Syllabus Legal Philosophy

May 18, 2018 | Author: mzhlean | Category: Jurisprudence, Philosophical Movements, Ethical Principles, Epistemology, Politics
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Legal Philo...


Legal Philosophy Course Outline by D. Z. Gasgonia …..1

Main source: Readings in Legal Philosophy and and heory !e"t !e"t and Co##ents $ro# Plato to McDougal%  by &orge R. Co'uia( )**+ )**+ edition, -upple#ental source: ntroduction to Legal Philosophy by Crisolito Pascual( 1//0 reised edition.  I.

ntroduction 2 Coquia, pp. 1-2 3. De$inition( 4ature 4ature and 5unction: 5unction: Philos Philos and Logos 2 6loe o$ 7isdo#8, the the study o$ the unierse that see9s to 9no7 the truth and the rational e"planation o$ anything. . 5unction o$ Philosophy o$ La7 and &urisprudence &urisprudence 2 Philosophy Philosophy o$ la7 is a 'uest o$ o$ la7 7hich appeals to reason to obtain ;ustice. ;ustice. t is opposed to tyranny. tyranny. ro7n( eerly. MacCor#ic9( 4eil. 6La7( philosophy philosophy o$8 !Oerie7%( o Routledge o vs. o vs. nsular Goern#ent( 0 Phil. 1?) @ )1) A.-. BB/, cited by Pascual, p. 377- 381 6;udicial actiis#(8
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