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August 9, 2018 | Author: Rio Arya | Category: Tide, Navigation, Compass, Scientific Observation, Water Transport
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Plan and conduct a passage and determine position A At the pole pole : local hour angle Angle of depression : index error  Atmospheric layers : troposphere A vessel is expected to follow : track  line A great circle : the vessel sails on the same course through out And scattered by : twilight Are intended for coastwise : general charts B By bubble gyro : artificial horizon Be used when navigating : the largest scale chart onboard for the area which is properly corrected Between two points, is the : the two  po  p oints are in hig igh h lat atit itud udees in th thee sam amee hemisphere By a ship ship on four four success successive ive : 31 naut! "iles Bridge e#uipment should : one to two hours prior sailing $ $hronometer used : gmt $ircl irclee sail sailin ing g : th thee co cour urse se is e% e%w w ,nearer to the poles $harac racter terist istic of the light on : indicates a danger area $an suf suffer fer fro from : an unc uncorre orrected cted course and speed error ! error ! $ould you find the number : catalog of charts $once $oncerni rning ng new editi edition onss of : new editions are corrected through the date shown on the title page! $onsult for information about : p : piilo lott chart & &ay be used : yes &iameter about which : axis &ivided into navareas for : xl ' 'xtent of zone : from (! deg e to (! deg w from greenwich 'rror of the gyro : b : by y tak takiing a tr traansi sitt  bea  b eari rin ng wi with th th thee gyro compa pass ss of tw two o  pro  p romi mine nent nt fix ixed ed sh shor oree ob)ect ctss an and d comparing it with the bearing of the same ob)ects on the chart

*enr *enrou oute te++ cont contai ain n info inform rmat atio ion n : coastal anchorages  ollowing factors may not be : choice of ocean route -igh or low tide during which : stand of the tide .ncreases, what : increases .nclination between :  1/0 deg .maginary body : apparent sun .nternal in time : an hour  .s augmentation : sun .s an inferior : mercury .s a morning : venus .s the the refe refere renc ncee plan planee used used for for : heights above water of land features such as lights .t recommend recommended ed that a positio position n : at least every 3 minutes .nterval between position : such that the vessel cannot be set appreciable offf co of cour urse se,, or in into to da dang nger er by th thee effects of wind, tide or current .nformation about the port facilities : world port index 2 2ine roughly : the date line 2oading in boston harbor to : 1(4 " "otion do planets : direct "easured : eastward from aries "ain components causing:  per  p erm man anen entt an and d in ind duced mag agn net etiism in the ships structure "eaning of 5h!s! : hele%shaw pumps 6 6ne minute of : geographical mile 6n the celestial : meridians 6f planets can : inferior planets 6f the compass : yes, for the reasons stated in all of the suggested answers 6n the ship ship has: has: all of the answers  pro  p rovi vide ded d 6f notices to mariners are : once 6f defects or changes in : all of the above 6f a chart chart can be found found from : the chart catalogue 7 7lane pass : great circle

7osition at which : aphelion 7assage plan include : the plan should include the entire voyage from berth to berth 7lan is made from : be : bert rth h to ber erth th 7assage plan be prepared: b prepared: bef efo ore th thee voyage commences 8  8e#u 8e#uir ired ed data inputs inputs : lati latitude tude and speed 8adi 8adio o navig navigati ation onal al warni warning ngss : the topi to pics cs fo forr wa warn rnin ings gs in incl clud uded ed in hydrola hyd rolants, nts, hyd hydrop ropacs, acs, and nava navarea rea warnings are the same! same! 8ecommendations of international : (!0 and (!4 to 1 9 9ize 9ize of the the magn magnet etic ic :  b  by y taki kin ng a transit bearing of two fixed geographical positions and comparing it with the bearing of the same points on the chart 9igh 9ightt land land at 1 1 where where an : call master  9tar rises : 0 min! 'arlier  9et of tidal, river, and ocean : speed and an d di dire rect ctio ion n to tow war ard d wh whic ich h th thee current flows 9eparation schemes does rule : those adopted adopte d by the internati international onal maritime organization 9teaming in east longitude on : 1, 0 )anuary  rue shape : an oblate spheroid hroug ough the the observ server er;s ;s : vertical circle he earthessel a : [email protected] he following land marks : al alll

he ship is found by taking : subtract  degrees to the bearings rack rack line line is measured measured on : latitude scale near the middle of the track line hat there is an isolated : rock is dry at high water  o take a tow from san diego : sailing directions *enroute+ ides ides that that : have lows lower than normal and highs higher than normal o find if a particular port : guide to  po  p ort entry ide ide is the: the: differe difference nce between the heights of high and low tide he current in large coastal :  pre  p red dic icte ted d in ti tid dal cu curr rren entt ta tab ble less he *charted depth is+ : vertical dista di stance nce fro from m th thee cha chart rt so soun undi ding ng datum to the ocean bottom  sed for plotting : gnomonic sed sed in deter determi minin ning g the heig heights hts : mean high water  > >esse essell cros crosss a traf traffi ficc lane lane : on a heading as nearly as practical at right angles to the direction of traffic flow = =hich the ecliptic : solstical point =hich are : inferior planets =hich the predicted heights of : th thee same as that used for the charts of the locality =ould you expect the channels : p : peeru =arned of serious defects or : marine  bro  b road adccas astt not otic icee to mari rine ners rs

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