1 - The Get Girls on Facebook Manual

August 30, 2017 | Author: Davidou15 | Category: Sexual Arousal, Facebook, Imagination, Mind, Laughter
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Table Of Contents Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………..4-7

Girls 101……………………………………………………………………………………….8-27 

You have an EGO for a reason………………………………………………………………………………….8-9

Breaking Bad Habits……………………………………………………………………10-13 

You’re doing it all wrong………………………………………………………………………………………12-13

What She Doesn’t Want You to Know about Her………………………..14-18  

The Magic Formula………………………………………………………………………………………………14-15 4 Fundamental traits of any girl’s personality……………………………………………………..15-18

Her Psychology…………………………………………………………………………..18-20   

Desire: It all starts in her mind…………………………………………………………………………….18-19 Emotion: It’s always about how you make her feel……………………………………………..19-20 Female Fantasy………………………………………………………………………………………………………..20

What Really Turns a Girl On……………………………………………………………………….20-26 

The fun factor…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..21

      

Intrigue…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 21 The Chase…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………22 Mental Seduction……………………………………………………………………………………………………..22 The number one attraction tip…………………………………………………………………………… 22-23 The biggest turn off………………………………………………………………………………………………….24 Girls are emotional reflectors…………………………………………………………………………….. 23-24 The Alpha Male Syndrome all girls secretly desire……………………………………………… 24-25

The Facebook Game……………………………………………………………………27-65 Your Profile…………………………………………………………………………………………………….27 

Profile Prep: the basic elements of what a girl looks for in a profile………………………… 27

Pictures: your face, your name and everything else in between……………………………………28-39       

Your profile picture…………………………………………………………………………………………………. 28 The Facebook Cover Photo………………………………………………………………………………… 28-29 How to use shirtless photos……………………………………………………………………………………. 30 Photo Albums………………………………………………………………………………………………………30-32 Content……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 32-33 Your About section………………………………………………………………………………………………… 35 Friends – How many do you have?....................................................................... 33-34  Status updates and comments…………………………………………………………………………… 35-39

Finding and Meeting Girls on Facebook! ......................................40-44        

Hunting ground rules………………………………………………………………………………………………. 40 The easiest way to meet a girl is through common Friend…………………………………………40 Groups: search and location……………………………………………………………………………………. 40 How to use singles related Pages and Groups in your area to meet hot girls………. 40-41 How to use any parties and other Events to meet hot girls in advance……………………. 42 How to use local venues, hangouts and past jobs to flirt with local girls……………. 42-44 How to properly flirt with her friends…………………………………………………………………….. 44 Reputation management……………………………………………………………………………………….. 44

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The Attention Getting Game………………………………………………………45-64              

The Approach: First Messages……………………………………………………………………………. 45-48 Message Writing Tips………………………………………………………………………………………… 48-49 What to do if she has NOT responded……………………………………………………………………… 49 Wall Posts……………………………………………………………………………………………………………49-50 Comments and her Status Updates…………………………………………………………………………. 50 Private Messaging Magic…………………………………………………………………………………… 50-52 How to Read a Girl’s Response………………………………………………………………………………… 53 What to do if she doesn’t respond……………………………………………………………………… 53-56 Conversation Tips……………………………………………………………………………………………… 56-57 Communication………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 57 Questions…………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 57-59 The game SHE is playing………………………………………………………………………………………….. 59 Hot Girl Tests……………………………………………………………………………………………………….61-63 The top 3 tests any hot girl will throw your way when chatting on Facebook……….63-64

The Friend Zone………………………………………………………………………… 65-68   

The JUST FRIENDS Zone……………………………………………………………………………………… 65-67 How to avoid her Friendship Zone……………………………………………………………………… 67-68 What to do if you’re already in her solidly established friendship circle …………………. 68

A Few Final Words From Me…………………………………………………………...69

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Introduction: You are about to read how to make use of Facebook to land more and more of God’s gift to men: GIRLS. And this read is a must… because I’ve seen (hundreds of times) what guys like you use as “flirts” and “introductions” on girls like me. I can understand why you adore beautiful, sexy, attractive, fit and delicious girls of all kinds. And I have a feeling you want to learn some serious date grabbing, panty dropping, game changing skills that will transform the direction of your social and sex life forever. I’m here to be your teacher. In fact, I’m probably the type of teacher that your mind’s most sexually charged teacher-student fantasy would enjoy. I am your guide into gorgeous girl hunting-ville. I’m about to become your new favorite person and your key to success with as many beautiful girls as you so choose. All using Facebook; Because it’s the single largest collection of hot women from around the world, and (more importantly) from your hometown and backyard. And it’s also the easiest place to meet them, chat them up and get them eager to meet you. Oh and no, you cannot Facebook me. My mission is to make you a success when it comes to your game with gorgeous girls, but MY bra size, my hair color, my likes and who I’m friends with (or what city I live in) won’t get you laid - I’m not your end goal. Dream up whatever you think I look like, I’ll even give you a hint (because I know your imagination needs a little help) … 36C, and they’re lovely. But this book is not about my body or me. Who I am won’t end up with you spending more and more time with girls. So let’s focus on you listening and learning and me guiding you on how to Get Girls On Facebook. Why am I qualified to teach you? Because I have an obsession with human psychology and understanding people; I get hit on at a half dozen times a day just for stepping out; I can introduce myself to any hot guy I want in person or online and have him playing with himself in eagerness at the opportunity to meet me (especially because I know marketing as well and know how to “package myself” so I become a must-have fantasy in his mind before we ever even meet; But I also enjoy what my beautiful ladies dish out in the sexy dresses and those curves. Put a girl in some low light and nothing but high heels and that’s worth getting excited about, I don’t care what sex you are. I can appreciate the lure of a beautiful set of tits just as much as you can. OH and one other small fine-point detail … I worked as 1 of 3 partners in launching and building a now well established dating/seduction company and have personally coached at least 400 men (well, “boys” that we turned into men) at getting girls offline and in all sorts of circumstances. After seeing the daily emails and Pokes (my god that’s a stupid way to attempt to meet someone) and messages waiting for me in my accounts like Facebook from guys doing a real SHIT job at trying to impress me… I figured it was time to teach you guys how to meet, greet, flirt and fuck with girls using one of my personal human-playgrounds: Facebook.

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As for my name: call me Ann – Ann Onymous – and yes, you great puzzle master, that is a completely fabricated name. Do us both a favor and stop worrying about me and my identity. Instead, I need you to focus on what I’m about to teach you - incredibly powerful information that will help you find, mingle, meet, hang out with, fondle, flirt, kiss and fuck as many girls as you like. You put in the work using what I teach you and you WILL be getting girls you choose once I’m done with you. I’m a girl, but I adore beautiful girls myself and I appreciate you, in all your manliness and I think that you deserve to be surrounded by gorgeous girls. So I’m going to break it down for you minus the bullshit, because that’s the last thing you need. Believe me when I tell you, gorgeous girls are an interesting and slightly complicated bunch if you don’t understand how they work. We’re used to getting attention, we probably know (on some level) how hot we are – we know what we’re working with, and if you don’t understand the process (the working intricacies of our minds) by which we size you up to determine your sexual potential – we’re going to walk all over you. Tis is just a simple fact of life. So man-up and pay attention to EVERYTHING I tell you throughout the pages of this book. Throughout the pages of this book I’m not only going to give you the HOW of approaching, attracting and bedding hot girls, but I’m also going to tell you exactly WHY you need to do things exactly the way I tell you to. I’ve chosen to focus on Facebook when teaching you how to surround yourself with beautiful girls because Mark Zuckerberg is a damn genius based on this one simple fact alone: he leveled the playing field for all men, regardless of dollars, social status or even physical attractiveness. Facebook was originally created so that men (like yourself) could find and interact with the hot girls within their local vicinity, which at the time was Harvard University. So, my personal recommendation is that you give the guy a serious man-hug should the two of you ever meet, or just take a quick break from this reading and do a little circle-chant dance in honor of Mark’s name. He’s responsible for building you the world’s simplest, easiest and FREE tool for getting girls. Here are a few highlights with regards to using Facebook as your new wingman – just to cover your ass in case you missed the first memo party: 1) Facebook is the world’s largest database of girls and it’s the single largest selection of girls anywhere in this galaxy and the next. 2) Unlike a dating site like POF or OkCupid etc, the girls here don’t wake up to 100-200+ NEW messages daily, so the competition is far lower and your attention grabbing messages (which I’m going to teach you how to construct) will REALLY stand out and catch her attention – giving you an immediate in.

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3) Facebook offers THE BEST ‘warm market’ ways to meet these girls through common friends! 4) Facebook gets a lot of complainers about “privacy” and has companies milking it because it’s the #1 venue for targeted advertising in the world… why? Because we all fill in a ridiculous amount of detail about ourselves by Liking pages, joining Groups, posting statuses and comments that include certain keywords and more. Well that’s exactly what you get to use to YOUR advantage too. Finding and meeting girls based on past employment, schools, local hang-outs, favorite Likes and interests, Groups they are a part of. You’re going to want to eat me out… I mean eat me up for what I teach you in this section alone. As a side note of extreme importance: another reason I’m using Facebook is because I see how absolutely lousy guys are on there. I get approached by guys in the laziest and dumbest ways, and I promise you right here and now that the ones who get my attention aren’t the muscle monkeys or the guys posing in front of an Audi R8 ... what I mean is, the toys, the fame, the fortune, the muscles, the bullshit... sure that’s fun and attractive but that is not even remotely close to your key for success with me, my girlfriends and other beauties. You want our attention? You want the attention of one of your Friends’ hot girlfriends? You want that deliciously hot brunette with the arousing cleavage from your favorite restaurant to add you as a friend, flirt with you, meet up with you and fuck you? Then you need something very different from what the majority of guys are dishing out… and I’ve seen PLENTY of what they’re dishing out, it’s complete horseshit. Just for fun, I’ll paint a bit of a picture for you. Yes, I get dudes, duds and dummies hitting on me… but I get hit on by girls too. And it’s hot. Even if I don’t plan on doing anything with, it’s hot as fuck when someone gorgeous is hitting on you and very obviously wanting you. I get playful at times and send a flirtatious messages to a girl I’ve never met. It’s a turn-on and an ego-stroke. And I love it. And so do other girls. We crave and NEED this kind of stimulation. We like to know that someone is paying attention… BUT we damn well prefer to hear all this from a MAN instead. So for the love of all feminine curves in the world, please pay attention to this training and let’s get a lot more fondling and eroticism going on. A small word of caution before we start… What I’m about to share with you is incredibly powerful information that will change your sex life and your relationships with girls forever; this can be a dangerous toolkit to have if you don’t decide – right here, right now – to use it properly, and with respect. Quality girls, the girls you actually want to be spending time with, these are the girls who will be able to spot bullshit from a mile away. Sure, I’m going to show you how to get countless hot dates using Facebook but you're probably (more likely than not) reading this because you actually want to have sex 6|P ag e

with these hot girls and that requires some sort of physical interaction. Girls are emotional reflectors which means they mirror your emotional states back to you (they do this subconsciously and we'll get into this in more detail later) – but what you need to know right now is simply this: If you use the knowledge contained within these pages for evil - ie: breaking hearts and collecting pussy like a little boy, you will end up getting BURNED, my friend, because eventually your short-sighted and selfish mentality will result in a an asshole stamp that all of us ladies can scent from miles away. So, for the sake of your sex life, don’t become a red flag bearing A-hole, your dick will hate you forever. There’s no need. Women love an adventure, and that’s where you want to use “game” to get the girl. But don’t mess with their minds. It’s disrespectful and will COST you more girls than it will gain you. Remember pussy-fucking is good. Mind-fucking is bad. With that, let's get started!

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Girls 101: You have an EGO for a reason There is a reason that you want to surround yourself with stunning girls, other than the fact that they are – well, gorgeous and fun – you have an ego that relentlessly seeks satisfaction and it can be equated with a girl’s self esteem. It is from this place that you view and structure your world, which determines how you interact with the world around you. You see, it all starts with you, and if I’m to teach you how to pick-up girls, we’ve got to make sure that you’re actually worth spending time with (which, I’m sure you are) but this is incredibly important to realize because girls have a heightened intuition, or ‘sixth sense’ ability to spot insecurity. It’s a survival mechanism that spans back to cave men days. She needed to survive, men were typically stronger (physically), which means she needed to ‘play her cards right’ and use her innate female charm to get what she wanted – protection. So how does this relate to your ego today? A gorgeous girl needs you. I’ll say it again: she needs you, she wants you because you can give her what she will always need: a sense of security. I’m not talking about finances or even physical protection - I’m referring to her self esteem, feeling secure in who she is. The truth is that girls long to be fabulous, just as guys long to be seen as a hero; Not necessarily Iron Man or Batman hero… but hero none the less. Any girl wants to be appreciated for her beauty – this makes her feel happy and associate those positive feelings with you… and I know that you want to make her happy – right? So here is how your ego can help: This is your first important lesson: you always want to find a way to give a gorgeous girl what she doesn’t already have. You need to make her feel like she needs you… and I’ll say it again so you get it: she does need you to help her feel secure in her own skin. She may not even know it yet, but she wants your approval. Which means (drum roll please) your ability to satisfy a beautiful girl will feed that ego of yours and girls are attracted to a man who shows security and confidence within himself. A healthy ego is going to help you feel less insecure in all areas on your life, including during your interactions with beautiful girls. Have you ever seen that fat, short guy with a gorgeous model, or that broke-bastard with a stunningly sexy female? These guys know two secrets: Number one: Alpha male tendencies do wonders to make you feel like “the man” aka: develop a healthy, secure, perhaps overly inflated ego. You want to be the type of man that is both playful and strong. (More about alpha male attributes later….)

8|P ag e

Number Two: Make a girl feel a certain way, namely secure and comfortable being around, and interacting with, you. As a result she will adore you (she will crave you more than her stereotypical need for chocolate.) The game always boils down to how you make a girl feel – always. The female species is programmed to spot insecurity and avoid it like the plague, so if you’re always beating yourself up, telling yourself that you can never ‘get’ a hot girl, or that ‘they are all just bitches anyway’ (a lame excuse for your inability to interact with them) then you’re probably not feeling too great about yourself and this means you reek of insecurity. I need you to STOP treating yourself like shit right now. I know what I’m talking about when I tell you this: we women NEED you. This is the truth. However, you’ve got to help open her eyes to this realization and I’m going to teach you how to do that: keep reading… Simply embrace and understand this simple fact for now: being able to attract, interact with and keep beautiful girls in your life is first and foremost about you. Make the lifestyle changes necessary to feel good about yourself (if needed) but know for certain that a beautiful girl 99% of the time will not care what you look like, about how much money you make or who you know if you can give her what so many other men (in her mind: no one) can give her – those feelings of security, comfort and intimacy. Look … if you’re tuning out thinking this is a snippet out of a romance novel and is all about “the one”, the “soulmate”, “love” and things you probably aren’t even interested in… stop being narrow minded my impatient student. I’m helping you understand women’s NEEDS and what makes us tick and respond to your messages, invites … and what will turn us on quickest (not a picture of your dick!). If you’re heading out to hunt whatever, you need to first learn where you can find them, what tempts them and how you can lure them, what frightens them and so on. Whether that hunting session is out of necessity as a meal or as a sport for a trophy on your walls… that part is up to you. I’m not telling you what to do with your “hunt”. Marry her? Love her? Relationship the shit out of her? Or sport-fuck, fondle, massage, flirt, tease, booty call her. I don’t care. That’s between you and here. But to GET HER, you need to understand her. So slow down your impatience. I’ll get to the how-to and the “tricks to get tricks”  in a few minutes. In fact, what I want you to learn is how to get countless hot girls to CHASE YOU by using that built-in male need of yours: to feel like you know exactly what you’re doing – next page.

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Breaking Bad Habits I want you to think about this. You’re the boss at a major company (see, I told you that you’d love me, I just made you the boss and CEO at some major company already). For whatever reason though, you’re still the one approving all the hires... and as of this week your company is hiring for a photo shoot. You need a model to pose with the new gadget your company is about to unveil – this is a major gig for any model and you only have ONE spot for this ad. Your marketing department (which for a girl, our marketing is the makeup, push-up bras, high heels, and everything else we put on) ... your marketing department does a good job of spreading the news of how prestigious this one modeling gig is going to be. Major modeling agencies and undiscovered amateurs are all over this opportunity. Every single day you wake up to new emails and Facebook messages from beautiful girls. You go to the gym and girls recognize you, they want to be hired so they are there sweet talking you because they want you to fuck them… I mean hire them for the modeling gig. You go shopping, the cashier recognizes you, and for some reason she’s stunning and models in her spare time. Random girls in the aisles stop you to say a seemingly innocent. “Hi” (though what they are actually wanting is to put their hands all over your goods – the modeling gig you’re in charge of hiring for.) You go to a nice lounge with your executives and your high powered friends, girls of all types won’t leave you alone. Your mobile is constantly pinged with emails, Facebook notifications, text messages – even from girls you’ve already turned down politely. Every single day, everywhere you go, girls are competing for your attention because they want that one modeling job. Meaning, every single day, you have DOZENS of “options” handed to you on a silver platter. They are chasing YOU because they want something from YOU. Now picture yourself, big boss man, in that scenario - I bet you’re pretty much loving this. It’s a sweet spot to be in, right? The choice. The power. The confidence!?! Okay ... now THAT is what I NEED you to drill very deep into your inner being because you NEED to know that every hot girl you want, actually LIVES that life. Every hot girl, on facebook, off facebook, wherever that you have wanted to strip naked gets roughly the same level of attention EVERY SINGLE DAY. You, as a man, don’t necessarily know this. Because we, women, grow up in this world where men chase US. Sure there are guys I’ve pursued. And always will be. But in any given day, I have at least half a dozen offers for sex. Not necessarily in a direct way but you know full well that a guy giving attention is the first step towards what he wants with you: sex. And I say “half

10 | P a g e

dozen”, that’s without logging into Facebook or any of my social accounts. Let alone dating accounts!! Imagine having this much CHOICE. THAT is what you’re competing against. BUT… let’s talk marketing for a second… Which girls are getting this much attention? Every girl? No. The ones who know how to “package themselves” well. There are plenty of girls walking around with no real care or effort in how they look. That girl doesn’t get remotely the same attention as I do. Or my girlfriends do. Or the types of girls you most likely want. See, we know that for us to get attention from guys and have guys chasing us, we need to “package” ourselves well. This means sexy tight dresses, push up bras, staying fit. Hell even when we’re in the gym we get dolled up. It’s really excessive but it’s also very simple BAIT. Because we get MEN chasing us. However, what we want isn’t just “any guy”. Just like you don’t want “any” girl. You want quality. And the good news for you is, though we easily get a lot of quantity of men, we get very little worth-a-second-thought quality. And the majority of your competitors (other men) are dumb as bricks when it comes to knowing how to put a best foot forwards to build up our intrigue and sexual arousal. You want us horny, right? Well we definitely know how to get you men horny. That bit of science works both ways. Except WE look for different things then what you look for. It’s not a matter of flexing more muscle (though working on yourself to be continually more fit doesn’t hurt) or throwing more cash around, it’s about strategy and being the best version of you so that you can have the confidence to attract and keep girls who are constantly bombarded with an unlimited amount of sexual propositions. So in order to stand out, to get into her panties, or even just get a date, you’ve got to get her attention in ways which seem different and therefore impressive compared to what all the other idiots are dishing her way. Like I’m telling you, girls are living that fantasy I described to you as their daily reality – they are never short on male attention. So you’ve got to pay special attention to this next part because, in order to attract these types of sexy girls, you need a serious arsenal of mental weapons, including – a solid understanding of why you’re currently not having the type of success you dream of having with very gorgeous girls. Keep reading, my boy, we’re about to get very real.

11 | P a g e

You’re doing it all wrong Obviously, you’re doing everything wrong when it comes to interacting with gorgeous girls because, if you were doing anything right you’d be getting at least some lucky hits. So (no apologies) I’m about to scar your ego slightly by spelling out for you in layman’s terms exactly what you are doing wrong. (Oh, so very wrong) and yes, you will probably cringe as you remember times when you made these brutal mistakes. However, I promise to re-build that wonderful ego of yours right back up by making you feel like a freaking rock star by the end of this book – because, I will say it again, you will be able to pick-up (aka: seduce) countless hot girls with the tools I’m giving you throughout these pages. You are NEVER, ever again to do the following things: (seriously, you need to STOP – right now, just STOP doing the following lame-ass shit.)     

   

Chase her relentlessly and shamelessly (have some self respect man!) Worship at her feet (hypothetically speaking – if you’re literally into doing that behind closed doors, that’s cool…) Disregard your own value Annoy the cake out of her by being pathetically over eager (desperate cologne does not smell good on anyone and should never be worn.) Bombard her with countless messages and ‘reminders’ that you exist (even if she is, quite obviously, not responding or has even politely asked you for ‘space’ – which is really code for: leave me alone you weak idiot!) Pay so much attention to her profile and pictures that she could start a freaking blog with all your comments. Creepily mention her body parts, or sex, in every damn conversation (nice one man – that will totally make her feel comfortable and not like a sexual object.) Negativity is an epic and most definite turnoff. Blatant negativity is going to get you friend zoned (or Deleted) faster than she can bat those pretty little eye-lashes your way. The angry-because-I-neglected-you-follow-up message (She’s not your mother, she does not care if you are ‘sad’ or ‘upset’ because she didn’t respond to one, or any, of your messages. Don’t be lame – just leave it alone.) The instantly ineffective “You’re Hot” message of any kind (this is basically a message that states the obvious about her appearance – this stuff is what she always hears from almost every guy she meets, she doesn’t need it from you.) Being generic and boring (I promise you this: you have an imagination and I’m going to insist that you use it if you want to bag those sexy, quality girls – we will come back to this important factor a little later.)

12 | P a g e

Lying and other low-class, low-ethic habits. A man’s reputation always precedes him, and it’s one of your most valuable assets if you want surround yourself with gorgeous girls who adore you. Keep in mind, girls gossip and talk a hell of a lot more than guys. Rushing into wanting to meet-up too soon. That scares a girl because it’s, again, overeagerness and raises a red flag that you may be desperate, or worse, a predator.

A girl's confidence in a man hinges on the all important element of trust, without which dating online – using Facebook to get girls - is a mere waste of time and doing all of the above (in any shape or form) nullifies your chances of building trust, respect and rapport as a man in the eyes of the girl you are pursuing. Again, the point of showing you what you are doing wrong is so we can get to the parts where you will do it right and create a life for yourself filled with endless streams of beautiful girls - the steps to seduction always remain the same, whether you want to have a hot stream of one-night stands, or find that one awesome relationship, you’ve got to understand a girl... deep inside her very core. You've got to first understand what you’re doing wrong before I can teach you the technicalities of doing it right, otherwise you’re going to mess up your game, man, because basically, you’re making her feel all the wrong things about you, and It will always come down to how a girl feels about you. The game of sexual attraction and seduction is all about painting an illusion for her that she will connect with. You can use her emotional tendencies to your advantage, in fact you have to use them to your advantage if you want to go anywhere near her naked body and I’m going to show you how to do this with pristine brilliance, but you’ve got to stick it out with me here, this is VERY important platform building stuff. The goal is always to get a girl to chase you, to have those “I can’t stop thinking about you” and those “I have to have you” feelings. This means you’ve got to start fresh, right now – this is your fresh start. You are a now a new man going forward – I have the power to say such things, and you will NEVER again, ever repeat your old mistakes with sexy girls. We’re going to get into more of the technicalities of using Facebook to pick-up gorgeous girls soon – I promise. Stick with me here, any game of seduction requires that you understand exactly who you’re dealing with, so let me do you a favor by quantifying us, female types, for you, because I know you’re going to need this knowledge.

13 | P a g e

What She Doesn’t Want You to Know about Her Here is a breakdown of the 4 fundamental personality traits of any girl. These key aspects of her personality, her very way of being, will help you figure out how to approach her, how to talk to her, how to set up dates, even – how to work with her. Knowing these fundamental traits of her personality make-up will allow you to hook up with almost any gorgeous girl when you understand how to use them, and you’re going to do it using Facebook as your platform, armed with in depth knowledge of the hot girl psyche. So before we go further: let me state the obvious – any girl that you meet and are interested in, you want to get her added as a friend on Facebook ASAP because then you can start using pretty much an assembly line approach to the end result of more girls to play with. However, there is a very specific way to do this (and yes, we’re going to address it again later – just go with the flow here, we’re building up to the orgasmic magic.) Just know this for now: in this day and age you’re playing a Facebook name getting game, NOT a “get her number” game because almost every girl you’re going to want to hook up with is on Facebook. If you do get her number first, then text her using some of the same psychology and tips I’m about to lay out, but then goal #1 should be to get her onto Facebook. You might say “that’s crazy! I have her number, I want her to hook up not get her onto Facebook”. Don’t be shortsighted. You want (1) better ability to attract her (2) access to her friends (3) more girls on deck than you can fit into your schedule. Right? I mean those are 3 goals you do have right? Well then don’t dick around on this. Trust me. Get her as a “Friend” on facebook FIRST. Girls are the gate keepers of sexuality, but guys are the gate keepers of commitment. That’s why you’re reading this because instinctively you know this – so going forward just know that you really hold all the power in the long run. This is not to say that every girl wants a relationship of some kind, oh no – that is a gross myth, and if you believe that – scrap that mentality right now. Let’s also be blunt for a second. When YOU meet girls, what do you run into the most? Relationship types, right? Boyfriend/girlfriend or marriage types. The ones who want you to wait 3 dates before you get some because they don’t want to be just “some girl”. That’s MOSTLY what you find, right? Okay … now think of what a girl mostly finds. The “baby you’re beautiful, I want to fuck you” types. The physical attraction, just want to get laid, let me fuck you types. It doesn’t mean men don’t want relationships… but damn it, you just want to have some fun. Why are all these women wanting you to date and marry them? Now consider the opposite… it’s not like women wouldn’t just love to take a guy home from a club or have a random adventure with a boy they just met on Facebook for some very fun sex … but damn it, why is it that just about every guy only treats us as some pussy to fuck?

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My point is this. EVERY girl would love to meet a guy to just fool around with and have careless sex with. But, on their terms. With the “right guy”. Because every guy is offering them that and nothing more. Just another dick offering dick. You need to go beyond this. I’m not talking about dating her. (That’s your choice). I’m talking about being different… and not in some goofy wear-goggles-on-your-head way. But in a way that grabs her attention and makes her take notice in a GOOD way. All girls work on a very specific formula when it comes to when or if they’ll let your tongue play with their nipples (there you go, a fun little visual for you). Imagination = Emotions = body This is how it works: Imagination (her mind) = Emotions (what she feels for you) = body (what she wants you to enjoy.) A girl is lead by her imagination (the illusive perception she has created about you in her mind) and when you figure out how to give her what she needs, she is going to start imagining you as the star Hero in her life – this is when her emotions get involved, and this triggers those quintessential feelings of attraction for you, this is when she starts losing her marbles (her sensibilities and logical brain center when it comes to thoughts about you.) For example: if she’s the hyper sexual type, and you’ve triggered those small but all important feelings of attraction within her by first playing her mental game – she’ll probably start touching herself with thoughts about you – because you’ve captured her imagination in one way or another… and if you keep working the right angles she will eventually make her way into your bed. This is why your mind is such a crucial tool when learning how to score with countless sexy ladies. I speak truth. This is how it works, rather simple – really – once you understand how to do it. Four Fundamental Traits of any Girl’s Personality: 1. 2. 3. 4.

NEED: there are two types “open need” and “closed need.” DRIVE: there are two variations: "rational drive" and "emotional drive." FOCUS: there are two extremes: "global focus" and "specific focus." DIRECTION: there are two attention directions “External Direction” and “Internal Direction.”

Memorize these traits because, as you learn how to use them, you will be able to interact with any girl successfully - regardless of cultural background or upbringing. Following is a solid breakdown about each trait and how to spot each one: 1. NEED: there are two types open need and closed need.

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An open need girl usually hates having things planned and scheduled without any breathing room for change. She’s the type of girl who will tend to prefer anything spontaneous over something scheduled. An open need girl will be hard to pin down, or get a hold of – she may very well be late often and be kind of ‘flaky.’ If she’s a closed need type of girl then she needs situations and circumstances to be settled, decided and final. She won’t be comfortable with things left hanging and unfinished. If she’s a closed need girl you better be on time, because, if you run late even just once – you had better have Abercrombie and Finch Model worthy attractiveness, or have some other seriously good game if you expect her to give you a second chance, this type of girl is obsessed with timing, planning and her schedule. 2. DRIVE: there are two variations: rational drive and emotional drive. An emotionally driven girl is driven by her emotions. She will make decisions based on what she is feeling at a certain point in time. She is influenced heavily by how she ‘feels’ about you, a certain interaction or a particular situation. Read: show a little emotion to make progress with this girl. She will be impressed by emotionally charged gestures on your part and she’s going to wait to see these from you because this is how she relates to the world around her. The second type of girl in this category is the rationally driven girl. No, not all girls are emotionally driven – this is a myth. (Do not mistake this fact for the knowledge that all girls are emotional creatures, they are, but the way in which they approach people within their realm varies based on personality.) The rationally driven girl will take a logical approach to the people and situations in her life, including you. She’s going to expect you to be logical and rational when dealing with her – read: don’t lose your rational logic around her, she’s not going to be cool with that because it will mean (in her mind) that she has a better head on her shoulders than you do. This girl is going to expect you to impress her with some intelligence and she’s going to test you for that. If you pass her tests then her guard will come down and her imagination will be free to take over, leading to an emotional attraction – and you know where that leads… to all things good. 3. FOCUS: there are two extremes: global focus and specific focus. A globally focused girl will live in the future and in a world of abstractions. She’ll come across as having her head in the clouds. You’re going to want to chat with her about dreams (yours or hers) and abstract concepts such as hypothetical’s concerning the two of you ‘doing this, or doing that.’

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A specifics focused girl is going to come across as feet on the ground and totally sensible and concerned with practical application. A specifics focused girl is going to care about the past and the now – the future is probably of minimal interest to her, comparative to her globally focused peer. Just a personal note of caution: since opposites tend to attract (and have the best amounts of physical chemistry – at first) if you find yourself relentlessly attracted to a certain type of girl, 9 times out of 10 she is your exact opposite in this area. Figure out if you are globally or specifics focused yourself, then pay attention to which females make you desperate with desire – because the girl you so desperately desire is probably your exact opposite in this very specific area. Get used to lots of negotiation and compromises – which will actually work in your favor with regards to coming across as a challenging and strong man (more about this soon.) DIRECTION: there are two main directions in which attention is focused: external direction and internal direction. This trait is all about where she spends her time. An externally driven girl is going to be very outgoing and sociable. She’ll be the girl surrounded by lots of people on a constant basis and have lots of friends. However, she won’t necessarily have deep relationships with all those friends – this girl mostly cares about social proof (something we’re going to discuss soon concerning the creation of your perfect hot girl attracting profile.) An externally driven female is probably going to care more about what kind of date you take her, so you’ve got to know who you’re dealing with as you construct your interactions with girl. This is all part of the research process: understanding girls, and then really paying attention to what type of girl you are dealing with, so that you can strategize how to approach her by executing on a perfect pantry dropping, girlfriend making (whatever your deal is) plan. An internally direction orientated girl will have fewer friends but will have deeper relationships with those few friends. She’s going to be harder to get to know because she’s probably incredibly sweet, but also shy and slightly withdrawn – but once you get inside her world she will open up in delightful, most often, very surprising ways - don’t say I didn’t warn you. The bottom line: what you don’t know will stop you from bedding the girls you desire. Start paying some serious (not creepy) attention to the girls you want to hook-up with and use those stereotypical male analytical skills to notice what she does and how she does it, focus on one trait at a time and become familiar with each of these four central elements of a girl’s personality (and how they relate to yourself.) You’ll very soon start seeing the connections between the girls in your life and how you interact with them. As you notice each one of these 17 | P a g e

traits you will learn how to use them and create an elusive sex appeal about yourself, because you know how to give her what she needs – she will just simply think that “you really understand her,” or that you’re “really smart” or whatever goes through her mind. And, on Facebook, all of the above becomes very simple. That’s why I told you to get “Friends” on facebook, not phone numbers. The game of charm and seduction is all just smoke and mirrors, my friend, and that’s why it is so important to always know who you are dealing with (which type of girl.) It’s your job to make her believe the things that will spark massive amounts of attraction within her for you, and knowing how she works, at her very core, will help you to successfully do this because you will understand, on a structural level, how to make any beautiful girl feel exactly what you want her to feel for you (this is strategy at its best) and from here on out – watch her slowly come over to needing you…inside her. Yes, I just said that. These 4 fundamental personality traits are that powerful when you learn how to spot them and apply the knowledge you have gleaned from me so far. Knowledge is the ultimate power in the game of seduction when applied correctly, and I’m teaching you how to do that. Side Note: Creep her Facebook profile and look for clues as to what type of girl she is (seriously – we all do it, we’re all little creepers who check each other out online, the trick is not to act impulsively when you’re snooping – you want to make calculated interactions with the object of your desire.) I’m going to show you how to do that with smooth and flawless game on Facebook, but first you MUST KNOW a few crucial facts about hot girls which will make or break your game of sexual seduction.

Her Psychology Desire: It all starts in her mind Let’s talk about sex for a moment. Recently, the New York Times ran various articles about the study of female arousal. The conclusions were varied, but one thing is very clear: there is a distinct difference between subjective and objective arousal in a girl. What does that mean? A girl will become physically aroused, as a precautionary measure, when sex is simply discussed or showcased in any form within her surroundings. This is an evolutionary, instinctual response and what you need to know, my fellow lover of sexy female company, is that arousal in a female (the type of arousal you want to achieve which will result in delicious amounts of sex) is objective. This means, cupcake, it all starts in her mind. Imagination = Emotion = body. Are you starting to see why Facebook will be your best hook-up tool ever? 18 | P a g e

A girl will decide to sleep with you for many different reasons, which is outside the scope of this book, but what you need to know is that because female desire is objective, it does not really matter what you look like, or who you are – it matters who she thinks you are. Sometimes perception is just as good as reality, and the goal of this book is to teach you how to use Facebook to create a certain perception about yourself which will capture her imagination. You see, us, females, are very analytical creatures when it comes to men – especially those we have the slightest hint we’d like to sleep with. We’re always over-analyzing EVERYTHING, living in our minds. No matter how impulsive the girl is, we choose to sleep with you because you’ve gotten inside our mind first. You’ve helped us to create a story about who you are, and that has made us want you in a deeper, more intimate way. Now hear me very clearly: I’m going to show you, very soon, how to use Facebook to capture a girl’s mind so that you can generate a specific emotion inside of her, which will – if done correctly – lead to glorious amounts of sex. I’m speaking the truth. I’ll admit, I’ve used this same play to get girls (those who shy away from and claim they’d never “be with a girl”), I’ve had them in the downstairs games room of a house party, smiling eagerly, completely naked in a stranger’s house, while I went down on her. I’ve had one girl who I had only 2 online interactions with, drive over to my house. The given reason was “to talk in person” (that’s how I invited her over) but it didn’t take long before a few compliments of her skin, an offer for a neck massage, turned to “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” and then a pretty sexy shower at my place. I’ve also seen my male friends use this formula out and about and… you guessed it, on Facebook to find and excite seriously hot girl – some for random play, some for continuous amounts of hot sex, and I’ve even seen it work for my friends who are looking for ridiculously hot girlfriends. Believe me when I tell you, this formula works, and very soon I’m going to show you exactly how to apply it to the realms of your Facebook kingdom. Just remember this simple, but very important, fact from now on: the art of seducing any girl all starts in her mind.

Emotion: It’s always about how you make her feel Remember when we were discussing the very basics of female psychology in “Girls 101” and I said it’s all about how you make her feel? Well, I’m now about to piece together the most important part of the formula which will enable you to bed countless sexy, gorgeous girls. You’ve got to figure out what a girl needs (and I’m going to show you exactly how to do this) so that you can make her feel a certain way about you. Remember, perception is as good as reality, and us,

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ladies, do not like to change our perceptions once we have carefully constructed them around the idea of you – whatever that idea may be. Female Fantasy If there is one thing you should understand by now is that female fantasy is a domain manipulated by her. Whether that means agreeing to meet up with you, or wanting to sleep with you – the power all lies in how you capture her mind (imagination) and how you make her feel (emotion) because the power for a girl lies within the allure of being desired by you. That is why the goal is always to get her to think she is chasing you, because it is in her very DNA to want your approval of her sexual prowess. However, because girls are complex species, simply being desired is not enough for her to want to ride you into all hours of the early morning. You’ve got to make her feel other things as well, and this obviously applies to how you make her feel when interacting and engaging with her on Facebook. Following is a break-down of a few key aspects of how the female psyche works and how you can use these to turn her on – when you first chat and interact on Facebook, when you finally get her on the phone, and when you’re interacting in person.

What Really Turns a Girl On You must know by now that how you make a girl feel is the name of the game here, but in order to do that with extreme brilliance, you need to not only know what her key driving and decision making factors are, you need to know how to use these to gently, patiently and deliberately lure her into wanting you. The first thing you need to know is that girls are not like you. All you need to be turned on is cleavage, ass and legs. But not her – a beautiful girl knows how hot she is and sure, if you are totally cut and ripped she wants to look at your abs, touch your pecks and maybe be under you, but she doesn’t desire you yet – not with full force abandon. In order for that to happen you’ve got to know what turns her on in the same way her naked body would make you need to (at the very least) tug one out. The fun factor

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All girls like and appreciate a man who can make her laugh. The Daily Mail recently ran an article which concluded – and I quote, “the best way to get a sweet young thing back to the heezy is to down on yourself a bit.” To put things in perspective, the data upon which they based their conclusions were from a study titled, ‘Dissing Oneself: the sexual attractiveness of self depreciating humor.’ Translate that as: humor and humility work. This is different from putting yourself down in gross ways, but having a little fun and not taking yourself too seriously is a massive turn on for all girls. Again, you want to be playful but also show your strength. Being able to make a girl laugh is one of your biggest assets in the game of seduction because laughter and humor make her feel (there’s that word again) comfortable around you. Making her feel good, wanted and in charge (meaning, she is the one seducing you, she is the one chasing you - you are the one surrendering to her need for you), this is the key to your success. What I’m trying to drill home for you here is simply this: have some fun with this whole thing, man, don’t approach this ‘gorgeous girl hunting thing’ like your very life depends on it. She may be hella hot, but she’s just a girl – and now, thanks to me, you’re starting to understand how they work – it’s really not that big a deal. The element of playfulness to seducing any girl is a must. Have some fun as you go about interacting with her on Facebook, and interacting with her in person, and you may just get to the part where she will let you ‘hit that’ from the front, and maybe the back. Bringing a playful attitude to interacting with a lady is that powerful – there is a reason why comedians (regardless of shape or size) are lusted after by girls worldwide, humor and playfulness make panties drop by the dozen. Intrigue Girls love a good mystery because we are wired to want to ‘figure you out.’ It’s in our DNA to be curious and you, Mr., need to learn how to spark her curiosity for you. I’m going to show you how to apply all these factors to your profile and message interactions with hot ladies, but just know for now that what a girl doesn’t know about you is probably the very thing that will get her to adore you. Loose lips sink ships, and spilling your life story, and every aspect about yourself too early on in the game just makes a girl feel like you want a mother, and most of us aren’t looking to baby you – we’ve got our own shit to handle. To summarize – this means two things for you: 1) The tall, dark and handsome stereotype exists mostly as a metaphor for any type of man who are both intriguing and mysterious (I’m soon going to show you how to weave these elements into your Facebook profile.) 2) It’s the very thing that she doesn’t know about you that will drive her to want to get to know you more… and more… and more… The Chase 21 | P a g e

All my hot female friends admit it – the chase is what drives them crazy, absolutely insane. Look, it’s in a girl’s very nature to realize that she holds a very powerful tool: her sexuality, and if you think for one minute that she doesn’t want to seduce you – you’re crazy. She wants to use her sexy deliciousness to drive you crazy with lust and desire. She needs to believe that she is the one in charge and that you are surrendering to her efforts to seduce her. How do you get her to that point of no return? Keep reading… Mental Seduction We’ve already discussed this: the gate keeper of a girl’s sexy-time bliss is her mind. This is why so many stunningly attractive girls enjoy playing mind games because it makes them feel powerful, in charge and sexily untouchable - welcome inside the mind of a beautiful girl: she knows how powerful her physical beauty is, yet she is incredibly insecure about it for two important reasons which are ultimately, your best weapons in this hunt: 1) She knows that one day her beauty will be gone, and someone else will/can replace her. 2) She’s also well aware of the fact that many men want to ‘love her long time’ – so she’s constantly on guard to weed out those men who only approach her based on how attractive she is. It all seems like a contradiction right? Here’s the catch. Gorgeous girls are insecure as hell. That’s right, you heard me. NO matter how confident and beautiful she may appear to be, she’s secretly terrified that she is not good enough, not attractive enough etc – and if you get inside her mind by making her feel an attraction for you she’s going to want to prove to you that she’s worthy of your attention – and that’s going to want to make her show you exactly how hot she really is. Basically, she wants to drive you crazy because she is so damn insecure –she needs to prove to herself that her physical seductive powers are desirable. All girls want to feel desired by the objections of their affection and that is exactly where your power lies: turning the tables on her in a devilishly sly way that will make her pursue you. This is exactly why the entire Facebook game of getting hot girls to adore you is about getting them to a point where they feel they need to chase you, and that is all found within the game of mental seduction using some cleverly constructed Facebook strategy, some smart keyboard action and an LED screen - technology has never had a better use. The number one attraction tip: Emotion Every interaction with her (whether that’s a wall post, photo comment or private message etc.) is extremely important because every time is an opportunity to create an impression in her mind of who you are and what you’re about. Her perception of you is her reality about you, and you are now gaining the tools to wield that perception in any which way you choose so that she 22 | P a g e

can feel the right type of feelings for you. In other words, my friends, I’m teaching you how to influence her emotional tendencies. Let’s review: 

 

Girls are fundamentally emotional creatures, so the entire game of seduction, and really understanding anything about her, is all in how you make her feel. If you’re not getting a successful result then you’re not making her feel the right things about you. In order to get inside her panties, or get a date with her, you’ve got to go through the doorway of her mind. Perception is reality in a girls’ world. All these little tricks and gimmicks (this intimate knowledge of her psyche) is really just a finely tuned system by which to get her to chase you. Once she is pursuing you (at least in her mind), she’s going to want to get you alone.

Girls are Emotional Reflectors I’m going to tell you a story about a gorgeous girl I know. She’s a model, pin-up poster worthy and both guys and girls (of all kinds) constantly tell her how beautiful she is. She is basically a walking, air-brushed photo-shop advertisement, yet – her discomfort around men, and even other girls, is at sky-high levels of insecurity. How can a girl like this be that insecure? The truth can be found in this simple fact: girls are all emotional reflections, which means we mirror back your exact emotional state to you. If you are feeling nervous and insecure when chatting with a gorgeous girl, she’s going to feel nervous and insecure as well. So guess what? That gorgeous girl you’re hitting on all the while needing to pee yourself because you’re so intimidated by her beautiful attributes, well, she is feeling every inch as nervous as you – and then some, WAY more – because she is now asking herself, “What is it about this guy that makes me feel so uncomfortable and nervous?” So, right there, you’re losing the battle because she is going to equate feelings of negativity to interactions with you. This is NOT what you want, so you’ve got to learn to control your emotional state and exhibit an air of comfort and calm. I’m telling you right now, how safe and comfortable you can make a beautiful girl feel is in exact proportion to how often you will get laid. Girls love to ride their emotions, no matter how rational she may appear- and as we have already discussed, she is an emotional creature, which means your biggest asset is learning how to stimulate her emotional state. Now, this very topic alone can fill an entire book on its own, so we’re just covering the basics here to make you a master at getting girls on Facebook – ok, pumpkin? Above all, I want you to always remember this key element of gaming the girls of your choice: keep validation and attention just slightly out of her reach. If she feels like she can ‘get’ you too 23 | P a g e

easily she will quickly lose interest and become bored (obviously, she’s not going to give you attention if you immediately shower her with compliments because you’ve already given her the validation her insecurity requires. Likewise, if you act as if you are completely unattainable, she will give up and lose interest in you.) There is a very fine balance and a line that you need to learn how to walk. I’m teaching you how to do this – so I hope you’re paying careful attention; you’re going to need this information when we get to the technicalities of interacting with beautiful girls on Facebook. The biggest TURN OFF for ALL Girls Pay serious attention here dude: THE biggest HELL NO for girls according to the 2012 Harlequin Romance report is: Neediness. Posting on her Facebook wall 100 times a day, consistently commenting on almost all her posts, all her pictures and messaging her relentlessly, comes across as needy, insecure and generally pathetic because it clearly indicates one of two things to a girl who already has the attention of many men at her disposal: 1) you’re obsessed with her and you have no other options 2) you don’t have a life. Both options are undesirable qualities, and since she already has the attention of many, many men (being the gorgeous female that she is), she has options – so you’ve got to level the playing field by acting like you have options (even if you don’t) and even if she is “the one” you’ve been searching for all your life – play it cool, Facebook is not the way in which you want her to know these things, but it is the perfect tool to stimulate her emotional state and make her feel attraction for you because you’ve carefully constructed a desirable perception about yourself. It is your job to create the illusion that you don’t really care – her company, her presence, her naked body in your bed, is only an option, not a desperately sought after necessity. Emotional dependency, of any kind, is a highly unattractive trait to all females: go re-read the section, What you are doing WRONG, if you still have any doubts in your mind about the validation of my instruction. I’m sure you can see, by now, why all those things you were doing to try and get her attention were NOT working. It’s all good though, man, clearly - I’ve got you covered here. Get ready because I’m about to bring you to place of subliminal wonder and rockstar ecstasy with your new found abilities to interact with hot girls and gorgeous creatures of all kinds. The Alpha Male Syndrome all girls secretly desire This is the truth: all girls crave a cave man type caring, no matter how independent or feminist orientated she may appear to be. What does this mean for you? Your ego is your biggest asset, as we have already discussed, even if you’re migrating into the area of arrogance, this male thing you have – called your ego – is your gift. All girls, regardless of type, stereotype, cultural upbringing or background want, on some level, to be taken care of. They want to feel like the 24 | P a g e

fairer sex. They want to feel like you can “handle stuff” because this makes her feel safe around you. The feelings of security and comfort are two of the biggest factors which play into whether a girl will sleep with you or not. If she feels comfortable with the idea of you, she will agree to meet up with you in person. If she feels comfortable being around you (and you’ve ignited those other sparks of desire we’ve chatted about), she’s going to want to sleep with you. It’s simple math, but before I can break it down for you some more I want to discuss your psychology briefly and show you why you need to start exhibiting and embodying a few key traits that all Alpha Male’s have which make them seem very attractive to all girls. In short – these are the qualities of an Alpha male:  They are fun and fun loving (they are great to be around because they bring an aura of happiness and positivity with them.)  They are confident and determined (no doubting yourself!) A side note about presence here: confident men are irresistible men (and that includes in your messages, and any and all interactions with her.)  Alpha men demonstrate wealth and intelligence but not in a “look at me way” (the same way a girl may push up her large tits, bare her midriff, and wear ass cleavage all at the same time out on the street – interesting, good to look at perhaps – but not all that intriguing – the same goes for you, show a little at a time.)  Alpha males are fair and humble, they do not brag about their status, because they know that they don’t need to. They are confident, proud and sure within themselves.  They display strong Alpha male body language, taking up space and ensuring you know they are there (standing legs apart, torso facing your subject etc.)  They are aloof but enticing (that means, yeah – she is hot, we already know this, but stop focusing on that – make something else in your surroundings, or something else about her, your focus. Always remember, she is only an option for you.)  Hot girls have beta males laying themselves down at their feet like doormats all day long. An Alpha male will never, under any terms, do that because you need her to be more than just beautifu. (Beauty works for beta males because they don’t value themselves and are prepared to do anything for a little romp in the hay with a half good looking girl – alpha males require more than good looks.) It is a girl’s wish to be beyond will, beyond thought – that’s where we want you to take us to that place of, “I knew I shouldn’t have, but I just had to… (insert explicit details of your greatest sexual fantasy)” We need you to make us (beautiful womankind) get out of our minds and into our bodies, and you do that by acting like you can handle stuff because you are secure and confident in who you are. We want you to be in control, we want you to be 25 | P a g e

an Alpha male, so that we can let our guard down and feel safe, secure and comfortable being around you. As a final note, keep these facts about girls and seduction in mind as we go forth into the territory where I teach you to how use, and interact on, Facebook to attract and seduce hot girls of all kinds. And now… welcome to the intimate details of the Facebook game!

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The Facebook Game Welcome to Facebook, Mr. fellow worshipper of sexy girls, this is your prime hunting ground for seeking delicious female company. Now that you are finally armed with a head full of knowledge about how the segment of the gorgeous female population works, we’re going to dive head first into the technical specifics of how to use Facebook to pick-up countless hot girls.

Your Profile Profile Prep: the basic elements of what a girl looks for in your profile A girl is going to view your profile in detail if she is even remotely interested in you, and with the stuff I’m about to teach you, re: getting her attention – she will be. On Facebook, this is where all the magic happens, where all your new knowledge of the female psyche comes into play. You’ve got to know the truth, sizing up men is a fun past time for any girl. (Hey, you’re doing it to us – it’s human nature.) It’s in our blood to decide right away if a guy is worth our attention, so here are the cold hard facts: we rate you, we checkout your profile to decide if you are worth our time as a sexual option. Ok, so what every girl first looks at is your cover picture and your profile picture, and then she’s onto scrolling through your wall quickly to see who you’re chatting with (this is social proof scouting which we’ll get to shortly), and then, she may check out a few pictures from your photo album. Facebook will also politely display if you have any “mutual friends” (which is a valuable asset for you, but we’ll get to chatting about that soon enough.) These are the basic elements of any Facebook ‘stalking’ session and I’m going to show you how to use them to attract hot girls. Remember that the game of seduction is all about creating a desirable perception of yourself, and Facebook is the perfect place to do this because you can control what she knows about you. Also, you can use this to your advantage and create massive intrigue surrounding yourself, so that by the time you two meet up, she is already majorly interested in knowing more about you – at this point she is chasing you, seeking your approval. What you post about yourself on Facebook is really important in the game of seducing sexy girls, and being able to score hot dates, so pay attention here and do things the way I tell you to.

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Pictures: your face, your name and everything else in between Your profile picture has got to be your best shot and has got to look as bad-ass as you can make it. Fact: girls appreciate and respond to men of action. Statistically, the best profile pictures are those of men doing something they love to do – boating, reading, fishing, skydiving – basically whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time, get a GREAT picture of you doing it and make that your profile picture, however – and this is the most important point concerning your profile picture - it’s got to be your best picture possible. This means nothing lame such as: you pulling a gross face, a bad angle pic of you and your buddy downing as much beer as humanly possible, no implied nudity – and sure as shit, don’t use another beautiful girl as your profile picture if you’re not actually in the picture yourself (this is intimidating for the girl you’re hitting on and obnoxious for more reasons than one.) Your profile picture should be a shot of you being and looking awesome. Your picture is one of the first things that a girl will see when first visiting your profile, and as I’m sure you’ve heard, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this is especially true in the case of wanting to get hot girls on Facebook. Sure, “looks don’t count” on a guy, but everyone appreciates an attractive person – so, no matter what you’re working with – get a great picture of yourself (preferably doing something awesome) and make that sexy-fine picture your Facebook profile picture. Do it – now! The Facebook Cover Photo Since Facebook has done us all the courtesy of introducing the relatively new time-line and accompanying cover picture, you now have the equivalent of a billboard on your profile to ‘advertise’ what you’re all about. However, if your goal is to attract and seduce hot girls then there are a few rules you need to follow when choosing which picture to display as your cover photo.  Unless you are an Abercrombie and Fitch model of some sort (aka: ripped as hell, and you make wearing boxer briefs look like you’re wearing too much material) then I strongly recommend that you DO NOT use a picture of yourself as your ‘banner advertisement.’  No pictures of hot girls (without you in the picture) it makes you look like a desperate frat boy who is more obsessed with looking at boobies then actually being able to feel them.  You don’t want to use general pictures of your family, unless it’s a REALLY great picture (an action shot.) In general, I’d recommend AGAINST family pictures being used as your cover photo (your personal advertisement of you) because it just looks rather dependant. You’re trying to create the illusion of presence, independence and capability. 28 | P a g e

 Animals and other cute stuff: you can totally use these – but tread lightly, you want to still look super manly. A picture of your cat as your cover photo may make your heart sing, but even a hot girl with a cat may look at that and think, “Ok, here’s a man who clearly doesn’t have a life.” The old lady with 9 cat’s stereotype exists for a reason. (Don’t be that person.)  Offensive slogans and pop culture sayings such as “M.O.B” (money over bitches) – although, your buddies may find this hilarious – I promise you, any girl – regardless of sense of humor will look at that type of slang on your cover picture and instantly click away. You’ll just end up looking like a loser when you plaster potentially offensive slang all over your Facebook domain.  Sparkles and anything that looks, well, not heterosexual. (Yeah, there are hot chicks who are into bisexual guys, but I PROMISE you, these types are incredibly rare on any surface level interaction. So until you know the girl personally, no pictures of you in drag. Cool beans?) A good cover picture contains any of the following elements:  Motivational phrases  You doing something incredibly awesome where you are NOT the focus, but the thing you are doing (or looking at) is the focus  Sunsets, space pictures – anything cool from this world we live in.  Bad-ass movie and music references (tread lightly here, make sure your chosen picture doesn’t violate any of the ‘don’t use’ rules.) That’s about it, other than that – have at ‘er! Just remember, it’s better to choose a cover picture that will blanket over many niches, genres and appeal to many different types of people (aka: different types of hot babes) versus a picture that strictly expresses the uniqueness that is you. A personal note to any mama’s boys: I’m telling you right now, ONLY your MOTHER will “love you for you” and I’m pretty sure your mom is not anywhere on your hot female fantasy list… so stop acting like she’s the queen of the party. Scrap that “mama’s boy mentality” (at least when you’re on a quest to make your downstairs area sing with joy) and make sure that not only your mom thinks your Facebook profile is awesome.

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How to use shirtless photos Are you super cut, super buff and just extra delicious when you take your shirt off yourself? I’d love to see that! However, there are discreet ways to use sexy fine pictures which increase your sex appeal and DON’T make you look like a desperate dude who is simply looking to get some random play. You want to look cooler than that, and here is how you do it when it comes to using topless pictures of yourself. 

Thou shall not take an Iphone picture of yourself in a full length, or bathroom mirror and post it on Facebook! I’ve only seen ONE example out of all the other thousands of topless mirror pictures that have worked to increase excitement and sex appeal of said gentleman. Generally speaking you just look desperate for attention and really, really vain when you do this. Most girls will frown on these types of shots because it screams all types of insecurity. You’re trying to bed a super hot girl, right? So you want the focus to be on her, not on you. Trust me, if you’re that delicious looking without your shirt, she’s going to notice and want you even more when you do things the right way.

This is the correct way to use shirtless pics of yourself:  Have a buddy take a few pictures of you with some friends playing beach volleyball/soccer/rugby – whatever sport you enjoy, however you got so ripped – stage it. Have an action shot (or a few) of you doing the thing that got you so manly looking buff.  Show yourself shirtless at the beach, at a boat party, at a protest (if you do those types of things) or any other place where it’s appropriate to be shirtless. The key here is that you’re not taking the picture of yourself. Obviously, someone else has taken the picture and you “just happen” to be shirtless.  Photo Albums Ok, so because you’re a smart man I know you’re picking up on the trend here when it comes to posting pictures of yourself: you’re optimizing them to appeal to hot girls. So, obviously, you want your pictures to be optimized to convey the message of “I’m a super cool dude – a hunky man of delight who has a life and can handle stuff on his own. I’ve got this awesome life (look and see – re: photo album pictures) and if you play your cards right, lady, you can be a part of it.” Your photo album pictures serve as social proof (which we will get to in a minute) of you having fun and being ‘socially approved’ by other people in society – namely hot girls.

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Important note: If you can throw in a few pictures of yourself with, or surrounded by, some other good looking girls – even better! This again, is social proof – meaning, you’ve been approved by other good looking females (because clearly, you’ve gotten pictures with them), which means that the good looking girls patrolling your profile are going to instantly raise your social status in their own minds. Being perceived as cool is just about strategic positioning, never forget that. The goal is to have a 50 or so quality pictures of you doing cool and interesting stuff, surrounded by other awesome people. I know it’s tough, everyone adds a hundred billion pictures of you on Facebook and it all heaps up over time, but you’ve got to clean that stuff up because your pictures create a perception of who you are. Pictures of you with kids (your nephew, niece, brother, sister) or whatever are good, also photo album pictures where puppies, kittens and other cute animals are involved are good (it is here that you can post that treasured picture of you and fluffy cuddling.) Mix in a few motivational quotes and phrases, weird art – chicks love that shit because it demonstrates that you have a deeper side to your personality. Read: you’re not only concerned with getting your freak on. If you’ve traveled somewhere foreign, or been on any type of trip – include a few teaser photos, but don’t upload every single picture from your trip. You want to create an element of mystery surrounding yourself, so don’t give it all away in your photo albums. You want to show that you’re cool, that you’ve been places, done things, and that you’re awesome – but she’ll have to get to know you personally if she wants to know more. A few strategic pictures of you having an awesome time will pique her curiosity – and that’s the general goal regarding your pictures: you want to pique her curiosity to find out more about you and your awesome life. Side Note: I don’t care if your life is not actually awesome, she doesn’t need to know this, not if you want to get her into your bed. If she feels sorry for you, I can tell you right now that she will not let you go anywhere near her lace bra and panty set. So, no to posting pictures which make you look depressed, moody, sad or like you seriously need a therapist. That’s just creepy – save those pictures for your friends and family who actually care and have no desire to shower naked with you. Important note: De-tag any unflattering pictures of yourself. Get those off your profile by untagging yourself from any pictures that violate any of these guidelines I have been nice enough to lay out for you. You can also set your profile settings to first approve any pictures that are tagged with you in them. You’ll find these settings under Privacy Settings below your Facebook Account Settings option.

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This brings me back to the issue of social proof: using pictures of you with your friends…. Ideally, it would be best if all your friends looked relatively good(ish) in the pictures you post. If you happen to have a 500 pound buddy with no style, I’d recommend against using that picture (if it’s a really bad angle) – just don’t do it. You want to surround yourself with pictures of your buddies from good angels. It’s just more aesthetically pleasing to the roving hot girl eye because it makes you look like you roll with the ‘cool crowd’ – social proof. There is a reason that the hot cheerleaders date all the jocks in high school because they are associated with the illusion of ‘cool.’ Facebook is a genius tool for picking up hot girls because you can make yourself look like you hang with the cool people, even if you don’t – who cares. I personally love me some nerds, Steve Jobs and his blue jeans, and white runners turn me on in massive ways, but – I’ll admit – when I’m stalking a man on Facebook, I want to see that he has some sense of style and that his buddies are marginally cool. It just makes me feel safer, because some baseline feminine instinct demands that I fit in to survive socially (I blame my reptilian brain stem) – so either way, make yourself look cool in your pictures without trying too hard. The art of seduction simply lies within a carefully constructed illusion – remember that. Content Your About section on Facebook should be filled out as follows: Minimal. Let me explain: girls love a good mystery (the tall, dark, mysterious stereotype is like cat nip for the female brain) – you don’t want to give too much of yourself away, otherwise she’s not going to need to find out more about you. The goal is to get her attention by use of the messages you send (I’m going to show you how to do this) and then raise her curiosity about you through all this profile prep, which will ultimately lead to her needing to meet you in person for a date. So this is how you go about filling in your About section on Facebook:   

Work related info, and school info networks: do it, if it’s impressive enough – or simply leave it blank. Include one or two sentences about yourself which make you sound like a wicked cool person, or leave it blank. Include up to 3 of your favorite quotations under the favorite quotations section. This will make you seem like there is a deeper, more thoughtful aspect to your personality, or if you just couldn’t care less – leave it blank. Include only a few of your favorite movies and books: you want to look like you enjoy pop culture and all it has to offer, but you don’t want to include so many references and favorites that it looks like you don’t have a life on Friday and Saturday nights, or leave it blank – doing so won’t hurt your game.

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Again, sticking with the same themes as with your pictures: nothing offensive. “Hot Bitches Banging – the ultimate porn collection” is probably NOT something you want to proudly display in your Facebook About section – save that crazy-cray for when you chat with your buddies.

The general rule here: less is more. Friends - Social Proof As we have already discussed, any girl scoping you out will be looking to ‘social proof’ you. This means, she wants to know who you know. Are you accepted within the ‘greater community?’ Everyone wants to know someone, who knows someone, because it could be a benefit to them personally in the long run, and this fact has never been truer than with gorgeous girls. They know that their beauty is an asset, but that it also won’t last forever (this is something that plays in their minds subconsciously), so the men they are looking to connect with are those men who can provide safety, stability and comfort for them in the long run – that’s just how the female brain works, EVEN IF a girl is simply just looking for some fun and great sex, these base biological instincts drive the way in which she will connect with the opposite sex (it determines how attractive she will think a man is.) What does this mean for you? It means you’ve got to broaden your Facebook circle. A few years ago the New York Times ran an article about a man who threw a party, inviting every single one of his 1000 Facebook friends and ONLY ONE friend (his best friend) showed up to this party, and this wasn’t a lamely planned party. There was a massive dance hall, lights, a professional DJ- the works. I tell you this story so that you can understand the difference between perceived social proof and actual social proof. Since you are using Facebook to game girls (aka: interact with and attract beautiful creatures of admiration) the situation you need to create for yourself is one that looks like you know a lot of people, and you do this by increasing your friend count on Facebook. If you have 600 Facebook friends when a hot girl checks out your profile, it’s going to look a lot better than only having 50 friends – no matter the quality extent of these friends. This is what I recommend:  Start getting names and not numbers. As soon as you meet someone, add them on Facebook. Get those friend requests sent. Most people will accept your friend requests because they are also looking to create ‘social proof’ – the illusion that they are someone who knows someone.  Join groups on Facebook (which we will soon discuss) and add those people (ladies and gentlemen) to your friendship circle by sending them a friend request.  If you’re adding a hot girl on Facebook for the sake of boosting your friend count and your social proof (every hot girl likes seeing that you’re already friends with and pre-approved 33 | P a g e

by other hot girls)… then keep in mind that she doesn’t know if you’re making a lame and creepy ‘getting to know you move’ on her or whether you just want to add her on Facebook. Here is what you do: First: try to see if you can quickly learn something about her from her profile. If she has just about everything set to private then I recommend a bit of a sneaky-bitch move. “Melanie? Facebook has popped up your pic again as a “Friend You May Know.” I thought I recognized you and now I see you’re friends with [NAME OF FRIEND]. Did we meet at [NAME OF A LOCAL VENUE] one night when I was out with [NAME OF FRIEND]? Do you know me, lol?” You can use variations of this type of message, but here’s a breakdown of what it achieves:  It gives you a believable reason for why you’re contacting and adding her. Even if she feels it’s fake, it isn’t so blindingly full of bullshit that she’d call you on it because it’s an honest mistake and an honest question.  You also state how you first found her. Keep in mind, not everyone you add will think “Oh , the Facebook Friends You May Know feature is probably how he found me” - many girls will immediately wonder “What the fuck? Were you just creeping [NAME OF FRIENDS] wall to find random girls to add? That’s gross.” So the above gives her a believable reason as to how you came across her. Hence, you specifically mention “Facebook Friends You May Know” connected us.  The sexiest part of it all is this: you play the “did we meet at” game (which is ages old), but you’re at least smart and polished enough to throw in a specific venue or day (even if completely made up) and then you end with a question AND a playful “lol” (or “ha”, or smiley face - pick your poison.)  Most of all it’s SHORT! Nothing says “I’m a lonely, bored, needy loser” better than long winded messages out of the blue. You want to be like that blue-bird of Twitter (god I hate Twitter) and keep your messages SHORT. Watch any action hero or cool guy from any favorite movie of your choice. They aren’t the always-needing-to-hear-myself-talk types or the I’m-uncomfortable-so-how-about-I-talk-about-nothing types either. The lesson here is to be like the blue tweety bird and keep your messages to hot girls short and to the point. The bottom line: expand your social proof by adding people to your friendship network on Facebook and monitor your pictures to ensure you’re looking like the center of dapper attention from both guys and girls alike.

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Likes/Interests The pages you “Like” matter for 2 reasons … 1)


a girl checking you out for the first time, will see a list of your Likes when they first hit your profile … what are they seeing? “Comic Book Collector’s Anonymous” and “3 Legged Cats Are Funny” will NOT win you any good attention. on the other hand, I’m about to talk to you about how to FIND girls too… and the Pages you Like and the Groups you’re a member of will matter there. We’ll talk of this in a bit but for now, make sure you clean up any Page Likes that would be an immediate turn off. Do the same for movies / music / books if you have some favorites that would seem immediately stupid, childish or gross to most girls.

Status updates and comments Since you’re putting all this hard work and effort into designing your Facebook profile to make yourself look like a total stud muffin, a profile that is sure to catch the attention of beautiful girls, you want to monitor what is actually posted on your Facebook wall by other people and what you personally post. Let’s start with your updates: Following the same guidelines as with pictures, nothing offensively lame that screams ‘frat boy drama’ should ever be visible on your wall. Facebook is not twitter. No one cares what you had for breakfast, or that you’ve had a rough day, so limit your Facebook status updates to posting about stuff that other people will actually enjoy reading. You may feel like a celebrity on Facebook, but I promise you, you’re not. As a general rule, you want to be posting about stuff that will interest your general Facebook circle. Cool movies, witty sayings, personally crafted jokes, opinions about local news (nothing too ballsy since you don’t want to scare away sexy girls who may hold different opinions than you.) So as a general rule, don’t post anything specific to one political party or anything about religion. You probably care more about her naked body then you do about her beliefs, so make sure you structure your status updates and other Facebook posts in a way that will appeal to many different types of people. Basically, always remember, it’s a status update – not your diary. Here is a great break-down from a friend about what NOT to post (basically, the most annoying Facebook status updates of all time) – he pissed a lot of people off. I recommend NOT 35 | P a g e

copying this post, but DO take note on his mentions of useless play by play posts from your day, the overuse of nothing but those viral photos and motivational photos (you can share them but don’t go crazy overboard). Same with posting none of your own witty one-liners and instead just copy/pasting a joke or a funny phrase as every status making yourself seem funny yet you never come up with your own stuff. And finally, I LOVE positive people and positive attitudes but I agree with him that you don’t want to be too over-the-top about it unless that’s exactly the type of girl you’re trying to land: “Top 3 worst types of FB status updaters (see if you're one of these). ... the #3 worst are the ones who post "beautiful day", "I’m tired", "mmm hungry", "lunch! yes", "uhh at work!" and other useless play by play updates. .... #2 worst FB statusers are the boys and girls who post motivational quotes - 3 times per day… and nothing of their own ... and the #1 worst status posters ... are the ones who copy/paste jokes and one-liners that aren't even their original material - 3 or 4 times per day. That's like a flat chested girl posting pictures of another girl's cleavage... it will get some people excited and entertained, but it's all just smoke and mirrors and false advertising. If you're not funny, copy/pasting jokes all day long from your favorite Ha Ha sites won't help that lack of humor of yours. (oh, and as a bonus... the #4 worst are the ones that scare me because *every* post of theirs has the word "love" in it….” Here’s a sexy-delicious tip for you: If you’re flirting with married girls and sophisticated, domesticated or otherwise conservative girls, you can skip this part - but if your target girls are fun, excitement and adventure seeking, nightlife or clubbing types – DO NOT plaster status updates, photos, comments and other activity on your wall (or theirs!!) when you should be out partying. So Friday night and Saturday night Facebook sessions need to be used intelligently and (preferably) privately. Meaning, it may be the PERFECT time to private message some of your girls, but it’s the wrong time to post 2 Youtube videos and 3 status updates. I’m not much for Friday and Saturday nights myself: too crowded, too much drama, too many wannabes are out - BUT, I understand that there are those party and let-loose type of nights - so it’s assumed that you should be out somewhere, doing something fun... but certainly not creeping Facebook profiles and posting viral videos. Other than that, have at ‘er. Update your status on Facebook and be cool. Keep the basics of female psychology in mind when you do this. Girls like humorous, confident men with presence. Status updates written with that type of tone and mentality will get a reaction.

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Comments On Hot Girl Photos: I like girls, and I love beautiful girls, so naturally I LIKE any photo of them, but hitting like on all (or even most, or hell even many) of their photos is obviously a no go. So before we go any further I want to have a personal little rant about this topic. If you like a girl, please – I am absolutely begging you – not to comment on every single one of her damn pictures. Do not, and I repeat, do not respond to every freaking status update she posts, and sure as shit – don’t post on her Facebook wall every damn day, it’s called ACTUAL stalking and makes you seem like the embodiment of desperate. Nothing kills a sexy flame quicker than clingy, emotional neediness. On Facebook, those types of qualities are exhibited by being “up in her space” all the freaking time. Back off man, and watch her come to YOU. The key to remember with comments and posts on her page is to show interest, be funny, be helpful but not over bearing and desperate. As always, when it comes to the game of seduction and attraction, less is more. Have some self control and only comment and post occasionally on her posts. To really demonstrate how serious I am about this issue I’m going to give you a delicious little example (because, if I don’t drive home this point you’re going to f*ck up your game – and that’s me saying it in the politest way possible…) This is what you need to know: There isn’t a single girl on planet Facebook who needs a desperate, lonely, infatuated, needy man chasing her…. and while we’re on the topic of hot girl photos… posting a “Marry me” quote like every other guy won’t score you gold stars (trust me, you WANT gold stars) but if you know her well, a polished compliment “This is a great photo of you, Anne” or “Well I can’t say I’m surprised… another photo where you look beautiful, Anne. ” Or a more playful “I see you clean up well…” these are perfectly awesome comments and make us girls feel fantastic. Just only comment and like a few select photos, EVEN if you want to like every single one of her pictures for all eternity – she doesn’t need to know that… it can be your little secret. Top level wizardry: You know what annoys me even more than the creepy bastard who likes all the photos I post of me and my girlfriends? It’s the guy who NEVER reacts to my sexy photos, but I know he always notices them because he does this sly move… (and trust me, my girl friends can tell similar stories) The scenario is: I post a hot photo. I mean it’s the type of photo that if you wrote in saying “I just played with myself to your photo”, “I’d reply with: obviously.” Like tits popping, legs showing, back arching delicious photo… Naturally, the shit-for-brains entourage quickly all like it and post “Wow,” “you’re hot,” “I want to fuck you,” “look at those tits” and other words of charm. 37 | P a g e

But every now and then I end up with one guy friend or a friend of a friend who posts something completely off topic like “Hey, coming out to The Lounge on Friday?” It would be negatively annoying if they stole my show for every photo. So I’d resent and block this guy if every time I’m posting my best goods, he’s up there replying with something off topic… but he doesn’t do that, he keeps this sly little move for very select moments. He throws in a completely off topic, or a SLIGHTLY off topic remark, into the collection of “I’d tap that” running commentary and he IMMEDIATELY stands out and gets my attention because who the hell is this guy to not notice that I’m rocking my most edible self? He doesn’t notice? But he obviously saw the picture since he’s commenting on it! He doesn’t care? It doesn’t impress him? It doesn’t phase him? Who the hell is THIS guy and what makes him so special??!! So now I’m curious – and yes, sweetheart, girls are like cats. You’ve got to spark our curiosity and get us to think “What the hell, let me creep YOUR profile… let me “stalk” you… WHO ARE YOU? ” …and that, my fuzzy little sex crazed monkey is where you want to step up your Facebook game to. If that doesn’t make perfect sense yet, no worries – you’ll get it eventually and then you can thank me. You’re always very welcome. Simply remember my rant for now, we’re going to come back to this issue of commenting and how you can use it to your advantage and increase your sex appeal by doing it properly. Also, since I really like you for reading this far (the world could use more guys who know how to interact with hot girls) I am giving you a gift recommendation a devilishly naughty little app you can use to find ALL the bikini pics from all your Facebook friends. Got hot friends? Did they post any bikini photos in their albums? This app finds them all. Go play with it (and then possibly with yourself):

38 | P a g e

Badabing! Details: http://techcrunch.com/2012/10/28/badabing-for-ios-helps-youfind-all-of-your-facebook-friends-bikini-pics/

You’re welcome. More lady getting tricks coming up soon – I’m on a mission, remember: you’re going to adore me forever by the time you’re done reading this book because I’m going to show you how to make your manhood happier than it’s ever been (I’m talking about your ego –head out of the gutter playa...)

39 | P a g e

Finding the Hot Girls Hunting ground rules There are two parts of your mission here: Phase 1: Increase how many hot girls you know and how many know you in a favorable way. It’s called planting seeds. Phase 2: You want to go in for the harvest – so to speak. You want to turn introductions and flirts into dates, hot girls with you at parties and sex etc. This phase also includes getting ‘warm introductions’ through her network and friends to find more hot girls. Remember, technically, you are only separated from every hot girl on the planet by 6 degrees of separation and Facebook makes your job incredibly easy in your quest to find them in your local area and local hangouts. Groups: search and location If it’s been a dry few months, perhaps years, and you need to get back out there (or start getting out there all together) – kudos to you for reading this book. I’d recommend that you start by searching on Facebook for groups, meet-ups and single’s related sites within a 15 mile radius of your home. How to use Facebook singles related Pages and Groups in your area to meet hot girls Step One: You want to search for singles related groups in your area. For example, if you are from Toronto search “Toronto Singles,” or “Singles in Toronto” – it’s like using Google, except you’re searching the Facebook database for hot girls in your area, checking out which groups they belong to and then joining those groups accordingly. You want to join any groups which pique your interest and are related to the topics of: singles, dating, drinking, socializing and meeting new people. Step Two: You want to ‘like’ the Pages and join the Groups, then check out the other members – obviously, find the hot girls. This is a brilliant way to find girls because you now know four very important things about them: they are hot, single, local and interested in meeting men – so really, if you play your cards right (and I’m teaching you the skills needed in order to do so), the sky is the limit.

40 | P a g e

Introducing yourself to these girls: Do not introduce yourself by giving her a compliment. Every bubbling idiot messages her with shit like “wow, you’re beautiful” or “wow hot” or “will you marry me” – or the other 100 million other ways you dudes try to approach a pretty girl by complimenting her on appearance. If you want to message one of these sexy ladies in one of these groups and actually have a healthy success rate, this is what you do: You creep her profile briefly and see what information about her is available (everyone does it and she does it to other people, so don’t feel bad) – does she have pictures, did she take a recent trip, what are her recent status updates? What pages does she like? Basically, what can you reference in your message to her? The goal is to form a connection, ‘a bond’ over similar interests, because you want to create a point of reference between the two of you. This message should be kept short, but be crafted confidently and with a slightly humorous touch.

A side note about using the Poking option on Facebook: there are countless articles available online which tell you to just simply send her a poke if you don’t know what to say, or if she has a very private profile and you can’t figure out how to establish a shared connection. Personally, I think the poke is the LAMEST invention EVER… and I know that droves of hot girls agree with me. For starters, just the word “poking” conjures up images of you wanting to do things to her which, at this stage of the game, are inappropriate. Secondly, it kind of makes you look lame and unoriginal. Are you that hard pressed for time that you couldn’t take two minutes to send her a message? Third: many men are sending her the good old Facebook Poke – your goal here is to stand out, which means, should she check who ‘poked’ her recently (most chicks just ignore the poke section of their profile – sometimes for weeks on end), she’s not going to respond to someone who doesn’t already have her interest, and since EVERY single interaction with her is an opportunity to make a good impression, you don’t want to look like you don’t have the social skills to send her a half decent message. Most importantly: if she’s even marginally good looking, I can promise you that your ‘poke’ is going to get lost in the sea of countless other pokes she receives. So, gentlemen, the bottom line is simply this: ignore the poke option (unless she pokes you, then poke her back and send her a cute and short message), but in general, stick to the wisdom I am imparting to you about this stupid feature.

How to use any parties and other Events to meet hot girls in advance 41 | P a g e

Step One: Check out the Event page and look through who will be attending the event, especially if they already wrote on the wall for the event. Step Two: Introduce yourself, get on her radar by doing the following: Write something fun or witty in response to her event wall post (or on her wall if you’ve already sent her a friend request and she’s accepted it)- here are two great examples: “Please do NOT wear a tubetop with the Carebears on it. I’ll be wearing that exact same top, I’d hate to have us show up wearing the same thing. PS: Hi ” “I see you’re going to big bad Sean’s birthday party… I figured we should coordinate our dresses so we don’t end up showing up wearing the same thing. I’ve got a yellow sun dress in mind. You?” The idea here is to establish a point of connection between you and some of the cute girls pre-event. It’s known, as building rapport, so that when the two of you are actually interacting in person, a witty and fun association with you has already been established. By now you should realize that the name of the game here is about increasing your attraction and worth in her eyes (on Facebook, and through messages and interactions) before actually meeting in person. This is brilliant because it gives you a real opportunity to be witty, funny and mysterious without having the added pressure of interacting in person – you can take your time and actually come up with smart openers and responses. So take advantage of this opportunity here, dude, I’m giving your dick a free pass for the rest of its life.

How to use local venues, hangouts and past jobs to flirt with local girls How to use a past job: Let’s use serving or bartending at a local pub, restaurant or club as an example here – you could have worked any place where you’re required to interact with people on a regular basis, maybe a tanning salon or a coffee shop etc.

42 | P a g e

Here is an example introduction you can use when you find a good looking girl on Facebook who lives, or spends time, in your local area. I’m giving you an entry point here (hold the jokes on that one…) Message her: “…didn’t I see you in ____________ the other day?” ….but add some wit and pizazz to your own message, make it personally cool and relative. I know you’re a lot smarter than me, so I’ll leave the specifics up to you – but use my template as the backbone for crafting your message to any local girl you’d like to connect with. Local events and hangouts: As is the case with a specifically organized group or event on Facebook, the same is true for any other event, hangout or party that shows up on your social radar. I have many guy friends who have used this exact method to meet MANY hot girls by using the following tactic: Message her: “We’ve met somewhere right? We met at xyz…” or

“Hi, I think I remember you from (insert place name) from a couple of weeks ago. Thursday I think.” What you did in that statement is (1) you gambled that she was there sometime in the past 2-3 weeks. You stated a very generic statement, but you made it feel specific by throwing in the “Thursday I think.” It will have her thinking about when she was last there. What you want is not the girl who ignores the question or writes back “No, wasn’t me.” The only reply you care about is, “What? Two weeks ago? I was at Cactus with my girlfriends last week” (or a few weeks ago, or on Saturday or whatever.) Now you have an opening to simply convince her you were there at the same time and you noticed her several times. Let her know whatever XYZ bullshit you ate and which friend of yours you were with (make it up, it’s irrelevant.) Flirting isn’t about truth just like parenting your children is not always about truth. You tell kids about Santa Claus because it’s what they enjoy hearing. Dress up a basic, simple, believable story about whatever - it makes the girl feel comfortable about talking with you. You have plenty of time to stick with honesty if/when that turns into a relationship.

43 | P a g e

Basically, just have some freaking fun with the whole thing, don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s no point in getting stuck in your own mind and making everything a seriously important interaction. It’s not. Girls love humorous guys who keep things playful and fun because they are already dealing with their own serious life bullshit. It’s your job not to take interactions with her too seriously, make the introduction and just have fun with the entire process. How to properly flirt with her friends Hot girls usually hangout with, or know, other incredibly stunning girls; it’s all about social proof. Gorgeous girls congregate together like penguins in the winter. So, getting to know one sexy female is a gateway drug to getting to know other stunners in her network. There is a trick to the whole thing though. You want to introduce yourself to her friends, and you want to let them know how awesome you are (by way of your witty comments and interactions on Facebook etc.), but you don’t want to piss off the first hot girl you met, because if you don’t do this properly, and discreetly (in a seemingly innocent manner), you’re going to run into massive problems. I’m warning you right now: girls talk amongst themselves about everything, especially men, in explicit details. If girl number one knows you, and even remotely likes you, her friends will know about it. So this is how you want to approach flirting with other sexy females in her entourage: 1) If you met her through girl number one, you want to appear friendly, witty and awesome but NOT come onto girl number two, three or four at all. If lady number one is still in ‘your rotation’ (or whatever), your goal is simply to put yourself on this other girl’s radar. Back off, keep interactions to a minimum, and touch base on irregular intervals through the use of a smart, witty or interesting post on her wall. This way you’re doing it in the open, so girl number one doesn’t ‘find out’ about your messages and lose her shit (or patience) with you – this is especially true if the ladies are both good friends. 2) The overall idea here is to put yourself on these other girls’ radars, but to do it in a way that doesn’t raise any red flags for hot female number one. Apply the same psychology principles we have already discussed, follow the Facebook rules I’ve laid out for you (keep reading to increase your game and learn how to do the whole thing smoothly) and set yourself up as the “cool, fun, witty” guy that they all know. This will do wonders for your social proof and increase your pool of hot girl options to choose from, over time – this really adds up. Reputation management One of the greatest aspects about using Facebook is that it acts as your own personal news service and you are the publisher, which means that you get to control almost everything that is circulated about you. Every time you comment, like or interact with anyone, or on a picture, it will show up in your news feed – which means that everyone can see your recent activity on Facebook. The same goes for pages you like and the groups you join. It’s broadcasted to everyone in your network. You can simply delete these “news blast” interactions as they show 44 | P a g e

up (on the right hand side of your profile) – next to your wall posts or you can change your privacy settings to limit who sees what. You control what shows up on your Facebook profile and for how long. You decide how you want to be perceived, so go forth and craft a reputation of sexy brilliance.

45 | P a g e

The Attention Getting Game The Approach: First Messages You best believe that those hot pictures she posts which you try not to jerk off to, or maybe you do jerk off to (I don’t really care) are strategically chosen pictures to make you lose your marbles and message her stuff like this: “holy cleavage” “Omg you are so beautiful” “wow hot” “Incredible ass” “Could you be any more beautiful?” “You’re gorgeous” The list of annoying, stereotypical compliments about her physical appearance could continue on for an entire chapter. The point is this: every male she interacts with, and most men who creep her page, message her say stuff like that, so again – as we have already discussed - it doesn’t do anything to help you stand out from every other guy who is trying to gain access to her perfect body. By messaging her stuff like this you’ve already lost the game because she now knows that she has you by the balls, so to speak, and this means that she has WON – and because any good looking girl enjoys a challenge, making you want her is all part of the emotional roller coaster she seeks. She now knows that she has the power to seduce you and have you in any which way she wants (because you gave your game away by messaging her a stupid phrase related to her physical appearance), which means that she can now toy with your emotions, and mind – because congratulations, she now knows how your dick feels about her. Here’s my hot little tip for you: keep most of your compliments and comments regarding her physical appearance for when you two are actually getting better acquainted re: bedroom action or similar. You want to bring her to the point where she actually wants to hook up with you before complimenting her physical appearance. In fact, doing so when you’re getting physical will help her to feel more comfortable with you (funny how that works.) Alternatively she also gets LOTS of boring messages like this (these guys think they are being polite and smart, but they are just wasting their time by sending any message that looks even remotely close to these examples: “Hey beautiful how's it going with you would u like to chat and see what happens” 46 | P a g e

“Hey there, how's it going? What are you up to tonight? Would you be interested in going out tonight?” “Hey how's it going? Hey my names Jason, I'm 6"2, 30 years old and I’m a gamer lol. Hit me up if you want to chat.” “Hi….” (Really, you can’t think of anything else to say??!!) “Hey Baby, what’s up?” “Hi, you are so beautiful. How about I take you out to eat at your favorite restaurant?” “I know that I am probably not your type, but if you would just give me a chance then I will show you that I’m the nicest guy you could ever meet.” Usually these messages are short one liner, and include guys asking to buy her in one way or another. These types of messages are very vanilla and do not give her anything of value. They do not make her feel anything about the sender. We’ve already discussed this important fact: you want to get her attention and separate yourself from every other guy that hits on her by making her feel something unique and exciting about you. So, this is how you want to approach crafting your first message to a hot girl: You want to be witty, you want to be unique, and you even want to be outrageous. If you succeed at being humorous, playful and unique (no matter how weird or outrageous), she WILL respond. The goal is, of course, to entice her to respond – and if you’ve properly prepared your profile to look awesome (as we have already discussed), you’ve just opened a thread of massive flirtation possibilities that could lead almost anywhere you want it to. The goal is to (1) get her attention (2) communicate all the right things about yourself so that, even if she hasn’t responded yet, you are now on her radar in one way or another. This is important because you are placing your “foot in the door.” The next step is nudging open that door with pristine skill. Pay attention here, I’m showing you exactly how to do it properly. Here are example messages which, although incredibly random, got a great response rate:

(Katie – Model)

47 | P a g e

Hey Katie, Thanks for accepting the random friend request! If you ever out and about in Boston and want to meet for a drink let me know it's always good to meet new people…this city is wayy to small. Take care. The next day: Are you going to let me buy you a drink or coffee sometime?? It's random, I admit. I have five older sisters that would beat me up if I didn't treat you well...may be worth a shot :) Also, I am NOT a typical Boston frat guy! --------------

(Sexy Sportscaster) Hi Kristine! Just wanted to introduce myself, I have a friend that knows your friend Kathryn, and I'm pretty sure we were the topic of discussion at some point ;) Anyway, it sounds as though things are a bit complicated but if you want to meet at some point for a coffee, drink or whatever, I know we'd have a good time getting to know each other at least. If you're interested just reach out. Take care! ---------------

Meridith (model) Did I just see you in the Back Bay possibly? Your head isn't nearly as big as it looks in your profile pic...totally kidding ;)

Message Writing Tips

48 | P a g e

 


You want to be original; use your unique wit to stand out. The goal is to get a reaction from her by first getting her attention. (A message crafted to get a reaction will spur on a message response.) Context is key – reference something specific in her profile, mutual friends etc, but do NOT talk about her physical attractiveness in the first message interaction to her. Emotions: use her emotional nature to your advantage by using your messages to inspire her to feel something different about you (it doesn’t matter what that ‘different’ is – you just need her to respond, then you’re in the game, dude!) Sometimes, you’re gonna want to roll like twitter and keep your message simple and to the point: if you can’t creep her profile because all her settings are super private, which is going to prevent you from crafting a relevant and interesting message specific to her – then you can simply send a short message such as: “Will you join my wolf pack?” (Hilarious! Enough said – more often than not you’ll get a reaction because you’re being weirdly cool and illusive. “What is this guy talking about – I have to find out…” Then the ball is in your court.) Mission accomplished.

What to do if she has NOT responded At the beginning of this book I said that you are to approach finding and interacting with hot girls as a mission with three distinct phases: research, strategize, execute. Once your interactions with her have gotten to this level, you have now (obviously) researched your target (that hot girl you want – you’ve checked out her profile and you know what she’s up to in general.) You’ve crafted your message of brilliance (strategy) and sent her a shout out which is sure to get a response, so now you have to execute on the entire deal by continuing to plant seeds before you can harvest the fruits of your labor. You’re going to do this in 3 different ways: -

Flirting and interacting by the way of wall posts Strategic comments on her status updates Private messaging magic

Wall Posts I’m going to go quickly here since we have already discussed ways in which you are not to interact with her – aka: fervently and helplessly like a desperately small man-boy. You’re taking control and will, once a week (if appropriate and she responds positively), share something awesome on her wall.

49 | P a g e

Keep comments on these posts minimal; just be the cool guy that shares something funny or awesome with her, no big deal. Take a very casual approach to the whole thing. If she doesn’t respond at all then you stop posing. Just stop. I’ll show you what to do if she doesn’t respond, and how to get her attention back again in a super sneaky way – but for now, keep reading. Comments and her Status Updates When you’re first getting to know a hot girl on Facebook you want to keep comments on her wall and status updates to a minimum. If something of interest shows up in a thread she has commented on, or if she posts something which warrants a witty reply or comment – go ahead and do it, just remember this all important rule: less is more. Make every interaction with her count by ensuring that you maintain a playful and aloof attitude whenever you post or comment on threads in which she is involved. Private Messaging Magic Ok, so when she messages you back – how do you deal with that? (1) You stay cool and remember that your job is to remain mysterious and playful. The goal now, since she is messaging you back (obviously some sort of base line interest is being shown) it is time to raise your rapport with her. (2) Get her number and get a date. The dating debacle debate: listen gents, I know asking a girl out for a date can be a nerve wrecking process, and really, I agree that it’s all just too much pressure. It’s stressful for you, it’s stressful for her and massive walls come up on both sides of the table – not the ideal panty dropping situation because then stupid ‘3 date rules’ come into play and comfort levels go down. This is what I say you do the best results. You want to approach the whole ‘dating thing’ as a casual hangout/meet-up with sexual potential. So, in your mind, it’s a date – but you’re structuring the interaction as a fun meet-up with her. You want to ask the girl out, when the conversation indicates that it is the right time to do so, to a specific venue, night party, concert, event etc, but never actually use the word date. Asking for an actual ‘date’ puts too much pressure on the “meet-up.” Also, simply saying “Hey we should have coffee” is lame. It’s too boring, too drab – everyone does it. It’s not cool enough and won’t make you standout or seem awesomely fun. You want to say something like, “Hey, I’ll be at xyz bar Friday night and you should meet me there, bring your friends.” This shows that you have a fun social life and you’re not at home, in your mother’s basement, scamming girls online. Approaching it this way takes away from the pressure of an official date because of the group setting. If she doesn’t end up going, but she invites you to meet her and her friends at a bar later that week – you ALWAYS GO. She obviously wants to 50 | P a g e

meet you, but she also needs the comfort/security of her friends in a place she chose, just in case things get awkward. If you pass the test, you’re 100% in. Here is an example of a thread I found particularly amusing – take note, gentlemen, this is the continuing interaction with the model Katie from above: Her: Well lucky for you I don't date frat boys ;) I also don't date via Facebook, but 5 sisters? Sounds like you deserve a break haha. Come here often? :)


Note: she is putting a question back in his court, which means that she is interested, but unsure – this is one of the ways a girl will “test” a guy she starts interacting with (more soon about ‘bullshit female tests’ and how to spot them so you can pass with flying colors.)

Him: Haha, I totally understand. Unfortunately I do spend more time on FB than I'd like! I'm starting a company, and the majority of our ads will be on here...it's exciting! 5 older sisters…3 older brothers. Youngest of nine kids. God bless my mother :) Her: WOW, she must be quite the lady. I noticed your company, I have been in the dietary supplement business for quite some time. I broker for a brand called DreamWater, also has 5htp etc. Congrats on your venture and good luck! Him: Yes, she's the best. That's great! I know Dreamwater well, cool product. Good luck also! You know where I am if you change your mind about coffee :) Her: I hadn't made my mind up yet, just trying to make you seem like less of a stranger with small talk haha Him: Hm, let's see. I have a couple questions...do you live in Boston, do you like it? How long have you worked at Dream Water? Her: Yes and I like it. City gets smaller every day but it's my home. Where do you live? I was with DreamWater singularly until this past August. Now I just broker because I took on another brand, 51 | P a g e

Avitae, Josh beckett's caffeinated water. Him: Born and raised in Gloucester MA but live in the North End, which I love. You're right-Boston definitely feels small at times, but it is a great city. I've lived in a few different places before finally moving back. Interesting, someone mentioned Beckett's new venture recently. You are plugged in! Hopefully Mind-EZ will take off and we can work together :) Her: There are so many things I want to do in Boston, that I feel like tourists do but that I don't haha. I'd like to actually enjoy it versus running the clubs (which I do weds and sat’s) I'd love to help you with your brand! Let me know when you're ready for pharmacy chains! :) Her: I used to work in the North End, at Stanza the Cigar bar for over a year.... because of that I don't think I could live there haha Him: I totally agree. There are a ton of things I'd like to check out that I see tourists enjoying haha. #1 being the infamous Duck Tour! Running clubs sounds fun but I'm sure demanding on your personal time. Stanza is one of my favorite places, I love cigars. But I would probably never smoke one again if I had to work there haha. And yes, you will be the first person I call when, not if, I get to that phase :) Her: I still go to Stanza once in a while to visit the girls and have one, let me know next time u go :) I've never been on a duck tour either, but I'd need to involve alcohol, that's just a given. The clubs can sometimes be a real pain in the ass, and at other times I make my weeks salary in a night. Can't complain. I've gone out in the city long enough, might as well use my contacts to make money doing it! Him: I will let you know next time I go, possibly this weekend it’s a birthday weekend. Couldn't agree with you more on the duck tour, stiff drinks are absolutely mandatory! I'm not a big club guy but go every once in a while...always good to change it up from the usual places. Good for you for taking advantage of your contacts to make good money, you sound like a true entrepreneur ….. :)

52 | P a g e

How to Read a Girl’s Response You’re going to need to draw her into your world, create a sense of curiosity surrounding yourself. If you’re doing your job correctly she’s going to get wrapped up in you… and this is where things could get complicated if you’re not paying attention. As you can see from the above conversation Katie is starting to ‘warm up’ to the man who first contacted her. His game: being friendly, interested and patient. The ball is in her court, but he is not laying down at her feet like a lap dog. Did you also notice that NOT ONE mention about her gorgeous physical appearance has been referenced? He’s holding his own in his conversation with her, leveling the playing field – approaching her with openness and curiosity. You can tell that Katie is interested in this man because she keeps responding with relatively detailed and specific answers to his questions. She is also fully engaging with him – one of the first signs of this ‘unsure interest’ (as I’ve already pointed out) is that she threw out a question for him to answer. This man took the ball and ran with it… good show! This makes me proud. What to do if she doesn’t respond Now check it out, Katie has not responded for a while… so what does this man do? He lets sleeping dogs lie. He doesn’t contact her for a while and then, a week or two later he sends her this simple message: Him: How is your week going? Her: Just saw your message. Very very busy but good, and yourself? Him: Ugh!! Crazy busy. Finalizing our company website. Hired an amateur designer, sucks. Coffee or Stanza, you name the date I'll be there 

Again, she does not respond. Notice that “coffee” was mentioned and since she is still unsure about how she feels about him, she is simply choosing to ignore him - not willing to commit to any type of ‘date’ yet. He waits and does not contact her in any way and then, a week later, he messages her again:

53 | P a g e

Him How was your Christmas? Her It was really nice. Time well spent with family. Yourself? Him Good to hear, mine was great, got some stuff done around the house for the folks which is always good. Have a good night if we don't talk Her You as well :) Him How about we kick off the New Year right and get coffee together? Time and place of your choosing? Her Persistent, I like it. Although, I'm intrigued to know why...my annoying promoting Facebook profile is it that attractive? Haha

Note: another test. An attractive girl is used to having men hit on her. It’s a natural defense mechanism, making him ‘work’ for that coffee date. If he’s ‘worth’ it he won’t give up (this is how her brain works – is he the hero? Is he worth her time?)

Him Haha yes it's definitely the promotions. No, you seem nice and definitely smart which is really attractive.

Note: still no focus on her physical appearance, he is finding other things to compliment her on. This is another test on her part, “What does this man REALLY want from me?”

Her Nothing to do with my butt huh? bummer. hahahaa Him 54 | P a g e

Hahaha! I hadn't noticed. All about the personality :) Her You know it's never good to start a relationship on lies ;) Him Haha! I noticed your butt. You look absolutely incredible in that dress. Now we're off to a good start. Her haha I was just messing with you...but thank you very much. So I noticed we have mutual friends. How do you know Monica P?

Note: yet another test. Social proof BUT she is also carefully fishing for more information about ‘who and what’ this man is all about. (This shows that she is very much on the edge of wanting to meet-up with him, her curiosity is getting the better of her – but first: she is throwing out yet another typical female ‘shit test.’)

Him Monica and I dated briefly, I doubt she'd give the best reference, our personalities didn't match up. Her: Oooooh, enough said. Sorry to pry! I'm a TAD more laid back than she. lol Him: You're not prying, but that's good to know! Her: So how many first dates has the "kissing the baby" pic gotten you thus far? haha Him: Haha, I haven't tried that angle before. I have a special bond with that one :) Her: I tend bar at my friend's new place Julep tonight at 6 if you happen to be in the area. My schedule is all over the place, but if you'd like to try to get together mayyyybe we can configure something 55 | P a g e

soon :) 508-809-xxxx

Side Note: … and he scores!! He now has her phone number because he successfully passed all her tests (carefully constructed honesty being one of them.) Also notice how the mention of another girl quickly made her ‘jump to plate.’ Typical female competition mixed in with a weird amount of social proof. She now wants to prove to him that she is worth his attention. He has successfully gotten her to the point where she is now chasing him. Double score!

Him: Sounds good-I'll stop by if I head out tonight. Mine is 617-312-xxxx Her Great, enjoy your evening.

That, gentlemen, concludes a flawless execution process. Let me help you further analyze this conversation, so that you can also grab yourself some sexy ladies and models for hot date opportunities.

Conversation Tips Above all remember this: loose lips sink ships. Notice how our hero in the above scenario did not have to even ask for her number, she gave it freely. Now, this won’t always be the case – but patience and mystery worked very well for our man. He was open, friendly, responsive, persistent and NON CREEPY – approaching her in a genuine way and not as a sex object (regardless of what he actually wanted from her.) A good conversation thread is like playing poker. You do not reveal all your cards at once, instead you wait (ideally) for that sweet royal flush, but other (lower) combinations will also get the job done and put you on the winning streak, so you wait for your best hand and then you make your move. Remember these top tips when chatting with hot girls:  You always want to leave her wanting more; this will turn the tables on her and eventually have her chasing you. This is always the goal. She’s got to feel like she needs to work for your approval. Notice how Katie was very cautious of our man at first, acting like she held 56 | P a g e

all the cards – but by the end of their slow interactions, a few weeks later, she was the one open and willing to show him her cards in order to see his. Our man above stayed in control of this interaction with her – not being needy or dependant on her responses, and I’ll say it again – having the patience to wait for timing to play out in his favor.

The timing factor is very important for any girl. She needs to feel like she is ready and willing to meet you. Especially for a girl who is used to being hit on all the time (read: being propositioned for sex almost every day), she’s going to take a while to ‘warm up’ to you so she can figure out what you ‘really’ want from her. It’s your job to remain patient and hold your ground. If you do this, like a magnet attracted to its sticking point, she will gravitate back towards you when she is ready. Communication I cannot over emphasize the following points more strongly regarding your interactions with beautiful girls: consistency and active listening are solid keys to your success. Words are tools for the female brain, as is your emotional state is the key to her comfort level with you. Don’t try and win the “verbal game” with any girls. Ladies are wired to know more about words then any man ever will know. On average, a man uses around 10,000 words a day – a girl can use up to 50,000. Your job as a man is to listen to her, and if you learn to listen correctly, you will get all the information you need to make her feel happy and comfortable in your presence: which means, inevitably, she’s going to drop it like it’s hot, and show you whichever other skills she has - all in an attempt to impress you. Questions Your greatest weapon of seduction and charm – both online and offline – lies in your ability to ask questions. The very essence of charm lies in making the other person feel like they count, like they matter – and you do that by asking questions about them. Everyone loves to talk about themselves (it’s human nature) – so make her the center of your attention and watch as she eats out the palm of your hand. The trick to asking great questions and getting interesting responses, which will be the building blocks for a fun and interesting conversation, lie within the flow of conversation. A typical conversation will take on the following pattern flow: 1. Surface level stuff: “Where do you live?” “What do you do for a living?” etc. 2. Slightly more personal: “Favorite food?” “Favorite movies?” etc.

57 | P a g e

3. Personal: “Where did you grow up?” “Family life?” etc. (A note of caution here: you want to avoid the heavy, relationship, serious, soap opera type questions and keep the entire mood and tone of the conversation light and playful.) 4. Sometimes, if the mood is right and she seems open to the flow of the conversation – this forth element of conversation and light hearted questioning can be swapped with number 3 – this element is all about sexually suggestive, flirtatious, erotic and racy themes. Of course, these are the best types of questions and as soon as a lady and a gentleman start discussing these types of things, it’s a gateway drug to other types of sexy games. Some playful (sexual) question examples: 1) What’s your favorite body part on a man/woman? 2) Any nicknames your past partners have given you? Sexual or other? :p 3) What’s your favorite thing about connecting physically with another person? … and so forth. Be careful about when you introduce these types of questions into the conversation. More often than not, it will be AFTER you have gotten her number. Refer back to the conversation with Katie, no sexual questions were exchanged: the conversation flow had not yet progressed to this level. It’s all about the ‘warm up’ my friend. Patience begets panty dropping results; repeat that mantra to yourself if you find yourself focusing on the sexual areas of conversation only. Listen to her answers, respond accordingly. Let her lead the tone, feel the general direction of the conversation. Your role is simply just to listen as she does the talking and revealing of herself – this will leave you as a memorable and mysterious entity in her mind. A worthy side note about conversation topics: honestly, you should never run out of anything to talk about with anyone – no matter how boring that person is. I don’t care if you’re talking to the equivalent of a cardboard box (trust me, I’ve been there), you can find subjects of common interest… and here’s the catch: even if you don’t have any “subjects of common interest” with a hot girl you’re trying to bed – who cares! She’s hot, you want her body, that’s all that matters at this stage in the game, so talk about things that she likes. I know you’re a smart man, you will figure it out. Think about subjects which relate to your life: food, music, movies, clothes, pencils – you can get very random here – but you can talk about it and again – you’re just asking the question and she’s doing all the talking my friend. “What’s your favorite color pencil?” “What?” “I want to know what your favorite color drawing pencil is?” “Why does it matter?” “It’s a secret, but I promise it will blow your mind… it’s a question worth answering.” “Red.” “Cool, that means you’re a passionate person.” Blah, blah, blah – you just killed a minute of time. Practice begets a good conversation skill set, and using Facebook Chat is the perfect place to practice because there is less pressure of a face to face conversation, you have a little time (and privacy) to practice being a conversational ninja. 58 | P a g e

A final note about messaging: Spelling. It really matters (because to her, it’s a sign that you are intelligent.) No girl with half a brain cell will be impressed by a guy who writes, “hey baby what u up2 2nite, dat concert looks sick – wanna cum wit me?” … or even a long (unique) message plastered with such English delights, not in this modern age of spell check. I’m just bringing you the facts from the latest Harlequin Romance report (yeah, I read that stuff for you) – ‘good spelling’ came out on the list of the top 3 factors that are most important to any girl interacting with a guy online. Spelling and basic grammar matter. I’m just telling you what the important survey collecting people said. You can’t fake the data. Do with it as you will. The game SHE is playing I know getting rejected, on any level, really sucks – I know, and I get it. That’s why I want to walk you through the different types of mind games any hot female is playing. She probably doesn’t even know that she is purposely playing these ‘head games’ with you – but Mr. let me tell you RIGHT NOW, that she IS testing you on many different levels. Her tests come in many different forms and every freaking female on the planet does it – whether she is bisexual, gay or straight – she’s testing you, undoubtedly so. This idea of a girl ‘testing you’ is a very vast psychological topic and I would need an entire book this size to fully brief you on all the finite intricacies, so what I have done for you here is put together a general summary of the topic, which will help you navigate your way through interactions on Facebook with hot girls - so you can get her number and a sexy delicious date. Following is a break down on how to spot her ‘little tests’ so you can ace them every time and propel yourself into hot girl naked games world: The four main types of emotions that girls feel when they throw a test in your direction:    

Playfulness Frustration Disgust Dismissal

Playful testing is an emotion she feels when she is on the fence about a guy and not yet dead-set on considering him a sexual option altogether. All the other 3 emotions (frustration, disgust, dismissal) are an auto-rejection response and she’s throwing him a lifeline at redemption. Her thought process is pretty much, “I hope he says, or does, the right thing so that I can change my mind about him.” Just remember this for now, her tests serve two purposes:

59 | P a g e

1) To weed out the men from the little boys – she wants a man to feel up on her, not a little boy inside the body of a man. 2) She’s hoping to throw you off balance with her playful little tests in the hopes that she’ll turn her views of you into a negative association (when she does this she is on the edge of stepping into the middle part of the formula where her emotions drive her attraction for you.) Let’s review what we have already learnt about girls and their mind tests thus far: o She will question you o She will make you wait, shut you down and see if you are man enough to pursue again o She will purposely not respond and see how you handle that (do you weakly chase her, bombarding her with messages because she paid even the smallest shred of attention to you?) o She will be slightly cold, at first – beautiful girls do this very often. If they were to respond openly to every man that hit on her, she would never get anything done (this is just a defense mechanism and below we will go through how to deal with this) o She will test you to see what you “really” want from her. o Information fishing – who is THIS man? Here’s the deal: beautiful girls get hit on so many times they don’t have to put up with weak men, they’ve also dealt with enough men to quickly fish out the real men from the little boys trapped in big men bodies. You don’t want to be one of these men in her eyes, so you’ve got to learn to recognize her tests. Different types of girls will test men for different things (depending on what is of most value to her.) Some girls will test to see if you have money, others will test to see if you’ll spend money on her, some will test to see if you are intelligent and others will test to see if you are loyal – but mark my words, the most important test, and the one you need to learn how to spot and ACE every damn time is this all encompassing fact: a gorgeous girl will test you to determine if you are a weak wussy, a little pussy boy who can be easily whipped into submission and respond to her every little demand. I can tell you right now, she does NOT want that from any man she spends time with. It’s unattractive. Think back to all those “what you are doing wrong” things we discussed at the beginning of this book… they all boil down to this one simple fact: they make you look like a little trainable puppy dog. No girl with options wants, or needs to, put up with that (and since she has a pretty little vagina): she has plenty of options – every single day. Throughout this book we have already discussed why you don’t want to look like a submissive, ass-kissing boy who has no balls, and we’ve already gone through the details of ensuring that you become, and are, an Alpha male – so you should be able to pass any of her 60 | P a g e

tests with flying colors once you’re finished reading. Almost all of a girl’s ‘little tests’ will fly below your radar and are incredibly subtle and seemingly innocent. That is why you need to start learning to pay attention to your gut. If you’re getting that tight, panicked feeling in your gut when she throws a question, or demand, your way I promise you this – she’s probably testing you in some small (yet important) way. Passing her tests will determine whether you get into her panties or not, so the general rule when it comes to acing any test that any girl throws your way is: OWN YOUR SHIT. That’s right; you want to own EVERYTHING you do. Here’s a classic example: You are at a bar and a cute girl makes eye contact with you. What is your natural reaction? You look away. Well, you just FAILED my friend. Sure, you may sneak a glace again when you think she is not looking, but that doesn’t help you. She already knows you’re not confident enough to own the fact that you were checking her out. It’s a process to start understanding and recognizing these tests – especially in person – but that is why, yet again, Facebook is the most awesome hook-up tool ever invented because it gives you an opportunity to pass her tests behind a screen where you can calculate your words, and analyze her responses to ensure that you craft an image of yourself that is desirable. Here are a few important examples of tests to look out for: -

When a girl tells you what to do (in any shape or form) she is testing you. When a girl tries to change plans or cancel at the last minute, she’s testing you. When a girl asks you to buy her something, she’s testing you. When a girl nags, whines or complains, she’s testing you.

MOST men will respond to a beautiful girl by trying to win her approval. If she cancels plans, you’ll say “Oh, no problem.” If she complains about something, you’ll say “I’m sorry, let me fix it.” These are all ‘early stage tests’ – aka: BEFORE she has met you, or before she has invested emotionally in you. Once she has invested in you she will test you again – are you kind? Do you approve of her? Etc. Don’t worry about that type of “are you relationship material’ tests – that is beyond the scope of this book. What you need to know is this: you DON’T want to bend over backwards to her 61 | P a g e

requests, whims and demands. Most of her tests during these early phase interactions are simply tests to see if you’ll allow her to control you… and remember it’s your job to be in control of yourself and of your interactions with her. Now let me make myself perfectly clear: this does not mean that you need to “understand” her perfectly – good luck understanding any girl, we hardly understand ourselves sometimes. What you simply need to strongly grasp in order to navigate the mine field of traps beautiful girls place and throw out as defense mechanisms (because she has so many men vying for her attention – promising her the world) is simply this: -


An arsenal of knowledge about a girl’s core needs (which I have already given you earlier.) Follow the instruction I have already given you throughout these pages and when you get to dealing with her tests you will pass with flying colors if you remember the following thing: She wants you to be valiant, she wants you to be the hero – she wants to use her charms, seduction and gorgeous body to please you, but she’s testing you to see if you deserve it.

Here’s my greatest gift to you yet: you can SKIP ten levels of initial testing, and accelerate the process of ‘getting together’ with any girl if you do the right things (as we have already discussed) to trigger her emotional attraction for you. It’s really that simple. Sure, you can show her that you are a real man, a leader, self-confident blah, blah, BUT that all means absolutely nothing, if it doesn’t accomplish the thing you absolutely have to make her feel if you want to get with her: ATTRACTION. This is the crucial part of the equation my friend, and attraction –for any girl – all starts in the mind. Triggering a girl’s emotional attraction for you simply lies in learning to be patient. Your job is just to plant a seed in her mind and respond as a strong, confident man who can hold his own. Girls don’t go through a logical process to decide if they’re going to feel an attraction for you, because, for her, attraction isn’t a choice, it’s a result. It just happens, but it doesn’t happen very often for her (think about it – hundreds of men in the course of her life will hit on her in some way or another – this is especially true in a digital age, but maybe about 20 will really spark her attraction and interest, only a hand full will drive her crazy. You can be that guy, that guy that she wants in crazy desperate ways, if you work her emotions correctly. So keep reading – I’m about to reveal the top 3 secret tests every hot girl on this planet will throw your way. The top 3 tests any hot girl will throw your way when chatting on Facebook: 1) She will ask a lot of questions. This is a sign of interest, but it is also a test. If you’re overly eager to give up the information she wants, then she’s going to quickly get bored with you. It’s very low value to be so eager to answer all her questions. This is what you want to do: challenge her by keeping your answers flirtatious and playful. If a girl asks you three 62 | P a g e

questions, for example, you need to at least make one of your answers challenging, cocky and funny. Her: “What do you do?” You: “Oh I’m an incredible mixture of super hero and deep sea diver - highly skilled at hunting the most dangerous of marine life for the US Space Museum.” Obviously, she’s going to know you’re joking. Her: “haha, no really – what do you do? ” You: “On a scale of 1-10 how much would you really like to know?” Her: “10 out of 10.” You: “Ok… I’m xyz… “(now you can turn the tables and ASK HER a question – remember, you want to get her talking, you don’t want to give up all your mystery by answering all her questions too easily.) 2) Test number two: she tells you what to do. For example, let’s say you’re a magician (and for whatever reason you have your deck of cards with you) – I know you’re probably not a magician, but the principle is still the same – regardless of what she’s asking you to do. Her: “Show me your best card trick.” You: “I’m off the clock hun, but maybe later if you play your cards right” Know this: when she throws a command your way she is taking a leadership role in the interaction, and she will maintain that lead if you go along easily and do whatever she demands or asks. You always want to be the one leading the interaction, you’re the one always in control when you’re talking, flirting and picking-up girls. Always, “throw back” her question to her – have fun with it and retake control of the frame of the conversation. The ‘bitch’ test: as already discussed, she’s tired of men (weak men) hitting on her – too easy and boring for her, no excitement and no challenge. If she’s gorgeous, know this: she has her guard up and it’s your duty to see through this defense mechanism and call her on it. If she’s being bitchy, or acting stuck up, with you then say something like this: “Look I’m sure you have men hitting on you all the time, but you can drop the act with me, we can just be real – you don’t have to play games with me sweetie… let’s try this again… I’m Ethan ”

63 | P a g e

Immediately this sets you apart from the pack because it shows her, on whatever subconscious or conscious level, that you’re used to being surrounded by beautiful girls, which is immediately going to raise her attraction factor for you. Diminish the times where you look like you’re dealing with “little boy syndrome” and show her that you are a REAL man by being confident and taking the lead of the interactions, and conversations, you have together. Practice this, do it and you will officially be able to add serious panty dropper to your social resume.

64 | P a g e

The Friend Zone The JUST FRIENDS zone Here’s the deal, often times a beautiful girl is going to stick you in her ‘just friends’ line of non-eligible pursuers if you’re not careful about how you approach your relationship with her. Being in her ‘just friend’s zone’ means you’re not going to get any action, homie. Zero, none, nada. I know it’s a very painful thought. Beautiful girls are not short for male attention – or male friends – and on any given day she has at least a dozen male ‘friends’ who she can call to hang out with. If you want to ‘tap that’ or if you don’t care about any further interaction with her, besides sexy time and dating potential, then you’ve got to avoid her ‘friendship circle’ with all ferocity that resides within you, my man. Fact: men often mistake friendship for chemistry and you need to be able to distinguish the difference between the two if you’re going to stand any chance of removing yourself from her ‘just friends’ zone. If you do happen to find yourself in her just friends circle, you’ve got to GET OUT OF IT stat or you will never ever get past first base with her. Following are a few signs you need to watch out for, and if you notice any of these tell tale “you’re just my friend” signs you’ve got to rectify the situation immediately by stating your intentions with her firmly, strongly and clearly. You’re leading the interaction, “No we’re not just friends.” This is how it works: You’re in her Friendship Zone if: 

She tells you what a good friend you are, or will, make. If this is happening you need to shut her down right away by saying something like, “We’re not just friends – nope don’t even think about it.” The idea here is to stay open and ‘friendly’ with her, but make it very clear that you are indeed flirting with her. You want to make it clear that yes, although, she is great and wonderful and all that good stuff, you are pursuing her for more than just friendship. She may throw up defenses and protests, but she’ll respect you more for being man enough to stand your ground with her.

She talks about other guys – a lot. If the two of you have been chatting for a while and she constantly references other men that she is interested in, I’m telling you right now, buddy, you’re in her friendship zone. Again, you’ve got to state your position with her clearly, you’ve got to be direct and make it clear that you are, in fact, wanting more than ‘just friendship’ from her. The trick, at this point, is to back off a bit. You don’t want to make yourself too available. You want to maintain a flirtatious, fun and playful attitude

65 | P a g e

with her, but you’ve got to step away from any emotional neediness she may be associating you with (friends rely on each other emotionally.) There is a flip side to this point though: IF she only occasionally mentions other dudes then she is, more likely than not, just testing you to see if you show any indication of jealousy. This testing mechanism is most definitely a strong indication that she wants you ‘all up in her zone’ – if you know what I’m saying. 

She tries to set you up with her friends. Here’s the catch, this could also be a test depending on how she approaches the whole deal. If she is randomly making this offer, it could be genuine since she considers you ‘just a friend’ or she’s trying to see how you will react – what type of man are you? Will you jump at the chance to meet new p*ssy? Regardless of her motive, you’ve got to stand your ground by making it clear that it’s her you’re interested in, “You’re sweet, but I’m not interested in your friend, I’m interested in you…. and you’re just going to have to deal with that ”

You invite her out, and she wants to bring other people along: I’m not referring to an obvious double date, I’m referring to a conversation that looks like this: You: Let’s go to a movie on Saturday night. Her: Yeah, that sounds fun. My girlfriends and I were looking for something to do. Any response that involves her friends is a deflection; it’s her way of saying “Sure, we can hangout… as friends.” In this case you need to restate that you are interested in her, and not her friends.

There's no awkward silence. Lastly if she felt anything sexual for you at all, there would inevitably be an awkward silence between the two of you, at some point, on your first date or meet-up. So, let’s assume you got that first date and she wants to ‘take things slow’ which means that no panty dropping action has occurred yet, and all of a sudden she’s calling you “a friend this” and “a friend that” – think back to that first meet-up. If there was, at any point, that moment where you both pause and kind of just stare at each other and then quickly look away – this is a sure sign of serious baby-making chemistry. If that never happened, she's not into you – truth. One thing you cannot fake is “I want to rip your clothes off right now” chemistry. Sure, if you play your cards right, a girl can feel sexual attraction for you based on other things, but if she is too comfortable around you during that first meet-up (aka: no awkward silences, or cute little flutters of the eyelashes etc.) she’s not feeling you, man. The beauty of all this is that you CAN avoid that “we’re

66 | P a g e

just friends” syndrome if you lure her into feeling that type of attraction to you over Facebook interactions before you actually meet-up in person (remember, you want to capture her mind –her imagination – and then her emotions will follow.) If, and when, the two of you meet up and she has already invested in her attraction towards you, regardless of physical chemistry, she’s going to want to make it work, because after all – she knows that she ‘already felt all that attraction’ for you. Remember, the example with Katie, slowly her mind opened up to the attraction possibilities with our man in those IM messages, and then her emotional curiosity and excitement compelled her to casually suggest they meet up. No matter how small, Katie had started to develop an attraction for this man, and my guess is that she would over look any flaws or red flags she sees on that first date, because girls don’t like to admit to themselves that their attraction radars were way off. Facebook kinda screws that up for us, but for you - using your new found hot girl getting skills – you can now throw a serious sex party in your pants whenever you damn well choose to. How to avoid her Friendship Zone You’re a good guy, I know you are – and that’s why I want to help you to not get trapped in the biggest detriment to your unbridled happiness and sexy pleasure with beautiful girls. Following are things you can do to avoid her friendship zone from the very first interaction. The trick here is that you always want to be very clear about your intentions from the beginning – keeping the rules and guidelines in mind which we have already discussed re: her psychology. 

You want to ask her out right away: when you first start chatting with her you don’t want to be too subtle about your intentions with her. You’re leading the interaction which means you approached her for a reason – for a date. Keep this goal in mind and always circle back to it no matter which tests, roadblocks or barriers she puts in front of you. You’re a man on a hot girl getting mission, always remember that.

Friendliness and allure is the name of the game: you’re not her buddy – goofiness and self depreciating humor can make a girl laugh (which we have already covered), but when you’re first chatting on Facebook you want to create an image of being cool, in charge and aloof. This means, save your extremely self-depreciating (although funny) remarks for when you get to know her a little better, in the beginning you want to remain friendly, open and alluring by working that mystery angle all girls love so much. “Who is this guy?” Don’t be too available: a girl’s curiosity will drive her on towards wanting to get to know you better. Being overly available and easily ‘figured out’ (aka: she gets an essay from you regarding her questions etc.) is going to result in a loss of interest on her part. My number

67 | P a g e

one tip about this: always be the first to leave. Follow the 3 hour rule on a date, cutting the interaction off at its peak point, “I’m having a great time, but I promised a friend we’d meet up for xyz… let’s do this again?” Doing so ensures that you leave at the height of the interaction, which means you leave her with a great first impression. The same goes for instant message chats, say goodbye first. If she writes you a private message, there is nothing wrong with taking a few hours – even a day or two – to respond if needed. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

If a girl is really harping on her ‘just friends’ thing with you, make yourself scare. If she doesn’t want to date you, in whatever capacity you’re setting forth, she doesn’t get to hang out with you, or message you for hours – she’s got to go out with you to gain access to that delicious wit, intelligence and Sauve you’re working with. Stand your ground here, or you’re never going to tap that. Some girls like to play it cool, which means you’ve got have patience, and she will (more often than not) come over to your view of things if you show (via your actions) what does and does not get your attention. She’s got to want to get vertical with you, in some small way at least, if she wants you to keep sending her soliloquies.

You’re already in her solidly established Friendship Circle – now what?! This may be tough to do at first, but you’ve got to back away. You’ve got to give her time to miss you and you do that by being less available, less interested. No one likes to have something taken away from them, in this case – your attention and affection. She’s probably going to keep contacting you when you do this, in fact she WILL do this – when you start ignoring her all of a sudden she’s going to clamor to get your attention back. Stay cool. Don’t budge. Tell her you’re busy, be nice about this – you’re not trying to ice her out completely or be mean, you just want to make sure that she knows you have other things going on besides her. This is human nature: people are attracted to the pursuit. No one likes a sure thing. She’ll eventually come around –or not. If not, accept it gracefully and don’t throw a little rejection pity-party in your pajamas on the coach. Deal with it like a man and ACCEPT IT – put her in your own freaking friends’ zone and ask her to hook you up with one of her hot friend, or be your wingman at a social gathering. Beautiful girls make the best damn wingmen of all time – social proof psychology. Being friends with a gorgeous girl has its advantages not to be ignored. If you get rejected, be graceful and move on… it’s what a real man which real hot girl getting SKILLS does. I’ve taught you well, so yes, you are both a real man and now a hot girl getting wizard. Act like it – shake it off and move on.

68 | P a g e

A Few Final Words Congrats, you’ve passed my test by getting this far in the reading process – you’re probably going to become a master at picking-up hot girls because clearly, you have the patience to do so. This is one thing I know without a doubt: you’re going to rock this sexy lady finding, delicious panty dropping show like no-one’s business – I know this because it’s working for me, for my guy friends, and many other men worldwide. Also, I’ve given you some serious SKILLS to be successful with almost any gorgeous girl you meet. Always get her Facebook info, and then let your master seduction skills and brilliance flow forth. You’re now part of my elite inner circle of fearless men who know how to approach, attract and bang… I mean bag… pretty ladies with sexy bodies. As a side note: If you do happen to bag a super-hot, super awesome girl as your girlfriend from all this sexiness I’ve been teaching you how to surround yourself with – treat her well, it’s probably a lot harder to find her type of quality amongst all the beautiful faces in this world. I know I’m right, so don’t even try and argue that fact. Sending you a salute of acknowledgement, my fellow lover of gorgeous womankind, you’ve got this. Go patrol the realms of your Facebook Kingdom and make me proud!

Ann Onymous ;-)

69 | P a g e


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