15. Tétel Ecl Szóbeli

July 17, 2017 | Author: Bogdán Lilla | Category: Sharing, Cognition, Psychology & Cognitive Science, Further Education, Employment
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15. Tanulás/munka: nyelvtudás/szakképzettség/karrier, esélyegyenlőség a tanulásban, elhelyezkedésnél, csereprogramok, külföldi ösztöndíjak/részképzések, tömegoktatás kontra elitképzés

Everybody would like to be succesful and have great achievements in life. Everybody would like to have a good job. All people are different, so we should consider our opportunities and decide according to them. We need to be well-educated, talented and strong willed. The school we attend is really important. It gives the necessary knowledge we will need later. This includes the foreign languages as well. Despite of this I think the education of it in the schools is not enough. People should have private lessons as well if they want to be properly educated. The language will become the most important knowledge in the future. You can get to know the culture of other nations. It is a big advantage if you want to get a good job, especially if you would like to work for a multinational company. You can read books in the original and you don’t need translations. You can make friends all over the world. It is necessary to take a language exam, if you want to get a degree. Nowadays if you would like to get a good job, you have to be able to speak foreign languages. Nowadays most young people want to become economists, lawyers or deal with some field of computer science. Many of them think that is will be easy to find well-paying jobs with these degrees. People could work abroad as well. In the European Union people have got a lot of opportunities. The EU provides funding and grants for a broad range of projects and programmes covering areas such as education, health and environmental protection. Young people are also provided by the European union. There are two types of funding. One of them is the Lifelong Learning Programme, the Erasmus, which provides vocational training in another countries. The second is The Youth in Action Programme. There are some programs abroad you have the opportunity to live with. It is good to get familiar with the conditions and possibilities in another countries. It is a great way to meet other cultures and practise the language. There are some schools in Hungary, where students can have lessons in English, but for some parts of the training you need to travel abroad. There are several jobs, for example architect, IT, manager, which jobs do ususally men. Secretaries, administrators, cashiers are usually women. It happens, that the women are in drawback regarding some jobs. I think, women earn less money than men. On the other hand, in my view, generally men do harder work, let’s think about blue collars workers. There are several forms of education. Students can be classmates. This is co-education. I support this, because the clever students can be hardworking in such a class and school. But there is a way called elite education, where there are only a few people study at the same time. I think the level of the education is adequate in the bulk of the schools. There is no need to train our children at private places. I think, it is much easier to learn and understand somethink if there aren’t too much students in the class.

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