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METABIONICS The Mystic Power of the Mind

How This Book Will Enrich Your Life A few years ago, I had lost everything. My two sons had been taken away from me—and, for a woman, you know that can be the utmost shame, misery, despair. I was in the depths of alcoholism/pep pill addiction. 1 was divorced, broke, jobless and frightened beyond belief. As a Southern “lady” 1had been raised to expect so very much of myself, and I had lived up to those expecta­ tions to a point: home, family, community esteem, etc. I had even added the ingredient of a career as a radio and television personality and fashion model. But suddenly, it was all gone, and so were my hopes and all my self-respect. Once I fully understood those ideas and principles set forth in this book, my whole life took a full 180 degree turn. I gained back all I thought I had lost, and then some. My self-respect returned, and with it came self-understanding and an enormous amount of strength and personal power. Just as suddenly as I had felt I lost it all, 1began to walk with the winners and to know what it’s like to be on the positive side of Life . . . filled with a happy expectancy every day, every moment! Today, I am a successful writer, lecturer, broadcaster, poet, teacher and editor. Today I have goals I would never have dared to dream before, and I literally live on the pinnacle of success and achievement. My lifestyle is one of freedom and integrity. My health, my affairs, my finances are all in perfect harmony with my needs, direction and expectancy. How this came about is an exciting and dramatic story. It has to do with my learning how to use—and using—the Laws of the Mind, principles that have been taught for centuries by the greatest teachers and philosophers in the world. These principles have been taught in many ways: by Jesus of Nazareth in His parables; by the Greek philosophers, such as Socrates and Plato in their writings; by a host of great artists in their paintings and sculpture. These Truths are couched in many different symbols and phrases, and many of us are quite familiar with therfi but do not truly know what they mean. 7


How This Book Will Enrich Your Life

We think we do, but until they are incorporated into our lives, and our lives WORK for us, we do not really understand them. I have chosen to express these Truths in the way I finally began to understand them. And I call the understanding, “Metabionics.” I have selected the word by building on the meaning of “meta,” or “beyond,” “bio” for “life,” and “ionics,” for electronic particles which make up the waves, or electronic frequencies of con­ sciousness. Because of my background in radio and television, because of my strong religious background and extensive study of the religions of the world, and because of my lifelong interest in that which we have called “esoteric” or “occult,” I had to see the whole picture, or pattern behind the life process. Man—you and I—are a synergy of mind, body and spirit. We’re a whole unit of “self’ operating within a larger whole or Universe. Said another way, we are a metabionic unit or microcosm, operating within a larger metabionic unit or macrocosm. We’re each just a little bit of God operating within God the total, and it’s all understood, controlled, perfected and kept in balance and harmony by the MIND. Life is a mind game! I’ve grown to love this definition of life: Life is a threedimensional low-frequency dream sequence controlled in its entire­ ty by the moods and perceptions of the individual. And: You are an expectation of Life. You—each of us—is an idea in the Mind of God, which has manifested itself in this, the three-dimensional world. And—created as we are in His image and likeness, just a little lower than the Angels—we create what we “ex­ pect” or have a strong idea about. Our “expectations” become our “experiences.” Almost everyone of us is familiar with the Divine injunction, “Ask and ye shall receive . . . seek and ye shall find . . . knock and it shall be opened unto you.” Metaphysics, religion, the occult and arcane studies, and psychology have many answers for mankind, tying in the Power of positive thinking, personal polarity and the dynamics of choice. Metabionics goes beyond all that, “getting it all together” for the evolving mind, for the individual jaded by the fast-moving technological and money-oriented world we find about us today.

How This Book Will Enrich Your Life


Metabionics offers the newest, simplest method of asking, seek­ ing and knocking. Because Metabionics has made magic in my life, brought miracles into my life, I guess I talk about it, write about it, think about it, praise it all the time! I teach it in my home, 1teach it every chance I get, I lecture on it, I do workshops and seminars on it. I even give what I hope are highly entertaining keynote speeches at conventions and other social gatherings about it. I try to get my licks in whenever and wherever I can because it has meant, and means, so very much to me. This is the subject matter of the future. In time, every school will have classes in Cosmic Consciousness, tapping the Source, and the electronic attributes of the brain. Meditation will be a natural part of everyone’s life, used in conjunction with the medical field, recrea­ tional work and even corporate functions. I foresee—and I’m not the only one—a whole new era of meditation rooms available for the individual: in his home, school, church or place of business. In this book I have featured as many actual case histories, stories of real people who have changed their lives with Metabionics, as I could. Many are students, many are friends and acquaintances, many are people I’ve interviewed on my radio program, EX­ PLORATION OF THE OCCULT. Some are people I’ve met through my lectures and workshops. All of them, however, are real. And all of them are just like you and me—average persons who became super-persons by learning how to apply the Laws of the Mind. The wonders of Metabionics await you—ask for miracles, follow these steps, expect results. Ann Bodenhamer Martin

Contents How This Book W ill Enrich Your L ife .............................. ..........7 1. Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever W anted....................................... . . . . 1 7 Details of the Techniques and Methods for Using It 18 Rivers of Riches Are Only a Thought Away 19 Betty C. Fooled the Class and Herself 21 Your Most Precious Possession 21 Perceive Future Events with Metabionics 22 Life is Made Up of Choices 24 How Mary C. Took the Reins in Her Life 24 Contacting the Power 26 Posting Sky-Hooks for Yourself 26 My Life Is a Shower of Miracles 27 Metabionics Put Me in Command—Just as It Can Do for You 29 Metabionics: The Secret of the Ages 30 Metabionics Sparks Powerful Psychic-Feedback 30 The Power of Positive Metabionic Thinking 31 The Metabionic Way-of-Life 33 The Quiet Center Where Miracles Begin 34 2. Metabionics Is the Way to Get “Something” for “Nothing” ....................... ........................ , ... .37 How Meta-Consciousness Works Wonders 37 Personal Metabionic Test 39 The Golden Metabionic Technique that Never Fails 41 Fred T. Went from Ailing to Athlete 43 Mary G. Went from Shy to Shining 44 Rita L. Changed from Boorish to Beautiful 45 Never Worry About Getting Old 47 Metabionics Let’s You Look Into the Future with Confidence 48 Phillis S. Lost 75 Pounds 49 Carter J. Lost 110 Pounds! 49 A Weight Gain? It Works the Same Way 50 Summon Unseen Servants at Your Ready Command 50 The Magic Power of Metabionics Monodies 51 11



3» Using Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants ........................... .55 Ancient Rituals Revealed for You 55 Arcane Rituals for Daily Living 59 Ted. C. Solved His Employment and Marriage Problems 59 Arriving at the Programming Frequency 62 Metabionic Mind Treatments That Work Wonders 62 Reprogramming Is Renewal 65 Do Things Right, for a Great Power Is in Your Command 65 Myrtle K. Forgot to Be Selective in the Programming Frequency 66 The World Is Full of Good and There is Plenty for All 67 Saul T. Learned to Keep Himself Unaware of Competing Forces 67 Cora C. Changed Her Life By Changing Where She Focused Her Attention 69 4. Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success, Materializing Possessions and Peace of Mind . . .71 Start with a Fresh Slate 71 The Magic Technique that Gets Results 72 Learning from How Children Learn 73 Katie L. Became a Winner 74 Visualization Works Miracles 76 Word from a Master Metaphysician 78 Sarah M. Used Psychic Feedback to Lose 104 Pounds 79 The Metabionic Weight-Loss Prescription 81 David E. Used “Absorption” to Build a Million Dollar Business 81 Georgia K. Used Psychic Feedback to Become a Writer 84 Peter D. Used Absorption/Psychic-Feedback to Become a Dancer on TV 87 Concentration and Applying It to Your Visions 89 Emulate What the Rich Do 91 5. Using Metabionics to Achieve Perfect Health .............93 The Way to Stay Young and Psychically In-Tune to Health 93 Using Music and Color to Improve Your World 95 Banish a Cold the Metabionic Way 95 Music—Secret Metabionic Healing Power 96 How Carlin T. Got Rid of Sinus Attacks 96 Making Visualization and Applied Concentration Work for You 99 The Artist Learns to Paint His Life 100 Kris L. Banishes Tumor with Selective Attention 100 Color and Music Help You “Mine” Your Mind! 102 The Mystic Healing Vibrations of Color 102



Candy S. Prefers the Sweetness of Orange 103 Using Color to Gain Weight 104 Color and Music Therapy in Hospitals 106 Metabionic Psychomatics 107

6. Metabionics Gives Yon Power Over Others and Helps Yon Develop Your Higher Sensory A b ilitie s........................................ 109 Metabionic Meditation for a Great New Life 109 Your Personal Message from the Source 113 How Kathy P. Became a Leading Actress 114 Building on Your Triumphs to Get Richer and Richer 115 How George H. Made Millions in Printing 116 What Achievers Have in Common 117 Five Steps Toward Metabionic Victory 118 What a Mistake Really Is 118 The Difference Between Your Goals and Your Tools 118 The Fine Art of Flexibility 119 Bob S. Kept His Eyes on the Goal 119 Checklist to Determine Where You are Heading Now 120 Metabionics Psychomatics 121 7. Using Metabionics to Spark Your Success............. 123 What Is An Angel? 123 Contacting Your Personal Angel-Guides 124 The Ritual 126 Again, Who Are Our Angles? 128 Combat Evil Forces with Metabionics 129 Muddied Media 129 My Friend, the Ex-diver 130 What Evil Forces Are 131 Monsters, Munsters, Goblins and Scary Things 132 The Monk 132 Everyday “Evil Forces” 133 Personal Affairs Problems Quietly Solved 133 Phil R. Protected Himself From Evil Forces 134 The Magic Metabionic Protection Technique 134 Metabionic Psychomatics 135 8. Foreseeing the Future, Predicting Events, Controlling the Outcome with Metabionics . . . .137 The Magic Power of Mental Science 137 Learning to Be Clairvoyant 139 Who Is Your Best Fortune-Teller? 141


Contents How Glen C. Fought for Riches 142 Omega Money Chant 144 How Marilyn B. Overcame Chronic Invalidism 144 Monitoring Your Thoughts 146 Recognizing Perfection and Understanding Evil 146 How Karilon F. Diverted Witchcraft into Angel Power 147 Putting Peruvian Mystery Chants to Work in Your Life 149 Chant to See the Future 150 Chant to Exert Control 150 The Single Greatest Adventure of Man 151 How Gerry K. Changed Her “Checkered Past” 152 How Jeff S. Rebuilt His Life from the Ashes of Drug Addiction 153 Addiciton Is a Matter of Decision 154 Re-Programming for the Good Life 155

9. Metabionics Eliminates Fear and Loneliness Forever...157 The Greatest Power Rule Ever Known 157 John C.’s Success 158 Silence Is Not Just Golden—It’s Gold 158 Distinction Between Silence, Aloneness and Loneliness 159 The Metabionic Secret of Never Being Lonely 160 Magic of Visualization Coupled with Silence 161 Learning How Life Is Created 161 Aura Sensitivity Meta-Prayer 162 Learning to Establish Yourself in Time and Space 163 Meta-Power Chant for Expanding Time and Space 164 Meta-Bionic Time-Space Continuum Expander 164 How Gert H. Learned to Create, Accept, Sustain and Release Her Circumstances 166 How All of Life Is Lived in an Instant 168 How Frank K. Learned Einstein’s Theory of Relativity 169 Some Are Afraid It Will Work! 170 How 90-Year-Old Pearl R. Learned the Joys of Change 171 Constructive Aloneness 172 Determining Your Past Lives 173 The Metabionic Method of Determining Past Embodiments 174 Take an Astral Trip Back in Time—or Forward 174 Items Which Have Interested Me from My Students 175 Finding Your Own Individual Destiny 176 There’s Nobody Else Like You 177



10. Finding Love and Companionship with M etabionics..179 Easy as Falling in Love 179 Be Honest With Yourself—Key to Self Understanding 180 Creative Loneliness is a Joy 180 Loving, Loneliness, Aloneness and Marriage 181 How Beth M. Found a Husband 183 Psychic Feedback, Absorption and Friendship 185 Recreating from Your Successes and the Successes of Others 186 Relaxing Your Way into Cosmic Consciousness (and out of Loneliness) 187 How Harry J. Found Love at Last 188 How Patty U. Improved Her Marriage 190 Keep an Eye on the “I-Gottas” 190 How Burton N. Discovered Real Friends 192 Build Attitudes of Lovingness 193 Remember That Possessions Don’t Bring Friends 194 Is Loneliness Ever God’s Way? 194 11. Mystic Visions and the Successful lif e ..................... 197 Mystic Visions 197 If Anyone Can, You Can 198 You Are a Chosen One 199 Talking with the Dead for Clues to Life 200 Astral Projection 201 The Grand Plan 202 Metabionics 203 Let Your Children Day-Dream 204 Applied Metabionics 205 Exploring Inner Space 206 12. Metabionics in Action: Ten-Day Action P la n .............209 Easy as Faling in Love 209 Building a Consciousness 210 Three Steps to Get in Position for the Ten-Day Action Plan 211 The Plan Itself—One Week and Three Days to Freedom 212 Thought Science—Metabionics—Metaphysics—Life Process 218 Barry O. Found That the Ten-Day Plan Works 219 Buddy K. Gained Faith in Himself 219 The Ten-Day Plan Gained Frederick S. a Promotion 219 Rose M. Became a Caterer by Using the Plan 220

Contents The Consciousness of Abundance and the Consciousness of Prosperity 220 Flora P. Grasped the Idea of Abundance 221 Walter W. Gained a Whole New Wardrobe 221

A Personal Final Word from the A uthor.................... 223 Special Monodies for (Jse in Everyday liv in g ............ 225

A Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Are you tired of never having enough money? Of feeling inade­ quate to life’s complications? Of feeling unattractive? Of having bouts with illness? Ever wish you could crawl into a hole someplace? Those emotional ups and downs can be rather draining, can’t they? Are you fed up with problems? Have you begun to view life as a series of downhill experiences leading to old age and death? If the answer is “yes” to even one or two of those questions, then let me ask you some other questions: Would you enjoy feeling healthy all of the time? Would you like the security of knowing you were nice to look at and that you always had enough money to share and to spare? Would you like the idea of feeling equal to all the decisions you had to make, to all occasions which might arise? Would you like to feel emotionally strong, having full control over your life? And how about that most beautiful of all feelings—that you were able to love deeply, and be loved in return? I have a friend, Sally J ., who said to me once, with tears in her eyes, “Just one time in my life I’d like to wake up in the morning feeling rested and full of anticipation for the day ahead!” And a student of mine, Mike D., who looked to all the world like a man who knew both success and prosperity intimately, said, “I’d like to be a boy again, when bedtime meant being at peace with myself and others. No regrets, no resentments, and no real fear!” I told both Sally and Mike, and I’m telling you now, that: There is a way. It can be learned. You can learn i t . . . and / can teach it! 17


Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

If that sounds a bit braggadoccio, I have to admit that it really is, for all education is really auto-education. We are all—when you get right down to it—self-taught. A good teacher has simply used the knack of sparking with the student that which the student already knows.

DETAILS OF THE TECHNIQUE AND METHODS FOR USING IT Every cell in your body has intelligence. Every cell. The cells that make up your body-vehicle operate on a sort of automatic pilot arrangement, which keeps your body functioning (breathing, diges­ tion, and so on). Even your brain cells operate in this same automatic way until you manually flip the switch that triggers the opening of whole floodgates of information. “Manually” in this case doesn’t mean with your hands, but consciously, or deliberately, and you do this with decision. This is why the great philosopher-poetsculptor-artist-business wizard Walter Russell once said, “Mediocrity is self-inflicted. Genius is self-bestowed.” How right he was! Each of us decides what we want to become. But, you wonder, how do I go about flipping that switch? How do I decide? There is a way and that’s what Metabionics is all about. Before we go further, however, I’d like to refer back to what we’ve discussed so far. I’ve made some pretty strong promises about what this book can do and I’ve meant every one of them. I know what this teaching can do, not only because of what it has done for me personally, but for the almost-magical—and often unbelieva­ ble—results I’ve seen in others. Nevertheless, I feel that this is the moment I wish to make very, very sure you fully understand what this book—this teaching—will not do: IT WILL NOT DO IT FOR YOU. I will show you—step-by-step—how to take charge of your life. We can turn it around full-circle, if need be! I will show you how the Cosmic Mind will help you achieve all you’ve ever wanted, ever dreamed about. Patiently, slowly, with openness and honesty, I will teach you those steps which brought me freedom, success and perfect health, when my life had become a shambles of debt, despair and discouragement. I will show you how it is done, but I cannot—even if I tried— do it for you. I don’t need to—the great Universal Source, Meta­ bionics, will be at your command.

Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted


How I’ve wanted to do it for my own sons! For my family, my friends and those who have become both my family and my friends—my students! Each time I feel myself wanting to do it for someone else, I have to bring myself up short with a reminder: Ann, you know that’s not the way it works.

Learn Metabionics By Easy Application I can only apply it in my own life and teach by example. And I can try to organize the material in such a way as to “spark” what the student already knows: Each of us creates his own life. That each man’s life is within his own head . . . in his own mind . . .in his own thinking! And the future belongs to us the moment we realize that and adjust the way we think accordingly. You’ve read that before, haven’t you? And probably agreed with it. No doubt, you thought you understood it. Like to test yourself to see if you really did understand it? Go back and read the first few questions at the beginning of this chapter. If your answers were “yes,” then you really haven’t under­ stood the very essence of life. Perhaps you feel you’re just about the most practical person in the world. Maybe the kindest. The most agreeable. Maybe you even have a high I.Q. Notwithstanding, if you’re not happy MOST of the time, then you’re only scratching the surface of this Truth. Wise men of the ages have told us in a thousand ways: YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT. But only the really happy man understands it. And there aren’t too many of those, are there?

RIVERS OF RICHES ARE ONLY A THOUGHT AWAY Metabionics is the science of using that Truth to TEACH that Truth. Life is not what you think it is; it’s what you think. Over the course of the next several thousand words, I’m going to tell you that same thing in many different ways. We’ll approach it from the philosophical standpoint, from such standpoints as the re­ ligious, poetic, occult, electronic, or psychological. We’ll hit it from every angle we can, until at last your own mind will lay all its prej­ udices aside and begin to cooperate with you. Soon it will begin to strip away the veils of ignorance, and it will go out of its way to show you signs and symbols, like some secret friend nodding and saying


Metabionics Can Attract Everything You've Ever Wanted

to you, “Yes. You’re getting it. You’re on the right track.” Nature will begin to talk to you. You’ll have a sense of loving the world—all of Creation—and of its loving you right back!

Set Yourself Up for Miracles Now, in order to use metabionics to teach metabionics, it will be necessary for you to begin programming your mind for easy assimi­ lation of the material. So, we shall begin by asking you to read these words very slowly, very carefully to yourself. Then, whisper them aloud as you read them through a second time. I am open and receptive to what I am reading here. I know I can better my life and be of more service to others. I want to learn. I am learning at this vert; moment. I give thanks that this is so! Now, close the book, and from memory repeat the statement. Put it in your own words if you like. You might do this several times. Speak the words carefully, putting the emphasis where it seems most natural to you to do so. This statement—said sincerely—has a way of sweeping your, mind clear of unnecessary debris and laying down a sort of padding for understanding. You would do well to pause often and repeat the statement, especially whenever you come to a paragraph or chapter that might seem vague to you. As we work together, we will add to those “learning” and “understanding” phrases, but, for right now, those five short sentences will do quite nicely. Right now I’d like to pause and explain to you how Metabionics works in one capsule sentence: Metabionics is a method of quieting your thought processes (meditation) and slowing your brain frequency (Alpha level, 9 to 14 cps) so that physical healing can take place and clarity of perceptions and direction can reveal themselves; from this exercise you begin to be more selective in that you allow yourself to think about only that which adds good things to your life! Since the Universe says “yes” to whatever we’re thinking about, it’s good to know how to keep destructive ideas to a minimum. Metabionics is like training wheels on a bicycle. Once you learn balance of your thought processes, you can dispense with the mechanics of Metabionics.

Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted


META-MIRACLE #1: Betty C. Fooled the Class and Herself Betty C. was one of my first students, some years ago. She seemed to take to this philosophy like a duck to water, breezing through the classes with goodwill and a ready smile. A short time after classes were over, and after I’d lost touch with Betty, I heard she’d had some problems, serious ones, and soon I got reports of a nervous breakdown! I was horrified. I simply could not believe it. Then, Betty got in touch with me. What I’d heard was true, and in counseling I discovered that Betty had learned little or none of the philosophy. Because she was such a naturally happy person, always laughing and joking, we had all assumed she was “doing it right." But Betty was not “doing it” at all. She was sliding on what was a set of circumstances going well already, and so never even ap­ plied what she was “learning.” When the chips were down, Betty succumbed to previous conditioning and the opinions of those around her! A devastating combination of ingredients. Thereafter, I found, if I was to be a really fine teacher, I had to PROGRAM my students to ACCEPT NEW PROGRAMMING. This, by the way, is not the same as “brainwashing” when the “old” is washed out and “new” added. Brainwashing is a form of forcing someone else’s mind to accept what you want them to. The form of “re-programming” I use is safe in that it allows YOUR MIND to be selective. You are learning new things, new ideas, but the choice always remains with you.

Your Most Precious Possession THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. You must NEVER allow anyone else to think for you. Conscious control of your own life is' your most precious possession. Only under emergency cir­ cumstances such as surgery should you EVER allow another’s will to make selections (choices, decisions) for you. Drugs, alcohol are ex­ tremely dangerous and allow for the possibility of not only your own loss of control, but of possession by another. We’ll discuss that more in another chapter, but for now, please re-read the statements made in the “learning programming;” notice how carefully-worded it is, to allow for your retention of control, while at the same time “flipping the switch” of understanding!


Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

With all the agreements we have made with one another . . . that life is no “bed of roses” and that “disappointment is just a part of living” . . . it’s no wonder that the young people of the world grow discouraged by the time they are in their early teens. I can remember being told very early in my life that I must “face facts,” and then I was given a staggering assortment of grim details which meant utter ruin of whatever dream I had just proposed to some grownup! Most of us (in MOST of our conversations . . . MOST of the time!) express doubt about ourselves, civilization in general, and our own neighborhoods in particular. We say that none of us can “avoid death and taxes” as if those two circumstances were the worst realities of life, and we fill our small talk with statements like, “Well, what can you expect?”, “It’s bad now and it’s going to get worse!”, and “Life is a downhill drag!” This kind of exchange is what I’ve termed “building word cages,” where man allows his tongue to “idle” in habits of conversa­ tion which literally lock him into whatever descriptions he’s making about himself and others! It works this way: Your WORD is your WORLD. However you express yourself is an accurate measure of your life! Now I know that sounds far-fetched, because we rather like to think that things “happen” to us. That “Fate” decrees and all else complies. That there is such an element as “luck” and, although we run to fortune tellers, astrologers, and soothsayers, we invariably believe somehow that “forewarned” is “forearmed” and maybe (just maybe!) we can change things!

PERCEIVE FUTURE EVENTS WITH METABIONICS Why try to forsee the future if we can’t change it? Do we do this perhaps because some little something within us knows we really DO control our lives? Ever read your horoscope in the paper and begin to “dread” what it predicts? Ever pay a palmist, only to deny what you don’t like and brag about what makes you happy? Ever ask a Ouiji board any questions? Or have your fortune told by a gypsy? SURE you have! Even if you swear you haven’t, bet you a nickel you have sneaked a peak at your fortune in one of those old

Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted


upright scales where you get your weight AND your future, for a penny! Oddly enough, that very searching, questioning, wondering is a sure sign that deep down inside you KNOW that you ARE in com­ mand of your life! But . . . just in case . . . All of us want to know that we’re in charge of our lives. Yet, most of us are just a bit (or very much) doubtful as to our own ability to DIRECT our lives. Basically, we all know instinctively that, while we want CONTROL, we also want something or someone who loves us (and hopefully who can see farther and clearer than we can) to make our choices for us. Sometimes we just want something or someone we can blame if things don’t turn out right. The possibility that any choice might lead us to pain or embarrassment keeps us from making decisions at all. We like to say, “It was just plain bad luck!” or, “I guess I never had a chance!” Interesting! We want to be omnipotent, omniscient, omnipres­ ent . . . yet . . . (and again, “just in case”) we want SOMETHING or SOMEONE else to be responsible! We set a lot of store by “fault” and “blame,” don’t we?

The Sixth Sense that Sparks Miracles “Intuition” is the “tutor within.” That “sixth sense” or that little something (wee, small voice!) which tells you that YOU are in charge, that YOU are capable and also informs you that there is a “bigger you” inside which IS truly all-seeing, all-knowing and allpowerful. That “bigger you” is there to help you make choices, and CORRECTLY! It’s there to help you enjoy the fun of risk-taking! To help you feel totally and completely ALIVE. Do all of us have intuition? YES! Can all of us USE that intuition? Of course! How? Well, to begin with, you are using it now. You’re reading this book, aren’t you? THAT was a good decision. And every good de­ cision, every perfect choice, every happy ending is based firmly on your INTUITIVE leanings. On the other hand, everything which ends a little up-in-theair—or leaves you feeling inadequate, unfulfilled, troubled—was based only partly on intuition. You only looked at the answers your


Metabfonics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

mind was giving you until you saw what you thought you wanted. Then you quit looking!

Pick the Miracle You W ant with Your Own Consciousness Like the old joke about the gambler, you used your intuition (prayer) until you felt you had control, and then, cocksure of yourself, you stopped listening to that inner tutor and said, “Lord, I’ll take it from here!” In the anecdote you may remember that the story portrays a desperate horseplayer—down on his luck—who has placed all his wordly goods on one last bet. Although a thoroughbred, the horse he’s betting on is a long-shot, and the poor man has bet his last two dollars! “Please, God,” he promises, “If you let this horse come in for me, I’ll never, ever gamble again!” And with that, the bettor prays sincerely and fervently until his entry is leading the field, some ten lengths ahead of the rest, and then, when he feels success is assured, he relieves God of the responsi­ bility ! There’s more than a grain of Truth in this story. Although it’s a very old one, like many of our fables and myths, what’s at the core is perhaps even much more than we suspect. The poet who suggested there were “sermons in stones” was acknowledging in his own way that all around us—in our material world, from plant life to literature and even in the derivation of words themselves—are lessons in life crying out to be discovered!

LIFE 18 MADE (IP OF CHOICES Let's return now to two basic premises: 1. Life is supposed to be good—you are designed for joy. 2. Life is made up of YOUR choices. Said another way, your choices create your world,

META-MIRACLE *2: How Mary C. Took the Reins in Her Life Mary C. was deeply troubled by her relationship with her family. Unmarried, living at home, she was thirty-two years old when she enrolled in my classes. She was really very pretty, but doubt, fear and a frequent apologetic facial expression marred her beauty. As I counseled with Mary, I discovered that both her

Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted


parents were strong-willed persons, well able to convince themselves that there was only one way to live and THAT way was THEIR way. Mary, of course, grew up believing them, but as she and I worked together, she began to take a look at her life from outside of herself. Suddenly, she admitted that she was not happy doing things the way her parents thought things should be done, and she also saw that this did not necessarily mean that she didn’t love them or even that they were wrong. It only meant that Mary had reached a point in her own life when it was time for the rela­ tionship to change. To be a really worthwhile—and happy—in­ dividual, she had to make her own mistakes. She had to see for herself (and perhaps eventually convince her parents) that to have a daughter who made her own choices and who was then strong enough to stand by those choices was to have done a good job as a parent. How good a parent are you when you make a child dependent upon you and your beliefs? Isn’t that keeping the bird in a psychological nest? Mary found she was not able to do this right away, but gradually she was able to move into that new view of herself to such an extent that her parents required no convincing. In other words, once Mary began to believe in herself, her parents and everyone else began to believe in her also. Never a word was ex­ changed between her and her parents. The only work Mary did was in her own mind. Then—with her own mind under con­ trol—her whole world was under her control. She took charge!

In my classes I always ask my students to post this little reminder to themselves. You can also put it in some convenient place where you’re apt to see often so that the total understanding has an opportunity to come to you without your even being aware of it: What I believe about myself, is so. What others believe can be changed. Therefore, what is important is what 1 believe! So now we add to our previous two statements a third state­ ment:


Since life depends on your choices, then your choices should be made with the help of your inner tutor (intuition), which is


Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

that all-knowing, all-powerful, all-seeing Presence of Channel that we can all contact!

CONTACTING THE POWER The method for contacting this Channel, or Power-Source, is an easy one. You simply go there in your imagination. Elsewhere in this book we’ll talk about a number of techniques. Some are occult in origin, some are psychological, some are my own simplified by Truth-Teachers of all disciplines. All of them work, but perhaps not all of them will work for you. It’s your responsibility to seek out that which directs your thought-power to the larger Source of ThoughtPower. You would not be able to think a thought unless you were yourself a part of that Greater Thought Machine. All of us know this—again, intuitively—but we don’t always act as if we did. We run about in all directions reacting to the world we can see and touch and feel and smell and hear—pretending that this world is all there is. It’s a form of game-playing, and it causes us much pain, much discouragement. We have only to use our individual Mind-Power to move into the Greater Mind Power to avoid all this. And again, it’s a matter of choice. We can pretend that the sense-world is all there is and that we are helpless pawns of Fate. Or, we can extend our consciousness to use the Greater Power and see beyond Time, Space and Conditions. Instead of just seeing across the street, suddenly we can see across the oceans! Most people have many little flashes of insight many times dur­ ing any one given day. These little flashes are actually times when we are operating from the Greater Mind. Somehow, however, we find it difficult to cultivate the habit of staying in that larger con­ sciousness. Like riding a bicycle, it has to be learned and it’s merely a matter of balance and confidence! Metabionics is a system to get you there and keep you there!

POSTING SKY-HOOKS FOR YOURSELF Here are some more statements you should tack up or tape in a prominent place (prominent for you, not for the public, unless you have a closely-knit family not apt to probe or poke fun at your ef­ forts). These sentences are like precious jewels, even far more valuable than the rarest gems. They can bring you treasures beyond

Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted


your current dreams and so are worthy of your loving attention. Some of my students type or print them on small cards to be tucked in purses or wallets. In the beginning, I wrote them on slim strips of paper which I put everywhere! To this day I occasionally find one in a book, or tucked in the folds of a scarf, or scotch-taped in the back of a desk drawer! The statements are all the same Truth, said in a few of the hun­ dreds of different ways it can be said. And, incidentally, it has been called the Greatest Secret, one that man hides from himself in play­ ing the game of life. It has been repeated in every language, spoken and implied symbolically, formed the basis of every religion—or cult—known to man on this planet! YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT. YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS IN YOUR HEAD LIFE IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. IT’S WHAT YOU THINK. REALITY IS YOUR THOUGHT-WORLD. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE. WHAT YOU THINK, YOU ARE. LIFE IS THOUGHT PROCESSES. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU CONTINUE TO EXPERIENCE. THOUGHTS BECOME EXPERIENCE. LIVING IS THINKING. YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT. WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR MIND GOES ON IN YOUR LIFE. WHAT YOU LIVE AND WISH TO BE IS WHAT YOU BELIVE or BELIEVE. Pick the ones which mean the most to you now—even before you read further—and use them as spiritual curb-scrapers to keep yourself on track!

META-MIRACLE #3: My Life is a Shower of Miracles How well I remember my first conscious encounter with this Truth! I had entered some classes in mind science and felt a great inability to understand exactly what it was all about. The


Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted philosophy felt right, but 1personally did not feel “holy” enough to use it for my own benefit. 1still had the idea that you had to be somebody’s idea of “good” for “good” to happen to you. As a child I had exciting and colorful psychic experiences , , . sensations of the collapse of time and space . . . dejavu. . . flashbacks and previews of the future. . . celestial music . . . and convenient imaginary playmates or guides. When I made the mistake of sharing these experiences with the adults in my life I was subjected to that same old reaction that they had received in their childhoods: 1was simply told that I was imagining things.

Metabionics Helps You Avoid the Traps By the time 1was out of school and an adult myself, mar­ ried, the mother of two handsome sons, and later on, out in the business world, I had learned to put aside psychic experiences. I let my own “intelligence” and “logic” take priority over hunches. 1regarded my imagination as a useful tool only in writing poetry or fiction or in decorating my home. (In fact, I’ve had businessmen—whom I greatly admired and respected—tell me that a colorful imagination has no place in a money-making situa­ tion and certainly there was no room for prayer!) My story is possibly no different from your story—I reached a point of being so swallowed up in what I thought others thought that I became an emotional pendulum, swinging between feeling useful and worthwhile to feeling despair and discouragement. I wondered why life only meant worry, problems and challenge after challenge after challenge. I harbored a continuing sense of being ineffectual. Ann—I told myself—would never, ever “measure up.” My religious background was strong. More than anything else I wanted to be regarded as a “good” person. I wanted to be all things to all people—my family, my friends, my husband, my job. I wanted to have plenty of energy, be willing to be of service to everybody and have a constant smile on my face.

Artificial Control Then somewhere I discovered a well-meaning physician who understood my needs. He gave me a prescription drug which kept my energy up and my weight down. I seldom drank at that time, but gradually I learned that a drink in the evening helped to slow down the pace of the day on pills. Soon I had formed what I considered a marvelous way to frame my day. Pep pills brought a lovely daytime “lift,” and alcohol brought a glorious evening “glow.” I woke up with one and went to sleep

Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted


with the other. I had—for the time being—learned to control my world! The fact that this “control” cost money and then extracted its fees from my life in dark, insidious ways, was not something I chose to recognize until that “control” reversed the roles and took control of me. More pills and more alcohol had to be added to my day to banish those dreaded feelings of disillusionment and frustration. 1became so dependent upon my artificial crutches that I did not even notice I had become firmly entrenched in a pattern of loss. The pseudo-highs I sought to elevate me out of my despondency now dropped me—once and for all—into a permanent state even lower than my previous feelings of inade­ quacy. My friends told me I was having a nervous breakdown. My doctor told me to have surgery on my thyroid. My minister told me to “cut out my bad habits.” And my family called me a drunk! To a mind overcome with distortion, all of that was just more confusion! I vividly remember the day I just gave up! The prayer 1cried was desperate and sincere. A wreck . . . mentally, physically and spiritually . . . I simply asked for God’s help. The results were immediate. I was led straight into the science of Metabionics. The very cells of my body, the very essence of me, had cried out for help. And I got it instantly! You can, too! Well before the time you reach the last chapter of this book, you will know how to take control of your life in the only way that works. You’ll know how to have more money. How to be healthier, happier, more alive. How to ex­ perience love, fulfillment and peace. And you’ll be holy, all right. In the only correct meaning of the word. You’ll be whole. Not sanctimonious, not self-righteous, but whole. A perfected total!

Metabionics Put Me in Com m andJu s t as It Can Do for You Even if your life is not the mess that mine was, remember you are not to “blame” for a less-than-satisfactory existence. Your life is in your own head, in your own mind, in your own thinking, and so our skill here is to learn how to take over our own minds and be in command of what goes on in there! The mind is like a little monkey. Energetic. Busy. Active. Jumping from one thing to another constantly. So quickly that the timing has been compared to a millionth of a second! Most of the lit-


Metabionics Can Attract Everything You've Ever Wanted

tie “monkey antics’ are just reflections of what we believe we are seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting or smelling. They’re reactions— quick reactions—to unreliable perceptions. Mistakenly, we call these reactions “thoughts” and allow them to run our lives. This is the very worst form of trusting to luck. Would you knowingly allow yourself to be a passenger in a high-speed automobile with a little untrained monkey chauffeuring you? Well, that’s what you’re doing unless you’ve learned the art of thinking, which should be the one most important subject taught in our schools. Instead of teaching our youngsters WHAT to think, we should be teaching them HOW to think.

METABIONICS: THE SECRET OF THE AGES The population of Earth is seemingly divided into two types of individuals: those who are successful and either knowingly or un­ knowingly think correctly, and those who are not successful—the victims of their own uncontrolled thought processes. It may not seem reasonable to you at this moment, but that latter group com­ prises over 95 percent of the civilized world and accounts for our poor, our hungry and our war-ridden nations. It is well to note here that often—by accident—we stumble into a winning situation or “triumph.” When that happens we are given the opportunity to study the chain of events—or choices—which lead up to that success. Psychologists call these success patterns, and indeed they are. If we take the time to do so, we can re-live those patterns and learn to repeat only those “tracks of choices” which work for us. We need to analyze our triumphs. Memorize them!

METABIONICS SPARKS POWERFUL PSYCHIC-FEEDBACK Metabionics relies heavily on what I like to call psychic-feedback. The subliminal background of the philosophy, psychic-feedback is one prime ingredient most often overlooked in mind science studies. You see, studying your triumphs can be of two-fold benefit. Not only can you learn the choices which lead up to that success, but attention feeds, and you feed further triumph by paying atten­ tion to past ones!

Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted


Now, understand that I am talking about paying attention to your successes in a wholesome, worthwhile way. I am not talking about bragging, or boring others with long stories of your success. Attention is an energy, and builds where it rests. If you concentrate on the good things in your life, you’ll build more good things into your life. And, don’t forget, the reverse is also true. Attention to failure builds more failure. The definition of feedback is the “return of a portion of the out­ put of any process or system to the input.” (American Heritage Dic­ tionary) . In electronics, if you turn an open microphone toward a speaker-box and at the same time you proceed to speak into the microphone, the microphone will pick up what you are saying PLUS what you said just a millionth of a second ago. You are FEEDING BACK into the microphone what you JUST FED into that microphone. The result is a magnification of the initial input. To use physic-feedback properly—as in metabionics—you learn to feed only SECRET input into your mind, where it is again magnified by the same process. You learn to monitor your thoughts so you are not magnifying or enlarging that which you do not want in your life. Psychic-feedback is really SENSE-FEEDBACK. If you are very, very careful about what you allow into your thought world, then what is automatically MAGNIFIED becomes worthy of that magnification. Most of us—unfortunately—use psychic-feedback in ignorance, and to our detriment. When we don’t take charge of our thought world, we allow our minds to dwell on ideas of limitation, illness, fear and discouragement. The principle of psychic-feedback works all the time, regardless of whether or not we’re careful about our thinking. The principle will deliver to^is MAGNIFIED limitation, illness, fear and discouragement, just as well as it will deliver confi­ dence, joy, health and abundance!

THE POWER OF POSITIVE METABIONIC THINKING The student of metabionics soon learns how important it is to stay positive. To be around positive, loving, joyous people. To seek out books and films and television programs that give us good ideas


Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted


of health, happiness and prosperity. This way we use the mind processes to BUILD positive and better mind processes. It works either way. Why not use it the best way?

Light Up This B rilliant Candle of Your Consciousness We hear a lot these days about consciousness and awareness. And there are a lot of terms such as self-actualization that have almost become the “buzz” words of what some observers have dubbed the “me” or narcissistic generation. Now, I am not too much in favor of using “buzz" words, because I feel that all-too-often by the time a word becomes a popular or fad term, it’s lost its meaning, but I am very much in favor of the “me” generation! You see, what we’re talking about here is really evolution. Progress. We’re talking about man’s next step. That next step is learning what makes him tick. Going inside himself and making that wonderful discovery that he was designed for success and that God did, indeed, give him dominion over all things, creating him just a “little lower than the angels.” Self-help books and self-help courses are just about the most wonderful inventions ever! They’re the natural next passage for us after the great age of technology. The “me” generation is on a fantastic pilgrimage back to God. They’re discovering that, as individuals, we’re all a part of the Whole of Creation, and therefore, of each other. They’re learning that every man’s death or failure is every other man’s death or failure. And that it’s equally true that every man’s nobility and greatness and triumph is every other man’s nobility and greatness and triumph. That we all have the right to celebrate each other—and the life proc­ ess—every moment of every day!

THE METABIONIC WAY-OF-LIFE Make no mistake, the narcissistic generation has been bubbling up in our midst for some time. It didn’t just happen overnight. Man is always growing. As he seeks out his Source—understands God and the God-Power that runs the Universe—well, he himself becomes more. And make no mistake, there’s nothing new here. Metabionics is just the next step in packaging some very old Truths, or, let’s say,


Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

packaging some approaches to that one Truth, that man is a thought in the Mind of God, and that as Man thinks he becomes co-creator of his own world. The packaging of metabionics includes a whole lot of under­ standing about the laws of the mind and the use of psychicfeedback. This includes, of course, meditation, or learning to quiet the hustle-bustle of day-to-day thought processes and becoming centered in pure awareness.

Metabionics Is Sim ple and Fun to Apply Absolutely. Life itself is really very simple, but since man loves to complicate things, and since I want you to get your money’s worth, I am going to spend some time giving you some rather exotic approaches to metabionics. I’ll show you the difference between “mantras” and “chants,” and “mental treatments” and “program­ ming” and “meditations.” They are very similar, so don’t allow yourself to become confused. We’ll go slowly and show you how to take the time to use them in a specific way to achieve specific results.

THE QQIET CENTER WHERE MIRACLES BEGIN Meditation is sometimes taught as an effort to reach “pure be­ ing” or the awareness of formlessness or unconditioned thought. That’s all very splendid, but it’s difficult for the sincere student to cor­ relate that with what happens when he attends a lecture and the teacher guides him in a meditation with the spoken word. What’s more, I’ve had many students ask me how they’d know when they “got there” in meditation. God bless us all! You don’t “go” anywhere when you meditate! That’s just the point. Sometimes I think that the best way for a teacher to give some true idea of what meditation is all about would be to take a group of students out to a quiet lake at dawn or sunset and turn them loose in separate flatbottom boats! Although we go deeper into the subject later in this book, for the moment, let’s just say that meditation is learning to retreat into the peaceful center of your own mind—an absolute must in human existence. It has always been so, and always will be, but it’s something we’ve more or less gotten very far away from. As a result, lots of people are taking classes (some quite expensive) to re-learn that fine art of quietness, of inner serenity, and others are drugging themselves senseless hoping to duplicate the same thing.

Metabionics Can Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted


Woe is us! You might say that man has evolved into an upright-walking mammal, and suddenly he runs so fast he’s forgotten the ability to guide himself. What we seem to be doing now is using our creative powers to help us create things to keep us from the necessity of creating! Computers think for us! Foods are pre-measured and pre­ cooked. We’re just a push-button away from all sorts of delights . , , so much so that there’s a whole army of do-it-yourselfers as a natural reaction against too much automation. What’s more, we’ve gotten ourselves so tied up with what we now consider the “business of living” (for example, making money, traveling from here to there in search of experiences and excite­ ment) that we are actually on a sort of merry-go-round of futility. The very things we are searching for are always just out of reach. Suicide, mental illness, poverty, sickness . . . even hunger . . . are a result of incorrect use of the mind. Individually, each man and woman makes his or her own choices, and collectively, we make choices for the whole of mankind. The regular use of your mind—as it clicks away with or without your direction—is a great responsibility. It is much as if we were the drivers of a great, powerful machine capable of relocating mountains and draining the oceans!

Metabionics—Key to Controlling the Mind Your mind is constantly taking you in one direction or another. Up, down, sideways. Into problems. Or out of problems. Into ill­ ness. Or out of illness. Into abundance, or away from it. Even into attractiveness . . . or out of it! Like the unguided powerful machine, your mind is taking you someplace . . . good or bad . . . according to your choice. And . . . if you make no choice . . . you go nowhere at all. You stagnate. Isn’t it time you learned the trick of choosing your direction deliberately? A few thousand words from now you will have consciously taken the rudder of your life and will be going exactly where you want to go and at the speed you wish to travel! I promise!

2 Metabionics Is the Way to Get “Something” for “Nothing” HOW META-CONSCIOUSNESS WORKS WONDERS Perhaps the great broadcaster/teacher/philosopher, Zarl Nightingale, was the first person to record a complete presentation of how our thoughts form our lives. In his collector’s item, THE STRANGEST SECRET, he gathered some of the most comprehen­ sive and outstanding points regarding how the mind works and >vhy most people never bother to try to understand it. As he put it, our minds come to us as standard equipment at birth; they’re free. And what we don’t pay money for, we regard lightly. And, he further pointed out, everything we have that is REALLY valuable, that CANNOT BE REPLACED, also comes to us free. But that which we consider of value, the things money CAN buy, can be replaced at any time. Your brain and its functions, for want of a better term, we can call mind activity. Mind activity . . . attitudes, opinions, sensitivities, random impressions . . . make up what we generally call con­ sciousness. There are varying degrees of consciousness—being “con­ scious,” or aware, without a lot of mind activity, all the way up to a heightened consciousness, where the brain is busy taking in, com­ puting, storing or sorting, and sometimes returning answers or solu­ tions or even creating (from scratch or by combining previous intake) as with writers, artists, scientists, and inventors. We use the words, conscious or consciousness in many dif­ ferent ways. We say a man is only “conscious of money,” meaning that’s all he ever thinks about. Or we say that a woman is only “con­ scious of her home and her husband and children,” meaning that’s all SHE ever thinks about. Whatever you dwell upon, concentrate upon or allow to dominate your thoughts, comes into your life and stays there as long



The Way to Get Something for Nothing

as you continue to consciously keep it there. Knowing that this is true, we begin to see that where our consciousness lies is where we live. Said another way, my consciousness makes up my experience. Wise men and teachers throughout the history of the world have always known this, and they have used it to their own advan­ tage as well as to the advantage of others. To be a good and holy man, a monk would isolate himself in such a way as to guarantee that he could think only those thoughts which were meaningful to the good and holy life. Simplicity, dedication to God and the service of others. To become a scholar, a student isolated himself with books and teachers and “scholarly things.” And conversely, a per­ son doesn’t really begin a life of crime until he isolates himself with those of criminal intent (either physically or in his imagination) and begins literally to “walk on the dark side” of life. If you’re a student, or an avid reader, you might enjoy study­ ing the religions of the world, but it is by no means necessary once you have mastered the principles of Metabionics. Metabionics con­ tains the essence of all religions, the Truth that every great teacher and philosopher eventually discovered for himself.

The Magnetic Power of Metabionics Now, if all this sounds complicated and deep, it isn’t actually. The mind is a magnetic field, drawing to it its own reflection. Some teachers have said, “as within, so without,” or “you become what you believe.” Said still another way, your consciousness (the sum total of all your attitudes and opinions and dominant thinking pat­ terns) pulls into your life exactly what it is. If you are conscious of wealth, you become wealthy. If you are conscious of health, you be­ come healthy. If you are conscious of beauty, you become beautiful. Sound far-fetched? Not at all. It’s the truth about life, and what is so exciting about the era you and I are experiencing now is that SCIENTIFICALLY we are gradually proving it! Metabionics is scien­ tific demonstration. The ancient religions, cults, seers and prophets all told us this (not too clearly, but where you find the written word, you’ll find it!), and all our avatars and wise men have tried to tell us this in a thousand different ways. Metabionics ties these ancient truths together for the modern men or women. Jesus of Nazareth said, “As ye believe, so it is done unto you.” James Allen said, “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

The Way to Get Something for Nothing


Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the very greatest metaphysi­ cians, said, “The soul of God is poured into the world through the thoughts of men,” And Ernest Holmes, the Twentieth Century mystic who founded Science of Mind and the Church of Religious Science, referred to it as the Law of Attraction “responding to your thought atmosphere.” He spoke often of mental equivalents, and said that “we attract to ourselves that which we first become” by the predomi­ nant daily thinking we do.

Personal Metabionic Test Now, give yourself a little test. Don’t talk about it to anyone. This is the most intimate, most personal voyage of your life. You want to WIN at it. (Why lose? Who wants to be a failure?) If you are to win at it, go about it seriously, as if your very life depended upon it. And . . . now . . . even before you begin the test, stop to con­ sider that your LIFE DOES DEPEND ON IT. As you work with Metabionics, remember the POWER OF SILENCE. It’s essential. For your own sake, take the test honestly. If you cheat, if you exaggerate, you are only hurting yourself. This is YOUR LIFE. What others think is not important. What IS important is what YOU think, how YOU feel. Be very, very truthful with yourself. Answer these questions. Don’t write them down. Just answer them silently. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Are you Are you Are you Are you

happy? healthy? rich? loved?

Just four little questions . . . yet . . . if any one of them is answered with a “No,” something is missing in your life. We should ALL be happy . . . healthy . , . rich . . . and loved.

You Are Meant to Receive Miracles Life . . . the One Source . . . the Creator . , . God (whatever you choose to call the Ultimate). . . is never, ever frivolous or frolic­ some to the detriment of its own creation. We were NOT designed as a plaything for the Universe, something that a great giant-in-thesky winds up to watch it squirm and suffer. Of course, there are peo-


The Way to Get Something for Nothing

pie in this world who like to believe that way because it makes ex­ cuses for them as well as others NOT to take responsibility for their own lives! They can then attribute everything to “luck” and to a GOD that doesn’t always choose to be good to us. What’s more, if any one of those things (money, good personal relationships, feeling of success, well-being, lovingness) are absent from your life, it is BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE A CON­ SCIOUSNESS OF IT. If you’re not happy, you don’t have a consciousness of happi­ ness. If you’re not healthy, you don’t have a consciousness of health. If you’re not rich, you don’t have a consciousness of rich­ ness. And . . . if you’re not loved, you don’t have a consciousness of love. At this point, most of my students will ask, “Okay. I under­ stand. And what’s more, I believe you. I can see that this is so. But what can I do about it? Can you change your consciousness?” Of course, you can! YOU SIMPLY CHANGE YOUR MIND. You build a new consciousness. It’s as simple as one, two, three! That’s what Metabionics is all about. But you must be persist­ ent. You can’t change your mind in a wink, and change it BACK in another wink, and then wonder what happened!

How to Change Your Metabionics Mental Field You are always in charge of your thinking. You permit—or do not permit—certain thoughts into your mental field. You are the monitor, the guardian of your own mind. You MUST take control and keep it. Building a consciousness of anything is a matter of sustained control. Keeping your thoughts centered as much as you can on those things that are positive and in the direction you want them to go. “Just a little positive thinking” is helpful. But it won’t get the job done permanently. To build a consciousness of wealth, for instance, you can’t think about how poor you are all day long. You can’t concentrate on your bills and worry about how you’re going to pay them. And you cannot envy those who have more money than you do.

The Way to Get Something for Nothing


THE GOLDEN METABIONIC TECHNIQUE THAT NEVER FAILS Try this, instead: Buy a WALL STREET JOURNAL, to begin with. Take it home with you. Get off by yourself, get comfortable and prepare to read it. But BEFORE YOU DO, call upon your Un­ seen Servants and ask for help. Close your eyes, and say to yourself, “I am going to read this paper, and although I may not feel that I am absorbing the material here right away, I am going to leave that to my Angels. THEY understand it. THEY work closely with the Angels of the editors and writers of this paper! I am going to let my Angels and their Angels do all the work. I am simply going to read this paper and understand as much as I can for now, BECAUSE I am going to be, in fact, I am ALREADY VERY, VERY, RICH!” Then, quietly, with the attitude of one with long years of finan­ cial experience, read the WALL STREET JOURNAL, and then go about your business of the day. Again, don’t tell anyone of the men­ tal work you’re doing. They won’t understand, and you cannot teach it until you have accomplished it yourself. THEN you can teach, and even then, you teach BEST by example. Let your family and friends SEE you become very, very wealthy, and THEN let them ask you how you did it! Perhaps you don’t enjoy reading and you’d like a more active way of absorbing the consciousness of wealth. THEN GO WHERE REALLY WEALTHY PEOPLE live and work and play. Walk through the buildings where great wealth is handled and ac­ cumulated. Drive or walk through the country clubs, the residential areas, and shop in the larger, more expensive stores. Take the bus to get there if you must, but GO! You cannot build a consciousness of wealth by walking through the ghettoes. And you cannot build a consciousness of wealth by talking with others who do not have it. You see, there’s an important, fine line here. Don’t put yourself in a position of having an attitude of envy. When you go where the wealthy are, go to study and absorb, not resent. A big danger of talking with others who DON’T HAVE money is that they moan, and groan and resent those who do! Metabionics is nothing more than the perennial philosophy of Me taught by every great and successful human being who ever


The Way to Get Something for Nothing

lived. We build our consciousness through the use of psychicfeedback. We absorb DELIBERATELY what we want to build into our lives and allow the doubling-effect of psychic feedback to bring what we want to experience into our lives QUICKLY, and PER­ MANENTLY.

Building a Consciousness of Health Let’s try that same approach to health. How would you NOT build a consciousness of health? That’s easy. You and I both havt friends who go about it the wrong way constantly. (Remember, if we’re not totally healthy, we’re doing it right now!) To build a con­ sciousness of UN-health, we simply read all the medical columns and books we can get our hands on and we dwell on all the diseases and malfunctions possible to the human body. Then we talk about it to our families and friends, and we WORRY about it until we DEVELOP those symptoms, and THEN, as some people do, (and if we have the money!) we search for a doctor who will finally confirm our self-diagnosis! Some of my students will often argue with me on this. They’ll disagree and cite cases about “Aunt So-and-so who certainly never was guilty of what you describe and yet she died of cancer just last year.” And they’ll go on and on and on trying to disprove what I’ve just said.

Don’t Take My Word for It— Prove to Yourself Metabionics Works I cannot be concerned with those students. I must let them prove it to themselves (and they will, eventually, if not in this lifetime, certainly in the next!), I can only be concerned with those persons who REALLY want to feel better, live longer, happier lives. SOME people use illness to get attention and draw to themselves the “love” they need. It’s the only way they know how. And they’ll hate you terribly for telling them that it is all self-created. But those people who really want a better life will NOT spend time trying to DISprove, but will instead stretch and strain their own intelligence to grasp Metabionics, studying their own mental processes, and when they do PROVE IT TO THEMSELVES, the floodgates of goodness will open and pour over them all the wonderful things they could ever imagine!

The Way to Get Something for Nothing

META-MIRACLE #4: Fred T. Went From Ailing to Athlete Fred T. was a “disbeliever,” but I loved him from the first moment I saw him in class. He was the kind of young man who drew others to him—charming, handsome, considerate and kind. Yet, he often missed class because of illness. He’d send word to another student to take notes for him (by the way, don’t EVER try to leam Metabionics that way. You don’t “take notes” where Metabionics is concerned. “Taking notes” is for little jobs, little subjects. Not the very Truth about your life!) Sometimes, Fred just had a cold. Sometimes it was an upset stomach or a severe headache. Regardless, he seemed very in­ terested in what we were doing, and finally, he called me and asked for some private counseling. In our talks I found that Fred’s deep desire was to play ten­ nis. “But, of course, I don’t have the stamina for it. I was never very athletic as a child. And I’m too old to develop such stamina now!” “Who says?” I asked him. “Why . . . everybody! I mean . . . when you reach a certain age . . .’’ he stammered. “Who’s everybody?” I asked. Fred began to list the names of “everybody” . . . “everybody” turned out to be the “losers” in Fred’s life, those kinds of relatives and acquaintances we all have who never really try to do anything . . . and who get most of THEIR exercise wagging their tongues about things that “can’t” be done! Fred began to smile. “Wait a minute! Are you actually suggesting that I can become athletic now? At thirty-five?” This handsome young businessman was staring at me in­ credulously. I laughed. “Let’s put it this way. You have two alternatives. You can NOT believe me and stay just as you are. Sick half the time, feeling old and a failure. OR, you can BELIEVE me and try to prove it yourself. Either way, the choice is up to you. I cannot do it for you. It’s a matter of decision. Stay as you are. Or accept the Truth about life and become what you say you want to be.” Fred only nodded, then shook my hand, thanked me and left. I didn’t see him again for months! Then, one day, I got an in­ vitation to a private tennis club in Ft. Lauderdale. It was to a



The Way to Get Something for Nothing special open house to celebrate the completion of a movie filmed there and starring some of Hollywood’s personalities, plus some of the members of the club. And Fred was one of the hosts! “Of course, I’m not the BEST player here at the club, but I’ve made all sorts of new friends and I have a whole new life! I NEVER think of myself as sickly anymore. Why, everybody here is only conscious of a healthy, active way-of-life. We don’t even think ‘rain’ here in Ft. Lauderdale!” Outlandish? Not at all.

META—MIRACLE #5: Mary G. Went From Shy to Shining Mary, who always sat in the back of my Professional Model­ ing class told me privately she was only taking the course to “get rid of shyness.” I knew that this shyness stemmed from a sense of inadequacy, and that she needed to build a consciousness of beauty and confidence. Indeed, confidence alone is beautiful! But remember, we are talking about confidence (faith of self) and not conceit. There’s a big difference! Mary needed to discover her own real value, and to be with other “beautiful” people: people who dealt in creativity instead of competitiveness—people who were secure in themselves and could help Mary bring out her own sense of self-worth. And there are plenty of those about a good college campus! In fact, we had a lot of them in that very same class in which Mary was enrolled! The first thing we did in class was to learn to look at ourselves in a mirror and say, “I love you,” without feeling foolish or strange. I think that some of my students knew we were working specifically with Mary that day, yet everybody got a great sense of personal growth out of that session. Every student gazed quietly into the mirror and then said aloud so that all the class could hear, “I love you!” (Try this yourself in the privacy of your own home. LOVE that face you see. LOVE that person. LOVE the God-in-you . . . your Creator . . . the Force from whence you sprang!) Our next experiment was to have every student face another student and say directly to them, “I love you,” How

The Way to Get Something for Nothing wonderful! How few of us know how to do that! How many whole families live together without ever being able to look directly into one another’s eyes and say, “I love you!” Love is the greatest healing energy we know, yet we do not use it on ourselves, or one another! We are eager to learn to drive, to play backgammon, to score at Bingo . . . Why are we not so eager to learn to LOVE? If we can love, the rest comes easily! Mary responded well to both these experiments, and began to use the secret in her everyday affairs. She learned to say to herself, “I forgive you your mistakes. I know you’re only human. I love you! I love you because you’re trying to be the best person you can be! I love you because I know I can learn to love this world and everyone in it if I can LEARN TO LOVE YOU! I love you BECAUSE YOU’RE ME!” And what’s more, she began to learn to say “I love you” to her friends and her family. And what’s MORE, THEY began to learn to say it back to HER! And then what happened? You already know! Mary began to glow! Really glow. The last time I had a letter from Mary, she was in Oregon, the wife of a fine, successful man who had recognized that glow and decided to make it a part of HIS life as well. Mary’s letter was also an invitation to join them on their 500-acre farm for a summer of luxurious, rich country life! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

META-MIRACLE *6: Rita L. Changed From Boorish to Beautiful Rita L. was not a student of mine, but the little sister of one of my students. As “little sister” she had learned that the only way she could get the attention she craved (which she was ac­ cepting as a substitute for love) was to be obnoxious and com­ pletely boorish. She interrupted conversations, corrected others, and made it a point to relate only the negative side of every story. She was the kind of person who tells the epoch of SNOW WHITE as if the old witch were the heroine! “I know I irritate people. I know they don’t really like me,” she told me, “but I can’t seem to stop. My older sister is so beautiful . . . and I’d like to be beautiful, too. But. . . well. . . forget it! I’m sorry I’m even asking for your advice! After all, I’m



The Way to Get Something for Nothing not in your dumb old modeling class and I probably won’t ever be!” And with that, Rita was ready to stop our whole counseling session! “Hold it!” I said. “This was your idea to come to me, wasn’t it? I mean, it wasn’t your sister’s idea?” “No. I came of my own accord. My sister is enjoying her classes with you very much . . . and . . . well . . . you MUST have something!” “I believe I do. And I believe it will work for you, too. You won’t BE always trying to get attention the wrong way if you have real confidence in yourself. . . if you FEEL as beautiful as your older sister.” “But how do I do that? Enroll in your class?” “That would help!” I laughed. “But for now, let’s help you build a consciousness of beauty even before you start in class. I want you to begin reading your sister’s magazines . . . all the ones about being beautiful and modeling . . . the stuff you have been regarding as pure foolishness. And I want you to walk through the lavish, expensive stores. Not the discount stores, although they have their place, too, but for THIS work, you need to spend time in the exclusive, luxurious boutiques and depart­ ment stores. And I want you to see better movies, and watch bet­ ter television. Watch the shows that talk about beauty and glamour . . . begin to ABSORB the attitudes of beauty.” “Now, HOW is THAT going to help?” she queried. “Just do it for yourself. Don’t question the WHY right now. Do it. Do it faithfully. And I’ll see you when the classes start again next month!” Well, Rita apparently did her homework well. By the time I saw her again, sitting in the FRONT row of my Professional Modeling class, she had begun to take on some of the man­ nerisms and movements of truly beautiful women. She spoke quietly, sat with poise, listened to others, and generally gave off the aura of a young woman who regarded herself, and others, highly. Suddenly, she was beginning to see there was no real need to push and shove her way into a conversation. No NEED to be rude and demanding. She had only to make herself FEEL beautiful by assuming the graces of beautiful people, and to BE LOVING.

The Way to Get Something for Nothing


Now, that’s not so hard, is it? YOU CAN BE WHATEVER YOU IMAGINE YOURSELF TO BE. AND IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH KEEPING THE IMAGE OF WHAT YOU WANT TO BE IN YOUR MIND, THEN YOU MUST READ ABOUT IT, SEE MOVIES AND TELEVISION ABOUT TT, TALK WITH OTHERS WHO ARE IN THE SAME CONSCIOUSNESS. THE IMAGINATION MUST BE FED THE FOOD OF WHAT YOU WANT TO BECOME. If you want to be rich, you must think about genuine wealth, If you want to be healthy, you must think only of health. If you want to be beautiful, confident, secure in your self­ esteem, you must dwell upon THOSE things and emulate those people who HAVE them.

NEVER WORRY ABOUT GETTING OLD Have you ever thought about what our American attitudes toward aging are causing? Television ads, radio commercials, magazines and newspapers, not only stress how OLD everybody is, but also make it very, very plain that YOUTH is the only desirable condition to be in! Which, if you think about it, makes it rather hard to be happy, because NONE of us is young for very long! We even tell ourselves to “think young” as if that were important. Well, cer­ tainly we don’t want to think OLD, because we associate “old” with being infirm, lonely, and bored, but we SHOULD LEARN TO THINK OF NO CHRONOLOGICAL AGE AT ALL! There are only TWO ages: child and adult. You are either a healthy, prosperous, content adult, or you’re not. Why blame the lack of anything on age? Isn’t that just another cop-out? When you’re no longer a “child,” you are then supposedly an “adult,” which means simply that you have attained your full growth capacity physically. We have attached to that certain other characteristics which do not always apply; that, for instance, as an adult you are automatically wise (we all know MANY who are not at all wise, or even interested in wisdom); that you have all your teeth (yet some of us don’t get our wisdom teeth until long after we’re adult!). . that we’ve finished our education. (Yet, no longer is it at all uncommon for adults to return to school for high school


The Way to Get Something for Nothing

diplomas, Master’s degrees, Doctorates, or even to enter whole new fields of study. I became a radio engineer after I was thirty-five, and an ordained Minister at forty-eight. What’s more, I have every inten­ tion of learning to pilot a plane before I’m fifty-five, and, like our talented, beautiful Grandma Moses, I plan to take up painting in my sixties!)

Look Forward to Miracles Regardless of Your Age If you begin to think of yourself simply as an “adult,” and then add to that “an exceptionally healthy, content” adult, you’ll start a brand new line of thinking that brings you interesting new activities, friends and experiences. We tend to box ourselves in with this age business. Blessings on all the people who “fall in love” over the age boundaries, and who choose to ignore those limitations imposed by chronological measurement of a lifetime! What, after all, IS a “lifetime” anyway? “A gathering of experiences leading to wisdom and fulfillment.” You can’t do THAT on anybody else’s timetable!

METABIONICS LET’S YOU LOOK INTO THE FUTURE WITH CONFIDENCE By the year 2000, it will be “fashionable” to have attained “age,” provided you are active, serene, healthy and have gained viewpoints we associate with goodness and wisdom. Some call it the “overview” of what Life is really all about. People in their sixties will be considered teenagers at that time,and it will become a joy to look forward to your seventies and eighties and nineties and those ages OVER 100, because we will have cooperated with progressive evolution. Man will then live a healthier, fuller life because he will HAVE LEARNED TO CONTROL HIS MIND, and by controlling his mind, he will control his bodily well-being, his income, his en­ vironment and his experiences! No longer will the individual begin to feel obsolete at twentyfive! Men and women won’t be frantically looking around for lastminute sexual experiences because they’re convinced that’s all life has to offer and that “it’s their last chance!” Consciousness has everything to do with weight loss and gain as well. We “go on diets” to lose or gain weight, yet the very going on that diet ONLY HAS TO DO WITH BECOMING CONSCIOUS

The Way to Get Something for Nothing


OF WHAT WE WISH TO BE. Tell yourself about calories if you wish . . . and agree with your friends that “metabolism” and “heritage” influence what your body does with what you eat. But the Ancients have always understood that you are not WHAT YOU EAT, but WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT.

META-MIRACLE #7: Phyllis 8. Lost 75 Pounds Phyllis S., terribly overweight and completely miserable, was a total disbeliever in Metabionics until she began to try it for herself. Sure, she went on a diet; she’d been on LOTS of diets before! And all of them COULD have worked. But, until she ac­ tively used Metabionics, the weight loss was never quick, nor permanent. With Metabionics she lost steadily, consistently, and for good. And how did she use our system?

She Built a Consciousness of Thinness She deliberately and regularly read books about thinness, associated with slim, active people, talking about the things a naturally slim person would talk about. In other words, she STUDIED women who had always been thin, and began to act as she felt they would act. Slim women eat slowly, paying little attention to whether or not they clean their plates. They toy with their food; they don’t even discuss food as if each meal were to be their last. Their whole approach to mealtime is casual, graceful. They never GOBBLE! Ever! And they seem to savor every bite. A good friend of mine, Laurel Elizabeth Keyes, has written a marvelous book on the subject, which she calls, “Gentle Eating.” In it, she stresses these very points, and every point, of course, is designed to build a consciousness of slimness.

META-MIRACLE #8: Carter J. Lost 110 Pounds! Carter J. was a student who topped Phyllis S.’ weight-loss of 75 pounds, by losing a full 110 pounds! When I met Cart for the first time I was struck by the pleasant face lost in heavy cheekfolds and a triple-chin which literally hid the top of his shirt! Carter had learned to laugh at himself, but the laughter was never very real or very lasting.


The Way to Get Something For Nothing And how did Cart build a consciousness of slimness? He went to a gymnasium and for weeks simply watched the athletes work out. Now, understand, he didn’t go to a health spa where there were others working on weight loss. He went to a gym­ nasium where those who were fit and slim were actively striving to maintain what they already had. He wanted to build a con­ sciousness of success . . not one of merely trying. This is an im­ portant point.

META-MIRACLE #9: A Weight Gain? It Works the Same Way. Nellie A. was a full five-seven and weighed in at 98 pounds when she began applying Metabionics. Within a short while of NOT talking about being underweight or “abnormal” (she con­ centrated faithfully on the “average” and “normal” women she knew with perfect weight patterns), she began to think in terms of “normal weight” and it just happened! Most of us have heard the story of the little prince who had a crooked back. He had all the paintings of himself as imperfect removed from the palace, and instead commissioned artists and sculptors to create many works of him as PERFECT, WHOLE and COMPLETE. Mirrors, too, were removed from the palace. In time, his back began to straighten itself and he became the man his con­ sciousness ordered him to be. It’s an old story, but like many fairy tales, it has its metaphysical truth for all to see. I wonder sometimes how many of our myths and how much of our folklore we’ve repeated time and time again without taking a closer look to see the great secrets which may be woven within them. How blind we can be!

SUMMON UNSEEN SERVANTS AT YOUR READY COMMAND Do we have Angels? Of course, we do! Do we have “guides”? Guardians? “Spirit helpers?” Yes, YES! We do! We all do! We have UNSEEN SERVANTS ready to fulfill

The Way to Get Something for Nothing


our every dream if we but dare to dream the dream by filling our consciousness with what we wish to experience! Metabionics has some infallible techniques to help you call on your UNSEEN SERVANTS and keep them around you at all times. Remember, they are ALWAYS with you anyway, but YOU have to be CONSCIOUS of them in order to use them properly. One of our Metabionics principles is, of course, psychic feed­ back. Psychic feedback is always at work; it’s only a matter of learn­ ing to direct it. Learn to surround yourself, deliberately, with only that which you wish to make a part of your consciouness (life). If you want to be wealthy, seek out those things which imply, suggest and impress upon your awareness WEALTH. The same applies to HEALTH, you can’t REALLY stay healthy if you insist on discussing illness all the time. Those who work in hospitals, and around the ill and infirm, have their tasks before them constantly. What wonder­ fully strong people they are when they can be so much a part of others’ problems and STILL keep their own consciousness on THOSE WHO WILL GET BETTER. Really top-notch medical peo­ ple are ALWAYS concentrating on the possibilities for IMPROVE­ MENT and not those “facts” that suggest the IMpossibility of im­ provement. They “accentuate the positive” as our song-writer friend, Johnny Mercer, put it.

Light Up Your Consciousness Like a Laser Beam Inspiration and uplift of consciousness often comes, too, from color and music. We all have certain tunes which make us feel lighthearted and happy (and we also have melodies which make us feel awful!). Certain colors make some of us feel content, serene, pleasant; other colors make us react unfavorably. We SHOULD CAREFULLY AND DELIBERATELY seek out those things which make us feel IN-spirited, better about ourselves and our future. In­ spiriting is an exciting, practical method of employing Metabionics, a technique so simple you can use it without any formal instruction. However, we will give you a definite formula to use a little later in the book.

THE MAGIC POWER OF METABIONICS MONODIES Peculiar to Metabionics is a form of chanting we call, a “monody.” Monodies are repetitious little statements which we use


The Way to Get Something for Nothing

to keep our minds (consciousness) centered on that which we WANT, in order to keep out that which WE DO NOT WANT. Monodies—unlike traditional chants—can be used at any time. They are personal, designed like custom-tailored clothing, especially for the individual who uses them. And, they ALWAYS WORK. Unlike meditation, which has marvelously beneficial qualities even for the beginner, a monody is an active method of getting right into what you want. Even a child can use a monody, whereas, in meditation, often the mind can run off into areas that are negative and unfriendly, causing the meditator to come out of a period of meditation depressed or discouraged. This is not to imply that COR­ RECT MEDITATION can do that. We are referring to INcorrect meditation. A monody, on the other hand, works from the very beginning, even if it’s used by one who does not understand the process at all.

Be What You Want to Be, Do W hat You W ant to Do Reprogramming, a subject we’ll discuss more fully as we move deeper into Metabionics, is just another term for changing the con­ sciousness to what you WANT it to be. Remember that con­ sciousness is the TOTAL of all your attitudes, prejudices, opinions, sensitivities, etc. REPROGRAMMING is used in exactly the same way we use it when we’re talking about a computer. You learn ways of reprogramming the computer of your MIND. You learn, in effect, to “change your tapes.” What you want, you can have. What you want to be, you can be. But you must be very sure you know what you want before you embark upon this greatest adventure of your life. Metabionics works. It never fails. YOUR task is to be very sure you know what you want, and what you want to BE, before you begin to call upon your UNSEEN SERVANTS to change your life. Unlike your earthly friends and servants, your Unseen Servants are sensitive to the slightest changes in your attitudes and thoughts, so if you are not certain what you want, they’ll hover about, doing nothing but wavering back and forth, until you FINALLY tell them specifically what you desire. Some of us live our whole lives with

The Way to Get Something for Nothing


those angels hovering over us, never using them, and consequently we don’t believe they’re there! They’re there! I promise you they’re there! Now, let’s learn to cooperate with them!

3 Using Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants ANCIENT RITUALS REVEALED FOR YOU Suppose you woke up to find yourself in an ornately decorated, lavishly furnished palatial estate? Suppose you strongly suspected that the place was fully-staffed with all sorts of servants, and you were reasonably certain that you had a generous, warm and loving host, and that SOMEWHERE on the premises was plen­ ty of food, drink, and all the supplies you could possibly need . . . yet. . . no one came into your room to tell you where you were or how to get in touch with your host or servants? This is very much what we are faced with in life. Intuitively, we feel that we are surrounded with abundance and that life is supposed to be good, but we just don’t know how to go about calling those servants or getting in touch with the “Big Guy” who owns the place! And, to take the analogy a step further, most of the time the people we first meet (other guests, for instance) are often just as lost as we are . . . THEY don’t know the “secrets” either (your parents, teachers, friends), and so much of life is con­ jecture, or “the blind leading the blind.”

Something Bigger Than You Are Is Yours to Command Throughout recorded (and unrecorded) history, man has felt he had some sort of help from the world beyond (servants, the “Big Guy”). He just seemed to know, somehow, that there was a larger life, something or someone bigger than he was, who was in some way responsible for having created the earth, the sky and everything man was able to see, touch, hear, smell or taste. Those five senses were the WAY man labeled and defined his world, and yet, there was something he finally began to call his “sixth” sense, or intuition, that told him he was being watched over, guarded, protected. Even 55


Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants

when he was hurt, or hungry, or afraid, man seemed to know that that “something” could be called upon for help, and that it would respond to him if he “prayed aright.” What is interesting for the student of Metabionics is to take the time to compare religions. The deeper you dig, the more you study, the more you find those marvelous common threads in every form of worship or belief. Oh, you’ll find differences, all right, but all that is really important are those persistent convictions that recur again and again. Man has known, instinctively, that there was a Power he could turn to for help, and that SOMEHOW it had a relationship to HIS FAITH IN IT. In fact, he was sure that it responded to him in direct proportion to his belief in it. Jesus of Nazareth said, “As ye believe, it is done unto you.” Tolstoy said, “Faith is the force of life.” And William Adams said, “Faith is the continuation of reason.” But perhaps St. Augustine said it best when he spoke: “Faith is to believe what we do not see; and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.”

Spiritual Dissension, One-Upmanship, Churches and Dogma Man gave all sorts of names and descriptions to this “something” he felt was His Creator and His Protector. He called it “God” and sometimes “Gods”; he called it the Supreme Being, the Ultimate, the Infinite Intelligence. He called it lots of names, in many, many languages, and invariably he implied, or stated outright, that there were lesser beings, associated with this Supreme Power, who were contactable, and served as intermediaries for the One. These he called, “lesser Gods,” “guides,” “messengers,” “angels,” and even “fairies.” Always, he knew he could rely on them for guidance and aid, and always he knew they were his PER­ SONAL HELP in some way, perhaps more approachable than the Ultimate Being. And even while man was giving them different names and describing them in different ways, he was inventing what seemed to be a thousand different methods of contacting them. Yet those methods, or rituals, all had some very obvious points in common: They employed concentration, repetition, visualization and suggestion . . . those faculties of the mind that would raise the in­ dividual consciousness to the highest point of BELIEF.

Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants


Even the simplest culture had, and has, its medicine man, its high priest, or witch doctor, who knew the secrets of the mind, that MAN’S MIND IS SOME PART OF GOD’S MIND. Those “secrets,” to this day, are called “occult,” or “hidden.” This is WHY we still do not teach occult sciences in our schools, except as subjects of general interest.

Metabionics Is Based on Ancient Laws of the Universe Although mental science is gaining in acceptance and in our higher institutions of learning it is possible to earn a degree in para­ psychology (unheard of not too terribly long ago), nevertheless, it is still regarded as questionable to refer to your “spirit guides,” When was the last time you heard a businessman openly speak of his “angels”? (Unless you were talking to a movie or play pro­ ducer looking for financial backers!) Yet man has always had spirit guides, and he has always known that he had them. He has sung about them. He has painted them. . He has written great, long books and bibles and narrative poems and symbolic stories about them (myths, fables, fairy stories) In social circles we say, “He had a ‘hunch’ ” . . . Or, “He, just ‘felt’ it was okay . . . ” Most of the time well use different terms or report an incident “tongue in cheek,” feigning only passing interest. But, as has often been said, there are “no foxhole atheists.” When the chips are down, even the most jaded, doubtful human being cries out to that “something” because, in Truth, we KNOW. Who ARE these lesser Gods . . . these “angels” . . . these Un­ seen Servants? They are EXACTLY the forces Man has always known existed. They are Beings personal to you, personal to me, and can be called upon at any given time for help, guidance, goodness. As we learn the LAWS which apply to these Beings, we’ll learn that they are ALWAYS AT WORK. The trick is to make sure THEY know what WE want!

Personal Unseen Servants Are W aiting in the Wings Contacting your own Personal Unseen Servants is not at all dif­ ficult. Just reaching toward them . . . letting them know you WANT


Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen.Servants

to contact them , . . WANT guidance and help from them , . . is, in itself, an enriching and revitalizing experience. In fact, if you’re not feeling well, or are in doubt over some upsetting circumstance, the very act of attempting to communicate with your guardians or “angels” will soothe your nerves and start up the healing processes in the body. Biofeedback is a “discovery” we’ve heard a lot about in recent years. Exciting books and articles have reported in depth the research begun some time ago as a result of a series of positive tests conducted on migraine headache sufferers. Scientists found that a human being could DIRECT his blood circulation by DIRECTING his thoughts, and that a visualization of a calm and tranquil scene could lower the blood pressure and slow the heartbeat! What’s more, thoughts of peace and love could remove a headache . . . even ease a toothache! Those scientists acted as if they’d found something great and unusual. Why, any student of mental science could have told them the same thing. In fact, those priests and avatars or “inner circle” in­ dividuals have used that simple law of mind on themselves and taught it to others for centuries. Biofeedback is simply a new way of stating that “what you think about” controls your body, your body processes, and your overall good health. PSYCHIC-feedback, or the understanding that the mind can MAGNIFY good just as easily as it can MAGNIFY evil, is the Metabionics term for carrying it all a step further. Terms, terms, and more terms. Different words, different phrases, meaning the same thing. Somehow, in our efforts to teach, to communicate, we confuse ourselves and each other. Somehow, we make secret, or “occult,” that which is not a secret at all, but which is a part of every man’s right and heritage on this earth!

Lifting the Veil of Mystic Metabionic Wisdom The “secret” brotherhoods teach that man can use his mind to create, to move objects about, to send messages, to diagnose ill­ nesses, even to travel about “astrally” to gather information. Yet, when Dr. Barbara Brown demonstrated her great “train experiment” in which the human brain was used to MOVE A TOY TRAIN ENGINE, the academic community was both teased and stunned. Her book, “New Mind, New Body,” written, to be sure, to attract the interest and support of that selfsame community, was a

Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants


triumphant masterpiece. Yet, again, the terminology (academic, scientific) surely barred it from being understood by the average reader. Many who could have been helped were not helped at all because, once again, that which ALL men should understand and use was CLOAKED IN MYSTERIOUS TERMINOLOGY. Churches have done this as well. At the core of every religion is the Truth about man and his mind, but in order to CONTROL the masses, the leaders of the churches used symbology and liturgy to such an extent that the essence of it all was lost to everyone but the most clever and astute. But no longer! Today, more and more people are learning the power of their own minds, and they not only know how to call upon their Unseen Servants, but they’re doing it!

ARCANE RITUALS FOR DAILY LIVING Arcane rituals vary so widely that the newcomer to Metabionics could become quickly confused and discouraged. That’s why I’ve broken the tried-and-true down into easily-adapted steps that work miracles in the lives of even the most harried, troubled individual. It is not necessary to stick too closely to even the systems I pre­ sent here, but it IS important, in the beginning, to work with them PRECISELY as given here until they are so much a part of your life that you use them automatically without conscious effort. Age-old rituals required preparation—sometimes days, even months of preparation (one Vedic mystery called for years of preparation and so the ceremonies were held every five years!). This is because the greater the psychological groundwork, the better the results. Therefore, it is best that you NOT begin working with Meta­ bionics until you have read through THIS Chapter. IT IS AN ETER­ NAL TRUTH, HOWEVER, THAT EVEN THE CASUAL READER WHO MIGHT READ THROUGH A METABIONICS MONODY WILL BENEFIT FROM IT THOUGH HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT IS TAKING PLACE!

META-MIRACLE *10: Ted C. Solved His Employment and Marriage Problems Ted C. was one of my bright, but disinterested students. He was certain that whatever I was teaching was “nice enough” for


Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants “everybody else”, but, he assured me, “I’m not like everybody else. I have a definite plan for my life and so I know where I’m going. People who take courses like yours are just shopping, or they are all-around losers.” Two years ago I ran into Ted again. His “plan” was not working. He had married (as a part of his “plan”) and already the marriage was on the rocks. His self-assigned schedule of business promotions had not taken place, and he was, in fact, out of a job. Ted looked just like he felt—dejected, down, a broken man. “What have you done to help yourself with Metabionics?” I asked him. “Metabionics? Why, I’d forgotten all about it. I don’t even remember much about the course. I was so SURE of myself at the time. Actually, I guess I just enjoyed coming to class to be around such positive “vibes.” I thought you were a fine lecturer, and I enjoyed what you had to say. But I didn’t need it. I never thought to apply it to myself! I thought having a goal was enough!” Just like so many other “dabblers” in the field. They can talk about it, rather glibly at timtes, and they can quote every authority and half the “good books” in the world—but they can’t USE it in their own lives. “Look, Ted,” I said. “Why don’t you take the time to apply the principles to your problems? It does work, you know, and it takes very little effort on your part.” “Oh . . . I don’t know . . he seemed doubtful. “You really don’t believe in mental law, do you?” I chal­ lenged. “Why . . . I don’t know. I thought I did. But then, I never tried it. I guess I was the guy who was window-shopping! I sup­ pose I was just coming to class for something to do!" “Well, that’s honest,” I told him. “Lots of folks can’t be so honest. The point now, though, is DO YOU believe it can help you and do you want to give it a try?” “Why not?” he asked. Then he smiled. “I remember how good it made me feel to think I had Unseen Servants when you talked about Angels and Guides in class. Boy! I’d love to get mine on the ball helping me now!” “Okay, Ted, if that’s the way you feel, there’s no reason to wait any longer. Right this moment, take a deep breath and assume the posture of a man WHO HAS NO PROBLEMS." “What? Are you kidding? My WORLD has fallen in on top of me!”

Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants


“Hold It! You said you’d try.” Ted gave me a patient look. Then his eyes brightened. “Oh, well, what have I got to lose?” He straightened his shoulders, took a strong, confident stance and asked, “Now what?” I explained that he had to CONSCIOUSLY act the part of a man with no problems, and that as soon as he got home, he was to get off by himself and get immediately into the programming frequency. He assured me he remembered how that was done and promised to call me in a few days. Ted did NOT call me in a few days, however. He called me later that night! Excitedly, he told me how he’d gone home trying to walk and talk and FEEL like a man with no problems, and how he’d gotten off by himself and done his “mental work.” He said that by dinnertime, his phone was ringing with an unexpected offer of a job to begin the NEXT DAY in Oklahoma. It was in his field and working with a team of researchers he’d known before. The pay was almost three times what he’d been making. In his ex­ uberance he’d called his about-to-be-ex-wife (they were living apart) and told her all the good news and how he now felt new things were happening to him. She said, “Let’s try again. You sound so good, so confident! I’m willing to start all over. I can be packed and ready to move in the morning, too!”

Ted, like so many “good people,” knew basic mental science methods, but he kept it in the “theory” part of his,head. Metabionics is like any other unused tool. What you don’t use, you lose, and the Metabionic methods are so simple that once you get the “feel” of them, you’ll never let them go unused again! Don’t let this book be relegated to the “theory” closet of YOUR brain. USE it. It works! Metabionics can work, does work, WILL work. For you. For anybody. It is one more proof that we are all God’s children. All Divine. You must use it for good, however, because if you do not, it will destroy you. “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.” If you use the laws of the mind for anything evil, that evil will turn on you. Like a giant scorpion who stings itself to death, you must remember to use these powerful forces for good only. If you turn those forces into a “stinger,” it is YOU who will be hurt.


Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants

ARRIVING AT THE PROGRAMMING FREQUENCY Man’s brain is like an enormous computer. And it is always busy. In order to re-program the brain, or your subconscious mind, we have to slow it down, clear out the old tapes of failure and doubt, and put in fresh new material. Metabionics has the simplest, most direct method of getting that job done. He combines the ancient rituals with what we know about the computer-comparison of the brain and how it works “elec­ tronically.” The Avatars and saints and seers of old were not at all out-of-line in their teachings, but for today’s busy, hurried popula­ tion, it’s best to take a simpler approach with fewer trappings. Most businessmen and women just don’t want to accept the idea of “ritual” or “chanting” as anything they can benefit from. Still, that IS the WAY the mind works and if the most unbelieving and hardened person would take the time to STUDY the esoteric history of our planet he would soon see that the answers are ALL there. Not just a few of them. ALL of them!

METABIONIC MIND TREATMENTS THAT WORK WONDERS In Metabionics we employ the old term, “monody,” which is simply another word for “chant” or “ode for one voice.” In original theatre, a monody was much like the opening monologue of a play. A monody for our purposes is a mind treatment, or a deliberate string of statements designed especially to program the sub­ conscious mind to bring about the results we want. Metabionics has specific monodies for specific goals and definite needs. (You’ll find several pages of them at the end of this book, as well as a few dozen others scattered throughout to illustrate how Metabionics works.) Now, before you employ a monody, you MUST learn to take yourself into the programming frequency, which is simply slowing down the processes of the brain, and emptying the mind of all the worry thoughts and clutter that we allow to fill our thoughts throughout the day. With practice, you’ll soon learn the “feel” of getting into the fre­ quency and you’ll be able to slip into the “mood” required with little effort, and at any time, in any place. Of course, the first order of the system is to relax.

Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants


And . . . I can hear your protests now. “I can’t relax. I’ve tried and tried and I just can’t do it.” No doubt, you’ll follow all that with the many excuses I’ve heard so often. You’ll tell me what a hard day you have, and how busy you are, how fast the world moves, how little time you have and so on and so on. Oh, believe me, YOU can’t come up with anything that I haven’t heard before! ANYBODY can relax. Even in the midst of serious trouble and turmoil. It is a matter of learning how. Not unlike learning to ride a bicycle. A matter of timing, balance , . . getting the feel of it.

Follow These Easy Steps and Spark Miracles First, you must take time and space. By that I mean you must get away from your family and friends and deliberately MAKE the time and TAKE the space to be alone. A few minutes a day is all you need. But they must be GOOD minutes. Really alone, without the sense of being bothered with telephones and other interruptions that might get you off the track. Next, you should lower the lights, draw the shades or draperies. No need to be in complete darkness; in fact, it’s better not to. Have the lighting dim, and comfortable, and that goes for the temperature, too. Try to be just cool enough or just warm enough, so that you are not aware of your body. Loosen your clothing. Unfasten belts and buttons, undo collars and cuffs. Make it so you do not feel restricted in any way. Again, you do not wish to be AWARE OF YOUR BODY. Find a good, upright chair. Strong and steady. Sit with your back straight, but not rigid. (Do not lie down. You are apt to become so relaxed that you fall asleep, and this is not the plan for your Meta­ bionics exercise at this time.) Place your buttocks and upper back against the back of the chair, with your hands in your lap. Place both feet flat on the floor, toes pointed forward. Be comfortable. In other words, be erect, but easily erect. Now close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Count them if you wish. But make sure you concentrate on your breath. Think about your breath. Think about breathing in and out. Think of yourself: “I must breathe to live. Therefore, air is some part of God’s


Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants

provision for me. I will now think only of cooperating with God’s plan by breathing God’s air.”

Love Your Body as a Symbol of Perfection Continue breathing deeply for a few moments, and then throw your attention to your toes. Imagine a white light . . . soft, but brilliant. . . radiantly white as only white light CAN be. Imagine that the light is comfortably cool and is relaxing your muscles in your toes. Imagine that your toes are perfect, and that the bones, flesh, muscle tissue, EVERY PART of your toes are perfect and function­ ing well. Now, imagine the white light as moving onto your foot. Im­ agine it covering your foot and imagine healing and wholeness in your foot. Now cany the white light up to your ankles. Move the light up the ankle to your lower legs, and from your lower legs to your knees. Each time, imagine wholeness and perfec­ tion, especially if you’ve had any trouble in those areas. Move on up your body, knees to upper legs, upper legs to pelvic area, hips and abdomen. From there, go to the chest area, and from the chest area to your shoulder. From the shoulders, move down the upper arms, to the elbows, the lower arms, the wrists and the hands and fingers. Keep imagining the white light, and keep your thoughts on wholeness and perfection. You ARE perfect, you know. Your “light body,” or the metaphysical pattern of your body, IS perfect. It is the spiritual you, and by concentrating on that spiritual you and its perfection, healing chemicals and juices begin to move through your physical body. Believe me! A galvanic skin response (GSR) meter is the greatest proof in the world for a doubter, and healing at Lourdes and among all the wonderful “faith healers” of our time and in past history have shown us that this works! Next, take the white light to your neck, and from your neck move it to your face and scalp. Imagine healing taking place in your mouth and throat, even healing teeth and sinuses—ANY problems you may have—and through it all, let the white light relax you.

Connect with the Cosmic Mind and the World Is Yours You are, in this process, PULLING THE HIGHEST CON­ SCIOUSNESS we can imagine (cosmic consciousness, the GodHead, Metabionics) into alignment with the frequency of your brain,

Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants


which controls, heals and enlivens your body. It IS the LIFE of your body. Remember, this alignment takes place when YOU USE YOUR IMAGINATION TO MAKE THE CONNECTION! As you move the white light over your body, consciously visualizing perfection and wholeness, thinking only of making that perfect contact with the Cosmic source which pushes the planets and gives you life, you will begin to feel the greatest relaxation you have ever known. With practice it gets better and better, but even the first white light synchronization or alignment will bring about great, wonderful changes in your physical body. Even without special re-programming, you will begin to sleep better, feel better, have better energy when you need it, and enjoy perfect elimination, perfect assimilation and perfect circulation. In other words, your overall health will improve even WITHOUT a specific MONODY!

REPROGRAMMING IS RENEWAL Now, you are ready to begin your re-programming. At this point you simply speak the monody of your choice slowly and carefully to yourself, concentrating on every word. You MUST think about each word as you speak it. And, you may speak aloud if you wish, but I find the best results are always with the UNSPOKEN WORD. The greater your concentration, the most positively you speak, the better the results. For this reason, I would advise that you select your monody and read it over several times before you begin your relaxation technique. Then, of course, it is permissible to read it quietly while you’re in the programming frequency.

DO THINGS RIGHT FOR A GREAT POWER IS IN YOUR COMMAND While you are in the programming frequency you MUST be highly selective in what you tell your brain. The brain, the sub­ conscious mind, will accept exactly what you tell it, taking the words you speak into it LITERALLY. It will, without any emotion or sor­ row on its part, deliver to you PRECISELY what you program into it. In other words, it will give you just as much goodness as you re­ quest, and just as much misery as you request. There is the true but grisly story in metaphysical circles of the young man who said he’d “give his right arm” for something, and


Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants

his arm was torn from its socket in an accident on the way to receive what he’d bargained for! Not so grotesque, but equally as true, are instances of our bringing discomfort on ourselves with statements like, “She gives me a headache” or “He’s a pain in the neck!” Our words create our realities. It also bears repeating here that you ALREADY HAVE WHAT YOU’VE PROGRAMMED YOUR MIND TO BRING YOU. Look around you. Study your life. What you are, what you have, is what YOU ASKED FOR. This is a Truth you may try to avoid, but far better to learn the Law and learn how to work it to your advantage!

META-MIRACLE *11: Myrtle K. Forgot to Be Selective in the Programming Frequency Myrtle K., a really fine student and personal friend of mine, was a super-duper expert at the programming frequency. She was especially good at it when she was out fishing! I know that sounds strange, but Myrtle used to fish a lot in a small lake not far from her home. It was peaceful there, and she could easily “daydream” herself right into the relaxation technique and then re-program herself. But . . . she forgot that ANYTHING she spoke into her mind at that time and under those circumstances became a “monody.” Carelessly, she allowed herself to visualize one of her main concerns, her husband’s health, and after a few such fishing trips, she had programmed her husband right into a full heart attack! Computer experts have a term, GIGO, meaning “garbage in—garbage out” or, what you program into a COMPUTER, you ARE GOING TO GET BACK OUT . . . faithfully! The same is true of the human mind. Lucky for Myrtle’s husband, Harold, and lucky for Myrtle, she was enrolled in my class at that time and with a few counsel­ ing sessions I could see what she’d done. It took a few more fishing trips (it was Myrtle’s favorite and easiest way of getting at the programming frequency!) to UNdo it, but Harold and Myrtle are both alive and well, and I can now report to you that the last time I heard from them was on a postcard from Hong Kong! In this wonderful world of abundance there are no limits and there is literally no competition, UNLESS YOU CREATE THEM for

Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants


yourself. Often we do create problems or lack and a feeling of com­ petition for ourselves as a self-imposed way to force ourselves to grow. But with understanding, we can soon discover that we really don’t need a sense of competing with any other human being, and we certainly do NOT really require a sense of lack.

THE WORLD IS FULL OF GOOD AND THERE IS PLENTY FOR ALL To convince yourself that there is no lack of any good thing, take a look around you. REALLY take a look, not just a cursory glance. There is PLENTY of everything . . . DISTRIBUTION is the problem! One man holds on to surplus of something to force another man MENTALLY to part with his money, which has only a MENTAL VALUE (money is only paper or metal. . . something we designate to use in trade). Any man can have anything he requires simply by ALLOWING himself to have it. ALLOWING the Universe to re-distribute what he needs. What’s more, we must never forget that Universal substance is always spilling over us this great abun­ dance and can simply MOVE IT INTO OUR VISION THE MO­ MENT WE OPEN OUR SPIRITUAL EYES TO IT AND ACCEPT IT. Ask and ye shall receive. The Bible has said this many, many ways. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. But WE must do the asking . . . the seeking . . . the knocking. And we do this mentally, in the programming frequency.

META-MIRACLE *12: Saul T. Learned to Keep Himself Unaware of Competing Forces Saul T. was certain he could not lick his competition. “Who is your competition?” I asked him. “Why, the other companies who manufacture the same product I do!” he said. “Exactly the same product?” I asked. “Oh, yes. Exactly. With a few variations, of course.” “What variations?” “Oh, one manufacturer has the same product designed especially for heavy-duty commercial use, and another producer has the same product especially for hospitals and doctors’ offices,


Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants and still another produces a similar product for home and in­ dividual use.” “And YOUR product?” “Oh, we’re just for campers, outdoorsmen, boaters and recreational supply.” “Then, what’s the competition?” “Why, we all make the same product.” “But you’re all different! You’re not even appealing to the same market. YOUR customers would never go to another pro­ ducer!” Saul looked at me a moment. “Why, you know, you’re RIGHT! It was right there under my nose. We ARE different. I wonder why I let the idea of competition worry me?” “Because you’re human,” I laughed. “Because when we in­ sist on seeing everything with only our human vision, we see limitations and we surely do see competition! We forget that we are all as individual as snowflakes . . . no two drops of water are exactly alike . . . and that we have only to keep our minds centered on CREATING, only being the best we can be . . . and the idea of competition just disappears. Or, as the great come­ dian Danny Thomas once told his lovely daughter, Mario, “Run the race of life with blinders on!” In Metabionics we’re not actually suggesting blinders, but opening the spiritual eyes to see things as they really are!”

Focus on the Wonder and Beauty of Life SEEING correctly is also a matter of understanding that WHERE WE PLACE OUR ATTENTION is where we live. ATTENTION is the key to success and the key to failure. ATTENTION feeds situations, circumstances and conditions. The Bible clearly states, “Resist not evil.” In my youth I as­ sumed this referred to “turning the other cheek,” or, as my mother implied, it was the Christian thing to do to let others “walk all over you.” Not at all! The reference is to ATTENTION. Don’t pay attention to what you do not want in your life. Don’t concentrate on “evil” or unhappiness. Look toward the goodness in a situation and the GOODNESS will grow and then “evil” will disappear. Like a puff of smoke in a cool spring breeze! Gone forever! We pay attention to things not only with our great and rather astonishing ability to worry (the word, “worry,” means to turn

Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants


around and around in your mind, or to “grasp and tug at repeatedly”), but also from the misguided belief that to do so is an effective way to handle our problems. Said another way, we PAY ATTENTION TO our problems. . . or, we FEED THEM WITH AT­ TENTION. Learn to forget your worries . . . put them in God’s hands. Do what you can and then just LET GO AND LET GOD. It is the metaphysically perfect solution to all things. Always.

META-MIRACLE *13: Cora C. Changed Her Life By Changing Where She Focused Her Attention One of my most tender memories is of Cora C., a lovely young woman everyone cherished for her winsome ways and gentleness. She was truly beautiful because her kindness and purity of heart seemed to shine through her eyes and gave her entire countenance a glow. In fact, one of my other students had commented that, if he were an artist, he would use Cora as his model to paint the Virgin Mary. Dear Cora was less than happy, however. She was so kind, so good, that most of her young adult life she had forced herself to look for evil, and where she found it, to try to correct it. Now, THAT’S good, isn’t it? Then, why wasn’t Cora happy, and why was she aging pre­ maturely? Surely, such goodness would never be rewarded with un­ happiness, illness and a steady loss of beauty! Yet, at 26, Cora sat in my office looking for all the world like a ten or fifteen years older woman. “What’s the matter with me?” she asked. “I’m thinking of giving up my welfare and social work. It’s pulling me down. I feel tired all the time, and I come home at night so depressed I can hardly sleep. Maybe I am just not cut out for it!” Cora and I had quite a stimulating session that evening. I ex­ plained to her that she needed to re-direct her attention. In work-, ing with the poor and needy and infirm of the world, she was concentrating on the PROBLEMS and not the SOLUTIONS. I explained that she had to discipline herself to see those she worked with AS THEY EXISTED IN THE COSMIC PATTERN WORLD—perfect, whole and complete—God’s own children, created in His “image and likeness.” And then I further explained that she must carry this imaging to a vision of HOW THEY


Psychic Feedback to Contact Your Unseen Servants WOULD BE AS A RESULT OF HER EFFORTS. “When you tell of your work with others, Cora, remember to stress the positive side. DON’T let yourself repeat what we often call ‘all the gory details’.” I then instructed Cora in relaxation, and getting into the pro­ gramming frequency, and gave her a monody to work with. “My view of the 3-dimensional world is now uplifted and cleansed. I see life as it REALLY is—an unfolding of God’s perfect will, with no lack, no limitation, no pain and no suffering. I see that the people I am helping are only vic­ tims of their own self-images, and that no matter how bad things APPEAR to be, they CAN become better, NOW. The worst poverty, the worst illness, the worst squalor, the worst set of circumstances are but illusions and can be cleared away quickly with right-seeing. My angel-guides guard and correct my own vision so that I see only purely and completely. As my faithful Unseen Servants, they keep me and my attention centered only on solutions. I accept only my own perfect circumstances, and I accept only perfect answers and perfect circumstances and condi­ tions for all the people of the world. My attention is always on that which is cosmic perfection . . . harmonious, happy and whole. I give thanks that this is so. Amen.” Of course, I need not tell you that Cora’s attitude changed instantly and that in a matter of only a few days she was walking with a spring in her step again, eagerly approaching each “case” which came into her office as a problem soon to be resolved. Cora is now regarded as a bit of an “angel” herself. Her co­ workers marvel at her energy and joy in her work. One of her assistants told me privately, “Whenever any of us gets to feeling that we just can’t take it anymore, we go straight to Cora and together we work with the programming frequency. I learned from her that the quickest way to get out of despondency was to change where I focused my attention. I’m surely grateful for what I consider one of Life’s greatest secrets.”


Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success, Materializing Possessions and Peace of Mind START WITH A FRESH SLATE Are you ready to have the things you say you want? Friends? Power? Influence? A lovely home? Beautiful clothes? A business of your own? Can you be open-minded about a startlingly simple way to GET THOSE THINGS? Let’s take a look at this idea: whether or not you HAVE a “tomorrow” depends on how you live your today. WHAT that “tomorrow” is like in terms of your happiness, fulfillment, material belongings, experiences, DEPENDS ON THE THOUGHTS YOU THINK TODAY. Thoughts precede your every experience. Both your conscious thoughts and subconscious thoughts. Thoughts belong to the un­ seen reality or that reality beyond the physical. “Meta-physics” is that field of study concerned with the unseen reality, or that reality which precedes what WE FINALLY DO SEE. Metabionics is a method of learning to control your PRE-reality so that you can con­ trol what becomes your physical reality. Perhaps the most surprising fact about Metabionics is that all human beings are using it in one way or another every moment of their lives! Why then don’t most people have happier, healthier, more successful lives? The answer to that is fairly simple: Thought science is so easy, so obvious, that is is difficult for the average person to put much im­ portance to it. We seem to feel that we have to “earn” the good things in life, by hard work and sacrifice usually, and we also tend to 71


Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success

fee! at the individual level that we have no right to those good things. To be truthful with you,! cut my eye teeth on a Protestant belief which taught that God always answers prayers, but because man is “bom in sin, God often has to tell us ‘no’.” A reassuring line of thought, isn’t it? With that heavy burden of guilt (bom in sin) and the hint that we’ll possibly be told “no” as a result of it, what’s the use of trying? Some of the wisest and most learned men and women of our century are now showing us that many of our interpretations of the Gospel have been in error because certain leaders wished to use fear and unreasonable discipline to control the masses. It becomes clearer through study and actual practice of the metaphysical inter­ pretations of the same Gospel that God can and will be just as generous and kind to us as WE ALLOW HIM TO BE.

Achieve W hat You W ant with Metabionics As you begin to work personally and more closely with your Unseen Servants, or angel-guides, they will confirm what I’m telling you now: Every man has the right to every good thing. We need not try to take our good by force, by cheating or by maneuvering. We have only to recognize our right and to take our good MENTALLY. The Universe abounds in Cosmic “abundance.” Taking men­ tally what is rightfully yours in no way deprives another. Your good, however, comes more quickly to you and remains yours comfort­ ably when you remember to assert that same goodness for your fellow human beings. The more goodness you see for others (health, happiness, supply), the more goodness comes into your own experience. You see, if you don’t do this, you begin to feel guilty that YOU have so much, and GUILT will destroy what YOU have. Remember the teachings of the carpenter from Galilee: DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. See for THEM the good you would have THEM see for YOU.

THE MAGIC TECHNIQUE THAT GETS RESULTS My own Unseen Servants first gave me the idea for the Metabionics “absorption technique.” Calling it “psychic feedback,” I first

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success


tried it out on my classes and achieved immediate and lasting results. It was so uncomplicated, so obvious, so easy to use that it really took me some time to see that the technique was as old as time; and all I was really doing was allowing my angel-guides to help me bring it up-to-date, suitable for modern man to apply and mak­ ing good use of today’s surroundings and today’s technology! THAT was a bit of a come-down, but just one more sign that TRUTH is eternal, and all knowledge is ready and available for any of us; it is only a question of approaching Life’s uncertainties with confidence, knowing that you, too, have a right to the answers. Remember, we all have angel-guides, and your angel-guides and MY angel-guides are on the same level, . . they have access to the same information, the same solutions. Doesn’t it begin to seem ob­ vious to you that the BIG difference in effectiveness is how WELL you or I are able to OPEN OURSELVES TO THAT INFORMA­ TION?

LEARNING FROM HOW CHILDREN LEARN Long years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori, founder and originator of the Montessori Method of education, promulgated the theory that a child “absorbs” learning. In her book, The Absorbent Mind, she explains her ideas concerning schooling in a “prepared environ­ ment” and challenges teachers to understand that THEY are not really TEACHERS—each child has his own “inner teacher” (“innertutor,” or “intuition”), and, if allowed to grow freely and spon­ taneously, a child will follow his own inner guidance and master what is necessary in this world WHEN THE PROPER TIME COMES FOR HIM. She said that children have “sensitive periods” when they are particularly receptive to different areas of learning (sensory, practical life lessons, math, etc.) and that a good teacher learns to be alert to those sensitive periods. In that light, a teacher is really a skilled DIRECTOR, perceptively cooperating with the life force within the child. Dr. Helen Billings, international lecturer, author and founder of the Montessori Institute of America, favored me with many pro­ found and delightful examples of Montessori’s philosophies and discoveries. I spent long and enlightened hours with Dr. Billings, completely surprised and thrilled by the possibility that more schools were to incorporate the Montessori basics. Although the “method” is


Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success

applied primarily to children between the ages of two, and six or seven, it has been used very successfully in upper grade levels on occasion, as well as in some of our more progressive institutions of higher learning without specifically tagging it “Montessori.” IF YOU EXPOSE AN INDIVIDUAL TO AN ENVIRONMENT PREPARED FOR LEARNING A CLEARLY DEFINED SUBJECT, HE OR SHE WILL MOST CERTAINLY, IN TIME, ABSORB THAT SUBJECT. For example, remember the old phrase, “Them that HAS, GITS!” Can you see that this merely means that the rich man’s son ABSORBS attitudes of the rich, and that a poor man’s son, con­ versely ABSORBS the consciousness of poverty? Taken further, can you see that EXPOSURE to the rigidity of military life tends to make the individual “military,” and by the same token, exposure to a life of disorder and carelessness tends to pro­ duce people who go through their days unorganized and lack­ adaisical? Attitudes of “winning,” “losing,” “trust,” “caution,” “fear,” “faith,” “cockiness” and “timidity” are also absorbed!

META-MIRACLE *14: Katie L. Became a Winner Katie L. was enrolled in my Advanced Modeling Tech­ niques class and for the life of me I could not understand why! She was beautiful, poised, slender, charming and impeccably groomed. Talented in music, art and creative writing, she never­ theless confided in me early in the series of classes that what she lacked was confidence. “Oh, yes, I’m told I’m good in lots of things, but I’ve never won an award, and frankly, I guess I tack great importance to things like awards. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll ever have the confidence I long for unless I WIN something. Anything! I really need to feel like a winner at something . . . I had sort of hoped your class would give me the confidence to meet people and maybe THAT confidence would help fne in other areas of my life!” Katie was right on target in that statement, but in talking with her more, I realized she had arrived at a point where confidence alone was not quite enough. She needed to be able to visualize herself as a winner. She needed to absorb a winnng con­ sciousness.

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success


“Katie, 1want you to do something that may sound strange to you at first, but very quickly it will enable you to start winning those awards you feel you need,” I said. “I’ll do anything,” she assured me. “Even if it sounds TOTALLY CRAZY!” “Fair enough,” I said. “I want you to start going to county fairs, art shows, contests, etc. ANYTHING in that line which has to do with those subjects you’re interested in. Then I want you to CONSCIOUSLY associate yourself with the WINNERS. Not those who win second place, or third place, and certainly not the ‘honorable mention’ entries! You MUST associate yourself with the WINNERS! You must stay a winning entry and say to yourself, ‘This person has been declared the best in this category. This person is human, even as I am, and this person worked to achieve this, in confidence and with the understanding that he was some part of the Divinity. This person knew how to claim MENTALLY that he was a winner.’ If you can, I want you to look up that person and spend time talking with him. Talk of his feel­ ings in winning . . . breathe in the FEELING of succeeding. I want you to do a lot of this. “It will take you out of too much introspection and you’ll have a good time. Besides, you may learn something. There are lots of contests and competitions in this area and several neighboring communities that you could visit. It will help catch you up on new trends and techniques, too! Start reading the papers and find out what sort of shows are going on and DO SOME HOMEWORK!” She looked doubtful. “Well . . .,” she began. “It DOES sound a little crazy. But. . . my boyfriend likes to go places like that, so it should be fun. I can’t see any harm in trying. I’ll do it!” I need not tell you that it worked, and very quickly. In a mat­ ter of weeks, Katie reported a painting of hers had won first place in an art show, and a poem she had written had been published as a winner in a state-wide writing contest! It was only a matter of her “absorbing” the feeling of being a winner.

This works well in everything. The trick is to learn to be creative in seeking out the consciousness you need to absorb. For instance, if you want to absorb the attitude of wealth, where would you go? Certainly not to the “poor side of town” . . . and if you want to begin to build a consciousness of health, where would you go? To a


Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success

convalescent home where the talk would surely be of illness and complications?

Place Yourself in a Powerful Setting The mental scientist knows that you must place yourself in a position to talk with and absorb that which you want to experience. Even if you can spend only a little while with such people, the CON­ SCIOUSNESS of wealth, the CONSCIOUSNESS of health, the CONSCIOUSNESS of success will grow quickly if you make yourself mentally a part of a community of people who are thinking, talking, acting WHAT YOU WANT TO MAKE A FIRM OUTPICTURING IN YOUR LIFE. For wealth? Go to the bigger, better banks, financial houses, stock brokers, luxury residential areas, yacht basins, private aircraft fields . . . For health? Go to health spas, sports centers, dancing studios, tennis and golf country clubs . . . It should begin to point up what television programs and what movies you should be watching, too! YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS ABSORBS what you EXPOSE it to. It is YOUR job to be selective in that exposure. What you DONT WANT TO EXPERIENCE, stay AWAY from! Just for your own personal experiment, ask yourself, who gets mugged? who gets robbed? who gets ripped off? who gets hurt in love relationships? THOSE PEOPLE who are MOST AWARE of such things . . . who dwell on i t . . . read about i t . . . talk about it. That’s WHO! And, on the contrary, who gets rich and stays rich, who enjoys perfect health and for the most part STAYS that way? People who DWELL on those things, that’s who!

VISUALIZATION WORKS MIRACLES In using our Metabionic monodies, one of the pitfalls is the fac­ tor of VISUALIZATION. You cannot have what you cannot visualize. It stands to reason that you cannot instruct your Unseen Ser­ vants, or your subconscious mind, if you cannot visualize something

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success


clearly and definitely. Your personal angel-guides respond in direct proportion to your definiteness. To the CLARITY of your order. Therefore, it is imperative that you not only seek out the con­ sciousness of THAT WHICH YOU WISH TO EXPERIENCE, but that you begin now to use modern technology to gain your heart’s desires by honing and perfecting your VISUALIZATION. A good example of this is the way I work with my modeling students when we’re teaching wardrobe selection. “You can’t have what you can’t visualize,” I tell them and then I assign them the childlike task of building scrapbooks! Usually, since they are all grown women, they rebel, if only just a little bit. And when I’m working with my male modeling class, the rebellion is a lot stronger. What self-respecting male wants to make a “scrapbook”? It sounds sissy enough to say you are studying to be a “male model”! But once they get into the project, they soon see that the scrap­ book assignment is founded in logic. By being forced to go through many, many magazines (and part of the assignment is that they cut pictures for their scrapbooks ONLY from the very best magazines), they have soon forced their minds to picture and re-picture what a suitable, fashionable, ideally lovely wardrobe should look like. In no time at all, students are able to acquire such wardrobes of clothing, even if they were broke when they started the class! VISUALIZATION is the key to command when working with your Unseen Servants. Remember this when you use the Metabionics relaxation technique and begin to use your monodies. Repetition of the monody is in itself strong and positive, but for superior results EVERY TIME (no sense in ordering what you are not quite sure of) you should be clear and definite. I like to compare the use of visualization to placing an order by telephone to a department store. You would never call a clerk and ask for “something for my home.” You’d specify furniture, or an ap­ pliance, and then you’d go on to explain exactly WHAT item you wanted, by make, model, size, color, and price. If you were NOT that exact, they would not fill your order very well, would they? You’d probably have to send the item back . . . perhaps again and again . . . and you’d be rather upset before it was all over, wouldn’t you?


Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success

Courteous, intelligent people would not waste the time of a clerk in that way, nor would they waste their OWN time in placing an inaccurate order. Why would you treat the GREATEST POWER IN THE UNIVERSE with any less respect?

Word from a Master Metaphysician I had the honor of meeting and visiting with the late Dr. Max­ well Maltz at his home in Ft. Lauderdale Beach, within days before the great doctor made his transition into the larger life. It was exciting for me to meet such a renowned physician, metaphysician, teacher and writer. I was impressed that this man, who had achieved world acclaim with his plastic surgery techniques and his wonderful book Psycho-Cybernetics, would insist on talking about MY book and MY achievements! At first, I was embarrassed and felt an army of butterflies in my stomach when Dr. Maltz told me that I was holding a “multi-million dollar idea” in my hands. He sug­ gested that I should not only copyright the term, “psychic feedback,” but that he, Dr. Maltz, would like to work with me in making records and tapes, based on this teaching technique! You can imagine what happened to those butterflies when he said we might be business partners in this venture! And you can im­ agine the disappointment and sorrow I felt when I heard of his death! He had given me what I needed, however—an opportunity to “absorb” the attitudes and consciousness of a “winner.” In his glamourous condominium penthouse overlooking Birch State Park and the magnificent Atlantic Ocean, I had inadvertently put to use my own “technique” Psychic-feedback at work! My father used to say, “Always play golf with someone better than you are!” This works in everything. If you have to stretch to meet the requirements of someone wiser, older, more successful, it will improve your golf game, your life skills, your business acumen, even your spiritual growth. Today, you, a student of Metabionics, have all sorts of marvel­ ous aids at your command. To increase your powers of visualization you have a myriad of books, magazines, films, TV shows, parks, museums, and countless more mind-triggers, you have only to be selective in what you allow your mind to dwell upon, remembering that you are ALWAYS RECORDING WHAT YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO LOOK AT.

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success


Dare to Put Metabionics into Action If you want a new car, spend a lot of time in the better showrooms and looking at ads and brochures illustrating what you really want. DON’T look at old wrecks unless you WANT an old wreck! If you want a closetful of new clothes, why not the best? That means that you should AVOID the discount houses and the con­ signment shops. Do some real shopping, just as if you had all the funds you need in your pocket. You WILL have all the funds you need, or you will be given the clothes you desire in such a way that you’ll marvel at the miracle. This method works not only in acquiring material things, but also in changing conditions.

META-MIRACLE *15: Sara M. Used Psychic Feedback to Lose 104 lbs. Sarah M. was a student of mine whose weight problem was one she had accepted as part of her life, never to be altered. She had been to one weight clinic after another, experimented with a dozen diet plans, and worked with countless spa programs. When I met her she was just coming out of a bout with diet pills and “magic elixirs,” an addiction she’d been battling for over a year. Her enrollment in my class was not an attempt to lose weight, but an effort to gain some sense of self-worth. As she said, she was looking for a reason to “go on living.” That’s a terrible way to feel at only thirty-five! That’s a terri­ ble way to feel at ANY age! We all have a reason to live, and if that reason is NOT obvious, then we DO have some work to do on ourselves. We’re all precious to the scheme of things, impor­ tant to the life process. We HAVE reason to be here and Life is supposed to be GOOD. As I looked at this young woman, my heart went out to her. A quite-pretty face was too full to be called cherubic, and the posture was that of a very old, infirm woman. Her eyes lacked lustre; her hair and skin were drab and lifeless. “I think you’re ready for a side-benefit of this course,” I an­ nounced. “No more diet pills, no more hating yourself for not be­ ing able to lose weight.” “That’s impossible,” she said sadly. “Don’t worry about it. I didn’t come here for THAT kind of help anyway. It’s okay.”

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success Her resignation was appalling. “Oh, no!” I said. ‘THAT kind of help you ALSO get. That’s what Metabionics is all about. A TOTAL program. Learning how to be happy, whole and com­ plete. Now . . . here’s what I want you to do . . . As if we were two school girls with secrets, she cocked her head toward me and listened intently. When I finished, she looked at me disbelievingly. “What? Is THAT all? But, that will be FUN! And it’s so sim­ ple!” “B ut. . , WILL you do it?” I prodded. “Of course, I will. The only thing I have to lose Is this weight!” A month or so later, Sarah stopped by my office and offered the news that she’d lost five pounds. “Are you dieting?” I asked. “No. I’m not on a formal diet. I AM eating a balanced diet, however, and of course, there are NO pills.” Another month later, there was a more drastic weight loss. Sarah began to dress a little differently. She had her hair styled, and she came to class now a little earlier than the others. She seemed eager, expectant. By the third month, her wardrobe was completely different. The styles she wore were younger, more attractive, becomingly showing off a slimming figure. Her nails had been manicured carefully and the makeup she wore had been applied with skill. Our last class in the series was a triumphant one for Sarah! She looked beautiful and everyone told her so. But the greatest joy was the day she walked into my office with a doctor’s certificate indicating her state of health was nothing short of perfection and that her total weight loss was 104 pounds! “I had health problems I didn’t want you to know about,” she confessed. “They were a direct result of my diet pill addiction and all the harm I’d done to my body with so much see-saw dieting. I felt that if you knew ALL that about me you wouldn’t even want me in class!” “How do you feel?” I asked. Sarah looked at me. She was, to put it mildly, glamorous and radiant . . . slim, trim and healthy! “I feel as if I finally belonged on this planet! That it’s my home and my friend! Can you understand what I mean?” “Of course, I can!” I said. “Did you find my prescription very difficult?”

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success


'Too easy to be true! In fact, I’m glad now I didn’t tell my friends. You were right about the power of silence. They would have pooh-poohed the whole idea, so I just kept quiet about it. I figure, if they want to know how I did it, I’ll tell them about Meta­ bionics —but let them ASK for information. As you say, we teach best by example, and unless a person ASKS for help . , , well . . . they won’t take what you give them voluntarily!” Sarah’s Metabionic prescription? Well, she was right! It is so simple that her friends would not have believed the power it con­ tained and they would have undermined her efforts with their own doubts and questions.

THE METABIONIC WEIGHT-LOSS PRESCRIPTION 1. Go to professional fashion shows. Lots of them. Study the SLIM models. 2. Read lots of high-fashion magazines. The best ones. Look at the trim, attractive women pictured there. See YOUR­ SELF in those clothes, doing those things. 3. Do a lot of walking-shopping. Go to the best stores. Study the slim salespersons. Look at the smaller size clothing. 4. Walk in the park, in the zoo. Look at the trim, slim animals, and understand that THEY HAVE NO WEIGHT PROB­ LEMS. Give some serious thought as to why. 5. Try to figure out how slim people, slim animals eat. They don’t think a lot about eating, they eat only when they’re hungry. They eat to FUEL their bodies. They eat what they like and they stop eating when they are full. They do NOT do a lot of talking about weight and weight problems. They just don’t dwell on it! (Start noticing who does the most talk­ ing about recipes and good restaurants! And how LONG the subject stays on such things. “Skinny” folks get bored with the topics a lot sooner!)

META-MIRACLE *16: David E. Used “Absorption” to Build a Million Dollar Business David E. was a terribly negative man when he joined my class. You could FEEL his negativity as he approached you. He

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success was a handsome, graying man. In his early fifties, he spouted all kinds of business knowledge and made it clear to those around him that he regarded most people as financial idiots. You got the impression that he knew ALL the answers, so I was more than a little surprised when he loosened up one evening after class and blurted, “You know, I’ve been a failure all my life! I don’t know WHY I shoot my mouth off as if I were such an all-fired expert! I hate myself when I do it! But I can’t seem to help it! I’ve gotten so I resent people who are successes, and I guess that now that it’s too late for me personally to be a success, I just have to try to belittle everybody else. I suppose my own bitterness drives me on.” There was moisture in his eyes when he spoke. I wanted so much to put my arms around this poor little man whose very bearing now said “failure,” even though the first impression we had all received had been “overbearing and obnoxious SUC­ CESS!” As he continued, I knew what the problem was. David had everything it took to be a financial Atlas, but he lacked that one, vital ingredient: the consciousness of a rich man. He had, in­ stead, the consciousness and attitude of a SCRAMBLER, or a struggler, someone who felt you had to OUTWIT your op­ ponents in the business world, and EVERYONE, of course, was an opponent! Like many of us, he had been taught that Life is hard and that “only the strong survive.” David felt in his heart that he had never quite worked hard enough, or long enough hours, nor had he been clever enough, to succeed. If you asked him, he had a score of reasons for his failure. I gave David some Metabionic techniques and laid out for him the proof behind psychic feedback and absorption. “You need to be around REALLY wealthy people. You need to ab­ sorb their attitudes and consciousness. Don’t COMPETE with them . . . only learn to think as they think . . . see as they see. They EXPECT to succeed . . . EXPECT to win the money game. They are willing to act, to play the game, but their atten­ tion is not on the POSSIBILITY of losing, but the PROBABIL­ ITY of gaining. There’s a fine line between scheming and plan­ ning.” David could not grasp this at all. “Competition is the name of the game. Competition is the American way,” he said. “No,” I countered. “Competition is NOT the American way.

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success CREATIVITY is the American way. Competition suggests trying to outrun, outscheme, outmaneuver, and keeps your attention in the wrong place. Instead of competing, we need only to CREATE, REMEMBERING THAT EACH OF US HAS ONLY TO FILL HIS OWN UNIQUE ASSIGNMENT OR PLACE IN THIS WORLD.” “I think I understand,” David said slowly. “If I worry about competition,” he mused, “I use up all my energy in the wrong way. If I create, and keep my mind on building and dreaming, then I am using my energy . . .” his voice rose in excitement, “in the RIGHT way and competition will take care of itself!” “That’s right,” I told him. “Now, how about starting to build the consciousness of a TRULY rich man?” “How?” he asked. “Specifically, how can I do that?” “You tell ME,” I said. “Well, I could go out of my way to get to know people who are successful in my field. People I really admire.” David looked at me questioningly. I nodded for him to continue. “And I could avoid talking negatively. I could be careful not to criticize them, or even think of competing with them, and I should not accent the mistakes they may have made. I could just listen and try to ABSORB their ‘wealthy’ and ‘rich’ attitudes.” “That’s good,” I said. “And read books about successful men and women. Read good, inspirational books. Books that have life and challenge. Keep away from comparing yourself with others, unless you go out of your way to point out to yourself WHY you can be just as successful as any other human being. Don’t let yourself see the negatives, the limiting things . , . see PAST those things into the metaphysical possibilities. See only what is progressive and creative . . . LEARN TO THINK UP.” “And I guess you’re going to add ‘don’t dwell on the past’!” When I smiled, he added, “I’m sure that successful men and women count their triumphs, learn from their failures, and are always eager for the next project!” Not much later I saw David at our local Country Club. He was having lunch with a group of men in our community whose names and business accomplishments were always being item­ ized in the press and over dinner. In other words, they were suc­ cesses. I noticed that David was participating in the conversation, although mostly he was just listening. I saw no negativity in his face, only a positive expectancy. Everyone seemed to be enjoy­


Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success ing his company and sharing their experiences with him. By giv­ ing them a good, genuine “listening ear” instead of criticizing, he was BEING TAUGHT some very valuable secrets! Not long after that, I heard from David again. He hugged me. “Lady, you have saved my life! I don’t feel old anymore! I don’t even feel middle-aged! Do you know that I’ve started a business with a man I’ve admired for years? And do you know that he considers ME the financial genius I always thought I was? And do you know that our clients include some of the most influential business people in the country? That we’re now making $1000 a week? And can you GUESS what the business is?” “You’re taking me too fast!” I protested. “Slow down!” “No. YOU did this for me! And I can’t wait to tell you! The BUSINESS we’re in is consulting! All that Monday-morning business ‘quarterbacking’ I was doing can be put to good use now! And do you know what he says about me?” “Okay! I’ll bite! What?” I laughed. “He says he admires me because I never compete. I just build and create. He says I’m the most positive person he ever met, that I never see what CANT be done, only what CAN be done. You know, that man has invested a fortune in me and the returns are REALLY coming in. Metabionics is working! It’s WORKING!”

META-MIRACLE *17: Georgia K. Used Psychic Feedback to Become a Writer Georgia K. had difficulty with the absorption technique when she started. “I’m confused,” she said. “I understand Metabionics when I’m in class and listening to your lectures, but then when I leave class I can’t seem to get it all worked out in my mind. Are there certain steps to take? I mean, why do you tell one person to use the re-programming technique with a monody and tell another simply to ‘absorb’ a new consciousness? I really, honestly am confused!” “I’m glad you told me,” I said. “It’s easy to become confused at first because, remember we are dealing with different terms . . . and for the most part, we are talking about the same thing.

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success Gradually, you’ll begin to see that everything we do is an effort to change the way you use your brain-power and that EVERY tech­ nique is designed to put you in touch with the over-intelligence of the Universe . . . or God . . . in a positive, definite way. We are AIMING YOU TOWARD a better life and greater control over your experiences.” “But,” she interrupted, “Are there definite steps I can memorize?” “Oh, yes,” I answered. “Each technique has its steps, but you must remember that each technique can be used alone or in conjunction with the other techniques. It is the TOTAL PACK­ AGE which makes up what we call Metabionics. HOW you use each technique and WHICH techiques work best for you is an in­ dividual thing. Some students use different techniques for dif­ ferent jobs. And don’t forget, ALL techniques are really a form of scientific prayer. Man speaks with his Source, or God, telepathically, and he must experiment until he learns to receive his answers clearly . . . like receiving spiritual telegrams!” Georgia smiled at me. “Okay. I understand. And Fm grate­ ful to have someone refer to prayer as scientific. It’s something I can buy. Something I can relate to. But. . . I need to know how I can solve my own problems of not being able to succeed in writing.” “Okay. First, let’s determine WHAT YOU MEAN BY SUC­ CESS,” I suggested. “Well, I’ve been writing for a long time now, and so far nothing’s ever been published. Perhaps I would feel more suc­ cessful if something . . . ANYTHING . . . were published.” “Have you had many rejections?” “Oh, no!” she said. “I never submitted anything . . . never sent anything away.” “Georgia!” I laughed. “Nobody can accept OR reject anything if you don’t submit it. You’re not even trying!” “Oh, I guess I’m afraid of rejection, so I just talk a lot about writing and don’t really do anything. Actually, I’ve never com­ pleted any of the stories I’ve started . . . ” “Then, your first problem is to determine what you REALLY WANT TO DO. After that, DO it. You can be suc­ cessful at anything, but you have to decide first what it is you want, and then be able to visualize yourself as doing it. THEN, you must DO something. You don’t have to tackle a novel right away, or even a short story. Try a poem, or a short paragraph

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success . . . a few lines in a feature report for your local paper. You see, Georgia, Metabionics always works. . .but you have to work it.” “Can it help me DECIDE what I want to do?” “Sure it can. Simply use the technique I taught you in class to seek out your spiritual guides and let them show you what you really want. THEN, use the monodies to program for it. Start building a consciousness of success with absorption and psychic feedback.” Georgia reaffirmed her earlier statement. “I guess you’re right. I need to know what I want first. Maybe I don’t even want to be a writer. We’ll see. I’ll let you know . , .” At the next class period, she was radiant. “I do want to be a writer!” she announced victoriously. “I knew it! I was right! But . . . I guess I have been really afraid to try. As long as it was all talk, I didn’t have to get out there and swim! I could pretend I was too busy to get about the business of writing!” “I’m glad to hear that. Now . . . what is your next step?” “Well, my angel-guides have pointed out to me that all I thought about was writing, and even though I’ve been all talk, talk, talk, still the SUBJECT of all that talk has, for the most part, been WRITING. So THERE was my answer. They told me that I had a head full of story plots, and that I was forever telling others about those plots, so, obviously, I must have a TALENT for thinking up stories . . “But, Georgia,” I prodded. “What do you do now?” “Oh, I program for success in the field, and I go about the fun of building a consciousness of success. So . . . I’ve already had an early-morning session with a monody, and tonight I’m enrolling in a college class for short-story writing. We shall see what we shall see!” Georgia’s class that night brought a little more success than she’d bargained for. There was a man there who had heard about the class and was looking for someone to do some freelance work for a client of his. This client needed a journalistic report of his family history. After talking with Georgia for just a lit­ tle while, the man offered her five hundred dollars to put together a simple narrative account of his client’s heritage. I don’t supose I need to tell you that Georgia did this ex­ tremely well. In no time, word of her project reached some other wealthy retirees in her area, and soon she had a full-time business just writing family journals! She put these together in hand-bound books, and some of the more lengthy ones she was able to charge up to $2000 for!

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success


Is she a successful writer? Of COURSE she is . . . and more than that » . . she is building up more and more “plot” files just from the material she’s been given for these family chronologies! Naturally, she’s also building confidence—a consciousness of success. Does the absorption technique work on other areas of interest? Peter D. is my favorite example of the “yes” to that question.

META-MIRACLE *18: Peter D. Used Absorption/Psychic-Feedback to Become a Dancer on TV! Pete was a part-time dancer. He’d danced as a youngster, quite a bit in high school, and now performed just “for fun.” Secretly, he hated his job in the state employment office, and longed for some “miracle” to take place in which a Hollywood agent just might wander into the office (lost, perhaps!) and spot Pete and book him right then and there in a movie! Pete had relegated this to the “day-dream” section of his mind, considering it an impossibility, so, of course, it never hap­ pened. What you regard as impossible, is naturally IMPOSSI­ BLE. What you regard as POSSIBLE, WILL happen, but it must be coaxed with the other exercises in Metabionics. Peter was a good friend of mine, so much so that he would not enroll in my class. He knew me too well, and familiarity breeds a certain amount of “taking-for-granted.” Not conceit, but just a confidence that he already knew all I might have to say. The time came, however, when Pete was so despondent that he was grasping at straws. “I’m getting older and I’m ready to give up. I’ll be working at that deadly job forever!” he mourned. He was so blue that he finally asked if I’d work with him. He even agreed to use some of the Metabionic techniques and promised to be faithful to my instructions. I challenged him to spend a period of twenty-one days, or three weeks, just thinking “Up” thoughts . . . deliberately keep­ ing himself buoyed, inspired and happy. I told him to seek out all the places in our city where dancers were being hired, and then he was to take in their shows and try to “absorb” the attitudes of successful professional dancers. I told him to avoid the shows where amateurs were performing, or where ex-troupers were

Metabionics is the Path to Wealth and Success donating their services . . . not because of ability, but because PETE NEEDED TO FEEL THE WAY A PROFESSIONAL FEELS . . . to absorb the attitude of PERFORMING FOR MONEY. 1 then taught him the relaxation technique, giving him a specific monody. And I asked him not to get back to me until he had a job! “But. . he pleaded. “No, Pete,” I insisted. “I don’t want to hear from you UNTIL YOU HAVE A JOB. You see, I don’t teach Metabionics to qualify for any popularity contests, and 1refuse to be your crutch, I teach Metabionics because it works, and has a place in the living education of every human being. If you take the ‘r’ for ‘responsi­ bility’ out of learn’, you’ve got ‘lean’, and 1 don’t want ANYBODY leaning on me. I want them to LEARN. DONT CALL ME UNTIL YOU HAVE A JOB. DANCING!” I repeated. That little conversation took place on Sunday night. By the following Friday, Pete called me. “You’ll never believe . . .’’ he began. “I’ll believe,” I said. “I know how this stuff works.” “I have a JOB!” he crowed. “A good, wonderful, marvelous, PAYING job! I’m a professional dancer!” I laughed. “You ARE going to give me the details, aren’t you?” “Oh, yes, Ann! Fm so grateful to you. I honestly thought you were full of bubbles with this Metabionics stuff. After all, ‘magic’ is not real and I’ve heard you use the word ‘magic’ so often. 1just didn’t believe it. But NOW! I HAVE A JOB! And it was pure magic. PURE MAGIC. I did just what you told me to do. I used the relaxation technique all week, plus the monody, and just for good measure, 1did it THREE times a day instead of the TWO that you suggested. 1felt I might be a tough case! Every night this week I went to two nightclubs using dancers. I sat there just like any other customer and I watched. Then . . . just last night. . . I went backstage in one of the clubs. I don’t know why. Maybe it was a hunch. Anyway, I asked where they hired their dancers and if they ever held auditions for new dancers. And do you know what? Their lead dancer was quitting and I auditioned right then and there and I START TONIGHT!” “What about your job with the state?” “No problem. This is a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night show only, so it won’t interfere with my other job. Once I get started and totally confident, I’ll QUIT my other job!”

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success


That was over two years ago. Today, Pete has an even big­ ger meta-miracle in his life. He does the choreography and is the featured dancer on several TV shows. You might possibly even recognize his name if I gave it. Is Metabionics “magic?” It’s more. It’s MIND SCIENCE. Learning to use your brain to cooperate with the Cosmic Forces to be the happy, healthy, suc­ cessful person you were divinely designed to be.

CONCENTRATION AND APPLYING IT TO YOUR VISIONS It would be well here to stress the importance of concentration. After all, the mystics, Buddhists, yogis , , . those esoteric experts out of our past—have all accented the need for what they called, “one-pointedness.” What is that, anyway? Concentration is defined as the “act of focusing” or directing one’s thoughts and attention. We caution our youngsters, “You MUST learn to concentrate when you study. Turn off that radio!” Or we tell each other, “Concentrate on the other guy when you’re driv­ ing. Learn to drive defensively!” It would appear that we use the word a lot, and we use it correctly, but we are missing its greatest value. Directed power, of any kind, is a hundred, sometimes THOUSANDS OF TIMES stronger than UNdirected power,

Channel Your Metabionic Power for Fabulous Returns The air is filled with electricity, yet when we direct it by channel­ ing it through a wire, it lights our houses, cooks our food, heats our homes; or it can destroy, as with a bolt of lightning. Directed water has the same strength. UNdirected water is nothing compared to the strength of even water directed through a simple garden hose. And a STEADY drip of water, which is WEAK but DIRECTED, will wear away a stone! Now think about that. Even a little power accomplishes more when it is directed. And DIRECTED power becomes extremely powerful when it is FAITHFUL to its target.


Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success

Consider the laser beam. Nothing more than a directed beam of light—highly concentrated—beyond description—and it can destroy a building, or perform delicate surgery on the human eye! The ancients well knew the power of directing one’s attention. When they spoke of one-pointedness they knew they were promis­ ing enormous power to the initiates or students who would CON­ SISTENTLY try to train their minds to CONCENTRATE—to center on the subject at hand, excluding all other unrelated thoughts . . . Concentration can hypnotize . . , change the course of a life . . . move a mountain. Center your thinking, and STICK WITH IT!

Plan, Program and Prepare for Miracles Let’s say that all your life you’ve dreamed of being rich. You’ve talked about it (jokingly) . . . thought about it (longingly) . . . but never REALLY BELIEVED YOU COULD BE. Your first step, using Metabionics, is to accept the fact that nature, or God, or the Divine Plan is that EVERY MAN BE RICH. In truth, it is AGAINST Universal Good for you NOT to be rich. Secondly, you come to accept the fact that not only do you have the RIGHT to be rich, but that it is possible for you to be rich, WITHOUT TAKING AWAY FROM ANYONE ELSE’S GOOD. If ANY man was ever rich, THEN YOU can be rich. (What anyone else has ever done, any other man can do!) Next, you PLAN to be rich. Don’t plan HOW, but PLAN on the fact. At the deepest level of your being, convince yourself that it is right, that you CAN, and that you WILL be rich, and then, work to get the FEELING of how YOU will FEEL WHEN YOU ARE RICH. Fourthly, convince your subconscious mind that you WANT this, give your angel-guides or spirit-guides their orders, and then RELAX and let it happen! BELIEVE ME, it WILL happen. Now, how do you go about programming your subconscious mind? Remember the relaxation technique. Get right with it at least twice a day, selecting the correct monody to accompany it, and within a very short time, all sorts of wonderful things will begin to take place. Gradually, you begin to ACT like a rich person, and money will begin to be drawn to you. Like a magnet, cash, checks, ways to

Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success


make more money, gifts, investment possibilities, a better salary, businesses, improvement in capital-making ideas, inheritances, refunds, the most amazing assortment of occurrences will come into your life. In some instances, you will MAKE money because a sud­ den opportunity to SAVE money will come your way, and in other instances you may even find money lying on the sidewalk!

Emulate What the Rich Do I can tell you in all honesty that EVERY HUMAN BEING IN THIS WORLD WHO IS WEALTHY has used the steps I described to get there, EVEN THOUGH HE OR SHE MAY NOT BE AWARE OF SUCH STEPS. If you have the time and inclination to study the lives of great men and women whose achievements you admire (whether it be in financial gain, contribution to the world, scientific discovery, or fame and fortune because they entertained the masses), you will ALWAYS find these steps. You’ll also find that with most of them it just “came naturally,” and they were so busy enjoying the fruits of their success that they never even tried to isolate any sort of success pattern . . . so most of them can’t even tell you why! Remember these steps. They are so easy! 1. Accept that goodness is man’s divine right. 2. Convince yourself of the possibility that YOU can enjoy that right. 3. PLAN to have that goodness in your life (health, wealth, peace of mind, material possessions, etc.). 4. TELL your subconscious mind what you want (use your relaxation technique, then apply your monody). 5. Begin to ABSORB how it feels to possess whatever you want. Get the FEELING of having it, and allow the psychicfeedback factor to magnify that feeling. (Be with others who already have what you want.) 6. Enjoy the results! You asked for it, you GOT it! And don’t forget to express your gratitude to your subconscious for it. Say THANKS! DON’T forget to be selective in your orders! In your visualiza­ tion, remember the famed comic Flip Wilson’s phrase, “What you see is what you get!” What you VISUALIZE and concentrate upon is GOING TO COME INTO YOUR LIFE!


Metabionics Is the Path to Wealth and Success

Have a care you only concentrate on good for yourself and for others. A very wise Indian teacher, Kulwait Rai, who healed and taught in seven languages all over India, said to me once, “The poor, the sick and needy of this world could be helped . . . could be cured . . . if they only understood the POSSIBILITY of that health and help.” Think about that. Be sure you KNOW “All things are possible.”

5 Using Metabionics to Achieve Perfect Health THE WAY TO STAY YOUNG AND PSYCHICALLY IN-TUNE TO HEALTH You ought to feel good—with every organ, function, system of the body in perfect working condition—every day of your life. It is the normal way for you to feel. It does not take a miracle for this to be so. With Metabionics, YOU can make it so. Remember the television commercial which closed with the phrase, “When you’ve got your health, you’ve got just about everything?” We take our health for granted until the first pain strikes or the morning comes when we wake up feeling old and stiff! At the first sniffle, many of us run to our medicine chests, call a friend or call our doctor; some of us call our offices and then immediately go back to bed fearing the worst! Another common way to handle health problems is the silent method. We suffer for days—sometimes weeks, months, even years—just “knowing” that whatever we have is terminal, sure that if we go for tests or treatment it would only confirm our darkest suspi­ cions. There is no reason whatsoever for any of us not to be in perfect health, the body in superb running order, with energy in good sup­ ply upon demand, and all working parts “functional.” We should all be healthy, happy, whole and complete. Now . . . why is this so often NOT so? Ask yourself how many friends you have who are in perfect health? How many people do YOU know who never complain about some sort of ailment or another? If you can think of even one person who seldom rhapsodizes over a headache or toothache or backache or stomach ache . . . well, then it’s possible you’re just not AROUND them at the time they’re complaining! 93


(Jsing Metabionics to Achieve Perfect Health

My point is that perfect health is something we almost cannot imagine. Cure—in all its many guises, from medical insurance to treatment centers—is big business in today’s world. Prevention and maintenance are growing in interest, but few classes are being taught in attitudes of health.

Radiate Your Own Health Consciousness It’s possible that we have the media to thank for this, or at least, advertising in the media. Let’s face it: lots of businesses make lots of money out of the assorted illnesses of the public, and if you’ll take a look through magazines and newspapers, and monitor radio and television stations, you’ll find a percentage of medicines dominating the media that will astound you. As a true student of Metabionics you’ll soon see that the POWER OF SUGGESTION is hard at work here. Everybody who manufactures a healing drug or patent medicine is not out “to get you.” The product is merely a commercial answer to a need. But in making the public AWARE THAT THERE IS SUCH A PRODUCT TO BUY, the manufacturer is unwittingly planting the seed for the development of that ailment! Did you ever notice what happens to you when you read about the symptoms accompanying some dread disease? Suddenly, you are aware of every tick and sound in your body, and, without warn­ ing, you begin to generate those same symptoms. It’s the power of suggestion. The subconscious mind reacts totally, faithfully, com­ pletely, unfailingly to suggestion. And if you concentrate on a disease you particularly fear, look out! The subconscious mind will surely take your interest as an ORDER to PRODUCE THAT PROB­ LEM IN YOUR BODY. I guarantee it.

The Cosmic Mind Guarantees You Radiant Health Every Day As a child of the Universe, you have the RIGHT AND OBLIGATION TO STAY YOUNG, ACTIVE AND FULL OF EN­ THUSIASM FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFETIME. Now, read that again. YOU have the RIGHT. Whoever first gave you the idea that to be sick was a part of life? That really doesn’t make much sense, does it? Of what value are you to the life process if you are ill? Why would a Power important

Using Metabionics to Achieve Perfect Health


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