101 Tips Against Procrastination

June 22, 2016 | Author: Vignesh Sampath Kumar | Category: Types, Creative Writing
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101 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination I summed up 101 tips for avoiding procrastination. Pick your favorite and implem ent it into your life. 1. Do something usefull Just like the motto of Nike "Just do it!" 2. Work in timed bursts Make use of the Pomodoro technique. 3. Action your todo list Take your todo list and action the next item on it, no excuses. 4. Split tasks into managable chunks Many small things make one big. 5. Plan your day in advance Not knowing what to do is a major cause for procrast ination. 6. Don't watch tv A huge time-waster, but if you have to watch something -> reco rd it and watch it on another time. This method has the added advantage that you can skip the commercials. 7. Make up an actionplan A good plan is the first step in completing a project. 8. Follow that plan Making the plan doesn't accomplish any real work, implement it. 9. Avoid traffic jams I hate sitting behind the wheel and not being able to move . I prefer traveling by public transportation, because I can read on the train o r bus. 10. Always ask yourself What can I do next?: Keep the momentum going. 11. Learn time management skills Learn to make good use of your time. 12. Put your goals where you can see them It reminds you of them and keeps you m otivated. 13. Keep social chit-chat to a minimum when working Work when working and chit-c hat if you're on your break, not the other way around. 14. Discover why you procrastinate Why do people procrastinate? 15. Always do something to advance your life Always try to improve some area of your life. Physical, mental, social, financial... 16. Give someone permission to correct you, if they catch you procrastinating It helps you to break out of the habit. 17. Remind yourself of your goals Rehearse them daily. 18. Unsubscribe from facebook Or don't, but know why you use it and be aware of the time it absorbs. 19. Believe in yourself You can do it! 20. Never drink coffee or other energy drinks They'll give an initial boost, but after a while you'll get really down. It's also unhealthy, prefer water. 21. Use post-it's on the appropriate places to resist your primal impulses Ex: O n the chocolate jar you can post: "Don't touch till noon!" 22. Change your procrastination habits If you normally watch tv, try to spend so me times chatting with friends or vice versa and notice how little you miss by n ot doing it. 23. Start small Ex: with only 5 minutes of continuous work. 24. Read self-improvement books and try out the methods No point in reading them and then forgetting them. 25. Do more of what works Why?, because it works! 26. Think of all the positive things that will happen when you do the task The m ost positive is that it'll be done. 27. Don't read gossip magazines Nothing of use in these, avoid them. 28. Don't wait until you feel your best to start working You won't get much done if you only work when you feel your best. 29. Work in your most productive time of the day For me, it's in the early morni ng. 30. Get rid of temptations in your work area If you're easily tempted by cookies , then remove the cookie jar from the area and place it behind locks. 31. Work in calm environments Less distractions. 32. Put a poster of an eye in your workspace People work better when they have t he feeling someone is watching them.

33. Take active breaks Very important when you work behind a desk. 34. Hire a life coach Someone to motivate you. 35. Don't watch the news The news is negative and it demotivates you. 36. Don't multitask, do one thing at a time You lose 20minutes each time you swi tch tasks. 37. Change locations Break the ritme once in a while and stimulate your brain. 38. Prevent interruptions Whenever possible, prevent people from interrupting yo u. 39. Don't work to much Avoid a burn-out. 40. Drink plenty of water To keep your energy levels high! 41. Put reminders in your cellphone Your cell forgets less than your brain. 42. Use an alarm-clock to wake up Avoid oversleeping every day 43. Define your long term goals Avoid running in circles 44. Start working on your long term goal every day It will be done before you re alize it. 45. Get assistance You can't save the world on your own. 46. Reward yourself for the work you've done Reward good behavior and it will oc cur more often. 47. Love yourself You have no reason not to, because you're wonderfull. 48. Cut out all distractions No cell, no email, no facebook... 49. Break the routine once in a while Stimulate your brain or it will get bored fast. 50. Resist short term gains in favor of long term profits Mind over body. 51. Give yourself 100% for a task Less is just a waste of your brain power. 52. Exercise self-control and resist temptations. 53. Focus on beginning to work, instead of finishing Beginning comes before fini shing, therefore focus on beginning. 54. Read about parkinson's law in this article. 55. Avoid time-wasters Don't spend time wasting your time. 56. Learn to say no To everything that doesn't bring you closer toward your goal s. 57. Define your short term goals Every long term goal consists of many small vic tories. 58. Use positive affirmations To motivate yourself! 59. Meditate Increase your willpower and self-control. 60. Don't finish something that's wasting your time If you're watching a bad mov ie at the cinema, then leave the cinema. Don't bother wasting your time any furt her. Because you can earn more money, but you can't earn more time. 61. Try new things... If something doesn't work, then you're one step closer to finding what does work. 62. Work in the morning When you're still full of energy. 63. Work on the important stuff Because it matters. 64. Separate work time from relaxation time Make a clear difference in your mind . Work is work and play is play. 65. Know that you're your own worst critic Except it, and move on. 66. Use time pressure in your advantage Make use of Parkinson's law. 67. Put a don't disturb sign on your door Put up barriers around you if you're w orking. 68. Beware of mental monsters They are only in your mind and don't exist. 69. Use a time management system Every succesful person uses one, so why shouldn 't you. 70. Reduce your commitments Less is more. 71. Set constraints on your tasks A well defined task gets done much quicker. 72. Remind yourself of your daily goals and get them done before the day is over . 73. Love deadlines Especially when they're close. 74. Don't watch every five seconds if you've gotten a new e-mail Resist the urge . 75. Get enough sleep Keep your energy levels high! 76. Eat healthy Don't get sick by eating junk!

77. Don't wait for things to magically happen Because they won't. 78. Hold yourself accountable Because you are! 79. Resist temptations They will only slow you down. 80. Strenghten your willpower Mind over body! 81. Set the bar high Reach for the stars. 82. Order your drawers Because searching your stuff wastes time. 83. Begin now! Why wait? 84. Read time management books To learn new skills and motivate yourself. 85. Be proactive Make things happen. 86. Leave some room free in your calendar for emergencies Don't stuff your calen dar full, leave room for rescheduling and 'un-scheduled' work. 87. Stay fit A half hour of sport a day and active breaks should do it. 88. Coach yourself by sending messages to your future self. Read the article her e. 89. Use reverse psychology from now on, you're not allowed to work more than 2 h ours a day. 90. Choose to do a task instead of having to do the task. 91. Relax outdoors Get some fresh air. 92. Challenge yourself Stimulate your brain. 93. Review yourself weekly And improve your weak points. 94. Forgive yourself for failing then try again! 95. Clean your desk A clean desk means less distractions. 96. Put on motivating music To get into the flow. 97. Learn from Fluent-Time-Management.com It provides a lot of free time managem ent articles. 98. Apply the Pareto principle Do more of what works. 99. You're responsible for your life and for the choices you make. 100. Take the initiative Nothing will happen on it's own. 101. Relax from time to time Life is not all about work.

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