03. Cobarrubias vs People

June 30, 2019 | Author: Mary Anne Guanzon Vitug | Category: Reasonable Doubt, Prosecutor, Complaint, Legal Procedure, Courts
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FAC ACTS TS:: In 1994 1994,, peti petiti tion oner er Jude Judeli lio o Co Coba barr rrubi ubias as wa was s charg charged ed with with Frustr rustrat ated ed Hoici Hoicide de !Crii !Criinal nal Cas Case e "o# "o# 94$%& 94$%&'() '(),, Hoici Hoicide de !Cri !Criina inall Cas Case e "o# "o# 94$%& 94$%&'*) '*),, +iolation o Section -(1 !.) o the /nibus 0lection Code in relation to Section 'o epublic epublic Act Act "o# "o# 21(( 21(( !Crii !Criinal nal Cas Case e "o# "o# -4$'9-4$'9-), ), and Illega Illegall 3o 3osse ssessio ssion n o  Firears under 3residential ecree "o# 1*(( !Criinal Case "o# 94$%&'2)# 3etitioner 3etitioner pleaded not guilt5 to all the charges and trial ollowed# /n -& 6arch -&&1, 3residing Judge Florentino 6# Alubres o the egional Trial Court o 7as 3i8as Cit5, ranch -%% !trial court), issued an /rder, - the dispositie portion o which reads: WHEREFORE, in the light of the foregoing, the Court rules that the prosecution failed to establish the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt in Criminal Cases Nos. 9!"#$% and 9!"#$&, and these cases are ordered '()*())E'. Criminal Cases Nos. 9!"#$+ and $9 should be set for further trial. )O OR'ERE'.

 The prosecution did not appeal the trial court;s /rder# /rder# /n % Jul5 -&&1, petitioner ected the er5 erit o the case# 3etitioner oed or reconsideration, which respondent Judge denied on -'  Jul5 -&&-# /n -1 August -&&-, petitioner
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