-1942 1312 Small Nation, Global Cinema: The New Danish Cinema 1313 Soft in the Middle: The Contemporary Softcore Feature in Its Contexts 1314 Some Like It Wilder: The Life and Controversial Films of Billy Wilder 1315 Some suggestions on "How To Read a Film" 1316 Some Thoughts on Theories of Fetishism in the Context of Contemporary Culture (19 Page Article) 1317 Something Like an Autobiography 1318 Son of the 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen 1319 Sound Design & Science Fiction 1320 Sound FX: Unlocking the Creative Potential of Recording Studio Effects 1321 Sound Person's Guide to Video 1322 Soundings on Cinema: Speaking to Film and Film Artists 1323 Sounds of the Future: Essays on Music in Science Fiction Film 1324 Soundtrack Available: Essays on Film and Popular Music 1325 Southerners on Film: Essays on Hollywood Portrayals Since the 1970s 1326 Soviet Cinema: Politics and Persuasion Under Stalin 1327 Special Effects: The History and Technique 1328 Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen, Second Edition: Making and Applying Prosthetics 1329 Spectacle of the Real: From Hollywood to 'Reality' TV and Beyond 1330 Spectacular Passions: Cinema, Fantasy, Gay Male Spectatorships 1331 Spotlight on the Silver Screen 1332 Stagecoach to Tombstone: The Filmgoers' Guide to Great Westerns 1333 Stalinist Cinema and the Production of History: Museum of the Revolution 1334 Stan Brakhage: Filmmaker

Internet Nicole Rafter David K. Frasier, Jimmy McDonough Paula Marantz Cohen Ken Wlaschin Robert B. Phd Musburger Bond on Bond: Reflections on 50 Years of James Bond Movies Merrill Schleier Steven Puchalski Thomas Cripps Mette Hjort David Andrews Gene D. Phillips Michael Goldberg Laura Mulvey Akira Kurosawa Richard Crouse William Whittington Alex Case David Mellor Bert Cardullo Mathew J. Bartkowiak Pamela Robertson Wojcik, Arthur Knight Andrew B. Leiter Miller Jamie Richard Rickitt, Ray Harryhausen Todd Debreceni Geoff King Brett Farmer Film Education Howard Hughes Prof. Evgeny Dobrenko David James

1335 Stand-Out Shorts: Shooting and Sharing Your Films Online 1336 Stanley Kubrick, Director: A Visual Analysis 1337 Stanley Kubrick: A Narrative and Stylistic Analysis 1338 Stanley Kubrick's a Clockwork Orange 1339 Stars and Stardom in French Cinema 1340 Stars in Modern French Film 1341 Starting a scene 1342 Stay Out of the Shower: 25 Years of Shocker Films, Beginning With Psycho 1343 Stephen King at the Movies 1344 Steven Spielberg and Philosophy: We're Gonna Need a Bigger Book 1345 Steven Spielberg: A Biography 1346 Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation, Second Edition 1347 Stop Motion: Passion, Process and Performance 1348 STORY MAPS: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay 1349 Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting 1350 Storytellers: A Photographer's Guide to Developing Themes and Creating Stories With Pictures 1351 Storytelling in Film and Television 1352 Straight: Constructions of Heterosexuality in the Cinema 1353 Stray Dog of Anime: The Films of Mamoru Oshii 1354 Street Smart: The New York of Lumet, Allen, Scorsese, and Lee 1355 Street With No Name: A History of the Classic American Film Noir 1356 Structural Film Anthology

1357 1358 1359 1360 1361 1362 1363 1364 1365 1366 1367 1368

Studies in Australasian Cinema Studies in Documentary Film Volume 2 Issue 1 Studies in French Cinema 4.3 Studies in French Cinema 8.2 Studies in Hispanic Cinemas, Volume 4 Issue 2 Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema, Volume 2 Issue 2 Studies in South Asian Film and Media Studio Affairs: My Life as a Film Director Studio Television Production and Directing Studying Contemporary American Film: A Guide to Movie Analysis Studying Film Stupid Movies Lines - the Stupidest Things Ever Uttered on the Silver Screen

Russell Evans Ulrich Ruchti, Sybil Taylor, Alexander Walker Mario Falsetto Stuart Y. McDougal Ginette Vincendeau Guy Austin Wen Spencer William Schoell Jessie Horsting Dean A. Kowalski Kathi Jackson Susannah Shaw Barry J C Purves Daniel P Calvisi Robert McKee Jerod Foster Kristin Thompson Wheeler Winston Dixon Brian Ruh Richard A. Blake Andrew Dickos Peter Gidal

Ian Henderson Deane Williams Susan Hayward Susan Hayward Mark Allinson Birgit Beumers Alka Kurian Vincent Sherman Andrew Utterback Thomas Elsaesser, Warren Buckland Nathan Abrams, Ian Bell, Jan Udris Ross, Kathryn Petras

1369 Subversion: The Definitive History of Underground Cinema 1370 Sundance to Sarajevo: Film Festivals and the World They Made 1371 Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans 1372 Superhero Movies 1373 Surrealism and Cinema 1374 Sweet & Savage: The World Through the Shockumentary Film Lens 1375 Swimming Upstream: A Lifesaving Guide to Short Film Distribution 1376 Taiwan Film Directors: A Treasure Island 1377 Tales From the Script: 50 Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Stories 1378 Talk to Her (Pedro Almodóvar) Philosophers On Film 1379 Tamil Cinema: The Cultural Politics of India's Other Film Industry 1380 Teach Yourself Film Studies 1381 Teaching Trailers Plus 1382 Technical Film and TV for Nontechnical People 1383 Technique of Film Editing, Reissue of 2nd Edition 1384 TechTV's Guide to Creating Digital Video Like a Pro 1385 Teenagers and Teenpics: The Juvenilization of American Movies in the 1950s 1386 Television at the Movies: Cinematic and Critical Responses to American Broadcasting 1387 Television Histories: Shaping Collective Memory in the Media Age 1388 Television in Spain: From Franco to Almodóvar 1389 Television in Transition: The Life and Afterlife of the Narrative Action Hero 1390 Television Production 14th Ed 1391 Television Production Handbook 9th Ed 1392 Television Sports Production, Fourth Edition 1393 Television Westerns: Six Decades of Sagebrush Sheriffs, Scalawags, and Sidewinders 1394 Television, Tabloid and Tears: Fassbinder and Popular Culture 1395 Ten (Abbas Kiarostami) 1396 Terrence Malick: Film and Philosophy

Duncan Reekie Kenneth Turan Lucy Fischer Liam Burke Michael Richardson Mark Goodall, J. G. Ballard, Gualtiero Jacopetti Sharon Badal Emilie Yueh-Yu Yeh, Darrell William Davis Peter Hanson, Paul Robert Herman A. W. Eaton Selvaraj Velayutham Warren Buckland FilmEducation Drew Campbell Karel Reisz, Gavin Millar Deras Flynn Thomas Doherty Jon Nelson Wagner, Tracy Biga MacLean Gary Richard Edgerton, Peter C. Rollins Paul Julian Smith Shawn Shimpach Gerald Millerson, Jim Owens Herbert Zettl Jim Owens Alvin H. Marill Jane Shattuc Geoff Andrew Stuart Kendall, Thomas Deane Tucker

Textual Translation and Live Translation: The Total Experience of Nonverbal Communication in Literature, 1397 Theater and Cinema 1398 The a to Z of French Cinema 1399 The a to Z of Horror Cinema 1400 The Action and Adventure Cinema 1401 The Address of the Eye: A Phenomenology of Film Experience 1402 The Altering Eye: Contemporary International Cinema

Fernando Poyatos Dayna Oscherwitz, Maryellen Higgins Peter Hutchings Yvonne Tasker Vivian Sobchack Robert Phillip Kolker

1403 The American International Pictures Video Guide 1404 The Analysis of Film 1405 The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller 1406 The Animated Bestiary: Animals, Cartoons, and Culture 1407 The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney 1408 The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917 1409 The Anime Machine: A Media Theory of Animation 1410 The Architecture of Vision: Writings and Interviews on Cinema 1411 The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction 1412 The Art Direction Handbook for Film 1413 The Art of Alfred Hitchcock: Fifty Years of His Motion Pictures 1414 The Art of Crime: The Plays and Film of Harold Pinter and David Mamet 1415 The Art of Dramatic Writing 1416 The Art of Film Acting: A Guide for Actors and Directors 1417 The Art of Film Funding, 2nd Edition: Alternative Financing Concepts 1418 The Art of Nonfiction Movie Making 1419 The Art of the Ridiculous Sublime: On David Lynch's Lost Highway 1420 The Art of the Storyboard: A Filmmaker's Introduction, Second Edition 1421 The Art of Videogames 1422 The Avant-Garde Feature Film: A Critical History

Gary Allen Smith Raymond Bellour, Constance Penley John Truby Paul Wells Michæl Barrier Jonathan Clements, Helen McCarthy Thomas Lamarre Michelangelo Antonioni, Carlo Di Carlo, Giorgio Tinazzi, Marga Cottina-Jones Steve Hullfish Michael Rizzo Donald Spoto Leslie Kane Lajos Egri Jeremiah Comey Carole Lee Dean Jeffrey Friedman, Rob Epstein, Sharon Wood Slavoj Zizek John Hart Grant Tavinor William E. B. Verrone

The Avid Handbook: Advanced Techniques, Strategies, and Survival Information for Avid Editing Systems, 1423 5th Edition 1424 1425 1426 1427 1428 1429 1430 1431 1432 1433 1434 1435 1436

Greg Staten, Steve Bayes The Bent Lens: 2nd Edition: A World Guide to Gay & Lesbian Film Lisa Daniel, Claire Jackson The Best Things Ever Said in the Dark: The Wisest, Wittiest, Most Provocative Quotations From the Movies Bruce Adamson The Big Lebowski Jenny M. Jones The Birds Camille Paglia The Book of GIMP: A Complete Guide to Nearly Everything Olivier Lecarme, Karine Delvare The Brain Is the Screen: Gregory Flaxman, Editor Gregory Flaxman, Editor,gregory Flaxman The Brakhage Lectures: Georges Melies, David Wark Griffith, Carl Theodore Dreyer, Sergei Eisenstein Stan Brakhage The Bridge Across Forever Richard Bach The Brothers Coen: Unique Characters of Violence Ryan P. Doom The Budget Book for Film and Television, Second Edition Robert Koster The Cambridge Companion to Literature on Screen Deborah Cartmell, Imelda Whelehan The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare on Film Russell Jackson The Camera Assistant's Manual, Fifth Edition David E. Elkins Soc

The Challenge of the Silver Screen : An Analysis of the Cinematic Portraits of Jesus, Rama, Buddha and 1437 Muhammad 1438 The Changing Face of Evil in Film and Television 1439 The Cinema Effect 1440 The Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami 1441 The Cinema of Attractions Reloaded 1442 The Cinema of Economic Miracles: Visuality and Modernization in the Italian Art Film 1443 The Cinema of Eisenstein 1444 The Cinema of George Lucas 1445 The Cinema of Lars Von Trier: Authenticity and Artifice 1446 The Cinema of Small Nations 1447 The Cinematic 1448 The Cinematic City 1449 The Cinematic Society: The Voyeur's Gaze 1450 The Cinematic Text: Methods and Approaches 1451 The Cinesthetic Montage of Music Video: Hearing the Image and Seeing the Sound 1452 The Classic French Cinema: 1930-1960

Freek L. Bakker Martin F. Norden Mr Sean Cubitt Alberto Elena, Iran Heritage Foundation Wanda Strauven Angelo Restivo David Bordwell Marcus Hearn, Ron Howard Caroline Bainbridge Duncan Petrie, Mette Hjort David Campany David Clarke Norman K. Denzin R. Barton Palmer Joachim Wichman Strand C. G. Crisp

David Bordwell, Janet Staiger, Kristin Thompson The Coen Brothers: The Story of Two American Filmmakers Josh Levine The Cognitive Semiotics of Film Warren Buckland The Columbia Companion to American History on Film: How the Movies Have Portrayed the American Past Peter C. Rollins The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies: Featuring Dave Anthony, Lord Carrett, Dean Haglund, Allan Havey, Laura House, Jackie Kashian, Suzy Nakamura, ... Schmidt, Neil T. Weakley, and Matt Weinhold Graham Elwood, Chris Mancini The Comedy of Philosophy: Sense and Nonsense in Early Cinematic Slapstick Lisa Trahair The Complete Film Production Handbook ( Fourth Edition) Eve Light Honthaner

1453 The Classical Hollywood Cinema: Film Style & Mode of Production to 1960 1454 1455 1456 1457 1458 1459

The Complete Filmmaker's Guide to Film Festivals: Your All Access Pass to Launching Your Film on the 1460 Festival Circuit 1461 The Complete History of American Film Criticism 1462 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Acting 1463 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Digital Video 1464 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Movies, Flicks, and Film 1465 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting 1466 The Complete Night of the Living Dead Filmbook

1467 The Continuum Companion to Religion and Film

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1468 The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film 1469 The Corporeal Image: Film, Ethnography, and the Senses 1470 The Cranes Are Flying: The Film Companion 1471 The Crisis of Identity in Contemporary Japanese Film: Personal, Cultural, National 1472 The Dark Knight: Featuring Production Art and Full Shooting Script 1473 The Dark Mirror: German Cinema Between Hitler and Hollywood 1474 The Dark Side of the Screen: Film Noir 1475 The Death of Classical Cinema: Hitchcock, Lang, Minnelli 1476 The Deleuze Dictionary 1477 The Desire to Desire: The Woman's Film of the 1940s 1478 The Digital Filmmaking Handbook 4th ed 2012 1479 The Director's Idea: The Path to Great Directing 1480 The Directors: Take Four 1481 The Directors: Take Three 1482 The Documentary Handbook 1483 The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers 1484 The DV Rebel's Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap 1485 The DVD and the Study of Film: The Attainable Text 1486 The EDCF Guide to Digital Cinema Production 1487 The Emergence of the Bombay Film Industry, 1913-1936 1488 The Enchanted Screen: The Unknown History of Fairy-Tale Films 1489 The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoon Series 1490 The Encyclopedia of Ethnic Groups in Hollywood 1491 The Encyclopedia of Hollywood 2nd Ed 1492 The Encyclopedia of Novels Into Film 1493 The Encyclopedia of Stanley Kubrick 1494 The Encyclopedia of Westerns 1495 The End of St. Petersburg: The Film Companion 1496 The Epic Film in World Culture 1497 The Epic Films of David Lean

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1498 The Essay Film: From Montaigne, After Marker

Timothy Corrigan

The Essential Stephen King: A Ranking of the Greatest Novels, Short Stories, Movies, and Other Creations 1499 of the World's Most Popular Writer 1500 The Ethics of Aesthetics in Japanese Cinema and Literature: Polygraphic Desire 1501 The Face on the Screen: Death, Recognition & Spectatorship 1502 The Fall Guy: 30 Years as the Duke's Double 1503 The Fall of Buster Keaton: His Films for MGM, Educational Pictures, and Columbia 1504 The Fantasy Film 1505 The Film Director's Bag of Tricks: How to Get What You Want From Actors and Writers, SAMPLE 1506 The Film Experience: An Introduction 1507 The Film Paintings of David Lynch: Challenging Film Theory 1508 The Film Sense, Film Form: Essays in Film Theory 1509 The Filming of Modern Life: European Avant-Garde Film of the 1920s 1510 The Filmmaker's Book of the Dead: How to Make Your Own Heart-Racing Horror Movie 1511 The Filmmaker's Eye: Learning 1512 The Filmmaker's Guide to Production Design 1513 The Filmmaker's Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age 1514 The Films in My Life 1515 The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky: A Visual Fugue 1516 The Films of Carl-Theodore Dreyer 1517 The Films of Edgar G. Ulmer 1518 The Films of Federico Fellini 1519 The Films of Ingmar Bergman 1520 The Films of Jean-Luc Godard: Seeing the Invisible 1521 The Films of Joseph Losey 1522 The Films of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro 1523 The Films of Paul Morrissey 1524 The Films of Roberto Rossellini 1525 The Films of Stephen King: From Carrie to Secret Window 1526 The Films of the Nineties: The Decade of Spin 1527 The Films of Woody Allen 1528 The Final Victim of the Blacklist: John Howard Lawson, Dean of the Hollywood Ten 1529 The Five C's of Cinematography: Motion Picture Filming Techniques 1530 The Foley Grail: The Art of Performing Sound for Film, Games, and Animation 1531 The Folklore of Consensus: Theatricality in the Italian Cinema, 1930-1943

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1532 The Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia 1533 The Fright of Real Tears: Krzystof Kieslowski Between Theory and Post-Theory 1534 The Fundamentals of Film Making 1535 The Funny Parts: A History of Film Comedy Routines and Gags 1536 The Great Movies III 1537 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales 3-Volume Set 1538 The Grip Book 1539 The Handbook of MPEG Applications: Standards in Practice 1540 The Hasselblad Manual, Seventh Edition 7th 1541 The Hero and the Perennial Journey Home in American Film 1542 The Hero With a Thousand Faces Commemorative Edition (Princeton University Press; 2004) 1543 The Hidden Art of Hollywood: In Defense of the Studio Era Film 1544 The Hidden Cinema: British Film Censorship in Action 1913-1972 1545 The History of Cinema for Beginners 1546 The History of Sex in American Film 1547 The Hollywood Film Music Reader 1548 The Hollywood I Knew: A Memoir: 1916-1988 1549 The Hook: Scene Transitions in Classical Cinema 1550 The Horror Reader 1551 The Horse Who Drank the Sky: Film Experience Beyond Narrative and Theory 1552 The 'I' of the Camera: Essays in Film Criticism, History, and Aesthetics 1553 The Impact of International Television: A Paradigm Shift 1554 The Impossible David Lynch 1555 The Insider's Guide to Film Finance 1556 The Insider's Guide to Independent Film Distribution, Second Edition 1557 The International Film Business: A Market Guide Beyond Hollywood 1558 The International Movie Industry 1559 The Kodak Film Professional’s Guide to Motion Picture Film 1560 The Language and Style of Film Criticism 1561 The Last Great American Picture Show: New Hollywood Cinema in the 1970s 1562 The Last Modernist: The Films of Theo Angelopoulos 1563 The Last Silent Picture Show: Silent Films on American Screens in the 1930s 1564 The Literature/Film Reader: Issues of Adaptation 1565 The Logic of Images

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1668 Theatrical Translation and Film Adaptation: A Practitioner's View 1669 Theorizing Bruce Lee: Film-Fantasy-Fighting-Philosophy 1670 Theorizing Desire: From Freud to Feminism to Film 1671 Theorizing the Moving Image 1672 Theory of the Film: Character and Growth of a New Art 1673 There's No Place Like Home Video 1674 Thinking on Screen: Film as Philosophy 1675 Third Take: Australian Film-Makers Talk 1676 Third Wave Feminism and Television: Jane Puts It in a Box

1679 1680 1681 1682 1683 1684 1685 1686 1687 1688 1689 1690 1691 1692 1693 1694 1695 1696 1697 1698 1699 1700

Raffaele Caputo, Geoff Burton, Anthony Minghella Merri Lisa Lisa Johnson

Fidelma Farley, Keith Hopper, Gráinne Humphreys Thoughts of Deleuze, Spinoza and the Cinema (The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser) (9 page article) Roger Dawkins Three Documentary Filmmakers: Errol Morris, Ross McElwee, Jean Rouch William Rothman Three Forgotten French Filmmakers: André Cayatte, Georges Rouqier, and Roger Leenhardt, Article Andre Bazin Three Philosophical Filmmakers: Hitchcock, Welles, Renoir Irving Singer Thrillers Martin Rubin Through Navajo Eyes: An Exploration in Film Communication and Anthropology Sol Worth, John Adair Time Frames: Japanese Cinema and the Unfolding of History Scott Nygren Time Within Time - The Diaries 1970–1986 (Martyrolog) Andrei Tarkovsky Times Movie Guide Nikhat Kazmi Tips on Writing and Selling Your Script Joshua Grover, David Patterson Titanic (Screenplay) James Cameron To Boldly Go a starters guide to hand made and diy films Esther Urlus Tony White's Animator's Notebook: Personal Observations on the Principles of Movement Tony White Top 10 Reasons Why It's A Great Time To Be A Film Maker Volume 1 MichaelWieseProductions Toward a Scientific Film History David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson Linda Badley, R. Barton Palmer, Steven Jay Traditions in World Cinema Schneider Transcultural Cinema David MacDougall, Lucien Taylor Transfigurations : Violence, Death and Masculinity in American Cinema Asbjørn Grønstad Translating Popular Film Carol O'Sullivan Translation Goes to the Movies Michael Cronin Trashing The Academy Taste, Excess And An Emerging Politics Of Cinematic Style, Article, 1995 Jeffrey Sconce Traumatic Encounters in Italian Film: Locating the Cinematic Unconscious Fabio Vighi Tropics of Desire: Interventions From Queer Latino America Jose A. Quiroga

1677 This Other Eden 1678

Phyllis Zatlin Paul Bowman Kristyn Gorton Noel Carroll Bela Balazs James M. Moran Thomas E. Wartenberg

1701 Ultimate Film Guides: The Godfather 1702 Un-American' Hollywood: Politics and Film in the Blacklist Era 1703 Uncanny Bodies: The Coming of Sound Film and the Origins of the Horror Genre 1704 Uncle Orson's Writing Class 1705 Understanding and Crafting the Mix, Second Edition: The Art of Recording 1706 Understanding Cinema: A Psychological Theory of Moving Imagery 1707 Understanding Movies 11th Ed 1708 Understanding Movies 9th Ed 1709 Understanding Movies: The Art and History of Film 1710 Understanding The Basics of Filmmaking 1711 Unfriendly Witnesses: Gender, Theater, and Film in the McCarthy Era 1712 Unheard Melodies: Narrative Film Music 1713 United Artists, Volume 1, 1919-1950: The Company Built by the Stars 1714 United Artists, Volume 2, 1951-1978: The Company That Changed the Film Industry 1715 Unless the Threat of Death Is Behind Them: Hard-Boiled Fiction and Film Noir 1716 Unraveling French Cinema: From L'Atalante to Cach 1717 Using Deleuze: The Cinema Books, Film Studies And Effect : Thesis 1718 Vampyres: A Tribute to the Ultimate in Erotic Horror Cinema 1719 Veni, Vidi, Video: The Hollywood Empire and the VCR 1720 Video Basics 6 1721 Video Color Correction for Non-Linear Editors: A Step-By-Step Guide 1722 Video Course Handbook 1723 Video Demystified: A Handbook for the Digital Engineer 1724 Video Editing With Avid: Media Composer, Symphony, Xpress

Bill Malyszko Peter Stanfield, Frank Krutnik, Steve Neale Robert Spadoni Internet William Moylan Per Persson Louis Giannetti Louis Giannetti Raphael Shargel Internet Milly S. Barranger Claudia Gorbman Tino Balio Tino Balio John T. Irwin T. Jefferson Kline Dyrk Ashton Greaves Tim, Jose Larraz, Brian Smedley-Aston Frederick Wasser Herbert Zettl Stuart Blake Jones Rob Danielson Keith Jack Roger Shufflebottom

Video Nation: A DIY Guide to Planning, Shooting, and Sharing Great Video From USA Today's Talking Tech 1725 Host 1726 Video Production Handbook 1727 Video Shooter: Storytelling With DV, HD, and HDV Cameras 1728 Video: Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect, Third Edition 1729 Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever 2008 1730 VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever 2009 1731 Videojournalism: Multimedia Storytelling 1732 Videomaker Guide to Digital Video and DVD Production, Third Edition 1733 Violence in French and Francophone Literature and Film. 1734 Violent Affect: Literature, Cinema, and Critique After Representation

Jefferson Graham Jim Owens, Gerald Millerson Barry Braverman Claudia Hunter Johnson Jim Craddock Jim Craddock Kenneth Kobre Videomaker James Day Marco Abel

1735 Visionary Film: The American Avant-Garde, 1943-2000 1736 Visions of a New Land: Soviet Film From the Revolution to the Second World War 1737 Visual Effects for Film and Television 1738 Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.” Film Theory and Criticism (10 page Article) 1739 Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.” Film Theory and Criticism (Article) 1740 Visual Synergies in Fiction and Documentary Film From Latin America 1741 Vogler's Writer's Journey - Article 1742 Volker Schlondorff's Cinema: Adaptation, Politics, and the "Movie-Appropriate" 1743 Vsevolod Pudovkin: Classic Films of the Soviet Avant-Garde 1744 Walter Wanger, Hollywood Independent 1745 War, Politics and Superheroes: Ethics and Propaganda in Comics and Film 1746 Watching Wildlife 1747 Watchmen and Philosophy: A Rorschach Test

P. Adams Sitney Professor Emma Widdis Mitch Mitchell Laura Mulvey Laura Mulvey Miriam Haddu, Joanna Page Christopher Vogler Hans Bernhard Moeller, George L Lellis Amy Sargeant Matthew Bernstein Marc Dipaolo Cynthia Chris Mark D. White, William Irwin

Welsh Mythology and Folklore in Popular Culture: Essays on Adaptations in Literature, Film, Television and 1748 Digital Media 1749 Werner Herzog - of Walking in Ice: Munich - Paris 23 November - 14 December 1974 1750 Western Film Series of the Sound Era 1751 What Cinema Is! 1752 What Is Cinema? Vol. 1 1753 What Is Cinema? Vol.2 - Essays Selected and Translated by Hugh Gray 1754 What Is Film Noir? 1755 What Is Film Theory? 1756 What is Storyboard 1757 What Just Happened?: Bitter Hollywood Tales From the Front Line 1758 What They Don't Teach You at Film School: 161 Strategies for Making Your Own Movies No Matter What 1759 What Women Watched: Daytime Television in the 1950s 1760 When Opera Meets Film 1761 When the Shooting Stops ... The Cutting Begins: A Film Editor's Story 1762 Who the Hell Is in It 1763 Why does film matter? 1764 Why Popcorn Costs So Much at the Movies: And Other Pricing Puzzles 1765 Widescreen Aesthetics & Mise en Scene Criticism [Velvet Light Trap No. 21 1766 William A. Wellman, A Dossier 1767 Withnail and Us: Cult Films and Film Cults in British Cinema 1768 Witness in Our Time, Second Edition: Working Lives of Documentary Photographers

Audrey L. Becker, Kristin Noone Werner Herzog Michael R. Pitts Dudley Andrew Andre Bazin, Hugh Gray, Jean Renoir, Dudley Andrew Andre Bazin William Park Richard Rushton, Gary Bettinson FilmEducation Art Linson Camille Landau, Tiare White Marsha F. Cassidy Marcia J. Citron Ralph Rosenblum, Robert Karen Peter Bogdanovich Masoud Yazdani Richard B. McKenzie David Bordwell Internet Justin Smith Ken Light

1769 Woman With a Movie Camera: My Life as a Russian Filmmaker 1770 Women & Film 1771 Women on the Edge: Twelve Political Film Practices 1772 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 1773 Women Through the Lens: Gender and Nation in a Century of Chinese Cinema 1774 Women, Desire, and Power in Italian Cinema 1775 Women, Islam and Cinema 1776 Women's Cinema – the Contested Screen 1777 Woody Allen and Philosophy 1778 Working Girls: Gender and Sexuality in Popular Cinema 1779 World Cinema and the Ethics of Realism 1780 World Cinema's 'Dialogues' With Hollywood 1781 World Cinemas, Transnational Perspectives 1782 World Directors in Dialogue: Conversations on Cinema 1783 Writers Journey 1784 Writers Journey Archetypes and Plot 1785 Writing a Screenplay 1786 Writing Good Scenarios 1787 Writing History in Film 1788 Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at the Box Office and You Can, Too! 1789 Writing Screenplays That Sell (Audio) 1790 Writing the Short Film 1791 Writing Your Screenplay 1792 Writing, Directing, and Producing Documentary Films and Videos 1793 Yakuza-Eiga 1794 You'll Like This Film Because You're in It 1795 Your Movie Sucks 1796 Youth Culture in Global Cinema 1797 YouTube: An Insider's Guide to Climbing the Charts 1798 Zaprudered: The Kennedy Assassination Film in Visual Culture 1799 Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide

Marina Goldovskaya, Antonina W. Bouis, Robert Rosen E. Ann Kaplan Sharon Lin Tay Peter William Evans Shuqin Cui Marga Cottino-Jones Gonul Donmez-Colin Alison Butler Mark T. Conard Yvonne Tasker Lúcia Nagib Paul Cooke Natasa Durovicová, Kathleen E. Newman Bert Cardullo Christopher Vogler Internet John Costello Role Playing Game Association William Guynn Thomas Lennon, Robert B Garant Michael Hauge Patricia Cooper, Ken Dancyger Lisa Dethridge Alan Rosenthal Paul Schrader Michel Gondry Roger Ebert Timothy Shary, Alexandra Seibel Alan Lastufka, Michael W. Dean Øyvind Vågnes Glenn Kay

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