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July 31, 2017 | Author: Cristhian Gaete | Category: Physical Exercise, Recreation, Self Care, Sports, Determinants Of Health
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Table Of Contents: Intro...................................................pg. 4 No Time to Workout Workouts........pg. 5 #1) Mr. Minimal........................................................pg. 6 #2) Ups & Downs....................................................pg. 7 #3) Chunk It Up.......................................................pg. 8 #4) Ladder's & #'s Suck..........................................pg. 9 #5) 3 x 100 = 100...................................................pg. 10

No Gym Equipment Workouts.......pg. 11 #1) Playground Leg Hell........................................pg. 12 #2) 2 Chairs & The Stairs.......................................pg. 13 #3) Your Backyard Workout..................................pg. 14 #4) Sprint, Stop & Go!............................................pg. 15 #5) Basics @ The Playground................................pg. 16

Challenge Workouts.......................pg. 17 #1) Don't Get Up....................................................pg. 18 #2) Don't Fall Off....................................................pg. 19 #3) You Better Make It or ELSE.............................pg. 20 #4) “One Rep At a Time”........................................pg. 21 #5) Gambler's Workout..........................................pg. 22

Outro................................................pg. 23


Intro: “I don't have time or don't have gym equipment” Those are 2 of the biggest excuses people make for not working out and you yourself might have said the same at one point or another. Well I am not here to just prove that those 2 are lame excuses, but I wanna arm you with 15 powerful workouts that you can use next time you are on the following 3 situations: • • •

Have very little time (10-30 min) Don't have a gym or equipment to workout (or so you think;) Or are bored with your workouts & want a challenge

Below you will find 15 workouts that will kill these excuses But right now you you might be thinking: Err...ONLY 15? Well my goal is for you to only use these as backups and comprehend the overall philosophy behind them: “It's not about the structure of the workouts but the fact of just getting creative and moving” These workouts will help you realize this once you go trough them. So use them whenever you feel like just having fun or whenever your about to make an excuse... Lets START!!! Notes: • • • • • •

Whenever you see this “/” in between exercises like: “push ups/dips” it means “or” so you can do either push ups “or” dips SM = Sub Max Reps (Leave 1 or 2 in the tank before reaching failure HSPU = Handstand Push Ups AFAP = As Fast As Possible 1A) & 1B) = Supersets Also I don't tell you to warm up, but that is implied for every workout (so do your mobility work & make sure you are ready to attack the workout so you get the most benefit) 4


#1) Mr Minimal: Sometimes life gets in the way of your workouts & you simply can't dedicate a good 30min – 1hr of training, so what do you do? Skip it & leave it for the next day? HELL NO! You simply cut it short & keep things minimal, pick a few exercises & make things happen! 1A) Push Ups x10 1B) Pull Ups/Inverted Rows x10 1C ) Squat/Deadlift x 10 Repeat for 5-10 circuits AFAP If you have no access to a pull up bar you can substitute for inverted rows with a table (like I showed in this video) If no access to weights grab something heavy (books, rocks, sandbag) to do the squats or simply do Bodyweight squats Workout Format: 3 exercises: 1 upper, 1 lower & 1 full body Extra Tip: Add weight or do super slow reps to make everything harder


#2) Ups & Downs If you are in a hurry & wanna crank out a short workout while keeping things simple then an upper/lower body split is as simple as it gets... All that is needed now is for you to get to work! 1A) Push Ups/Dips x 10 1B) Squats x 10 1C) Inverted Rows/Pull Ups/Chin Ups x 6 1D) Lunges x 10 1E) Leg Raises/Hollow Holds for 30-60sec Repeat for 5 round AFAP Workout Format: upper, lower, upper, lower, core x 5 AFAP Extra Tip: Add weight, do super slow reps & don't take any breaks in between rounds to make everything harder


#3) Chunk It Up This workout consists of actually doing 3 mini workouts throughout the day (can be morning, afternoon and night) There is only 2 exercises per mini workout & they shouldn't take more than 10 min each + can be done anywhere & you won't really sweat much (so if you don't wanna drench your clothes in sweat this is perfect for you)

Chunk #1 – Upper Body (at morning) 1A) Push Up x 15 1B) Pull Up/ Inv Row/ Chin Up x 10 Repeat for 5 rounds (1 min rest between rounds)

Chunk #2 – Lower Body (in the afternoon) 1A) Squats/Pistols x 15/5 1B) Reverse Lunges x 10 (each leg) Repeat for 5 rounds (1 min rest between rounds)

Chunk #3 – Core (at night or evening) 1A) Hollow Holds x 30-60 seconds 1B) Handstand Holds/Planks x 30-60 seconds Repeat for 5 rounds (1 min rest between rounds) Note: If you can't hold a hollow hold or handstand for that long, then progress at your level, if 10 seconds is all you can hold then start with that....the important thing here is to just do it Workout Format: 3 mini workouts a day (upper, lower, full or weak area) – 2 exercises per workout Extra Tip: Add weight or do super slow reps to make everything harder


#4) Ladders & #'s Suck Ladders or Pyramids workouts have been around for a long time & altough I don't see many people using them, they are powerful for when you are short on time or wanna a tough challenge! Option #1: 1A) Handstand Push Ups (HSPU) x 2, 4, 5, 6, 5, 4, 2 1B) Squats x 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 This is a superset so do one exercise followed be the next one, each set you increase the reps in the ladder until you hit the peak then go down the ladder Option #2: 1A) Push Ups x 2, 4, 5, 6, 5, 4, 2 1B) Lunges x 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 1C) Planks x 10 seconds each set Option #3: 1A) Dips x 2, 4, 5, 6, 5, 4, 2 1B) Leg Raises x 2, 4, 5, 6, 5, 4, 2 1C) Lunges x 2, 4, 5, 6, 5, 4, 2 Repeat for 2 rounds if you have time There is 2 ways you can do these workouts: Way #1: Do them in superset fashion like outlined above (i.e. Do 2 reps in the 1 st set, 4 reps in the 2nd, and so on until you go down the ladder) Way #2: Finish the ladder for exercise 1A) and then move onto the next ladder for 1B) & so on... (this is much harder as you are not resting by switching exercises - you simply take the # of reps you just did & convert that into seconds, that is the only rest you get until you finish up & down the ladder) [Example: do 2 push ups, rest 2sec, do 4 push ups, rest 4sec & so on...] Extra Tip: Add weight, do super slow reps & don't rest at all while going trough a ladder until the set is done to make everything harder 9

#5) 100 x 3 = 300 Not much to think about here, just pick a couple of exercises, pick high number of reps per exercise and finish it as fast as you can. 1) Push Ups/Dips x 100 2) Pull Up/Inverted Rows x100 3) Squat/Lunges x100 Complete in as many sets as it takes to hit 300 total reps I chose 300 reps as my total goal, but you are free to pick more exercises with fewer reps or add more reps per exercise if you want (like 150 instead of 100) Workout Format: Push, Pull & Lower Body exercise Extra Tip: Add weight, do super slow reps, take no breaks during the whole workout & raise the number of total reps to do, in order to make everything harder



#1) Playground Leg Hell If you have no equipment, then don't worry the playground is all you need & luckly there is always one near you! 1) Squats x 100 Sprint 2) Push Ups x 75 Sprint 3) Pull Ups x 25 Sprint 4) Recline/Inverted Rows x 25 Sprint 5) Mixed Leg Raises x 25 Sprint Perform prescribed reps for EACH exercise in as many sets as needed before moving to the next exercise Extra Tip: Add weight to make everything harder & also do the pull ups with a tree for an extra challenge


#2) 2 Chairs & The Stairs This one is a perfect at home workout, for when you either don't have equipment or just don't feel like going to a gym... just grab 2 chairs, stand next to the stairs & get ready to kill it! 1A) L-Sits on chair 4 x Sub Max 1B) BW Squats 4x15 2A) Chair Dips 6 x 10 2B) Planks/Hollow holds 6 x 20 sec 3A) Walk up & down push ups @ stairs x 6 (can substitute for spiderman or feet elevated push ups) 3B) Lunges 6x10 4A) H.S. Holds 3 x SM 4B) Burpees 3 x 10 Extra Tip: Add weight to make everything harder & if you want a real kick in the ass, then try to not rest at all between sets (get ready for a huge pump) Recommended to buy a door frame pull up bar like this one or if you have a tree or somewhere to hang in your house, then your set!


#3) Your BackYard Workout While its not required to do this workout on your backyard, I simply wanna open your mind & show you that you can really crank out a workout anywhere... You just need to open your eyes, get creative & see everything as an opportunity! 1A) HSPU x 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 1B) Lunges (each leg) x 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 1C) Fence Dips (in a triangle or straight bar) x 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 1D) Elevated feet push ups x 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Go down the ladder eat superset (1 st is 10 reps, 2nd is 9 & so on...), and if you need to: adjust the reps to accommodate them to your level (try to finish this in less than 40 min) Extra Tip: Add weight to make everything harder, add more ladder sets (i.e. Start at 15 reps instead of 10) & also grab 2 chairs if you have nowhere to do dips


#4) Sprint, Stop & Go! We can't neglect that conditioning is fundamental to our overall athletic development...So put on your sneakers & let's Go SPRINT!!! Version #1: 1) Sprint x 10sec 2)Push Ups/Squats x 10 reps Do for 20 sets Explanation: Sprint 10 sec & alternate between doing 10 push ups & 10 squats for 20 supersets total Optional Version #2: 1) Dumbbell Farmer Walk / Bear Hug Sandbag walks x 10sec 2)Push Ups/Squats x 10 reps Do for 20 sets Explanation: Same rules apply as Version #1, but instead of sprinting you are carrying weight: either farmer walking with some dumbbells of bear hug a heavy sandbag (or anything heavy really) In the end this is a super simple workout that you can do at any park or on your street, so no excuses! Workout Format: Conditioning exercise supersetted w/ upper & lower body exercises Extra Tip: Add a weighted vest to make everything harder & feel free to substitue the bodyweight exrcises for different ones (like pull ups & lunges)


#5) Basics @ The Playground If you have no equipment then the playground is your best friend, you got all the basics you need: grass, trees, different bars & lots of fresh air! 1A) Incline Push Ups 5x 15 (Last set max out) 1B) Jump Squats 5 x 10 1C) Tree Pull ups 5 x Sub Max Reps (Last set max out) Rest 1 Min between each superset 2A) Dips/Recline Rows 5x15 2B) Jumping Lunges 5x10 2C) Tree or Monkey bar Chin Ups 5x SM (Last set max out) Rest 1 Min between each superset 3C) Leg Raises 5x 10 (on pull up or parallel dip bars) Rest 30 sec between each set 4)Parkour Rolls 4x3 (Make sure to do it on grass so you don't hurt yourself) Rest 30 sec between each set 5) 3 Sprints x 10 sec or find a long distance (Max Out) Rest 15 sec between each set No equipment is needed for this workout if you are at a playground or even at home (you'll just need a door frame pull up bar) Extra Tip: Add weight to make everything harder



#1) Don't Get Up! It's easy to make a workout harder by increasing the resistance & dcresing the resting time, but how about removing one of your abilities? How about your ability to stand up? In this challenge you are forbidden to stand up for 10 min, all you can do is ground based movements, can you handle it? What to do: Put 10 min on a timer and do as many ground based movements as you can: • • • • • • • • • • • •

push ups planks headstands handstands crab walks bear walks cartwheels parkour rolls crawling hollow holds back bridges etc

The goal is for you to never stand up for 10 min All moves are ground based so dont burn out real fast by trying to do 50 push ups right from the get go Take it slow, do a rep here and there and flow into another exercise and keep that tempo Really get in tuned with your inner creativity and feel how your body reacts to having a limit on the movemnts that you can do. Extra Tip: Like I said Don't Burn Out at the beginning & if you wanna make it a lot harder only allow yourself to rest in a plank position (this is hell) Note: If you can't handle 10 min, then no worries...Start off with 5 & then add a minute each time you do this challenge Last Tip: Do this challenge as part of your normal workout warm up for 2-3 min & I guarantee you will feel awesome or really exhausted fast! 18

#2) Don't Fall Off! This is the same principle as the last challenge, but only A LOT HARDER since you are hanging from a bar or rings! What to do: Put 5-10 min on a timer and do as many bar/ring movements as you can: • • • • • • • • • •

pull ups chin ups skin the cat leg/knee raises levers dips muscle ups side to side pull ups windmills etc

The goal here is never stop hanging & touch the floor until the time runs out, so your only resting position will be either at top of the bar or simply handing from the bar/rings This is hell if you are not used to doing a lot of bar or ring movements! A BIG help to complete this challenge is to use visualization: Close your eyes & imagine that you are hanging from a cliff and have to wait 10 min for a helicopter to arrive – if you do decide to give up before the time runs out then you fall off & die! Sounds a little harsh but this will keep you motivated to keep haning & doing bar movements. Again with this type of challenge you wanna start of easy and keep a steady tempo with your movements – don't burn out real fast or you will regret it & Make sure you warm up a lot before this challenge: prep your shoulders, wrists & hips specially! Focus on feeling the situation as opposed to just doing something for time – forget the time and experience the moment: this will help you get more in tune with your body & also be able to relax as you go trough your challenge. 19

#3) You Better Make It or ELSE! I grew up playing basketball so this challenge was a way to combine my love for the sport + bodyweight training... It's simple in nature, but if you are not good at basketball then this is gonna be horrible for you, Good Luck! What to do: • • •

Go to the court to shoot some hoops Locate 10 spots & shoot 10 shots in each spot (lay ups, free throws, 3 pointers from each wing, the center, etc) For every shot you miss, you will have to do a bodyweight exercise as punishment

So if you miss 3 lay ups out of 10 in your first spot, you do 3 push ups as punishment In the next spot, shot free throws, for every one you miss you do a bodyweight squat Alternate between doing pushs and squats for every missed shot in each spot until you are done Note: Sounds easy, but the lactic acid build up you will get will make it harder to run, jump and shot so you better make as many as you can Feel free to do different bodyweight exercises in each spot (lunges, pull ups, 10 sec planks, dips, push ups, squats, burpees, etc) but limit it to only alternating between 2 exercises per challenge in order to keep it simple and challening Feel free to also increase the number of shots per spot (i.e. 20 instead of 10) Extra Note: You can apply the rules of this challenge with any sport you want if basketball is not your thing


#4) “One Rep At a Time” This is more of a challenge on the mind, more than a physical one...We always want things FAST, but sometimes we gotta chill out & take things “one rep at a time” What to do: • •

Pick 5 exercises You are gonna do 50 reps of each, but here is the catch:

You can only do 1 rep at a time So do exercise #1 for 1 rep, then move onto #2 for 1 rep & so on, once you finish the 5 exercises start the circuit again...In the end you will do 50 sets of 1 rep for each exercise You might be tempted to do sets of 10 or 15, but the goal here is to take it slow, enjoy the moment & get in tune with yourself & see how you behave...Will you wanna hurry up & finish things fast, or actually follow directions & take it one rep at a time? Bodyweight Version:

Weighted Version:

1A) Squats x1

1A) Weighted Squats x1

1B) HSPU x1

1B) Overhead Press x1

1C) Lunges x1

1C) Heavy Deadifts x1

1D) Pull Ups/Chin Ups x1

1D) Weighted Pull Ups/Chin Ups x1

1E) L-Sit / Hollow Hold / Plank x10 sec

1E) Clapping Push Up x1

Repeat for 50 supersets

Repeat for 50 supersets

You can pick any exercises you want & if you like to train super heavy or wanna practice more advanced BW exercises like muscle ups then this is a great workout so you don't burn out & focus on building the skill vs doing a set # of reps) Note: Feel free to drop the sets to 25 instead of 50 & also reduce the number of exercises from 5 to 3 for if you need to (same goal still aplies: take it 1 rep at a time) And lastly, this workout will take a long time to finish so don't stress out about it, learn to not always follow the rules & enjoy training for longer periods of time (not all your workouts have to be 60min or less) 21

#5) The Gambler's Workout So this is one of my favorites as it is based on chance & you never know if it's gonna be easy or tough as hell, so GOOD LUCK! What to do: • •

Grab 2 dice Pick 4 exercises (2 upper & 2 lower body)

Roll the dice & depending on what number you get this is either the number of sets or reps you will have to do 1st roll = # of sets & nd 2 roll = # of reps Do this for each exercise It's a simple set up, but you never know what #'s you are gonna get. It might be 1x12 which would be super easy or 12x12 which wouldn't be that easy, so good luck! Here is a sample workout with random reps & sets: 1A) Squats 7x3 2B) HSPU 5x2 2A) Deadlifts 7x7 2B) Pull Ups 4x9 Rest accordingly to the intensity of each exercise And as you can see this is gonna be a fun workout! Not too easy but not too hard... Feel free to do this in superser fashion like I have in the sample workout above, do them on a circuit or finish each set & reps for eah exercise, 1 by 1...you make those rules! 2 Ways to make this harder: • •

Add more exercises (6 or 8) instead of 4 Roll a number of sets & stick with it, but keep rolling the dice for every set so the # of reps vary every time (so you'll never know whats coming) 22

Outro: “I want your imagination to be sparked!” You have just finished reading the 15 BackUp workouts & hopefully even done one already! My main goal with this short guide was not to just give you workouts that you can use when you are short on time or have no equipment, but to Open Your Mind & Inspire You Into Action! I want your imagination to be sparked! - that's my main goal & what will ultimately get you to stop making excuses and have fun when obstacles arise! Improvisation, creativity & breaking + making ur own rules – those are the skills that you will use & develop once you go trough these workouts, as they are designed to overcome & make you aware that you really have no workout obstacles. All you need to do in order to stop making excuses is to use your imagination & get creative – Never be a victim of any situation as there is always a way to overcome an obstacle, even if it is no obvious at first. • •

Don't have a pull up bar? Then crank them out on a tree No dip bar? Well either do them on 2 chairs or on the corner of a fence like I show in this video

In the end you can be a victim of your situation or choose to get creative & be a victor! I choose the latter & it is my hope that you do as well. These workouts are not only fun to do, but they will make you realize that all it takes to overcome your workout excuses is to use a little creativty. So that's it my friend, use these bad boys when you need them & don't let anything stand in your way of getting stronger! Attack Life & Get Stronger, Luis Carrillo P.S. If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to shot me an email: [email protected] & I'll get to you as soon as I can!


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