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Blueprint Backdrop, the Headquarters...


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Welcome to Blueprints Backdrops! This set of products is based on Øone’s popular Blueprints. In Blueprints Backdrops, you will find a fully developed version of one of the locations from the Blueprints line. The Backdrop features a complete description of the location, and its NPCs and monsters (if any), penned by one of our talented writers, and portrayed by skillful artists. You also get a simpler version of the map found in Blueprints and a complete detailed 3D map of the location. The 3D view will help you to visualize the area and better describe it to your players. You can even show it to them, if you wish. The product is suitable for use with any fantasy RPG system. We have separated the d20 stats from the main text, allowing you to print out either a generic description or a fully d20-statted version. But the good stuff is just beginning. This product takes full advantage of PDF technology, joining old-fashioned style with the most advanced electronic features. In order to use this product you must use Adobe Acrobat 6 or later. Using the exclusive “Rule the Dungeon©” feature (look for a big, blue-n-white button – don’t worry, it won’t print) you will be able to fully customize this product. The 3D map can be changed to show only one floor (for example), with or without walls (for another), with or without furniture, only an external view, and on and on, with many combinations possible! This product has also been designed to help busy referees prepare adventures – or even single encounters. Instead of spending extra time scaling the encounters to your party, the d20 stats are scaled in three different versions suitable for low, mid, and high levels of play, using a “Rule the Dungeon©” button. This button lets you choose which level to play, and all the relevant text will change accordingly: monsters will scale, DCs and traps will change, behaviors of the villains will change, all according to the level of play you choose. Note: The original map of the Headquarters appears in Øone’s Blueprints: The Great City, Army Ward

Summary Overview Ground Floor First Floor NPCs, Villains and Monsters Guard Soldiers Lesur Brown Captain Lubor Agres Denorra

4 4 8 10 10 10 11 11

Quentin Fargus Adventure Seeds Designer’s Notes Author’s Bio NPCs Statblocks New Feat  New Item

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By Tim Hitchcock










4 4 8











Creatures Guards protect The AY Headquarters’ front doors around the 15 OR’S W 6 AT alternating in shifts every four clock, I D LA G hours. Guards request papers from any non-ranking military or civilian who approaches. If insulted or threatened, they immediately call for help. ET





Ground Floor

GF1. Entrance and Stairs


Front Door: A mechanism controlRE ST E N the track doors led by a guard10 permits U RT to slide open and shut FO at a moments F O notice. 18 DIER




As with many of the Great City’s 19 The main entrance is carved into older structures, The Headquarters’ one of the four outer towers and faces dramatic features provide a striking south towards Hero’s Way. example of empiric period architecture. Chiseled into the two stair risers that Its conglomerate design consists of four climb to the main entrance is the folsmaller towers centered on a single lowing phrase: 100ft-diameter central tower. Capping the core, a blossoming flower of great stone scythes clasp 11of my father, 3 around a twisting 16 “Upon the blood cage of black iron framing hundreds of mine own, stained-glass panes before twining Moff and of my children’s AGIC SPEAR STREET 9 we serve.” into single jutting iron spire. Though So shall The Headquarters is squat, the spire extends high above the skyline and is The risersSlead to a pair of colossal MORITURI TREET clearly visible from anywhere in the outer doors that bow to the curvacity. Midnight veins thread through its ture of the tower, extending beyond rough hewn, dusk-gray granite flagthe entrance on a steel track. Bound stones. Engraved in the lower bricks, in alternating layers of chestnut and hundreds of names proudly denote the 20 brushed steel, they are over two feet Great City’s commanding officers, each thick and 17 near impenetrable. The steel entry highlighted by the officer’s title, plating that sheaths the stiles and rails is rank, and the dates which the served. embossed with strange creatures with

serpent-bodies and the faces of leering gargoyles. The inset panels, eight high and four wide, are carved to resemble snarling lions.



Every ten feet or so, the stone is parted by high-arcing windows framed in iron1and set with panels of the deepest shadowglass.

Beyond the main doors, a 30-foot diameter chamber serves as the complex’s entrance hall. The room is set in perfect symmetry with short ten-foot halls entering and N’ S


The Great City’s military falls under the command of four generals, appointed every eight years or so from the ranks of commanding officers who have proven themselvesNto both the 14 ETCASTERS S QUARE senate committee and the current military council. Collectively, all these officers are known as the 12 Kharel, a title once used by the ancient tribesmen, which loosely translates to “warrior without fear of death.” While most of the Kharel own properties elsewhere within the Great City, they spend the majority of their time within the Army Ward training troops, analyzing military data, and developing new strategies. While on duty, members of the Kharel reside at a large two-story complex informally dubbed The Headquarters.



2 eadquarters




exiting at opposite ends of the room each adjacent to one of two matching staircases that coil upwards with a delicate curve. The banisters are carved with a serpentine pattern, each ending at an oversized newel post carved to resemble a lion’s head. The polished chestnut stairs connect at a small landing above the exit hall to form a wide arch. The remainder of the room is open, illuminated by a tremendous iron chandelier with over fifty candles whose ever-dripping tallow leaves translucent scars upon the gray flagstone. Fifty feet up, the pressed tin ceiling shimmers from the candle-light revealing a faded mural of half naked warriors wrestling lions, crocodiles, and other fierce beasts. Creatures: Both at the main doors and on the balcony above, are positioned guards to greet or defend against anyone entering the complex.

GF2. Grand Hall Doors open into a 70-foot-diameter room. Doors symmetrically positioned

around the perimeter. Framing the center of the room, eight marble columns pass through a second-floor mezzanine and extend upwards to the ceiling. Light spills in from the stained glass roof panels above creating a dazzling montage as it strikes a mosaic of patterns and mathematical symbols on the floor. Regardless of the time of day, a wash of colors from the glass panels illuminates the room. Each one delicately cut to amplify or diffuse light depending on its angle and intensity. The light patterns formed work in tandem with the floor mosaic, creating different colored shadows at different times of day, in different seasons. The glass is equally responsive to changes in temperature and moisture, thus the entire room function as an elaborate weather clock. All of the doors lead to rooms on the ground floor. The single doors connect to rooms along outer wall of the core tower while the double doors connect to rooms in the smaller exterior towers.

Word on the Street Characters asking around of the street or otherwise researching The Headquarters can make Knowledge (local) or Gather Information checks to learn the following information about the shop. Scale either check using DC 10 + soldier’s HD. 1. The Headquarters or HQ is home to the Great City’s army intelligence, formed from a council of commanding officers and four generals, appointed by committee. 2. Once known as the bungling son of a wealthy aristocrat, Captain Lubor Agres is rumored to be the forerunner in this year’s candidacy for General. 3. Headquarters is heavily guarded and those arriving without proper paperwork risk fines, arrest and detainment. 4. Master Cartographer Quentin Fargus finally believes he has discovered the way to the fabled paradise beyond the Great Ocean. 5. Some of the higher-up COs are also frequent patrons of the Yei Ling House of Pleasure. 6. General Prostolom is having an affair with one of the young female guards. Though the couple attempts to be discreet about things, she frequents his room quite a bit. 7. Somewhere in the building is a secret entrance to an ancient cistern beneath the original foundation. Deeper passages exiting from the cistern connect to the Dungeon under the Mountain.


Creatures: two soldiers guard this area at all times. They immediately arrest anyone with proper clearance or identification.

GF3. Meeting Room Blond ash double doors set into the center of the east wall open into a circular meeting room. The walls are finished in a white plaster while the floors are laid with a diamond pattern of red and beige sandstone. Along the room’s eastern perimeter, two more single doors exit to the north and south. Arranged throughout the room rest several circular tables each seated with an appropriate number of chairs. Like much of the furniture, they are crafted from chestnut and carved with sweeping florets and lion’s heads. Two shadowglass windows allow light to enter from the west wall. The southeast door leads to a small private chamber used for a number of purposes from private interrogation, temporary imprisonment, or as a covert listening chamber allowing individuals to eaves drop on seemingly private meetings. The northeast door leads to the Office. Creatures: During the day there is a 50% chance 1d4 commanders are using the meeting room along with an appropriate number of low ranking troops in order to discuss upcoming strategies or events. If interrupted without good cause, they respond in an unfriendly manner.

GF4. Meeting Room Blond ash double doors set into the center of the south wall open into a circular meeting room. The walls are finished in a white plaster while the floors are laid with a diamond pattern of red and beige sandstone. Along the room’s southern perimeter, two more single doors exit to the east and west.




7 11




training troops or performing similar tasks, there’s a 75% chance that 1d4 of them occupy this room after supper or in the early evening having a polite chat or a sharing a bottle of either wine or an after dinner aperitif. The pipe smoke is from General Robelus Mannig, who sometimes comes downstairs for a late evening smoke and glass of fine Logian brandy when he has trouble sleeping (which has become an increasing number of night out of the week).

GF6. Office 10 5 9


equals 5 ft

Arranged throughout the room rest several circular tables each seated with an appropriate number of chairs. Like much of the furniture, they are crafted from chestnut and carved with sweeping florets and lion’s heads. Two shadowglass windows allow light to enter from the north wall.

7 - Headquarters, ground floor

cause, they respond in an unfriendly manner.

GF5. Parlour

The southeast door leads to the Office.

The room is decorated, almost floor to ceiling portraits of the Great City’s generals. Brass plaques mounted to their picture frames name some of them, but the identities of most of the austere faces must be speculated. The furniture in this room consists of two couches and four oversized lounge chairs all upholstered with dark-maroon leather and trimmed with copper finishing tacks. The sour scent of apple-flavored pipe tobacco tinges the air. Two shadowglass windows allow light to enter from the southwest wall, and there appear to be no other exits.

Creatures: During the day there is a 50% chance 1d4 commanders are using the meeting room along with an appropriate number of low ranking troops in order to discuss upcoming strategies or events. If interrupted without good

Creatures: The parlour is occasionally used by high-ranking officers who sit and ponder the deeds of the men and women whose portraits adorn the walls. While the room get little use during the day when the officers are

The southwest door leads to a small private chamber used for a number of purposes from private interrogation, temporary imprisonment, or as a covert listening chamber allowing individuals to eaves drop on seemingly private meetings.


This long, narrow room has few furnishings and plain white walls. Two rows of filing cabinets line east wall, split by a single door of blond ash. Two more doors exit at opposite ends of the room, while two shadowglass windows allow light to enter from the northwest. The remainder of the room holds two workbenches and two desks piled high with scribble-covered parchment. Creature: During the day, a half dozen scribes attempt to complete the massive amount of clerical work associated with running a military. The cabinets hold records of thousands of conscripts, payroll information, hundreds of order slips and receipts for horses, new equipment, contact names of farmers, smiths cooks, projected budgets, and all manner of confusing and boring paperwork. Perpetually confused, the clerks despise interruptions. If interrupted once they attempt to brush the individual off and go back to work. If further pressed, the yell “I’m Busy! Leave Me Alone!” and angrily throw balls of crumpled paper until a guard comes to resolve things. At which point, the poor clerk bursts into tears with complaints of being too bust and completely overwhelmed.

GF7. Library The door opens in the center of a 15-foot long room, neatly bisected by a

short shelf of books. Two larger bookcases cover the far walls on the opposite sides of the room. Each section has it own study table, seated with four chairs and centered on a shadowglass window to allow good reading light. Library Door: Whenever it is unoccupied (according to Lesur’s working hours) the door to the library is kept locked.

of numbers and figures and a journal with notes speculating about the nature of the lands beyond the Great Ocean. Various tools for drafting maps can be found neatly placed in cubbies above the bins, including compasses, sextants and other strange devices for measuring and calculating. A massive star chart has been painted on the ceiling while

the west wall is painted with a map of the known world (though it’s only fully visible when the door is closed). Creature: Master cartographer and retired gnome commander Quentin Fargus works tireless hours in the map room, toiling away at his speculations of what must lie beyond the Great


Books: Valuable books fill the library. Topics include military histories, encyclopedias of weapons and armor, techniques for developing war machines and siege engines, technology in warfare, steam-driven devices, arcane warfare, and many others Creature: The library is run by Lesur Brown, an aged historian with fragile bones and a long gray beard. He’s very particular about the books, which he values more than his own life, particularly those that deal in his favorite subject, dungeon-craft. He is helpful to a fault, though he permits no one in the library without him, and keeps it locked when leaving it unattended. His normal hours are late mornings to early afternoons most of the week when the light is best. He doesn’t permit reading by candlelight, or for that matter, any open flame source within the library. Neither does he loan books out as he considers his collection irreplaceable.

GF8. Cartography Room Double doors open into this spacious circular room. Numbered bins of tightly rolled charts and maps line the walls, and aside from the occasional ink stain on the floor, everything is immaculate and neatly organized. Placed throughout the room sit four round drafting tables, their wooden tops covered by thick cardboard mats for cutting and pinning chart paper. On one of the tables sits a large abacus and a collection



with war tactics, and plans for invading surrounding countries; even those the Great City is at peace with. 3


First Floor 4


FF1. Stairs 17





The circling stairs meet here forming a small landing before entering into a impressive looking balcony. To one side, you notice a small crank connected to rope and pulley system that runs to the chandelier.



Creatures: A single guard waits here. As soon as an unknown person walks through the door, he lines up a shot and prepares to snipe them.


9 2 18

19 8

equals 5 ft

Ocean. At first, he comes off as distant and preoccupied, however should anyone feign the slightest interest about his work, he excitedly drags them about the room incessantly jabbering about his wild speculations, insisting on showing them every detail of his work.

GF9. Storeroom The door to this room is locked. Inside the barrels and crates pile to the ceiling. A single window to the southeast allows a little light to enter. The crates hold various supplies including uniforms and bedding, as well as dried goods, cheeses, tobacco. The barrels contain mostly water and wine, but a few are filled with brandy or other liquors.

GF10. Armory The door to this room is locked. Inside, rows of armor and weapons racks



7 - Headquarters, first floor

line the walls. One of them stuffed in the southeast corner conceals a window. The racks hold dozens of mundane and masterwork weapons. For the most part, they are common weapons, though there are a few exotic pieces among them.

GF11.Secret Maps The secret door creaks, revealing a dark, tiny room. Inside the air hangs still, stale and moldering. Sprinkled with dust, cobwebs, and mouse droppings, the room seems entirely forgotten. A powerful illusion covers this room, protecting its secrets from outsiders. Around the room, dozens of secret maps hang on the walls. Some contain records of places unseen, such as lost cities, sunken ships, and fabled sites most believe as mythical. Others contain maps of the various lands labeled


Chandelier Holder: A crank wheel at the top of the landing allows an individual to raise and lower the chandelier in order to light the candles. If the cord is cut, the chandelier plummets to the floor dealing 5d6 points of damage to anyone underneath (Reflex negates).

FF2. Balcony A 15-foot-wide chestnut plank balcony encircles the center of tower, stopping midway through each of the marble columns in the center. Sections of threefoot-high wrought-iron railing with a chestnut handrail circle the edge of the balcony, each safely anchored between two of the columns. The drop from the balcony is about 20-feet and from the ledge one has a clear view of the weather clock. The columns continue up another 20 feet, passing straight through the stained glass ceiling. As with the ground floor, doors encircle the exterior wall. There are a dozen single doors and two sets of double doors opposite the main stair landing. Similar 10-footwide corridors open into the west and east walls. Each of these opens into a small foyer with two doors in opposite corners.

Creatures: four soldiers guard this area at all times. They immediately arrest anyone with proper clearance or identification.

the fireplace and the dresser stands an armor and weapons rack. The room has a single window and no other exits.

FF 12-15. General’s Room FF3. Parlour The double doors swing inward opening into a large parlour. On either side of the entrance, small chestnut bookcases partially conceal a matched pair chestnut tables. Across the room, opposite the double doors, a couch and two lounge chairs face a tremendous chestnut mantel. Similar to the downstairs parlor, the furniture is upholstered in dark-maroon leather. The feet of the mantel are carved to resemble giant clawing lions paws. On the mantelshelf rest twenty different drinking cups of every possible size and shape, from a crude fur wrapped bull’s horn to gold plated goblet inlaid with gemstones. Above the mantel, hang two crossed greatswords partially covered by a metal shield painted with a lion-headed serpent. Aside from the shadowglass windows set into the northern wall, no other exits are apparent.

Rooms 12 –15 are entirely similar, with exception of some of their owner’s personal belongings as noted in the other sections. This pleasantly sized room appears to be the private quarters of a high-ranking military person. As soon as you enter, you notice the armor and weapons

Lesur Brown

Books: The shelves hold a variety of mundane texts, including a collection of home remedies, a bawdy collection of prostitute tales, a travel guide of different cities, and the memoirs of General Greer.

FF 4-11. Commander’s Room Rooms 4 –11 are entirely similar, with exception of some of their owner’s personal belongings as noted in the other sections. This room appears to be someone’s personal quarters. A single bed juts from one wall, accompanied by night table set with a candle in a tin cup. Near the foot of the bed, but off to one side stands a chestnut dresser. A small fireplace takes up a corner of the room, and between


rack. Opposite the rack, rests single bed framed on the window side by a night table, and the wall side by a matching chestnut dresser and set of shelves. A leather lounge chair sits comfortably between a small stone fireplace and the room’s single window. There are no other apparent exits.

FF 16-19. Privy Rooms 16 –19 are entirely similar. This room stinks of human waste. A barrel with clean water is pushed into

the closest corner; near it is a box of clean rags. In the opposite corner are several brass basins and two small barrels. The first appears nailed shut while the second is filled with dark water, rose petals, and dirty rags. A few more floral bouquets lie scattered throughout the room, though they provide little defense against the stench. Flies crawl and swarm about the brass basins and barrels in the far corner This room is a privy. The sealed barrel is full and could stand to be removed. When in use, a privy’s door is latched shut. Anyone barging in and interrupting someone’s privy time is bound to start a fight.

NPCs, Villains and Monsters

few years back, Lesur lost his wife of many years. While he was never taken for a socialite, following her death he withdrew even farther from society, becoming somewhat of a recluse and the library became his private sanctuary from the rest of the world. One day, while going through some architectural tomes, Lesur made a startling discovery. According to faded blueprints from the empirical ages, the Headquarters seemed built atop an ancient cistern. Testing his theory, Lesur cut a small hole in the floorboards and began digging. He told no one of his tasks, taking out sacks of dirt and rock during the day when everyone was out drilling troops. Months later, he struck

Lubor Agres

Guard Soldiers The Headquarters remains under the constant watch of a dozen conscripted men, these guards are prepared arrest anyone failing to comply with their rules. Although their primary job is to police the area and keep it safe and secure, they are capable combatants and if necessary defend the Headquarters with their lives. Four guards are positioned outside the Main Entrance. Two are positioned in the Entrance and Stairs (Area GF1.) Two are positioned in the Grand Hall (GF2.) One is positioned at the top of the Stairs (Area FF1.) Four are positioned in the Balcony (Area FF2.)

Lesur Brown Lesur secured his position as the Headquarters librarian decades ago; in fact, none of the current staff can even recall who appointed him. A


a marble slab and beneath it, a gaping cavernous hole. Soon after, he built a ladder and excitedly descended into the depths. Though rumors abound concerning the cistern’s existence, Lesur keeps his discovery secret. Recently, he’s taken to spending lots of time fishing in the murky waters or making charcoal sketches of the lost reservoir by candlelight. In the vastness, he has found peace in the dripping echoes and the solitude. What Lesur is soon to discover is that the cistern is home to an aboleth who has been waiting for the historian to share his discover with a few more individuals, before he strikes. Description: Lubor stands a few inches over 5-feet tall; a frail ancient-

looking man with a long beard and course dry hair like gray straw. His pale skin wrinkles into thick folds and is blotched with reddish-brown age spots. His back stoops slightly and he often uses a cane to walk. He wears simple brown robes tied with a knotted rope and wooden sandals, and for some strange reason often carries about a fishing pole.

Captain Lubor Agres The once talentless Captain Agres was appointed to his position by the good graces of his father’s friends; or perhaps the emptiness of their wallets. At the time of his conscription, Lubor’s sword-fighting style was more theatrical than deadly and even his father speculated that his son only chose the uniform because he was too socially inept to approach women on his own. He had even less success as a foot soldier. By the end of basic training, his platoon members despised him for being a selfish bungling fool. After basic, he was assigned a two-year stint as guardian in the Uthmar Mines. Three-months in, he decided to take a nap while on guard duty. As he snoozed, a troop of goblins snuck past his position and raised a camp of miners and guards, leaving few survivors. Days later, survivors found the straggling Lubor wandering back towards the camp and wasted no time cutting his throat. The three soldiers made a pact never to tell of their deed and when they returned, the simply reported Lubor among the missing. Then strangely, three weeks later Lubor returned to base-camp spouting a tale of epic proportions and dragging a rope threaded with the heads of 20 goblins behind him. From that point on, Lubor quickly excelled, meeting every challenge and becoming one of the Armies most brilliant and strategic thinkers, in fact more than a few speculate the young captain is fast on his way to becoming a general.

Still, however well it was hidden, the truth of Lubor Agres’s death remains. The current Captain Agres is not a human, but a strange shapeshifting aberration known as a phasm. Out of curiosity, the phasm stole Lubor’s identity and quite enjoys the calculating profession of commanding troops. He also very much enjoys the handsome inheritance left to him by Lubor’s father along with the Headquarters close proximity to the Yei Ling House of Pleasure. Description: Miraculously, Lubor Agres has grown better looking with age. Though most estimate he’s in his late-forties, his appearance is closer to a man half his age. Well-built, he stands about 6-feet-tall with chiseled features and piercing green eyes. He keeps his curly auburn hair cut just above shoulder-length. When not in uniform, he dresses in the most fabulous and expensive clothing he can find.

Denorra Though an appointed member of the Headquarters’ guard, most feel the slight young woman did little to earn he position saves to meet the personal fancies of old General Prostolom. Ironically perhaps, these speculations bear some truth, however Denorra is actually both a talented rogue and General’s niece. As the two meet in private to stage their intimate affair, Denorra relays all the goings on of the Headquarters, covertly keeping him abreast of possible threats and political rivalry. Denorra possesses a shy and slightly unfriendly demeanor. About 18 years old or so, she’s a somewhat plain, but pretty girl. She seems diligent in her concern for the Headquarters security and her uniform is always in top shape. Description: Denorra has a light coffee complexion, wide almond eyes, and full lips. She wears her hair pulled back into rows of tight braids all bound into a single ponytail at the nape of her


neck. On the left side of her throat is a faded green tattoo written in elvish that reads, “freedom before death.”

Quentin Fargus As former commanding officer, Quentin and his troops traveled the known world. Over the years, his reputation grew, naming him one of the foremost explorers of the Western Highlands, the Sliver Glacier, and the Lost Islands of the Great Ocean. Though he has long since retired, he still obsesses over the fabled lands beyond the Great Ocean. While others (perhaps even greater explorers than himself) have followed his example, none have successfully found these fabled lands, perhaps with good reason. After decades of study, Quentin recently unlocked a series of patterns in the landscape that appear to be some sort of geometric code; a code he believes ancient outsiders established to seal the fabled lands from the mortal reach. After uncovering the miraculous codes, Quentin is now more excited than ever to find someone to take him to these lands, a place he believes to be a paradise where death has no power. Description: Quentin is a wiry for a gnome, with a slight pot-belly and a receding brownish-gray hairline. Despite approaching old age, he remains quite spry, excitable, somewhat impatient, and speaks almost too quickly for mortal comprehension.

Adventure Seeds Hook #1: Marol Agres suspects that his nephew isn’t all that he seems. His suspicions compounded following the recent passing of his brother, and Lubor’s subsequent inheritance of his father’s sizable fortune. He offers to pay players to investigate Lubor and bring him whatever evidence they can find about his miraculous rise through the military ranks. Marol still has a more than a few contacts within the military

and can manage to get them all jobs as Headquarter guards. Hook #2: Cartographer and noted explorer Quentin Fargus is partial correct in his recent discoveries; the Fabled Lands do exist- however they are no paradise. On the contrary, the ancient formulas open a gate between world where fiends have become native outsiders and cannot be banished. An astral deva contacts players and tasks them with subtly altering Quentin’s work so that his calculations cannot open the gate. A low-profile task requiring the utmost secrecy. At first,

the job is simple and the trusting Cartographer fails to notice any significant changes. But when Quentin crossreferences his current notes with his prized possession (an ancient map of the Fabled Lands), he becomes delusional and paranoid, even murderous of any who would deny night him the rewards of discovering paradise before his death. Players must locate his secret room, and find his map before the dark forces of the world become aware of it. Hook #3: General Malmot recently caught Denorra snooping through some of his files. Malmot caught and

Quentin Fargus

arrested her before she could escape. Now she awaits trial for high treason. General Prostolom too may be called to the courts to explain their intimate meetings. General Prostolom fears for her life, but is unsure how to prove her innocence without jeopardizing his own position or her safety, for she would have many enemies should anyone discover their true relationship. The General needs the players to slip into his rival’s quarters and steal the documents Denorra was searching for, documents that incriminate Malmot in several fraudulent military frauds. Unfortunately, they’ve limited time. As soon as Malmot realizes that Denorra is no foreign spy, he rushes to his files destroy any damning evidence.

Designer’s Notes I started this piece with a lot more stat blocks, then at some point I realized that was probably ridiculous, both for me a designer and for the poor GM stuck with pages of stat blocks with slight variation for each general and captain. I found it easier just to wing the differences when GMing, or if need be make a couple of side notes for variations in equipment. That said, I tried to include plot hooks that might really disrupt the military nature of the HQ. Instead of typical warmongering things, I tried to make intriguing mysteries and arcane puzzles to attract the attention of nonmartial classes, giving everyone in the party a reason to stop by.

Author’s Bio Werecabbage Hitchcock lives in the fifth borough of New York City. During the day, he teaches science Coney Island. At the night, he tries his hand at game design and over the past couple of years; he has completed a few pieces for 0one Games, Bastion Press, Paizo, WotC, and Mongoose Inc. Beware the Slaw.




NPCs, Villains and Monsters Statblocks [High] Guard Soldier CR8 Male/Female Human Fighter 8 LN Medium humanoid (human) Init +0 (+0 Dex); Senses Blind-fight; Listen +2, Spot +2 Languages Common AC 22, touch 10, flat-footed 22 (+9 armor, +3 shield) hp 48 (8 HD) Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +4 Spd 20 ft Melee +1 bastard sword +12/+7 (1d10+5/19-20) Ranged +1 heavy crossbow +10/+5 (1d10+1/19-20) Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft Base Atk +8/+3; Grp +10 Atk Options Power Attack Combat Gear oil of bless weapon, potion of bull’s strength, potion of cure light wounds Abilities Str 14, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 10 Feats Alertness, Blind-fight, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword), Weapon Focus (heavy crossbow), Weapon Specialization (bastard sword) Skills Climb +1, Handle Animal +3, Intimidate +7, Jump +1, Listen +2, Spot +2, Swim -10

Possessions +1 full-plate, +1 heavy steel shield, +1 bastard sword, +1 heavy crossbow, 20 bolts 2gp, quiver, oil of bless weapon, potion of bull’s strength, potion of cure light wounds 203 gp Typical Commander CR 15 Male/Female Human Fighter 15 LN Medium humanoid (human) Init +1; Senses Blind-fight; Listen +4, Spot +4 Languages Common AC 22, touch 11, flat-footed 22 hp 108 (15 HD) Immune discern thoughts, discern lies, detect alignment Fort +11, Ref +8, Will +8 Spd 20 ft Melee +3 bastard sword +25/+20/+15 (1d10+12/19-20) Ranged +2 heavy crossbow +19/+14/+9 (1d10+1/19-20) Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft Base Atk +15; Grp +20 Atk Options Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Sunder Combat Gear oil of bless weapon, potion of bull strength

lets of ogre power, cloak of charisma, ring of mind shielding, 1000gp Typical General CR 18 Male/Female Human Fighter 18 LN Medium humanoid (human) Init +1; Senses Blind-fight; Listen +4, Spot +4 Languages Common AC 29, touch 11, flat-footed 28 hp 124 (18 HD) Immune discern thoughts, discern lies, detect alignment Fort +13, Ref +9, Will +9 Spd 20 ft Melee +5 keen bastard sword +30/+25/+20/+15 (1d10+14/18-20) Ranged +2 heavy crossbow +22/+17/+12 (1d10+1/19-20) Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft Base Atk +18; Grp +23 Atk Options Combat Reflexes Cleave, Great Cleave, Power Attack, Improved Bullrush Improved Sunder Combat Gear oil of bless weapon, potion of bull strength

Abilities Str 20, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 11, Wis 13, Cha 14 Feats Alertness, Blind-fight, Cleave, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Great Cleave, Greater Weapon focus (bastard sword), Greater Weapon specialization (bastard sword), Improved Sunder, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Weapon Focus (bastard sword), Weapon Focus (heavy crossbow), Weapon Specialization (bastard sword) Skills Climb +7, Craft (weaponsmithing) +8, Handle Animal +9, Intimidate +15, Jump +7, Listen +4, Ride +7, Spot +4, Swim +1

Abilities Str 20, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 14 Feats Alertness, Blind-fight, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Great Cleave, Greater Weapon Focus (bastard sword), Greater Weapon Specialization (bastard sword), Improved Bullrush, Improved Sunder, Improved Shield Bash, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Weapon Focus (heavy crossbow), Weapon Focus (bastard sword), Weapon Specialization (bastard sword) Skills Climb +10, Craft (weaponsmithing) +9, Handle Animal +10, Intimidate +17, Jump +10, Listen +4, Ride +9, Search +1, Spot +4, Swim +3

Possessions +3 full-plate, +2 heavy steel shield, +3 bastard sword, +2 heavy crossbow, 20 bolts, quiver, oil of bless weapon, potion of bull strength, gaunt-

Possessions +5 full-plate, +3 heavy steel shield, +5 keen bastard sword, +2 heavy crossbow, 20 bolts, quiver, oil of bless weapon, potion of bull strength, gaunt-


lets of ogre power, cloak of charisma, ring of mind shielding, 1000gp Lesur Brown  CR 10 Male Human Expert 8/Wiz 3 N Medium humanoid (human) Init +0; Senses Listen +1, Spot +1 Languages Common, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Infernal, Undercommon AC 13, touch 11, flat-footed 13 hp 35 (8 HD) Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +6 Spd 30 ft Melee +1 dagger +9/+4 (1d4) Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft Base Atk +7/+2; Grp +0 Combat Gear 3 potions of cure light wounds, potion of bull’s strength Spells (CL 3, +7 melee touch, +7 ranged touch) 2nd—continual flame, locate object, 1st— hold portal, identify, unseen servant 0—detect magic, light, message, prestidigitation Abilities Str 8, Dex 11, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 11 Feats Bibliophile, Eschew Components, Great Fortitude, Scribe ScrollB, Skill Focus (Knowledge (dungeoneering), Weapon Finesse Skills Appraise +16, Concentration +8, Decipher Script +16, Diplomacy +12, Forgery (cc) +7, Gather Information, Knowledge (architecture and engineering), Knowledge (dungeoneering) +19, Knowledge (history)+16, Knowledge (local)+16, Knowledge (nobility and royalty)+16, Listen +1, Speak Language +7, Spellcraft +12, Spot Possessions combat gear plus +1 dagger, +2 bracers of armor, +2 ring of protection, 1 masterwork silver daggers, goggles of minute seeing, 150 gp Denorra  Female human rogue 13 N Medium humanoid (human)

CR 13

Init +4; Senses Listen +9, Spot +9 Languages Common AC 21, touch 14, flat-footed 21; Defensive Roll; Dodge, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge hp 60 (13 HD) Fort +6, Ref +12, Will +7; Evasion Spd 30 ft Melee +2 throwing longsword +13/+8 (1d8+3) Ranged +1 shortbow +14/+9 (1d6+2) Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft Base Atk +9; Grp +10 Atk Options sneak attack +7d6, crippling strike, Special Action Combat Gear oil of invisibility Abilities Str 11, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 11 SQ trap sense +3, trapfinding Feats Dodge, Great Fortitude, Investigator, Iron Will, Martial Weapon Proficiency (longsword), Weapon Focus (longsword) Skills Balance +12, Bluff +8, Climb +10, Diplomacy +10, Disable Device +12, Escape Artist +12, Gather Information +12, Hide +12, Intimidate +8, Jump +10, Listen +9, Move Silently +12, Open Locks +12, Search +12, Sense Motive +11, Spot +9, Tumble +12, Use Magic Device +8, Use Rope +12 Possessions combat gear plus +2 mithril chainshirt, +2 throwing longsword, +1 shortbow, quiver with 15 arrows, gauntlets of ogre power. Crippling Strike (Ex): A rogue with this ability can sneak attack opponents with such precision that her blows weaken and hamper them. An opponent damaged by one of her sneak attacks also takes 2 points of Strength damage. Ability points lost to damage return on their own at the rate of 1 point per day for each damaged ability. Defensive Roll (Ex): The rogue can roll


with a potentially lethal blow to take less damage from it than she otherwise would. Once per day, when she would be reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by damage in combat (from a weapon or other blow, not a spell or special ability), the rogue can attempt to roll with the damage. To use this ability, the rogue must attempt a Reflex saving throw (DC = damage dealt). If the save succeeds, she takes only half damage from the blow; if it fails, she takes full damage. She must be aware of the attack and able to react to it in order to execute her defensive roll—if she is denied her Dexterity bonus to AC, she can’t use this ability. Since this effect would not normally allow a character to make a Reflex save for half damage, the rogue’s evasion ability does not apply to the defensive roll. Captain Lubor Agres CR 16 Phasm fighter 9 CN Medium Aberration (Shapechanger) Init +6; Senses darkvision 60ft. scent, tremor sense 60 ft.; Listen +12, Spot +12 Languages Common; Telepathy 100ft. AC 24, touch 12, flat-footed 22;Combat Expertise, AC (natural form only) 17, 12 touch, 15 flat-footed; Combat Expertise, hp 148 (24 HD) Immune (natural for only) critical hits, flanking, paralysis, poison, polymorph, sleep, and stunning. Fort +17, Ref +14, Will +14 Spd 30 ft Melee +2 bastard sword +28/+23/+18/+13 (1d8+8) Melee (natural form only) Slam +15/+10/+5 melee (1d3+1) Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft Base Atk +17; Grp +19 Combat Gear gauntlet of rust, potion of cure moderate, potion of lesser restoration, ring of counterspelling (fireball) Abilities Str 14, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 16,

Wis 15, Cha 14 SQ alternate form, resilient Feats Alertness, Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Greater Weapon Focus (bastard sword), Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Initiative, Mobility, Weapon Focus (bastard sword), Weapon Specialization (bastard sword) Skills Bluff +20, Climb +16, Craft (alchemy) +12, Diplomacy +17, Disguise +20 (+22 acting)*, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate +19, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +18, Listen +12, Ride +16. Spot +12, Survival +12 Possessions combat gear plus +3 chain shirt, +4 anarchic bastard sword Amorphous (Ex): Lubor in his natural form has immunity to poison, sleep, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning effects. It is not subject to critical hits and, having no clear front or back, cannot be flanked. Resilient (Ex): Lubor has a +4 racial bonus on Fortitude and Reflex saves (included in the statistics block). Alternate Form (Su): Lubor can assume any form of Large size or smaller as a standard action. This ability functions as a polymorph spell cast on itself (caster level 15th), except that Lubor does not regain hit points for changing form. Lubor can remain in his alternate form until he chooses to assume a new one or return to his phasm form. Skills: *When using shapechange, Lubor gains a +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks Quentin Fargus CR 14 Male Gnome Ranger 14, Expert 1 N Small humanoid (gnome) Init +6 (+2 Dex, Feat); Senses low-light vision; Listen +8, Spot +8* Languages Common, Giant, Goblin, Gnome AC 20, touch 13, flat-footed 19; +4 vs. giant type

hp 63 (10 HD) Fort +11, Ref +11, Will +12; Evasion Spd 20 ft; woodland stride Melee hooked hammer +17/+12/+7(1d6+3/x3) and +17/+12/+7 (1d4+3/x4) Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft Base Atk +14; Grp +9 Atk Options +1 racial vs. kobolds and goblinoids, 1st favored enemy (+4 vs. goblinoids), 2nd favored enemy (+4 vs. giants), 3rd favored enemy (+2 vs. monstrous humanoids) Ranger Spells Prepared (CL 7, +14 melee touch, +16 ranged touch): 4th– commune with nature 3rd– darkvision, water walk 2nd– barkskin, wind wall 1st– endure elements, read magic, summon nature’s ally Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1): 1/day— speak with animals (burrowing mammals only, duration 1 minute) 1/day— dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation Abilities Str 10, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 13 SQ +1 DC of illusion spells, animal companion (badger), camouflage, swift tracker, wild empathy Feats Diligent, Endurance, Greater TwoWeapon Fighting, Improved Init(9th), Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (Ranger), Iron Will, Self Sufficient, Track, Two-Weapon Defense, TwoWeapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (hooked hammer), Skills Appraise +6, Bluff +1, Climb +8, Concentration +8, Craft (alchemy) +8, Decipher Script +9, Forgery +6, Gather Information +7, Handle Animal +7, Heal +12, Hide +11, Jump +7, Knowledge (dungeoneering)+8, Knowledge (geography) +14, Knowledge (nature)+10, Listen +8, Move Silently +6, Perform (painting) +7, Profession (cartographer) +14, Ride +6, Search +8, Sense Motive +8, Spot +8, Survival +11, Use Rope +7, Use Magic Device +7


Possessions +4 studded leather, +3 hook hammer (+3 hammer/+3 pick), folding boat

New Feat Bibliophile Deep appreciation for books has perfected your ability to quickly locate important information from their pages and has made you a master of using them to answer all manner of questions. Benefit: Provided you have a book on the subject in question at hand, you can use it to make Knowledge skill checks, even if you are untrained in the specific knowledge. Each minute you spend attempting to research an answer grants you a +1 bonus to the appropriate Knowledge check, however the total bonus is limited to the size of the book. Every 100 pages a book contains grants the reader a +1 bonus, so a 500 page book potentially grants a +5 bonus to the relative Knowledge skill check, but only if the reader spends at least 5 minutes looking for the answer.

New Item Shadowglass Dwarven glassblowing techniques created this durable, one-way ebontinted glass. When viewed from the exterior side, everything behind blurs and twists into intangible shadowy shapes. From the opposite side, the view is crystal-clear and during complete darkness, the glass enhances any shapes beyond as if the viewer possessed darkvision with a 60ft-range (though the effect is non-magical). Unfortunately, shadowglass is extremely heavy, difficult to work with, and provides no special benefit when used in sections less than two square feet. Shadowglass has a hardness of 5, 6 hp per inch of thickness, and a Break DC 22.

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