Evolution 200 Series Getting Started

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Evolution 200 Series - Getting Started This guide gives an overview of common tasks that can be performed with the spectrophotometer. For more information, see the Evolution 200 Series User Guide or INSIGHT Help.

User group

Navigation pane

Spectrophotometer Components Reference compartment Optional touchscreen

Task buttons

Application buttons

Template list

Task Buttons The main task buttons provide access to basic operations: Sample compartment



Accesses applications and user groups for customizing the Home screen.

Local Control

Provides tools for storing and retrieving data.

Y To set up a Local Control instrument 1. Turn on the power switch on the back of the spectrophotometer. 2. Press the Power button on the keypad.

Controls how users interact with the software.

Wait for the system to initialize. The power indicator on the keypad stops blinking when initialization is complete and INSIGHTâ„¢ software appears on the screen.

Accesses system-wide settings, including accessory alignment, instrument calibration and firmware updating.

Computer Control Y To set up a Computer Control instrument 1. Turn on the power switch on the back of the spectrophotometer.

2. 3. 4. 5.

Wait for the system to initialize. The power indicator on the keypad stops blinking when initialization is complete. Turn on the computer. Install INSIGHT software. Connect the instrument to the computer using a USB cable. Double-click the INSIGHT desktop icon to start the software.

INSIGHT Window At the left side of the INSIGHT window is the navigation pane, which contains task and action buttons. The right pane provides access to applications and data acquisition setup parameters. Above the panes is a menu bar that includes features for working with workbooks, getting help and performing data analysis and export.

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Right Pane The right pane in Home includes: Feature



Select a user group to access its applications.

Application buttons

Click a button to open an application.

Template list

To open a template, double-click its name.

Applications 4. Click

Fixed Measures light passing through the sample at one or more wavelengths. Click the Fixed button in the right pane in Home.


5. Follow the instructions that appear, providing information or installing a blank, sample or standard. The acquired data appears in the right pane:

Scan Measures light that passes through the sample over a range of wavelengths. Click the Scan button in the right pane in Home.

Quant Use this to set up and perform quantitative analyses of sample data. Click the Quant button in the right pane in Home.

Rate Use this to make time-based kinetics measurements. Click the Rate button in the right pane in Home.

Note Life science applications may also be available.

To create a report containing the data, use the next procedure.

Reports Y To create and print a report

Keypad Operation Button

1. Click


Confirm highlighted choices in menus and text entry boxes. Perform measurements specified using the current settings. Stop the current operation.


2. Use the Configuration tab to specify what to include in the report. 3. Use the Print tab to lay out the report.

4. Click


Data Storage Y To open saved data and the associated application

Perform a zero measurement or baseline scan.

1. Click

Turn the instrument on or off (press and hold 4 seconds to power off ).

2. Select the desired workbook file in the list and click

Start a predefined instrument function or CUE.


Instrument Performance Y To verify instrument performance 1. Click

Common Tasks Start the INSIGHT software, display the Home screen, and select the Classic group before beginning the first task.

in the Home screen.

2. Select the tests to run. Some tests require reference materials. If using an accessory, see its documentation for instructions.

Data Acquisition

3. Click

Y To measure samples 1. Click an application button, such as Scan, in the right pane.

4. Follow the instructions that appear.

2. Click


3. Set the parameters on the tabs in the right pane.



Test results are saved and appear in a window from which they can be printed or copied. They can also be accessed later on the PV Reports tab in My Data.

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