Importing Huawei ™ CHR Data for Analysis with Aexio's Xeus Pro

November 11, 2017 | Author: Aexio Software | Category: Copyright, Patent, License, Intellectual Property, Information Retrieval
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Call History Recording (CHR) is a performance recording feature that can perform trace logging function. This feature en...


Getting Started with CHR Analysis in Xeus Pro Overview: Call History Recording (CHR) is a performance recording feature that can perform trace logging function. This feature enables you to utilize the collected CHR data such as cell information, radio measurements and call messages to perform further analysis on calls, events, cells or phone models. Xeus utilizes the Performance Call History Recording (PCHR) data from the call history recording to help users perform further analysis.

Pre-requisite for CHR Analysis: 1. Site Data There is no site information in Huawei WCDMA printout. Therefore, user has to import the XIF/TEMS Cel-file/ MCOM file first before you can import the Huawei WCDMA CFGMML print out. Table 1 below shows some of the mandatory fields required when creating a XIF format site data. Please refer to the Xeus help file found after downloading Xeus into your pc for the full list of XIF format description. XIF Parameter CellId

SiteId Longitude Latitude AntDir RncId


Description The unique Cell Identity/Name of the cell e.g. G1001A. Note: Xeus does not accept two records with SAME Cell Id. Any duplicate cell Id will be renamed with additional suffix e.g. G1001A_1. Mandatory field The Site Id of the cell e.g. D1001. Note: Site Id will be displayed as label for cell in the map Longitude of the cell in Float format e.g. -121.23328. Mandatory field Latitude of the cell in Float format e.g. 30.12312. Mandatory field Direction of the cell in Degree unit Mandatory field RNC Identity Note: RncId-Cid pair allows matching of WCDMA Cell network data to the site data in Xeus database WCDMA Cell Identity Note: RncId-Cid pair allows matching of WCDMA Cell network data to the site data in Xeus database Table 1 – XIF parameter format


Figure 1 – Sample of XIF format

2. RNC Network Dump Use “EXP CFGMML” command to export the MML scripts of the configuration data into the BAM folder 3. CHR Log 3.1 CHRs File Path The CHRs are generated automatically and stored under the BAM in the following path: - RNC R10  /bam/versiona/loaddata/famlogfmt for R10 - RAN R11  /bam/common/fam/famlogfmt - RAN R12 & R13  /bam/common/fam/famlogfmt/pchr The PCHR log will have either UCHR or PCHR word in the filenames e.g. - RNC R10  - RAN R11  BSC0121_[UCHR]02Log20111010231746(DST)_20111010232743(DST) - RAN R12 & R13  BSC0121_[PCHR]02Log20111010231746(DST)_20111010232743(DST) Important: For R11 and above, please ensure that the file name ha ‘UCHR’ or ‘PCHR’. File with ‘CHR’ string alone does contain the performance call log and not supported in Xeus. 3.2 Enable the CHRs Field If one of the fields is not enabled in the CHRs, use the following command to enable it: 1. In the LMT tool, execute the command SET CHRRNCCTRL (R10) or SET UCHRCTRL (R11) in the Command Input field.




CHR Importing: 1. Create a new project 2. Create a complete site data in xif format and import into Xeus. Uncheck “Import Carrier & Neighbor data” as the neighbor data will be imported by CFGMML later.

Figure 2 – Import site data in XIF format


3. Import latest Huawei CFGMML log with CellId or RNCID+CID cell matching with previous xif site data.

Figure 3 – Huawei CFGMML log importing with RNCID+CID cell matching

4. Import PCHR logs. Multiple PCHR logs can be imported into the project.

Figure 4 – Multiple CHR logs importing


5. Click “Next” and use the filter if user wants to reduce the database size and processing time. Else, user can analyze the data with full details.

Figure 5 – CHR parsing filters

6. Click “Finish” and the CHR logs will start parsing. Figure 4 below is an example of the CHR analysis start page.

Figure 6 – CHR Start Page


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